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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  March 31, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at says. they're attracting people from as far as los angeles. here to stand today. >> to come in street race and street reese in neighborhoods. >> l a s far. this is said to be a bay area wide problem. but one city has just announced a new pledge to go after people that sideshows they called a growing menace that is attracting people from out of town. you heard at times really far out of town. and now there are worries that people are also bringing gun sta the sideshows. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus. yeah. we've known about those guns for a while now. a san considering a new law that would not only go after participants and spectators, but. >> the organizers of the side shows the newly dubbed
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promoter ordinance would also include illegal street racing in the proposed crackdown. our kron four's rob fladeboe has details. >> was a leader. so illegal sideshows like this one are getting bigger all the time. and more 7 people who died in connection with side shows any illegal street racing since last month there were reports of gunfire at a sideshow in a residential neighborhood off lee avenue left behind more than a 100 showcases traffic snarled for hours. enough is enough, says city council member maya esparza. >> so for example, last year it was maybe one or 200 cars, which is in and of itself a problem. but now they are 500 cars up until now. enforcement efforts have targeted participants their vehicles and spectators. >> as far is leading the effort to pass a new city ordinance that would go after the promoters of the side shows this would go after promoters on social media in
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real life and at the scene and following up afterwards because side shows off and pull police away from regular patrol duties. it's been suggested a full-time enforcement effort should be funded. the police have already started work on one of the things that we propose, which was county wide task force that includes the chp. it includes the sheriff includes all the law enforcement agencies in our county. >> aside from a new tougher ordinance barriers another detours will be erected in areas where the sideshows and racing is occurring to say nothing of the burn rubber visible across the city despite numerous are all city impounded vehicles. the situation is out of control, says as far who points out that many of the sideshow participants and organizers are from out of town. people from stockton, livermore and los angeles. >> so we don't want people coming to san jose to race their cars. those people cited under the new ordinance could face fines of $1000 and spent 6 months in jail. they would
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also be held responsible for police overtime and other costs associated with enforcement in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. another big story tonight 15 million doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine. they were ruined. >> due to human error. the fda is investigating the situation. it happened their plant in baltimore. according to the new york times employees mixed up ingredients, johnson and johnson released a statement saying a batch of the vaccine. did not meet quality standards. the vaccine doses that have already been shipped out were not impacted by the error. johnson johnson says that they still plan on safely delivering an additional 24 million single shot vaccine doses through the month of april. and tonight, we're also digging into the big news from pfizer today which. has announced that its covid vaccine is 100% effective in kids between the ages of 1215 years old, kron four's, maureen kelly talked to an infectious disease expert. he says if all goes well, that
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means that tweens and more teens could be lining up to get their shots before school starts in the fall. >> pfizer says none of the 12 to 15 year-old who got the vaccine in their clinical study contracted the virus and the kids side effects to the 2 doses were similar to those felt by young adults the fact that they responded so >> that was very nice to see you. see berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says, well, this is a small study and it hasn't yet been vetted by other scientists. if the data holds up, it could mean adolescence from 12 up could join the rest of the 16 plus crowd already okayed to get the shots before school starts in the fall and while it's true, children are far less likely to die or get seriously ill from covid-19 the pandemic has been tough on them. they're afraid of this. >> you know, they're they're seeing their teachers, their parents, their grandparents. >> all were masks. something seriously must be going even
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if they may not be able process of what can you do to it. but then a new warning fears. they're in the vaccines could offer. a lot of comfort to the kids as well as mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. >> one santa clara parent i talked to is thrilled by the news from pfizer. and so sending my kids off to school knowing that they've been vaccinated real, of course, just be. a great feeling, but another san francisco mom of a soon to be 12 year-old who plans to get vaccinated herself says she's going to need more data before her son does it's you know, it's weighing the number of kids that are actually contracting covid versus like what is the potential for. >> factors. the drug maker says they plan to get their study in front of the fda. as soon as possible. it's unclear how quickly the fda could move on. approving it for emergency use for this age group. it's taken them 3 to 4 weeks to green light the vaccines for adults. maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>> and the east bay contra costa county has expanded coronavirus vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 and older. they have also opened up a new drive-thru vaccination site you see here to the parking lot of 6 flags. hurricane harbor in concord. really easy just drive up, get the shot this new site is a collaboration with the city of concord contra costa county and kaiser permanente on average steak. people 30 to 45 minutes to move through the whole process. health officials say they're using all 3 available vaccines at that site. but mostly it's pfizer and johnson and johnson. >> we've had huge demand. our phones have been ringing off thd hook. we had over 30,000 people sign up for appointments overnight and more are coming in. that's great. we want people to sign up. we want people to be patient with us because demand is very high. i think it's a few days to get back to you. >> well, 30,000 overnight. that is a big number currently
