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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 7, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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when time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> no. it a flock geese pay school board under fire after being caught mocking parents online. it's all brand new members. the fresh start for parents and students. everyone who is not vaccinated is a potential coronavirus factory, a local infectious disease expert offering up. words of warning is like begins to return to normal plus, in his system at sfo aimed at making the process of getting on the plane seamless and safe let you know when you'll be able to use it. and so much for spending time with us here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock this
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wednesday night of jonathan mccall grant enjoying the night off and i'm vicki liviakis oakley union elementary school district has all new board members. and as of tonight. >> a new board president. you may remember this all comes after the entire board resigned back in february after comments they made during a school board meeting that they didn't realize was live online. kron four's, michelle kingston brings us the latest. >> this is been a remarkable civic display. the now former interim board president of the oakley union elementary school district says being a part of the board over the past few months has been a great experience and productive for the community. mike maxwell was brought on after the entire former board resigned back in february just hours after comments they made about parents in their district were caught on camera during a meeting they thought was no longer being recorded. >> call me on that. >> want to take on they want
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their babysitter fact. the video has more than 700,000 views on youtube and it left parents shocked upset with many questions about how and when their students would get back into the classroom with nobody on the board to vote on decisions that was more fortunately true colors where revealed the maxwell says he and the rest of the interim board were able to work on and complete a plan for students to head back to school, which is now happening next week were originally charged with just seating a new board and during the time that we did that we we decided it was important to get involved. >> to not make this one step at a time. but to make this. these are 2 projects that we felt were both important and could be done at the same time as of wednesday night. these are the new oakley union elementary school board members. their teachers, parents retirees. i know fuller is a new board president in oakley, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> the san francisco school
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board has reversed its decision to rename dozens of schools. the board voted late last night during a zoom call to rescind a controversial decision earlier this year to strip 44 schools of the names. according to the board, the names in question were linked to racism. sexism, slavery or other injustices critics have blasted the board for the debate saying it should focus on getting kids back into the classrooms. the resolution says the board will revisit the matter after all, students have returned to in person learning. meanwhile, that move comes as elementary schools in san francisco are set to begin phase in reopening next week. certain groups of middle school and high school kids will return to in-person learning later this month. a broader plan to get most middle and high schoolers back into the classroom. still not announced yet. last night the school board voting unanimously to return all students to the classroom full time in the fall. but students will also have the option to continue with distance learning tonight there is some
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new guidance for students in san mateo county schools, education leaders now say it's safe to space out student desks 3 feet apart. instead of 6. the new update from the county's office of education is in accordance with the state health department along with the cdc. the county is requiring schools to keep a minimum of 6 feet between teacher's desk and the student's desk students and staff maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance. if on mask whenever they're eating or drinking. we have more details for you at kron 4 dot com. >> new at 8 alameda county has expanded its vaccine eligibility to include everyone, 16 and older who lives in one of these zip codes. it's part of the plan to prioritize communities that have been hit hardest by the coronavirus. we've posted the zip codes on our website. kron 4 docom. if you want to double check whe your included governor newsome has previously announced that starting next thursday, april 15th all california and 16 and older will be eligible for the
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vaccine regardless of zip code and a new vaccination site has been launched in san francisco's excelsior district. it will help ensure a highly impacted neighborhood has equitable access to the shots. they site is located at 20 norton street began offering shots today. it will continue tomorrow and run through saturday. you do have to make an appointment to get a meanwhile, here's a look at the vaccination numbers here in the bay area county by county, santa clara and alameda counties have administered more than a million vaccines each so far 743,000 have been given in contra, costa county where shots as vicky just available for folks 16 and older, san francisco county has given out 613,000 vaccines so far the bay area as a whole has given just under 5 million vaccines of the covid-19 vaccine despite more and more folks getting vaccinated here at home and plans to fully reopen california by mid-june infectious disease. experts are still stressing caution
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yes, they are. how that's being combined with the word of warning for the unvaccinated kron four's. dan kerman explains. >> well, half of san franciscans over age 16 have been vaccinated for covid-19. that's not the case everywhere in the bay area and certainly not the state or the nation. that's why infectious disease experts want those planning to return to so-called normal to take baby steps. i would not. >> push the right just for another be cautious. see how we're going. >> u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says is more transmissible, variance gain steam. the race is really on to protect those who remain unvaccinated. the only way we can really win this race and that it is really good. >> control. this pandemic is to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible. every person is not vaccinated is a potential virus snack to check to make sports. berg says the key question is are enough.
