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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 2, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at looking like fire on us. and it's looking like it's going to start earlier. >> that has even in recent years. >> wildfires in april. bay area in responding to brush fires across the area. this is video of the boot fire captured on calfire cameras this afternoon. it's burned about 3 acres in the czu lightning complex burn area in the mountains of san mateo county. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight at 9, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan that the unseasonably warm weather along with winds of the lack of rain. >> that's all creating a fuel for these fires. we have team coverage tonight. kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow live in the studio and he's been tracking the weather conditions. but first, let's
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go to kron four's. gayle ong. she is standing by in galle. firefighters are bracing for an early fire season. how are they getting ready? >> well, catherine mckenna contra, costa county a longer. i am sauce. several grass fires today alone in recent they just rolling with the punches here, but they are urging residents to have a plan in place and prepare for a long fire season. >> this is the time of year for homeowners to act now to protect their homes, their families, their properties in neighborhoods from the threat of wildfire. take care. that defensible space c tting. are we back living up trees. a lot of the work that point. we'll wait a little bit later in the season they're 30 year to get started on these fires are the reason why firefighters are getting the word out to be prepared unseasonably warm weather mix with dry vegetation are creating wildfire fuel. >> and growing drought
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concerns april first is usually expected to be the time where the. >> plants are growing with high fuel moisture content. lots of new growth. and to our surprise, we didn't see any of that. meteorologist professor craig clements runs the wildfire interdisciplinary research center at san jose state. he spent friday afternoon looking at the conditions in the santa cruz mountains. there is no new growth on any of the shrubs that we're sample. >> which indicates that the drought and lack of rain we've had this winter has been. >> really affecting the fuel. and so the fuels are already starting out dry air than they should. and this record drought is going to be a problem. the summer, the bay area is already seeing fires pop up in recent weeks. thursday night contra costa county, firefighters responded to a grass fire in antioch suspected of arson just points out the fact that the conditions are right. >> for heightened fire danger and to serve as a reminder to all of us. we need to be careful all of our outdoor
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activities in the north bay 5 and a quarter million dollars has been set aside for both the city of santa rosa. >> and sonoma county as a result of the pga. the settlements after the temps fire in 2017 in the meantime, paulo and all the assistant fire marshal, the santa rosa fire department is encouraging residents to be extra vigilant about what the rain doesn't necessarily mean that start seeing those devastating fires right away. but we could very well see them much earlier. >> this season. we have historically in the past. >> now starting wednesday. april 7th, the city of santa rosa. they are encouraging people to have a backup alert system. so they are giving away 12,000 noaa weather radios as a backup alert in in case of an emergency. so they don't cost a loto$20.30, $1, but it could save your life. in case you lose cell service or at least power live in orinda. gayle ong kron 4 news all as santa rosa hit
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particularly hard by fire. so exactly how with those radios make such a big difference. a weather radio. >> right. and anyone who lives in the tornado prone areas are more familiar with these. they're not they are battery operated. so they are not relying on cell service. so typically when you know, we've covered these fires. we see the cell to service, the cell towers go down. we lose and the powers are turned off. so we've experienced not having the ability to call any make any cell phone calls. so having that radio is going to be a really good backup and also law enforcement of the you know, as we know they will be going around turning on their sirens to alert residents in case of emergency, but of course, they just want that extra step just in case that they really want people to be more prepared ahead of this fire season. can. >> all right. get a long life or center. and i think you gayle. all right. let's turn to the forecast. not. i'm we're looking at the drought monitor. bottom line doesn't seem to be any rain in sight
