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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a life adamant really deserve to have his life ended in this way. >> now at 10, the family of an alameda man who died in police custody are speaking out tonight in the family says none of their questions are being answered. and while they wage the community is coming together tonight to mourn the loss of their loved one good evening. thanks for joining us. and welcome to kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan as i can mentioned, the family in this case. they're still looking for a lot of answers from the police about how this stuff happened and they want their own independent autopsy performed kron four's terisa stasio has the story. >> on this wednesday. a vigil in the city of alameda. you can see behind me there were a couple of 100 people that showed up. they are all here family, friends as well as activists and supporters. they all are looking to find out
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exactly what happened this past monday. mario in fall and the the my family. >> you know, as we're still disbelief. >> that is jerry gonzalez and this is gerry's brother. mario gonzalez pictured with their younger autistic brother who mario cared for >> no, it was a father. you know, is the owner's brother >> you can take to mario a 26 year-old oakland resident died monday while in police custody and now his family and others wanting answers there is an ongoing investigation. but this is what we know right now. alameda police say that they received a call monday morning. april 19th of a male who appeared to be under the influence and suspected in a possible theft. police say that when they arrived, they attempted to detain mario, but. state that a physical
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altercation happened to mario had a medical emergency. he was not charged with a >> it was a healthy man. jerry says the family wants to talk with the alameda police department and they want maria's body. but neither has happened. the initial report about calls again, we were not sure they were in regards to him. >> we're not sure of madaya was under the influence of anything. we don't think so. but again, because we haven't be his body has not been released as the family. one of our demands is that the body be released so that we can have our own each independent autopsy done, so that we can get a little bit more answers. but still today the mom has not seen jerry has not seen his brother outside agencies now involved include the alameda county district attorney's office. the alameda county sheriff's department and an outside agency to examine the case >> you know it is and an intelligent. you >> no man who. we still had a
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life. adamant really deserve to have his life ended in this way. >> many unanswered questions. we do know that the 3 police officers involved. they are now on administrative leave and that is protocol of the departments. we also know that there is an autopsy under way on mario gonzalez to find out if there were any kind of substance in his system. toxicology usually takes a couple of weeks. in the meantime, the family is still very much in mourning. here in alameda, theresa kron 4 news. >> another big story we're following tonight, a danville police officer has been charged in the shooting death of or herbal later more than 2 years ago. the contra costa da has charged officer andrew hall with voluntary manslaughter and assault. if amber 3rd of 2018 an officer tried to pull later over a
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police say he didn't stop. there's a short chase later tried to drive between 2 other police cars. and that's when officer hall opened fire hitting him 9 times. >> officer home use unreasonable and unnecessary force when he responded to the in-progress traffic proceed involving lot of the year. i in danger not only the latest life but the lives of his fellow officers and citizens in the immediate area. we do believe that this was an incident where officer hall killed without lawful, but justification. >> sot officer hall shot and killed 33 year-old tyrell wilson. this was just last month. and this is the first time we're seeing police body cam video of this encounter. it happened march 11th police say he was responding to reports of somebody throwing rocks at cars on the video. officer hall can be heard telling most and to drop a
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knife before pulling out his gun and shooting wilson once in the face. police say there is proof wilson did have a knife at the time of the shooting. but his family's attorney, john burris, who is also representing the family and halls. other deadly shooting says hall acted too quickly and had other options other than killing boson. adding that he acted unreasonably again. >> my view is there was no warning yet distance man was attacked. again, we have opportunity to he continue. >> to support full transparency in all matters related to both incidents. >> and he argues that if officer hall have been prosecuted for our latest shooting sooner wilson would have been alive. >> the oakland police department today responded to the news of derek chauvin's conviction. police chief were on. armstrong says the department is actively working to try to decrease the number of stops made by police and
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since is a new policy went into effect 4 years ago. they have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of stops in the black and latino communities. >> good entry point to any police contact is the initial stock. and if you can by space stops or stops that actually are not fruitful. they actually are not connected to a crime or some criminal that you're investigating think there's a real opportunity that's being missed it. so what we do know that the oakland police department is practice. what we call intelligence led policing really encouraging officers to make sure when they make stops despite raise. that is actually connected to some type of criminal investigation or some follow-up to crime. >> again. the chief says the department has seen a large decrease in the stops and people of color since instituting that program in san leandro police are bringing in extra officers tonight after getting reports of planned looting at bay fair
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mall. the city has released a statement that reads in part, quote, the city of san leandro and the san leandro police department respects the rights of people to peacefully protest. but the information we have is that criminal activity is being planned. that information is based on statements made by known actors associated with other acts of looting and vandalism. therefore we are not taking this matter lightly and are preparing for. it's the end of the quote there, the emeryville police department says it is also aware of similar planned activity there and extra officers are also on duty in emeryville tonight. the search is on for an arsonist in the east bay investigators in alameda say they're looking for a man last seen with a large dark colored dog. he is wanted in connection with at least 6 different fire set this week. the unidentified man is accused of torching a city building and the car. >> and the kron four's dan for his live in alameda. he joins us with the latest on the investigation and how neighbors are reacting. dan.
