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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 16, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> then let me start by we we are still targeting june 15 despite some of the news around johnson and johnson. >> some welcome news tonight. californians can expect to return to something of a normal life by this fall. that's according to the state's top doctor. i like the optimism, though. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i became of iraq is california's top health official doctor mark galli. >> is weighing in on the plan to fully reopen the june 15th than what california you could look like beyond that blueprint. but some other health experts. they do have concerns about the plan. as
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you can imagine, kron, four's, ashley zavala explains. >> we are still targeting june california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli said friday. the state is still poised for a full reopening in less than 2 months regardless of the pause on the johnson and johnson vaccine. galli said the state said the june 15th date aware of the issues with covid-19 mutations in other parts of the nation and in other countries while several variants have been found in california cases state leaders are encouraged by the vaccine's protection against them. so far. the variants that we are concerned about. >> have largely it will almost entirely been responsive to the vaccine, which is the best news today. we we don't have very and that skates or vaccine. speaking of the sacramento press club event. california's top health official explained that california could look like beyond the blueprint in october. many of the things that we mask, we will be able to do what can the big
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difference, though, is we will not likely have our youngest kids vaccinated. so. we're going to still need to protect young people. but in response panel with other health experts covid action group founder gun says california needs to stop being reactive to the virus instead of proactive has advocated for lockdowns to completely suppress the virus like other countries have. >> with continued vaccination in constant testing. if we wait, we're basically guaranteeing that the disease will become endemic was cycling disease year after year. >> as california moves away from its restrictions. doctor galley says the state will continue to do high level disease investigations for the foreseeable future reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. hundreds of covid-19 vaccines have already been administered at 2 pop-up clinics in contra, costa county public health department opened those sites just yesterday forcefully to call reports those sites alone are expected to vaccinate at least a 1000 people. >> 16 and older every day.
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>> presidency is not required and neither is an appointment. you just show up. >> and you can get a vaccine contra costa health services is trying to ease access to a covid-19 shot by making a drop in vaccinations available. >> at the antioch community center be considerate to others and go get back to may not for you, but for others. also the public health department teamed up with the state's office of emergency services to open this clinic and another at veterans memorial hall and richmond thursday. >> each with the capacity to administer up to 700 vaccines a day dealing with the public. >> you don't know who you're coming around you know, and i have kids. so. >> it is definitely a chip off the county chose these first 2 new patients because both communities have been hit hardest by the virus more sites will open in the coming weeks and east contra costa specifically. >> we have seen a and higher rate of virus. and we've seen
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a lower rate vaccinations. so it's so important that we have brought a clinic out to people and we have removed a lot of the barriers of clinics are open from 00:00am in the morning until 4 o'clock in on friday. people received a dose of the pfizer vaccine. i would have been willing to stand in line half a day. i don't care. i just need this vaccine the richmond clinics will remain open at least through saturday. april 25th in antioch, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news san francisco. a new vaccination site is officially open its in the mission located at 18th and shot. well. >> people who are living in the zip code you see on your screen are eligible to go and get the shot there. the site is operational thursday through sunday from 11:00am to 06:00pm. they say 200 doses a day are available and they say appointments are required. i guess that might mean strongly
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suggested they do say drop ins are limited for more info on how you can make an appointment. we've posted that on our website. kron 4 dot com and our other big story this evening is a controversial of mayor in windsor. >> he says he is going to step back. but he's not stepping down. kron four's. dan kerman has that story. >> the foley has issued a statement today, but so have some 50 protesters here at the gateway to windsor saying that he must resign. one person is carrying a sign that says the poli for prison. these folks are not going to let up. they say what has happened today, which is just holy has decided to step back without stepping down is not good enough. >> the gateway to windsor was filled with signs and protesters friday afternoon calling for windsor mayor dominic foppoli to resign. but the embattled mayor who has been accused of sexually assaulting several women over a period of years has stopped short of stepping down. >> choosing instead to step back from his duties.