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and the dry weather is an ongoing concern for us. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at what to expect. and it's not looking very good. is it. past 20 years has been. >> extremely dry along the western half of the united states drought conditions stretching not only here but across the entire west coast. >> as we've seen those dry conditions to the driest one of 2 driest years on record as the last couple years we've hardly had any rain. we've had maybe as much not even as much as we get in a normal year over 2 year period. so there we go again. and exasperated by all the foliage and all the trees and plants the die during the drought seasons. certainly all that stuff falls on the floor of the force and that gives rise to more fires around the bay area. so certainly we could use some more rain right now. it doesn't look like much promise as of yet. we are seeing that on shore breeze so that certainly helps firefighters get the humidity rates coming up. and that slows down the fires in that fog roll in for tonight. big change in the weather pattern. no records
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today. in fact, we went the other direction entirely was 23 degrees. cooler in san francisco today. 19 degrees cooler neighbor, 12 degrees. cooler nap. an 80 degrees cooler in oakland, saul around these temperatures coming way down. you see especially along the coastline inside the bay. those are the places most affected with that cool air takes a little while to get enlisted. 80 degrees and carter and 78 in livermore. but things are changing gears. now high pressure is weakening sliding east unfortunately, this storm system doesn't look like strong enough to bring us any rain. so we're going to see the marine layer on the increase will see more fog. this maybe some drizzle. so the long way to go. we haven't even hit those hot summer months have seen fires this early in the season. a very ominous sign indeed out there right now. we're seeing that sea breeze at 13 miles per hour in sfo. we're going to see more of those winds overnight tonight that we low clouds and fog further on shore well into the bay. maybe some of the valleys to the temperatures noticeably cooler around the bay area. they by tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures coming down even further all around the bay
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area highs probably only topping out in the 60's 50's along the coastline. as far as rain is concerned. the next few days taken to the holiday weekend and into next week. a lot of clouds, but most that just low clouds and fog. partly cloudy skies in the monday on fortune. now we've taken out most the rain. if we do see any raindrops may be just a chance of a few light showers by next wednesday all right, lawrence, thank you for that state leaders have set a date for the rollback of. >> certain covid restrictiont specifically those restrictions that affect indoor performances and gathering such as concerts live sports and wedding receptions starting april 15th indoor events will be allowed in the red orange and yellow tiers capacity started 10% of the red tier. the go up depending on the status. some venues will require proof of a negative covid test or full vaccination masks will still be required for everybody social distancing. for some.
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>> actually did sections because separated off kids should shoulder to shoulder. this is really critical because this is going be a pathway to allowing get used to me the capacity limits are currently in the end of the front. >> and the state is going to relax covid rules allowing counties to move to a less restrictive tiers more easily. >> although the state is easing restrictions. it's still up to each individual county to decide if they want to adopt the changes. kron four's. dan kerman is in the city to explain why doing so would be such a boon to the city's economy. >> covid-19 put the brakes and 70 major conferences like this one and hundreds of small ones in san francisco. but if the city adopts these new state guidelines or their version of them conferences and meetings can resume is a huge step forward to allow any industry to start against san francisco travel president and ceo joe delesandro says its weekday
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meetings that are needed to recharge san francisco, small business sector. >> and these guidelines are a good start. we want to see the numbers increase a little bit because the members that. >> you know, one, 5200 or small, especially if you're talking about ballroom that can accommodate 5,000 people. basically it's a positive step forward and one that we have 7 very soon. the new guidelines if adopted could also mean the reopening a big and small event spaces like one in a gallery. >> which due to covid-19 has mostly been doing online are chosen artist interviews. we need to open and i miss our customers. and i i really want the place to get up and going. >> i'm not in a rush in the sense i think that that we're to do that. i think we're ady going to have to take baby steps michelle delaney says she hopes to begin to open up in the alley outdoors. first. >> and then as more people are vaccinated move inside. >> it's that type of caution that medical professionals say is a good idea for everyone.