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people immune from the virus to vaccination or natural instruction to stop a 4th search. >> he says we don't know yet, but a 4th search is going to happen. it will be this month if this time in early may. >> and we're talking at that point and we haven't seen a surge. i think the answer is that we're probably not going to see one. >> swartzberg says until that time everyone should take precautions, especially those who have not gotten the vaccine. when you go out, you got that means store. >> not getting together congregate settings. >> making sure that when you are and your people, you maintain social distance. swartzberg says those who have been vaccinated have a little bit more leeway but should remain cautious over the next month. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> new at 10 o'clock tonight, another sign that things are starting to pick back up the return, back to normal activity is picking up at san francisco international
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airport. get this in the month of march. air travel jumping 30% compared to the month of february. and just this past weekend, the airport saw a record number of pandemic travelers last friday alone more than 26,000 folks passing through sfo checkpoints. meanwhile, united airlines is testing a new way to check in and out on your flight. kron four's noelle bellow live tonight at sfo with the details on this new system of biometric boarding noel. >> that's that's right. jonathan. this type of technology is something that airports and passenger technologies companies have been working on for quite some time. but the pandemic, of course, kind of push them to work on it a little bit quicker. now this new facial biometrics technology is aiming to make the entire process of the at airport. more seamless and a little bit safer. >> a prepandemic. the focus was mainly on using biometrics for efficiency purposes. now it's about the touch free
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experience. >> this is the health and safety part of yeah, exactly. it's a new way to get where you want to go. partnership between united airlines and and information technologies company is using facial biometrics to board flights. you just come out to the camera in the past. the technology is only supported passport, but now because it we're moving toward more standardized format for us. driver's license were able to bring that same capability to self service in the airport for domestic by the 60 day pilot program at san francisco international airport is the only one in the country testing the system for domestic travel. it's available on roughly 8 flights a day, hoping that really will be process. we're averaging about 10 people per flight that are actually using it. so it's off to a good start. we know that it's not for everybody. the new system aims to reduce how many things you have to touch during your time at the airport.
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>> at the checkin kiosks, a camera matches the image of license. that same image is used for bag drop off and boarding. >> you have to go through the search security checkpoint using the normal process. but then that image essentially becomes a boarding pass. it's completely optional to use and see this as your image and information is only stored for the duration of your trip on the data is only collected and used for this purpose and then it's deleted so there's no, you know, marketing or that happens after that it's it's you strictly for the purposes of helping to facilitate the travel process. >> now, again, this is completely optional and it's not available on every domestic flight with united mostly if you're flying to la san diego, something like that united will send you an e-mail prior to you coming into the airport that you cannot just look at over for yourself and then decide whether or not he
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wants to opt for now live at sfo. noelle bellow kron 4 news, thank, you know well, coming up on kron 4 news at 8. cal fire to the rescue when a tree near the czu lightning complex fire zone. >> falls on top of a worker. an update to a story that we first brought you last night only on kron 4 news of the south. a jewelry store turning into a dangerous crime scene tonight. we're learning that the business not the only one targeted in that san jose neighborhood plus a former local pro boxer now in trouble with the law after using his fists outside the ring. >> the winds kicked up the temperatures cool down. but could we turn it all around. coming up in the next few days. we'll let you know next.
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>> only on kron 4 shocking surveillance video. we brought you last night. 2 men robbing a san jose jewelry store they hold the workers at gunpoint. as you can see there's a smash through the display cases and take off with the jewelry. the scene unfolding at plaza jewelers last month. yeah. well, the store was hit again early yesterday morning surveillance video showing these 3 masked robbers on bikes smashing a window. their getaway was also caught on camera. no one so far hurt in either of these incidents. so far police have not made any arrests yet tonight after digging a little deeper. we are learning that the jewelry store is only the latest business to be victimized in
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that neighborhood. there could be some good news on the way. rob fladeboe today learned that some help could be on the way. >> disturbing video of a brazen smash-and-grab robbery of san jose's plaza. jewelers has got attention of san jose city hall says owner cesar pass. call who says he spent 15 minutes on the phone last night with mayor sam liccardo. >> i send them a text spent in our situation. ice and then the video from the news that you guys show last night and he responded very positively. wants to help us going to >> i mean, with the city council and they want to help our businesses more surveillance video surfaced. wednesday of a break in at a salon just a few doors down from the jewelry store. >> the video shows a man smashed the front window and then ransacked the store stealing only hair product. and so long tools. at first. >> only to return later making off with the cash register.