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>> well, catherine, can investigators tell us that most of these fires were set between late monday night and early tuesday morning. it's believed that this suspected arsonist was traveling around on a bicycle while setting these fires within a 2 mile radius and some neighbors that we talked with tonight say they witnessed these flames breaking out and they hope that this culprit is caught. >> firefighters working to put out the flames of one of 6 suspected arsons in alameda. investigators say this car was set ablaze around 01:00am tuesday along lincoln avenue. a man with a dog is wanted in connection with a fire setting spree. this the first time i heard about our son is like we get a line, you know, like robbery, staffs and all that different types of cars for some in this. >> this vehicle fire was one of several monday night into tuesday morning. the others were set within a 2 mile radius from grand street to
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pacific central. and when of this avenues, this city facility within littlejohn park was hit monday night around 11 scared. >> scared. i jumped out of bed. i saw the fire. i ran through the looking for my brother priscilla castro lives next door to the park building. she woke up to crews battling the fire as it burned dangerously close to her home. this was was used as a small classroom which also housed bathrooms and storage areas castro is thankful firefighters kept the fire from spreading alameda fire department was on it. >> and it was out investigators only described the other 4 that were set as outside fires the suspect in the dog are still being sought as a community is left puzzle what fun was it what why? why did anybody do something like that. well, it's still unclear tonight what was used by this
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suspected arsonist to set these fires. but because he is still on the loose tonight. police are asking people. >> to help them identify him by checking their home security cameras for any sort of pictures or videos or images or maybe even some information that can help them eventually arrest. this gentleman reporting live in alameda. dan thorn kron 4 news stand. thank you for that. >> our skill sideshows blocks traffic and slow down emergency vehicles in 3 separate east bay cities over the weekend. kron four's phillipe djegal reports that 2 of those sideshows happened in antioch and neighbors say they were shocked by their size. >> the big smoke and screeching tires. margaret would sunday night. this is where a large group ended up dangerous sideshows in pittsburgh and 2 intersections in earlier that night. >> neighbors feared someone could get killed skid marks and burn rubber left behind at 18th streets, then lone tree way at both course road in it
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was that at last it over probably about 45 minutes. the antioch police department estimates 150 were officers responded but did not move in because they were outnumbered, though. mayor lamar thorpe says police did fly a captured license plate numbers currently investigating this and those who were responsible for this will be held accountable. mare lamar thorpe says that large scale sideshows are not a issue here in antioch but says that the city can do something about individuals practicing donuts. >> in neighborhood. intersections will be dealing with that on tuesday when we a request for route small roundabouts and some of our local. >> neighborhood intersections that are magnets for for doughnuts and smaller size sideshows smaller events that have bothered neighbors over time for some know when come when nobody is around the place is not there. >> that you can guarantee it's going to happen. to time that we can credit hillcrest park
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fortunately this time injuries or major damage. resulting from the in believed it all wrong. >> in national news just minutes before the george floyd verdict was police shot and killed a 16 year-old girl who was armed with a knife in columbus, ohio. the police department released the officer's name today along with more body camera video of the fatal encounter with mikaya bryant and we do want to watch warn you that some of the video might be hard to watch. she is seen swinging a knife at 2 other girls. police had been called to the same because of a report of someone trying to stab people. officer. nicholas, we're done can be heard yelling get down several times before firing 4 shots, killing bryant officers are calling the death tragic, but there are urging people to wait for all the facts. meantime, less than 24 hours after derek chauvin was found guilty of killing george
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floyd. there's a push to move forward with police reforms on a federal level. the first step is attorney general merrick garland announcing that his office. we'll look into the police. department in minneapolis and at the same time president biden is calling on congress to act quickly when it comes to nationwide. police reform. brian has more. >> ocean outside the courthouse in downtown minneapolis is derek chauvin's. guilty verdicts were announced. the former officer is now in custody waiting to be sentenced as the u.s. department of justice announces a broad investigation into policing practices within the minneapolis police department yesterday's verdict in the state criminal trial does not address potentially systemic policing issues in minneapolis. today. i'm announcing that the justice department has opened a civil
