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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  April 1, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now on kron, 4 news at 3. another major milestone in california's vaccine rollout as millions of more californians become eligible to get the covid-19 vaccine and even as more vaccines are available. why leaders in santa clara county are concerned over more covid-19 variants. >> and the summer sizzle continues in the bay area. find out when we'll finally cool down from these above average record breaking heat temperatures in my full forecast in just a few minutes. stick around from 4 news at 3 starts now. >> from the bay local news
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station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> today is an obviously with you opportunity now for people my age. that have been waiting. >> there's the governor about to get his vaccine. and today anyone 50 years and older in the state is allowed to sign up for covid-19 vaccine. but amid all that progress health officials are wary of yet another rise in coronavirus cases. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman. the cdc director warn of impending doom with covid-19 cases increasing across the country and california leaders are weighing in on the possibility of a spring surge. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala is joining us live to explain. if this is likely to happen here. good afternoon, ashley. >> good afternoon. just seen yet. california is tracking 7 different strains of covid-19 and while excitement grows over that expanded vaccine
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eligibility. the governor is urging caution. >> that was not the time despite the ball now is not the time. to and now it's mission accomplished with one of the lowest covid-19 positivity rates in the country and more than 80 million vaccine doses distributed california leaders say they see a bright light up ahead. but there is a lingering concern these variants having an impact on transmission. >> in states large and small state leaders say california seeing several cases of 4 concerning variants of covid-19, including 854 cases of the uk variant 35 brazilian 10 south african and about 9,300 cases of the west coast variant. after getting his vaccine in los angeles thursday newsome pointed back to the variance when asked about the possibility of a spring surge. we're very mindful we're very concerned about these mutations. the governor's warning comes as the majority of california for the reopens for business. a move prompted by covid-19 case
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rates and increase vaccine distribution. but if the variance become problematic for the state's progress. newsome noted california's blueprint for reopening includes rules to roll back. you have the capacity not on win. not a political. >> considerations but on the basis of sarah surveillance transmission rates case positivity rates broadly defined with equity component to be able to. move in whatever direction is necessary. >> california leaders are optimistic with vaccine shipments coming in. they still expect about 5 million doses to come into the state with between this week and next week the governor said that the shipping hold up from the manufacturers of johnson and johnson. he says that will not affect california's short-term supply moving forward reporting live at state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. that's good to hear. thank you so much. ashley. >> we'll go now to the south bay because santa clara county's health officer doctor sara cody is warning about a
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possible rise in coronavirus cases. kron four's charles clifford joins us now with more on her announcements that came out earlier today and this had a lot to do with the different variants that are in santa clara county. yeah. >> yeah. you will, you know, here in santa clara county, the rate of vaccinations is speeding up at places like levi stadium behind me here. but they have also seen an increase in coronavirus cases in some communities. and as you mentioned, they have now the variance of the coronavirus spread all across the county and officials are worried about another wave of coronavirus. >> according to the santa clara county public health department. the county is seeing more and more cases of covid-19 variants across the region. that includes the uk south africa and brazil variance of concern. santa clara health officer doctor sara cody says the county is now in a race betwean the spread of these variance and getting people vaccinated. >> the more opportunity that the virus has to circulate, the more opportunity it has to
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take on mutations and to change so we've already seen a few variance of concern emerge and we what we want to do is get our here and really globally to get vaccinated as quickly as possible to reduce that opportunity. >> county health officials also announced on thursday that they expect the vaccine supply to increase in the coming weeks. but admit that they still don't have enough doses to meet demand. we're doing for about one 3rd of our capacity in this county. >> so we continue to need more vaccine. but we're happy to see at least a little bit of an increase in until more people are vaccinated and the community at large reaches herd immunity health officials are continuing to ask that everyone. >> follow social distancing requirements, especially mask-wearing given that these variants are spreading. we really want to do everything we can to keep them from spreading and if everyone continues to wear their mask. that will really help these
