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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  March 30, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 7. >> and 7 o'clock on a tuesday just keeps happening again and again. you wake up and hope all over. it seems like on a weekly basis. we're stumbling on a will stand by the weather center with what looks to be a very warm tuesday, john. yeah. this tuesday, not like the others that we've been seeing. at least we're getting into the 80's for today. so if you are one of those people that has a tuesday off. maybe good chance to get outside. and with the sunscreen and hopefully some water and hand get out there and enjoy this nice day is going to be really warm, though. yesterday. we've noted already felt really warm. and today noticeably warmer than that was even skies are beautiful in crystal clear this morning. your view from mount tam showing a bit of a breeze noticeable, but a really nice view of the sunrise visibility at its max because of an offshore wind keeping fog a marine layer pushed well off shore. breezy
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us for the north bay. and that's actually where most of our high wind advisories are in effect right now. remaining in effect until 10:00am this morning. as far as skies go. well, it's dry. crystal clear conditions, as you just saw and temperatures, although cool this morning. definitely not remaining that way. daytime highs climbing into the upper 70's to low 80's later on talking more about that. still to come. reyna. tom, thank you. that multiple problems along the bay bridge and the richmond sandra fell bridge. >> just some reports of another accident here at the bridge. but it looks like they already have that clear. but you're seeing delays from that. we also have a stalled vehicle here earlier, 12 minutes to that fremont street exit the we're almost up to about 20 minutes for you to make it into the city. we also are recovering from the accident along the richmond, sandra fell bridge. now we're back down to 12. they have that cleared off of the bridge. but you're still seen residual delays. we have not had any accidents or issues along the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula there. we have an accident than here and union city, though, along southbound
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8.80, and whipple road alternate would be 5.80 or to 38 to get around that and checking on things along 1 one. hey towards menlo park here at 31 minutes. we're staying on top of that and more for now. back to you. >> and i'm going reflect on the feeling i have of impending it. we have so much to look forward to so much promise and potential of where we are and so much reason for hope right now. i'm scared. >> so much concern because we've seen a huge increase in cases of covid, especially among younger people. that's not the trend we want to see. that was the director of the cdc warning about this 4th wave of the coronavirus that they're seeing for many comes as more bay area counties as we know, are reopening school districts are welcoming students back in person learning. so obviously this is going to be something we have to watch really carefully. we know that the latest data shows the 7 day daily average of new cases has gone up more than 10% from the week before. and when it comes to the 7 day average of deaths that also
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has increased by more than 2%. this despite the fact the 72% of americans who are 65 or older have already received at least one dose of their vaccine. millions of americans, particularly younger americans story mentioned now seeming to be the most vulnerable in terms of the virus. sad news nationwide. but us in the bay area are numbers seem to be pretty good and tear tuesday. >> so if those numbers hold, then we could see alameda and napa counties. >> the latest to hit a lighter reopening in the moderate level. they turn orange like them are in san francisco. san mateo and santa clara be good news for businesses with a kron 4. sarah stinson standing by live in alameda county this morning. >> with the story. good morning, sir. >> and when you enter the orange shared means you can do more things and businesses can serve more people indoors like this restaurant here behind me in castro valley opening up right now as we speak. they can search serving more people
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indoors if this does in fact happen. this is dead because real food kitchen. it's smelling delicious. bacon ice all pancakes and you could eat indoors at 50% capacity. if alameda county napa county, the 2 counties on the brink of going into the orange tier. what else does this mean though, means retail stores cancer. people at 100% from churches can go up to 50% along with movie theaters and indoor dining. as i said, expanding indoor gyms to 25% from 10% and wineries and breweries can also serve people 25% capacity bars outdoors. san mateo was the first county to enter the orange followed by san francisco more in santa clara county's the orange to requires a maximum daily case rate, 3.9 per 100,000 people at last check alameda county has an adjusted case rate of 3.3 cases daily along with a one 0.4% positivity rate. so
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really the numbers are looking good now we're just waiting to hear if in fact napa and alameda counties will move ahead into the orange tier. but then if they do it all comes down to this decisions from you and are we comfortable going indoors. how we've been vaccinated or not, then at least we have an option to stay indoors, especially when it gets a little chilly. fortunately today. is going to be a beautiful day according to john shrable. so sitting doors. maybe the better option for live in castro valley. sarah stinson, back to you. thanks a lot, sarah. >> time now 7. '05. also happening today out in the east bay. we have a mass vaccination site opening up for the first time at 6 flags, hurricane harbor in concord. wouldn't it be fun if the kids because they're going to do 16 and writers. >> they could have a roller coaster ride and a shot in the same day. >> but i don't think they're right on rise at the same time, it's drive-thru clinic, though. let's go to conference. he only has his iowa. >> that is a good idea and
