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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 6, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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outside. they're sitting on top of their luggage because of the ongoing situation. this is as close as the media and the travelers are allowed to get to. let me get out of the way and show you exactly what's going on. so you can clearly see they are here. they are hoping that this situation ends. but i can tell you it is still ongoing at terminal one reportedly the man is still there in plain view of police officers who are negotiating with them. and you can see all those lights right there. they're still negotiating with him reportedly he has a knife that is either pressed against his neck. we're very close to his neck and he's threatening to commit suicide. and of course they don't want anybody to witness it. they also want the extra space here just so the negotiators can do their job. in the meantime, you can see a lot of weary travelers. this man here in particular shaking his head because they don't know what's going on. many of
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them actually made it through the checkpoint but not to their planes and they were told through the loud speaker and i'm sure with a lot of officers station at the airport. they were told to evacuate terminal one and stay at this particular scene. you can see there's an officer right there. just maintaining traffic telling people to keep moving along. it's a situation that's still ongoing. i'm at a position where i can not hear negotiators talk to him. but reportedly he is not passed the checkpoint at this time. he's inside the terminal before the checkpoint and they are talking to him. let me swing the camera around. i'm working by myself. i want to swing the camera around and show you what's going on. you can see that there are more travelers in this direction as well. they're all lining up there on their phones. i'm sure they're calling the family and friends at their destination saying it looks like they might not be able to hop onto their planes. there's terminal 2 and you can see a
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lot of passengers walking in that direction. so terminal 2 is open. people are being dropped off. but terminal one that's the hot spot. that's the situation that is ongoing at this particular time. and you can clearly see, zoom in past. that travelers. and you can see the yellow tape right there. james and darya that has been set up by the alameda county sheriff's department. they are the ones who are making sure this is as close. has anybody other than officers and the negotiator. we'll be is will be getting close to terminal one. we'll try to get reaction coming up in just a few minutes. but obviously a lot of confusion, a lot of nervousness. they're worried about that man. let's be honest about it. they're also worried about their flight back to you. they will. can you hear me? >> i don't know if we'll continue. >> yeah. ok, so because. i'm wondering 2 things. obviously are the planes going to be held while these people are waiting, but also, you know,
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terminal one in 2, they can act. so i'm a little confused about like could all these people going to terminal 2 and then walk all the way through to terminal one because you can get through that way. you know, i mean. >> yes, i know that. but it looks like he might be not passed the checkpoint, but in the foyer, the lobby area, so to speak, of terminal one. so even if they walk from 2 to one. yeah, there's a good chance they will be walking past the police officers and him, which is why you can clearly see lee, that squad cars and police officers are here. i thought about that too. when i arrived like they can walk through. but he is probably it appears that they can see him through the window right here where you drop off and that he is in the lobby area. probably at the ticket counter area, i'm sure. but you get the point. you know, not the checkpoint, not the gates but in that area. so even if they try to do that, they will walk past the scene
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and that's why at terminal one in essence shut down now because you're in one location on the right and yoli is providing us the shot. >> from terminal one on the left. i'm wondering if you can check with. >> these people are all waiting for of if you can check. are the carriers going away. >> however long it is. yeah. just hold. the plane has been no. bring it on. i will try. that's usually an airport spokesperson yeah. issue and not a police officer obviously yeah, they can answer to that. they have their hands full. but i'll try to find out i do see. i do hear the airplanes coming in going. yeah. but you're right. i mean, they are on a tight schedule and we'll just have to wait and see. i'm sure they practice this, but if they wait too much longer. >> then the domino effect. as you know, they get take off the game and on time at their other parts and this not only has an effect at oakland. it
