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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 30, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> i witness a murder. >> emotional testimony today watching former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin pressed his knee on george floyd's neck day to featuring testimonies from the teenager who shot the video that's now been seen millions of times across the world. off-duty firefighter who says that she tried to intervene and help floyd. >> yes, she was in the empty. some of the video we want to warn you that you're about to see. it is hard to watch. brian entin reports now from minneapolis. >> what he wants of the this is the video. that's the focus of the derek chauvin trial and
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on tuesday the teenager who recorded it with your cell phone took the stand. the judge not allowing her face to be shown. >> i heard george well, i can't please. get off of me i can he cried for his mom. he was in it's been 9 months. i stayed in. the policy we're flying for not doing more. the young woman's 9 year-old cousin was also with her and you can see them together in the surveillance video. the little girl told the jury what she sad, a kind mad. >> and tell us why saturday. >> her life is stop and prevent. and it is kind like her its surveillance and body camera video showed to jurors. you see a crowd gathering around the officers in floyd the defense pointed out several times that the crowd
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was calling the officers names and cursing at them. >> after you called him a bomb 13 times. you call them. >> you heard. did you say that there was hurt. use say that you >> minneapolis firefighter genevieve hanson lives in the area and was walking by and saw officer chauvin with his knee on floyd's neck. she called 911. net how to get >> i'm for 38 and and i lot. police not pick up not anything and the officers >> let me in. >> to the scene. i also offered. in my memory. i offered to what kind of walk them through our or told them if he doesn't have a pulse, you need to start concussions and that wasn't done either. when you couldn't do that. how
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did that make you feel. totally distress. we're frustrated. >> that was brian entin reporting for us tonight. chauvin has pleaded not guilty tragedy. the shooting suspect elise is scheduled to return to court may 25th. >> in other national news tonight, g gordon liddy a mastermind of the watergate burglary has died that he was known as the watergate burglar who went to prison rather than
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testify. he was the chief operative in president nixon's white house plumbers unit and organized the break in of the dnc headquarters in the watergate building. lady spent more than 4 years in federal prison for those crimes. he then turned his fame into a tv and talk show career liddy died at his daughter's home in virginia. he was 90 years old. back here in the bay area there's now a $25,000 reward out. that's being offered for information leading to the return of missing bay area woman sydney west today marks 6 months since west went missing at the golden gate bridge. the 90 year-old grew up in pleasanton where she played volleyball for hill high school and had just started her freshman year at u c berkeley police have looked at surveillance video from the day of her disappearance. and so far have no leads. california is hiring nearly 1400 additional firefighters ahead of the upcoming fire season. >> governor newsom announced a
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nearly 81 million dollar investment in forest management and wildfire response. the emergency funding includes a surge of close to 1300 seasonal firefighters. you have flexibility is to who works through june 30th. it will provide fire crew and fire engine staffing increased 8 currently understaffed fire crews and allow the early hiring and training of fire crews for fire management. the state will also on board 24 seasonal firefighters for california national guard hand crews state senator bill dodd of napa, thank the governor for the emergency funding tweeting today preventing and preparing for wildfires has to be a top priority in california. does it ever has we turn our attention to the 4 zone forecast. and here we are in late march and it feels like summer time such warm weather out there today. a live look here. just a beautiful shot from the camera live shot on mount simmer. it.
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>> kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about the weather. yeah. boy, what a gorgeous day today sunshine everywhere you went looks like that will continue. in fact, tomorrow may even be a little bit nicer outside. still clear. all the way to the coastlines going to stay that way as we head throughout the night tonight as we've got those offshore winds of place offshore winds not going to be a strong tonight, but they'll be in place that will be just enough to keep your skies nice and clear. looking out toward half moon bay right now. you've got nice clear skies. look at the top of the camera. i think we got a bird that's hanging out the top of the camera to look at at his tail up there. but certainly a nice place to have a perch and enjoy all that sunshine. a gorgeous weather along the coast temperatures today. boy, did they take a jump from yesterday's high as much as 19 degrees. warmer in hayward all around just spectacular numbers san francisco. they checked in 75 degrees downtown 74 in oakland. 77 at san jose 77 also in little more than we bring out the 80's in the
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concord. 80 also in santa rosa high pressure overhead. the winds still blowing out there in spots. it's been a little breezy down below gusty winds over some of the mountains. we have some gusts of 6070 plus miles per hour overnight the higher peaks. still just an 8 mile an hour wind in san francisco 13 and cocker 20 right now. a breezy into fairfield overnight tonight skies school to stay nice and clear plenty of stars temperatures going a little bit. cool after midnight tonight, sunshine and warmer wrather for tomorrow. in fact, these numbers by tomorrow afternoon made about 80 degrees downtown san francisco 85 it liberating to in napa about 72 degrees on the beach in half moon bay next few days enjoying the beautiful weather. we will start to cool down. i think we may see some fog wednesday night into thursday. expect much cooler temperatures head into the weekend with a chance of rain next week. i heard 80 in the city, 80 in the city tomorrow. highly unusual bitter next up, some bad news for mankind's
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mission to spread throughout the stars. >> what happens to astronauts health when they stay in space too long. we've got the answer next. and in sports, the nfl makes a. >> big change to the season and the commissioner says to expect full stadiums this season. sports director but says those details when we come back. plus the power of melodies on your mind how popular music can please the brain the same as drugs and.