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they should get that single johnson and johnson shot that would probably be ideal for for some of the young folks. but yes, we don't know what what a shot people will be getting today, but it is opening up today. in fact, step is just now arriving to try to set up this drive-thru. vaccination site here at 6 hurricane harbor in concord. it's all set up here in the in the parking lot. and you can see some of the staff members driving by right now on those let's take a look at your screen, when you drive through the vaccination site. it is along the water world parkway and you must make an appointment to get vaccinated over here on this side. the great thing about it is for free. so not a problem. just make that appointment to get it through. now. we told you yesterday that contra costa county is expected to expand vaccination eligibility. this week for every aid for everyone. ages 16 and over. now the county hasn't given us a solid date yet the don't know for sure about their vaccine supply. now this is
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ahead of governor newsom's mandate which marks april 15th. for the statewide 8 for vaccinating eligibility for 16 and older but as soon as we get the actual date, we will try to get that to you in fact, going to try get the ground right now and see if i could talk to someone and see if they have any idea of when that is. but we do know that today, at least for today. it is 50 and over they're also expecting to give out 11,000 vaccinations by the end of this week. so just keep it here, kron 4 and i'll try to give you the latest. back to you guys. very good will come back to visit you again. thank you only lose down the water slide to get the shot. i still think you'd be a great idea. >> but the problem is will there be the supply because we're opening up more vaccine eligibility. we have to think can you keep up with the demand kron four's. dan kerman takes a look at that. >> just a few weeks. there be no rules, no limitations as it
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relates to the ability to get a vaccine administered. >> it was thursday when the governor announced those 50 and older would be eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. april first and those 16 and over would become eligible on april 15th and we are ready. we have been ready. we've got multiple mass vaccination sites. you know dirt to accept. does that come in marine county. they're taking steps to prepare for the additional demand and hopefully additional supply of doses we've asked the state for additional staffing resources. the state has just sent us 30 additional vaccinators. >> so we are, you know, building up our operations to match the message supply that arise. they're also taking steps to make sure under-served communities are overwhelmed by increased demand. the way we do that and more in is to dedicate certain days and certain communities. so we have a vaccine operations that one for 5 days. i dedicate your monday and tuesday access for only people from certain
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communities in solano county. their mask back sites are already staffed to handle more demand here, though. the challenge is getting vaccine to those who remain unsure. >> people in a lot of the communities in need have a level of reluctance that we need to help overcome. we need to give them the right information we need to use the right community intermediaries, solano county's health officer says this is a lot more labor intensive and won't happen overnight. it's work that could go on well into the summer. we have to patient have smaller scale clinics that works for the communities that we're trying to reach science mission. it will be getting those smaller scale clinics well into the summer because, you know, some people are just going to have to wait and make sure to people they know who have been vaccinated or okay before they're willing, you know, things like that. again, the $64,000 question is will the fed's deliver as much vaccine as they promised. >> again, the governor has said they plan to go from administering 1.8 million doses a week to 2 and a half million doses. we can ultimately 3 million doses a week. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>> on the peninsula. state senators pushing now to expand eligibility in his district for those communities with low vaccination rates. john becker of palo alto is calling for the state to expand eligibility to those hard-hit neighborhoods to anyone 18 and older. he says the central workers in his district say that they either don't have time to go to a vaccination site or they don't know if or when they're eligible. >> so we're having convince a lot of these people know you are eligible and so we need to. that's why i'm calling for this today. we need to relax the criteria for these hard-hit communities they've been there for us. and so we need to be there for them. >> becker says that these palo alto has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state. the state is expected to expand eligibility to everyone 16 up by april 15th regardless of where you live. in the north bay, sonoma county officials expect its
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supply of vaccines to drastically decrease over the next 3 weeks. not good news county supervisors are asking the state for more doses up until last week. sonoma county has been vaccinating about 15,000 people per week but due to low supply, the county expects to only be able to vaccinate about 12,000 people per week. they projected that number will go even lower next week. supervisors say they have the capacity to vaccinate more than 40,000 people per week that just don't have the supply to get there. >> time now. 7.11. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news doctors are saying we should all be getting a covid shot as soon as we can. >> but there's some people who still refuse to get vaccinated. we'll tell you why and what doctors have to say about that. and after the break, president biden is stepping up his efforts to get more vaccines rolled out as we're seeing covid cases surge again. nationwide. we'll have a live report from washington.