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the officials working that site say they're hoping to do around 1500 to 2000 vaccinations per day and eventually if supply allows ramp up to 15,000 doses per day and now the contra costa health services has opened eligibility gained anybody 16 and older. if you live or work in that county. there is a real rush to try to get point is e there is kron four's of shows us how to do it. >> in order to set a covid-19 vaccination appointment in contra, costa county. your best bet is to either use a computer or mobile device to access the public health department's website cc health dot org under the novel coronavirus banner. click covid vaccine inside the covid-19 vaccine appointments banner on the next page. click contra, costa health services. this will take you to a where you will answer 20 questions. this will only take a few
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minutes once completed, the site says to be on the lookout in the coming days for an e-mail from health services with instructions on how to schedule an appointment. once you received the e-mail, follow the embedded link, which will take you to my chart. that's the system. the county is using to schedule appointments. you can sign up through the web browser by creating a user name and password or download the my chart app and complete your registration and booking there. just make sure to click add organization and choose contra. costa health services be patient once you sign up appointment, time, slots may not pop up right away. you may need to hit refresh a few times because a lot of people are trying to do the same thing. you are eventually you will get through. choose your preferred location date and time and my chart will provide instructions for the day of your appointment. the county has provided a phone number to call for setting an appointment for those without access to the internet. that's
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844-729-8410. but the phone system was so overwhelmed. wednesday, the outgoing message stated the system had reached its coal capacity, telling callers to try again. thursday. so it seems the web is the best way to in contra, costa county could all kron 4 >> plus a being eligible for a vaccine in actually being able to schedule an appointment or 2 totally different things getting the appointment clearly much more difficult. yeah. bit of a challenge. and what more vaccine supply has been promised the expansion of eligibility could make scheduling even harder. kron four's. dan kerman joins us now with some options for searching for an dan, what do you know? well, the state is created this might turn website is a one-stop shop for people looking to schedule an appointment. but in fact there are. >> several different options for people in the key word.
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here is aggressive. you've got to be aggressive. you have to check multiple times a day and you have to check multiple sites to get that appointment. getting the covid-19 vaccine is often quick. once you have an appointment. >> but getting that appointment can be difficult. there are several ways to look first. check your county's website. sometimes they make their own appointments like in contra, costa county. if not visit. the states might turn page here. you can find appointments if available. if not, you can sign up to be notified the many of complaint notifications are unreliable. if that's the case, twitter users can follow bay area vaccine bought. it's about the checks might turn every 5 minutes for available appointments and tweets when it finds them users just need to turn on alerts to be notified. you can also visit pharmacy sites like cvs walgreens rite aid and safe way to look for appointments. if no look there, you can try the web sites of major medical
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providers like sutter dignity, ucsf and kaiser. and if you're still having no luck checkout vaccine finder. dot org. this web site operated by boston children's hospital and supported by the centers for disease control. we'll show you locations that have available vaccine and link you to those sites. now some of the sites say how far do you want that appointment to be from your home if you have that option, the greater the distance. remember the greater chances, you'll find an empty slot. >> live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news, thank you, dan. yes. sometimes you got to go where the shots are still to come tonight at 6, the push to. >> oust governor newsome. a new poll reveals what would happen if a recall election were held today. more emotional testimony today from witnesses in the derek chauvin trial. a new surveillance video. >> capturing the tense moments before george floyd's death first lady doctor jill biden is in california tonight with
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the governor. first partner to celebrate cesar chavez day. we'll go live to the central valley and speak with the labor legend son. how about that weather today? lots of sunshine warm temperatures everywhere you go. can't last forever, though. we'll talk about some bigger changes coming up in few minutes. and some exciting news to share with you. kron 4 is expanding our weekend coverage with the new 06:00pm newscast joined justine waldman and jonathan mccall for the latest local news weather and sports coverage every saturday and sunday at 06:00pm starting this weekend.