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has a domino effect across the country. all because of one single man who right now is a reportedly suicidal lot of people being affected by morning. thank you very much. we'll obviously we're going to come back to you here shortly for another update is this situation continues to develop. thank you. will. thank you. you only. >> and yeah, makes a good point. those planes can only wait so to affect the scheduling and other cities as these flights are expected to arrive so okay. we'll keep you posted at 8. '05, right now. one, take a look at the weather and see how that's going to be guys. yeah. it's cloudy morning. we are looking at a blanket of cloud cover. shrouding almost the entirety of the bay area. so don't expect a lot of sunshine as you're venturing out this morning. conditions out there. also on the cool side. so a sweater, a jacket. it's all going to come in handy on this tuesday looking outside from our mount tam view right across that blanket of cloud cover looking out at from above. you can see it as pushing in across the bay area and making for that low visibility that actually some spots are seeing low clouds
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for most but up in the north bay and into the inland east bay. you do see visibility falling below a mile for areas like livermore, napa, nevado and santa rosa where we are seeing visibility again below a mile this morning. so watch your travel, especially as you're crossing above some of those upper elevations of the north bay and the east bay currently we are just again a blanket of clouds. no rainfall anywhere. in sight and temperatures in the 40's and 50's to start this tuesday morning. the jacket, the sweater. that's the way we're going to be this tuesday as well as for the rest of the week. really talking more about what else to expect in your forecast. john, thank you for that. we've been pretty busy all morning long. several issues, especially here at the bay bridge. we had accident right there by the tolls. we also had a pedestrian that was on the bridge earlier today. again. now we're back down to 13 minutes, but we're up to about 30 or so earlier. so conditions are improving. the san mateo bridge. they had some maintenance going on on the bridge westbound side there. that was up to about 20 minutes or so. now we're back
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down to 13. we've got those crews off of the road and people are moving now. we're looking at the richmond, sandra fell bridge and we've got a delay here with 28 minutes. >> as you head out of richmond. so them to keep a that commute. the san jose heading towards menlo park at 29 minutes along one. oh, one as well. we'll have more on that coming up next. the darya and james, back to you. thanks reyna. >> so the other developing story that we're following this morning involves a lawsuit that's expected to be filed now against the city of danville following a fatal police shooting last month. 32 year-old tyrell wilson. >> was shot. he died. that was on march 11th. he was accused of throwing rocks off an overpass on 6.80. and this morning we have new cell phone video that shows officer andrew hall confronting wilson at scene. it was moments later that he fires a single shot and wilson dropped to the ground now hall claims that wilson was holding a knife. >> and we actually do have some pictures from his police body camera footage which does in fact show him carrying
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something in his hand that does look like a knife. there you see it now civil rights attorney john burris who represents the family claims that the officer didn't need to use deadly force. and he points out this is not the first time that officer hall has fatally shot somebody there in danville back in 2018 he shot a driver who was being chased by another officer hall was standing in front of the car when he fired 9 shots at the driver. he says he believes the driver was going to hit him with the car. >> 8. '08, and breaking news from overnight. firefighters are mopping up after this fire at the wienerschnitzel in san jose. the restaurant is on story road near mcginnis. you can see the giant restaurant there and the smoke coming out of the roof. police and fire investigators right now. they think it's arson because this is the 3rd time that this building has been hit with fire. it's a caught fire. now 3 times is a developing story. we will continue to follow the investigation.
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>> more breaking news on the national front president joe biden now moving up his deadline for states to make all adults eligible for covid vaccines. now the original deadline was may first. but today the president is expected to announce the deadline has been moved to april 19th making it a little bit sooner here in california. as we know everybody over the age of 16 will be eligible for the vaccine starting on april 15th. but the president's announcement goes a long way towards helping the country get back to some sense of normal just last week the president said that by april 19th, again, all adults would be. vaccinated at sites that were within 5 miles of where they live, which he hoped would make it easier for people to get vaccinated and this news comes, of course, as the u.s. set a new record for vaccines in a single day. last weekend we saw more than 4 million people get vaccinated within a 24 hour period. lot of people are getting their shots and a lot of bay area counties are moving into the.