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>> we are back. 7.14, is the time. want to get outside on is that we're wrapping up april john, i keep saying that as a wrapping up to april. we've got some more weather. yeah. it feels like the end april. i think that's why it's so confusing. it warm out there. very not typical to be
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wrapping up march this way today. going to be just as warm as we were over the weekend in tomorrow. your last day of march in first day of april thursday. >> are going to be even warmer than today. the warmest of the year so far. so potentially some record breakers ahead of us here. looking outside at your mount tam view. the cameras a little shaky due to some winds higher up for singer breezy east of conditions across the north bay this morning. and that's pretty evident when you're looking at the shaking of this camera also really nice sunrise in the distance, though, because we are looking at any fog, whether you're at the coast or further inland. we're all starting off this morning, a really clear now, yesterday morning. it was an onshore breeze is carried in some of that fog right into the bay kept us a little bit cooler. at least 4 morning hours yesterday trade that in for a norerly wind. this is an offshore wind. so is pushing any sort of fog marine layer away from the coastline, bringing in some dry and warmer air with it petaluma sonoma, calistoga some of your breezier spots this morning relatively calm compared to that for the rest of us due to these winds. we do have wind
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advisories in effect through 10:00am for upper elevations in the north bay. all of tolano county, upper elevations of the east bay hills and then right along the san mateo coastline. conditions really quiet out there on radar. you can see in future cast. there is no chance of rainfall ahead of us really not even any cloud cover as we work our way through your wednesday on into your thursday either. these are about to be the warmest days of this forecast with today actually measuring up pretty similarly as daytime highs rise towards if not to 80 degrees for some spots 60's and 70's for the peninsula, including san francisco down through half moon bay more so in the 70's right along the bay shore south san francisco in brisbane each at 73 foster city. san carlos in redwood city at 77 while temperatures close to 80 degrees. morgan hill at 79. so no, you'll be at 78 today along with fremont, hayward and oakland while marotta orinda walnut creek and that almost all solano and napa counties also well up into the low 80's today. you will also be a 80
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or above in petaluma and nevado and even more those numbers on the map come wednesday and thursday. as i mentioned, your final day of march which feels like a pro and your first day of april on thursday. now the warm weather is actually not going last for long. we cool down into the weekend and by early next week. we're back into the upper 60's with chances of rainfall returning by monday reyna john, thank you. so we've had quite a traffic to deal with this morning. >> we're finally recovering just a little bit. not really. we're up to 17 minutes to that fremont street exit. but there were accidents also traffic hazards on the bay bridge. those have been removed. and now you're seeing the residual delays from that along with the lights being on and more people commuting into the city. the richmond sandra fell bridge. we had an early-morning accident here that accident has been clear. but we're still seen the aftereffects of that 13 minutes as you're heading out of richmond heading towards sandra fell. the san mateo bridge is that no accidents here all throughout the morning. 30 minutes, no problem as you head across the air and union city. there's a
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traffic collision that we're following and little road a good alternate will be 5, 8, year to 38 another traffic collision out at oakland west bound, 5.80, at keller avenue. so we're watching those votes also check in on one oh, one heading in the park. 31 minutes. so stay on top of that. have more coming up. daria, back to you. thanks a lot. 7.18 for your money this morning. americans have until may 17th. >> to contribute to their iras or health savings accounts and american airlines expects its full plane fleet to be back. this spring. jane king is live in new york with those stories and more. if you feel comfortable flying >> well, i have flown at least one flight plan to fly later this week. so i'm okay with but american airlines does anticipate so this aircraft will be flying this in they say the 2nd quarter. >> people. >> this is more travelers. but flights vaccine eligibility expands the country. >> now as today 7 day moving