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>> 4. somebody is 40 years old with no underlying conditions that these, you know, the chances and is fully vaccinated. the, you know, these represent pretty low risk situations. but it's the as you get older, she accumulated risk factors, then i think you need to be, you know, you need to continue to exercise caution again, medical professionals say there's a lot of good safety precautions in these new guidelines. but ultimately. >> just because something is open doesn't mean it's right for everyone and individuals must make up their mind themselves in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> the return of conferences might have the biggest effect on san francisco's economy. but the return of concerts might be the biggest step toward a return to normalcy. >> even as restrictions have been eased so far. the live music industry really has been forced to stay silent. but that is changing kron four's. dan thorn, who is live in san francisco at one music venue
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now trying to figure out how dan to safely. welcome people back. >> that's right. ken and kathryn, today's news came as a bit of a shock for some of the small music venues, but they are happy to be included as the state continues moving forward in reopening. and as you mentioned, there is just a little bit of concern about this announcement and whether or not the state is moving forward too fast. it's a step forward in the state's emergence from covid-19 restrictions indoor concert venues like bottom of the hill in san francisco. >> will be allowed to reopen on april 15. it is extremely exciting to get any kind of guidance on this because that's what we've been asking for. the whole time. lynch wars is part owner and head booker of the hill nightclub. the last year has been challenging for music venues like hers. >> unable to book shows and unable to make money without trying to come across as ungrateful shores is a little concerned this announcement might be a little rushed or
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not there yet. there's still like long lines to get an appointment for a vaccine and you still have to be over 50 is so i my personal feeling is why not wait until. >> we've reached this herd immunity before we start putting people inside indoor concerts and theater performances will be allowed to happen in tears below purple in the red tier 10% capacity is allowed for venues up to 1500 people and 20% for venues greater than that. >> capacity limits grow as the tears go lower bottom of the hill. like many smaller venues has space for fewer than 300 people. schwartz says it will be difficult for them to reopen and stay open at anything less than full capacity. she also does not nbd intense pressure facing state leaders in opening up more things throughout the state. i would hate to say anything but that i'm grateful. >> for guidance and and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
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>> well, these music venue say they're also counting on government assistance in the form of some grants that they're hoping will be rolling out faster because without any business over the last year. a lot of these expenses have piled up so without any money it's going to b really tough. opening up once again. ken and catherine. >> hey, dan, i know she says she's not ready but is she giving us any idea when she might actually reopen. >> well, she's not alone in this stock process. he does with these these small dan hughes, they don't have a lot of capacity. so they're looking at, you know, at least 75% in order to really allow people to come back in. but she was giving us the sense that a lot of these places are probably looking more towards the fall in order to start welcoming their customers back. >> thorne. thank you very much. and the warriors are saying that they're very encouraged with the new indoor live event guidelines in a statement saying over the last year we've taken a number of
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steps to ensure the health and safety of fans upon their eventual return to chase center, including strict sanitation and hamster circulation. rick warren covid testing for a venue entry to make our home the safest arena in the country. >> new at 9. another disturbing attack against asian americans and searched balance camp camera captured this video. a violent robbery you're about see right there in the top left corner. you can see the 2 people are down in the street. it happened last weekend around 6.30, in the evening on felton street near get engine. take a look again at the top of your screen. the video shows 2 suspects approaching a 55 and a 60 year-old both of the victims were pushed to the ground. their belongings were taken away the suspects and got into a car and left the scene. both of the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and were treated by medics at the scene. >> there have been 34 homicides since the beginning of the year. a 230% increase over the last year. the city's
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new police chief announced a new unit to try to curb homicides and burglaries and other crimes. it's called the violent crime operations center aimed at providing a faster response to gun-related crimes. >> this level of violence is unacceptable. my condolences to the families, the victims in the city of oakland. understand the trauma. happening in our community. and i hear the voices of the families and friends and the concerns of our community as they experience constant gunfire across our city. >> the oakland chief says the unit is already helping saying that several arrests have tied to local murders. meantime, the violent crime is promptly. prompting oakland community groups to get more involved. there was a recent vigil for crime victims who have died and kron four's terisa stasio talk to a pastor about how they are trying to turn things around.
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>> gathered to offer comfort the crowd of about a 100 organized by acts, full gospel sang and prayed with mothers and family members who have recently lost their children to gun violence use. be surprised at the suffering of the people. >> when we have a homicide. now many people are involved. >> with the family and with the mom, especially just heartbroken over this thing. >> i spoke with pastor bob jackson about how the community is hurting, especially with 34 homicides so far this year in oakland up 200 and 30% big people act like homicides are just common place in the city of open. but the devastation of it is so great pastor jackson says the pandemic certainly delivering a blow by taking away jobs, making people desperate the coronavirus didn't help anything. of course, it just made matters worse as far as i'm concerned. so we have a lot of recovery to do. >> because of covid-19 not of people lost their jobs and
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what not. we don't have the job. you don't have money. we don't have money. you have to think of ways that you can try to get money and a lot of times is very illegal. he says despite the dismal picture, he feels the future can be bright or he believes the new chief of new programs can change the dynamics. >> help get guns off the street. a lower homicides. he is calling on other community-based organizations to help and perhaps make these prayer vigils more frequent to put oakland on a different, more harmonious path. every much we're going to do it pray for those moms. pray for those siblings that lost their their loved ones and pray for the community and pray for those guys that's out there doing the shooting. the gangs that are still operating in. >> whatever you to going on with that. we're praying for that. it's time for god's intervention in the city of oakland in oakland. theresa kron 4 news. >> in alameda county an alarming number of illegal guns has been confiscated.