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>> in a statement issued friday for police as it has become clear to me that the town council will not function at the level expected by its citizens. if i remain actively involved given the strong reaction to the allegations against me, though. i maintain full innocence under the law. i've decided to step back from an active role as mayor until the formal investigation is complete. i do not want my presence or participation to create a distraction cause. any additional hurt for our residents. >> it is not the resignation that not only did we as a council get the the town is the mandate. so. it is definitely not an indoor. and it's not something that i think many people who will accept windsor vice mayor sam salmon says resignation is the proper move stepping back, though, will help. >> from the terms of governments, it does give us more of a pass so that we can.
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>> address some of these issues that have been raised its. he really was for the people and the mayor for the people he would resign. sophia williams is one of 4 police accusers. she says she thinks stepping back accomplishes nothing and believes the mayor hopes this will just blow over. she says it won't. we know this isn't like an isolated case. we know this isn't just like one time thing one person has these accusations against them. this is something that, you know, we see in the news all the time. so i hope the message is that. >> you know, you can't get away with it. this situation is ever changing. but what is likely not to change or protests like these until they get the action that they are looking for. >> in windsor. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> but the rise in hate crimes across the country. the san francisco police department has launched a hotline for chinese language speakers kron four's, maureen kelly reports the goal is to have victims and witnesses to crimes feel
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more comfortable reporting them to police. >> just brush my last and then say your. >> country. derick tan says this happened at the ferry building in late march after his attacker tried to steal his phone while tim was working at a pop-up version of these chinatown. candy store. i was say i'm the lucky ones because i'm didn't get we. >> on injury under the attack. also, i'm really set to what's happening in our temps talking about the rise of hate crimes against asian americans that have escalated in this country and that increase in violence born at a prejudice is behind the san francisco police department's launch of an anonymous tip line for monolingual cantonese and mandarin speakers. the police and an asian and pacific islander american community group that advocated for the hotline have been passing out these flyers in order to spread the word about this new resource to the asian community has a problem of reporting. language problems.
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they they were scared of retaliation. and so the thing is the tip line. let's tear man by officers that can are bilingual so that these people will come out a report. the crime. >> on lot going on at t. >> i talked to the commander of the community liaison unit, which is behind the tip line. he could not say specifically whether or not calls that have come into this line have directly resulted in arrests. but he did say they have gotten some tips that have helped investigations, including a recent robbery and home invasion. sfpd is planning to expand the tip line to include other languages such as spanish. japanese korean to go look and russian. but it's important to point out that the tip line is not a replacement for 911. it's a supplement 911. is still the best number to call inean emergency. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> all right. now time for our
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4 zone forecast as we get a look live outside san francisco's embarcadero. if you could see off in the distance. the bridge traffic would be heavy. i honestly have no idea yet. we need to really get it is friday going to be a warm weekend and large you always like talking about. >> trading in your dress flops. yeah.%if you have a pink pair of you could do a little match, might have to loan your mind that had in your view that the whole thing. don't think haha a beautiful look, very, very nice. thank you. hey, you know what, we're whatever you want this weekend. you're going to just enjoy the probably the coolest spots. the temperatures are really going to be heating up outside. >> got a couple patches of fog along the coastline toward the golden gate bridge. little bit of a sea breeze blowing there. and again, a little busy out there on the roads today. temperatures today, a little cool in the san francisco 55 degrees still below average in oakland 61. then you start to warm up a little bit was comfortable in the san jose than the 70 start to show up.