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>> orange here today is to your tuesday when we typically find out if you have good numbers, you get to move on. and the odds are in sonoma county's favor that they could be included in that list of orange tier counties. we've kron 4. sarah stinson following the story for us live in petaluma. good morning. air. >> the numbers are trending downward, which means sonoma county could very well be in the state's orange tier that just depends on if officials believe this is going to continue to trend downward in what would change. it would be gyms instead of being open at 10%. maybe open at 25%. capacity. a lot of people here in petaluma enjoying the fact the gyms are open at all. they're excited to get in there even if they do need to work out with their mask. now speaking back again about those numbers. sonoma county's website. you know, it hasn't been updated in a few more in few days. but at last check it says there's 3.6 new cases per day per 100,000 people. right now. the orange tier requires counties to have a covid case
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rate of between one to 2, 3.9 per 100,000 people. so clearly looking about eligible plus you have to be in a tier within declining numbers for at least 2 weeks to move into that new tier in sonoma county has been in the red tier since march 14th. take a look at what else would change. i told you about gyms. but in the orange tier indoor dining also gets to expand to 50% capacity retail stores and shopping malls operating at full capacity and then churches movie theaters expand you 50% while indoor gyms. as i plus wineries breweries 25% rs open outdoors. now we've talked with a lot of people going into the gym today. into planet fitness. and i talked to one guy just wanted to know how he's feeling after a year of this opening closing opening closing. take a listen. i'm happy. >> believe me. believe me. i mean, i want to eat out. i got to eat out with the sec state
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this weekend. visit my daughter college. we got we got to eat in a restaurant all socially distance bay super. super happy about that. but it's been hard the gym just open happy about that. yes, i hope it all opens up soon. >> overall feeling happy. as you heard, i mean, things are looking up, especially for sonoma county as we wait to hear if they will move into the orange tier. and that be joining san francisco. more in san mateo, alameda and santa clara counties. so we'll keep you updated as soon as we hear about it, you'll hear about it. all, of course on our website. kron 4 dot com reporting live in petaluma sara stinson, back to you. thanks a lot to her. >> 12 is the time. we'll take a break as we go, though, we'll share with you again. live pictures coming to us from oakland airport were terminal. one is currently shut down right now. apparently there's a suicidal man with a knife that negotiators are trying to talk down and as a result, all operations to terminal one
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suspended until they get this handled and there are a lot of passengers effective. we have to. >> crews that are live on the scene. there. will tran has shown us scores of people that are outside on the sidewalk they can get and he has been told they can't going through terminal 2, which is open because you can't get over to terminal one. there may be flights affective. there could be a domino effect here around the nation because of this. we're not sure how long it's going to last. but we'll keep you posted.
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>> i welcome back to the crowd for morning news. it is a 15 right now. and we're taking a look at the weather. yeah. sorry, guys. let's back to course of our greatest art around the bank. yeah, it really is typical stuff. so yesterday i got outside for a felt a little bit of that short sice, you know, was that they weren't sure. and that's where they. >> on on a single against george >> going out to short said, well, it's really darias just let's tissues this morning. oh, my gosh. it's on my coffee it's we're having an reaction is, ok. but yet big change from last week. guys, sure. we still got the pole and because of all the that happened last week from our summer like conditions. but it does seem
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like we've taken a step back from the heat's, the sunshine and gotten back to these cloudy conditions a little bit cooler out there to looking outside of berkeley. this morning. just a grey start to this morning. gray really across the bay area. high pressure is still in place and situated to our south. but having enough of an influence on our pattern to keep any sort of rain chances pushed well out across the bay. the only moisture we're tapping into is really this dose of fog that some of us are seeing most of us looking up at it in the form of low cloud cover, an onshore breeze will continue well into the afternoon. this is going to keep conditions relatively cool all day long today. little bit warmer than yesterday, but that's still only takes us into the low 70's for most spots couple of spots of coastal drizzle, especially around the santa cruz mountains today overall, partly cloudy afternoon. and with those partly cloudy skies, daytime highs rise into the 60's and low 70's for areas like livermore, conquered and san jose each at 71 tomorrow's temperatures expected to be a bit cooler as well. also be the case thursday and friday with highs only in the 60's. no. this
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forecast is dry all the way into the weekend with highs actually quite warm this weekend. not as warm as last week but back into the upper 70's by sunday. reyna don, thank you. have a lot going on. we have some hot spots, especially across the richmond. sandra fell bridge. >> there's a traffic hazard there. 1, one northbound at 3rd street in san rafale going on down a look at the traffic along 80 westbound ashby avenue in emeryville. there's an accident causing some delays there. now here in pleasant hill, southbound 6, park road. we're seeing delays there. that's causing some delays along highway 4. looking at the richmond sandra fell bridge. this is what we saw. the slowdown is about 20 or so minutes earlier, we're improving a bit. that down to 13 for you. the bay bridge. we've had several issues here accidents a pedestrian on the bridge recovering 15 minutes for your drive time and look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. no issues here at this moment. we'll have more on that coming up next. but for now, daria back to you.
