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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 14, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all of this related to the tree. and i mean all of us and the last thing i'll say to disgraced mayor foppoli. >> is resign. you rate best. >> i have my head held high because i know deep in my heart that have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared. >> now at 9 happening right now, the mayor of windsor remains defiant saying he will not resign from office despite
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6 claims of assault against him. and tonight that sonoma county mayor dominic foppoli faced his constituents and council members for the first time since news of the allegations surface. good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. a special council meeting has been underway in windsor where town leaders are calling for dominic foppoli to step down. >> kron four's jonathan mccall is live in the studio with the latest on what's happening yeah. now 3 hours into the special meeting ken and kathryn, this is actually the first time tripoli has spoken since last thursday when these allegations. >> first surfaced with poli refusing to step down right now. there is very little that the winds are council can do at this point. the only options available for them is to recall him from office or if he's convicted on any charges having removed 6 women have accused mayor dominic foppoli of harassment. one of those alleged victims is windsor councilwoman esterly
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miss lemus recusing herself from tonight's meeting saying that she is part of the ongoing criminal investigation. she claims that 4 poli drugged and assaulted her on at least 2 occasions during the meeting. tonight, the remaining members of the council asking for poli to step down for the sake of the town right now. folks and winds are also getting a chance to share their thoughts on everything that's been happening and asking for for poli to step down as well. a woman who is a assault victim, not connected to this case. joining in on those calls. >> you make in this county relive that horrible things that have happened to us. you do not have the right to be a mayor in this county. it is not a right to be a politician. but i have to live with the fact with the things that happen to me every single day. and you have created an atmosphere where i hope no safe place and this county. i'm not without fault, but i'm not a criminal.
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>> and i along with the rest of the council members on this call have worked tremendously hard to build the town we live in today. to conclude i ask the people of windsor this. let the attorney general in the justice system aside, if i did anything wrong when it comes to these allegations. >> tonight, some winds are not only calling for full poli to step down. they're calling for the entire council to step down. you may remember just last night we first told you about the council knew about allegations against for poli dating all the way back to 2017 and then again in 2020 tonight, winds is town. mayor said that letter from 2017 detailing an alleged incident in 2013 was given to then mayor debra fudge who currently sits on the council. but that letter was never given to police. the town manager ken mcnabb said the person who wrote it never wanted for poli to face charges then or even now. >> all we had was hearsay. there's no specifics of any crimes to investigate. also we
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do not conduct criminal investigations without a victim. >> 4 police has claimed that he never violated any of the women and any contact was consensual. as we mentioned, the california attorney general's office has now taken over this investigation so much still to come, ken and catherine, that meeting still going on right now. it's and as you said, it's been what, 3 3 hours. and once again a mere 4 poli getting an earful right now because this is actually the first time that the folks in windsor have been able to address him about the allegations. and right now it's definitely not good. so the council can take them out. but is there talk of a recall effort right now. there is talk of that. so far nothing official has been filed, but talking with a number of folks in the town. that is something that they are moving forward to doing very. so. thank you, jonathan. in san francisco, a daycare workers been charged with crimes against children. federal authorities say jace long was found in possession of child. >> the 26 year-old is accused
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of posting child abuse images and videos to a social media app. an undercover officer allegedly trace wong's cell phone to a day care center and says that one was arrested as he left that day care center. he has worked in other day care facilities, including one in livermore if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. the family of a man shot and killed by redwood city police in 2018 is suing the department now. >> that lawsuit says that officers killed kyle hart at his home while he was suffering from a mental health crisis. police say they acted in self-defense because hart was armed with a knife. kron four's. dan thorn is live in redwood city. he joins us with more on this lawsuit. dan. well, catherine hart's wife says. >> that her husband at the time who was also a teacher at a school in nearby palo alto was suffering from anxiety and he was hurting himself before
