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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 17, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon on don't come to oakland with this activity. >> no 9 show of force tonight. kron 4 getting a firsthand look as oakland police prepare to crack down on side shows this weekend. we'll take it to the hot spots and the warning tonight from the city's top cop. this is kron 4 news at 9 o'clock this saturday night. i'm jonathan mccall. justine is off after getting funding restored for sideshow details this week. the agency says they are pulling out all of the stops this weekend. so tonight we want to know exactly how they plan to do it. kron four's amanda hari live tonight in oakland with the details. and amanda, they are not missing around tonight.
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>> jonathan know they're not police officers tell me they want to bring safety and called back to the streets of oakland. they also have a message for people outside of oakland. that is not to bring this type activity into the city because law enforcement is watching. >> that's what oakland police chief grown armstrong hopes will happen as this new sideshow task force hits the streets are completely irresponsible and reckless acts. i drove around with an officer as she showed me some places where they see the most sideshow activity. >> including this area near high street. >> we see a lot of that. use to be. we have a heavy presence there. we'll leave it should this entire. >> inside the bowl. you can see skid marks from cars doing donuts. deputy chief chris bolton is part of the task force. he says sideshow
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activity has become a lot more then just reckless and dangerous driving. >> we have the prevalence of firearms shooting negligently into the air shooting at other vehicles site. tricks are tactics that put people at greater risk. he says they plan to stop these acts with best practices mitigates the risk of pursuit. it against the use of lethal force or other types of course, because we are still concerned with their safety. bolton says they're prepared to detain site and arrest people. they'll also be towing vehicles because you don't in a citation or a tow tonight. the prepared to see us knocking on your front door. >> in the near future because we're taking video surveillance. we're working with community partners and we are doing follow-up investigations to do seizure warrants where you may not see your car for a very long time afterwards.
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>> the new task force was made possible by funding that was approved by the oakland city council. >> all right, amanda, so we know that police are going to be out there. we know that they're going to be out there in full force. but might not necessarily be able to get to every single one of these spots. so folks do see a side come across one. what's the best way to let police know about it. >> donna says that actually happening at that moment he should call 911. to let them know right away. if you just have a tip or information about sideshows, then you can email that to sideshow tips at oakland ca dot gov. live amanda hari kron 4 news amanda, thank you. tonight oakland police say that an overnight house fire that killed a dad and his one year-old daughter was likely set intentionally. now investigators are looking at whether the homicides could be connected to another fire and a shooting death. >> this is video of that fire from overnight from the
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cit-zen app. it happened just after midnight on stern's avenue. we're told that other people were inside of the house at the time. they were also injured. as for the other crimes last saturday, a man was shot and killed a booker's grocery store on 90th avenue in oakland wednesday. a fire reported at the same store. investigators are now looking at that fire as possible arson thursday, a man believed to be connected to the shooting from last saturday turned himself in to authorities. a number of agencies, including oakland. police the fire department and the atf are all now investigating in the north bay. 2 men recovering after a shooting thursday in vallejo officers found the man shot near washington park on napa street medics took him to the hospital in serious condition. anyone with information now urged to contact toledo. police in the south bay a busy night for san jose police as they responded to 3 separate shootings that injured 4 people including one after midnight near kabul and
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highway 85 paramedics took the victim to the hospital. we're told with non life threatening injuries in fresno, an argument now being blamed on a shooting that killed one man and injured 2 others at a fresno county vineyard. investigators say the victims and the suspects were proving grapes. that's when 2 men pulled out guns and started firing. one man dying at the same tonight. detectives are still on the hunt for the 2 shooters who got away before officers got to the scene. tonight. alameda sheriff's investigators are trying to piece together a deadly shooting that ended with the suspect dead and a deputy grazed by a bullet. it happened overnight on second street in the fairview district right on the hayward city border kron four's gayle ong takes us to the scene. >> it is quiet now, but a different picture earlier in the day where investigators were canvassing that street looking for clues that led up to the fatal shooting alameda county sheriff's deputies responded to multiple 911, calls in the fairview district saturday morning. witnesses
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told authorities the suspect was knocking on doors threatening them. we got called hear about. >> 03:40am this morning for report of an individual that had a gun that individual was going up and down the street and he was pointing that a weapon at residents along this strip of second street when deputies responded, they say the suspect was hiding behind this fence. we know that our deputies. >> saw the individual. >> and that he was armed. big him to drop that weapon. he turned. they tried to de escalate it but they didn't have any for him to comply with that. and he turned and he fired that weapon. we had several deputies returned fire. struck that individual. the man died on the scene at one deputy was grazed in the head by a bullet. >> investigators found this handgun. lori friends woke up to the commotion that sounded like firecrackers right outside my window. and that's all i heard francis bribes this area as quiet little an easy that there.