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>> the buzz is all about the fans today. haven't parades raining on parades and parading around. >> without masks. let's start with the new men's college basketball champs baylor put an end to gonzaga's perfect season. to me, didn't flashes muscles very much last night. baylor led from start to the 86 to 70 finish and fans watch back in waco when a wild. >> look at this sea of students flooded baylor's football field to celebrate their first national title. some with their shirts off most with their masks off. that's how they roll and texas. >> a texas rangers are the first sports team in the pandemic, probably in the world to play and a packed house more than 38,000 fans shoulder to shoulder. but the governor decided not to throw out the first pitch to protest
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mlb moving the all-star game to denver and out of atlanta to boot georgia's new voting law. meantime, another texas team was getting booed in l a. >> her son was kind of upset that first. this was called a strike. >> get on the field guessing that's in play. double crashed. >> angels fans hurled insults and trash cans. some real at the houston astros since that's how the astros cheated before they were caught players would be to trash can to signal the pitch fans couldn't geron last year because of covid a's fans got the first chance to boo the astros in person on opening day in oakland, stamford fans got to see their champs in person. the lady cardinal paraded around campus in convertibles to celebrate their 3rd national title. santa cruz, native haley jones was named the final 4 most outstanding player. she was
8:21 am
key in carrying the team to victory. one football fan had a surprise question for aaron rodgers on his first night of guest hosting jeopardy. >> category 4 final today is daytime tv personalities and the clue. >> accepting >> a lifetime achievement emmy. he said just take 10 seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you are over to our today. champion on the end. scott to come up the correct response. who wanted to kick that field goal. that is a great question. should be should be correct. forcing for this game. and it's incorrect and you're going to lose. >> 0. thank you for that on your today. >> touchy subject for aaron rodgers. since that decision meant the rogers never got the football back and the packers lost the nfc championship to
8:22 am
brady tampa bay went on to win the super bowl. and obviously james, the contest and felt it was worth rubbing it in because he got it wrong. so what's the answer? take 10 seconds to think of the people who have helped to become the man who you are who said that. mister rogen, the real mister rogers, mister rogers, mister rogers, mister rogers. you know, they the neighborhood, aaron rodgers. i bet she's just as friendly as >> guys. but yes, funny. i thought he handled that well. that national state. go ahead with that question out there. know get a reaction from those and has the buzz. >> he had a
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>> we're back in a 25 national headlines this morning. embattled florida republican congressman matt gates says he will not resign from congress. he made the statement overnight after it was reported last week that he's under investigation now for possible crimes including having with a 17 year-old gates denies the allegations. he says he thinks he's being targeted by political opponents. gates has been one of former president donald trump's most loyal defenders. but so far gates has received almost no public support from other congressional republicans or from the former
8:26 am
president. >> a minor league baseball team in california is being sued by the family of a man who choked to death doing a taco eating contest, one of the games. it was at a game for the fresno grizzlies in 2019 and a lawsuit claims that the man was made aware of the risks involved in that eating competition. his family says the organizers should have taken steps to protect the participants. the grizzlies haveoto cmmented. >> we'll take a break in a 26 still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the latest on the breaking news story out of oakland airport terminal. one is shut down right now because of a a man with a knife threatening to hurt himself. as you can see in the live shot. police are their negotiators are working with that person will have an update in a live report coming up.
