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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> another bay area county has expanded covid vaccine eligibility to people 16 and older alameda county joins contra, costa county, santa clara county and certain parts of san francisco, depending on your zip code that allow everybody 16 and older to register for a dose of covid there. 8 san francisco zip codes that are doing that in this change comes just days before everybody 16 and older in the whole state of california. it's going to be allowed to sign up. that takes place on thursday. now here's a check on how many vaccines have been distributed in the 4 counties. we're talking about. you have more than 1.0, one in alameda county, 828,00g or so in contra, costa county, about 684,000 in san francisco and santa clara county comparable to alameda. one 0.1 almost 1.2 million there in santa clara county.
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>> and over in the east bay, one of california's largest mass vaccination sites of the oakland coliseum will remain open for at least another month. kron four's charles clifford has the details. well, originally the vaccination site here at the coliseum was going to close down this week. but a deal was reached between the state alameda county. >> and contra costa county to keep it open. that's good news, especially as california expand its vaccination eligibility. >> under the new agreement. alameda county contra, costa county and cal. oh yes. will form a joint command to operate this site equipment, the tense and people working here will remain for at least 4 more weeks until may 9th the state will provide half of the weekly vaccine supply for the site. the counties will provide the other half with the goal of doing about 6,000 vaccinations per day contra. costa county health officials are confident they can keep that pace up for at least the next month. i think that number will be we still don't know exactly what will happen after. i think and when the initial four-week extension.
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>> his transition to the next phase. so we're still working on that. expect the to be stable or maybe even good on a little bit. if demand goes down. >> it really depends on how many people are yet to be vaccinated in the community are interested in vaccination as of april 12th anyone 16 years or older who lives in contra, costa county or alameda county can now make an appointment. this location has 17 drive-thru lanes. but there are also walk-up appointments available now. anyone who wants to make an appointment of this site needs to go online at my turn. dot ca dot gov. or you can go to kron 4 dot com. we have links and information there as well. >> but for now in alameda county, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> on the peninsula. you can get covid shots at facebook's menlo park headquarters there opened up a vaccination site over the weekend for people who live in underserved communities. the goal is to vaccinate 10,000 people in the next few weeks. so big deal. i'm around a lot of elderly people so i don't even want to
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get. nobody said they are helping the >> which is very beautiful. could we are in part it's really nice yeah. it's a blessing. >> more shots in arms. the better. no doubt facebook says no appointments are necessary. just show up. >> and sales force will begin bringing their employees back to work in their us offices starting with san francisco's assailed force sales force tower and their palo alto locations in may. kron four's a morning. kelly reports that this will be a gradual return and those first workers to volunteer to come back to the office will have to be fully vaccinated. >> the second largest building west of the mississippi has been a vertical ghost town but starting mid-may sales force workers who have been fully vaccinated. we'll be able to voluntarily come inside and work in cohorts of 100 people or fewer on designated floors with safety protocols and covid testing on site. eventually they will open up capacity from 20 to 75% and
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allow non vaccinated employees inside. they do say they plan to open up at full capacity at some point down the line at the same time, they've also extended their work from home. option through at least the end of the year. but having the city's largest private employer signal a return, even a gradual one is good news for those downtown small businesses. they have managed to survive the pandemic. >> here's the owner of don's grill. this means. >> everything. i mean, the city, as you know, no foot traffic really right now. tourism is down so much. obviously and so having such a workforce coming back into the downtown area hopefully brighten up the economy. >> executive director of the bay area council economic institute says, well, the spring back to the way it used to be. this announcement is a step in the right direction. comuanies are planning for a future. and when we had talked
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to companies, even just a few weeks or months ago they're all pointing to the summertime. some are pointing to the fall. >> i do think the pace of vaccinations has allowed for companies to accelerate those time lines at least a little bit. i think the other thing that's happening you're particularly in the tech industry. so one big tech titans says i'm going to do acts generally some of the others tend to follow a little bit but experts as the one wild card that could shape san francisco's economic outlook. >> is remote work. >> how many people will come back full-time part-time or not at all. >> that's a picture he expects to begin to take shape some time next year when hopefully this pandemic is behind us. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> and taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it's there. but see it. >> if you see rain, it. if you if if 2020 vision, maybe you can see the little. but is that the south tower lawrence.