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so this is really kind of the first of some changes coming this weekend for the entire bay area high pressure trying to build in that fog is forming all along the coastline right now. we'll see more of that. it is tomorrow morning. you're not going to be completely fog free. in fact, we start with patchy fog tomorrow morning. then slowly breaking up as we head throughout the day. but the temperatures are going to be warmer fog, low clouds getting ready to surge back on shore will fill in the bay overnight tonight, the sea breeze has been kicking up as expected in the afternoon gusting to 28 miles an hour in the san francisco right now. 18 out of the west in oakland and 23 mile an hour winds in san francisco temperatures, cool and spots along the coastline. still very nice working on a great evening, inland 71 right now in concord, 74 in any are a lot of 50's 60's around the bay and much cooler along the water's edge. so if you're stepping outside tonight, you can find some mostly sunny skies patchy fog along the coastline that fog start to march back on shore. 8, 9 o'clock tonight. so if you're headed out to keep a jacket with you might need be breezy too overnight tonight, though. we'll see low cloud and fog begin to fill in moving inside
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the bay overnight early on tomorrow morning. so we wake up to some fog. then by the afternoon, pulled right out of town. so by noon, you're talking about sunny skies and some much warmer temperatures doctor. we'll see some 80's tomorrow and maybe even a couple 90's into sunday. we'll talk more about that rest forecast. a few minutes. >> all right, lawrence coming up, bay area celebrities gather to one bail. a new mural in oakland played mean so much. the community and students in south san francisco are preparing to return to campus on monday. we'll let you know about the high tech way. the district is trying to keep. >> classrooms clean. >> as we are approaching the fire season. the oakland fire department is taking some new actions to prevent. and he disasters. details ahead.
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>> a cost saving measure that prompted rotating closures of oakland fire stations is now a thing of the past. now all of oakland's fire engine companies will be fully staffed aad of this year's fire season and the oakland battalion chief tells kron 4 haaziq the timing couldn't be better. >> midway through the month of april if things have been busier than usual for the oakland fire department you're looking at just some at these
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firefighting videos recorded within the past 2 weeks. oakland, fire battalion chief heather most d we have seen increase from fire we want to been a lot of fires. >> really party as the 2021 fire season is getting underway. the oakland fire department is now fully resourced and ready to roll. >> it's yeah, we're really excited mart. we from thought of the people equitable but company have where we oakland city officials say the full restoration of fire services is primarily the result of the oakland city council approving the use of federal funds from the american rescue plan at for the fire department and it was. >> a relief to be able to apply the american rescue act funding to restoring fire
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services and at a critical time when they're absolutely needed several of the recent fires occurred and council member lord taylor's district in oakland. yes, there have been a number of fires are talking brush fires there been structural fires. >> the the whole range and it's something that we absolutely need to get on top fire season as many know is no longer contained to a specific. time window. but it really is. you are out there but not before paid enough. so we need we all wait for the >> has it lead you kron. 4 news. >> parents in south san francisco unified school district wrll soon have the option to bring their students back to campus for in person instruction officials have installed 30 of these mobile disinfection units across all 16 schools in the district. they used ultraviolet light to try to kill covid particles in the air and on surfaces. the district will welcome students in transitional kindergarten t k through 5th grade starting
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monday with increased cleaning measures. >> will be masks that are required and we have stockpiled several just in case anyone forgets to bring their mask on to campus. they absolutely need to maintain a a% social distance of at least 3 feet with our students and then 6 feet for all of the adults on our campuses. we are implementing regular routines for washing our hands. we have provided hand sanitizer and as well as shield for all of our staff. and we've given each of our schools safe to go just in case they needed and we it. we've only abided plexiglass barriers put some of our campuses are some of sons. excuse me as well. that will give just an extra and extra just for our staff to feel safe. >> the superintendent says about 54% of families have said they want to opt in, have their kids return to in person instruction. well, almost half of families say they want to
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remain in distance, learning this year. and this interview first aired on our streaming service kronon you can download kron on in your app store. by the way, kron 4 has a new an easy way to download our mobile apps. we've to qr code. so get your phone out and open the camera and just hold it up to that big thing on the right kron four's news app is updated with timely events, big stories and breaking news. you can see what is happening in your neighborhood across california war around the world. this is the qr code for the kron 4 app. it will take you to your phone's app store. 4 live local streaming news 24 7 kron on is the app you'll get up to the minute live update 7 days a week. plus a live crowd force newscast streaming live. the qr code for kron on here. we'll take you to your phone's app store so you can download that. a larger than life art installation is popping up in oakland all in an effort to fight global food security and injustice. >> street art for mankind.