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variants from getting a foothold. >> all right. back live now the other big news here in santa clara county is the county like everywhere else in the state is now allowing people 50 years or older to sign up for a vaccination. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron 4 news thanks so much, charles. now, san francisco's mayor london breed is very proud of the city's vaccination rates. she just announced today at least 46%. >> of all, san francisco residents have received their first dose. 82% of those 65 and older received at least one dose. but 62% of that age group are now fully vaccinated. but both the mayor and the haalth director had words of caution as we head into easter weekend and spring break. >> he says in san francisco that's slowly started to climb again. now we're still at a low rate. but just in the last week we've seen an increase of 20% in our case rate. this is
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not unexpected we know as cities reopen, including in san francisco cases. gradually go up. a virus is again spreading. so we must be vigilant in wearing masks. social and following the precautions that we know slow the spread. >> so doctor colfax. they're also said the city will be allowing fully vaccinated people to interact with people from other households that are also fully vaccinated. once the state allows it. pfizer is also saying this afternoon its vaccine remains 90% effective 6 months after the second dose results from pfizer's ongoing phase 3 clinical trial also shows it protects against the covid strains that were identified in south africa. the study included more than 46,000 volunteers and could help the vaccine gain full approval from the food and drug administration currently just has emergency use authorization. all right.
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let's have a little bit of a tough and destruction right now because it's game night in the east bay. the oakland a's opening up their season tonight against the houston astros. this is the first time in more than a year. there will be fans in the stands. there are a lot of changes after going to the ballpark. but game on kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills is joining us now live from outside the coliseum. kylen you can feel the buzz all the way here in san francisco. >> can you feel all the way there. justine. hey how's it going? there is a lot of excitement in the air. preparations are under way here because it is a historic day here in oakland fans will be filing into the gates here at the coliseum to watch baseball live in person for the first time since 2019. so preparations are already underway and you couldn't ask for a better opening day opponent. then the houston astro's everything is lined up for this to be a great baseball game. however, there are some changes at the ballpark. like you mentioned
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that are in place. that fans should be aware of their there. just to keep everyone safe of the pandemic is still going on everything here will be touchless and done on your phone, essentially only mobile tickets are accepted in concessions will be paid for through the mlb app. you can get food and drinks delivered to your seat or to contactless pickup seats are set up in pods of 2 to 4 that are distant from others. and of course, you have to wear a mask at all times. i feel like that goes without saying these days. now oakland a's president dave kaval told me this afternoon that all of the tickets available for today's game were purchased and he knows fans will bring the energy. >> people are very excited. our fans have been away since 2019. we had a playoff game here. and so it's been a long time. i think it will be emotional for people for all of us. you know, putting this together and having this event at the coliseum today, especially with the vaccination center just in the north parking lot. yes, this incredible juxtaposition of the vaccine. the hope around having events again and kind
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of returning to a normal state. >> now the venue can only be filled up to 26% capacity. according to health officials. so that means about 12,000 fans will be here inside the coliseum tonight. again, a lot of excitement in the air now, that number could increase as the season goes on, depending on. if the state eases some of the restrictions. first pitch is set for 7. '07, tonight will be bringing you all the coverage throughout the evening here on kron. 4 news for now in oakland kylen mills kron 4 sports. thank you so much, highland. we'll see later tonight. >> now the giants get to play their first game of the season tonight as well against the seattle mariners. their home opener, though, is not until april 9th and it's also going to look a lot different for fans who show up at oracle park ticket holders will have to bring proof that they're either fully vaccinated or have a negative covid test. never thought i'd see anything
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like that kron four's maureen kelly is joining us now live at also park with all the details. >> the giants fans need to know. good afternoon. morey. >> we're a team that's been very close to the city and so many of our operations. we have a lot of respect for the officials. it's different but the and temperatures putting workable. we're not scientists we're just going to go with the science. and so bill, we're in compliance and moving forward. it's not this is not something where, you know, we're going get that determination health officer. >> the sports fans i talked to are mostly on board with the idea. >> i think safety first as always, good. i don't think it's too much to ask that people be vaccinated or have a test. the true fans are going to come out regardless. yeah. it's a little extra work, right. you got to make vaccine. you're tested before.
