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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  April 2, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >> now with 3 california is relaxing covid-19 restrictions once again how soon you might be able to go to a concert, a wedding or a warriors game. once again. also a terrifying scene at the u.s. capitol today. one officer is dead another injured after a suspect rammed a car into a barricade outside of the capitol building. >> and tracking double digit widespread cooling out there in the bay area that is going to continue through the 1st half of the weekend. find out if any rain is heading your way. stick around. kron. 4 news at 3 starts right now. >> now from the local news
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station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >> thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman. we do have a lot of news to get to this hour. but first we want to get to with the changes. the state just made to that aired reopening system, meaning that you could soon be going to an indoor concert or theater performance or wedding and all these changes will go into effect on april 15th. so first the new guidance on private events like weddings and conferences. we'll stick first in the purple tier of events must be held outdoors and capacity is limited to 25 people. if guests are vaccinated or test negative capacity will increase to 100 people in the red tier outdoor capacity is limited to 50 people. but if guests are vaccinated or test negative capacity increases to 200 people outdoors or 100 people indoors in the orange tier capacity. limited to 100 people. but if guests are vaccinated or test negative. that goes up to 300 people or
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150 people indoors in the yellow tier capacity is limited to 200 people. or if everyone is vaccinated or gain has a negative test that goes up to 400 people outdoors. 200 people indoors next. there is new guidance for indoor live events. this is for venues that have capacity up to 1500 people in the purple tier activities. they're not allowed. but in the red tier capacity is limited to 10% or 100 people. but again, guests have to prove they're vaccinated or have a negative covid test and then capacity increases to 25% in the orange tier 15% capacity or 200 people that increases to 35% of guests are vaccinated or test negative in the yellow tier capacity capped at 25% or 300 people. if everyone test negative or they have proof of vaccination that increases to 50% capacity. a lot of details. all this just
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released. we have all this information on our website. kron 4 dot com. we're also going to be having a live report with our ashley zavala in just a few minutes to go over all these changes. and these new rules are all in result because of axa need vaccination efforts across the state. so joining us now with the latest on the state's vaccination efforts is the state's public health officer. doctor tomas aragon, thank you so much. joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. we've been excited to have you on our show. that afternoon. so let's start with eligibility because all these changes we just went through or because vaccination rates have been going well they're going up april first people 50 and older were able to start signing up for appointments. april 15th people 16 and older can start signing up for appointments. but currently there are people who still or in the groups that are allowed now. they can't even get a vaccine appointment and are there even enough vaccines. so the vaccine supply is increasing.
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you'll see, especially over the month of april that the supply is going to continue to go up and we really expected to go up a lot more. >> in may. so we're not anticipating any decreases in supply. and also that shouldn't be a problem. >> and with the issues that johnson and johnson had with its vaccine. that's not an impact. california. >> no, our hardest. that's a that's a plant that it's in the united states. but change a vaccine that we've been getting has been coming from that the netherlands. we'll continue to monitor that monitor that carefully. but we're not anticipating a big change based on and what happened in the u.s. plant. >> so there are a lot of people who already got their first dose weather was moderna or pfizer and they're either getting their second dose appointments canceled postponed or wherever they were that they were signing up, don't even have a doses anymore to give them. what are the people who are halfway through supposed to do. >> yes. so it's important to realize is that ever. you get
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your second dose. as long as you get the same type vaccine you can get your second dose at another site and you're you have up to 6 weeks to get your second dose as long as you get it. within 6 weeks. the cdc says you should do just fine. so it's important for for eduled or seconds. the second dose wherever they can get it and they will they will not have any problems. >> so 6 weeks you can wait. it doesn't have to be that 3 week period. >> correct. correct. >> that said, the studies were 3 weeks in 4 weeks. but as long as you get it. within a few weeks after that, you should be you should be fine. >> so the target date now in order for things to be way wide open talking yellow tier, maybe even no tears anymore at all in california, we need to have about 70 to 80% herd immunity. where do you see that date now standing. is that still happening this year or i that being pushed back. >> so we're we're interest may be based on our projections
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some time this summer we anticipate there. we're going to be reaching that level community immunity. so we're very we're we're very optimistic right now. we have over 18,000 doses that have been delivered. we have over 6.6 million persons who are fully vaccinated in among those that are 65 and older. we have almost 70% that have been vaccinated. so that's that's amazing news for us here in california. >> so sometime this summer we're talking early summer 4th of july late summer. that's and that's a very good question. that's a very good, you hour our mathematical models can give me give you a more have that that data with me, but i can make sure that we you know, that information comes out hopefully next week we will. >> we are doing some of their big they'll be additional announcements next week as we really shouldn't kneel down our projections for the summer.
