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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 14, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you're watching kron. 4 news. dominic kelly, you are an awful person. everyone else on this council who are protecting all of us were manipulated and betrayed. i also want to take this opportunity to say how incredibly sorry i am to my family. my close friends. >> for them having to go through this. >> now at 10 after a special meeting demanding that the mayor of windsor in sonoma county resign. he remains defiant continuing to claim his innocence and refusing to step down. despite facing more than half a dozen claims of assault. good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. pam moore is off tonight. >> during that special town council meeting. not one council member stood behind mayor dominic foppoli kron four's. jonathan mccall is live in the studio and has the latest jonathan. catherine, can that meeting wrapping up just a few moments ago, the council voting 2 to one calling for full poli to step
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down. >> foppoli that lawn. yes, vote or that lone no vote. the apps and council woman accusing for poli of drugging and attacking her despite that majority vote right now. there's nothing that the winds are council can do to get him out of office unless he's recalled out of office or convicted of a crime. here's how this all went down so far, 6 women have accused mayor dominic foppoli of harassment and assault. as we mentioned, one of those alleged victims is windsor councilwoman esterly miss. she recused herself from tonight's meeting saying that she is part of an ongoing criminal investigation. again, lemus claims that 4 during the meeting tonight, members of the council and it seems like everyone in all of winds are calling for for polling to step down for the sake of the town. >> therefore, police say that you love windsor. >> then resign, resign, resign you absolutely discussed me. but again, as a resident of this i beg you to please not
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drag us through this recall process. really recognize. >> the level of gross negligence. that occurred on behalf of the 2017 council and law enforcement of the time of the initial email. i don't understand why anybody thought it would it wasn't a red flag. >> i've also had dozens and dozens of people reach out to me this past week offering their support. i've been telling them what i'm going to tell you. i have my head held high because i know deep in my heart that have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared. i'm not without faults, but i'm not a criminal. >> you just heard from one of the speakers there tonight. many in winds are not only one for poli gone. they want the entire council gone as well. last night we first told you about how the council knew about allegations against the poli all the way back in 2017, then again in 2020 tonight, the mayor or the town manager of windsor said a letter from 2017 detailing an alleged
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incident against foot poli in 2013 was given to then mayor debra fudge who is currently sitting on the council. but never gave that letter to police. the town manager kevyn mcnabb said the person who wrote it never wanted for poli to face charges then or even now the windsor police chief tonight said that without a victim that there was not a whole lot that they could do with regards to investigating for. poli has maintained his innocence saying that he never violated the women and that all interaction was consensual right now. the california attorney general's office has taken over the investigation. jonathan mccall kron 4 jonathan, thank you for that. to san francisco daycare worker has been charged with crimes against children. federal authorities say james wong was found in possession of child. the 26 year-old is accused of posting child abuse images and videos to a social media app. an undercover officer traced long's cell phone to a day care center and
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says that was arrested when he left that center, he has worked at other day care facilities including one in livermore if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison and prosecutors in los angeles say a former catholic priest has been charged with assaulting 4 children while serving at 2 separate los angeles churches more than 20 years ago. the now 58 year-old priest is facing 12 counts of committing lewd acts on a minor. the archdiocese of la says they never heard of these allegations until police announced the arrest today. >> on the peninsula, the family of a man shot and killed by redwood city police in 2018 is suing the department. the lawsuit says that officers killed kyle hart at his home while he was suffering from a mental health crisis. but police say they acted in self-defense because hart was armed with a knife kron four's. dan thorn live for us in redwood city tonight. he joins us with more on this lawsuit. dan.