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>> but it is what it is. we've got to deal deal with it and do a weekend. it's a little discriminatory. i think it's more of its someone just really doesn't feel like that's what they want for it. >> then they're not allowed in there now. >> alright, just to go over what marine it's going to be talking to us about the giants say they will be assigning ticket holders to zones. they're going to be enforcing social distancing and mask-wearing people have to order food and drinks from their seats. so it's going to be a lot different. but they will be able to actually be in the stadium watching the game in person. the first time that the giants have had fans inside or call in 18 months in the teen says that they've really missed the fans and the energy. so make sure that you join us this saturday night for our spring training reports are director from sports. jason dumas says going to give us an in-depth look at the a's and giants rosters and can expect from the teams this season. you can check it out. the giants previews at 10:00pm followed immediately by
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preview at 10 30. here's what's coming up on kron 4 news at 3, though. why the return of new sports is causing some concerns. >> in marine county and the clusters of covid cases that are coming from it. it's als> opening day around bay area theme parks kron 4. sarah stinson is going to bring us the details and all the safety changes that are happening at 6 flags, discovery kingdom. and who is ready for some fun in the sun and the beach will have a live report from the santa cruz beach boardwalk on what can expect if you're planning to prepare. stay with us.
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>> well, who's ready for some fun in the sun. the santa cruz beach boardwalk is now open. but there's just a few select rides that people can go on and only certain groups of people are allowed in. let's get all the details right now from kron, rob fladeboe. he's live for us there with some of the rules and safety protocols at the park and you could not ask for nicer weather today. rob. >> well, that's right. just to drop dead. beautiful day in santa statement thinking maybe upper 70's pushing 80 degrees here. what a way to usher in return to the less restrictive orange tier here in santa cruz county behind me. you can see the got the boardwalk going nothing like a ride on a roller coaster to blow the
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quarantine cobwebs let's take a look here of the park is a calling. this a soft opening today, ok, they've been open for a while for several weeks foot traffic into some retail and at the food court cetera. but today they've open now to 25% of capacity. i can't tell you exactly how many people that is because the boardwalk does not disclose a attendance figures. but i'll tell you a pretty good crowd here today. and i hesitate to use the word crowd because even though the parking lot is full here. a lot of these people are headed for the beach with the boardwalk in between. so they're making pit stops back and forth. but we know roughly a dozen or so rides are open. the giant dipper, the little dipper, the typhoon, the pirate ship among that will be a changing on a day-to-day basis. will shut down periodically to sanitize those rides. masks are required here people are doing a fairly good job of social distancing, although as you can imagine, you know, when you're standing in line for tickets are for one of those, right. it gets a little difficult to keep a 5 feet between or 60 rather
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between you and in the person next to you. but let's hear more on how all this works. now from boardwalk spokesperson chris reyes. there's a whole host of safety protocols designed to protect not only our guests but our employees obviously the most notable invisible is that guests are required to wear masks at all times, including while riding rides. >> we have social and physical distancing markers all throughout the park. and we also have capacity controls to ensure that we don't go over the 25% capacity limit that the state has set up. we also are closing the rides that are running intermittently throughout the day to add an additional layer of cleaning and sanitizing to the right. so guests will notice that throughout the day that the rides because temporarily they'll be on a rotating schedule. so they want close at one time will be a very minor inconvenience to ensure everyone stay safe and healthy. >> so this a soft opening is or call. runs like this. the right a dozen or so rise of between 8 and a dozen. they're telling us that will be open
