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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 15, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading to the probable cause. they are. >> jerry 8 ing a public meeting. >> now a date and emotional town council meeting ending with no resolution. one day later we're hearing what's next in store and the call to remove windsors mayor as california expands covid-19 vaccine eligibility to everyone. 16 and over. >> we're learning that we may need an additional dose. why that 3rd shot could be critical. >> also getting more bang for your buck. the employee exodus from san francisco and silicon valley leading to a major real estate market program. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 8. >> i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne
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winds are community members are looking toward the next steps to try to remove mayor dominic foppoli. this comes after that emergency council meeting last night where the mayor rejected calls to resign over the last week. 6 women have accused the mayor of assault kron four's amanda hari talk to the chair of the recall foppoli effort about what's next and to get his reaction to the mee-ing. >> at the meeting. the mayor made clear that he's not interested in resigning. the chairperson tells me this made even more people interested in the recall effort. the recall website had about 500 people signed up on monday. now that number is closer to a 1000. >> it was probably the most because they are shocking infuriating a public meeting ever been a part >> and chair of the recall foppoli effort. tim zahner was only one of many members of the community listening in on that meeting there were so many people. it reached
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participant capacity leaving others to watch on tv or live stream. this meeting was called just to demand that mayor foppoli resign as at large mayor of the town of windsor. it was universal condemnation. >> polls actions and calling for him resign. last week. an article was published in the san francisco chronicle detailing for women's experiences with alleged assault at the hands of mayor foppoli. >> since then, 2 more women have come forward. still, mayor foppoli ran the meeting and said he would resign threes. and i'm not stepping down as in this case. i know the truth of those experiences daughter says he was shocked by the mayor's response. >> mayor foppoli left the meeting about halfway through. >> it boggles the that would 6 hours of your fellow citizens. stand up. and take the time to do this and tell you to resign and the flecked upon your character. you don't have the respect. we just decency to to
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not just. share them but to listen to that. >> councilor esterly miss recused herself from the special meeting. she and 4 poli are accusing each other of assault. we miss says she watched the meeting and released a statement that said in part, yesterday's meeting opened a lot of deep wounds for myself. the other victims and our community. it is clear we have a lot of work to do moving forward. and zahner is focused on those next steps. but it will take time. so essentially you have to put in. >> notice that you're going to petitions someone recall and then as he posted, can respond and then you can start. >> sure getting conditions. he says right now the recall group is working towards getting to the point where they can circulate those petitions. >> in windsor amanda hari kron 4 news. >> new details out of contra, costa county after police say a drunk driver caused a deadly
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crash. charges have been filed against 25 year-old christian vargas officers say he was driving under the influence monday. he hit another car owner john henry park that's on west leland road and pittsburgh. 3 young children were thrown from the other car. the driver and a 7 year-old passenger were killed. vargas was on probation at the time for a prior dui conviction. he is facing charges including 2 counts of murder. one count of driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury within 10 years of another dui offense. 2 of the passengers in the vargas car, including a 10 year-old were hospitalized with serious injuries. a big story tonight. california has expanded vaccine eligibility statewide to everyone. 16 and older. >> the state's department of health has launched a new version of its my turn website to try to handle the increased traffic. the website is expected to be able to handle
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up to 300,000 transactions per hour. you can also search for a shot through your local health providers or pharmacies. there are links on our web site kron 4 dot com. the expansion comes as california leaders are in a race against the variance. one out of every 5 cases in california last month were the uk variant more than half the west coast mutation so far more than 9 and a half million californians have been fully vaccinated. and another 6.3 million partially vaccinated officials say half of those eligible to get vaccinated have done so already we lead this nation. >> by some 8.1 million more than any other state in this country. the expectation is and this has been reinforced that the manufactured supply by the end of the month. we'll start to significantly increase ball for moderna and pfizer. california will get a shipment of almost 2 million doses this week from the federal government's when it had originally expected. >> 2 and a half million. the