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>> so that's the next step. so now we just put out the projections. the state did about allowing more indoor activities to be opening and people are going to be needing to prove either that they have a negative test. we know we the state can do that or events can do that. but having proof of a vaccine. how is that going to be something that's going to be regulated or enforced. >> yeah. so this you. you will be the federal government's looking at this at this. the states also looking at this is what we a vaccine credentialing or vaccine verification. some people call it a vaccine passport at this point. people will just have to self verified other words that they bring their car. they show that they have been, but they've been vaccinated in the future. i think you'll you'll begin to see digital solutions. there are already some companies that already doing this. for example, of the san francisco giants. reported recently in the bay area. news paper is using a company to go ahead use a
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digital certification. so i think that's probably going to be the wave of the future. the state is going to be focusing on ensuring good standards. ensuring privacy and also ensuring that we pay attention to equity. >> so some sort of app or something that i would be able to show when i go into an event that would scan a barcode and say yep, she got both doses. she she can come in. >> you know, will. this will be yet. you you'll see you. i'm we're all confident that this will definitely happen and you can see, for teams are sports teams that ticket holders. don't really need to be verified once and i know it will be much more smoother as as you move forward. >> and as we get to more people in our state being vaccinated. we're already seeing a lot of these rules being restricted. what about masks? are those here to stay and what about distancing from people is seeing schools are now reducing from 6 to 3 feet. but, you know, when can i hug somebody without a mask on
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after we've both been vaccinated. is that cool? the noon hour still have to hold off. so the cdc did come out with some common-sense guidelines. so if a group of people are fully vaccinated. >> they can meet indoors without masks, without physical distancing. and so you will you will see is more and more people become vaccinated. people will start hug each other again. and restrictions restrictions will really be decreasing and really be opening up the caution is that there are still people who are unvaccinated. so after you've received your vaccine, we're asking people when you're out in public especially around other people were you don't know if they've been vaccinated. we want you to continue to physically distance and to wear face masks. never. these vaccines are not a 100%. they're very effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths. but a small percentage can still become infected and they can pass it on to somebody else who may not be vaccinated
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or might be might be at risk for complications, hospitalizations or deaths. so we want people to be to be cautious as more and more people become vaccinated that that concern should really go down and the eligibility is opening up and more shots are on the way. so we're getting there. it's just been a long process. if it's a long process, this is we're all making history together as a state and as as a bay area region. so this it's up. we're so fortunate to have very effective vaccines. a study just came out just a couple of days by the cdc and his show that the vaccines were 90% effective in preventing infection which is even which is even better in other words, if it 9 out of 10 people did not get infected, which is amazing. doctor aragon, thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 this afternoon. >> you're welcome. you let me know that summer day. ok. okay. that. all right.
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breaking news. we first brought to you today here on kron on a u.s. capitol police officer was killed in washington, dc today. officer billy evans died when a person rammed his car into a barricade. another officer was injured. the driver of the car was shot by police and is dead. congress is currently on recess and authorities say that the attack does not appear to be related to terrorism. but this is coming 3 months after that deadly riot at the capitol and we'll have much more on today's lockdown and the violence coming up at 3.30. we'll have a live report from washington, dc which will include some more information on the officer killed today. loss of reaction from a bay area. congressman who was on lockdown as all this unfolded. welcome back. now, though, to the bay area, the oakland police department is releasing information on crime in the city. the announcement just wrapped up just a few minutes ago. so to get the latest will go to oakland and kron four's trust. clifford is there for us live. good afternoon. trials.