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the pandemic has made it hard for merchants here to stay afloat as it is. >> without being robs is alum rock business association. president connie alvarez. a lot of our members haven't been able to open their doors. >> and then we have to deal with having a situation like this. where were robbed at gunpoint. we're our properties are getting damaged. alvarez says western wheel and tire heard. you're a western wear. >> and joy rio del sol have all been burglarized recently. the owner of joy area. del sol showed the video of a man on the bicycle who smashed a window and then rode off with $5,000 worth of suspect in the police to soon. >> the community police lady. you can. but if asked this question westlake good for me to know that they can all move in. >> roosevelt park neighborhood provided this video to kron 4 news which shows the getaway car used in the plaza. jewelers hold up. the 2 men
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suspected in that robbery remain at large robbed twice in 2 weeks. she surpassed coal is hopeful that his efforts to publicize the crimes. we'll make a difference before somebody gets hurt. >> this. people there have no fear of danger and they can you know, there's some things, you know, really bad and get someone hurt. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news new tonight at a former pro boxer arrested after a fight outside a bar in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. he's been. >> released from custody. 57 year-old patrick lawler was arrested outside gino juan carlos bar, very popular bar near green street and columbus avenue. last friday. police say that he hit another man lawler was known in the circles as the pride of the sunset because you grew up in san francisco sense that neighborhood, he retired as a heavyweight boxer. lawler was charged with assault and battery, but he has been released. >> tonight. san jose church says that their easter sunday
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service was interrupted by homophobic and racist insults during a zoom meeting. officials at grace baptist church say the 2 men got on the call using those hateful words. now police are looking into the incident. reverend george oliver just became the pastor of the church about a month ago and says the congregation is still reeling from a deadly stabbing attack that happened back in november that killed 2 people at the church. >> we will not be deterred by by stabbing. we will not be deterred by white supremacism foot bombing or zoom worship will be here. would you do with your 400, 7 years. we plan to be here. at least 300 or 400 more. >> all of are now asking local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to piece this together as a hate crime. the church says that zoom did help them identify the user names of the folks behind those comments. >> napa and sonoma counties officially entered the reopening tier today and this map shows the status that your status of all bay area
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counties turn on the orange. the only one. as you can see there in the red is solano county in the orange tier. of course, bowling alleys are now allowed to reopen. and that's what happened in contra. costa county paddock bowl in martinez. and welcome back. big bowlers today they are allowed to have 25% capacity and up to 50%. if the guests test negative or show proof of full vaccination. talk whether this wednesday night at 8 o'clock. a live look at the golden gate bridge or 4 is a chief. meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> shows us what to expect. don t get run over if you really see us yeah. certainly having fun. yeah, we have had a change of the weather pattern today. the winds, they kind of kicked up outside that cool down your temperatures. nice evening out there, though, tonight. you got some patchy fog along the coastline. some that start to try to make its way on shore right now. but certainly it looks like the is going to be
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a little broken as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. that means little more sunshine coming our way. >> and some warm temperatures each from timber on to the clouds there on the horizon temperatures can take a dip today as high-pressure weekend. just enough of that love for that stronger sea breeze. so 9.10, degrees cooler in some of the interior valleys for today. so numbers breaking down like this below average in the san francisco 55 degrees 59 in oakland. 62 degrees in san jose little more only at 66. that's right at the average. congress still above normal at 70 and then 66 degrees in the santa rosa. but tonight here we said we've got some patchy fog already begin to make its way along the coastline and move inside the bay. the breezes have been kicking up in some parts of the bay area. little blustery fairfield. a 22 mile an hour winds 18 in oakland out of the west 18 also at sfo. so we'll see more of that win and some pretty chilly temperatures along the coastline role in the 40's out there right now. the water's right on the coast here in the upper 40's and low 50's. so very chilly and you get that wind going of course, that's bringing that ice cold
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cool air right off the ocean and cool you down in a hurry. we're going to see some changes, though coming our way. we've got another system that's going to drop of the top of that ridge of high pressure, high pressure going to strengthen a little bit for tomorrow. so guess what gets warmer weather coming our way for tomorrow. i think we're back in the 70's in some of the interior valleys. toward the coastline. we'll keep it in the cooler 50's. there and it looks like those temperatures chilly out the beach. but mostly sunny skies in spots inland. >> right now trying to hold on i had jacket early. yeah. it was windy out yeah. all lawrence, thanks. danger on the job tonight in san mateo county. take a look at this tree workers struck by a fallen tree yesterday afternoon near pescadero cal fire says this happened near the burn area of last summer's czu lightning complex fires. fire crews say they had to use a rope system to rescue the victim 300 feet down a steep hillside. he was taken to the hospital with major injuries. still ahead, coy the site out of yellowstone national park spring, snow.