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average of net bookings. >> is 90% of the 2019 average. well, the deadline to contribute to individual retirement accounts and health savings. >> so the irs and did that as well that. your tax returns actually make it in today for that as well. but that was made. the announcement following increased calls for more time following the passage of the american rescue plan which made changes to the tax code. individual states may have different deadlines for this. so be aware of that. >> well, soopers today announced a donation of a million dollars to the colorado healing fund to support the needs of victims, families survivors in the community affected by the boulder supermarket tragedy. kroger is the parent company of king soopers which is the grocery store in boulder where the shooting took place. customers can make donations at various stores as well. and there's a new they discovered malicious app that to update your phone. but is actually
7:20 am
just a giant spyware application that steals your data can watch where you move a tractor browsing history as well as cold system update. it only applies to android phones. it is not on the google play store. it's only through a 3rd party kind of a red flag there. it does promise to keep your device up to date. but instead it's in sawyer data to a control and command centre. live from new york, i'm jane king. jay, we're having a little trouble with your mike. >> but i held a piece of tin foil and i held will still like this and it came in member used to do allen. oh yeah. okay. we'll get a order the carrier pigeons thank you, 7.20 is the time. >> also in some national news now we have president biden course warning that the war against the pandemic is far from over. in fact. >> the numbers are starting to turn the wrong way. turns out a plateau. >> does not mean that a peak no. in fact, if you look historically, when you plateau, they're ready for
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things to then go up and this as he's telling governors now is not the time to say no mask. yeah. we're looking at 30 million covid cases. now dc correspondent kelli meyer has more. good morning. while federal officials say there is much hope there's still a lot to be concerned about daily cases are growing in 30 states. and here in d c. >> and the white house is doubling down on efforts to keep the numbers under control. >> we need to go faster. president joe biden is speeding up efforts to get more shots in american arms as the number of covid-19 cases begin to rebound with cases rising again. new variants are spreading. the president says 90% of american adults will be eligible for the covid-19 vaccine by april 19th and that there will be vaccination sites within 5 miles of 90% of all americans by growing to having 17,000 pharmacies given out.
7:22 am
>> vaccination shots to nearly 40,000 pharmacies. so much reason for hope right now. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky warned of impending doom. if the country keeps on its current track she's asking americans to limit travel and is warning governors against reopening too fast. now is one of those times when i have to share of and i have to hope and trust. well, the president is also urging local leaders to keep mask mandates in place and telling some states to wait to reopen businesses. >> help foc businesses is set to be extended as the president signs the paycheck protection program extension act into law later today. >> reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news 2 armed men tried to rob a taco truck in broad daylight. we'll tell in broad daylight. we'll tell you what scare them off. covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever.
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>> on the peninsula. san mateo county sheriff's office now looking for 2 armed men who tried to rob a redwood city food truck. it happened tacos el grillo food truck. right near spring street and warrington avenue. a customer was ordering food went to man armed with weapons surrounded several employees. the owner says one of the men repeatedly pointed a gun at his head demanding money. the other man held up 2 of his employees. basically this. it was
7:26 am
traumatizing for everybody and other girls to because they were down on the ground. >> you know, you know, help us leno and then he told them he's like, you know, just given whenever you the cash register. yeah. he says the man took off in a getaway car before they were able to steal any money. no one was physically hurt. >> time now 7.25 in the east bay vandals cause $50,000 worth of damage to a church in antioch early monday morning. deface the cornerstone christian center and you can see what they did throwing dozens of rocks at the windows and the doors. church officials say they don't believe that they were specifically targeted. but this comes during one of the most important times of the year. holy week. >> nobody was here everything's locked up inside anyway. but yeah, i think look at these came in was angry in and left. >> police have arrested a man for felony vandalism. they are not giving us his name.