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>> let's get an update on the breaking news out at the oakland airport right now. terminal one is shut down because of a person with a knife. kron four's will tran live for us from the scene to explain what exactly is happening. will. >> this is about 3 hours in the making. we do know about 20 minutes ago. they brought in a stretcher. so maybe this is close to resolution that we simply don't know is a very tenuous situation and you can clearly see more people here being led away from terminal one. they were dropped off and they reset told do not get any
8:30 am
closer. we'll keep our camera on the location because it could end at any moment. we just don't know. you can see the alameda county sheriff's department. all of the suvs here, the squad cars. there's an ambulance right in front terminal one is shut down right now. we do know this is not beyond the checkpoint. this is in the lobby area. near the ticket counters and that area, the place where people come and go before they get to the checkpoint. lots of people impacted. let me get take the camera asking only a 7 is to take the camera off tripod and we will walk through here just to give you exactly what's going on. so we are in an area where they are allowing us to be safely and then so they can do their job. and for our safety as well. we'll walk over here. and as you can clearly see, there are dozens if not possibly hundreds of travelers. they have been told that stand back behind the yellow tape. you can see them. many of them
8:31 am
sitting on their luggage. many of them on their phone. i do know that there was an airplane to hawaii at 8.30 this morning. so obviously they have missed their flight because they were told to not be in terminal one. they haven't even gotten through the checkpoint yet because they were told by police officers at 5.45 this morning. put your head down, get near the wall walkout. there were very confused by what's going on in fact, i got a chance to track down one of the earlier travelers. listen in to what she had to say. >> i think i was one of the first ones here this morning around 5.50. everything was kind of. developing and i wasn't really sure what was happening at first. but they were very serious about it. so a lot of different. emergency vehicle started pulling in. and later developed that someone was having mental health issues and threatening their own life. so. i mean, a lot of us were very confused
8:32 am
and not sure what to do. so it's kind of move to the side with them. situation. >> back live now. there is terminal 2. so most. we're dichotomy. you can see terminal to operating as though this is not going on. people are being dropped off in flights that are landing at terminal 2. >> presumably are being allowed to take off the terminal one. you can clearly see travelers stranded at this time. we will walk back to our previous location because i want to keep a close eye on the situation just in case it ends. hopefully very peacefully. and without the man being hurt. i can tell you they did bring in negotiators to work with him. they have this place lockdown. yesterday you made a great point earlier. could they walked in terminal 2 to terminal one. but the answer is no because this is in the lobby area where you can look through the windows and probably see what's going down, which is why they don't want us to get any closer. then this
8:33 am
situation. whether or flights will wait. i have not heard yet from an airport spokesperson. they only have x amount a window and keep in mind, this is a domino situation, meaning if they don't take off on time. then there their destination. they're connecting area will be staggered as well. so even though this is happening at oakland. this has nationwide ramifications and it is a weird feeling to be here. james and area because i am talking to the passengers and yes, they are very frustrated. they wish this would not happen. they want their lives to resume. but obviously they don't want this man to hurt himself. so they wanted to end. they wish it would end. just like everybody else. they hope it ends peacefully. and to be honest about it. they really don't care about their flight. if it means this man will end peacefully with the situation. james and are you sure you begin perspective. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> all right. thank you very
8:34 am
much. will a 33 is the time. let's get a quick check of weather and traffic. before we get back to the headlines will hand it over to you, john. yeah. a little on the cloudy side this morning, guys and definitely on the cooler side than we were last week looking outside in any of our views. you get the cloud cover. the gray and the cool conditions that we're starting off this morning with looking outside half moon bay right now. cloudy skies overhead but not looking at fog along the coastline. there are some low visibility spots across the north bay and santa rosa and napa. although visibility for most areas is just fine as you're making your way in this cloudy blanket going to stay with us through the morning before breaking apart and offering a partly cloudy conditions later on in the day. 40's and 50's as we're current temperatures are sitting right now with berkeley at 48 oakland, alameda and hayward each right at 50 degrees. reyna tom, thank you for that. was that a busy morning. hot spots all over the place. >> right here. 1 one northbound north of 3rd street in sandra fell that's causing delays long. the richmond sandra fell bridge that are starting to improve 80 westbound ashby avenue to
8:35 am
reveal he had a traffic collision. there. that's why you're seeing delays and right here southbound 6.80 at oak park road in pleasant heal. the richmond sandra fell bridge slowly recovering from earlier was up to about 28 or so now we're down 11 minutes. the bay bridge. you have eptraffic collisions by the tol plaza. a pedestrian on the bridge much earlier today. now at 11 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit and a look at the san mateo bridge 13 minutes as you head across towards the peninsula. we'll stay on top of this. a lot more coming up now dorian, james, back to you. >> thank you very much. a 35 is the time in the north healdsburg business owner says she's worried about the safety of her workers in her customers after receiving a racist hate filled letter. we have kron four's, dan thorn now with more on what happened. >> what we've learned this racist letter was sent to other asian owned nail salons across the state among the hateful stereotypes and epithets within it. asian. americans are told to leave the country. and in response city leaders say there's no room for racism in healdsburg.