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>> a heated debate over the effort to recall governor gavin newsome. why supporters say the new sums policies pushed millions to sign the recall. in the next few weeks.
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the secretary of state is expected to announce whether the effort to recall governor gavin newsome. >> has enough valid signatures, both sides in the
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ongoing effort getting together today for a discussion on the issue. kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was there. >> any there there. governor newsom's recall qualify for the ballot later this year. expect more of this over the next several months. i feel like i'm debating donald trump interrupted. i feel like i'm debating bernie sanders. so you don't agreement sums chief strategist a smith participated in wednesday's inside the recall event hosted by the sacramento press club he says the recall is a republican attempt to gain power in california will be a national debate. >> about which is the direction california should go. is it a direction where we or actually. caring about our people. think think in taking care of them. richard direction where we go towards the division in the hate that we saw in the trump years and dozens more representing the other side as she helps raise money for the recall effort with her organization rescued california. >> and says the governor's
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pandemic-related policies pushed millions to this point. gavin newsom has to answer to the people of california. good luck. if you want to keep going on and on about that because you're talking to a universe of people. >> that are not all trumpers. they're not all you want does more work on the 2003 recall against governor gray davis, which some like into a circus inviting celebrities like eventual governor arnold schwarzenegger to jump in the race smith was asked if there are any celebrities are other potential candidates that might worry team newsome. not really. all because bp. >> the recall period. >> as news is administration plans for a full reopening for the state june 15th both sides were asked how the campaign might be affected of coronavirus restrictions have to be imposed between now and the likely election. he's not afraid of anything. >> he will do what's right. this isn't just about covid. it's going to be about more rolling blackouts. it's going to be mismanaging the power grid. it's going to be wild fires. it's going to be joblessness homelessness and all the things that started this in the first place.
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>> even though the signature count has yet to be finalized. there's already a campaign underway to try to remove signatures from the recall petition. opponents will have about a month to do that. neither side could say in this discussion how effective that will be reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> next. today. new video emerging showcasing heart breaking scenes from the border. what lawmakers have to say about how to solve this problem. and president biden's a 2 trillion dollar american jobs plan is facing an uphill battle in congress even democrats are questioning aspects of the infrastructure vision n a sickening crime out of the east bay. a couple charged with torturing their 11 year-old little girl
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>> that's just there to protect children. rather than to hurt them torture and. >> related why she was it's right. and for being right next door to my house. that makes it even terrible. >> torture and aggravated mayhem. those are among the charges and east bay couple is facing in the death of their own daughter. those charges were filed last month after their 11 year-old little girl was found dead inside their home in details of the story just absolutely horrible to hear kron forcefully dig all learned more about what investigators say the extent of the abuse lasting at least 5 months. >> this should never happen for an 11 year-old girl described as jane doe in court
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documents but identified as an eye at a memorial displayed honoring her outside her house in rodeo. this home on railroad avenue was a house of horrors. we knew that there was something weird like. >> for one. if you know it's a kid out. the house. some is definitely wrong. alan jones lives next door. a 30 year old renee diaz and his 28 year-old wife crystal. >> the contra costa county district attorney's office has charged both with one felony count of torture. one felony count of aggravated mayhem and 4 counts of child abuse. all inflicted on the 11 year-old girl over a span of 5 months day in one specific incident. >> deputy district attorney derek but says the girl was intentionally burned in. >> physical injuries that i saw involved fix dense of massive bruising and numerous areas. other injuries were described to me similar to that but says the girl's father and crystal her stepmother. >> called 911 early in the
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morning about 2 weeks ago on march 23rd reporting a medical emergency with the child. >> she was pronounced dead inside the diaz's master bedroom. >> a cause of death has not yet been determined. normally children don't just die. from a medical condition. it's on scene. we have no information that she had an outstanding or underlying medical condition. but says 3 other children ranging between the ages of 3, 9, years old. also lived in the home. but have since been removed and are safe. >> neighbor. alan jones says the parents mostly kept to themselves and typically and were not friendly. we make complaints to our landlords about him. >> and i'm sorry that it took this to. just >> has is are being held here at the martinez detention facility. their bail set at one 0.4 million dollars each. they are both due in court next week felipe gaulle kron 4