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oh, yeah! and snagged “yes, please” brands at “no way” prices. hurry in for fresh styles for the whole fam... ...and say cheers to spring with the best bargains ever... at ross. yes for less! >> and we're looking at warmer weather today. so if you like yesterday or if you got
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mountains throw popcorn along your trail find your way back before you're out there for hours under the sun because the sun today, john is going to be a little more it is. we have very clear skies and temperatures that will be really warm climbing into the low 80's for some spots. >> so as daria noted yesterday already felt really warm and today's going to even have a warmer feel to it. we're not use to whether this warm just yet in the season. so if you are venturing out for a hike. just bring that extra water with bodies. haven't acclimated just yet. looking outside. right now. we are seeing conditions out there that are beautiful and crystal clear looking down into the bay from our east bay view right here. fog cast shows visibility at its maximum. certainly no fog, not even marine layer for that matter because this is an offshore wind and it's pushing that ocean cool there away from the coastline. and that means we're all in for a warm one this afternoon windy enough in the north bay that we do have wind advisories in effect for all of our north bay upper elevations and then all of solano county as well. winds gusting as high as 45 miles per hour, especially in those
7:31 am
northern reaches of the bay now conditions out there obviously really clear you can see that your web cam skies will remain dry all week long and temperatures only getting warmer over these next few days. 80's for a few spots this afternoon after a cool start. we're in the 30's 40's and a few 50's on the map right now. reyna john, thank you. so we're recovering from multiple accidents. >> and traffic hazard, especially along the bay bridge. here you see they're still pretty much a delay. 17 minutes to that fremont street exit as you're traveling into the city. the richmond sandra fell commute. we also had an early-morning accident here. we have not really recovered still 13 minutes as you slowly drive across to sandra fell. there. the san mateo bridge that no accidents, no major hot spots along this commute. 40 minutes as you're driving across towards the peninsula. checking on highway 24 year to that 5 8980 interchange, we're at the limit things. look good. 12 minutes were tracking that and more will have that coming up next. darya and james, back to you. thanks a lot. 7.31 and the cdc's
7:32 am
director says there is impending doom. that's what they're worried about with this covid increase they're seeing in the u.s. looks like the numbers are pointing towards a 4th wave of the virus. this as president biden is laying out his new steps to expand. >> vaccinations across the country. we have kron four's, maureen kelly with a closer look. across the country. there's been a steady rise in coronavirus cases. the u.s. now clocking roughly 60,000 positive cases a day at a virtual white house briefing. the head of the cdc begged amer cans. >> not to let their guard down yet. >> and i'm going reflect on feeling. i have of impending it. we have so much to look forward to so much promise and potential of where we are and so much reason for hope right now. i'm scared. >> ucsf. infectious disease expert doctor george rutherford says the uptick in cases is happening more in new england and the mid-atlantic but says the flocking of spring breakers to florida is concerning florida, by the way, has the greatest number
7:33 am
of the uk variants of any state in the country. >> and what happens when all those kids go back and disperse across college campuses all over the east and south and midwest. what's going to happen with all that. but it does have the potential for for spreading. stuff around again and feeding a 4th search. >> he expects the increase in vaccinations and naturally occurring immunity will keep a potential 4th surge from being as big as previous surges and so far he says we're not seeing any signs of this in california or much of the west. but just understand. >> the travel is problematic and there are parts of the country where there is ongoing transmission. there is ongoing transmission of the variance. and i think people need to be careful and really think twice around here as we enter the spring holidays. >> that said s f o clock the busiest 2 days since the pandemic on friday and sunday with over 24,000 passengers departing each day, which is
7:34 am
still far below pre-pandemic travel levels. >> nonessential travel is still discouraged and it's recommended that anyone who leaves the state quarantine for 10 days once they come home. maureen. kelly kron 4 news and in the midst of all this concern and a rise in especially among younger people nationwide. >> we're going back to school in oakland. we are. it's different in the bay area, though we're looking at here tuesday may be contra costa could open up. yeah, you're the one bit of good news is the bay area numbers or at least holding steady and in some cases dropping kron four's will tran live for us out in oakland with more on what's happening today. with school counting on their back. got to be careful. yeah, well. got to be careful. and the school district in the parents will be careful. school will start in about 90 minutes from now, right behind me and madison park academy. >> it will not be 2019, but we are here when a few months ago i did not look like it was going to be here because the
7:35 am
city and the teachers are battling whether or not to resume school this year, but it is although there will be some precautions meaning it will not be the older kids. it would be pre k through second grade. it will be hybrid learning they will be social distance. they will be required to mask up and every day they will have to fill out a questionnaire to make sure that they are safe when their parents drop them off and no more walking your child into the classroom, especially on the first day to take that photo. they're not taking any chances. obviously with covid-19 still out there this being the first week. the teachers are not required to come back. reportedly only about 38% of them will be coming back this week and all of them will be required to come back on april 19th. we've got a chance to track down a teacher. here's what one teacher had to say about a lease returning back to a little bit normalcy. >> this is, you re entry into.