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police arrived. she called redwood city police hoping that the officers would be able to de escalate the situation. and she says instead they came, they killed him. they shot him and she's hoping that this lawsuit will eventually get the police department to make changes to how they respond to mental health issues. there's no police body cam video to show the moments before redwood city police officers killed kyle hart. >> hart's wife, kristen called police on december 10th 2018 saying her husband used a knife to cut his arm neck and chest. the lawsuit alleges within seconds of police arriving in their backyard. kyle was shot and killed. >> it's not just like did not intend to i called 911, out as we're trying to do. instead of giving us how the police arrive with guns drawn and checking our backyard announcing the lawsuit wednesday hart says her husband, then a teacher at screen middle school in palo
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alto had been diagnosed with anxiety and was taking medication but had no history of violent behavior. >> she says the officers did not try to help heart before killing him. i don't know who they shot. they were there to serve and protect it was not my family. the officers involved were cleared of any criminal charges after the district attorney said the killing was justified redwood city police say the officers were acting in self-defense because the use of a taser failed to keep heart from charging at them with the knife hearts lawyer says this case is another example of how police poorly handle mental health crises time. >> distant space. we have set. >> all could have been done and none of it instead directions hart says over the last 2 years, the city has failed to make changes on policing policies related to mental health calls one push, however, has been the use of police body cameras which city officials say are in the process of being deployed when i would love to see come out
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of it. is a comprehensive approach city police respond to a person crisis. >> proper equipment and training are part of events that has been based in a culture really values all people. >> well, the redwood city city manager would not comment on this lawsuit but did say the city has sense teamed up with the san mateo county health behavioral and recovery services group in order to come up with a new way to respond to these mental health issues. as for the lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages. catherine. >> all right. dan haydon, which is the city stand giving body cameras to police officers. >> so they made up that new policy just before the new year. and we've been told by redwood city officials at that program has been fully funded and they're expecting to have a body cameras fully deployed to the police department by june. >> all right. dan thorn reporting for us live. thank you, dan. in minnesota. the
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former police officer who shot dante wright during a traffic stop was arrested today. prosecutors are charging kim potter with second degree manslaughter potter resign from their brooklyn center. minnesota police department. >> after 26 years on the force, she says the shooting was an accident. she said she thought she grabbed her taser. not her gun brooklyn center. mayor mike elliott said potter is still entitled to benefits following her resignation, though it is not clear exactly what those retirement benefits are. well, protests have been happening nationwide. some sunday's shooting in brooklyn center. a minneapolis suburb. >> the demonstrations began peacefully last night. they did later turned violent more than 60 people were arrested. not everyone is participating in those kinds of demonstrations. the local business community in minneapolis. they stepped up
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to support the mother of dante rights child. they gave the family a for china would occur. a check for $17,000 today. >> such a tiny thing that we can do and. we're hopefully going to keep showing up here with checks and lifting you and your son up to now. try to make a difference in this community. >> today, the defense team in the derek chauvin trial continued to try pointing to other causes of george floyd's death. a pathologist took the stand and explained that he believed floyd died because of a heart rhythm problem caused by heart disease. the defense expert claimed other factors such as drug use and even car exhaust from the nearby running police car could play a role as well. but prosecutors try to poke holes in that theory you shouldn't carry kickbacks. >> you shouldn't try to confuse the jury. did you see
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any you're monitoring data. that actually would give you any information. as to what amount of carbon monoxide if any, would have been in this breathing zone. no, because it was not tested. he was a yes or no question. you haven't seen any have. i have not seen you need it. >> experts that testified for the prosecution said floyd died from lack of oxygen from being pinned down from more than 9 minutes. the defense has been trying to show that former officer chauvin did what he was trained to do and other factors caused floyd's death. >> now to the latest on the state's coronavirus vaccine rollout. california expand covid vaccine eligibility tomorrow to everybody. 16 and older and that will be a first for some bay area counties like san mateo kron 4 senators joins us now live what people can expect when trying to sign
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up. finally, that's a problem. taylor people can sign up. but can they actually get an appointment. >> well can in anticipation of this large expansion tomorrow. the state is working on its my turn website to fix any glitches. and also, you know, make sure things run smoothly its latest version of the website will go live late tonight, but they do remind us just because you're eligible doesn't necessarily mean that you get an appointment right away. due to limited supply. as california expands its covid-19 vaccine eligibility on thursday to everyone. 16 and older. >> the state's department of health is launching a new version of its my turn website to handle the heavy traffic expected in the coming days. they say the website will be able to handle up to 300,000 transactions per hour within my turn. we're operating. >> over a 100,000. shots per day. we're looking speed 0.1
