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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  March 30, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we're not going to stay that way for long nap at your home ready at 60 degrees. quite a lot of temperature variation up in the north bay partly due to ehose winds talking more about what to expect this afternoon in your forecast. first of all, got to talk about traffic because we actually have had some issues on some of our bridges this morning. have we seen any you know what, we've seen some improvement, but it's still pretty bad. and we had early morning accident on the bay bridge and the richmond sandra fell bridge and look at your commute as you're heading into the city right now. still down to under 18 minutes to that fremont street exit. they have the metering lights on and the traffic and the commute just has not recovered from those early morning accident. >> the richmond sandra fell bridge looks much better we're still at 14 minutes slowly heading towards sandra fell. but again, that accident slowing things down. now. we haven't any traffic collisions are hot spots along the san mateo bridge. that's a good thing. 14 minutes and moving along there nicely, looking at one oh, one as you head towards menlo park. 37 minutes. so we're tracking those drive times for you. we'll have more on that coming up next. the darya and james,
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back to you. >> and i'm going reflect on the feeling i have of impending we have so much to look forward to so much promise and potential of where we are and so much reason for hope right now. i'm scare. but before the hope she said impending doom. that's the warning from the cdc director. >> about the 4th wave of coronavirus cases that we are seeing and the increases, especially among younger people. it seems to be with the latest numbers are showing this as a course more bay area counties. >> our reopening schools are welcoming students back. so the timing can be a little worrisome. so as for the data, we have the latest with the seven-day average new cases. and it looks like that's gone up 10% from the previous week. and when you look at the 7 day daily average of deaths. that's also gone up this time by 2% even though 72% of americans 65 and older have received at least one dose of vaccine. despite that millions
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of americans, as daryn mentioned, particularly the younger ones seem to vulnerable these days. but bay area numbers continue to go down and hold there. and if that happens. >> on tear tuesday tomorrow morning. we could be tell you about a couple counties opening up alameda and napa or the latest that might join the or and that would be good news for them. proper. sara stinson live for us in alameda county with more on the story. sarah. >> yeah. it means a places like restaurants can fit more people indoors if alameda us and napa counties say do go into the orange tier mean that restaurants could fit 50% more people in here. 25% more at a total of 50%. let me just show you behind me is very unique. it's a sushi restaurant and they've got a plastic curtain around this table zoom in here. you can see that this table is all blocked by this curtain. you know, obviously to protect people from coronavirus and eating indoors.
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>> from table to table they've got only a few of the tables available because right now in the red tier. they can only do indoor dining at 25% and restaurants like this will be able to serve more people if they do move into the orange tier. take a look at what else would be allowed if this county goes into the orange tier. and that means retail stores could actually just let as many people in as possible 100% capacity and then churches movie theaters indoor dining hall at 50%. expanding gyms indoors at 25% because there right now at 10% and wineries breweries as well. opening at 25% bars would have to remain outdoors san mateo was the first county in the orange tier followed by san francisco and santa clara counties. the orange to requires a maximum daily case rate at 3.9 per 100 people 1000 people. and at last check
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alameda county has an adjusted case rate of 3.3 cases daily. there's positivity rate of one 0.4% so numbers are trending downward there looking good and looking like it could make alameda and napa counties move into that orange tier. but we've got to wait for the officials to tell us. >> they are going to be able to do so. expect to hear about that later today on this here, tuesday. for now i'm live in castro valley. sarah stinson back to you. >> thanks a lot, sarah at 8. '04. we also have some good news today out of the east bay where a mass vaccination site is going to be opening up at 6 flags hurricane harbor in concord. yet normally you'd have a water slide right. instead you get a covid shot. this has the county of contra. costa is going to expand to everybody 16 years and older if they want to get a shot. >> kron four's alias evans is live there with the details. hi, kelly. >> yeah. hi there. there is a with the 6 flags. hurricane harbor is no stranger to lines
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that so they still have a line here, but it is to get your vaccination site. >> they just opened up like maybe about 10 minutes ago and are letting cars into the parking here at 6 flags because this is where basically they're going to be a vaccination site shot at now. take a look at your screen there. this is a drive-thru vaccination area. this you can't there's no walk-ups and you definitely need a that appointment to to get your shot here. can't get it without one. and the nice thing about it is that it is for free. so anyone could come up here and get it. should say anyone anyone over 50 as of today. >> for today can get one. now. yesterday we told you that the contra costa county is expected to expand their vaccination eligibility. this week for everyone. ages 16 and over. now the county has been given a solid date yet. when of they'll do that. but. it all it is all dependent on how much vaccine supply they get.