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>> welcome we're following up with the proponents of the recall against governor newsome after a poll showed that voters would keep in that office if the election were to happen today talking to the people who want him out of here. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the latest update. >> and the effort to remove the governor. >> polls really don't matter. the only poll that matters is what's going to be taking place on election day. organizers of the effort to recall governor gavin newsome say they still feel confident even after a new poll released by the public policy institute of california showed the effort would fail if taken to voters today, the survey showed just over half of the 1700 likely voters polled approve of the governor's job performance. interesting thing about that poll which actually was a very good call for us because it shows that his his
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tanking. >> has not rebound. the ball comes as new sums anti-recall campaign continues to rake in money ahead of its first official fundraising deadline wednesday night data from the secretary of state's office shows the campaign so far has reported raising more than one 0.2, 5 million dollars within its first 2 weeks. that includes a quarter of a million dollar contribution recently from the professional engineers in california political action committee in an email to potential donors wednesday. newsome wrote this is the first big test of our campaign and everyone will be looking to see if we can match the big checks sent by the republican national committee and some of trump's biggest donors. >> meanwhile, the petition signature verification process continues among elections. officials. >> the last report from the secretary of state showing 1.2 million of the one 0.5 million needed signatures have been certified. the final report is expected within the next month. i think we them. my guess is we qualified for special election with about 1.7 million signatures as my last month.
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>> if the recall qualifies for the ballot that with an open up a 30 day window for those who signed the petition to have their signatures removed proponents are confident that the governor would not be able to remove enough to defeat the effort reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger speaking out tonight about the potential recall election. in an interview with politico schwarzenegger pointed out the similarities between the current recall effort and the one in 2003, which led to his election. he says people are dissatisfied at the highest level and the recall is a way for them to let their anger out. in this case. a lot of people are upset with nuisance handling of course, of the pandemic and other issues shorts nader did offer some advice to newsome saying he should continue being real and he praised the governor for being involved and connecting with people all across the state. okay. speaking of that 2000, 3 recall election today. former governor gray davis. he
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added his thoughts to the current recall. he knows about recalls to tell kron 4 sanaz tahernia the recall will likely be this fall. but governor newsome is not going anywhere. >> as time goes on. more people read vaccinated or schools will open well, people be going back to work. and people feel better about themselves, future, their governor and the public health officials who have navigated through the time is on avenues side. >> he says voters state of mind is relevant when it comes to choosing to keep newsome in office. what when. >> people feel their lives are getting better and their future looks better. they generally support incumbents which in this case would be the go for now. the only candidates looking to run against new some of the special election or republican. so should democrats throw their hats in the rain just in case newsome is recalled. governor davis doesn't seem to think so. this is judgment is delusional. not one that will get more votes than governor newsome got.
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they will get it today. they will get it by the time the election rolls around. only increase probability that evidence will do well, that we call by someone getting help. some other democratic getting in the race. >> it gives people permission. do vote the wrong way on the recall. >> the special recall election is likely this fall and governor davis strongly believes governor newsome isn't going anywhere reporting in the newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >> first lady doctor jill biden who is in california today with governor newsome. she praised farm workers for their persistence during this pandemic and also urged them to get vaccinated as you came to mark the birthday of labor leader cesar chavez at the former headquarters of the united farm workers union in kern county, just number and joins us now live from current county tonight with details on the first lady's visit jocelyn. >> how of a key grant the 40 acres here in delay know has
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been serving as a vaccination site for farmworkers. and today the first lady honoring the legacy of cesar chavez and talking on how essential farm workers have been throughout this pandemic. >> yes, we can see say why they first lady doctor jill biden and delay know today honoring the legacy of says chavis the 40 acres, the first home to the united farm workers and now a vaccination site for farm workers without the farm workers who kept harvesting our food or the factory workers who package the grocery store clerks who stock shelves. hey, we wouldn't have made it through this year. among those who joined the first lady was governor gavin newsome, extraordinary gift. it is for all of us to have the presence of our first lady, civil rights activist dolores huerta, also president and many stopped outside of the 40 acres wanting to get a message to the first lady. your libido. nothing. you it's 100% of item that, you know, my thing is gomez says he's been
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working in the u.s. for 14 years. picking grapes. he asks the biden administration to give those who are undocumented a path to citizenship or even just a worker's permit so that they can provide for their families. he says they want to be taken into account the first lady also speaking today on immigration as president. >> joe is fighting for those who often go unseen. >> he believes that our work must be guided by justice and humanity and that's exactly the kind of immigration policy he's working to build the first lady volunteering at the vaccination clinic during her visit, also being joined by sister thomas's family. what better way. >> to honor his legacy and to keep it alive. then by vaccinating farm workers who have been so disproportionately. separate at the hands of this pandemic.