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this moisture in that picture. but yeah, we need legitimate. >> we want win a ring that out. there's none of it no, no, it's not seeing any rain at all right now we're going to see some of that fog come back. maybe if you're lucky, get a little drizzle in some spots right along the coastline but not going to be much out there today. you certainly saw beautiful sunshine. then you see the clouds beginning creep back on shore. we'll see a little more that overnight tonight. but the air is cold enough to not supporting a lot of fog either. so maybe couple patches along the coastline. you see the model trying to pick up a little drizzle near half moon bay. but that is about it. that i think is long gone as we head throughout the afternoon tomorrow. but that breeze kicks up in those temperatures. going to feel cool in spots. in fact, in the san francisco. yes, going to be breezy in the afternoon, maybe about 57 degrees, golden gate park about 50 the marina 61 downtown. low to mid 50's along the coastline by tomorrow afternoon. the winds kicking up there as well. you can see the wind right to the san bruno gap into the airport. you know, northern parts of millbrae. you live there. you know all about it that we can really whip,
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especially toward the afternoon hours some of those gusts maybe over 30 miles per hour in some spots. so not as much weight in the south bay your little bit sheltered. there you see temperatures cooler mainly in the mid 60's. maybe some 70's in the interior valleys away from the influence that onshore breeze. you get to walnut creek he could conquered get a little more. you can see some of those temperatures up in the 70's elsewhere. you see those numbers high of 70 degrees and less 75 in benicia back toward the coastline. we'll cool down into the 50's. now, of course we like it's rained on that. doesn't look like it's going to happen. high-pressure holding on. so here we the next couple days the temperatures probably to come down just a little bit through the middle of the week and then we'll watch those winds calm down. the temperatures start to warm up a little bit on thursday. then we get into this weekend. how about that on saturday. temperatures. the 80's, maybe some mid 80's by sunday, guys. all right. that's warm. thank you, lawrence. still ahead tonight need some extra cash. >> who doesn't right. how one company is giving you that chance while enjoying everything america's favorite pastime has to offer.
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>> and president biden has nominated his new customs and border protection. she's area >> plus the first dog is headed back to school in person. yeah. we'll tell you why major is once again and the dog acts.
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>> what a president biden's dog says going back to obedience school after 2 now recent biting incidents. major
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saying their bit a secret service agent last month and that injury required a bit of medical attention. the german shepherd youngster also nipton other white house staffer during a walk. an official says major was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted. the dog will undergo additional training in the dc area over the next few weeks. >> and a troubled all in need of a home is winning the hearts of people across the internet after his foster mom brutally honest, couple meet prancer from new jersey. his foster mom tiffany fortuna affectionately refers to him as a haunted victorian child in the of a small dog now for tennis as prancer only likes women. nothing else and is specially hates men and children. she coats. i know finding someone who wants to chucky doll in a dog's body is hard. but i have to try. >> i would take him.
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>> well, he wouldn't coming up after the break. warriors. steph curry could be hitting a huge milestone and we've got an upda
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>> welcome back. and as we know, fans are now back at chase center. least some of them and they could be in for a real treat tonight. maybe history in the building. >> that's right. so steph curry is already a future hall of famer but not after tonight. he could also be the team's all-time leading score
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kylen mills is over at chase center for us live. and she has more on all of the exciting news kylen. >> hey, grandson eyes. yes, a lot of exciting news regarding steph curry. but first we want to talk a little bit about the injury to star rookie center. james wiseman, we just heard from steve kerr about 15 minutes ago. he did confirm that wiseman suffered a meniscus injury. but he said at this point there is no exact diagnosis or timeline for his recovery. he said they have a number of doctors looking at an mri that was performed on his right knee and that they're waiting to hear from a lot of different experts before drawing a conclusion to the warriors will be without james wiseman tonight and indefinitely until we do receive more specifics about his injury. now tonight, though, a big night like you mentioned, 4 star steph curry. we want to show you a couple some moments. he hasn't made his way onto the court yet today. so we show you some
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past curry highlights in regards to tonight's game. he is on pace to surpass the great wilt chamberlain to become the all-time leading scorer in warriors history. he is just 18 points behind will right now. so 19 points tonight against theuggets would get him there. and while this milestone is huge, there's no doubt, though, that staff. >> has cemented his legacy with this organization already. he will go down as one of the greatest shooters to ever play the game. and one of the greatest to ever put on a warriors uniform tonight, though, will be a tough task for stephon company. the nuggets, a very hot team right now. they have won 8 out of their last 10 since the nba trade deadline when they acquired big aaron gordon. plus they've nikola jokic so obviously a big force in their frontcourt tonight. tipoff is set for 07:00pm. and of course we'll be bringing you much more coming up later tonight on kron 4 news for now. we're live at the chase center. kylen mills kron 4 sports. all right. appreciate it. kylen enjoy the night. >> thanks. guy. love.