8:36 am
>> a disturbing and racist letter directed at asian americans is sent to a healdsburg business. the hateful words calling them ugly smelly and disgusting have left. vicki my in disbelief it just really heartbreaking. >> it. just yeah. >> it's really the letter was sent to my salon. all polished nails and spa on march 22nd postmarked from san bernardino. it came just days after a gunman killed 8 people at spas and massage parlors in atlanta. 6 of those victims were asian women. i can't believe this. >> actually happened and somehow. things getting better. my is of vietnamese descent and open this business up 4 years ago. >> she says she's never felt unwelcome in healdsburg of the other offensive things written in the letter by the unknown off there. it says you don't belong here and no one wants
8:37 am
you back to your country. do it. this is my vice see jimenez in a post on facebook said there's no room for the airport and hateful language. our a p i community received healdsburg stands on its values of being a welcoming community to all the return address is fake saying only that it's from the department of health and human services. my and her staff have since received several other letters and notes showing their support for the business. some not even from the area to send a postcard. they send the e-mail, you know, just want let you know that. >> we'll welcome here and it makes the ice from his re good. >> healdsburg police are investigating this letter but not as a hate crime under california law. this letter is viewed as a hate incident. but my hopes that no other hateful letters are sent to her or other businesses reporting in healdsburg dan thorn kron 4 news 8 37 and in the east bay
8:38 am
there's outrage because 2 more horses have died at golden gate fields and that brings the total number of guests there. >> in the last year to 37 horses that have died on that one track. the california horse racing board says that one of the horses died. april, first and then on april 3rd, another one. they have not. and now as to cause of death. that is the big question is what is causing horses to die ago gave fields and some of the community are so concerned that they would rather in the race trial be shut down for good and put up. that may be a the site. the waterfront site have housing there. instead we reached out to the representative struggle give feels. but we haven't heard back yet. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news vaccination cards are likely going to become part of everyday life. >> and so there are scammers out there. the fda is warning of people who are trying to scam and forged those cards. and new details on google's plan to build a campus in
8:39 am
downtown san jose will show you what it will look like. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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>> 8.41 is the time and new this morning, san jose city officials have released their agreement plan for google's downtown west project. and we have some new renderings to share with you from google on
8:42 am
what the project will look like when it's done. at least what they hope it'll look like. the biggest take away is that this includes 200 million dollars to help jump-start the local economy. something san jose desperately wants. if approved. the development project is promising to bring 4,000 new homes to the area. 15 acres of open space and more retail and restaurant space as well. google plans to use and develop about 50 acres west of highway 87 in san jose for its portion of the project. the plan still has a few hurdles to get through before it can become reality. several city boards have to sign off on the agreement before the san jose city council can consider it at its may 25th meeting. >> cloudy out there, very gray skies above sfo this morning. you can see san bruno mountain so cloud cover sitting right above those mountains in general after areas of fog this morning. highs later today in the 60's and 70's under partly cloudy skies. i've got details in your forecast ahead. >> after a very busy morning feel with multiple accidents and hot spots. finally see
8:43 am
conditions improving on the roadways will have more of that coming up after the break.