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>> other. yes. so the oakland police chief armstrong just wrapped up press conference a few minutes ago where you kind of give an update on some crime statistics and things the opd is working on here in the city. unfortunately, some not great news. the first off, he started with their been 34 homicides in oakland so far this year. that is a 230% increase over this time last year. so grim news there. he did say that they have sold 13 of those cases. but the crime rate, violent crime rate is still way too high right now when it comes to homicides. now, we also talked about. the oakland police department is making some structural changes. he is creating what he called a violent crime operation center that will be the 5 crime reduction trip teams here in oakland coming together to form one unit will be about 40 officers working on violent crime shootings and homicides across the city, not just in one section but across the entire cities of the kind pulling their resources to work on violent crime. he also addressed that some asian
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community concerns about hate crimes we've seen in recent months. you know, the oakland police department has added officers to chinatown about a liaison officer. there as well. he says he takes those crimes very seriously and he's doing what he can to address hate crimes. another area of concern for the chief was sideshows. he says he's really concerned about sideshows that they want to focus their resources. they've asked for resources from the city to deal with sideshows and that they have made some arrests recently. so he's hoping that that could make a difference. now the other thing you talked about was, you know, the oakland police department is dealing with kind of a hit to their budget the resources because of the ongoing pandemic and he's asking the city for more resources or at the very least not to cut the resources they have because in order to deal with violent crime. hate crimes are going to need everything. they've got. so that's the very latest here in oakland. we will have some more from the chief's press conference a little later this evening here on kron 4. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron, 4 news. thanks so much. look forward to that report. and there's much more ahead here on kron. 4 news at 3 in the rush to get americans
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vaccinated. the fda has allowed additional doses of the moderna vaccine. so how many. >> and when will they be ready. and next you have any travel plans will have a live report from san francisco international airport with the latest on the cdc's new travel guidelines. how much easier it is about to be to go somewhere. >> and we're also tracking an increase in cloud cover starting tonight. even continuing through the 1st of the weekend and the return of coastal drizzle. find out if
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>> other side. the vaccines are helping to get life back to normal. the cdc is now easing its guidance on travel for fully vaccinated. people force when kelly joins us now live from sfo with arenas is effective immediately because a lot of people are kicking off spring break. >> that is true. just yeah. but look, even see behind me a lot of people here right now, although travel has been picking up here at the airport. sfo experience. their biggest travel day yesterday with 50,000 people flying in and out of here. it's still way below pre-pandemic levels. >> but things are expected to pick up here now these new guidelines go into effect. >> the cdc is now saying that people who are fully vaccinated that means 2 weeks after your final shot can travel within the u.s. without getting tested for
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coronavirus. they also do not need to self quarantine. the cdc is still advising unvaccinated people to avoid unnecessary travel. you can see here in this graphic, how the un backs to travel should get tested. one to 2 days before and tested again, 3 to 5 days after and quarantine for 7 days or for 10 days without a test. those are no longer thin s vaccinated. people have to do. but both the vaccinated and unvaccinated still have to watch for symptoms and wear a mask and take other precautions like social distancing and avoiding crowds in terms of international travel. the fully vaccinated can leave the country without getting a covid test unless the country they are headed to requires it, but they still need to test negative before getting on a plane back home and get tested 3 to 5 days after coming back. but they do not need to quarantine. i have mixed feelings about u c berkeley infectious disease
3:19 pm
expert doctor john swartzberg is happy that the data is showing fully vaccinated. people are less likely to get and spread covid-19. >> but he's concerned about a rise in cases across the country feels like right on the cusp of mother. it's not serve at least a swell of cases. >> and knows probably not the ideal time to be traveling. i think it also important for people to think about where they want to travel. for example, right now. i would not protect we want to go issue, which is area. terrible time. >> one thing to point out that travelers even fully vaccinated ones are still being advised of all the local help ordinances of the places they're flying to hawaii, for example, has been requiring a negative test to get around their mandatory 10 day quarantine. i've reached out to that state health department. i have not heard back. but what i checked the travel white website that is still not changed at this point. reporting from sfo. i
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morning tell it. >> from. it's maybe we need to put you on a special assignment to hawaii marines. he can figure it out. kron 4 all right. let's switch gears now and talk about our weather temperatures yeah, we're already noticing that cooldown out there just seen for the end of your workweek forecast. >> widespread double digit cooling, especially for those of you in oakland, 20 degrees cooler than around this time yesterday. that's why you're in the low 60's. but we're tracking a 25 degree difference between the san francisco peninsula coastline and our inland valleys in the east bay conquered in livermore still tracking pleasant temperatures even with your double digit cooling at 77 degrees. but pacifica in the low 50's out there right now. so 25 degree difference easily and for those of you in san jose in the 60's as his
3:21 pm
nap at 69 degrees a little bit milder there. but santa rosa currently at 66 degrees and taking a live look outside for the east bay over berkeley seeing the return of that marine layer specially off along the coast when tracker for tracking those breezy westerly in southwesterly winds at 20 miles per hour or less. that's going to continue even through your saturday as well with radar for tracking a dry outlook. but during the overnight hours we're going to see the return of drizzle. so it just shows the help think that fog bank is going to be especially off along the coast and even for the east bay shoreline as well. but what we need is rain. fortunately tracking a dry outlook for your easter weekend and even the start of your spring break as well. but we do have a shot of some wet weather late next week. details coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. just in. back to you. thanks so much. lot more ahead here today at 3 coming up, we'll let you know what vaccine company is starting trials with teenagers.