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this is the head of the governor, governor newsom's a minute mandate which marks april 15th. as the statewide aid for vaccination eligibility for 16 years and older. but at this point we still don't have that data. did place a call. >> to the contra costa health services and left a message there. and hopefully we'll get. an answer to that. if they have a date yet said, but for now this vaccination center is open. you can see people lined up here. i'm just waiting for them to go to each of those pods over there out in the distance that for somebody will come out and give you your vaccination in that. you've got to just 5 on through and kind of exit out of here. >> as soon as we find out. when they're going to try to go from 16 over. i will tell you guys that and hopefully we'll get an answer in the next 2 hours or turn that up. thanks a lot. you only. >> well as the vaccine becomes more widely available here in
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the bay area. there are questions as to whether counties can actually keep up with demand. we know the supplies been the problem so far. there is more of it health officials in the north bay, for they're going to be having more workers on hand to try to administer as many shots as they can and what they'll dedicate certain days to underserved communities as well. but a problem which remains is convincing everybody to get the shot. a number of them say they're still not sure. you're talking about having to interact whth people to try to help them feel comfortable with something that they're not currently comfortable with. >> that's what i want process. that is not a group open it up and come running to kind of a process and we need to be patient with that. and there large limes a vaccine is not the solution. their patience is the solution. >> and state officials are still waiting to see if the federal government will deliver the promised amount of vaccines, california, by the way, currently getting about 1.8 million doses per week. but they're expected to get
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about 2 and a half million doses a week in the 1st half of april. >> it's 8. state senator who represents parts of the peninsula is hoping to expand vaccine eligibility in his district before mid april as kron four's. noelle bellow reports he's focused on hard-hit communities. >> they've been there for us. and so we need to be there for them. senator josh becker is calling on the state to expand eligibility and harder hit areas to people 18 and older in his district communities like east palo alto north fairoaks and belhaven are filled with essential workers who he says may not have time to go to a mass vaccination site or may not even know they're eligible or having to convince a lot of these people know you are eligible and so we need to. that's why i'm calling for this today. we need to relax the criteria for these hard-hit communities. becker says east palo alto is reporting one of the lowest vaccination rates at just
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24.5% and even though mass clinics in palo alto have been put on pause for the next week to focus on hard-hit communities. he believes relaxing the eligibility criteria will significantly speed up the process still limited vaccine overall. but there is vaccine coming in to to get into like this, get another 1002 1000, 3,000 people. that's what we need to get to that. 33 1% threshold and then. >> from their california is expected to expand eligibility to everyone 16 and up come april 15th regardless of where you live. but becker is hoping for change now that's going to be a huge russian where these people in these communities are then getting get further and further behind noelle bellow kron 4 news havel some shots in the north bay. they want more in sonoma county. they expect supplies of the vaccine to drastically go down. >> in the next 3 weeks and supervisor asking the state. y -
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>> for more. >> up until last week. sonoma county has been vaccinate about 15,000 people per week. but because of the low supply, the county took actually about 12,000 people this week. they project that number will go even lower next week if they don't get more vaccine. supervisors say they have the capacity to vaccinate more than 40,000 people per week. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news in east bay church suffers thousands of dollars in damage after it was vandalized. we'll tell you what happened there. plus the search is on for the driver who hit 4 people during a side show over the weekend. and steph curry returning to the court and leading the warriors to victory will have crystal clear skies above sfo right now may be a cool morning, but the afternoon will be quite warm warmer than yesterday was. >> with highs climbing into the upper 70's to low 80's your forecast ahead. >> and we've seen delays in hot spots along the bay bridge and the richmond sandra fell bridge. we're still tracking a delay due to those early morning traffic collisions
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will have that and more coming up after the break.