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between now and april 11th. and then after that, they'll go to just weekends only until further notice. they also have a contingency plan just in case there could be pushed back into the red tier. of course everyone is crossing their fingers. that doesn't happen. but again, the boardwalk santa cruz giving folks just a little bit more sense of normalcy open from 11 to 6 and just have more for you coming up on kron 4 news. it's expect you will see you then, rob. thank you. >> also today, 6 flags discovery kingdom in valais. how is reopening the park will be open for exclusive passholders only and then it will open to the general public on saturday, kron 4, sarah stinson has more on the new safety measures in place there. >> 6 flags, discovery kingdom finally reopening with its roller coasters in motion. >> and it is a blast to get out here after a year of doing pretty much nothing. i think we can all use a thrill. >> but before you get on the roller coaster. there's a few safety protocols. you have to
3:20 pm
go through of course, they have hand sanitizer stations all over. but before you walk in, have that mask on and ready to go before you walk into a tunnel and get your temperature taken. there's some technology in there. and if read multiple people's temperature, this will be screened. >> you have to wear a mosque. everything is socially distance and all the queue lines like in here. we regularly sanitized in between rides. if you're healthy like me, you can head inside and hop on a roller coaster there over tend to pick from and i got to ride joker. now. it's been upgraded since i wrote it as a kid and it is so much. >> there's an upside down for its crazy. you must wear your mask the whole time and people be spaced out on the sanitize rides. >> screaming is not those fears could it was not easy to hold back so if you do, it's ok, just have your mask on your face the whole time. now this park is in county, which is in the red tiers of the state. only allows 15% capacity inside the park.
3:21 pm
>> during the visit patients. we can space things out. so that is not a big block of people coming at the samectime he would create a crowd. so we have to select a time to come in that way. we have a flow going and everybody stay socially distanced today and tomorrow season pass holders. >> they are able to get the first chance to ride the rides and then starting on saturday. other people only california residents can come here as well. but you have to reserve a spot online think i'm actually going to go for right now. so send it back to you. >> well, look like sarah had some fun today as we take a live look outside here along the golden gate bridge. we can see it is gorgeous out there right now. weather looking just picture perfect. it's feeling more like summer as we kick off april. but that cooling trend is about to kick in meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look the temperatures. yeah. it's a war going out there just steen. and we're tracking 60's, 70's and yes, even 80's
3:22 pm
near 90's, though, for those of you in pittsburgh. >> currently 89 degrees. but a 20 degree difference from pacifica to most of the inland valleys in the east bay. are getting the return of that cool sea breeze is starting to notice some relief along the coast. but still well above average for this time of year. remember, we should be in the low to mid 60's, not in the 70's and 80's, but pacifica currently at 68 degrees. mid 70's for downtown san francisco and san jose currently at 83 degrees. fairfield 80 degrees for you in berkley. also in the low 80's with the widespread low 80's. for those of you in the north bay. so we are tracking a few degrees of cooling mainly. for those of you along the san francisco peninsula. but a few degrees of warming as you make your way inland. that cool sea breeze not really extending into your area, but absolutely great day to head to the beach for boaters swimmers. even those of taking out the bike and enjoying the beautiful day. make sure to enjoy it for me, but i'm not complaining with the sec on. i'll tell you that
3:23 pm
when director for though, tracking very calm conditions in the single digits calmer as seeing a little bit of that northerly flow ramping up temperatures for inland valleys. all of that's going to change starting friday. 5 to 10 degrees of cooling with an additional 5 to 10 degrees of cooling to start your weekend forecast. find out if any rain is heading our way in our extended outlook in just a few minutes. just seen. back to you. thank you so much for braces. still ahead, protecting us for more than just covid. >> how a mask was able to help police solve a assault case. and then after the break, twice a sports team is causing some concerns in warren county and its link to covid clusters.