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>> and united farm workers says already a couple 1000 doses have been administered here at the 40 acres in delay know in the hope is that another couple 100 will be administered today live in delay note. also in moran, kron 4 news. >> thank you, jocelyn. as we switch gears now get a check of the 4 zone forecast and a live look here just a beautiful day in the bay. this is a camera on now. 10, looking at the the city and the bay just delightful yeah, one of our favorite shots these days prefers chief meteorologist our favorite meteorologist joining talk about this great weather. yeah. you say that today because it's so nice certainly. >> this is a spectacular day. temperatures running well above the average then looks like we have the records except for they had a record today but otherwise just nice, no matter where you went sunshine everywhere from the land to the sea along the coastline. those temperatures moving up in the 70's and just beautiful weather all the way there as well. you've got 74 for the high in half moon bay today downtown san francisco, 80 degrees. if you can believe
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that 81 in redwood city, 81 in hayward 82 in oakland. 83 1 of the warmer spots in concord and 83 degrees in san jose. so certainly some gorgeous weather. now we're going some changes as we head toward even the next couple days. temperatures outside right now you're still in the 70's right on the water's edge. that's amazing for this time of year inside the bay. you're still got some 70's 80 degrees in the san jose 70 right now in alameda, still 78 beautiful it's temperatures. go. nice night just to get outside. got a little ice t go for a little walk enjoy beautiful weather all around high pressure overhead right now. but that ridge is going to start to shift a little further to the east. and as that happens, i think this offshore wind that brought us the nice sunshine today and mostly clear skies tonight. i think by tomorrow afternoon that becomes more of an onshore breeze and that will likely bring with it some low clouds and fog. and you know what that means. temperatures will start to cool down along the coast by tomorrow afternoon. this evening, though, looking great. nice and clear skies lot of 70's, even through 9
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o'clock this evening. tomorrow. get ready, going to have another day of warm temperatures. these numbers soaring a lot of 80's popping up again around the bay area warmest temperatures inland, maybe as high as 81 downtown san francisco, some nice weather. but i think late today we're going to feel that sea breeze kick in and that will be the end to this little heat wave. much cooler weather is expected for the holiday weekend you're still looking for rain, right. and i think i may have found some next week. it looks more promising now. so don't feel guilty about all this warm weather, ok. i'm good to hear this kind of all right. coming revving up your weight loss. what you can do right now to jump start a diet and find better fat-burning success.
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>> for your health fasting before starting a new diet. it could actually lead to faster weight loss. researchers in berlin say that fasting helps boost healthy bacteria in the gut as so it can actually kick. start your new diet with a clean slate of sorts. researchers say that people who fasted before starting a mediterranean style diet for 3 months lost more weight than those who didn't fast and they had a lower bmi, also a drop in blood pressure as well. new study finds stress could lead to hair loss and balding researchers from harvard university found a hormone released by stress suppress the growth of hair, at least in mice. the hair follicle state dormant for longer. the discovery has not yet been verified be the same for
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humans. but researchers believe it is similar scientists say the findings can lay a foundation for exploring treatments for hair loss caused by chronic stress. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 6, a 3rd day of emotional testimony today in the trial of former police officer accused of killing george floyd we'll hear from 2 witnesses in one of the prosecutors in the case. also coming up, new details about the 2018 a car fire that was the one up at trinity and shasta counties. what may have caused that one. and people are starting to get out. enjoy this beautiful weather, right. but if you're planning to go to oakland. there are changes covid related. we'll break them down. keep it here. kron 4 news at 6. we'll
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