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>> in a i mean, can you imagine what they're going investigators spent hours combing the scene asking neighbors for home. surveillance video that may have captured the incident. it's unclear how the suspect is connected to the neighborhood can tell you this individual is. >> a 26 year-old male. i hear that he is of filipino were mixed. descent he's got a very extensive criminal history for violence. >> authorities are not releasing the name of the suspect who died. they are in the process of notifying family reporting from the fairview district in alameda county. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> californians injured by police could soon become eligible to receive money from the crime victims fund under a proposed bill. the bill would also let families of those killed by police to receive money for burial or other cost from a fund that is typically used for victims of traditional crimes. some law enforcement agencies are against that idea, saying that
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it would take resources away from traditional crime victims and give them 2 perpetrators of crimes. instead. just moments ago, a curfew went into effect in brooklyn center, minnesota, after a 6th night of protests in the shooting death of dante wright. wright was shot and killed sunday during a traffic stop just outside of minneapolis during demonstrations last night. some protesters started throwing bottles as well as other items out. police officers protesters. they're now demanding that former officer kim potter be charged with murder in wright's death instead of her current charge of second degree manslaughter. in chicago. 2 people were arrested after thousands of folks hit the streets in the windy city after the police shooting death of 13 year-old adam toledo. the men. now both facing charges. one of them for spitting on an officer. the other for reckless conduct after clashing with police video from 17 officers body cameras of the shooting released fueling the outrage there in chicago. the officer
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who fired the fatal shots as the teen had a gun in his hand and was aiming it at officers. but video shows that he was shot less than one second after dropping that gun and putting his hands into the air. tonight we're learning more about the officer who fired the shot that killed adam officer eric stillman can be seen on video rendering him wintering aid in pleading with the teen to stay with him. colleagues say that stillman is devastated by the shooting. he joined the chicago police department 6 years ago after serving with the marines while on the force. he's had 3 complaints. none of them have been substantiated. but he has been honored 48 times by the department toledo's death marks the first time that stillman has shot anyone. while a member the chicago police department back here at home. hundreds of folks flooded the streets in oakland for demonstrations last night. things did start peacefully but then took a turn as folks started throwing items at police and started breaking
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windows at businesses and even setting cars on fire. a lot of news to get to tonight. but the weather story we are watching the saturday night is the heat. a warm day across the bay area and all of much of northern california. a live look tonight at san francisco, courtesy of the sutro tower camera kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strong in tonight with hembree said to get you ready to head out the door for the start of your sunday. >> yeah. it's definitely going to be a much warmer sunday than even what we saw today, jonathan, it was gorgeous outside and we lots of sunshine and some warm temperatures. but tomorrow's expected to be even warmer an even hotter in some spots. the golden gate bridge right now we're seeing a little bit of that marine layer creek through. really it's going got most of our coastal areas and even get maybe to summer in linda bayside communities. but that's about it. we're going to see mostly clear conditions for the rest of the bay area. lots of sunshine tomorrow. and again, that fog like i was mentioning will be off the coast. half moon bay might see a little bit of that tomorrow.