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million vaccinations delivered through my turn proper again, this is because those will be the end, be providers and clinics that are run within my turn and then also we have a prediction of over a vaccinations per week. we actually think that's a conservative estimate with the opening 16. plus, we think we're going to see more that and we have more the cape capacity with the system to manage that. the department of health says. >> it's made incremental improvements to the website every couple of weeks. so as people try to sign up on thursday. the mainly only notice a smooth a registration process. but as counties like san mateo, expand eligibility, its covid-19 vaccination branch. chief doctor ananda cha bread reminds us that initially not everyone will get an appointment. the main thing is that there will be a lot of people. >> a lot of additional people. you know, eligible to get a vaccine and trying to get the
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supply hasn't changed since the day it won't change much more. and so again, i think just that that recognition that it may take a little time. please be patient. please be persistent. doctor chopra stresses to also search for appointments through your local health providers or pharmacies like cvs or not yet integrated into the my turn system working with cbs in this case as as them is named for better working with them to get them to on board to my turn. >> while providers like kaiser permanente here in south san francisco are on board an integrated into that might turn system. the california department of health says it's also working to get federal partners like cbs as well as smaller private providers on board with that system. in the meantime, you know, this is just another reminder to try all avenues to get your appointment. >> so taylor of that. that is the big frustrations. so if you live in san mateo county and you know, everybody saying be patient. what's what is patients, how long his patient
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a week, 2 weeks a month. i mean, what are we talking about here. >> you know, can i really wish i had an answer to that and they did have a you know, demo of this new my turn roll out today and that was a question asked. but they did not have a set timeline on when those available available appointments might be released. so they say, you know, just to continue to try to be persistent and get in there as soon as you can. but that's the very latest here in south san francisco, tiller sacher reporting. back to you. >> all right, taylor, thank you for that. well, stanford began its pfizer vaccine trial for children under 12 today. children 2 to 5 years old, got their first shots kron 4 s noelle bellow talk to some of their family members. >> what happened at the doctor today a as soon as kristen angelica luck or found out there was a vaccine trial. their 3 year-old daughter eloise could participate in. they signed up preparation for today. we we told her about the vaccine and wanted to make
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sure that it was something that he got to be part of making that decision. she was full of did a great job to go with the trooper phase. one of the pfizer trial for children aged 2 to 5 began wednesday at the stanford location heading up. that trial is pediatrics infectious disease expert doctor yvonne maldonado we're really looking forward to. >> making sure that children can have access to vaccines as well. entire trial will have less than 5,000 kids under 12 involved nationwide right now we're focusing on the 2 to 5 year-old and the 6 left a 2 year-old. >> and those will be dose finding. so looking at the right. those wednesday morning eloise and a few other little ones got their blood drawn nose swab just a little further and arms pricked >> they all receive the vaccine. when you're doing a phase one study. you have to do with those fighting to you have to give the actual those. the kids will retorn in another few weeks for their second doses. the entire trial
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will last several months. something little course are happy about this definitely been a positive, just knowing that will have such excellent care. >> she's going through this trial. something that's maybe a moment of discomfort be a little uncomfortable for a short period of time. but you know that a lot of parents aren't as lucky and are really waiting for this to be a reality for their children who are more vulnerable. and so really proud that we have a child who was open to being part of the trial. the trial doesn't end here. stanford will also be enrolling 5 to 12 year olds for phase 3 trials later this spring. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> indoor live events such as conferences and receptions can return to san francisco as soon as tomorrow. mayor london breed announced today the city will open up more activities allowed in the orange reopening tier san francisco, open indoor ticketed events up to 35% capacity conference in receptions can hold up to a
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150 people indoors with a safety plan in place and keep the mask on when not eating or drinking and groups of up to 50 or more people may now gather together outdoors with face coverings and distancing in place all of the details are on our website. kron 4 dot com. a big story tonight, a with fire conditions getting drier seemingly by the minute fire season approaching. >> a new report finds serious problems with pg e's fire mitigation plan. that report is from an independent watchdog group within the california public utilities commission kron four's dan kerman has details. >> this california heads into another dry fire season last year's eruption of wildfires remains at the forefront of everyone's mind. now a new report finds pacific gas and electric's 2021 wildfire mitigation plan is severely flawed. >> we want them this take ownership of their failures.