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>> not all traveling sports teams are following covid-19 health and safety protocols. and that has now led to a clusters of the virus breaking out among young athletes in marine county. this is according to the county's public health officer who tells kron 4 such a call that these clusters could have been prevented. >> as more and more club teams travel out of marine county for competitions, including out of state. >> public health officer doctor matt willis says some of the teens are not taking covid-19 health and safety protocols. seriously enough we've had about 10 covid-19 in the past couple weeks related
3:27 pm
sports teams. doctor willis says some local school athletic programs have reported individual positive cases, but he says the clusters among club teams or concerning. we're jumping the gun. you know, we're we're so close to the finish line here, you know, to use a sports analogy for our said no. the buzzer has it gone off you know, there's still time on the with this pandemic. >> and if we let down our guard, we run the risk of losing the gains. we have achieved marine counties in the state's less restrictive orange tier doctor willis says progress in limiting transmission of the virus has decreased are now seeing, you know, active transmission or community again. >> we do run the risk of a 4th surge doctor willis says the main source of transmission among athletes has been traveling in close proximity with someone outside their household without face coverings teams reporting viral clusters have been required by the public health department to provide updated
3:28 pm
plans detailing how these outbreaks will be prevented in the future. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> next at 3.30, with the cdc is now saying about covid transmission after a person has been fully vaccinated. and the u.s. is set another covid-19 vaccination record today. but the white house is working to make sure that every adult get vaccinated. so we'll see the progress. and then after the break, we need a booster shot a local doctor is going to weigh in on how often we may need a covid shot to keep us protected against covid-19.
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>> 3.30, on this thursday afternoon and pfizer has announced some big news today regarding its covid-19 vaccine. this has to do with how long the vaccine is going to work. let's get all the details right now from kron 4 tahernia. she is here with us now with more on the announcement. good afternoon. good afternoon, justine. so this morning, pfizer announced its covid-19 vaccine is effective for at least 6 months after the second dose of the vaccine and that it's effective against the south african variant now researchers followed the 46,000 clinical trial participants and determined that after 6 months the volunteers were 91% protected against covid-19, and even better protected against the severe case of covid. the study also showed no serious safety concerns and side
3:32 pm
stated generally consistent with previously reported results now with regard to the south african variant pfizer says its vaccine is 100% effective, which is great news as that was a variant that was causing some concern here in the united states and all the data collected shows vaccine efficacy for the last 6 months. one local public health official believes that the vaccines will provide protection for much longer than that. but even with a highly effective vaccine. he says booster shots may be likely needed during that time as well. >> i think what we're going to find out those that this vaccine is going to work for a long time. and my guess is it's going to be good for something like 3 to 5 years. the question is not so much what we've been vaccinated for. but what about the other variance and how well does it cover the other variance. so think of additional shots is not being boosters to increase your immunity. but you're getting additional strains covered. so is broadening your y immunity. >> now have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming
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service kronon you can download that for free in your app store. just seen. thank you so much. there is new data now from the centers for disease control and prevention that shows people who are fully vaccinated are unlikely to transmit the coronavirus to other people. the study focused on almost 4,000 frontline workers who received either the moderna or the pfizer vaccine and they were tested every week for 13 weeks to monitor how effective they were in daily life in the u.s. outside of a clinical trial. the study found the risk infection was reduced by 90% after the second dose, health experts are emphasizing that the study does not mean that people were fully vaccinated can stop wearing masks. now the biden administration has announced that 100 million americans have now had at least one dose of the covid-19 shot. and this is coming as the white house launches its latest strategy to combat vaccine hesitancy across the country. our washington correspondent jessi turnure
3:34 pm