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>> well, that's not how they drew it up. space'x lost its 4th starship rocket will yeah, you see it there after it crashed and exploded this morning in boca chica, texas. the rocket successfully launched during the foggy take off and reached an altitude of 6.2 miles during the test flight. but something went wrong during the landing procedure. the company says it will now investigate the data and debris to see what failed. speaking of space virgin galactic unveiled its mirrored spaceship designed to reflect the environment around checking out the vss. imagine is the company's first space plane in the spaceship 3 class of vehicles, the first round of testing will start in may
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with glide flights planned within the earth's atmosphere leaving from new mexico. virgin galactic says founder sir richard branson will fly to the edge of space by the end of this summer. well now possible causes for concern for future astronauts. a physiologist are revealing. >> that long space flights can actually shrink your heart. researchers examined data from retired astronaut scott kelly's almost a year-long stint aboard the international space station. they say even though a long-term program of low intensity exercise in space is just not enough to counteract the effects of prolonged weightlessness on the heart. scientists say that your soul. but it might also be addictive new study out of canada finds that music triggers the same reward response in our brains as they
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drugs and alcohol has to do with doping mean which plays a role in how we feel pleasure. astronauts say music stimulates the area of our brain that's involved in forming addictive behavior. so, you know, if you're all about. his that could explain about that. it could explain why. >> still ahead as more people start to book their travel plans. maybe the space, maybe not to space. the better business bureau has a warning for you. trying to get scams their tips when we come back.
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>> new at 6 with more people traveling for the first time since the covid does shutdowns better business bureau has a new warning out. >> they're warning is don't get scammed out of your dream vacation. christy tell the sero has the latest tonight from honolulu. >> it's been a long time since many people have traveled and scammers are taking advantage of that. they're using too good to be true deals. vacation, rental cars and even free wi-fi scams. >> the better business bureau has even seen scammers pretend to be hotels. we've seen where scammers pretend to bs the front desk of a hotel and call people to come from reservation and in the process get personal information and even credit card payment when booking a vacation rental watch out for con artists who pose listings for homes that are for rent or don't exist
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search and make sure they actually own that property there. lot of different records out there where you can check. but every state is in to see who owns that residents see if the names are matching up. see if this sounds like the right person also do a google search the property even things many travel companies will advertise free vacations. but that doesn't always mean the trip is entirely paid for when they say there's something pre, there's usually something actually attached to that. so you're going to have to really dig in a little deeper and figure out what does the free trip really mean is that only the hotel staying you still have the cost of the travel. do whatever possible you incur and the other big thing is that they say, hey, if you don't take this offer now it's going to be gone. another red because they're creating that sense of urgency. the bbb also says be aware of 3 and unsecured wi-fi connections at hotels and airports hackers can get into your system and steal your personal information. kristi thomas. working for
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>> all right. kind of. hawaii. yeah. here today. a little yeah. prefers chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here, they would give us our resort to temps. yeah. i definitely want to hang out and enjoy all this weather want to go anywhere tomorrow. if you believe it's going to be even nicer outside as these temperatures can heat up a little bit further. so yeah, want to get outside. enjoy all that sunshine. a beautiful evening to go for a walk if you want to do that to some very mild temperatures around the bay area. high pressure just dominating our weather, keeping all those clouds far away with that offshore wind. so certainly looks like it will be some nice weather for tomorrow that will hold throughout the day and then we'll begin to see some changes on the first day of april. you see the clouds begin together. i think we'll see some fog begin to move it along the coastline, maybe as early as tomorrow night. temperatures. let's break those down with your 4 zone forecast, 80 downtown san francisco, 76 in the marina. how about 70 in the sunset tomorrow. 77 daly city about 76 him as you head inside the
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find 79 and sunny skies in the millbrae to 2 in san carlos 84 friends. it would side the south bay filled with 80's, even some mid 80's around the south bay, too. and you see similar temperatures a good part of the east bay to 5 and liberated to in dublin. 83 in hayward about 85 in walnut creek 81 hercules 85 degrees in berkeley. so beautiful weather, no matter where you go, it's going to be warm. warmer temperatures we've seen in quite some time warm all the way to the coastline 2 things are going to begin to change. so enjoy the weather. while we that looks like we'll start to cool things down. some fog likely to return along the coastline as we get into thursday, that will cool you down. then it looks got a few more clouds coming our way as we head throughout the weekend. those temperatures expected cool through saturday and sunday with a chance of showers headed in the next week. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> we are. we start off our sportscast with update from san antonio, the stamford