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>> and the irs says some people may be getting additional stimulus checks. those details are next.
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>> johnson johnson has started testing its covid-19 vaccine 9 teenagers starting with 1617 year olds. the teens will be added to an ongoing study. the vaccine in adults that began last september. the trial is expected to eventually expand
3:25 pm
had kids aged 12 to 15. the study is testing the safety and the efficiency of both the one-dose and the 2 dose regimen of the vaccine. more people we'll soon be able to receive moderna's covid-19 vaccine. the fda says the company can put up to 15 doses in each vial. that's up from the current 10 moderna plans to start shipping the updated viles in the coming weeks. in the meantime, vaccinators can extract an extra dose from the current viles depending on the certain syringes and needles that they use. the viles can also be kept open and at room temperature for longer periods of time. more problems are being reported with astrazeneca's covid-19 vaccine. the dutch government is temporarily halting use of it for people under the age of 60 3 days ago, germany did the same thing. the decisions were made after very small number of people in both countries suffered unusual blood clots after receiving the shot. great britain says it's seen
3:26 pm
the 30 cases. but health officials there say the benefits of fighting covid-19 with the astrazeneca shot outweighs the risks. more stimulus money maybe on the way for anyone who lost their jobs during the covid-19 pandemic. the irs is sending what it's calling. plus up payments to those who have become unemployed. these payments are going to people who received a stimulus check in march based on the 2019 tax return. but then reported a significant drop in their income in 2020 for their tax return. then the plus up payments will continue weekly as the irs continues to process tax returns. >> coming up here, 3 there were tense moments in washington today as a suspect tries to drive through barricade at the capitol killing a police officer. a live report with the latest is next. and we'll also hear from a local congressman was locked down for hours while police secured the scene.
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3:30 pm
year-old noah green. >> saying he rammed his car into those 2 officers killing one of them. we understand authorities are now working to get warrants for access to greens online accounts also searching his medical records for any possible mental health history as they try to get to the bottom of a possible motive. >> and it is what a very, very heavy heart. time. now. one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries. >> us capitol police identified the officer who died as an 18 year veteran of the force william billy evans at the u.s. capitol police chief yogananda pittman says this is devastating news just 3 months after that deadly attack on the u.s. capitol. we know police shot and killed the suspect who was driving the car. pittman says that driver jumped out of the vehicle armed with a knife on the suspect did start lunging
3:31 pm
toward. >> us capitol police officers at which time a u.s. capitol police officers fired upon the suspect. >> at this point police have not identified the second officer who was hurt needs. obviously understand the motivation behind this senseless also, the metropolitan police department will certainly be doing that. >> us capitol police. also a short time ago released an update on that second officer who was hurt and taken to the hospital. they now say he is stable and has non life threatening injuries. police also say they don't believe there is an active ongoing threat to the capitol or the area around it. now this week lawmakers were actually not here in washington because they are on reporting live in washington. alexandra le mon, thank you so much, alex. and we'll have more reports later on and. >> representatives were working in the nation's capital today and they fear the worst as this violence unfolded kron 4 spoke with one
3:32 pm