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investigation to determine whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice. >> of unconstitutional or unlawful policing. the doj probe is called a pattern or practice investigation. >> a general merrick garland says they'll look beyond specific incidents to assess systematic failures and review policies. training supervision and use of force. most of our nation's law enforcement officers do their difficult jobs honorably and lawfully. i strongly believe that good officers do not want to work in systems that allowed that practices. the minneapolis police chief says he welcomes the investigation and the department will fully cooperate. >> that was brian entin reporting for us tonight. right now for a look at the 4 zone forecast as we have lovely shot of the embarcadero chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by give us an idea of what's happening out
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there yeah, it looks like summer out there, guys. the fog is back. it's really rolled and pick tonight. we'll see some drizzle again along the coastline. so places pacifica daly city, half moon bay on tara, get ready going to a little damp tonight. it's through probably throughout the day tomorrow as guys know, really like to see a lot of clearing outside the fog moving in thick right now over the golden gate bridge as we speak. temperatures today. that kind of moved up a few degrees. high-pressure remember that low kind of scoop by yesterday with all that wind, the winds calm down today. the temperatures came back up a good 6 to 7 degrees warmer in some of the interior still cool to coast. 54 degrees in san francisco 61 today in oakland sent us a check in the 69 degrees. little more running a little bit above average at 72 and i 75 in concord and 69 very pleasant as you make way into santa rosa. but these kind of settling down with the atmosphere now use that low an hour with a little interesting yesterday. that is kicking the store now all the way down las vegas, high pressure now building in least for a couple of days. but then you've got that storm system off the
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coastline. that is going to change everything as we head in toward the weekend right now, staying dry little clutter storm of the radar here with us dry out there around the bay area. now you see all the great mass developing along the coastline. that is that fog that is beginning to sweep on shore right now as we speak winds, not as big of a problem today. of course, we have some gusts of 50 miles an hour, even into san francisco yesterday. right now on the nice gust of 8. that's easy in san francisco. 9 sfo 12 lail 22 still breezy in fairfield, 40's and 50's all around the bay area. now, tomorrow morning. very similar temperatures. when you get up and you can see a whole lot of this fog and low clouds to the models picking some of the drizzle with the green. but clouds really going to feel inside the bay as we head in toward tomorrow morning by the afternoon clearing outside the bay and many of the valleys. temperatures will warm up again. but that fog is going to be sitting right at the coastline. keeping the 50's back in the valleys, though probably good 20 degrees cooler in the 70's. that's kind of good. yeah, it will be nice. thanks once. well, new at 10 o'clock, the armenian
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american community is waiting on the president to formally recognize the armenian genocide of 1915, several bay area counties pass resolutions this week. adding to the. >> mounting pressure for president biden make good on his campaign promise to do so. kron four's, ella sogomonian is here in the studio with us with details on all this. hello. >> april 24th is now officially armenian genocide commemoration day in san francisco county where board members unanimously passed a resolution. joining san mateo and santa clara counties for recognition at the local level after a century of silence by the federal government. >> california is home to many armenians, including roxanne mccutcheon her family fled for their lives from a turkish village in 1915 as the ottoman empire soldiers began a killing spree they had with the help of neighbors until the coast was clear. my grandmother as a young child. i think she was 4. >> looked out the window and
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saw that the hold that the town folk were being marched out of town and she thought her mother was among them. so she ran outside screaming mama. and the next thing she knew. that relative or neighbor that was housing them was hiding them basically grabbed her, pulled her into the house and say and said keep quiet. your mother is here. we've got her hidden in the back room you get in this kitchen cabinet. >> they later learned that 1.5 million armenians were killed in that genocide. unfortunately, her great grandfather did not make it like many. he was kidnapped and killed. armenians were either slaughtered or driven to march to their death through the desert. 100, 6 years later, broader day. turkey continues to deny that this was a systemic plan to wipe out christian armenians greeks and assyrians. and if sense put pressure on their u.s. allied to withhold outright recognition. meanwhile, pressure is