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warm temperatures south thanks to offshore flow that we're seeing over the next couple of days with continuing to build that high pressure. it's bringing us the much warmer conditions than where we're normally out for this time of year. feels like summer, though, it's spring that right now outside we're seeing anywhere from the 40's 50's to even 60's across the board right now. 55 in town oakland san francisco. you're at said currently at 4958 in napa. but still those low 70's in saint lena now we did see those wind gusts pick up today, anywhere from 20 to even a 30 miles per hour in some spots. they're going to start to subside during the overnight hours tonight before picking back up again as we get into tomorrow afternoon, they're going to stick around into in the early evening hours before subsiding as we get the sunday night overnight hours into monday. so just be aware of that. but temperatures definitely returning tomorrow, especially inland. we're going to be in the upper 80's and some are
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east bay areas around the bay. we're going to see upper 70's to low 80's and maybe even some 90's on the board. a break. it all down neighborhood by neighborhood. coming up a little bit later on in the back to you. rebecca, thanks. still to come tonight, a push to end hate in the a p i community. >> the promise made by california lawmakers during a rally today here in the bay area. >> the covid death toll hits 3 million worldwide. we'll let you know what l attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. your money tonight. california has recorded its second straight month of job gains after a year of an enormous losses. >> according to the employment development department, the golden state added more than 100,119 1000 jobs in the month of march hospitality and leisure leading the way with the biggest gains with 42,000 new jobs. experts, though, say it will likely take the golden state years to recover the nearly 3 million jobs lost during the first 2 months of the pandemic last year. the city of oakland's. the future is looking bright. according to economic experts during a summit this week economist said that developers are working on a number of projects, including building the tallest skyscraper in the city. the move comes as covid-19 vaccinations are prompting the reopening of the economy. statewide next month. restoration of the henry j kaiser convention center is expected to begin this summer state leaders also say they're working to ensure that oakland's economic future
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lives up to those predictions. turning now to covid coverage tonight. so far more than 24 and a half million covid-19 vaccines have been administered here in california. governor gavin newsome says that half of all eligible californians have had at least one dose, 30% of the state's population is now fully vaccinated. here's a look at the breakdown of the numbers county by county here in the bay area, santa clara county has administered the most shots with more than 1.3 million doses so far alameda contra, costa san francisco and san mateo counties rounding out the top 5. you can find the latest numbers county by county on our website. kron 4 dot com. but despite those improving numbers, the global death toll from covid-19 now hitting the 3 million number around the globe america now accounting for more than one in 6 of the world's covid-19 deaths. the death toll here in the united states. now more than 560,000
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kron 4 washington correspondent jessi tenure has more on the united states latest efforts to combat the virus here. look at home and across the globe. the world health organization reports about one in 4 people in wealthy countries have been vaccinated. >> compared to about one in 500 in poor countries, us health officials say they have a responsibility to make those numbers more equal to protect americans now and in the future. >> the increasing trend in cases. hospitalizations and deaths are very concerning. more than a year into the pandemic. they threaten the progress and there are warnings rang out from the u.s. to the world health organization this is approaching the highest rate of infection that we have seen so far the the coronavirus has now killed 3 million people across the globe with more than one in 6 deaths happening in the u.s. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky blames the continued spread of highly transmissible variance,
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which makes the race to stop the transmission even more challenging and threatens to overwhelm our healthcare system again on friday, the biden administration announced a new one 0.7 billion dollar investment in the nation's fight against variance to bolster the ability. >> of the cdc and state and local public health departments to monitor track and defeat emerging threats. health officials stress vaccinations are also vital in this effort more than one 5th of the u.s. population is fully vaccinated despite pausing the use of the johnson and johnson shot. the actions taken by ccfd of this. we should give americans confidence in our safety system is working for them the biden administration recently announced a partnership with japan india and australia to expand the global vaccine supply a pandemic that is a global pandemic. requires a global response. >> president biden has so far refused to make any commitments to give away vaccines made in the u.s. insisting americans come