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>> 13 at the time. i went on a walk as was so gorgeous yesterday and i thought never get home. i mean, i knew i was going i knew that i had gone too far. and i then had to
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turn around. you didn't have any with. you know, i didn't was in the more important. she should sunscreen i didn't know that. we'll make sure to leave the breadcrumbs as you've been talking if you're doing that today is going to be actually hot today. yeah. yesterday was comfortable like 60's and 70's. today we're already warming up into the city from the comes dogs. you can eat it. that's true. yeah, all that's going to happen in my dogs are many that as we go still. no us. stepped up with you the whole time. i was there. so tired it. well, today, if you're getting out there, just be prepared for it for sure. don't buy yourself. a target issues as we do reach the 80's this afternoon. a lot of low 80's expected for north bay cities. >> was a few spots in the east bay. this is one of the first times this year. we're talking temperatures. this warm and tomorrow and thursday are about to be even warmer yet. nice clear skies above the east bay right here. berkeley looking good. we're going to be looking at clear skies all day long today with an
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offshore wind keeping fog and marine layer pushed away from the coastline. this northerly wind actually reversing yesterday's onshore breeze, which kept us a bit cooler comparatively also kept conditions a bit cloudy, at least to start your morning yesterday. today it's just the opposite. no fog, no cloud cover just a generous wind from the north gusting as high as 2030, and even 40 miles per hour under a mountain tops in the north bay. that's we do have wind advisories in effect for a couple more hours. expiring at 10:00am, for all solano county, upper elevations of the north bay as well as east bay and then right up and down the coastline and san mateo county. again, we do look at these expiring at 10:00am. it's still going to be breezy after that. not quite as windy, though, as we have been this morning, skies will remain clear, not just today but into tomorrow and into thursday to is a very dry and warm way to be ending march tomorrow. the last day of the month and thursday being the first day of april. today's daytime highs easily 10 to 15 degrees above our seasonal averages highs into the upper
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70's for oakland hayward fremont and san jose at 78 degrees each. well, the napa and nevado each into the low 80's tomorrow we'll have even more 80's on the map as will be the case on thursday as well. with our 2 warmest days of the year. so far and likely at least close to record breaking for a few cities. friday temperatures begin to cool back down and into next week. we're actually back to where we should be. upper 60's and chances of much needed rainfall kicking up on monday next few days after that as well. reyna john, thank you. we have been slowly but surely trying to recover. >> most early morning accident, especially the one we had you on the bay bridge and we're still seeing a lot of residual slowdown from that accident 40 minutes to that fremont street exit also get a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge early morning crash along this bridge as well. 12 minutes as you're heading out of richmond for you. there. the san mateo bridge has been at the limit all morning long. no crashes, no hot spots. 13 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula and look at
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highway for we've had some early morning collisions here. 24 minutes as you're driving towards to 42. we'll have more on that coming up next. daria, back to you. >> in the buzz half of the final 4 is set we're in for a texas showdown between houston and baylor and maybe the battle of the beach boys usc and you see a label try to punch their tickets tonight and the stanford women will have to slug it out with a little tonight to get to the final 4 last night. arizona and uconn advance, not without a fight. uconn came back from a 10 point deficit and fouled baylor in the final seconds. but the rest didn't see it giving baylor the ultimate slap in the face 69 to 67 women had the last word with the warriors. actually they had all the words for the first time ever an all female team called the dubs game on the radio just in time to talk about steph curry who came back from a bruised tailbone just in time to save the day staff scored 32 points to beat
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the bulls one, 16 to one. '02. and snap a four-game losing streak. >> changes everything being out on the floor of the game becomes so much easier. for the whole team so it opened things up for us. and i thought every guy on the floor played. well, every single guy is awesome to see everybody, you know, go out and do what they're supposed to do. play with high energy and then the results pay off said >> is this the beginning of the end for jimmy he can't be happy about the 49 ers training up for the 3rd pick in the draft to get his replaced. i mean, back up. >> the opportunity to trade up and possibly get a guy. that can be a big part of our future and keep jimmy who were very high on in his in his, you know, i think some positive things are happening. this offseason for. you know, that's that's kind of the plan we arrived at and we're very excited it was, you know, a stated goal that we needed to
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come out with the quarterback position being stronger this year. and i think we've put in opportunity to make that happen with this move. >> jim here and keep jimmy jimmy g anybody want jimmy jimmy, jimmy patriots anybody luncheon shanny or just headed to alabama today to see what matt jones can do is going to take a little look. see. >> don't worry, jimmy. now, you know how brady had to shift off to san francisco. >> if you are shopping for new shoes. you can make a statement with these new nikes that honor baseball legend jackie robinson. they feature is number 42 in his famous words, quote, there's not an american in this country free until every one of us is free robinson broke the baseball color line when he started for the brooklyn dodgers on april 15th 1947. he was a big figure in civil rights and sports before are pro he was the first u c l a half late ever
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to win 4 varsity letters in 4 sports baseball basketball football and track. and that's the bus.