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news. >> the sharply increasing number of unaccompanied migrant children arriving at the southern border continues tonight as does the debate over how to solve the problem. unaccompanied minors like this. 10 year-old boy. border patrol agents found last week are still arriving at the southern border. democrats say that the biden administration is handling this issue one step at a time and are confident the his team will handle the growing problem. but republicans say underlying problem is actually human traffickers making money off migrants and the administration is not doing enough, they say to stop that. meanwhile, president biden's 2 trillion dollar american jobs plan now facing an uphill climb in congress with both parties questioning certain aspects of his infrastructure vision. the plan includes large investments in job training and affordable housing also improving pay and benefits for caregivers. president biden says he wants to pay for the proposal by raising taxes on corporations. but republicans argue that the
8:34 pm
tax increases will hurt an already struggling economy. it's a trojan horse for completely on doing a 2017 bill. i don't like the fact that the the plan is proposing to spe7d 50 billion dollars. >> to stand up another agency within the department of commerce. >> even some democrats are opposed to the plan. some claim some can't agree on the tax issue while others say the plan simply doesn't do enough if to go. she shuns do stall. democrats can use the budget reconciliation tool again to get the package passed without republicans. happening tomorrow. president biden is expected to unveil a series of executive actions aimed at addressing gun violence. it would be his first major action on gun control since taking office. the president is also expected to nominate david chipman, a former federal agent led the atf. if confirmed chipman would be the agency's first permanent director since 2015, biden is expected to announce tighter
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regulations requiring buyers of homemade ghost guns to undergo background checks. this weekend. join us for an exclusive statewide town hall with california senator alex padilla. we'll be talking about covid relief immigration, gun control and a whole lot more on inside california politics. if you'd like to join in on the town hall. you can submit your questions on twitter using the hashtag inside ca politics. you can catch inside california politics saturday night at 6.30. right after kron 4 news at 6. and then again, first thing sunday morning at 6.30. >> all right. take a look at this. a cold spell a big part of yellowstone national not yellow. the covered in snow. the west entrance. it was blanketed in white is a cold banned moved over montana and wyoming. yesterday the period of rain and snow meant wet and slick roads a slippery commute. i kind of hard to believe spring snowfall already. you can keep it don't
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want it want to go there. i was one of the but i don't think i want to go in the middle of a snowstorm. i want to be out the roman with the buffalo's when it's nice and that they do. all the guys are doing their get out there and enjoy it. yes, certainly the snow coming down there and that storm actually turning into a problem, as is making its way across the united states. but. >> it looks like it will be a bigger problem. i think in the coming days continue to slide as it makes its way eastward. so certainly something to watch out for us to weather could be severe at this time of year. as you make your way across the country. so expect that to happen. in fact, we are going to see more changes on the way as we've got that snow storm. you see right up here. all those little bubbles, those all filled with snow. those all reports 4 to 7 inches of snow coming down across the country. now, here's that same same storm system making its way across parts louisiana, mississippi right now. well, this cause some problems. you can see a tornado came down. did some damage to a home there early on, northern louisiana, certainly some scary weather there. but back out west, we go and things kind of quieting
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down. we have the wind out there. but tomorrow those winds subside a little bit still breezy temperatures pop in the 70's in the north bay still cool 50's out toward the coast like guys. lawrence, thanks. still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news today. >> including new details about what caused the crash that involved golfing legend tiger woods to undergo multiple surgeries. the new details. still to come. >> smiles for the camera. welcome back. at to disney world set florida's steam park. they're implementing a new rule about mask wearing. plus good news for some bay area hooper's the warriors basketball academy is once again holding inperson programs in camps after a long pause during the pandemic.
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let's bring. on. spring. use your phone to grow a garden. and rent tools from the world's biggest toolbox. this is doing like never before. this is today's home depot. how doers get more done.