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this year. investigators say the guns are being manufactured and then sold on the black market. deputies say the weapons are called ghost guns and they're untraceable their firearms that are only manufactured up to 80% and our traffic throughout california investigators say ghost guns are used in crimes ranging from robberies, gang shootings and drug-related shootings and even randomly fired at sideshows. >> we're we're sienna young people driving cars and shoot weapons. with just no regard for for anything in very concerned. >> ghost guns. so we're among the weapons and ammunition, drugs and cash were seized this week by the alameda county sheriff's department. >> new safety measures take effect in oakland's lake merritt to this weekend, including the return of parking enforcement. traffic control improved sanitation. there will be a dedicated vendor area. they're trying, of course, to control crowding
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and traffic. the potential spread of the virus enforcement will be from 06:00am through 10:00pm on saturdays and sundays. we've got details on our website kron 4 dot com. the alameda unified school district is investigating racist and antisemitic messages posted by students on social media. they say those students are from taliban alameda high school and they adamantly denounce it. >> in a statement, the district says, quote, hateful language and behavior has no place in a usd. we want our schools to be inclusive respectful and safe places for all of our students to learn and we will continue to work with our site administrators to create those spaces. now to los gatos where an investigation is underway into another suspected hate crime against a person person of asian descent. police say a march 30th. the man attacked a 40 year-old woman of filipino descent as she walked along los gatos boulevard near garden lane. she's a health care worker was dressed in
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medical scrubs at the time of the attack. police say the woman was not seriously hurt. the attack is still heartbreaking to the community while police chief even said the incident has touched a nerve with him. >> as a person of both asian and pacific islander descent. i've been watching the shock and dismay, the continuing acts of violence and hate being directed towards people who like me. >> police are asking anyone who has any information on this case to give them a call. >> in national news, a capitol police officer was killed today after a man rammed a car into 2 officers at a barricade outside the u.s. capitol. the officer killed an 18 year veteran named billy evans. he was also a member of the departments first responders unit after the crash. investigators say the suspect 25 year-old noah green left the car and then ran at them with a knife in his hand. that's when he was shot and killed. the checkpoint where this happened. it's usually used by senators and staffers
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and can be really busy on weekdays. but congress is in recess. one witness to the attack. a pastor says that he was finish and a good friday service nearby when he heard 3 shots rang out. >> i was looking down and may i heard the distinctive sounds it appeared to be 3 shots and. i saw people running the opposite way coming down the hill was a woman. i would say in her 20's shaken up and she said the police shot a man and i'm using her words with a machete in his stance. >> officer evans is the 6 member of the capitol police force to die in the line of duty. >> coming up, the bay area. tech ceo has his eyes set on the biggest little city in the world. why he says he believes reno could be the next silicon valley. >> also a salmonella outbreak and spend like not a wild doctors say it could be spreading to people.
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>> if you have a bird feeder in your backyard or come in contact with wild songbirds you could be exposing yourself to salmonella the cdc reports outbreaks in 8 states including california health officials believe linked to a type of wild songbird called pine says skins after salmonella was found in sick or dead birds. the birds can
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spread the illness to themselves while eating or drinking exposure can also happen at a bird feeder that has droppings on it from a contaminated bird. people who come in contact with wild songbirds or feeders are urged to thoroughly wash their hands cleaning and disinfecting. the theaters is also highly advise. a new study says people eat more than night before a workout. but those late night meals are not enough to shed weight at gyms. this is from research done. it loaf berle university in london and may not have said that correctly. they found that anticipating jim days can lead to overeating and increased portion sizes. this is largely due to expecting weight to fall off after work out which results in more calorie intake. the study says being aware of food intake before and after a workout helps compensate. >> coming up next, a new audit. this is revealing a troubling details about the department of health and of staffing during the pandemic.