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>> and we're back in the east bay and any our churches vandalized resulting in nearly $50,000 in damage and it was all caught on surveillance video. let's take a look. conference. michelle kingston has the story. >> this is just one of dozens of windows broken at cornerstone church in antioch early monday morning just days before easter caught on camera. a man throwing rocks into church windows indoors started our first person that came with little shaken up a little little scared. but what you went through the building in. >> saw that in no be was here everything's locked up inside anyway. but yeah, i think look, these came in was angry in and left the just finish landscaping. the property. >> the man picked up some of the newly placed river rocks and threw them at about 50 different windows on the church causing 10's of thousands of dollars in damage. the community people from other churches have been calling us want to help want to donate all those kind of thing. but we do have insurance, but we're so grateful. but it's great to see the family of god just just come together and in, you
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know, make sure okay. staff and family members wept at class first thing this morning before students arrived. the doors and windows are now getting replaced. >> senior pastor steve minor hopes to have the church picks back up by sunday. you know, we got easter coming up. these are big sunday, the sunday so. >> we're excited about that in. so you want to get everything fixed for that. police say they arrested a man for felony vandalism just a few hours after the incident in antioch, michelle kingston kron 4 news. as the number of people getting vaccinated for covid-19 grows. unfortunately. so are the number of people refusing to get the shot. many of them saying they're still unsure. if it's safe. >> barry doctors say you should be worried, though, and that the effect of the vaccine. a pretty mild compared to the actual virus. >> as a doctor. i don't want to force people to get the vaccination vaccination. my job is to help people make a decision. that's right for them, right for the people that they love and care about. i really don't see a lot of evidence that there's major
8:25 am
safety concerns with this vaccine. yeah, you're likely to feel kind of bad often after you get a second dose of the 2 dose vaccines in the first one of the one dose. but she will be taking a really important step to protect the family and to protect the people you care about. >> doctors say upwards of 50 million people have been vaccinated and so far no one died from the vaccine. >> there's a new cdc study that shows the real world effectiveness of both the pfizer and moderna vaccine. the agency looked at 4,000 frontline health care workers over the winter and they found after just one shot. i the vaccine the risk of infection was reduced by 80% and then that number goes to 90%. once you get the second dose. >> we'll take a break here. a t 25. still ahead, the cdc warning about this 4th wave of covid cases. are we reopening too early coming up, we're going to talk with an infectious disease expert from u c berkeley.