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>> tonight. 2 people are behind bars in connection to an armed robbery of a convenience store in san mateo yesterday morning. investigators say that. but the ceo bustamante walked into the 7.11 with a gun stole $1200 in cash along with more than $800 and cigarettes before taking off in a car detectives believe his girlfriend was behind the wheel of that car. police later arrested her authorities later tracked bustamante down to his mother's house in hayward during a search of the house. police say they found a bag along with a cache, a red mask and pistol that they all say were used in that robbery. more than 6 weeks later we're getting a clearer picture and some harrowing details into
8:41 pm
what led up to tiger woods nearly losing his life today. the la county sheriff's department said the cause behind the crash speed. the primary causal factor for this traffic collision was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate. >> the curve of the roadway estimated speed that the first area of impact were 84 to 87 miles per hour in the final estimated speed when the vehicle struck the tree was 75 miles per hour. >> authorities say woods was driving in a 45 mile per hour zone and ranchos. rancho palace. verdes is they say his car jumped a median hit a street sign and then crossed several lanes before crashing into a tree. investigators also saying today that no drugs or alcohol were inside of the system. woods is currently in florida recovering from surgery. >> next, a use of force expert and a special agent from minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension. among those testify in the derek chauvin
8:42 pm
trial today. why some are saying the momentum in the case has shifted and in sports, the a's looking to finally break through to get their first w of the season. sports director jason dumas school have th
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>> 5 folks today testifying in the derek chauvin trial day 8 use of force expert from los angeles. police. >> a special agent for minnesota's bureau of criminal apprehension, which is the state's version of the fbi
8:45 pm
along with 3 forensic experts. now we do want to warn you, some people may find this video disturbing reporter janel forte is in minneapolis with a look at today's proceedings. >> it's packed today the defense tackling a piece of its central argument. the george floyd was under the influence of drugs that day last may. and that's ultimately what led to his death, not the actions of former officer derek chauvin. their focus on what george floyd said in a key piece of body camera things. i your reason. >> and i can make it out. >> the question first came up during the defense's cross examination of los angeles pd sergeant jody steiger then brought up again when minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension agent james ryerson took the stand. >> asking certain listened to mister floyd's. did you hear that? yes, appear that mister
8:46 pm
fine said i too many drugs the prosecution redirecting her hand. and listen to that piece of audio and trying figure you're saying. >> and i know. >> so that was an exercise mister nelson asked for the first time sitting there. >> yes, the prosecution then played a longer clip of the video having heard in context. i want to tell. what mister for the same. yes, i believe mister for saying i do >> with all different than what you are asked about. we saw. >> that jonelle ford reporting a witness testimony will begin again tomorrow morning, though lawyers may meet with the judge publicly before that to hash out some legal issues. a new report from the new york times claims that in battle. florida congressman matt gaetz asked the white house for a presidential pardon during the final weeks of the trump administration. the requests
8:47 pm
dismissed inside of the white house but the justice department is investigating whether or not gaetz had a relationship with a 17 year-old girl and paid for her to travel with him, which would violate trafficking laws. the congressman has denied any wrongdoing. a spokesperson for gates says that his pardon request was not related to the current justice department investigation. >> smiles. so we'll have to hit for much longer at disney world in florida starting tomorrow visitors at the theme park resort. will it be able to remove their masks least temporarily for some outdoor photos. this is a slight tweak to the requirement that all workers and visitors ages 2 and up. wear masks except when they are actively eating or drinking provided there, socially distant and not moving around. not yet clear if the same rule will be in place when disneyland reopens here in california at the end of the month. we got some good news for bay area hooper's the warriors basketball academy is holding in person programs and
8:48 pm
camps again after a long pause during this. and don'ts of the don't say the of course, there plenty of safety protocols in place, including mask be worn at all times. >> right now. the warriors are actually calling on more girls to get involved through their shoot 3.60 bay area girls, challenge. the ladies were in action hitting the court today as well. honing their skills at the academies oakland facility. cal star and the wnba even stopped by to give them some tips. he says it's great to see. >> the warriors academy in action. >> been involved i play. i place of some of girls like first time a trainer folks like this. so other words to get back to. >> the warriors basketball academy is also moving forward with plans for their very popular summer camps. but
8:49 pm