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>> and and we're looking kind a grey start to the day we are. we've got john in the weather center, keeping an eye on it all. and what we see now, john. yeah, we've got spoiled last week, guys, because now it's back to the bay area. great. definitely
8:46 am
something that almost all the bay area sitting under this morning except for mount tam. you're sitting right above the great looking down at it. although the cloud cover is starting to rise. the very peak of mount tam is still right above that. cloudy blanket which will continue to lift in gradually break apart come late morning and afternoon and that means more and more brightness will eventually pierce through those clouds on into the bay. but gray is the way we're starting out. this one high pressure to our south. enough of an influence on the bay area to keep any sort of rain sent well, to the north, the only moisture we're tapping into is some fog moving in from the pacific on across the bay as we'll continue to see a sea breeze pushing on into the afternoon. this is going to keep temperatures pretty moderate it. not just today but really through the rest of the week. so daytime highs are going to cover hover right around seasonal averages. nothing close to the heat of last week. cloudy skies this morning making way for some partly cloudy conditions later today. and as i mentioned, a good dose of sunshine in there tomorrow. we'll start the day
8:47 am
with some clouds to couple of spots of drizzle in the santa cruz mountains and along the coastline. overall, some clearing going on in the afternoon for your wednesday. daytime highs for wednesday will be a bit cooler than 2 days as today will be just a touch warmer than yesterday was a few more 70's on the map. not at the coast, though staying in the 50's right down highway one from daly city to half moon bay and for many neighborhoods in san francisco, san bruno in brisbane. also in the upper 50's, you venture further away from the coast and we see daytime highs approaching that 70 degree. mark and getting there for the south bay, campbell san jose los gatos each at 71 today free might union city and hayward in the mid to upper 60's. well, for oakland 63 degrees concord, you'll be at 71 and for second day in the row. vacaville you're a warm spot today at 75 degrees. you're also going to one of our clear spots. so if you want some sunshine, that's that's the place to head tomorrow's temperatures a bit cooler thursday and friday. we'll keep those 60's around before temperatures bump back
8:48 am
up into the 70's and upper 70's even by sunday come the weekend, most importantly, in this forecast. we're not looking at any chances of rainfall which bodes well for getting outside doing your walks and runs but not necessarily ideal as we round out the weather time of year this next month. we really need to start seeing some rain reyna john, thank you. we're finally recovering from all those hot spots we had. >> especially here at the bay bridge when we had an accident at the tolls and we had a pedestrian on the bridge. now we're down to under 12 minutes for your drive. time to the fremont street exit the san mateo bridge. they've had some early morning maintenance going on. you can see one of the signs still left here from that 14 minutes. so as you're heading across towards the peninsula. a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. also, we had a stalled vehicle that was blocking this 9 minutes down now. so we are seeing a lot of improvement there. checking out the golden gate haven't seen any problems along this bridge. all morning long. 19 minutes as you head into the city. on that coming up for now. daria, back to you. thanks a lot or 48 and
8:49 am
the nation's top infectious disease doctor has a warning. doctor fauci says. >> we should not expect warmer weather this summer to stop covid. >> i remember a year ago for all of you a little bit more than a year ago when we were looking for the summit to rescue us from surges. it was in fact the opposite. we saw some substantial surges in i don't think we should even think about relying on the weather to bail us out of anything we're in right now. >> doctor fauci says the federal government by the way, has no plans to make a vaccine passports mandatory for travelers, but he didn't rule it out for use in schools and other businesses. >> 8.49 the time as more people get covid vaccines and more venues and events open back up with some of them requiring proof of vaccination. officials say foraging vaccine cards is now a growing industry and they're warning at finca vaccine cards sold online or illegal got doug johnson reporting.