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>> 20 is the time right now. and we're checking out the weather looks safe. going to be a great day. good morning, john. good morning, guys. yeah. feeling more like the end of march, beginning of april as we transition out of one month into the next very
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atypical way. normally about 15 degrees cooler than we are about to be this afternoon. skies already nice and clear out there at the embarcadero and you're look for mount tam is also showing some beautiful in crystal clear skies right now. now conditions out there will be breezy at times. this is an offshore wind, though. so it's keeping fog pushed away from the coastline is one of the reasons why we don't have any fog in any of our views this morning. so smooth sailing in that way. wind advisories for upper elevations of both the north and east bay and right along the coastline to we have a northerly wind that is actually quite breezy up in the north bay mountains gusting as high as 45 miles per hour for some of our upper elevations further north skies crystal clear. another dry week ahead of us before chances of rainfall return next week. and just as we've been talking about all morning expected. temperatures are already on the rise dublin at 53 berkeley. 55. now that you're sitting at 60 degrees right now talking the 70's and low 80's that we have for the afternoon. still to come,
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reyna john, thank you are still recovering from those early morning hot spots. those accidents. >> along the bay bridge. we're down to about 12 minutes to the fremont street excess. you were up to 14. so it kind of keeps fluctuating. also the richmond sandra fell bridge down to 13. we had an early morning traffic collision near the conditions are slowly trying to improve just a little bit. the san mateo bridge with that. no collisions here. 13 minutes as you're driving across towards the peninsula. but we're still after an accident along the air to 42 heading in that direction. just 22 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up next. but for now, daryn, back to you. thanks a lot. rate 08:30am. there's a lot of fear about a 4th covid surge because cases are on the rise around the country, especially among younger people. yeah. the >> are rising nationally as we're low opening locally more and more and more kids are coming back to the classroom to for in person learning which seems dangerous or yeah, but let's find out more about this. joining us now to talk about this is u c berkeley
8:31 am
infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg. doctor forsberg, thank you so much for joining us once again. welcome. good morning. good morning. is it wise to reopen schools. i know the bay area seems to be in a different boat. >> the nationwide. but could that be like our boat soon. do we need to be careful. >> we absolutely need to be careful. we have to learn for previous mistakes that we've made that is going to open up too soon. and we want to put it another church and it looks like that's the direction we're getting right fortunately the bay area consistent throughout this pandemic is there much better than the rest of the country. but we can't give up on that going forward. >> is this because we're seeing states that had previously opened up a more broadly than we did starting to see these upticks in numbers. and we're seeing that as a htrbinger of what may come to california. >> we're seeing as a harbinger of things to we're also see look at look at western europe union. they're they're locking down with the exception of britain. is having terrible
8:32 am
now the country in the world in terms of the number of cases per day. so what's happening around the rest of the world ultimately always comes here and we are seeing it here and seen in west 2 weeks to a rise of about 15% in the number of patients. so we have this roughly 9 weeks of a wonderful decline of cases here in the united states and other countries in a plot to note in the ocean rise or are we seeing. >> the result of the fact that we're only let an older folks get vaccinated. so we're all getting ourselves covered. the kids are running around out there. we didn't bother to give them the vaccine. they still can't get it. >> the major driver for this pandemic in terms of the number of cases where people roughly between their 20's 30's and 40's. receiving seen that consistently. and that's still a population of the united states as we have the same percentage of people that
8:33 am
actually older groups. so i don't blame this on the kids right now. latest on the 20's 30's 40's well that they can get vaccinated either. i mean, you don't forget, we were >> this first system. >> and i think there's only like one other country. one country didn't do it that way. they said we're going vaccinate the young people who are out and about working the 30's 40's 50's. we went about it the other way. so. i wonder if that was a mistake. i mean, like you said, they're the most active. so don't we need to get them vaccinated. >> we need to get everybody vaccinated. you're absolutely you know, the strategy of picking older people first was that that's where roughly 80% of the %ccurred. so the goal was in is to prevent. yes. yes, we both will that population. it's the goal is to this pandemic and stop it fairly quickly, then the goal would be to vaccinate younger people. you have so many more
8:34 am
deaths. so, you know, there's no easy way out of this in terms of the solution, the major solution or at least to get this everybody's arms quickly as possible. >> is also possible that we're seeing the effects of all the travel that we saw during spring break or has not enough time gone by yet for those numbers to come in. >> in the past. we've seen their discretion indiscretions like spring break it takes to sing about a to see an uptick in cases. you know what happened in florida. example, which was just in the bomb. a nation. the people leasth learned fly back to their homes all around the united states seeing the virus and most will see an uptick probably next week or the week after that but it's not going to be as dramatic florida because a lot of people are visiting for. >> what is so creepy. the way you use that word seating. you know what mean. invisibly seeding the and the new variant, right, which is more
8:35 am
contagious. >> and then you've got a still struggling with the supply situation. so how we said the bexar for that because we're all supposed to be opening up to the younger people write 16 overall. we have enough. >> i think so. you know, it you have to be a line that the commitments by the pharmaceutical companies. our suspicion really. so the pipeline we sent another vaccine. we seems to go wrong. there could be a production problem. for example. seniors across that things will go as and i think there's a good chance they will. >> how come they're such a drastic difference between people get the shot and like i was fine, right. a headache and then. i talked to a guy prefer it was like a distance runner 50 years old or less and he today's study was going die. these fine now and he says, oh, i would take that any day over covid right. but he definitely like was out bad.