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>> baseball season is in full swing. and if you love ballpark food, you've got the perfect job listing of for you. review site. bonus finder launched a new contest to find a professional major league baseball food winner of the contest will be given $500 as well as a budget for food and travel. the test is expected to travel to mlb stations stadiums rather, to watch games. try their hot dogs and then give reviews on each of joining the parties. well, lawrence, the company is accepting applications until may. so are they. so he'll be think about it lies that the wind at some of these ballparks. yeah. it's going to be ferocious. you gotta. >> hold onto your hats. put on your dog's and given on a singer's. you got you really do. and you know, i think that looks good. having one of those and over a year right. all right. it is weather time
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and you saw a lawrence, you'll see him again. and it was just a beautiful bay area weekend. but yeah, the winds, as we mentioned, are going to be picking up a little bit. yeah, guys, we're going to see some gusty winds around the bay area. some of these blustery winds may be over 30 miles per hour, especially along the boastline. >> and in through some of those mountain gaps up toward half moon bay. hey, could out your skies today that some fog there was a single right by the camera there. as we got out toward the coast. you can see some blustery conditions. not many folks out there right now. it is cool out along the coastline in those cool temperatures will likely continue the next couple of days. today we saw 50 degrees in san francisco. that was a little bit below the average big contrast in temperatures. we'll see more and more this as we get further in the season. 80's and look more to the atm so much warmer there and well above the average and 74 degrees in santa rosa and san jose low clouds and fog are starting turn along the coastline. see trying to form there just south now a half moon bay. we'll see a little more of that. it will be a little patchy overnight
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tonight. just a little too cold. the atmosphere to really see a serious fog bank forming so far, but that will change in the not too distant future highs tomorrow will be running up in the 50's co side. some 60's inside the bay plan on some 70's guys in the warmest valleys. thank you. or it's president biden has nominated former richmond police chief richmond in the east bay. chris magnus to leave us customs and border protection, which is the largest federal law enforcement agency in the country magnus lead richmond police department from 2006 until 2015, he's considered a progressive leader. the focuses on community building and insists on police accountability. >> enrichment. he was known for reducing the number of shootings and killings and helping to rebuild community trust in law enforcement. he currently serves as the chief of police in tucson, arizona. >> coming up next, kron 4 isn't going anywhere. but some of your favorite tv shows are calling it quits and ending. that's up after the break.
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>> a lot of favorite tv shows are calling it quits. not going to be back for another season. >> don't worry, though kron 4 is here to stay. but 7 shows in total are ending entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier has the story. >> tonight greg, you're right on the money said ensure so far here is the list and the reactions no wrong to them. this is a warning.
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>> it's crazy because it's been best season so far. the man who plays big. i've or you can still said 5 years ago he was nervous to take up the mantle of an icon. unlike the roger moore of macgyver is now thanks to your low out. >> a guy was an comes after the announcement that 2 more cbs shows won't be coming back and see. i s new orleans and mom that has morphed a to relationships between these these women. >> they haven't been here so much they're going to be moments where you're rejected. you have to face a lot of rejection to get to the yes and unfortunately it was a no from nbc to bring back jalen company for another season of world of dance. the cw's supergirl also ends after 6 seasons and brooklyn. 9, 9, has been canceled again. >> lows that and for tim allen fans, the countdown begins their 6 episodes left, including the hourlong series finale of last man standing
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airing may 20th on i used to say that we just let us know if you're going to get canceled so we can write write is out and they told us up front said, okay, this will be last season. was it was you have to say it's your fault. it's all your fault. i blame yet. >> and by the way, has one show ends new ones begin like john stamos takes us exclusively behind the scenes of his new disney plus series big shots. that's tonight right here on tee. you don't want to miss it for entertainment tonight. >> i'm kevin frazier. >> entertainment. tonight is also here to stay to watch it right here on kron. 4 at 7.30 and we're here to stay. that is absolutely right. there have crowned for news at 5 tonight at 6, another police shooting of an unarmed black man is sparking outrage across the country. >> officer says they meant to tase the suspect but instead use their gun and this is something the bay area has seen before in the deadly shooting of oscar grant more than 10 years ago. we have reaction from grant's family. also coming up at 6 as more
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people get vaccinated for covid, not as many again, getting tested regularly. but local doctors are warning that could be a problem. we'll explain in a live report. keep it here. kron 4 news at 6 is next.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at
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>> now it's 6 officials have released this chilling body camera video of a deadly police shooting in minnesota. it happened during a traffic stop in a minneapolis suburb. the city's police chief says the officer apparently intended to fire her taser. but instead she used her gut good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus not turn to hernia in for vicki liviakis tonight. >> this latest shooting hits close to home for the bay area back in 2009 22 year-old oscar grant was fatally shot and killed by a bart police officer. your has really claimed he accidentally used his gun instead of his 10 taser. he was later charged with murder but was convicted of a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter in 2010. he was sentenced to 2 years in prison but was released after only serving


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