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mounting for president joe biden to fulfill his campaign promise to formally recognize the atrocities as genocide on tuesday, senate clarence san mateo and san francisco county board members, all passed resolutions designating april 24th as armenian genocide commemoration day vowing to teach the historical facts in their public schools. >> the armenian genocide in the slaughter of one and a half. >> knowing in. yes human beings. >> there's an undeniable fact san francisco board member aaron peskin has made efforts for 14 years to do this and says that recent hate crimes like the attack last year on cave, easy armenian school and the arson at saint gregory the illuminator church in san francisco have inspired the board to finally act on the resolution whoever did that weather. >> it was done by denial us real weather. >> by other parties. and no reason at hand. and that's it. this is a remarkably important
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time for the government of san francisco and the people of san francisco bay area to understand and acknowledge and celebrate not only the contributions of armenian american what they that and if we don't see in other cities don't say it. the united states government is never going to make turkey do. >> should biden follow through he'll almost certainly face pushback from turkey which has successfully pressed previous presidents to sidestep the issue. >> the saturday. i will be hosting the annual armenian genocide memorial on san francisco's highest peak. now davidson. this is the first time the community will be gathering since the latest war was waged against armenians during the pandemic by turkey back deserve a john. the event starts at 1 o'clock in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> well, thank you. still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock, an effort in the south bay to crack down on the huge problem of illegal
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dumping how much you could now be fine if you're caught tossing out trash in wrong places. >> lake levels in mendocino and sonoma counties are at record lows for this time of year and pretty soon they may force water use restrictions in the coming weeks. we'll have more details coming up. but first, the latest on an alleged hate crime against an asian american woman and how police managed to track down the suspect. at chewy, we know it's important for your pet to feel good inside and out. that's why we have everything you need to pamper them. save on their favorite shampoo, grooming tools, and even treats to make their breath fresh. chewy's got it all - delivered right to your door. save 30% on your first autoship order at chewy. protect your pet this flea and tick season with chewy.
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>> a man in the city of orange just outside anaheim is behind bars tonight after being caught on video yelling racial slurs at a woman at a park as marisa wenski reports. police don't think it was the first time he's done something like this. >> that. for your boyfriend alert. >> one of the less than a month after this man went on what police described as a racist rant against us olympic karate athlete secure a coca my police say he was at it again only this time things turned violent when we arrived on scene, there were 2 elderly asian victims of asian descent. >> who had been punched in the face by a suspect. >> it happened around 7.30 last night at grow hall. the park, the same park as the previous incident when police got there, they arrested 25 year-old. michael, the vote thanks to some help from
10:25 pm
witnesses. >> that suspect had been surrounded by community members. he was quickly detained. we later determined that that attack was racially motivated during our interviews. he made statements that indicated that. he had a dislike towards the asian community. >> and that was bristow wenski reporting. >> coming up next, take a look at the dangerous drought conditions around california, right now it's being done to try to avoid water restrictions. plus, there's a big fine heading your way if you decide to illegally dump trash in san jose and then why high school blame the student for being the victim of a assault. the fallout. this come as
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>> governor newsome has declared a drought emergency in several parts of the state that includes sonoma county where there have not been any water restrictions at least not yet. however, cinemas water agency and its county leaders say it's time to start getting ready crime for state of second reports. >> also noma county leaders say the emergency drought declaration doesn't come as a surprise as we head into the second year of severe drought already rain, county's water agency is the first in the bay area to impose water use restrictions and pretty soon sonoma county may follow. we're at a stage right now that for this time of year. >> the end of april. we're the lowest in both reservoirs on history. >> at this ime of year.