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we'll explain after the break. and easter sunday, it's going to look a lot different this year with church is now reopening the steps being taken to keep people safe and why summer travel planning got a lo
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>> new at 9 more and more tech companies are leaving the bay area. they're looking for lower costs. we talked to the ceo of the latest local brand
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that slaven that ceo says the doing business in california, not the best best business move, at least for that company. kron four's, ella sogomonian here live with how the city of reno is trying to lure headquarters out of silicon valley up to the sierra. well, catherine, kind of looks like whoever is working for the city of reno is slipping into the direct messages of the ceo's on linked in some pretty creative stuff. >> at least that's what chase harmer with space certified tells me so a sin city. now it's the biggest little city in the world that slurring bay area's tech companies to make them move to neighboring nevada. the senior vp for of expansion and workforce with the economic development authority of western nevada tells me that the motivation may be less state tax cheaper, real estate and choosing between vegas and reno really comes down to lifestyle choices. so we know, of course, is surrounded by nature still pretty close to the bay area and again, the ceo of pay certified. that's the company that's now leaving with scott us tells me that
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his family is here. he doesn't want to leave. but the tax cuts are too good to pass up. so this is really a financial decision. >> i've been an entrepreneur since have been 19 years old and i've always been a california california makes it very difficult to be a business and so it's not very conducive to making a profit profit and building a successful long term. not to say that you can't. but it's just difficult th.s. and so easier to do it. no, there isn't. they're offering these types of incentives. it. makes an easy choice. they did they did make an offer and it felt good to want to be and not actually, i just a number and a system doesn't really send seem to care that much about the entrepreneur. >> so this also means that he is bringing with him 100 new job openings over text 2 years for people living out there along with pay certified bay area based biotech company, stem express. is it moving their headquarters, but they are expanding into reno.
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catherine, can homer's advice to silicon valley if they want to keep their tech companies is create more financial incentives. >> yeah. it's a story we've heard before with different companies. many to not was, you texas has right thanks a lot. after more than a year of people worshiping virtually easter sunday will be the first opportunity for some people together. once again in person at churches and kron four's amanda hari explains the different approaches being taken by churches this weekend. >> pre covid grace cathedral at sea. about 2000 people for easter services this year. they're doing most of those services virtually. but some other churches are starting their reentry plants. >> some joy back operation as we have been sheltered in place for over a year now. staff bay north church of christ in fairfield are preparing to welcome people back in person. we have to. >> at some point started easing up and allowing our
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members to come back. it's been over here. pastor sam morris says this is the first time they'll be gathering at the church in more than a year. >> solano county is still in the red tier guidelines say the church can have a gathering at 25% capacity. >> morris says they'll have about 75 people socially distanced in their main sanctuary and 45 in an overflow room it's going to be very difficult. not want to hug and embrace everyone is required to register before entering the church. >> use that data to allow us to contract contact trace people answer a questionnaire where masks and there will be temperature checked. >> at grace cathedral in san francisco. they're doing things a little differently this even though we want to be together with an almost anything. it makes really be careful and patient in terms of of setting things up for a gathering san francisco is in the orange tier. but when they started planning that wasn't the case. everything had to be recorded like a month ago. most of the events will be virtual dean. malcolm young says they have to follow. but
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the city and the diocese guidelines. he believes it's important to make the sacrifices right now. you know, wearing a mask social distancing. it's really a way of showing how much we love and care for people who are vulnerable i'm told there might be some small surprise events happening here at the cathedral. but they're not advertising them because they don't want too much of a crowd in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> this week following warnings of another potential surge in coronavirus cases. state auditor elaine howle said the california department of public health has fallen short of its goals for contact tracing department of public health said a goal of 31,400 contact tracers statewide at last check khalaf art, california only had just over 12,000. how said that even if california had met at school, it still would have been enough. the goal was based on an assumption. the state would average 5,000 new cases a day. the state averaged 25,000 new cases a day from late november through december.