of them today on kron on. she's joining us now live with more on what he said happened. >> just seeing bay representative ro cano was there for the january 6th insurrection and he was there again today for today's deadly incident. now, i spoke with him earlier today on kron on. he told me he was heading back to the capitol building from his lunch break. he had driven to a nearby restaurant to grab some food and he started receiving frantic messages and calls from his staff members about the capital being on lockdown. he says he was in his car when everything happened when he tried to go back. police told him to shelter in place in his car while they investigated the scene. he said he received several emails from capitol police, something the capitol police do when incidents like this happen. keeping him updated on what was going on. he said he also sent messages to his family letting them know what happened. i asked him if he thought today was a result of or even connected to the incidents that happened back on january 6 to said he didn't want to speculate and you want let the investigation
3:33 pm
determine things like that. but he did say this. >> should be a moment where every member of congress literally every single one of the 435 of us and every senator. 100 of them clearly and unequivocally denounce violence say that this is no place in america. i know that may cliche that, it would go a long way and i'm fortunate. we haven't had that kind of moral from every member of congress and that really needs to be heard by people in across this country. i don't care what their views are. there is simply no justification for the use of violence on the nation's capital. >> they can see my full interview with representative khan on our streaming service on kron-on also have more on this on kron 4 news at 5. the kron on is downloadable you download it for free in your app store. just seen. it's so much the knots. let's talk about our weather forecast now. happy friday happy. good
3:34 pm
friday as we take a live look here at the bay bridge. hope people have something fun planned for the weekend to forget in the way meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with. >> the for hacks getaway forecast. looking great for your easter weekend. and even those of you ending or starting your spring break. let's take a live look outside. i 80 at donner summit. >> and we are tracking very clear. dry conditions out just 57% of average and you , - this holiday weekend looking great with mild temperatures right now, a very dry clear outlook. but we are going to notice an increase in cloud cover throughout tonight and even for most of this easter weekend as well. 63 degrees for south lake tahoe in truckee, warming up into the mid 60's and we're going to see little change through sunday. cooling down just a bit by sunday on easter. we're going to cool down to 62 degrees for most of this year. with that cooling trend continuing on monday to 57
3:35 pm
degrees in closer to home for us here in the bay area. also tracking a gradual cooling trend that will continue on saturday. very little change for your easter sunday. and then on monday, mostly sunny skies. but don't let that sunshine fool. you were going to continue to see that cooling trend with a shot of rain, though, expected a week from today. details on that in my full forecast as we check out your microclimate saturday outlook after the break. back to you. just in. thank you so much. of reason now that san francisco's in the orange tier the city's program to house the homeless and hotel rooms. >> is now entering its next phase finding them new permanent housing officials say of the nearly 2000 homeless people who spent the pandemic in hotel rooms. just 181 have been rehoused more than 1700 people still need new homes. city leaders say one of the main challenges is the lack of affordable housing. the city's goal, though, is to have all of these people rehoused by october. happening today. the
3:36 pm
second largest movie theater chain in the country is beginning to reopen. regal cinemas is going to do open select locations today with limited capacity. the only bay area cedar doing this is in dublin. people will be required to wear a mask. the ticket reservation system will leave 2 seats empty between gas in order to maintain social distancing water fountains in vending machines. they will be closed. >> coming up here during kron 4 news at 3 a south bay museum is reopening after being closed for more than a year. plus, why a family had chase this car down after a crime rocks them to their core. and next changes are coming for major league baseball's all-star game. we'll tell you why that's up next.