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first. >> in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> if you spent your whole paycheck, the plant during the % plant store during the quarantine or during the pandemic. it actually be a benefit in your mental health researchers from the university of cardiff found that study more than 5,000 people in relation to their mental health and connection with nature and found that folks with closer access to a garden park or a green space reported to have more energy appeared to be more calm, especially when lockdowns. we're at their strictest. let's talk weather this saturday night at 9 o'clock. a live look outside along the san francisco embarcadero hopefully your plans haven't been outside for. >> too long without some water because if not, they're not holding on for too much longer cross-court meteorologist rebecca strom here tonight. but look at if there is anything falling from the sky in the any rain drop any sign
9:21 pm
of any water coming down. no, not from the week or so. >> but hey, stick it kron 4 because weather can always change, right. we can hold out for hope. we're definitely going to see a dip in temperatures this morning trend is going to go away in a couple days. but for now what we're seeing a whole lot of sunshine like we today and even hot temperatures expected tomorrow. but a nice shot of downtown san francisco, mostly clear conditions are sutro tower camera shot showing us just a beautiful spotted the city right now temperatures tomorrow. the look at that downtown san francisco, you'll get a high of 75. we're going to have a little bit of fog hugging a summer coastal spots. but it's not going to be moving any were inland. so things are definitely going to stay quite warm. the mission district. we're looking at 74 for the high tomorrow, golden gate park. you'll be at a high of 71 will definitely be a nice day to head outside and do that 60's and low 70's along the coast. a granada. you'll be a high of 65 those 70's upper 70's continue along the peninsula at said
9:22 pm
burlingame 70 degrees. there millbrae or you'll be a high of 75, then we're going to see a lot of those 80's pop up anywhere from foster city into san carlos and down into mountain view at 81 degrees. your south, his own completely covered in the 80's anywhere from the low to upper 80's. look at that. morgan hill getting close to that ninety-degree mark at 87 tomorrow with a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy along the bay. we're looking at so low 80's there like an freeman 80 degrees and then mid 80's as we get closer to pleasanton and into livermore and then look at those 90's brentwood discovery bay, 90 degrees. we're expecting there 87 in walnut creek 70's, though, in the oakland area and then those 90's continue in a vacaville and fairfield youngsville. you'll be a high of 89 and then the low 80's through petaluma and nevado and then it's going to of course, a lot cooler point raise and since a beach both coming in in the low 60's. now it's going to stay warm as we get into monday, but then we'll start to see a cooling
9:23 pm
trend as we get into tuesday for the next rest of the week. rather, one of those people who loves the heat. but i who loves the heat. but i think, that we have so muc much sunshine, but no rain guilty about that. yes, hopefully that will change in the next couple of weeks, we may have some moisture. >> towards the end of the month. but anything at this point we'll definitely. that's right. but with us, everyone. we'll be right back.
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>> a small brush but brush fire causing some minor delays for drivers on one. oh, one near the hospital curve tonight, the flames spotted just before 6, we're told the fire did spread to vernon and 22nd street. no buildings or structures in any danger. we're told that san francisco fire crews have put out that fire. good news for riders. san francisco. mayor london breed says that service on the side train is set to return next month. 6 months ahead of schedule. the side in the tea 3rd street will operate as one round from balboa park to sunny dale. it will provide subway services to all stations from embarcadero to westport. all it will. also it will be back. may 15th along with the previously announced return of the in judah. still to come tonight, 100 days after the riot at the capitol. >> one man from a far right militia group has now become the first to plead guilty. what more needs to be done.
9:27 pm
folks indianapolis tonight honoring the victims of that deadly shooting at the fedex warehouse planned tonight. plus, we're also hearing from the victims of the survivors walked away from that shooting for the first time.
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the home depot. how doers get more done. >> the man behind a shooting rampage in southern california earlier this month that left 4 people dead, including us. a 9
9:30 pm
year-old child was banned from buying or even supposed to lee supposedly owning a gun here in california. i deb gonzalez was convicted of battery in 2015 which should have kept him from possessing or buying guns or even ammo at stores that conduct background checks. investigators say he had a personal and business relationships with his victims. detectives are still trying to trace the semiautomatic gun that he used during those shootings. another big story we're following tonight. the surge in mass shootings we've seen not just over the past month, which is had 45 mass shootings alone here in the u.s. but we've already had 147 so far this year. this out from gun archives from the gun violence archive of all of those mass shootings that we've seen so far this year here in the united states. the latest one was that mass shooting at the fedex center in indianapolis where 8 people were killed along with the shooter and many more were hurt tonight.