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>> summer planning. really just got a lot easier, at least for fully vaccinated americans. the cdc has eased restrictions on domestic and international travel. this as long as you've had all your shots kron four's. maureen kelly has the details. >> the cdc says people who are fully-vaccinated that means 2 weeks after their final shot can travel within the u.s. without getting tested for coronavirus unless their destination requires it. they also don't need to self quarantine in terms of international travel. the fully vaccinated can leave the country without getting a covid test unless the country they are headed to requires it, but they still need to test negative before getting on a plane back home. but they don't need to quarantine once they're back the cdc is still advising the unvaccinated to avoid unnecessary travel. but everyone vaccinated or not is still advised to wear a mask while traveling and take other
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precautions like social distancing and avoiding crowds. i have mixed feelings about u c berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg is happy that the data is showing fully vaccinated. people are less likely to get and spread covid-19. but he's concerned about a rise in cases across the country. feels like right on the cusp >> it's not surge. at least a swell of cases. and now probably not the ideal time to be traveling. think it also is important for people to think about where they want to travel, for example, right now. i would not protect we want to go to michigan, which is area. terrible time. >> one travel expert says this is good news for an industry which had been all but grounded by the pandemic. also, it gives incentives for people to get vaccinated because you know that those who got accident said what i still can't travel of no reason why. >> a lot of us got vaccinated was so we can go see your loved ones. traffic has still been far below pre-pandemic levels here at sfo. however,
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things have been picking up. >> the clock. their busiest day since the pandemic thursday with 25,000 people going through their checkpoints numbers that are expected to continue to climb with these new guidelines. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> still ahead, the first week of the derek chauvin trial wrapped up today. we'll have the latest developments. >> and big change in the weather this weekend. we're going to check out the city where you live. what you know to expect the holiday weekend. >> and still ahead sports. the stanford women's team is back in the national title game kron four's kate rooney will show you how they got there in thrilling fashion.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> there's just nothing like march. the stanford women vying for a spot in the national title game today. and tara vanderveer said yesterday that her team would have to play aggressive uptempo ball to keep pace with fellow one seed south carolina. well, her crystal ball proved eerily accurate vanderveer named naismith coach of the year before the game today. we're going to go ahead and jump all the way to the 4th quarter because this was a battle to the finish under a minute to play gamecocks down to destiny henderson. is going to nail the 3 for south carolina just the second lead of the game for them and the card trailing
9:40 pm
by one with 38 seconds to play. so stanford tried to take that lead back and they have a chance. spent own haley jones in bounce, alexi hawley who can't get it to go. but here comes jones. the rebound and the go ahead bucket may be the biggest 2 points of her career right there. she is cool as a cucumber. >> final seconds of the game jones inbounded to cameron brate the freshman can hang on soegamecocks can win it here. stanford a are heading back to the national title game for the first time since 2010. what a game. what a finish. the definition of march madness. a one-point win for the number one overall seed. but as is typical for van der veer. she was all humility after the this is one of survive and advance and it was not a pretty game for us. but that's credit to us see how. >> south carolina how aggressive they are, how
9:41 pm
athletic they are. we just you know, we're going to have to learn from it. and you know, play better. we should buy. so or we know she's a great rebounder. great player. she was the tip in. it was very hectic. but we just knew we had to get back and do have we could so we left it out there and likely die. >> so stanford will take on arizona in the title game on sunday. all right. let's look at scores major league baseball. we've got houston and oakland 6, 4, lead for the astros is oakland is trying to get back in this they lost yesterday to. so let's not make it start to the season a's top of the 8th in this one. how about the giants? we'll take a look at what they're doing now. 6, 3, lead for san francisco just got to update that score there. sorry about that 6th really for san francisco. they've got a chance to win their first game of the season right now in seattle. all right. not too