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3:38 pm
3:39 pm
>> major league baseball is moving the 2021 all-star game and the 2021 draft out of atlanta, all in response to georgia's new voting law. in a statement, the mlb commissioner road over the last week we have engaged in thoughtful conversations with clubs. former and current players the players association and the players alliance among others to listen to their views. i have decided that the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year's all-star game and the mlb draft georgia's new law passed last month. adds voting restrictions such as id requirements for absentee
3:40 pm
ballots and limits access to ballot drop boxes. the mlb's decision follows from the white house to consider moving the midsummer classic out of atlanta. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they are working on for tonight. ruuabeh shahbazi is joining us now live from chicago with a preview. happy friday to you. >> happy friday. good afternoon. well, today we're going to sit down with a retired detective and cyber security expert to discuss covid scams will give us tips on what to do to protect ourselves online. plus. >> they want to improve their lives. and i don't blame him. but there are hearing the message. they're not here in the administration message. >> we also sat down with texas congressman henry clay or we'll hear what he has alsoto s about what he calls a crisis at the border. these stories and more tonight on news nation. prime. we'll see tonight. thank you so much. news nation airs at 8 o'clock our time. you can find it on
3:41 pm
the channels. listed hear more details are on our website. kron 4 dot com. coming up here to thieves chased down by a family who are visiting san francisco. >> what was happening
3:42 pm
3:43 pm
>> all right. this is surveillance video from san francisco's inner sunset district that caught a family chasing after 2 thieves who broke into their car kron 4 s taylor has details. it all
3:44 pm
happened at this popular tourist attraction. the moraga street steps victims had just parked their car gun out. >> and that's when 2 suspects moved in broke into their car is still a backpack full of their personal items. >> terrifying moments caught on surveillance video from the street between 16th and 17th avenue. 2 thieves broke into a family's car monday afternoon near the town drugs street steps in san francisco's inner sunset district. but as the suspects ran towards getaway car. the victims chased after them. >> i've lived in this neighborhood for about 3 years now. it's really quiet and sleepy action happens on the steps. >> yeah, it's not. it's not the what you want to hear about your neighborhood. neighbors say the family was visiting from out of state. >> san francisco police responded in say the suspects got away with a backpack. this one of the victims was a 52
3:45 pm
year-old father who also ran after the suspects in grabbed under their car as they drove off. police say that's when one of the suspects without a gun in the victim. let go out of fear for his life. he was sent to the hospital with non-serious injuries. visitor peter tracy was concerned hearing what happened but says sadly he's not surprised. it's not a 100%. >> safe to park anywhere really hear cautionary signs are posted near the popular steps like any other tourist attractions in the city neighbor. kerry hop says she warns visitors whenever she can make sure your car is because nothing that's kind of like city one. oh, one, there's lots of break. ins constantly. >> sfpd says they haven't arrested anyone or identified any suspects in this case so far you have any information you're asked to contact the police department in san francisco to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. >> let's talk about that weekend weather forecast now as we take a live look outside
3:46 pm
here at downtown san francisco. i agree. city one. oh, one. don't leave anything visible in your car ever. ever, ever, ever. right. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details on our weather forecast and look like our chance of rain that was coming in for next week has kind of fizzled out. is there anything, you know, further down the line that we >> be looking forward to maybe something a week from today. just steam. but the models are in too much of a disagreement, which is a sign that it may not pan out, but we're still about a week out. so let's hope that the models coming to some agreement with some rain chances because we certainly need those april showers right now. we're tracking a dry outlook. but we are seeing the return of bald carla out there along the coast. and for those of you at half moon bay visibility at or near 0. so we are noticing dense clouds there. better clearing, though, as you head into san francisco 59 degrees for your microclimate saturday outlook in half moon bay tomorrow. also continuing that cool down
3:47 pm
in the mid 50's as his daily city winds out of the west-southwest. so we are going to get bit of a cool sea breeze influence right along the coast, even extending into our inland valleys 20 miles per hour. less burlingame. pretty uniform numbers out there. 57 degrees for your saturday afternoon highs and we are going to start our weekend on a noticeably cooler note. so if you thought today was cool. tomorrow. we're going to add an additional 5 to 15 degrees of cooling on top of that, san mateo and san carlos flirting with 60's. but you're going to warm up into the upper. see lower 60's there. but we are tracking 67 degrees for san jose livermore 68 degrees with the widespread mid 60's throughout the east bay shoreline richmond 64 degrees concord and walnut creek in the upper 60's. so trying to 4 with 70's. but even our valleys out of the 70's like you are today in cooling down into the 60's tomorrow. napa and the in the
3:48 pm
mid 60's and santa rosa 62 degrees for your afternoon let's take a look ahead at the extended 7 day outlook and we're tracking dry weather. but a nice warm up early this upcoming week starting on tuesday and it's going to continue through thursday and then friday. that's when we're going to notice cooler weather and a chance of showers arriving a week from today. so keep fingers crossed esteem that that actually pans out. back to you. all right. you got it. one more couple more rains. i think will you better off. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 3, a new flag is now flying over san francisco's castro district. we'll tell you why this is so significant today.