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catherine can hart's wife says that her husband, a former teacher at a school nearby. >> in palo alto was suffering from anxiety and also was hurting himself before police arrived and she was hoping that when she called officers, they would come in de escalate the situation, but she says they came in and instead they killed him and she's hoping through this lawsuit. it will finally make some changes within the police department in terms of how they respond to mental health issues. there's no police body cam video to show the moments before redwood city police officers killed kyle hart. >> hart's wife, kristen called police on december 10th 2018 saying her husband used a knife to cut his arm neck and chest. the lawsuit alleges within seconds of police arriving in their backyard. kyle was shot and killed. >> it's not just like did not intend to i called 911, com as we're trying to do. instead of giving us how the police arrived this time and checking
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our backyard announcing the lawsuit wednesday hart says her husband, then a teacher at screen middle school in palo alto had been diagnosed with anxiety and was taking medication but had no history of violent behavior. >> she says the officers did not try to help heart before killing him. i don't know who they shot. they were there to serve and protect it was not my family. the officers involved were cleared of any criminal charges after the district attorney said the killing was justified redwood city police say the officers were acting in self-defense because the use of a taser failed to keep heart from charging at them with the knife hearts lawyer says this case is another example of how police poorly handle mental health crises time. >> distant space. we have set. >> all could have been done and none of it instead directions of hart says over the last 2 years, the city has failed to make changes on
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policing policies related to mental health calls one push, however, has been the use of police body cameras which city officials say are in the process of being deployed when i would love to see come out of it. is a comprehensive approach city police respond to a person crisis. >> proper equipment and training are part of events that has been based in a culture that really values all people. >> well, the redwood city city manager would not comment on this lawsuit but did say sense that shooting the city has partnered with the san mateo county behavioral health and recovery services on a pilot program to help in terms response to these mental health issues. as for that lawsuit it is right now seeking unspecified damages. >> and said dan thorn reporting for us live. thank you, dan. in daly city, a struggle over what turned out to be a fake gun led to a fatal police shooting. this
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happened a week ago today near the pero serra boulevard and west lake avenue. police officers have walked up to a parked pickup that had a damaged rear tire. they say the driver cooperated. but the passenger 44 year-old, roger allen appeared to have a gun in his lap. a gun which as we mentioned, turned out to be fake. allen grabbed the gun. an officer tried to disarm him during the struggle. police say another officer fired his gun hitting allen in the chest. allen died at a local hospital. the names of the officers have not been released. the tragedy has hit the east bay a man known as a local legend and the bicyclist community was hit by a car yesterday. it happened in the morning in lafayette while he was writing at the intersection of olympic boulevard and pleasant hill road. he was taken to the hospital where he later died as kron four's michelle kingston reports, the 86 year-old was still writing hundreds of miles a week and was a big advocate for sharing
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the road. >> i never thought that i hit him with the car and him like that. so it's been very. hard. >> i just wasn't ready for this 86 year-old joe shanny known for writing at least once a week. every week for 10 years up mount diablo on his bike was struck by a car tuesday morning while riding in lafayette, you had the biggest smile. >> and the friendly sky. >> friends of sham. he say he was humble kind quiet in an inspiration to all who knew him this is video of sham completing his 5 100th consecutive ride up mount diablo just a few years ago. >> what did you just do today. joe. >> according to police, the driver who hit sham is cooperating with the investigation, which is still ongoing at this time. no arrests have been made. it
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was. >> devastating. it was hard to process linda quang, bush and his closest friend. she says she was in shock when she learned of the accident. she cpsays it happened less than a mile from his home. she was with him in the hospital when he passed away. he had. so much more. i him. he was not even near slowing down and. and it kazmi apart that. it was taken away from him. she amy's friends say he was a legendary cyclist in the bay area and whether you wrote a bike or not. he talk to you about his mission to make roads safe for everyone. he helped to install bike turnouts on mount diablo, which helped to reduce collisions on the road significantly. i would ask. whether you drive. around writing by walk. the next time you go up mount diablo. and
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you see a bike turnout. we remember joe >> in the east bay. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> new at 10, the woman at the center of this viral video who attacked her uber driver in san francisco has pleaded not guilty. akamai. comey. i was charged with robbery, assault and battery conspiracy and more. no word yet on her next court date. california will expand covid vaccine eligibility statewide tomorrow to everyone 16 years and older. this will be a first for some counties in the bay area such as sam a tail. >> and kron four's tale of a second. she joins us live with what people can expect when there trying to sign up taylor. >> well in anticipation of this large expansion. the state's been working on. it's my turn website to fix any glitches and make the hole registration process go more smoothly. and i'll tell you, i