tells us how. >> the vaccine is safe. and it will save lives. that's the message vice president kamala harris is asking hundreds of business faith and union leaders to help are spread across the country. we want every adult in the united states to sign up and get vaccinated. >> when they can. the u.s. will have enough vaccine supply for all adults by the end of may us surgeon general doctor vivek murthy says these community leaders can encourage the hesitant to get in line during the facts. >> from trusted sources. this will help people make the decisions about their health. the biden administration says this group will be especially key in dispelling mistrust and misinformation among minority communities. we see able as the critical month in this flat out race to the finish line. doctor reid talks and the co-founder of the black coalition against covid says celebrities like athletes and musicians will help outrage among younger populations who need to receive science-based and relevant information from
3:35 pm
black medical experts that are filtered through engagement with the people that they pay attention to and hype and end the founder of faith and community empowerment says the asian community will be more likely to take the shot if it's discussed as a solution, not a problem. one of the recently said in a press conference, they are treating us like the virus when we're treating this virus. nearly 20% of the u.s. population is now fully vaccinated. but health experts estimate at least 70% is needed to reach herd immunity in washington. i'm jessi tenure. the cdc is also releasing new coronavirus safety guidance just ahead of the easter holiday. >> let's go over the details now. the agency is urging americans to avoid large crowds and only gather with people in your immediate household. you're also encouraged have celebrations in an outdoor. well, ventilated area. well urging everyone to wear a mask and also maintain social-distancing. the agency says fully vaccinated people can gather with others who are
3:36 pm
fully vaccinated without masks. all right. as whether time now we take a live look at side along the san mateo bridge man. i hope everyone is getting some are good today to enjoy some of that sun. it's feel like summer out there, but it's not going to last that much longer. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the forecast. also that a's game. they got good weather tonight for opening night yeah. great weather. in fact, our sports director jason dumas stuck in traffic. don't worry, he'll make it their beautiful weather out there right now. >> i know a lot of fans are rooting for the a's out in the bay area. and the forecast today looking like a home run. we're tracking mid 60's by around first pitch time shortly after 7 o'clock tonight with winds on the calm side, a little bit of a cool sea breeze 10 miles per hour or lessm but perfect game day weather for those of you in the east bay out of berkeley. not a cloud in the sky. and with that temperatures 60's, 70's and even 80's as you step
3:37 pm
outside for most bay area. cities, low 70's right now, perhaps when bay take a look at concord and antioch, though currently at 86 degrees but fremont flirting with 90's out there right now at your 3 o'clock hour. 89 degrees and whites were low to mid 80's for those of you in the north bay with napa currently at 83 degrees and overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid and upper 40's. but antioch also going to be on the mild side. only cooling down to 52 degrees for your overnight. temperatures daytime highs for tomorrow about 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to today. back in the low to mid 60's along the san francisco peninsula coastline with low 70's throughout the east bay shoreline and even widespread mid 70's. as you make your way inland. but antioch in the low 80's for your friday afternoon. with additional cooling this weekend by about 5 to 10 degrees cooler on saturday compared to friday. so we're going to be nearly 20 degrees. cooler. justine today compared to saturday holding
3:38 pm
steady on sunday. but it looks like our rain outlook for monday and tuesday of this upcoming week drying out could see light to moderate showers by the end of next week, though. so keeping our fingers crossed that we get some april showers in the coming days. back to you. scene. thanks so much. debris. so we do have some new details right now about last night shooting in southern california that killed 4 people. >> including a child. authorities revealed one man, 2 women and a 9 year-old boy were all killed at a business park in the city of orange, which is in orange county. another woman who was shot is recovering in the hospital. the suspect has now been identified as a 44 year-old man from fullerton. he was shot by police but is also recovering from those injuries in the hospital. authorities say he and his victims knew each other through professional and personal connections, but they have not confirmed a motive in this case. coming up this hour and emotional than the stand as more witness testimony. >> in the trial for derek
3:39 pm
chauvin enters its 4th day. we'll hear from george floyd's girlfriend and what she had to say on the stand. and after the break, ken sweet treats as a kid hurt your memory later on in life. what a new study has to say about i can remember the story.