7:36 am
our familiar world in a different way and so it will people just be mindful and patient. >> patience is the word and the school district is also being patient as well. they hope to have the older kids come back, but not just yet. so it's the younger kids and we are hearing about 58% of the kids will be back in the classrooms either today some time this week we're talking about the the younger kids and i'm sure james and ari, i was thinking about this. i as a parent would like to see how it plays out before i return my kid inside the classroom and i'm sure many parents in oakland are doing the same thing school should start in about an hour from now and i will get reaction. these stories are always heartwarming to see the parents drop off their kids. yes, it's late march. but i guess for many parents, better late than never. >> back to you. yeah, i know
7:37 am
there's some excitement there. but you're right. lot of parents their students to still wanted to play that cautious card.gthank you very much. well, at 7.36 as the number of people are getting vaccinated for covid-19 grows. unfortunately. so are the number of people refusing to get the shot. in fact, a number of them say that they're unsure if it's safe. so that's part of their hesitancy. but doctors here in the bay area say you don't need to be worried that the effects of the vaccine. yes, in some cases can feel pretty bad. but it's far milder than if you actually get the virus. >> as a doctor. i don't want to force people to get the vaccination vaccination. my job is to help people make a decision. that's right for them, right for the people that they love and care about. i really don't see a lot of evidence that there's major safety concerns with this vaccine. yeah, you're likely to feel kind of bad often after you get a second dose of the 2 dose vaccines in the first one of the one dose. but she will be taking a really important step to protect the family and to protect the people you care about.
7:38 am
>> now, doctors say that upwards of 50 million people have been vaccinated and so far nobody has died from getting the vaccine. >> 7.37. and still ahead, the killing that stunned the nation and sparked a movement prosecution and defense attorneys clash over the death of george floyd. and another story that we're following this morning. the search is on for a driver in this side show that ended up hitting 4 people. >> while doing a sideshow in the bay area over the weekend. we'll take a closer look at that. and. the vaccine passports. this is something that's controversial. is it a good idea that you're be able to identify. if you've got a shot or not or is it a bad one. we'll take a look.
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>> we are back at 7.21 as more and more people are getting vaccinated. the idea of a vaccine passport is gaining attention. in fact, it would be one way of providing proof that you've been fully vaccinated or that you have positive antibodies from a previous infection. some countries are experimenting with the idea here in the bay area. supporters say that this passport would help people return back to a pre pandemic. life that much quicker, not everybody's on board, though. in fact, experts are finding that people seem to be split right down the middle on the matter. >> and it's quite striking opinion is really divided almost exactly 50 to 50. and
7:42 am
it's not divided than the usual. why. it's not political lines race lines are rich paul lines. it just does. we'll be following disagreement just different perspectives here. and so i think that's going to be difficult for these programs to be popular. i think going to be difficult for the government to get heavily involved here because a good part of the electorate is going to be upset about this. >> and president biden has been pretty vocal about his supporr the idea. well, some governors are so wild about it. in fact, florida governor ron desantis even says that he will issue an executive order banning them. >> we'll take a break at 7.42. we'll be right back.