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suspension of the johnson and johnson vaccine remains under review indefinitely which will keep future shipments falling flat. >> in the east bay walk-in vaccination clinics are now open in contra, costa county and each side can administer 5 to 700 vaccines today. the county is putting those clinics and the areas hardest hit by the virus and we have details on our website. kron 4 dot com and it is possible that people will need to get vaccinated against coronavirus every year like the flu shot the ceo of pfizer says of people we'll probably need a booster dose within a year or so of being fully vaccinated. kron, four's dan kerman talk to medical experts and has details. >> both pfizer and moderna are working on a booster shot. should a 3rd dose of their covid-19 vaccines be necessary. well, infectious disease specialists say planning ahead is necessary. they say scientific study
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isn't far enough along to know if a 3rd dose will be needed. >> we really don't know if we're going to need a booster shot every year. we don't know if we're going to need a booster shot every or 4 years u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says. >> studies have shown both pfizer and moderna are extremely effective after 6 months. >> but it's too early to say how long the current vaccines will last indefinitely like measles or less than a year like the flu vaccine variance could also fuel the need for a 3rd dose. >> look various units, rumors. it makes the immunity we get the vaccine ineffective is the answer to that is yes, we need a new vaccine. that is no. >> we want a really don't think it's going to be okay. so you need your leak this trust you see san francisco infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi agrees. the jury is still out. but she says there are hopeful signs repeated boosters will not be
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needed. >> among them. vaccines are not only increasing antibodies to fight the virus but t cells as well. >> it t cell immunity that we developed for the vaccines are working against the so that's a great thing in terms of the fire's been able you take it kept place for the t cells. it's breaking to add a body sometimes, but not to medical experts agree. determining how long a vaccine will last in determining whether a booster is needed. >> it's not something that can be rushed. they all agree pharmaceutical companies preparing the booster now is a good idea. so if it is needed, it will be ready to go. at the moscone center in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> a new update with more and more businesses are continuing to allow employees to work from home indefinitely. realtors in the bay area continue to see buyers moving out of san francisco and. >> out of silicon valley heading to the east bay to get
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more house for their dollar in oakland. we've talked about this. a 900 square foot log cabin. this is going for. >> $575,000 built in the 1890's. it is currently considered uninhabitable. you'd have to pay a lot more money just to fix it up. pretty good size lot there, though, as you saw the housing market clearly getting very competitive out there. kron four's michelle kingston reports said holmes says you might expect are going above asking price and they're going fast. >> it just haven't and it's still going going strong houses hitting the market in the bay area and selling in days if not hours and many of them getting multiple offers and being sold for well over asking price definitely the busiest year i've ever had in state. take a look at this one a home in pleasanton selling for $240,000 over the list price. another one in pleasanton selling well over asking at 1.2 million, both listings by east bay area
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realtor tracy nelson. it is definitely increase over the last 9 months in the brentwood i mean. >> intense own even those price points are much higher. it's the same thing. you know, in houses over there and they're going for 200,000 over asking sometimes this home in brentwood just sold after getting multiple offers over asking price. same story in discovery bay. this house getting multiple offers above its list price. so what do you do if your first time homebuyer and don't have a large deposit to put down in the home or can't afford to play in this competitive market. you know, really the way that i handled that is i. >> i really try to put this deal before house hits the market. the seller willing you know, it's just that those puzzle pieces fit. >> and we can put together before putting it on the mls. and it works out for all parties and that's kind of how we've been having to help a lot of fires. and in the market. >> in the east bay. michelle kingston kron 4 news.