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shabby, not too shabby for the giants and the sharks. i want to mention also wrapped up. there came just now they ended up winning 3. nothing against the kings. so that'll do it for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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>> now the latest on the derek chauvin trial. today we heard from the minneapolis police department's homicide division. >> lieutenant richard zimmerman. he testified that kneeling on the neck of someone whos handcuffed on the ground amounts to top tier
9:45 pm
deadly force reporter craig treadway has more. >> if you news on a person's neck that can kill them. lieutenant richard zimmerman a minneapolis cop since 1985 pulled no punches under questioning from prosecutor matthew frank, have you ever in all the years you've been working for the minneapolis police department. >> been trained to kneel on the neck of someone who is handcuffed behind her back in the prone position. no, i haven't. what level of force might that be. that would be the top tier. the deadly force. i saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger if that's what they that's what they would have to feel to be able use that kind of force. lieutenant zimmerman was on the scene. well, after george floyd's limp body was taken off in an ambulance from the site where ex cop derek chauvin. >> kneeled on his neck for
9:46 pm
almost 9 and a half minutes. all while floyd was prone on the ground and cuffed behind his back what's your responsibility with regard to that person from that his safety is your responsibility. what you're secure and a 4 person. you need to get him out of the prone position. as soon as possible. because it restricts their breathing on cross examination. defense attorney eric nelson tried to poke some holes in zimmerman's damaging testimony minneapolis police department policy allows a police officer. >> to use whatever means are available to him to protect himself and others, right. yes, a person whos handcuffed can still pose a threat right. >> i suppose they could. yeah. so an officer who is and even though he has someone handcuffed that person could continue to kick the officer.
9:47 pm
>> yeah, i suppose but the prosecutor came right back at some point during the restraints. did you see mister floyd kicking the officers. no, i didn't. based on your review of the body cams. did you see any need for officer chauvin improvise by putting his knee on mister floyd for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. >> no, i did not. >> and that was reporter craig treadway reporting. >> major league baseball is moving the 2021 all-star game and the 2021 draft out of atlanta. that's in response to georgia's new voting law. in a statement, the mlb commissioner quote, over the last week we have engaged in thoughtful conversations with club's former and current players. the players association and the players alliance among others to listen to their views. i have decided that the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year's all-star game and mlb
9:48 pm
draft georgia's new voting law passed last month adds voting restrictions such as id requirements for absentee ballots and limited access to ballot drop boxes. they sure to join kron 4 this saturday for our spring training reports sports director jason dumas school give you an in-depth look at the a's and giants rosters and what you can expect from each team this season. you can check out the giants preview at 10:00pm followed immediately by our a's preview. >> all right. let's take a live look over bay bridge toll plaza as we turn to our 4 zone forecast much cooler it was yesterday. and the day before karnal here with the weekend weather forecast. did you guys like that? you build the air conditioner kind of kicked in cooled us down quite a bit around the bay area. so coming days with the heat outside now things well, we're headed back the other way. get those jackets out. we're cooling off big time. the fog has rolled back on shore and more fog come throughout the night already started to spill
9:49 pm
inside the bay and will likely to fill in some of the valleys overnight tonight. so everywhere we're going to cool things looking out over the bay right now. the berkeley hills see some of the clouds bouncing up against the hilltop. there and more of that on the way may be thick enough tonight. we could actually see a little bit of drizzle in these temperatures. well, just from 24 hours ago cool down quite a bit this time last night. we're looking at temperatures still in the 70's outside up. now we're looking at 47 degrees in santa rosa 48, the bottle. 48 half moon bay, 50 degrees in san francisco at 50 degrees in palo alto. but yeah, the clouds they're going to gather once again. and then overnight tonight going to surge well on shore here they come see that spreading inland overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll wake up to a blanket of fog early on and maybe even some patchy drizzle, especially near the coastline. then as we head throughout the day like a lot of clouds. least low clouds appeal back to the coastline see some high clouds moving in a pub of those will continue to roll on through. we'll see that kind of on and off for the weekend. so we're bringing those temperatures down. kind of
9:50 pm