3:49 pm
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3:51 pm
>> so how are you going to prove that you're vaccinated new york just rolled out its vaccine passport program just last week and people can use an app at large scale venues like madison square garden as evidence that they have received their shots and health experts are saying this could be a model that used around the country to help ensure a safer reopening. but that's already has become a political issue. joeckel he'll has the latest on this debate. >> every day. more americans are getting vaccinated. which means a gradual return to pre pandemic whether return to the ballpark. or cross country flight getting back to normal
3:52 pm
may require proof that americans. >> but people around the world who are vaccinated. we want to be able to demonstrate that vaccination. >> in various forms. the biden administration says it may soon roll out guidelines for the private sector to develop vaccine passports essentially a credential proving someone's been fully vaccinated that may allow them access to travel or to public spaces and events that unvaccinated people won't have access to the issue is already becoming a partisan fight. >> it's completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you. the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society. florida governor republican ron desantis says he'll issue an order banning companies from requiring vaccine passports meantime, tourism-dependent hawaii is exploring making vaccine passports mandatory for travel among the state
3:53 pm
silence while lawmakers may be divided over the idea that has support in the private sector, especially in the travel industry. i think most people want to travel and they don't care if they have to show one more id. a coalition of airline associations wrote a letter addressed to the white house urging the u.s. government to lead the you know, green check. you're good to go home. i or founder of the commons project, an organization that helps people maintain and store their own medical information says a vaccine passport would be an important global step toward normalcy. most schools in the country require. >> you produce your kids vaccinations, something that we've been doing for decades meyer says a passport wouldn't store personal data or medical records. >> it would only provide a yes or no verification that the traveler was vaccinated. white house officials say there's no set timeline for when guidelines on a vaccination passport will come out. >> all right. the iconic castro rainbow flag is now
3:54 pm
flying once again above harvey milk plaza in san francisco organizers raised it this morning. the iconic flag is a symbol for the castro community as it stands for a beacon of progress in the quality throughout the world due to general wear and tear the flag must be replaced every 3 to 5 months and now this is the new one. that's up. to the south bay now and the children's discovery man, is that just the children's discovery museum is back open for the first time in over a year. this comes a week after santa clara county moved into the orange tier which allows museums to open at 50% capacity. however, today the museum just going to start with 25% capacity. families have to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines. >> we do have some very exciting news to share with you starts tomorrow. we are expanding our weekend news coverage with a new 06:00pm newscast to join me and rub risa who are just going to photoshop your you in their
3:55 pm
>> right there in the middle. where did i go? i mean, they're >> you're in my they're in our a recent john mccall i are all going to be there to bring you all the latest local news weather and sports coverage. this is every saturday and sunday starting at 06:00pm this weekend. but we're also going to continue doing our prime time newscast at 8, 09:10pm some reason. here's the problem is that been doing such a good job on the weekends is that they decided to add another show right for us to do because so many people are watching on the weekend. so if you're not joining us during kron 4 news in prime time. you can join us a little bit earlier at 6 o'clock. yeah. you don't want to miss the party right. and apparently we're going to have pizza tomorrow to which i'm really excited about. >> it. just hits the spot. hopefully gration yeah. right
3:56 pm
before prime time. we're really hit the spot before we start to get a 100. but yeah, certainly there in spirit in the pro bowls. right. justine hopefully i don't know. i we did shoot something, but they crop me out part. let's take a look are right now. >> and have room bay. i'm working tomorrow, ok. you guys i swear i'll be there, especially because there's pizza. let's take a look at have made a high cloud deck. not an issue there. but we are tracking dense low clouds and fog visibility there at or near 0 and we are going to notice poor visibility even during the overnight hours. thanks to that ball bank and the return of that cool sea breeze. not only are we going to see an increase in high cloud cover below clouds as well to start out your saturday morning commute. so don't forget to turn on the low beams and temperatures out there right now. quite the spread 50's 60's. and yes, even 70's right now conquered flirting with 80's currently
3:57 pm
at 79 degrees with low to mid 60's throughout the east bay shoreline san jose in the low 70's right now. and in the 50's for most of the san francisco peninsula coastline and overnight lows going to be on the mild side in widespread 40's and tomorrow's daytime highs 50's and 60's as our cooldown continues even through your saturday little change sunday just seen. well, definitely see you at 6 o'clock okay. actually also see tonight during kron, 4 news at 5, 6. but that wraps up kron 4 news at 3. >> on this friday. thank you so much for joining us. and then we'll see you back here for more crime safety. have a great one.
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