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>> coming up on kron 4 news at a cleanup is underway after a night of ugly apps and the ver police killings of black man. but it led vandals to target more than 2 dozen buildings. the state power regulators turning up the heat on pg and e after the past series of deadly wildfires and forced blackouts. also speculating a solution. white teenagers and others are swinging their circles on social media. >> around the bay area. a little patchy fog trying to form. but we've got a great weekend forecast ahead, we'll talk about that coming up next. almost 20 million
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americans suffer from allergies as according to the cdc, but something that we are already doing might help people who suffer from seasonal allergies. >> wearing masks that make it a lot less likely you'll breathe and particles that can lead to problems like stuffy noses studies show. of course, masks reduce the amount of pollen, for example, getting into your nose and mouth a new study also shows that the risk of dangerous blood clots is far higher in coronavirus patients, then in those who get vaccinated, researchers at oxford university say catching covid-19 can cause an 8 to 10 times greater risk of blood clots in the brain. for those who get the pfizer or moderna shots. scientists say they found that about 39 of every
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1 million coronavirus patients was likely to experience a dangerous clotting complication. researchers say the side effects are still being studied. and arm. soreness is a pretty common side effect from getting the vaccine. so tiktok users have circulated a solution videos like this one. peoele swinging their arms and wide circle windmill style after getting their doses. sort as hack has now gone viral. but the question is does it really work ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong is here. >> so doctor, your looks a little odd. apparently it does work. >> yeah, it does work at it i like it. for 2 reasons. first of all, you know, that shot is giving in the muscles enter a muscular the immune system doesn't care where it is just going to go where shot. and so if it stays in muscle, it's probably going to get sore. so
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you can decrease the soreness by moving armor on. and that's why some people think getting the shot in the dominant arm for me. it's my right use a lot is better because you know, it's counter intuitive. you move that on more during the day, you increase the blood flow. the bligh takes a wee the vaccine substance from the muscle into other parts of the body. you're right. it is counterintuitive because i'm right handed to and i got the shot in the left arm because i didn't want my. >> they use more to get sore. but you're saying if you do use of more than that's the good thing. >> unless can you wanted to do the windmill in which case you can get in any arm. okay. >> why is that weighs just blood circulation. just moving your arm like that. is that what we do says this ordinance. >> yeah. it's just a dramatic increasing the blood supply to the area and then you take the use of lot of the highway to take away the vaccine substrate of course you can do other dance moves as mike or,
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you know, whatever. have you or just move the arm without doing dramatic gun salutes heinauer picturing all of doctor. >> hey, i were doing stories about how the airlines are expecting a lot more travel. certainly by summer. if not even a little sooner is that going to raise another level of risk any way doctor or not. >> well, it depends on where airplanes are going on. of a lot of states have the states in the country have i increase in cases somewhat dramatically than others like michigan, minnesota with more than a 100% increase in cases. so if you move people around theoretically, you can spread variance in virus around. on the other hand, if you're protected by vaccinations and it's, you know, other. properties you need from natural infection. like in california right now. you can kind of be a force field. so it all depends.
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>> doctor, want to get back to what we just talked about, a leading up to this interview about the blood clots and the concern about that. are you surprised that they're still holding back on the johnson and johnson because it when you consider 6 blood clot case is fatal cases apparently out of almost 7 million. vaccines administered the chances of that are so extremely low compared to getting a blood clot. when you get coronavirus. >> exactly. i understand the risk is super low. getting struck by lightning is one in 500,000. so i think getting a blood clot in the brain that is in these cases would less likely than being struck by lightning. however, i think the reason for that these being pause is really a time out. so trying to make sure people haven't had these cases have been reported yet. get a better estimate and then what i'm thinking they're going to do is say i everyone can use it on. maybe we're going to be
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restricted people over the age of 50, for because we have so many other alternatives in the united states. all right. doctor peter chin-hong. i as always, great to have you here. >> like your shirt. looks like you're ready for vacation as we all are at this point and thanks again. we appreciate it. thanks much. again. thank you, doctor. >> well, new at california power regulators are stepping up oversight of pg and e after finding the utility neglected the maintenance of an electrical grid and that great ignited a series of deadly wildfires across northern california. it forced periodic blackouts affecting millions of people pg and e has been accused of not doing enough to reduce the risk posed by a combination of crumbling equipment and overgrown trees near power lines and it marks the first step in a process that could eventually lead to regulators revoking pg and e's