9:31 pm
we've learned that 4 of the victims were sick. and while police have not announced a motive. just shut. they are reportedly looking into whether or not if they were targeted because of their religion. we've also learned that the shooter 19 year-old brandon whole was a former worker at that warehouse and that his parents warned police that their son could be dangerous more than a year ago today, hundreds of folks attending a vigil to come out to mourn those victims along with the sec community. >> time to extend hands the pacing friend and it. nothing else try to understand. >> to see bishop supported just wore my heart. it's a testament of how tired people are of the increasing violence in our communities that we really came together to say we're tired. >> cole's family said in a statement today that they are so sorry for the pain and hurt his actions abroad. we're
9:32 pm
devastated at the loss of life caused as a result of brandon's actions through the love of his family. we tried to get him the help he needed our sincerest and most heartfelt apologies go out to the victims of this senseless tragedy in, quote. united in action with asians. that was the theme of a rally and a march held today in millbrae that brought out hundreds of folks kron four's, phillipe djegal all learned that at this event lawmakers vowed to pass bills that would aggressively address hate. >> this streets of millbrae flooded with the community demoralized by the continued rise and by against asian american pacific islander see frustrated activists demanding action at the local and state level to affect change and de escalate unprovoked attacks need. >> strong legislative changes. we need a social changes. we need people to realize the difference between right and wrong lieutenant eleni kounalakis among the elected
9:33 pm
leaders to address crowd outside millbrae city hall stating that immigrants should be celebrating it. didn't even eyes up in sacramento. we know that this is a challenge and we are not going to stand for lawmakers say like to say is working on a comprehensive package of for us to do what we're doing at the state level. if you keep doing what you are doing at the local level. >> speak but he beheaded for many reasons for joining the rally are personal. a chance stop the silence. >> that we that i feel like i grew up and grain, you know, having green. and i do believe that individuals can make a difference. and it's really up to us community united in action for asians in millbrae leaked it all wrong closing arguments are set to get underway. first thing monday morning. >> in the murder trial of former minneapolis officer derek chauvin. chauvin is
9:34 pm
charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd. >> with the end of the trial coming to a close. the city of minneapolis along with several now preparing for the potential outcome. tom negovan is in minneapolis with more. >> this is the serious hardware. a 10 foot tall chain-link fence imbedded in concrete going up today around the main post office in downtown minneapolis, an area that looks a bit like an armed camp these days watched over by police and the national guard. we're all on edge. we're tired. we're all small business owners and we just. >> are all trying to make a living. but for now they're boarding up. we can either. >> cover the windows over or replace them all. >> locals thought they'd seen it all a pandemic months of looting and rioting that followed the death of george floyd and ben, just as they started to breathe a bit more easily, a young black man
9:35 pm
named dante wright shot and killed by police. just 10 miles from the courtroom where former officer derek chauvin is on trial for floyd's death. it started all over again. everybody was waiting until the shopping trial was over. >> and hopefully it was an outcome that everybody wanted and now that there's so much looting and damage to people's property. they're just on edge that it's going to happen sooner than later. >> this is what they remember all too well minneapolis burning not one year ago. the state's governor hasn't forgotten promising he won't allow it to happen again. >> we have to change this. this cannot be allowed to happen. but. we also witness last may that there are those who will exploit tragedy and we didn't have the luxury of being able to plan ahead and simply making sure that that doesn't happen. we cannot allow our city to burn. >> tom negovan reporting for us tonight. let's talk weather this saturday night. a live
9:36 pm