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do better listen to people who are concerned about this and make their system safe. >> nathaniel skinner is with the public advocate's office. that's the independent consumer watchdog within the california public utilities commission. he says pg e's plan has failed to properly prioritize the riskiest areas most prone to wild fire when it comes to tree trimming and infrastructure upgrades. >> doing this kind of work prevents things like the kincade fire the north bay fires and for them to be doing it in areas that don't have the same risk of causing a catastrophic wildfire is irresponsible. >> current path is the same as their old path which is deny deny, deny and and point at other things that have nothing to do with their responsibilities. >> we'll abrams lost his home during 27 teens north bay fire storm. he says, to be
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effective pg knees, wildfire plan must identify past failures indicate how they plan to going forward. they need to make the fixes to get this stuff need to identify with the failures are from these wildfires and just go fix it. >> and that's part of affected wildfire mitigation. in a statement pg and e says are 2021 wildfire mitigation plan highlighted many of the ways we prioritized customer safety, including conducting more than 1800 miles of enhanced vegetation management. >> they say we also recognize some gaps in 2020 and offered specific plans for addressing those gaps. they conclude we look forward to working with stakeholders to continue improving our performance and addressing the state's ever growing wildfire risk. >> the cpu sees wildfire safety commission will review pg plan in may. >> following that the full commission will review the play. >> and cpu see headquarters in san francisco. dan kerman kron
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4 news. >> there are a time for another look at the forecast as we look out over the city that's beautiful. nice take little warmer hard to beat that view. hard to beat the weather out there, lawrence, going to get a little bit warmer president to say, yeah, we're going to try. we're going to try to beat that. i think as we head in the next few days, especially this weekend. i mean, the last weekend was fantastic this next weekend, maybe even a little bit of the hot side for some folks around the bay area. so here we go. we've got high pressure trying to build in. of course, we've had that area of low pressure spinning around just to the east of us and generating some of those breezy conditions in the afternoon over san francisco tonight, mostly clear skies. some patchy fog trying to former seen a couple batches full by from time to time temperatures. >> bounce upward a little bit today 61 in san francisco 65 for a high in oakland. we have 70's beautiful weather in livermore and also the san jose 73 in concord at 69 right at the average in santa rosa. talking about that low. and here it is, spinning east of us now is moving further and further to the east as it moves out of town hour winds.
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start to calm down a little bit. we'll still get that afternoon sea breeze, but it just will be as blustery as we've had over the past couple days. right now. still 80 miles per hour in the san francisco 9 at sfo 17 into fairfield and 40 miles an hour at stinson beach, temperatures a little cool spots. you've got some 40's and 50's around the bay area. but things are changing in the atmosphere overnight tonight likely going to see a couple of patches of fog form along the coastline and through the morning hours then most that will start to dissipate. but then by tomorrow night i think we'll see more of an onshore push actually is the atmosphere starts to warm up the more likelihood that we'll start to see more of that fog forming as well. so temperatures tomorrow going to be nice. lot of 70's inland 60's inside the bay of 50's along the coastline. the next couple days. warmer temperatures up slowly. then we get the weekend. that's really again. the sweet spot, sunshine and temperatures up in the 80's inland pleasant 60's out toward the coast 60's perfect. i mean, really comfortable out of the beaches yet be nice and sunny put plops 10 thanks,
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lynn story. man is accusing los angeles rams defensive tackle aaron donald of assaulting him in a nightclub in pittsburgh last weekend. >> the vincent spriggs says after he bumped into donald, the nfl's reigning defensive player of the year attacked him leaving him hospitalized with several broken bones. see attorney todd j hollis released pictures of sprigs. we want to show you warn you rather before we show you the pictures that they are graphic here. they are. hollis says his clients needed 16 stitches suffered broken bones in his face and a serious injury to his arm detectives say they're reviewing the complaint. the rams released a statement said sentence statement rather saying the team is aware of the reports and is collecting more information donald himself has not yet commented. >> coming up, mayor london breed is challenging people who live work or visit san francisco. how she hopes this will help small business. plus, cracking down on oakland sideshows details on the major
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enforcements that will take place this weekend.