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>> some 45 right now and it's going to had out there. so wear your sunscreen kids. you go take a lesson from those who have gone before we got john in the weather center with more on our before it's too no going back. now we all got our bay sunburns go on time and, you know, for wrinkles, wrangles wrinkles and build moisturizer >> jennifer, you got to and maybe some water too, because we're not quite acclimated to these hot temperatures just yet. and as you know, you hydrate when we're starting to talk 80's like we will these next few days looking outside
7:46 am
at half moon bay right here. beautiful crystal clear skies. i'm actually surprised. i'm not seeing more of you out there walking along the coastline right now. i see guys out there on these cold days. but not necessarily this morning up late. there's one person right there looking out there on radar. we do have crystal clear conditions whether you're at the coast or further inland. part of the reason for this that is we've traded in yesterday's on shore. ocean, cool breeze with an offshore wind coming out of the north today. that's going to bring in some really warm and dry air to the bay area. keeping us fog free at the coast as well as elsewhere, keeping things breezy for the north bay sonoma calistoga petaluma and santa rosa each looking at winds gusting. well into a 20 to even 30 miles per hour range right now. no big surprise that we do have some wind advisories in effect for upper elevations of the north bay and east bay. all of solano county and then coastal portions san mateo county affected by wind advisories through 10:00am this morning. winds will ease after that still going to be breezy but not near as windy as we are
7:47 am
this morning. we're just in for a really clear next few days. futurecast not showing any cloud cover a potential today. tomorrow nor really into thursday. now these are about to be the 3 warmest days of our forecast and wednesday and thursday, especially the warmest of the year so far putting this weekend is going to that's going to be cooler compared to where we're about to be heading on into the middle of this week. now today's daytime highs pretty warm already 60's and 70's for san francisco while daly city at 71 half moon bay at 6970's from brisbane down through burlingame and further south as well into san carlos redwood city in foster city beach at 77 south bay temps not quite to 80 degrees just yet, but definitely within striking distance. morgan hill at 79. san jose, your eyes to 78 later today. well, upper 70's for most of the east bay hayward oakland san leandro in castro valley each at 78 while the creek benicia pittsburgh and the late show right at 80 degrees. same for you in petaluma woman votto at 81 today temperatures tomorrow even warmer than today's and
7:48 am
thursday first day of april about to be the warmest yet. like i mentioned, the warmest of the year so far and definitely warm enough to stay hydrated as you get those hikes out of the way and also just put that sunscreen on lots of sunshine these next 3 days. the he doesn't last for long, though, by the weekend we cool back into the 70's and upper 60's and into next week. rainfall looking likely to return monday on into tuesday and wednesday reyna john, thank you. so things have been pretty backed up today and it doesn't help. >> we had accidents and traffic hazards along the bay bridge at 16 minutes to that fremont street exit. the metering lights are on right now. the richmond sandra fell bridge. also residual delays from an early morning crash along the bridge. 14 minutes as you're heading across to sandra fell. the san mateo bridge red 15, no major accidents or hot spots. we've seen across that bridge all throughout the morning. there's also reports of a fire highway 4 on po 42. so again, we're keeping a close eye on that. 29 minutes for your drive times there. we'll have
7:49 am
more on that coming up next. but james, back to you. >> all right, reena, thank you. at 7.48 we have yet another shocking attack against an asian-american. this time in new york. we want to warn you, the video is a little hard to watch police right now trying to find the man who kicked the 65 year-old asian woman to the ground. there's video of him kicking her to the ground. was yesterday and the hell's kitchen neighborhood of new york city woman was on her way to church. and what's more disturbing is that you can actually see a man. another man standing in the lobby of this building unwilling to help the woman. in fact, it goes up to the front door and shuts. it while she's lying there on the ground pleading for help. the owner of the building says that employee has now been suspended. the victim is expected to make a full recovery. >> 7.49 in just a few hours. the second day of derek chauvin's trial for george floyd's death begins with more questioning of a professional mma fighter who saw floyd take his finalbreath such open. of
7:50 am