look at downtown san francisco, courtesy the sutro tower camera. let's check in again with kron. 4 meteorologist rebecca strom into 9 with a look at what we can expect first thing in the morning. >> well, it's definitely going to be warm tomorrow. even hot in some areas, especially as we get into our interior valleys tomorrow afternoon right now, though, we're seeing a nice mostly clear evening across the bay area. we're seeing some fog how or coastal spots. but a nice shot this is a camera on top of the east bay hills in berkeley right now. you can see all the way across the bay and over to san francisco temperature change of versus this time last night. look at that. pretty much show almost warm and all spots. it's pretty even though along the coast and in san francisco. but 13 degree difference for folks in livermore right now versus where we were this time last night, a 10 degree difference of napa. 5 degrees. if you are in nevado breaking down the temperatures right now we're seeing mostly in the 40's 50's and even some 60's upper 60's
9:37 pm
in some spots still in 9 3668 right now in congress. 65 in livermore 59 degrees in san jose. so much more mild evening. what we've seen over the last couple of days this warming trend is going to be sticking with us through tomorrow and even into monday. it's all thanks to this high pressure system that we're seeing continuing around the bay area and this offshore flow. so it's keeping all the fog on the coast and definitely keeping a whole lot of sunshine and the warm spots around the bay tomorrow. here's a breakdown of your highs. we're looking at upper 80's as we get into the inland valleys like 87 in concord tomorrow. the were expecting 86 in antioch 85 in livermore, 83 degrees, though, if you're going to be a near our base side spots. a low 80's continuing. hey, we're tomorrow and then look at that. it's going to be a gorgeous beach day a half moon bay. you'll be at a high of 72 with a lot of sunshine to enjoy right here in downtown san francisco, high of 75 nice and mild and then 80's across much of the north bay. and i'm
9:38 pm
even tracking the possibility of some 90's as move further inland. i will bring those neighborhoods to you in just a bit. but over the next couple of days, things are going to start to taper off. but it's still going to be warm into monday and then we'll see it dramatically start to cool down as we get into tuesday and it looks like it should remain in the 70's for the rest of your work week. i will have your 7 day around the bay forecast and those neighborhoods that we could be seeing 90's tomorrow coming up in just a bit. jonathan, back to you. rebecca, thank you. >> it has been 100 days since thousands of folks stormed the u.s. capitol looking to disrupt the constitutional process. some even looking to kill lawmakers. hundreds have been arrested since that day. but as kron 4 washington correspondent joe khaleel found out authorities say they are not slowing down anytime soon on their investigation. >> you can drive. i was going to be out moments after pleading guilty to feel safe. no comment from john shaffer
9:39 pm
to news nation as he emerged from the federal courthouse in washington schaffer, a founding member of the right-wing militant group, the oath keepers. now the first january 6th defendant to cooperate with federal prosecutors in what's become one of the largest investigations in the history of the department of justice to massive investigation. >> with so many charges never been no trials. u n. >> so far the fbi has arrested more than 400 people who stormed the capitol more than 4 every day since january 6th nearly a quarter of them charged with felonies. william banks professor emeritus at syracuse university's law school says this is just the beginning. our resources are quite sophisticated. and i know the government is very committed. i would more. >> charges and more arrests in the 100 days since january 6th congress has held multiple
9:40 pm
hearings to examine the security failures that allowed for thousands to overrun capitol security that americans be and bloodied our own police. >> they stormed the senate floor. they should try to hunt bear and the speaker of the they go get shaded about murdering the vice president while congress works to fix the security lapses and damage to the building. others deal with the human toll from that day 140 capitol officers were injured one officer and 4 others dead. >> and then the unseen scars the case. we would have some tightness in my chest and difficulty catching my breath. i was really irritable michigan congressman dan kildee tells news nation that he's been receiving treatment for ptsd from the trauma of that day when he narrowly escaped the chamber just before the mob broke in in hopes that it encourages others traumatized that day to seek help as well. partly because i was watching video from. >> the event it cause me to.