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just checked that new latest version of the website is up and running. so those 16 and older can sign up. but again, just because you're now eligible doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get that appointment right away. due to limited supply. >> as more people rushed to book vaccination appointments on thursday when california opens eligibility to everyone 16 and older. the state's department of health says you may notice some changes to provide an enhanced smooth a registration process. they're launching a new version of its my turn website late wednesday night. that will also be able to handle up to 300,000 transactions per hour within my turn. we're operating. >> over a 100,000. shots per day. we're looking speed 0.1 million vaccinations delivered through my turn proper again, this is because those would be the end. be providers and clinics that are run within my turn. and then also we have a prediction of over a vaccinations per week. we
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actually think that's a conservative estimate with the opening 16. plus, we think we're going to see more that and we have more the cape capacity with the system to manage that with new expanded eligibility in counties like san mateo, its covid-19 vaccination branch. chief doctor nona chopra says. >> patients and persistence will be needed when trying to schedule an appointment to apply continues to be limited and of course with vaccine buzz. it's it's even more limited. >> and with more demand. we're expecting the demand will be there. certainly encourage people to try but recognize that. >> it may have to try number of times in your appointment, search process. >> doctor traverse stresses to also try to your local health providers are pharmacies like cvs. we're not get integrated into the my turn system. >> while providing is like kaiser permanente here in south san francisco are integrated into that might
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turn system. the california department of health says it's working to get other places and other providers like cvs and also smaller providers on board with this same system to make it more accessible to everyone here in california can catherine. >> taylor. we're just wondering any idea when those other providers will be worked into the system. >> unfortunately, they did not give a timeline for that. but they say they are actively working on it. they also didn't have an answer for when those appointments, those available appointments that is will be released for those 16 and older. they said, though, more jury of these people who are 16 or older have already been able to schedule these appointments since as we know, many other counties have already jumped on board. with this expansion back taylor said he live in south city. taylor, thank you for that. >> take a look at this. the sign at levi stadium county. the number of doses it's given out and now stands at a 105,000 plus and with eligibility opened up all across the state that number
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will no doubt continue to grow stanford medicine began its pfizer vaccine trial for young children giving for still shots to kids between the ages of 2 and 5 kron four's, noelle bellow talk to their family members. >> what happened at the doctor today a as soon as kristen angelica luck or found out there was a vaccine trial. their 3 year-old daughter eloise could participate in. they signed up preparation for today. we told her about the vaccine and wanted to make sure that it was something that he got to be part of making that decision. she was full of did a great job to go with the trooper phase. one of the pfizer trial for children aged 2 to 5 began wednesday at the stanford location heading up. that trial is pediatrics infectious disease expert doctor yvonne maldonado we're really looking forward to. >> making sure that children can have access to vaccines as well. >> doctor maldonado says the entire trial will have less than 5,000 kids under 12 involves nationwide right now.
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we're focusing on the 2 to 5 year-old and the 6 left a 2 year-old and those will be dose finding. so looking at the right. those wednesday morning eloise and a few other little ones got their blood drawn nose swab just a little further and arms pricked they all receive the vaccine. when you're doing a phase one study. you have to do that dose finding to. you have to give the actual those. the kids will return in another few weeks for their second doses. the entire trial will last several months. something low course are happy about this definitely been a positive, just knowing that will have such excellent care. >> she's going through this trial it's something that's maybe a moment of discomfort be a little uncomfortable for a short period of time. but you know that a lot of parents aren't as lucky and are really waiting for this to be a reality for their children who are more vulnerable. and so really proud that we have a child who was open to being part of the trial. the trial
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doesn't end here. stanford will also be enrolling 5 to 12 year olds for phase 3 trials later this spring. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> governor newsome was in the bay area today pushing for all schools statewide to resume in person learning. he visited shepherd elementary in sonoma county. they talked about the 6.6 billion dollars in funding being used to help reopen schools. the governor says it will pay for things like protective gear, vaccines and for teachers and for staff. >> i want all the schools to reopen. i think crystal clear about that going back to december. we put out a specific strategy in december to safely reopen our schools for public instruction in person instruction. we put out 6.6 billion dollars. and i was very grateful that the legislature embrace that in order to help advance cause. >> the governor says he is confident all students will be back in the classroom by fall, including colleges and
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universities as san francisco and of small neighborhood businesses are trying to recover in these waning months of the pandemic. mayor london breed. she's challenging people to by from small businesses only in the month of may. she says the city has given some relief to small business through money like 75 million dollars in grants and loans. there have been fee waivers but says it's not enough. she wants the public to step up and help the mayor says she's been trying to lead by example since the early days of the pandemic right now for the 4 zone forecast as we give you a pretty incredible shot showing the fog hanging over part of the city from our mount tam can. yeah. this is the shot you call area. it is kind of eerie and a beautiful way. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence. so some changes coming up. yeah, i think you can like them too. if you've been looking forward to another nice. we can guess what. >> we're going to have an even better weekend weather wise. i think this week as the temperatures could a warm up even a little bit more.