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>> for your health right now. a new study found children who consume sugary drinks may be
3:42 pm
at an increased risk of memory issues later on in life. researchers at the university of georgia along with a usc research group looked at daily consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and they found that sugar consumption lead to elevated levels of gut bacteria and those changes may be the key to a sugar induced memory impairment. they recommend limiting added sugars to less than 10% of a person's. daily calorie intake. it's that time. not only check of the news nation to see what they're working on for tonight. rudabeh shahbazi is joining us now live from chicago with a preview. >> hi there. >> hi. good afternoon. coming up tonight on news nation. prime a vaccine. passport proof. you got the shot and it's all right on your phone. could this be your ticket to the next vacation or night out. we investigate the legal and privacy issues of this new idea. plus. and privacy is >> he had a lot of she was screaming broke my heart.
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>> millions of children still not back in the classroom. but what about students bawith disabilities. we follow one family as they attempt to overcome the challenges of supporting their son with special needs all of this and more tonight on news nation. pri. we're looking forward to it. thank you so much. >> news nation airs at 8 o'clock our time. you can find it on the channels listed right here. and we have all the details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> still ahead, how police were able to catch the man they were looking for all thanks to a face mask.
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>> alright dna from a face mask has now helped convicted child rapist. 3 years after the crime occurred. there are a lot of details on this one. here's the suspect. 28 year-old leonardo ramirez junior. it was in february of 2018 that the victim was raped by a man wearing a mask over his face and then it was february of this year. that premier has seen here added the victim on snapchat and the girl identified him as her rapist. she alerted police who then set up a meeting with ramirez at the police station and when he arrived, here's what detectives did. they threw away their face masks and put on new ones and they told her marriage to do the same. they offered him that option. the suspect then discarded one of his masks into away spend that was lined with an evidence bag and they tested that mask which
3:47 pm
revealed to have a match of the rapist's dna. heiress is now going to serve a mandatory sentence of life without parole. all right. let's go now to the north bay because police need our help catching this burglary suspect who broke into a home in petaluma. it happened on march 19th. all the people who live there were away. they're asking anyone if they recognize the sky to give petaluma police a call. in national news. there was more emotional testimony in day 4 of the derek chauvin trial that's happening in minneapolis. george floyd's girlfriend took the stand and she is one of several witnesses who testified today, including a paramedic who treated floyd at the scene on the day of his death. kareen wynter has all the details. >> graphic testimony from first minneapolis fire captain he was an unresponsive body on the and 2 paramedics who treated george floyd who died in police custody last like
3:48 pm
derek smith who testified that upon arriving at the frantic scene with police and angry bystanders. he immediately noticed derek chauvin's knee still on floyd's neck and that when he checked floyd's paltz and pupils. used to. >> multiple officers on top of the vision. we pull up that point. we assumed. said i assumed there was. the potentially some struggles still because there are still on top of them. the prosecution presented more new video evidence showing floyd's body being placed on a stretcher and into an ambulance that's too graphic to show. >> ravinder testified that they tried resuscitating the patient but that the cardiac monitor showed he had flat-lined. the prosecution also question one of floyd's former girlfriends who described him as a devoted dad who struggled with his own opioid addiction and his mother's death. she believes he started using drugs again in the weeks before his fatal police encounter is. >> it's a a classic story of.