9:41 pm
all right. that were once right back in that none of us ever united that are politicians who take. there's this kind of the place. >> joe khalil reporting for us tonight as part of schaefer's deal with the government. prosecutors have agreed to sponsor him for the witness protection program. a somber day across the pond in england today as prince philip is laid to rest his funeral, honoring his service in the royal navy and his support of queen elizabeth, the second his wife of more than 70 years. prince philip dying earlier this month at the age of 99. his body will rest in the royal vault at windsor castle. a bona fide land rover carried his coffin during the procession to windsor castle because of covid only 30 people were in allowed inside for the ceremony, including the widowed queen her 4 children and their 8 grandchildren. the end of an
9:42 pm
era has arrived in cuba raul castro, the brother of the late fidel castro step down as promised as head of cuba's communist party castro who's 89 years old, made the announcement on friday at the 8th party. congress in havana, the changing of the old guard to a new generation of leadership in cuba has been expected since 2018. that's when castro yielded his position as president of the country's ds canal at the time. castro stated that he would stay on as leader of the communist party until this year. still to come tonight, a remarkable story of perseverance as doctors at u c l a perform. a triple double lung transplant. we'll explain. then we'll show you how a north carolina california family is helping fund worldwide research. >> as part of an effort to save their young son.
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>> welcome back. you could call it a medical miracle. a california man has quite a story to tell him plenty of reasons to celebrate his 30th birthday after surviving his 3rd double lung transplant. kimberly chang has his story. >> then after everything i've gone through it. some. it's really survived for travis flores a 3 time double lung transplant recipient every second. he's here is reminder
9:46 pm
to live life to the fullest. i turned 30 last week, which was a huge milestone diagnosed at 4 months old with cystic with a huge deal that i needed that travis had 2 prior transplants. but both sets of lynn stopped working fortunately the organs just accepted well, by my body triple transplants are extremely rare. the number of patients who have 3 lung transplants. >> is is very limited. it's less than 20 in the country. doctor office or to holly director of u c l a s heart and lung transplant programs performed travis's 3rd transplant last may so far things are looking good. he says travis, this story is a ray of hope a few decades ago patients with cystic fibrosis could only lived through their teenage years. things have changed. we are optimistic and we'll continue to work with him. so that he can continue to live decades. hopefully
9:47 pm
with the new 3rd time lung transplant a low travis is forever grateful for this call to tell him that a family would donate their loved one's organs. >> he's made it his mission to help others by partnering with one legacy to write and produce psa is to motivate people to become organ donors. he's also signed up to go on wild adventures with claire's place foundation sky and swimming with soarks. >> and i'm doing it to raise money for charity. i appreciate the time that i have. i just need to use the time. but i have to to fill me. >> kimberly chang reporting for us tonight. norwegian cruise lines now asking the cdc to allow it to begin sailing again in a letter to the cdc. the company says it wants permission to resume operations on july 4th the company's ceo says that covid-19 protocols will be put into place including mandatory vaccinations for everyone on board and covid-19 test for
9:48 pm
all passengers and crew members tonight, a california couple now making it their mission to find a cure for a rare disease after their son was diagnosed with it just months after he was born. jimmy wynn learn more about the links that they're now going to. >> my pregnancy was easy. it's our first child and we got pregnant quickly. we went home with a. >> healthy what we thought was a healthy little boy, but soon after sophia and ryan phillips brought their son crosby home things took a turn for the worse round 4 months old at who's well check that. >> he wasn't meeting the typical milestones. so he wasn't looking at he wasn't he wasn't rolling over crosby was diagnosed with fox 2 one syndrome, which means he has an underdeveloped brain from a lack of the fox g one. gene. >> and at the end of 2020 crosby suffered a series of seizures and also result in
9:49 pm
>> crosby had a a pretty significant episode in at the end of last year. at that point, the couple decided they wanted to get behind the science to figure out a cure. it really empowers us to conduct research and develop therapeutics to correct the problem they teamed up with the fox to one research foundation to work with institutions in california, new york, ohio and the uk ryan says so far the work has been successful in trying to help people like rise be. >> get normal levels of the gene back into their bodies. one of our labs under contract recently has identified a way. >> that they believe they can normalize that expression level while the journey is far from over for their little family. the phillips hope that one day he needs we dream of the day that we may be able to have a conversation with crosby or played catch in the backyard. we think that's possible. and that's that's why we're here doing what we're doing in roseville jeannie nguyen. fox 40 news.