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speaking of a kind of a creepy shot. here's one for you right now. been watching the fog was hoping that it would move hope way across the land. look at now stretching into san francisco. kind of reaching his hand across the city of san francisco right now more than on the way overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. temperatures today warmed up just a bit. 61 degrees today in san francisco. very nice 65 and sunny in oakland just breezy in the afternoon. san jose hit 71 degrees 71 in livermore. 73 degrees in concord today and 69 degrees right at the average in santa rosa storm clouds still swirling over the sierra nevada. just some light showers and some snowflakes continued the higher country. but that's just about done. the winds are the big story locally as we've seen some pretty gusty winds throughout the day, but they're starting to calm down just a little bit. now only 3 mile an hour wind in oakland earlier today. we have some 20 of some 30 mile an hour certainly those winds calming down and that is good news for the weather ahead. temperatures right now in the 40's in the 50's all around the bay area, the fog low clouds beginning to creep in along the coastline. we'll
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see more that overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. so here comes that patchy fog and is the atmosphere actually start to warm up a little bit. i think we could see more little more fog into friday as we'll see that the fog, big kind of thinking up. you'll see it right there by thursday night. we're already starting to see that as well. now temperatures for tomorrow should be very nice. probably a little bit warmer. rough in the low 70's inland tomorrow. a lot of 60's inside the bay really kind of a nice day to get outside. enjoy, maybe your lunch outside as the temperatures are going to be very comfortable little cool along the coastline with some of that patchy fog. but i think even up toward the beaches becoming mostly sunny. and then this weekend. let's going to be spectacular. we look at that. you're 1010, with a chance of rain in the forecast. i love that you're throwing that. thank you. okay. with fire conditions getting drier seemingly by the minute. fire season is approaching. >> a new report finds pg and e's fire mitigation plan is badly flawed. the report is from an independent watchdog group within the california public utilities commission
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kron four's dan kerman has the details with california heading into another dry fire season and last year's blitz of wildfires still fresh in everyone's mind. >> a new report finds pacific gas and electric's 2021 wildfire mitigation plan severely flawed right now. >> dodge docking. we to avoid accountability for the most important part of what they can do to help prevent wildfires. >> nathaniel skinner is with the public advocate's office. that's the independent consumer watchdog within the public utilities commission. he says when it comes to tree trimming and infrastructure upgrades pg and e has failed to properly prioritize the riskiest areas most prone to wild fire. >> out of their 500 riskiest miles. these are the areas where they're most likely to have a devastating wildfire. they're only addressing about 200 of those miles this year. even though they're doing 1800 miles worth of work in no way,
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no how should this plan be approved. >> we'll abrams lost his home during 27 teens north bay fire storm. he says, to be effective pg e's wildfire plan must identify failures from past buyers indicate how they plan to address that going forward. he says it's not in their plan. >> charting a new path forward has to include telling the truth and only your responsibilities and that does not come across in the current wildfire mitigation plan. in a statement pg and e says are 2021 wildfire mitigation plan. >> highlighted many of the ways we prioritized customer safety, including conducting more than 1800 miles of enhanced vegetation management. they say we also recognize some gaps in 2020 and offered specific plans for addressing those gaps. they conclude we look forward to working with stakeholders to continue improving our performance and addressing the state's ever growing wildfire
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risk. cpu sees wildfire safety division will review pg plan in may. >> the full commission will then review it shortly thereafter. that's epc headquarters in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> still ahead tonight on kron 4 news at 10. we have the latest developments in the kristen smart case after authorities made 2 arrests yesterday. >> also cracking down on oakland side shows. we've got details on the major enforcement happening this weekend. the cdc is warning