8:36 am
>> yeah. you know, it's impossible predict is going to have reaction. we have some data suggest suggest respond that. women more and i are seeing this, example. older people tend to get less of a reaction you know, the people that you after my second i lousy the in it's not. >> and about to been worse in the older group. so there's really no way to get one thing that a lot questions about that is a lot of people don't get much reaction at all. some people really don't get any reaction. they're worried that they're getting response. we know that they do get immune response that she just consider themselves working. you have a list not forget. >> the vaccine had killed anybody so far and covid sure hass so half a million now that's well put. that's the bottom line is
8:37 am
>> and then one quick before we go, i'm just curious as an infectious disease expert. i see this thing on the on the global perspective and you have countries that are struggling of numbers that are going up here and there. the vaccine is getting out. but i guess is it really it's a race against time, isn't it. because we want to get to herd immunity before there's a very and out there that could be resistant to this vaccine that we spent so much time developing. >> absolutely. we want to get as many people vaccinated as possible. so we state so people don't get real. 6 people don't get long covid. but we also need to get to this. community immunity. some people call unity quickly as possible so we don't generate new variance. every jackson. person is no longer a variance act and that's what we've got to get to. >> ok. thanks a lot. we appreciate you joining us this morning. and we'll be right
8:38 am
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>> well, new this morning. there's now a $25,000 reward being offered for any information leading to the return of a missing bay area woman sydney west in fact, today marks 6 months since she went missing out of the golden gate bridge. she was 19 years old. grew up in pleasanton where she played volleyball at foothill high school and it just started her freshman year at u c berkeley police have looked at surveillance video from the day of her disappearance. so far they
8:41 am
have no leads again, if you think you have any information that could help them out mccall. >> 8.40, and we have a new development in those side shows that we showed yesterday that happened in san francisco over the weekend to big sideshows. turns out. >> 4 people were hit and james were watching this video yesterday 13th and fulsome under the one o one overpass. we were talking about that cars doing donuts. look how close the crowd was. and we said all it's so dangerous. it's amazing. no way to hurt love for people got hurt. they're going to be okay. but now they're looking for the driver of that car who sped off. there was another side show. it 24th and mission. so they are looking for the driver of the car that took off and the 4 people who were hit looks like they will recover. >> well, today a warmer one than yesterday. was daytime highs rise into the upper 70's's for open in san jose. some parts of the north bay and the inland east bay rising into the low 80's today. that's well above average for this time of year, talking even
8:42 am
warmer days in your forecast into tomorrow. thursday. still to come. after several early morning. hot spots. we're finally starting to see things recover, especially here along the bay bridge. take a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge coming up after the break.