9:50 pm
>> now. a live look outside of the golden gate bridge on our final check of weather this hour. kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strom in tonight, former bree so with a look at what you can expect. if you have plans that are headed out tonight. >> yeah, it's definitely a mild evening around the bay area that we're seeing some upper 60's that were subtle still tracking some neighborhoods and mostly clear conditions. so it's a beautiful evening, pretty much no matter where you're at tonight across the bay area. this or souter tower camera overlooking a nice clear shot of downtown san francisco. in fact, it is going to be quite warm. if you're going to be heading into at the city tomorrow afternoon in fact, look at breakdown of the highs. we're going to be much warmer to morrow than where we were at today. so take advantage of the nice warm weather but said definitely stay hydrated. make sure the ease your sunscreen, 75 degrees. and i'm tracking tomorrow for downtown. we're looking at 70's as we get into golden gate park as well. the mission district 74 degrees there as we get so along the coast. we're looking at 60's
9:51 pm
and 70's. half moon bay. you'll be at a high of 72 degrees. upper 70's as we move further burlingame at 7875 in millbrae tomorrow and then we're going to see a bunch of 80's pop up as we move further south along the peninsula, 83 degrees in san carlos redwood city. you'll be at a high of 80 degrees tomorrow and then the south bay pretty toasty there as well. we're looking at some upper 80's as we get closer to morgan hill 87 campbell also at 8784 degrees for the high in cupertino along the bay. we're going to be in the low 80's. it should be really nice and warm in fremont, union city and even warmer as we get closer to pleasanton at 85 the livermore valley. we're looking at the upper 80's there at a high of 87 and then the oakland you're going to be a pretty much in the upper 70's as well. so very warm tomorrow, much warmer than what we saw today and then as we move further inland or interior valleys
9:52 pm
hitting those 90's for a possibility. some low 90's in brentwood and discovery bay near the delta 87 in walnut creek for the high tomorrow and then those 90's continues to move further north a vacaville and fairfield both at 90 degrees there. 86 indonesia tomorrow. if you're going to be that's a wine country. 84 in napa. low 80's across much of the north bay from petaluma into nevado sandra fell. you'll be at a high of 83 and then our coastal spots sticking the 60's. but a lot of sunshine to enjoy and a gorgeous day as we get into tomorrow, your around the bay forecast of this warming trend is going to continue into monday and then a big drop in temperatures as we get into tuesday much cooler for the rest of the week. so i things are going to get finally back to normal. jonathan, we just have to get through monday for some get over this warm-up trend and things are going to be 60's and 70's. a very nice and not not bad, at least for the rest the weekend. you can just in from the air conditioner chill
9:53 pm
out for then just watch some tv that sounds good to know. thanks. >> stick with us, everyone. we'll be right back.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> take a look at this. one man is taking the long walk from la to san francisco while wearing a teddy bear suit. this is jesse larios who is going by the name bearsun and he's walking along the side of
9:56 pm
the road for nearly a 400 mile long track just in case you happen to be making that track and see a man and a teddy bear. don't be alarmed. he started the journey on monday says he will not be staying at any hotels. it's all part of a goal to raise money for right now. an undecided nonprofit. a larger than life art installation now on display for folks in the east bay. all a part of an effort to fight global food insecurity along with injustice street art form in kind teaming up with the world food program and the kellogg company to paint the tallest mural in oakland. it's part of a 6 mural series that is being painted across the country to help raise awareness and to mobilize support for fighting hunger, especially after the pandemic. according to the department of agriculture african americans are twice as likely to face hunger white households and to give back to local minority communities. the kellogg company is donating cash to support local food programs in each of the 6 cities. this
9:57 pm
mural is the 3rd of that series. >> from >> thank you to everyone who made this used their their love and their absolute that in the world thank you for putting human face on a global problem and the face of a beautiful child. >> if you download the behind the wall app and photographed the mural. you get instant access to details about the artwork and how to take action locally as well as globally. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. don't go anywhere. there's plenty more news still to come on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. >> including breaking news that we're following out of the east bay. a shooting in antioch that left one man dead. the details. still to come.
9:58 pm
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10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news it don't come to oakland with this activity. >> o'clock kron 4 getting a firsthand look as oakland police prepare to crack down on side shows this weekend. welcome to kron 4 news at 10 o'clock this saturday night. i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the


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