course, facing felony charges in floyd's death. we've been following the story opening statements began yesterday with prosecutors and defense attorneys focusing on the moments leading up to floyd's death. >> the first witness. it was a 911. dispatcher who watched the scene unfold from a police camera in the dispatch center. >> it is something wasn't right. i don't how to explain. it was a good instinct to tell me that. now we can heard. >> chauvin insists he's not guilty of murder. the trial. we understand is expected to last at least 4 weeks. >> time now 7.50 and a developing story. a hit and run investigation is under way now after those 2 big sideshows in san francisco over the weekend that stop traffic and turns out her people. this is video of 13th and fulsome under the 1, 1, over past was also another side show that happened that same night on saturday night in the mission. and james, we were talking about how these
7:51 am
drivers, you know, the cause can spin out of control. well, one did hit 4 people and then the driver took off down. 4 people are expected to recover, but they have not found that driver. so they are looking for that driver. >> we'll take a break at 7.50. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the san mateo county fair is coming back this summer. we'll tell you how officials plan on keeping everybody safe. more on that to come. 7.53. is the time.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
and on the peninsula. san mateo county fair officials say the fair is back on this summer. in a statement the l be one of california's first major public event since the pandemic began this year's theme is going to be where tradition meets innovation. so that's the thing they're going with. officials say health and safety will, of course, be a top priority. >> we will be asking 3 on health questions before entering the fair. we will be doing temperature checks along the way. we are implementing time and see model which will maximize the number of people on property at one time to ensure that we are practicing social distancing. what will make people feel comfortable weather at the fair.
7:55 am
>> organizers say they're prepared in case covid-19 cases do go on the rise in san mateo county. they will either lower capacity to meet the renter requirements or they'll move to a drive-thru option if they actually fall back down into purple. the county fair is scheduled at this point for june 5th through the 13th. it will be closed monday. june 7th, though, and tuesday june 8th that you love looking at all of food video. >> so coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. all of this is happening. you know, it's here tuesday. kids are going back to school in the bay area as we're seeing nationwide, an increase in children and young adults with covid. we're going to have more about what the president and doctors are worried about. >> coming up in the next hour. and. like i said, this as we're waiting for 2 more counties to maybe reopening going looser tier of restrictions. >> we'll have the latest on where they are. plus more vaccinations. a new site open 8 ing to its opening today at
7:56 am
6 flags. hurricane harbor and conquer. you get a shot. but i guess you can't go the water slides.
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at
7:59 am
>> morning and thanks for tuning in. 8 o'clock on a tuesday and daria and i'm james. we've got really nice weather on tap for you today. looks like may be in for a couple days. full sunshine. watch it. john, got to be careful with all that sunshine in full force the next couple of days. we are going to be seeing daytime highs. also unseasonably warm easily 10 to 15 degrees above where we normally are for this time of year. you want to be ready for that as you head outside and hopefully do enjoy some of these nice days ahead of us. >> looking outside right now skies are beautiful. crystal clear from mount tam you notice the camera swaying a bit. that's because it is windy out there. we are seeing clear skies and fog cast no fog anywhere across the bay area this morning. sonoma, petaluma and calistoga some of our windy spots. half moon bay right on the coast. also pretty windy too. and we are looking at wind advisories along the coastline and in our upper elevations elsewhere in the bay radar shows those clear skies that we're taking in all day long. today. and even though it is a cool start in the 30's 40's and 50's.
8:00 am
we're not going to stay that way for long nap at your home ready at 60 degrees. quite a lot of temperature variation up in the north bay partly due to ehose winds talking more about what to expect this afternoon in your forecast. first of all, got to talk about traffic because we actually have had some issues on some of our bridges this morning. have we seen any you know what, we've seen some improvement, but it's still pretty bad. and we had early morning accident on the bay bridge and the richmond sandra fell bridge and look at your commute as you're heading into the city right now. still down to under 18 minutes to that fremont street exit. they have the metering lights on and the traffic and the commute just has not recovered from those early morning accident. >> the richmond sandra fell bridge looks much better we're still at 14 minutes slowly heading towards sandra fell. but again, that accident slowing things down. now. we haven't any traffic collisions are hot spots along the san mateo bridge. that's a good thing. 14 minutes and moving along there nicely, looking at one oh, one as you head towards menlo park. 37 minutes. so we're tracking those drive times for you. we'll have more on that coming up next. theya


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