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8:45 am
>> as more people get their shots. the idea is coming up of a vaccine passed for where you could prove that you have been fully vaccinated get more widespread attention globally as a way of proving accident or proving that you've got antibodies from a previous infection. basically that you're safe to travel. some countries are really pushing this forward here in the bay area. there is some local support for to help people get back to some you know, prepandemic life of normalcy, not everybody. those on board. experts are predicting that people seem to be split down the middle actually. >> and it's quite striking opinion is really divided almost exactly 50 to 50. and it's not divided than the usual. why. it's not political lines race lines are rich paul lines. it just does. we'll be following disagreement just different perspectives here. and so i think that's going to make difficult for these programs to be popular. i think going to be difficult for the government to get heavily involved here because
8:46 am
a good part of the electorate is going to be upset about this. >> president biden has been pretty vocal about his support for the idea. some governors, though, are not on board. for instance, florida governor ron de santis says he'll actually issue an executive order banning them. if it looks like they're going to be becoming a thing. >> 8.45 is the time right now and has become the thing every >> and we're already starting to really see it shine brightly outside. we've got john in the weather center tracking the temperatures a job. yeah, it is definitely been a thing and even more so. thing is we work into this afternoon tomorrow and the first day of april on thursday. we'll be starting off the new month and ending this one with temperatures easily 1015, even 20 degrees above our seasonal averages. now, this morning we've seen some cool weather out there and breezy enough that we're actually off to a fairly chilly start so far. you can see the golden gate bridge timber on in the distance out there sitting under the sunshine that we've enjoyed so far this morning. temperatures are starting to rise under these really clear skies and we'll continue to do so all
8:47 am
day eventually taking a few of us, especially further inland well into the low 80's for your highs today. that measures up to where we were this weekend, if not even a little bit warmer for some spots now, we will be seeing an offshore wind throughout the course of the day. this is going to keep fog pushed away from the coastline. we are in the midst of some wind advisories, especially for the north bay. and you can see that is where we are the windiest to start. also our coastal areas pretty subject to some stronger winds too. the san mateo coastline upper elevations of the north bay. all of solano county and mountainous portions of the east bay all under wind advisories for around another hour until 10:00am this morning when should gradually calm into the afternoon, but it's still going to be a noticeably breezy one, especially in those upper elevations. as for conditions out there. futurecast shows a dry one and have been deadly. sunny one today leading into tomorrow with more sunshine in abundance of it. really no cloud cover. not a lot of marine layer to be talking about either and then we work our way into wednesday and thursday which are actually going to be even warmer than
8:48 am
today's about to be which as you'll see in your 4 zone forecast is pretty warm already 60's 70's for your highs. and san francisco as well as elsewhere right along the coastline. we have a single 50 anywhere close to that even on the map today, brisbane in south san francisco each at 73 foster city, san carlos in redwood city at 77 south bay daytime highs below 80 degrees as well. also be the case for most of the east bay. some know fremont, hayward and oakland beach at 78. the walnut creek. then much of solano and sonoma counties, schools, napa county for%that matter into the low 80's fairfield vacaville nevado among those areas at 80 degrees or right above it. tomorrow. and thursday temperatures a little bit warmer. yet thursday being the warmest one and likely to be some records broken the warmest of the year so far. after that, though, we do have a reverse, of course, in temperatures really decline into the weekend by next week. we're back to some 60's and even some chances of much needed rainfall by monday.