8:50 am
>> as all californians become eligible for the covid-19 vaccination on april 15th indoor events will start to require proof of vaccination or a negative test with the rush to get the vaccine and appointments becoming more and more difficult to get some could want the benefits of having the vaccine without actually getting ready think that's an issue cards. the popped up for sale online. there's some people that just don't want to get vaccinated, but they still want to go to the baseball game. they still want to travel internationally. >> and so this might appeal to them. that's why the fbi is issuing a warning that it is illegal to sell or buy fraudulent coronavirus vaccination cards. the fbi trying to preempt a problem if they can danville for is the president of digital evidence ventures and a former fbi agent himself. he says getting a fake vaccination card can land you in serious legal trouble. it's a federal crime here in the u.s. that's also fraud and you could be charged under forgery. plus, it's just a bad idea to give the
8:51 am
information that needs to go on that card to someone who is clearly breaking the law doesn't very good sense to me. to provide personal information may be your date of birth, your name address for the card. >> along with your credit card information to somebody, you know, to be a scammer already who's preparing a forged document for you. and lastly, bill for says by the time a vaccination card needs to be checked for travelers events. >> that process will already likely have gone digital regulatory agencies, government agencies, tsa, for example, have access to that database and can verify your information preflight. doug johnson, fox 40 news. >> 8.51 and a lot of people are wondering what should you do if you lose your covid vaccination card. the cdc recommends contact your vaccination provider, directly to access your vaccine record. and if that doesn't work, you can to contact the state health department immunization information system. just to avoid the problem. cdc. see
8:52 am
what they did right there. take a picture that so they recommend both sides take a picture of both sides of your vaccination card as soon as you get your shots. >> we'll take a break in a 51 again, following breaking news out of oakland where at the airport terminal. one is shut down right now as police are dealing with somebody who has a knife inside the front of the terminal area potentially threatening to hurt himself. we'll have much more on this. is that part of the airport is shut down to all travelers. more in a live report coming up.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> 54. we want to give you the very latest on the situation at the oakland airport where the police have been trying to stop basically a suicidal man from killing himself in terminal one armed with a knife apparently. and because of that, they have evacuated the entire terminal and sealed it off. so no travelers can even approached the gates there in terminal one that includes a lot of international flighhs and a lot of domestic ones to outside of those flown by southwest. >> terminal 2, by the way, still fully functioning. but in entirety of terminal one, as you can see here, completely shut down. kron four's will tran a new lease evans have been out there collecting information for some from what they've gathered. police have directed all passengers that were in terminal one to start lining up on the sidewalk outside of the terminal behind yellow police tape and they've been told basically they're going to stay there for the foreseeable future until they can resolve this situation.
8:56 am
there's an ambulance on scene. we know that negotiators have arrived. they're talking to the man will in fact mention in his last update that he saw them bringing a gurney into the terminal unclear if they're bringing it in. to be used because somebody is hurt or if they brought in as a precaution. but that was one of the latest developments city had for us when we last visited with them and we'll talk with him again at the top of the hour and get another update from the scene. but for now, anyway flights are on hold. unclear. how long the airport will be will be able to hold those flights for these waiting passengers. at some point they're going to need to wave them on because they've got other reports to get to, right. they don't want a domino effect. so we'll keep on top of the situation at the airport. give you updates throughout the next hour. >> of the kron 4 morning news and also coming up. >> it is to your tuesday and that means we'll see if any other bay area counties get to move into the less restrictive orange tier. a live report from sonoma county is coming up. they could be next.
8:57 am
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come experience floor and decor's grand opening in pleasant hill! comfortably shop our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. explore floor and decor's newest area location. now open in pleasant hill! >> from the bay area's local news station. now with breaking news. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. the breaking news this morning. the major police activity that we're seeing right now at oakland airport. there was a suicidal and so
9:00 am
the police are trying to talk to him. she didn't hurt himself. >> lots of flights have been disrupted. lots of passengers are out on the sidewalk. kron four's will tran has been out there all morning long following the latest. what's going on right now? will. >> this is 3 hours in the making. it does not appear to be over anytime soon. we will zoom into terminal one. and you can see the ambulance. there are a lot of sheriff's deputies also at that location terminal one has been shut down because the only people inside right now or the deputies. a negotiator as well. as the person who is threatening to kill himself. joining me now. we'll try to keep our picture a live shot of that location. the joining me now is jd nelson with the alameda alameda county sheriff's department can you tell me what's going on right now. we close to resolution. >> well, we don't really know for sure. we're negotiating with the gentleman and trying to get a peaceful resolution of this. as you previously said, this has been goin


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