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against airlines, opening up the middle seat to passengers. a new study says the risk of being exposed to covid could be reduced by about 60% when middle seats are left open those numbers did not take mask use into consideration and airlines are requiring some airlines are, however, already planning to fill all seats in coming months. regardless of that advice and the pandemic is driving people out of san francisco into the sacramento area in huge numbers in 2020 70% hike in people moving from san francisco county into sacramento county and fact out of all the major u.s. cities san francisco had the biggest increase and people moving out compared to moving in. researchers say people are moving again because of the
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new freedom they have mostly being able to work from home. coming up next at 1030 cracking down on oakland sideshows. we'll have details on the major enforcement. >> that is happening this weekend. also an update in the case involving the disappearance of kristen smart in san luis obispo county. details on the criminal charges filed against the father and son who are suspects and with anti asian hate crimes on the rise of bay area. mayor is taking action
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>> a big announcement in the disappearance of college student kristin smart. the san luis obispo county district attorney's office announced the charges against the 2 men who were arrested yesterday in connection with her death and kron 4 sanaz tahernia. she has more on the chargers and what the da is now asking from the public. >> the district office. he has now carefully reviewed the case and concluded independent. if we do have enough evidence. to go forward and prosecute both mister ball or moving towards the first step in bringing justice to the family of kristian smarts. >> the cal poly san luis obispo student the vanished in 1996, the san luis obispo district attorney announced wednesday the charges against the suspects involved paul flores, the man who was last seen with smart before she
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disappeared is facing a charge of first degree felony murder for or attempting to rape smart when he allegedly killed her special limitations on rape charge has passed while the da's unable to charge him with rape. the felonious act is still factored into the murder charge. his father ruben is charged with accessory to murder after the fact for allegedly helping his son hide the body dow says his office has physical evidence and witness statements sufficient to charge the 2 men. he also said they believe they know where smart was killed last place where. >> christmas eve was close to the norms in there. mister morris storms. we certainly believe mister ford has more room. the crime scene. >> and while there is some progress in smart's case, the district attorney believes that paul flores may have sexually assaulted more women since the early 2 thousands. >> we do have evidence in this case that leads us to conclude there very well may be additional victories in the southern california area. i don't want to go into the
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nature of of that. but he was known to in the sand, your area and in los angeles county and so we asked anybody that may have. and it experience with him that they have questions about to reach out and for homicide or assault. this point. we're we're concerned about assault. >> law enforcement officials are currently executing search warrants on the floor is home. when asked if the dia would be open to a plea deal in exchange for information leading officials to smart's remains dow said it's too early to consider. but they are in discussions with paul floor says ut and are open to conversation reporting in the newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >> in the south bay. one person is dead after an early morning fire in san jose firefighters responded to a strip mall. it center road just before 06:00am in the 2500 block on this video. you can see heavy smoke and flames
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on the outside of the building. this is a sandwich shop that had been at that location for about 30 years. firefighters say the fire may have started in a dumpster and then spread to the building. but they say they are continuing to investigate the cause of the fire. so far police have not released any information about the victim who was found dead in the east bay oakland police say that if a side show happens on the streets this weekend. they will be ready last weekend side shows were a big problem for officers. but o p details. kron four's haaziq madyun white. that will not be the case. this weekend. >> illegal fireworks in the air above. sideshow below this was the scene last week didn't know. the citizen app video captured it all. however, oakland police say when it comes to sideshow enforcement this weekend. bigs will be different. >> you will see more officers on the street this weekend.