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women are down 10 to the louisville cardinals. 3626 the 2nd quarter is winding down stanford is the top seed. their region is actually a 12 point game. now, this will be the biggest deficit. the cardinal face at the half. this is for a berth of birth on sorry for the final 4. so big time game. hopefully they can get back on track in the 2nd half. and of course we will have your highlights and hear from coach tara vanderveer after the game. all righty to men's side. scary moment at the tournament here referee. bert smith collapses early in the game. good news he was conscious when he was wheeled off the floor and then have to go to the hospital. is okay. as for the game was all gonzaga through to me with the steal and dunk he had 23 points. zags led by 19 and a half games ag. i seconds. i got don't need any males people. i'm sorry, corey kispert buries the 3. he
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scored 18 and grabbed 8 boards gonzaga rolls into the final 4. they win 85 to 66 that could become the only undefeated champion since indiana and 86 in the first since indiana in 86 if they win their next 2 games. the forty-niners have made every effort to resign as many of their guys as possible today, they checked another one off the list. nickel cornerback owen williams signed a one year extension with the team today. williams has been with san francisco since 2017 and he's emerged as a reliable presence in the secondary last year he dealt with some injuries and only played in 8 games. but now he says he's healthy and even though he had other options wanted to stay with this group right here in the bay. >> having those guys around. no one had good relationship with those guys. know what they don't bring to the table on offense we have one. already in terms of young talent, lot of veterans. you
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know, we've got come back to the beside the jay jones. size and provide for the rams. and just it's everything. like it's coming together it's be able to be a part of the defense's communicate with the playing with the last 4 years should be made. >> the nfl continues to find ways to run in your pockets. the league announced today that they will extend the league season from 16 to 17, regular season games. the postseason or the preseason will be 3 games now set a 4. roger goodell also said today that the plan is to have stadiums filled to capacity once the season starts. it's just the nfl's world we're living in it and some news out of vegas. the raiders locked up their left tackle today for 3 more years in they are paying him handsomely, cole. miller will make more than 80 million per year and the deal is worth up to 68 0.7 million dollars. so the
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raiders lock up that left tackle he's played well for them. it's their cars probably happy. back to hope they come back. you know, they haven't been able to get over that get back to the final 4 for a couple years now. and it had such a great year. you want to see it. and in the elite 8. yeah. he said, well, you got what, 20 more minutes. 20 more minutes get ago and i appreciate jason.
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>> welcome back. and that i mean wales. alone are awesome. but that is pretty spectacular. a fisherman in florida says he got the surprise of his life he out on the water all the time. but he doesn't see this off the coast of clearwater beach. a full-grown humpback some 50 feet long. showing off and i mean that that is you frame that one. nicholas lynch says he hasn't seen anything like this since he was well watching in the pacific ocean. experts say it is rare for humpbacks in the gulf to be seen so far north clearwater right near tampa. so beautiful sight. it was up there. yeah, that's awesome. well, the news doesn't stop here. we have a full hour ahead on kron on sanaz tahernia. she's live in the newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7 heisman odds.
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>> hi, grant and vicki so tonight at 7 and believe it or not, people across california are still having trouble receiving their unemployment benefits even one year into the pandemic. you'll hear from one bay area man who hasn't been paid in 3 weeks. you can catch that and so much more in just a few minutes. at 07:00pm on our kron on app which is free to download and i know the key and greg, you're getting up she does. we'll be tuning in right there. course. outdoor dining. for sure. you fill out there. thanks. thanks and that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 we'll be back yeah. thanks so much for. >> being with us tonight and have a great night. stay safe. so we'll see you tomorrow night.
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♪ witnesses for the prosecution. the mme fighter and the brave young woman who changed history when she recorded george floyd's last moments. [inintelligible voices] a mom shot to death in a fit of road wage on her way to a seventh wedding anniversary getaway. >> it's hard to imagine we won't be together. >> the person rolled down


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