there will be some changes this year to make sure that everyone stay safe. we have more details including a link on how you can sign up all that available right now at kron 4 dot com. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the a's are still searching for that elusive win number one of the season, then they haven't come close to getting it. they've been outscored 41 to 14 coming into today. but guess what? today is a new day. let's head out to the town split household right there. dodgers fan? a fan. how does that work already? the a's were playing desperate like a team that didn't want to end the day when list newcomer elvis andrus with a sacefly in the bottom of the 9th to tie this game up. we are going to extras already. bottom of the 10th mitch moreland, another one of those new guys hits a flare to center that drops. matt comes on and the score mark and i mean, that's the walk-off
8:50 pm
single the a's finally get their first win after dropping their first 6 games of the season for 3 in oakland in 10 innings. the giants hoping to take the series against the padres top of the second. no score one on for deron ruffin. he sends this bad boy on a ride going and going trying to get to it at the wall. but it is off his glove and over the wall that counts for a 2 run shot. giant strike. first they lead 2 to nothing. a solo shot by wil myers in the 8th would tie it, sending it into extras. and here's a grand finale in that have runners on the corners that is deep enough for donovan solano to send someone home. there's the winning run by alex dickerson and giants. they go on to win 3 to 2. they take 2 out of 3 from san diego. they'll come home for their season. home opener. this friday against the rockies today, san jose
8:51 pm
state officially introduced their new head coach tim miles. he touched down in the bay area. around noon and got straight to work. miles has a reputation for turning programs around. he to both colorado state and nebraska to the big dance after long tournament droughts for both programs after parting ways with the cornhuskers in 2019. he spent a couple years as a television analyst kind of like us. but today he told kron four's kate rooney that he's missed coaching a team of his own. what are people going to able to see when they see a 10 miles coach san jose state team on the floor. yeah. will be a feisty been child. i'm irish catholic with the big but the >> you'll see it later. but, you know, i want team that that is going to go out work really hard. execute your stuff always give themselves a chance. we're going eliminate losing first, then we can win. so we'll be hard working. we'll be plays hard and fast. and i think people really
8:52 pm
enjoy it. so san jose state's football program just had their best season in program history. a few months back. >> now the basketball program has a new coach. hopefully they can follow suit in. have a great year in his opening season. we like to news like that. thanks. it's racing. >> get ready. gator, mating season is under way. that's right, folks. coming up, we are seeing and hearing the first steps in a monthslong process of finding a mate to building a nest. how you don't want to get caught in sheriff's
8:53 pm
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8:55 pm
florida releasing them some body-cam images of deputies are helping out some conservation capture a big 10 foot long gator found under a parked car at an apartment complex that's intense. all right. so the sunshine state is a popular vacation spot this time of year. but if you're looking for some sun surf and sand. >> you should also be aware that it is gator mating season. felicia bolden shows us how you can protect yourself from an unexpected encounter. >> it's close from stocking at the front. >> gator wrangler and a common practice for authorities in florida as they help wildlife experts safely transfer the reptiles back to their natural habitats, especially now that
8:56 pm
mating season has gather in the wetland areas of the males call for the females by vibrate arch their backs up in their tails. that's how you know, it's mating season you hear those? the bellowing rumbles and see the alligators rippling the water service with that vibration. according to the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. the courtship process begins in april making happens in may or june before females build a nest. >> for about 32 to 46 eggs after little more than 2 months of incubation the eggs will hatch from mid august to early september is a juice key with the national wildlife federation says the ones to watch or the males. the males get a little bit more territorial. >> and again, they're out there trying to find a mate and they're showing off with their fellows and their rumbles try fight other males away when it comes to the
8:57 pm
egg-laying season, the females will build it up. a nest on the ground a compost pile. they stack up a lot of education. they lay their eggs in there. it's warm days are incubated and the females do aggressively defend those nests experts urge people to be careful and pay close attention when spending time around fresh or brackish water. and to swim in the daylight hours because they are more active at dusk. >> that was felicia bolton reporting for us and that those wrap up kron 4 news at 8. don't go anywhere, though. the key and i back with you at the top of the hour. >> the city of san jose facing a lawsuit over the fatal police shooting of unarmed man by the family's attorneys say that officers were on a mission to execute, not a mission to a restless, a church in the south bay. the victim of a racist zuma bomb during its easter service health. the entire community is now rallying behind the century old church. those
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when prime time from the bay area's local news stations. you're watching kron 4 news at noon on shot killed. >> and then let a dog maul an arm and the family deserves justice and they deserve and now at 9 the family of a man shot and killed by san jose police. they have filed a lawsuit against the city. 27 year-old. david tovar. it was wanted in connection with the murder and other violent crimes when he was kille


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