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the chief has just authorized a full deployment of our side show detail enforcement. this really goes back to resources. we need the resources to be able to continue to keep the city of oakland santa unanimous vote from the oakland city council has given opd the funding. they say is needed to better handle the sigal problem you that just slight chill detail before sigal is still a problem. >> how are you going do that was different. now. has it. we have to share with you. we know that when we have sideshow details. >> specifically enforcement on side show. we have seen a reduction. now, when we went through budget cuts at the end of 2020. by december. we did not have sideshow details. we went up over a 1000% and sideshow coming back into the city of oakland. >> opd officials say the return of sideshow enforcement
10:35 pm
the return of citations vehicles be told and participants being arrested. >> and if we don't get you this we didn't get you last weekend. we have seizure warrants and we will come after you with our seizure warrants. that's a 30 day impound of your vehicle will cost you thousands of dollars. we don't have limits on how far will travel. well traveled there. we'll take that car. >> kron 4 news. >> oakland leaders are taking more aggressive action to try to tackle illegal dumping. they are adding extra crews to try to tackle the real problem. areas and app has been launched called oak 3, 1, 1, for people to report illegal dumping today oakland mayor libby shaft called on the public to be part of the cleanup. >> you have camera footage that shows who is doing the dumb thing. we can use it and you can even earn reward money. so we need you to provide that information to 3, 1, 1,
10:36 pm
>> a legal dumping has been a huge problem in oakland for years now. there have been roughly 30,000 special trash pickups a year. nearly triple what it was just 10 years ago. haitian american women aged 5070 more recently attacked and robbed in antioch so only asian american grocery store. it's the country square market on hillcrest avenue right off highway 4. the mayor of antioch says investigators are looking into whether it was a possible hate crime. and the latest attacks come as antioch smear has signed a proclamation condemning asian and pacific islander hate crime. he has several proposals to try and make amends to bay area chinese americans, 4 wrongs committed in that city. nearly 150 years ago. kron four's maureen kelly reports. our asian american community.
10:37 pm
>> brothers and sisters. you know that they're not standing alone in fighting something. so hateful as violence. mayor lamar thorpe3signed the proclamation condemning the recent wave of anti-asian hate in the same plaza that was once part of the city's chinatown before that community was driven out by a mob. 1876 antioch stein, a town which we're literally standing on was burned down and it later became wall. the plaza people of chinese heritage were banned from walking antioch city streets after sunset. here's a photo of a tunnel that chinese immigrants dog in order to get to and from work at night, the proposals include designating this chinatown historic district as well as making an official apology from the city for the terrorizing of chinese immigrants in the past. one of today's to understand that there's a historical pattern here. this isn't the first time that chinese americans are asian americans in our in our country have been terrorized andy lee, the president, the contra costa community college district believes the city apologizing
10:38 pm
for past wrongs that would not only be stored but healing. if you do something wrong and that you don't apologize you. we continue to do if you do something you apologize, no matter how many years later you are a part to make the official let people say it's better. i don't do it anymore. >> the mayor is also hoping to fund a mural project downtown commemorating the chinese community as well as making a permanent exhibit here at the antioch museum. all 4 proposals need to be approved by the city council. >> and are expected to be on their agenda by early may. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> in the sierra foothills today. plaster ville city council members voted unanimously to remove the noose logo. the noose from the city's logo. the origin of the new states back to the city's gold rush era when criminals accused of violent crimes were hung. in fact, the nicked a nickname of the town tang town. the city logo depicting the news came much later the
10:39 pm
issue has taken a year to resolve. it has created some divisions within the community. some see the historic value in the cities of those other say it's insensitive symbol, especially amid ongoing racial tensions. us intelligence officials painted a dire picture of the threats to our nation. they include foreign threats from other countries domestic terror threats and even global warming. a washington, dc correspondent joe khalil has the details. >> from foreign adversaries to domestic terrorism to climate change. we assess the world will face more intense and cascading global challenges today, the nation's top intelligence officials detailed the most pressing threats to americans. they say we now need to broaden the definition of national security focusing less on bombs and more on bucks cyber books china, russia, iran and north korea have the ability right now to conduct
10:40 pm
cyberattacks. is this problem getting better or to bluntly answer question our adversaries continue to get better at what they're doing. director of the national security agency, general paul nakasone says cyber attacks could threaten the nation's power grid or gas pipelines increasingly foreign adversaries use their cyber abilities to threaten american democracy by working to influence voters and sow discord in elections. nakasone says the american government is improving its cyber defense, but that american cyber infrastructure remains vulnerable. these are no longer a question of if. >> institution is going to compromise. but when annual threat report, the office of the director of national intelligence highlighted china specifically as an emerging power. >> and threat challenging the united states in multiple areas while pushing to revise global norms in ways that favor the authoritarian chinese system where the opening a new investigation that china every 10 hours and i can assure the committee. that's not because our folks
10:41 pm
don't have. >> anything to do with their time. the threat assessment report also delves into the biggest global challenge today. >> covid-19 director avril haines points out the report highlights the risks of future pandemics, including economic instability that could lead to surges in migration collapse, governments or internal conflict. >> the effect of the current pandemic will obviously continue to strain governments and societies over the coming year. >> and as the u.s. prepares to withdraw from afghanistan. intel officials say threats from overseas terrorist organizations remain. and they say homegrown domestic terrorists along with right-wing extremist groups pose an even greater threat. we see this threat manifest itself in individuals who are inspired by al qaeda and isis and those who commit terrorist acts for ideological goals stemming from other influences such as racial bias in ai, an anti governmental. >> sentiment. again. that was joe khalil reporting for us tonight.