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>> as san francisco and it's small business neighborhoods. try to crawl back toward normalcy in the waning months of this pandemic, the city's mayor london breed is challenging residents to buy from small businesses only in the month of may. in today's media conference. she noted that the city has given some relief to small businesses through 75 million dollars in
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grants loans and fee waivers. but she says that's not enough. she wants the public to shop more at local businesses. many people. it could be hard to avoid buying from amazon or target. the mayor says she's been trying to lead by example since the early days of the pandemic. new at 00:00pm tonight. dollar general is planning to hire up to 20,000 new employees this spring and will host in person and virtual hiring events from april 19 through april 23rd. the company says it needs store managers part-time and full-time lead sales associates as well as part-time sales associates for more information on how to apply. you can head to our web site. kron 4 dot com. >> well, coming up next, police in oakland say they are now ready and equipped to really crack down on sideshows the message they have for the community had of this weekend. also ugly acts are leaving open streets. just piled with trash. how you can take part in a new cleanup initiative using your smartphone and
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tragedy strikes. the east bay bicyclist community and 86 year-old rider was hit and killed doing what he loved. we'll have those stories
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >> yet the biggest smile. and the friendly sky. if you met joe. instantly. >> tragedy for some in the east bay a man known as a
9:31 pm
legend in the bicyclist community was hit by a car yesterday morning. it happened in lafayette, his writing at the intersection of olympic boulevard in pleasant hill road. >> he was taken to the hospital and later died there as kron four's michelle kingston reports, the 86 year-old was still writing hundreds of miles a week and he was a big advocate for sharing the road. >> i never thought that i hit him with the car and so i'm like that. so it's been very. hard. >> i just wasn't ready for this 86 year-old joe shanny known for writing at least once a week. every week for 10 years up mount diablo on his bike was struck by a car tuesday morning while riding in lafayette, we had the biggest smile. >> and the friendly sky. >> friends of sham. he say he was humble kind quiet in an inspiration to all who knew him this is video of sham completing his 5 100th
9:32 pm
consecutive ride up mount diablo just a few years ago. >> what did you just do today. >> according to police, the driver who hit sham is cooperating with the investigation, which is still ongoing at this time. no arrests have been made. it was. >> devastating. it was hard to process linda quang, bush and his closest friend. she says she was in shock when she learned of the accident. she says it happened less than a mile from his home. she was with him in the hospital when he passed away. he had so much more. i him. he was not even near slowing down and. and it kazmi apart that. it was taken away from him. she amy's friends say he was a legendary cyclist in the bay area and whether you wrote a bike or not. he talk to you about his
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mission to make roads safe for everyone. he helped to install bike turnouts on mount diablo, which helped to reduce collisions on the road significantly. i would ask. whether you drive. right by the walk. the next time you go up mount diablo. and you see a bike turnout. remember joe >> in the east bay. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> other news tonight as sideshows appear on the street in oakland this weekend. police say they will be ready for them. this was the scene last weekend. this is citizens at videos captured this these moments here, a unanimous vote from city council has given opd the funding they say is needed to better handle the sideshow problem that means officers will be out giving citations ordering cars to be towed and arresting
9:34 pm