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utility license. the company says it's making improvements to its tree trimming program and will continue wildfire prevention efforts. the summer. >> well, talking about wildfire, whether we take a live look outside at downtown san francisco as the sun has now slipped behind the horizon and it was nice and warm up their cap and yeah, felt even a little warmer and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here. launch also less windy a thing. yeah, really. we you know, you get rid of that wind is certainly feels a lot nicer outside temperatures did warm up a little bit today. but. >> well, we're just at the beginning of some much warmer weather that's going to set itself up for the weekend. tomorrow. we'll notice those temperatures coming up. maybe a few degrees by tomorrow afternoon should be a gorgeous day, but we are going to start with some more patchy fog as the atmosphere kind of stabilize a little bit, mostly clear over san francisco couple patches of fog there in the distance. we'll see more of that fog, i think filling in overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. but that low pressure center that helped bring us the winds that has now kicked the east of salt lake city. so that's why the winds started to calm down today. still seeing some fog
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develop along the coastline and the winds. yeah. it was breezy in spots along the coast. but certainly nothing like we had last couple days. we're talking 2030 plus mile an hour gusts still to 60 miles per hour in san francisco, 11 in the pacific and to 14 in oakland. but that's generally more just a sea breeze outside temperatures in the 50's and low 60's outside right now. i think by tomorrow afternoon we're looking at some nice weather. we've got a gorgeous friday coming your way starting out some patchy fog early on giving way to some sunshine and temperatures. i think in some of the valley's may be up in the mid 70's still cool on the coastline 50's there. so grab a jacket. if you're headed that direction. thank with vaccinations rising and restrictions dropping travel experts say they're seeing a spike in reservations. >> when airlines expect to reach pre pandemic levels. >> also the new way to pay for bay area transit using your smartphone. police car. if you
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use a clipper card to get around the bay area. there's now a new way to pay through your iphone. apple will allow you to add your clipper card to your apple wallet. that means you can pay or at money to your card through apple pay. >> to help passengers stay socially distant oakland airport has introduced clear. that's a touchless security
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screening technology. it uses eyes or fingerprints to move passengers more quickly through checkpoints. clear is already being used at other airports across the state, including at sfo in san jose. it is an opt-in membership service is available for an annual fee. and with restrictions being lifted. more people getting vaccinated. travel officials. they are expecting a busy summer season. hawaiian airlines, for example, says of current trends continue. they expect to reach prepandemic travel levels in just the next few months. kron on talk to a triple a representative who is seeing similar trends in hotel bookings. none triple a dot com. >> compared to april of 2020 bookings are continuing to grow. they look strong for april of this year as well. if i look at march there was over a 100% better compared to march of 2020. so we're looking at people who are
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beginning to make that decision to you know, reopenings and things like that. >> aaa also continues to recommend that you check travel restrictions for your destination. before you book your vacation. and that interview first aired on our streaming service kronon it is free to download in your app store. >> next. today, 2 dozen east bay buildings tagged with anti police graffiti overnight. why protesters were sending a message. the defense rests former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin not taking the stand today in the murder trial of george floyd plus ready for wedding season. starting today indoor private events such as weddings can resume in california. what you need to know if you're preparing to say i do kron
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>> in the east bay. 25 buildings were vandalized overnight. mostly it anti-police graffiti. this happened in walnut creek and it included walnut creek city hall kron four's maureen kelly shows us the damage and has reaction from police. >> spray painted over the city hall signed the words pigs murder. many of the examples of last night's unrest target. police and referenced the simmering anger over officer involved shootings across the nation. the name of the young man killed by police in minnesota. dante right. the scrolled on one building. others say kill cops as
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officers here want to quickly take pride in our city. we take pride in the service we provide or community. >> and to the graffiti through our downtown area. is vulgar towards us. this is no not a great feeling. police say this is done by a crowd of 20 to 25 people wearing all black. their faces covered. >> the march down the center of the main corridors of the business district starting around 09:00pm. >> you can see it in action in this surveillance video is sum breakaway to spray paint the cost of the destruction is estimated to run in the thousands, possibly 10's of thousands of dollars. many banks were also hit, but so were several small businesses. an investigation is underway. but police say they don't know if the protesters were affiliated with any group. this worker is painting over graffiti. that said and tipo was here. >> those i talked to downtown say this is the wrong way for protesters to get their message across. i consider myself minority a mexican. but i wouldn't. you know, go around spray painting things to get have my opinion heard.