8:49 am
>> donald. we are definitely starting to improve just a little bit here. the bay bridge down the 13 minutes as the best. i've seen it all morning long after those early morning accident to that fremont street exit. you can make it there. the richmond, sandra fell commute. also still we've been slow, but they're saying your drive time right now is 12 minutes. we had an early morning crash year. so we're starting to slowly but surely make a little bit of improvement. the over 10 across towards the peninsula at no accidents here, just 13 minutes for your drive time and along highway 24 heading towards that fighting on the interchange at the limit. 12 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up. james, back to you. >> thank you. 8.49 on the clock and happening right now, the second day of derek chauvin's trial in george floyd's death is under way now with more questioning of a professional mma fighter who actually saw floyd take his final breaths. now chauvin is facing felony charges in this death. opening statements began yesterday with prosecutors and defense attorneys focusing on the moments leading up to floyd's
8:50 am
death. in fact, the first witness was a 911. dispatcher who watched the scene unfold from a police camera inside the dispatch center. >> it is something right. i don't how to explain. it was a good instinct to tell me that. now we can heard. >> chauvin insists he's not guilty of murder. the trial is expected to last for weeks. yet another shocking attack against an asian-american. this time in new york we've got some video. it's a little disturbing to watch. but let me explain what we're seeing here. police at this point are trying to find this man who kicked the 65 year-old asian woman to the ground. happened yesterday in hell's kitchen neighborhood of new york city. one was on her way to church and what makes it extra disturbing is from this angle. you actually see another man witnessing it as he stands by the law of building walks up to the door. but instead of going out to help her. he shuts the door. while she's lying on the ground pleading for help. the owner of that
8:51 am
building says that employee is now suspended. the victim is expected to be okay. >> all of it until a san mateo county looking for 2 armed men who tried to rob a redwood city food truck on sunday tacos el grew leo food truck near spring street and warrington avenue. was customers ordering food when the 2 armed men surrounded the employees. one repeatedly pointed the gun at the owner's head and demanded money. the other man meantime held up to employees. >> that's a basically a sales for everybody and other girls to because they were down on the ground. you know, you know, help us leno and then he told them he's like, you know, just given whenever you the cash register. >> says the men took off in a getaway before they were able actually to get away with any money and nobody was physically hurt. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the san mateo
8:52 am
county fair is coming back this summer. so some fun news on that front will tell you how officials plan on keeping you safe. if you plan on going.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> it's 54 and on the peninsula, the san mateo county fair is coming back this summer regardless of the tier status there. get ready for guests kron four's amanda hari has more. >> mateo county fair officials
8:55 am
tell me they've been planning this pair since october. they say it's more difficult than repairing for traditional fare because they don't know what kind of issues they may run into to the fair. >> we waited for your return. the first weekend of june. this fairground will be transformed. this is video from the last san mateo county fair back in june of 2019 fair operations manager justin aquino says the theme is where tradition meets innovation and they plan to get innovative with the way the fair will operate with the orange. hue fireman is 25% capacity. >> which will follow you move up the yellow tier by june. we'll go to 35%. the governor announced a green here with no guidelines yet we announced a new color which psyche know also says if cases go back up there, prepare. >> lower capacity for the red tier or move to a drive-thru option. if the county is in the purple regardless safety
8:56 am
will be a top priority in our currency. we will be asking 3 on health questions before entering the fair. >> we will be doing temperature checks along the way. we are implementing a time and see model which will maximize the number of people on property one eye to ensure that we are practicing social distancing. >> i all people feel comfortable up there, but they hope in some ways things will feel familiar. >> the thrills of the carnival rides, the smell of the food. the touch of know keno also says that many of people's favorite vendors will be open with many of them and they are very excited. the fair will be closed on monday. june 7th and tuesday. june 8th on told this would look fishel some flexibility. whether that's to some santizing or just just the way the fair is operating in san mateo county. amanda hari kron 4 news.
8:57 am
>> 56 the time. coming up in the next hour to more bay area counties are looking to move up in the state's reopening tears. we'll tell you which ones in a live report and the mass vaccination site is opening up today at 6 flags. hurricane harbor in concord. we'll have a live report on what you need to know if you want to go out there, get shot. we'll be right back. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> from the area's local news
9:00 am
station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at know. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the finest hour. 09:00am on a tuesday and daria and i'm james and we've got really warm temperatures on tap for today, warmer than yesterday. so that will be fun to enjoy. yeah. i don't know the jacket was right around my waist as i yet. no need for the jacket. you'll get hot if you haven't done your waist even just because it's going to be as warm as it will be. >> highs in the low 80's for some of us today and tomorrow and thursday. your first day of april around about to be even warmer, actually. so this is a really nice forecast. if you like the heat we need the rainfall. but that's coming next week. so i guess enjoy the heat while we've got it. you look outside right now at half moon bay everyone's enjoying it looks like i don't think i've seen so many people out there this early in the morning looks like a beautiful sunny day right along the coastline. it is a little breezy. if you plan on heading out, though. as for fog cast crystal clear visibility at its max across the bay area due to this offshore wind keeping fog pushed away from


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