participants. if we don't get you this weekend or eating get you last weekend. >> we have seizure warrants and we will come after you with our seizure warrants. that's a 30 day impound of your vehicle will cost you thousands of dollars. we don't have limits on how far will travel well travel there. we'll take that car. >> oakland police chief leronne armstrong peas sideshow enforcement unit was cut last year due to the financial impact of covid-19. but now the city has a 192 million dollars in federal funds from .resident joe biden's american rescue act. >> oakland leaders are taking more action to tackle illegal dumping they've added more crews to handle the problem areas in the city. and there's a new app called oak 3, 1, 1, it will mean people can report illegal dumping today. oakland's mayor libby shaft. ask the public to be part of this cleanup. >> if you have a camera footage that shows who is
9:35 pm
doing the dumb thing. we can use it and you can even earn reward money. so we need you to provide that information to 3, 1, 1, >> the problem of illegal dumping in oakland. this is just been getting worse for years. there are more than 30,000 especial trash pickups every year, almost triple what it was just 10 years ago. >> check this out. a south carolina family on a dream vacation to disneyland came home to a nightmare after some young vandals broke into their home computers tv's game. consuls were all beaten up shattered and many of them room was sticky liquids all over them. belongings were thrown everywhere. there were even holes battered through the dry wall. a police report says the vandalism was intentionally done by to neighborhood children. the damage is estimated to be about $40,000. >> when we contacted our homeowners insurance, they told us that none of our property or personal things are covered under insurance. it's only or structure.
9:36 pm
>> police there say the children cannot be charged because of their young ages which were not disclosed. >> still ahead, one person is dead, dozens missing after a ship capsized off the louisiana coast and hurricane force winds. how the coast guard is responding. >> and a lot of sunshine around the bay area today. it is going to be a warmer and warmer into the weekend. a check of the forecast coming up next. and next in sports, steph curry and the warriors put on a clinic in okc. >> sports director jason dumas has the highlights next. kron 4 has a new easy way to download our mobile apps. you've got to queue or code so you can get your phone ready. >> the news app is updated with timely events. fake stories. breaking news. you can see what's happening in your neighborhood or around the world. this is the qr code for kron 4 will take you to your phone's app store. 4 live local streaming 24 7 kron
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on is the after want to get up to the minute updates 7 days a week. plus all of the newscast streaming live. this qr code for kron on. >> we'll take you to your phone's app store so you can download that one.
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> the warriors looking to match a season high 3 game win streak there in oklahoma city taking on the thunder. and check out this guide. the warriors all time leading score fresh off that record steph curry and yet another brilliant performance tonight 1st quarter, steph curry with the shot boy gets all 3 of those warriors up by 4 after one step at 11 points in that quarter. 2nd quarter. jordan poole had a nice game off the bench he had 14 points in the 1st half, including that 3 pointer warriors outscored the thunder 39 to 22 in the second, 3rd quarter when draymond is scoring. the warriors are usually winning another triple double for him. 12 points 10 boards, 16 assists warriors up to 37 after the quarter just late in the 3rd robinson koreas 4 hits his 11th 3 pointer of the game. 40 points again. he want
9:41 pm
to get back in to try to get the record, which is 14 3 pointers steve kerr won't let them sit on that padded chair. you have a bruised tailbone. another 3, though, this time gary payton, the second his dad from the town. he spent a lot of time in the town. he's here on a 10 day contract. good for him. step loves it and the warriors go on to win one 47 one. '09, curry has scored 30 or more in 8 straight games. steve kerr love the momentum. his team is building in a playoff run. >> we've been. searching for all season long i think we can all feel it right now. you know, we feel something is clicking and things are happening or were you guys. really connected out there. they're having a great time. the locker room everybody's it feels like this is an opportunity it is right here for us to to go on a little run. >> all right. we gave it a