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join forces with the world food program and the kellogg company to paint the tallest mural in oakland as part of a 6 mural series being painted across the country to help raise awareness and mobilize support to fight hunger, especially after the pandemic. according to the department of agriculture african americans are twice as likely to face hunger as non hispanic caucasian household and get back to local minority communities. the kellogg company is donating cash to support local food, justice programs in each of the 6 cities involved that this mural is the 3rd of the series. >> from >> thank you to everyone made possible use their their love and their absolute that are in the world thank you for
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putting a human face on a global problem and the face of a beautiful child. >> if you want to download the behind the wall app and photographed the mural. you can get instant access to details about the mural in how to take action locally and globally. >> all right. for the forecast time as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. so many nice beaches right near their crissy field baker beach. >> ocean beach. but lawrence, as tomorrow might be more of a pool day santa beach okay. so yeah, you want to be careful where you pick your if you're that might be a different deal. but if you're out there in ocean beach. sure. you know you might be fog in. so i want to give people an e. >> false information here. we're talking about nice weather this weekend. but we are going to be dealing with a little bit of fog along the coast and you see that moving in right now. the marine layer is beginning to i think by sunday that i'm actually clear all the way to the coastline. so looking like some nice weather ahead. but the winds,
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yeah, you can watch it right here. they're going to start to kick up overnight. but watch what happens. more of westerly component right now. that means that nice ocean breeze overnight tonight. all of a sudden that starts to shift more of a northerly component begins to develop. you see that right there. that may be just enough to warm me many of the valleys that's going to be that offshore e nd wind. but it breaks down right along the coastline. so we'll see some clearing along the coast. briefly that fog likely to move in on saturday, then see that on shore push returning to that will bring those temperatures down. so this sounds going to play out to keep you cool out along the coast will keep those numbers in the 50's and the 60's in spots. maybe as high as 70 degrees. we get a little downslope wind in half moon bay tomorrow. but inside the bay gorgeous. look at all those 70's feeling the bay. then you get the 80's in the valleys. and you know what i think sunday. maybe that beautiful day re actually see clearing all t way to the coastline. one of those temperatures up. we've got 80's inland 70's in the bay and upper 60's. maybe some low 70's right out for the coast. all right, lawrence, coming up in southern mother is
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>> well, if you've been to the lumberyard lately and i know you have to maybe pick up supplies home improvement project or whatever you may have noticed the prices on some things are just sky-high.
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it is not your imagination high demand and low supply has many people experiencing sticker shock for us. charles clifford has details. >> well, since the start of the pandemic. places like lumber yards and home improvement stores have been very busy. but the prices of goods has gone up as well. that trend is probably going to continue at ashby lumber in concord business is booming because of the pandemic. people are spending more time at home and many are remodeling their houses are starting new projects. but the price of raw construction materials like lumber is way up in court materials from material. she goods. >> it's tripled over the last year is the outside sales manager here at ashby lumber. he says prices are up because there have been supply chain issues across the country that started a year ago when the pandemic hit a lot of our suppliers. >> and it helping to prepare for what we thought was going to be a downturn. the opposite actually end up happening. and so it was hard for them to catch back up. >> then with the second wave of covid happening. it shut down a lot of production
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therefore chain was in fact even further therefore causing again, high demand low supply increase prices. >> even as the pandemic eases ashby lumber expects things to stay busy and for prices to stay high for the foreseeable future. people are pretty optimistic about the housing market and building. and so we are busy right now and we anticipate staying busy. we also anticipate lower prices stay relatively high as well. >> we're cranking full force we're anticipating that carried on throughout the summer. >> and it's not just lumber. there's also a high demand and low supply for things like dishwashers and appliances. i personally been trying to get a garage door installed in my home. i've been told there is a 14 week wait for that door to be delivered. but for now in concord, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> we still have a lot more to come on kark 4 news at 6.30, scientists have developed a small watch size device that can actually detected deadly infections. we'll tell you how that works. and in washington, dc democrats there still
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pushing for gun reforms. just how they plan to keep weapons away from potential mass shooters. and a we will be bringing you the latest on the mass shooting in indianapolis where 8 people are dead. police are now releasing the
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>> a developing story tonight we're learning more about indianapolis fedex shooting where 8 people died. and we're


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