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>> go up and but a politician in, hey, what's going on, man to talk to face to face, but i would not penalize police say one person was arrested last night after the fact during a vehicle stop. >> for an outstanding warrant at this time. they cannot confirm that person was involved in this civil unrest. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> also in the east bay a group of law enforcement agencies are trying to fight gang violence with what's being called operation windstar antioch police oakland. police they're among dozens of agencies that have made more than 50 arrests in the bay area and california all related to recent gang-related violence. the suspects are facing a string of felony charges with the recent arrest. >> these violent gang members are no longer on the streets of antioch and oakland and our communities are certainly safer. >> investigators also recovered a thousands of
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dollars in cash is to say more than 40 weapons, including ghost guns which have no serial numbers that can't be traced the suspects are members either of the emt or case gangs. both of them based in oakland. investigators are hoping the arrest. well, help bring closure. they say, to the victims and their families peaceful protesters demanding justice for dante wright and defunding of police. >> gathered in front of san francisco's mission high school this evening. they lit candles and hung a banner that read say their names along with the names of others who died at the hands of police, including roger allen. those are pictures of alage right there on the steps he was killed in daly city after a struggle with police over what turned out to be a fake gun. the father and son charged in the 1996 disappearance of kristin smart's made their first court appearances today. 44 year-old paul flores has been charged in san luis obispo county with first-degree murder. he's accused of killing smart in his dorm room at cal poly san
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luis obispo. he is being held without bail. his father on the right is ruben. he's charged with eing an accessory by helping his son hide smarts body. he has been granted $250,000 bail. their arraignment has been continued until monday. both of them were arrested tuesday after a big crack in the cold case so far kristin smart's body has not been found. a new development in the murder trial against derek chauvin the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd. >> as expected, chauvin will not testify in his own defense and they confirm that this morning when he invoked his 5th amendment privilege against self-incrimination and his lawyers rested their case. chauvin is charged with third-degree murder, second-degree murder and manslaughter closing arguments are expected to begin on monday. the former brooklyn center. minnesota police officer charged in the fatal shooting of 20 year-old dante
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right. made her first court appearance. 48 year-old kim potter is charged with second-degree manslaughter. she resigned from the police force on tuesday but calls for her firing. prosecutors allege potter's negligence created an unreasonable risk when she shot right during a traffic stop. she says she thought she was pulling out her taser. potter was arrested yesterday and released on a $100,000 bond. she faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. time for another look at the forecast as we look live over the golden gate bridge a nice pleasant evening out there. lawrence is here to tell kind of start to look ahead to the weekend we could be pretty nice looking since monday. now we are right on the cusp of friday. so yeah, we're getting close and it certainly looks like it is going to be a very nice weekend ahead as high pressure going to build in just in time. kind last weekend we have that beautiful ridge made for some sunshine out there other tonight. we do have some patchy fog trying to form along the coastline. >> and you see some of that
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gray along the coast. you see that fog make up there right now kind thing as the atmosphere warms up a little bit. you start to see a little inversion develop in the atmosphere that kind of caps the atmosphere. that's when you start to see a little more fog. so that's where expect to see in the coming days ahead. you know it yet that fog make developing to see some of that fog along the coastline overnight tonight and tomorrow so what about 53 in the sunset for tomorrow. but 56 in daly city, 54 in half moon bay with some patchy fog there you get inside the bay may get to see a lot of sunshine up some morning fog and some warmer temperatures to 60 in san bruno. 61 in millbrae. beautiful 62 in burlingame. if you're headed in that direction, 67 degrees in mount view. 64 in san carlos and 65 in foster city. south bay should be very pleasant all day long. sunny skies 60's. it's a very comfortable 70's in the cupertino 72 in saratoga, 70 in san jose and 76 1 of the warm spots in morgan hill east bay also going to race up into the 70's after a cool start in the morning but should be mostly clear there all day long same
8:36 pm
with a woman precheck in about 7575 in concord. they looking to 71 in the napa valley. nice and warm there. and if you had all the way the central valley, those temperatures turning up in the 80's back along the coastline a little bit cooler with some patchy fog and over the weekend. here you go. lots of sunshine coming your way 8 expected on saturday and sunday cooling off as we head toward the middle of next week. all right, lawrence, a very much still ahead at 8 o'clock calls for calm out of chicago after new body camera views of the encounter with police that ended the life of a 13 year-old boy. >> also the new do's and don'ts of saying i do with wedding season that ready to start restrictions easing. we have details on how to safely planned celebrations and kron 4 has a new and easy way to download our mobile apps. we have to queue or codes here. so get your phone ready. kron. four's news app is updated with time. the events big stories and breaking news. you can see what's happening in your neighborhood across california or around the world. thia is the qr code for kron 4 will take you to your