9:42 pm
good. here's the bad rookie center. james wiseman will get surgery to repair in this case in his right knee. if you remember, correctly happened right here. look at him come down. awkwardly on that right. knee. the surgery will be performed in los angeles and the warriors won't have a recovery timeline until post-surgery wiseman can anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks or a few months which would severely impact his offseason development. for now, all we can do is cross our fingers to the diamond reds giants matinee at oracle. the reds hitting coach trying to do best. johnny cueto impression. but guess what didn't work all that much. check out this turning all the way around. fanning the batter right there through shut out through 5 plus ending to his brilliant today. bottom of the 5th. still no score austin slater drives one into the gap in right center. bran on crawford is on his horse. he's going to giddy up all the way home from first. slater's double hits
9:43 pm
the giants, a one nothing lead. top of the 6 pack to quedo. he's going to get another strikeout rate here. but as you can see, comes up a little awkwardly. he's in a little bit of pain. he left the game with with what was called lat tightness. the giants are waiting for the team doctor to give them a prognosis. but don't worry, the bullpen took over. they were fantastic 3 and a 3rd innings of one-hit ball. jake, mcgee get the strikeout to end the game giants win 3 to nothing. they hit the road for a six-game trip beginning friday in miami. and guess what, we had another no-hitter. second time in a carlos run. don't he gets the - ground out to complete the no. no. he had a perfect game going until the 9th where he hit roberto perez in the foot. so just a hit batter away from a perfect game. but still a great accomplishment. nonetheless. all ri one person i
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dead. 6 people have been saved and the search for 12 others continues in the gulf of mexico. >> south of port for shown louisiana. >> a commercial vessel used in the oil industry that caught a boat lift it capsized in bad weather yesterday. it's called the sikh or power. it's owned by houston company reporter chris welty has the latest on the search.
9:47 pm
>> the coast guard is dealing with treacherous conditions as they search around the clock for the 12 missing crew members, but they're not alone in the search efforts. members of the maritime industry are also joining in. >> dramatic images from the united states coast guard says a choppy and dangerous gulf of mexico as they work to save crew members from the sikh or powerless. but the distress call coming in around 4.30 tuesday afternoon. the time of the incident. >> on seeing weather conditions. we're challenged. 80 to miles per hour where the 79 foot seas. and extremely limited visibility. even with adverse conditions the coast guard arrived on scene within 30 minutes. multiple people in the maritime industry are now offering to join the search efforts has been tremendous. >> both on the surface surface as well as their assets. the weather is still dangerous. rescue crews are navigating 8 to ten-foot seas. i will tell you that those challenges.
9:48 pm
>> those conditions can be challenging. >> but what we are out there. we're committed to the search and rescue effort. >> crews are focused on a fixed location because the vessel is not drifting. we are. >> searching in that area and in the success of pattern out from that area. give the you know, the uncertainty as to where these folks may or may not be. >> drew simon was on a ship 7 miles away from the sikh or power and heard the distress calls caught everybody on expect. you know, you haven't made a mayday mayday. >> we're taking a water or made it made it made it one simon says the thought of people still missing. >> it's haunting. >> keep all these families in their prayers well, hope everybody safe. >> the coast guard has talked with some of the survivors as well as the company. they say their main priority right now is search and rescue efforts. toe company says they're praying for everyone involved reporting in algiers. i'm chris welty.