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>> still ahead in sports, steph curry and the warriors put on clinic in oklahoma city's first to moss has the highlights next. >> and kron four's is no easy way to download our mobile apps we've got to queue or code so you can get your phone ready. the kron 4 news app updated with timely events. breaking news you can see what's happening in your neighborhood and all across of california and around the world. this is the qr code for kron 4 will take you to your phone's app store. and for live local streaming news 24 7 kron on is the after want. we'll get up to the minute live update. 7 days a week and all of khan force newscast streaming live the qr code here for kron on. we'll take you to your phone's app store so you can download that one.
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>> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the warriors looking to match a season-high three-game win streak. they were in oklahoma city taking on the thunder. check out the warriors all-time leading scorer fresh off that record. steph curry and he had another fantastic performance tonight. 1st quarter, steph curry with the shot. makes it look so
10:46 pm
easy warriors by 4 after one 2nd quarter. jordan poole had nice game off the bench. 14 points in the 1st half, including that warriors. 3. the outscored, the thunder 39 to 22 in the second, 3rd quarter. the red sea parts or should i say blue sea parts for draymond green. 12 points. 10 rebounds 16 assists triple double with dread late in the 3rd curry going to hit his 11th 3 pointer of the this guys on a hot sure he wanted to get back in to try to set the record, which is 14 study says slow your roll sit on that pad. you have a bruised tailbone more threes from the warriors in the quarter this time is gary payton, the second 24th, 3 pointer of the game that ties the franchise record. steph curry lovett. one 47 1. '09, curry has scored 30 or more 8 street times after the game. steve
10:47 pm
kerr talked about the momentum that his team is slowly but surely building into their playoff run. we've been. >> searching for all season long i think we can all feel it right now. you know, we feel something is clicking and. things are happening where were you guys? really connected out there. they're having a great time. the locker room everybody's it feels like this is an opportunity it is right here for us to to go on a little run. >> and like you got to take the bad with the good. so let's get to the bad rookie center. james wiseman will get surgery to repair the meniscus tear in his right knee tomorrow. if you remember it happened on this play. you see him land all currently on that right surgery will be performed in los angeles and the warriors won't have a recovery timeline until post-surgery weidman can be out anywhere between 4 to 6
10:48 pm
weeks or a few months which would really impact his offseason development. for now, all we can do is cross our fingers. reds giants matinee at oracle park. the rates hitting coach trying to mock jose, jose we'll said jose cuero that's not his name. all righty, but it didn't go too well. he fans the batter right there. he was brilliant today. he turned all the way around. got that strikeout. and you know, it's like ali night queen sits down. he she threw a shutout through five-plus innings. bottom of the 5th still no score austin slater drives one into the gap right center. brandon crawford on his high horse and scores all the way from first on the slater doubles. it is one nothing giant top of the 6 it's another strikeout. and as you can see, coming up, a little awkwardly motions to the dugout. he would leave with
10:49 pm
what was called lat tightness. the giants are waiting for the team. doctors to give them a prognosis on the severity of that injury. the bullpen took over there and they were fantastic 3, one 3rd inning, one hit ball. jake mcgee and the game with that strike out here. giants win 3 to nothing. they hit the road for a six-game trip beginning friday in miami. and guess what, we had another no. no. second one in a week. chicago white sox's carlos rendon gets the ground out to complete. it. don't have a perfect game going into the 9th. but he hit a batter tough break there. but hey, a perfect game is still a great accomplishment and one final note. the sharks lose to the ducks. 4 to one. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back after the break. take a
10:50 pm
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10:52 pm
look at this. we're now just a 100 days away from the opening ceremonies of the tokyo olympics and this year's summer games will look, of course, a little different. >> the games were postponed a year due to the pandemic overseas. spectators won't be allowed to attend this year's games, whether they're vaccinated or not. there's a new slate of sports making their debut, including surfing and skateboarding. the opening ceremony is set for july 23rd.