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phone's app store. >> 4 live local streaming news 24 7 kron on is the app you need. we'll get up to the minute live update. 7 days a week. plus all across force newscast. streaming live this qr code for kron on. we'll take you to your phone's app store so you can download that store so you can download that as well. we'll be right back. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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>> can you hear wedding bells? well, a lot of people are brides and grooms are pulling out their wedding checklists again starting today indoor private events such as weddings can resume in california kron 4 sanaz talked private event expert today about the do's and don'ts under california's latest reopening plan. >> it's been a long time coming under california's newly released health guidelines as of april 15th indoor private events including weddings are back in action. people are ready to celebrate. they want to get out there. they want to have their weddings. like many industries. the wedding industry took a massive blow in 20 20 here in california about 85% of couples either canceled or postponed their weddings due to the pandemic leaving thousands of vendors without business. but things are expected to pick up past week. so if you think about a wedding there's a long lead time. you need month. stay in a plan to get your vendors. get your guests in line. so for the next month or so. we
8:41 pm
expected to be a slow ramp up. but after that, the floodgates are open. we expect of someone falling even into 2020 to be incredibly busy. if you're trying to have a somewhat normal wedding. the california association for private events worked with the state to allow it. but if you look at the rules, if you have vaccination are testing they are much less restrictive. they're not requiring the socially distancing. we're not requiring a things in the capacities that are much larger. we were able to negotiate in buffets our service and no restrictions on dancing. if you're looking to save some money here's a suggestion book. the base. you know, you need you can always upgrade your packages with anyone. so if you have a photographer who offers 8 hours plus albums. plus this suspect wealthy and hours. you can always add the other things by initially booking the bays. you lower your deposit liability as well. reporting in the newsroom. tahernia kron 4 news. >> next. today, u.s. care to san antonio airport what a driver did that put the airport on lockdown. >> coming up in sports. the warriors go for a season-high
8:42 pm
four-game win streak in the man from 95th street in oakland help. leaves the leads the way led the way sports director jason dumas has highlights coming up.
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>> hours after a deadly police shooting. things are back to normal at the san antonio airport. the police to their chief there in texas says someone was driving the wrong way toward the terminal. when police stopped his car. the driver got out and started shooting officers fired back
8:45 pm
hitting and killing the man the airport was locked down during the shooting while officers investigated. a week after president biden announced a list of executive actions to try to curb gun violence and calling on congress to do more lawmakers say they have a path connecticut democratic senators richard blumenthal and chris murphy. they say they do have a plan to expand. >> universal background checks and say they're busy enough republican support to make that happen. >> i've been on the phone over the course of the last several weeks with my republican colleagues. i see a pathway to get a bill. piece of legislation that will unquestionably. save thousands and thousands of lives. >> last month. the house passed 2 bills that would require universal background checks on all commercial gun sales and it would extend the initial background check from a 3 days to 10 days senate republicans do not support the bills. 10 of them would have
8:46 pm
been needed to make them pass. so democrats have been willing to scale back the bills to reach an agreement. chicago police have released dozens of new body cam videos of the police shooting that killed teenager adam toledo. >> officers say to had a gun in his hand when the shots were fired. but the family's attorney says that is not true. reporter ashley katz has the latest. >> just hours ago the chicago police department released new video showing officer eric stillman chasing adam to into an alley yelling at him to drop his gun according to police video shows to was armed when he stopped running. police say he then drops the gun behind the fence turns around raising his hands up. the officer makes a split decision. then shoots to now
8:47 pm
the chicago police department said immediately following the incident that to >> had a gun in his hand today that a family attorney argues he did not. those videos speak for themself. >> item during his last second of life did not have a gun in his hand. the officer screamed at him show me your hands. adam complied turned around his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest. the department released part of the same video on its web site today on it. the department placed an arrow on a still frame. >> plenty to what appeared to be a handgun into late owes right hand before stillman opened fire saying in the caption 838 milliseconds between gun shown in hand and single shot as an independent board investigates the shooting chicago mayor lori lightfoot and toledo's family
8:48 pm
are calling for calm about this. but again, i urge. >> i urge each resident. who cares and loves the city. let's wait until we hear all the facts. again. that was ashley ketz reporting. police say toledo had gunshot residue on his hands likely from. >> using the weapon earlier. but that, of course, is still to be determined, likely if and when this case goes to trial. a bill that is being considered in sacramento with a lot of people injured by police to get money from a crime victims fund. >> this is being proposed by state senator connie leyva, democrat from chino. it would also allow families of people killed by police to get money for burials or other related costs. law enforcement agencies are opposed. they say it is taking resources away from traditional crime victims and giving them to perpetrators of crimes.