back to normal. so not cooler than normal, but it's going to be chilly along the coastline 56 in cloudy at the sunset tomorrow about 50 formentera beach. 55 in pacifica 58 degrees in san bruno. 61 and breezy, especially the northern half of millbrae. you know, i'm talking about if you live there. 58 degrees in san mateo. 63 woodside 63 and follow up on the south bay. you get those temperatures soaring up in the upper 60's. but that's a far cry from the upper 70's. we just had to go. and even some 80's out there as well. inland valley still going to be looking temperatures that are comfortable. mild numbers in the 60's outside so that cold, but certainly much cooler than what we've seen and that will be the case as you head right to the delta expected. pretty good. delta breeze, some fog there in the morning clearing in the afternoon. it's i 65 degrees in pittsburgh about 64 degrees in the napa valley. if you're headed there. and how about 64 degrees in santa rosa cool. the beach since be checking in with 54 degrees and some fog. so over the next couple days in force in the pulled way back on any chance of rain. we're going to keep
9:51 pm
it dry throughout the holiday go peter cottontail coming to town on sunday. the streak should be melting any time too fast. specially no coastline. they're probably gonna stay pretty hard out there as the temperatures going to be too chilly. and then this next week and forcing, you know that when those things, you watch it on the computer models and you get so excited. you're just hoping that we'll get that rain coming in. but the reality is it looks like that probably is not going to happen. thanks warrants. still ahead, the nc double a women's tournament is nearing its end. the championship trophy is within reach after the break, we're going hear from the players on. >> how they're preparing off the court. >> and kron 4 expanding our weekend news coverage with the news 06:00pm newscast join justine waldman, a jonathan mccall for the latest news weather and sports every saturday and sunday. 06:00pm beginning this weekend.
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9:54 pm
>> college basketball fans are in san antonio, texas for the nc double a women's championship. but of course, only one team can walk away. >> winning it all reporter faith woodward's reporting on how the teams have been preparing for the game. >> yeah. all day. these players have been studying their scouting report coaches, even implementing some last minute trick plays. but all of these players have been doing a lot of things on their off time that much them in the >> teams have been preparing for this final for moment all year. now that it's game day.
9:55 pm
every player has a special way. they prepare on their own time. typically. >> every game days. i call my i mean, i just like to have a conversation about it. suttles me down and talking to parents seems like a popular pre-game ritual for many of these final 14. 1st let's on to my that. >> he gets me going the thing i've been doing since my grandmother passed away prayed to her. i pray to her before every game. when the national anthem is going a sharp pain in my grandmother. i don't feel the same if i don't do that, but other players have other pre-game rituals in mind. some who turned to music to get pumped up and then i take a nap and then i wake up and i shower. listen. school line be. >> got to get my vibes go online and then i go get 8 and then we're headed to the but the pre-game tunes range from rap to even arm. be some anita
9:56 pm
baker's some shafiq khan and tom miles school so good and other players like to listen to music while others are also snacking as part of their pre-game ritual. i listen i don't met before games like make me a little sluggish. but i do listen to music and. >> how a lot of bananas. >> give me a what's on your playlist. what does that go to song that you just got to listen to him here. >> a >> the on the spot. >> i will probably say meek mill dreams and nightmares. >> players getting in the zone. for shot at a national title. how to get. and it's the bananas. think. how does your whole different perspective and kind of their lifestyles are going through all that. lot of fun. >> that was faith. woodward reporting for us. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9, but can and i will be back at the top of the hour. fire crews. they've already had to deal with several brush fires in the bay area. this week. what
9:57 pm
they say that could mean for this year's fire season. plus, indoor concerts. given the green light to start happening again later this month. but not every promoter is rushing to book fans the concerns that could keep some venues silent for a little bit longer. >> those stories and more coming up next on kron, 4 news at 10.
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>> when time from the bay
10:00 pm
area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now, 10, another attack at the u.s. capitol. a veteran police officer dies after a suspect rammed his car into a security barricade. what we're learning about the motivation of the man behind the wheel and his victim's for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. a tonight investigators are looking into what drove this man to slammed his car into. >> 2 capitol police officers and a barricade in washington, dc on one of the officers was killed. police shot and killed the attacker after he lunged at officers with a knife leaving police with few leaves and it comes just days after most of the security measures around the capitol building were lifted. >> following that january 6th insurrection joe khaleel brings us the latest on the investigation. >> another attack on the u.s. capitol today.


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