10:53 pm
>> and we're getting our first look at team usa olympic uniforms role for iran is unveiling this nice crisp, right. look, they'll be worn by the more than 600 athletes representing america closing ceremony of the tokyo games. the uniform includes a lightweight check. it made in part from recycled plastic bottles. the pants are made from us grown caught. >> we went with something very graphic and clean it's a bit clearer statements that that reflect the sort of red, white and blue of our country and then look fresh and longer. >> and the game scheduled to wrap up august 8th. we'll take a look at this. a 900 square foot log cabin. this is an oakland. it was built in the 1890's. this is for sale for $575,000 in comparison. the average house price in oakland
10:54 pm
about 866,000. and if that's not enough, the cabin is currently uninhabitable. so if you not only have extra half million dollars to pay for this cabin. >> you better have even more to be able to get into living condition. if for some reason that sounds like a good deal to you. we have a link. listing it on our website. kron 4 dot com. if you're looking for another potential way to meet new people during the pandemic. well, facebook says it wants to help. they are testing a new video speed dating feature for the platform and they are hoping that actually seeing the other person will encourage people to date with a little more kindness. unlike other dating apps. this one won't have public profiles instead the exchange of contact information will be suggested only if users enjoyed the first round of their video calls apple's first product launch of 2021 is expected to happen next week. the bay area tech giant will be introducing its latest gadgets and updates
10:55 pm
during a virtual events next tuesday. some expected highlights include updates to apple's ipads and the next generation air pods. customers can also look forward to potential updates for mac computers. and a new apple tv streaming media box. oakland's talas mural. this is scheduled to be finished tomorrow and unveiled tomorrow. this is 190 feet tall. >> it's on the side of the oakland marriott city center building featuring up black girl running in a wheat field. the artist says that it is meant to draw attention to the problem of hunger in oakland and around the world. a problem, of course, only. becoming during the pandemic. he also says there is a specific meaning to the girls pale blue dress, but he's leaving that up to viewers to see what they conclude. the mural will be officially on the friday. looking at restaurant what the perm meaning there. yeah. all
10:56 pm
right. 4 zone forecast as we show you the embarcadero on wednesday night. lawrence. looks like it will be another good weekend. >> yeah. should be a fantastic weekend oh, my goodness. these numbers are going to be something else tonight. we are seeing some patchy fog begin to move in right now. it's starting to push inside the bay just a bit. not a whole lot, but we'll see a little bit as we get up toward tomorrow morning. and then i think more so by tomorrow night. but you see right there, that fog bank now bouncing up against the east bay hills down below. you got for clean out there as well with the lights. but yet we're going to see things quieting down as far as the wind is concerned, that area low pressure. they help generate some of the winds that is now beginning to kick eastward and well that's allow the winds to calm down a little bit as we head in toward tomorrow. temperatures outside right now running in the 40's in the 50's little cool in spots. but low in forecast trying to get some rain going here right now. doesn't look too promising. but there's a hint that maybe late in the forecast period, we might see something coming our way as we head into sunday. boy, it's going to be the warmest day of the weekend of sunday with some of those temperatures soaring up in the 80's. now,
10:57 pm
next week, things change bit models try to bring a few showers again, at least close to the bay area by the middle week but doesn't look that impressive. but the one right behind it very well may be in here comes if that moves in towards the bay area by the following weekend. that would be saturday. the 23rd we could be talking about a significant rain event in the bay area. so let's keep our fingers crossed for that one. their tenant. and we've got a couple raindrops in the forecast not to the very end. so between now and then. lot of sunshine coming our way temperatures. the 80's this weekend. the following weekend, maybe some rain, some of it. yeah. good night. thanks for watching.
10:58 pm
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