8:49 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> warriors looking for their first four-game winning streak of the season. they were in the state where steph curry was born ohio taking on the cleveland cavaliers. steph curry always having a little fun with being pre-game warmups. 1st quarter warriors small ball at its finest f working to pick and roll with draymond green i think that's dream on second dump in tonight would be a record. could the ames in a row already 2nd quarter that second unit along with andrew wiggins really came to play wigs gets the nice floater for 2 of his 23 points. they outscored the cavs by 14 in the quarter. get to steal staff trailing hand down, man down warriors up 9. let's go to for want a scandal. anderson. what a season he's having rejects the screen goes
8:50 pm
in for the 2 handed dunk and he wasn't finished folks. a few minutes later, one for 3. he had a career-high 20 points along with 7 boards of of 12 then curry with the dagger. he had a lot of daggers in cleveland broke a lot of hearts in that city over the years he had 33 points. his 9th straight game of 30 or more warriors win one 19, one oh, one. they're now in a season-best four-game winning streak and steve kerr starting to feel that momentum slowly but surely shifting his team's favor. >> we just had to grind it so, you know, our first four-game win streak of the year. we're in a very good place. you know, spiritually the guys feel really good about what's happening, which is a great sign. >> kianna williams became a national champion last week. tonight she became a wnba.
8:51 pm
basketball player williams was the 18th overall selection in the wnba draft. she was drafted by the defending champion seattle storm williams is the 27th cardinal to be drafted into the wnba. she was an all american this season. finisher stanford career as the school's all-time leading score, 3 points score. that is she went a little later than most people expected. but she told me, hey, that's no sweat off your back. >> i wasn't really necessarily. what about, you know, what number i was getting a light brown. honestly, just wanted. i just pray to that i got a good situation for me. and i feel like seattle's is one of the best situation for me and i'm extremely thankful not was was up their game where, you know you're sitting in all that great. i'm going stanford of that. that's a winning culture. i'm going right. and so professional and culture salt. i'm just like i said earlier, it's going it's a bit like information and action. it. whatever team needs to make i'm doing that to the best my >> great night for barry whose
8:52 pm
kiyana gets drafted a lifetime dream fulfilled. the warriors season-high four-game win streak. let's keep the mojo going. orders are back in action on saturday. the boston garden taking on the celtics fun stuff, right. good night. thanks, jason. >> well. coming up. we're going to show you of guyana. there are other areas on the left looking for a ride. know he's walking for a cause.
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>> if you've pretty much seen it all or you think you have there's this. this is a life-size teddy bear is on the move. his name is bear son and he's walking walking from la to san francisco had to be kind of hot air, but a sheriff's deputy in santa clarita came across him posted this picture. >> bear sun hasn't said exactly why he's doing this. but there's a link on his instagram page. it is asking for donations that planning to give to an unnamed nonprofit. his goal is $10,000 right now he's at $1200 disneyland tickets officially went on sale this morning. the demand for tickets was so high that within 10 minutes and probably expect this would happen. the website was already pushing visitors into its online waiting room. yeah. not one of our producers got this message while waiting for tickets saying, you know, the weights almost over. but he said he logged in at 6.45 this morning
8:56 pm
and didn't get a ticket until nearly 8 hours later. so bring your patience. the theme park recently announced it will welcome back. guests on april 30th with limited capacity. anyone who's interested in going to disneyland will have to make a reservation first. people who already had valid tickets will be able to begin making reservations on monday. are they were able to begin on monday. yeah. universal studios hollywood. they began welcoming a guest today. there is a new secret life of pets rides to welcome guests and a revamped jurassic world water ride that's meant to be really intimidate the doors for only open for annual and season pass holders but starting tomorrow. the general public can get on those rights as well. so it's almost back to normal. it is starting feel that. what feels that way anymore. you're right. we're taking our first steps. that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. parents in the east
8:57 pm
bay. they're threatening to sue the fremont school district. >> if their children don't return to classrooms. why they say the decision to keep campuses closed doesn't make any sense. and by the teachers union say it's not their fault. plus, new details about the daycare worker accused of taking some disturbing videos and pictures of small children. a san francisco daycare center. why the center's ceo says they had no way of knowing this would happen and how it could change the hiring process to keep children safe. >> those stories and more coming up next on kron, 4 news at 9.
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at calling action. >> we're learning more tonight about a day care worker arrested by the fbi for having child feds identified the suspect as 26 year-old of san francisco. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan for pam moore. >> wong was taken into custody tuesday after leaving the daycare center in the mission district tonight. the center ceo is talking about what happened kron four's dan for his live in san francisco and has more on this. dan.


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