9:49 pm
>> now to our 4 zone. a forecaster. much calmer conditions much calmer than their that. yeah, pretty dramatic. would like to get some rain. a rollback in the bay area. we'll take a a look at the long-range computer mall a little moment here actually, there's a chance out there on the rise. the said there's a chance we'll hold on to that. but right now, of course, it's been nice bit breezy around the bay area. a lot of sunshine, a lot of weather to enjoy outside. i think it only gets nicer as we head into the weekend. all right. there you go. outside right now. we've got mostly clear skies. couple patches of fog begin to move in across the golden gate bridge and just inside the bay low pressure center spinning just to the east of us. now. you can see it's made its way all the way towards salt lake city. so that moves out of town things quiet down as far as the winds are concerned around the bay area. but the sierra nevada, there's still some more pop up showers up there today. it was more snow showers higher parts there as well. cooling off. now we've got some 40's along the coastline. 54 palo alto to 54 also in oakland, 48 timber on 53 in the napa valley. and 48
9:50 pm
right now in petaluma tomorrow. it should be nice day, a little breezy in the san francisco about 61 degrees. 65 and sunny, as you make your way in the oakland san jose checking in almost 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon should be a very, very nice day. all right. here's the long-range forecast. and so we've got to change the pattern here at least in the long range. but again, the further you get out these forecast more difficult. it is to it is with any real accuracy. but this just give you an idea of what's coming our way. all right. right now you've got high pressure overhead we're pretty good with that. that looks like that is going to hold through the weekend. you'll notice that we've had. this is low that's been spinning off the coastline over a week. now it's going actually merge with another low that's going to come down the gulf of alaska but still well away from the bay area, not enough to affect our weather. with any significant. so it looks like by sunday we're talking about temperatures that will be soaring. well, in the 80's now next week, pattern changes little bit for the first time tries to paint a chance of a few showers as we head toward the middle of next week. i'm not bullish on that one. but
9:51 pm
the one behind it. that's a real possibility. look at the front right there. that is the following weekend begin to the 23rd or so there's a chance we could be talking about a cold front rolling through the bay area. it happens in april. even have sometimes and on a really good year. we couldn't get them all the way to do. but this one of those real dry year. so we'll see how things work out 80's this weekend as we get into the latter part of next week. will things get a little bit iffy and then it looks like we've got some cooler weather on the way as we head in toward next weekend if we get lucky, maybe just baby, a couple first time i've heard you say that yet why there's been nothing look at this been so dry. even on the models. unbelievable. yeah. fingers crossed. yeah. thanks. wants some. well, coming up next. a new cdc study details. the latest advice on pandemic air travel. >> but you want to know before boarding a flight. the
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
mastermind of the largest investment fraud in u.s. history has died. her knee made off died from natural causes at a federal prison in north carolina this morning. he was 82. >> last year's lawyers unsuccessfully tried to get him released, saying he suffer from and stage renal disease and other chronic medical conditions off 10's of thousands of clients across the world for decades,
9:55 pm
including film director steven spielberg in march 2000, 9 madoff pleaded guilty to securities fraud and other charges. he was sentenced to the maximum of 150 years in prison. a former bachelor on the tv show. the bachelor is coming out. colton underwood is a former nfl player who competed on the bachelor et before becoming the bachelor himself in twenty-nineteen today. he revealed he's. underwood said he spent a lot of 2020 struggling with his identity and hit a lower. he even struggled with thoughts of self-harm. but he says he's now the happiest and healthiest he's ever been. he's also starring in a new reality show for netflix to document his decision to come out. mcdonald's says that it is going to require its employees across the world to be trained in how to handle harassment in its restaurants. >> that's about 2 million workers at 39,000 locations and this follows the fact that at least 50 workers have file
9:56 pm
charges against the company alleging physical and verbal harassment. that training is going to begin in january. the cdc says airlines should keep middle seats empty to reduce the risk of spreading covid. however, most airlines are planning to fill all states probably by summer. the cdc argues keeping middle seats, empty could reduce the risk of getting sick by nearly 60%. meantime, masks are still required on major airlines. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. the town of windsor is mayor dominic foppoli. >> refusing to step down after 6 have accused him of assault despite demanding his resignation. the town council doesn't have the power to remove him. we'll explain what options are moving forward. also, a widow is suing the redwood city police department over the 2018 shooting where
9:57 pm
an officer killed her husband. how that fatal encounter sparked a major change in the department. >> those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm.
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it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> when fun time from the bay
10:00 pm
area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. dominic kelly, you are an awful person. everyone else on this council who are protecting all of us were manipulated and betrayed. i also want to take this opportunity to say how incredibly sorry i am to my family. my close friends. >> for them having to go through this. >> now at 10 after a special meeting demanding that the mayor of windsor in sonoma county resign. he remains defiant continuing to claim his innocence and refusing to step down. despite facing more than half a dozen claims of assault. good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. pam moore is off tonight. >> during that special town council meeting. not one council member stood behind mayor dominic foppoli kron four's. jonathan mccall is live in the studio and has the latest jonathan. catherine, can that meeting wrapping up just a few moments ago, the council voting 2 to one calling for full poli to step


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