3:49 pm
how many people get addicted to opioids. we both from chronic pain. i was in my neck and his was in his back. >> so far in this trial. the prosecution has presented several pieces of compelling video evidence in court on wednesday. we heard chauvin's own words as he said, this as the ambulance transporting floyd's body to a hospital left the scene trying troll the the defense on cross examination is trying to get the emergency medical officials to admit the angry crowd of witnesses posed a threat to officers and justify their actions that day in their use of excessive force and their slow response to rendering aid to floyd once he became unresponsive. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us. the defense is also arguing that it was drugs like meth and that were found in floyd's system that killed him. not the former police officers need to the neck. we have a whole section on our web site dedicated to this trial. you can go to kron 4 dot com. now, there was a
3:50 pm
gender reveal that went terribly wrong in mexico. 2 people died when a plane crashed into the water. this happened off the coast of cancun. the expecting parents hired a small plane to announce the baby's gender on a banner. the plane performed a series of stunts in the air right before the reveal as the parents were cheering on from below taken video there. the jet then suddenly plummet into the sea killing the 2 people on board the cause of the crash still under investigation. switching it up now we'll talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside from the camera way on top of mount tam showing us the city today. it's really nice out there. hope you get a chance to enjoy it or at least enjoy a break from having the heat or the ac on. it's nice out there. it's not the last that much longer. let's find out, though. a former meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah, that's right. just seen beautiful weather out there right now in the bay
3:51 pm
area in fact, looking and feeling a lot more like summer than spring. >> hey, we'll take it. we're going to begin a drastic cool down starting tomorrow even continuing through saturday. we could be 5 to 10 degrees. cooler come tomorrow compared to today first around the coast. those of you in downtown san francisco. only warming up into the mid 60's. still going to be a few degrees below above average because temperatures this time of year we should be in the low 60's at 62 degrees. half moon bay. you're going to reach the low 60's by tomorrow with widespread mid to upper 50's from pacifica to elder not and taking a look throughout the other side of the peninsula burlingame in the mid 60's for your friday afternoon highs and we will notice a bit more cloud cover with winds out of the west. so getting that full ac mother nature's air conditioning system working in full blast, 20 miles per hour. less san mateo, 68 degrees with the mountain view in the mid 70's and those of you in the south bay widespread low to mid and yes, even upper 70's 70
3:52 pm
degrees for those of you in san jose milpitas in the mid 70's at 73 degrees as a signal livermore 77 degrees. so out of the 80's for most of our inland valleys in the east bay walnut creek and conquered in the mid 70's with low 70's. for those of you in oakland, sonoma 71 degrees. napa 74 degrees, santa rosa, little bit cooler as well because you're going to get that full sea breeze influence cooling you down into the low 70's and low 50's for stinson beach and taking a look ahead at your easter weekend outlook. the cooling trend will continue on saturday holding steady on sunday. no rain in sight for at least the next 7 days. but we could see some light to moderate showers returning by the end of this upcoming week. so those of you planning a spring break trip early this upcoming week. your look all drive. back to you. just looking good. thanks so much. debris, some and there are some. >> changes coming to siri on the iphone and also the happiest place on earth is
3:53 pm
going to be a little bit happier for
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
>> apple will no longer make series voice female by default according to apple. when you set up your be able to asked to pick from a range of voices. the company is adding 2 additional voice options and you can choose from 6 different accents for siri, which includes american australian and british indian irish and also south african
3:56 pm
across the globe siri response to 25 billion request every month and is available in 21 languages. disneyland opens up later on this month. people will be able to buy alcohol at a second location in the park. the blue by restaurant will now serve beer wine and hurricanes. disney says the decision is coming after thousands of requests over the years from park visitors. and also we do have some very exciting news to share with you kron four's expanding our weekend news coverage with a new at 06:00pm newscast. join me and rub reese and jonathan mccall for the latest news weather and sports coverage. it starts this saturday and sunday at 6 o'clock. we are very much looking forward to it is that recently had a a whole election more time on kron 4. we get an extra bonus half hour every weekend. in addition to our 3 hour primetime news so their residents. >> your cover. let's take final check at your forecast.
3:57 pm
live look outside from our north be to ron cam crystal clear skies and temperatures looking and feeling like summer out there even though we should be in the low to mid 60's this time of year said tracking 70's 80's as you head out the door. stay cool. stay hydrated overnight lows tonight. also going to be on the mild side widespread 40's with the exception of antioch with cooling will continue tomorrow. 5 to 10 degrees cooler 60's on the coast. >> and widespread 70's. as you make your way inland. enjoy the scene. thank you so much for a reason. that wraps up kron 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman. but we'll see you right back here tomorrow. have a great day.
3:58 pm
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