10:29 pm
general manager of sonoma water grand davis says this is a critical time for water conservation as lake mendocino and lake sonoma which are both large water sources for the county said at extremely low levels ahead of the drier summer months. davis explains the current state of lake sonoma. it is currently about 60% holding just just around a 150,000 acre feet. >> we have about a target of keeping that reservoir above a 100,000 acre feet by the end of the year and will lead implement pretty aggressive water diversion reduction of the russian river and ultimately. the contractors that we so water to which includes santa rosa had a all the way down to novato and grant county. they're they're implementing voluntary water conservation about 20%. davis says that they don't see the results needed from voluntary water. conservation efforts
10:30 pm
will have to move to widespread mandatory water use restrictions in the beginning of july sonoma county supervisor susan gorin explains what this will mean for residents over the next few months. it means to really look at our outdoor irrigation in particular. >> but also to really look at how we are using consuming and saving water inside as well. >> a lot of us have or toilets and other water devices such as the washing machines. so it's harder and harder to achieve the water savings that we may need this year. the drought comes after california's worst fire season last fall. >> lnu lightning complex fire ripped through much of northern california reaching sonoma, napa solano and several other counties. i'm also extremely nervous about what this means for the for the fall. are we going to have fires again. i hope not. state water regulators already issued notices to more than
10:31 pm
700 vineyards residential suppliers and farmers to let them know that their water supply may be curtailed or not available. >> local leaders expect to make more moves towards water conservation in the coming weeks in sonoma county, taylor kron 4 news. >> and as tony mentioned, it is not just sonoma county, which is facing dangerously dry conditions. grant lotus is here in the studio with us tonight with a look at the other areas facing emergency drought conditions grant. that's right. ken. katherine, the other county that the governor declared a drought emergency today. >> mendocino county mendocino and sonoma. the governor noted that lake mendocino is extremely low. >> and that is what is prompting the declaration newsom's administration is preparing for the extreme conditions. another drought year will bring the governor signed an executive order today which includes identify watersheds natural resources and communities at risk and planning for potential drought response. the governor also
10:32 pm
noted a statewide drought emergency is not his administration's plan, at least not right now. >> we have to target our solutions. regionally. parts of the state or in extreme conditions like this. other parts of our state are not fixed very in sync, the kind of extreme conditions you can't focus this state has a one size fits all solution. i anticipate being strategic and targeted in terms of the formal emergency declarations as needed. >> the governor says he expects to provide more funding for drought problems in his updated state budget which should be out in the next few weeks. meanwhile, allow water control measures have not been introduced an a lot of counties in the bay area. yet there are some restrictions already in place here in the bay like marin county, for instance, where starting now washing cars at home is bad. you want to wash the car. got to go car wash a
10:33 pm
commercial spot that recycles water. you also can't water lawns or gardens between 9 in the morning and 7 at night. people are not allowed to refill decorative water fountains are pools and no power washing homes or businesses violators here will be warned, then find and fines can the up to $250 a pop. but don't expect more mandatory water restrictions in the bay area, at least not at this are in counties in the unique position of relying mostly on local rainfall for its water supply. it's not really connected to larger water reservoirs and officials in both san francisco and in the east bay say they do not plan on asking customers to cut back in the short term, at least in the south bay, the santa clara valley water district has called for a 20% voluntary reduction in water use. but officials say they still believe they have enough water there, too. meet the demand for the rest of the
10:34 pm
year by the way, those new marine rules have been posted on our website kron 4 dot com. as we all hope for rain this weekend. even though one late april storm isn't really going to get us out of this drought mess catherine, ken, back to you. thank you. grant. >> well, warren did become the first bay area county. >> tune in to impose those water, mandatory water restrictions that includes not washing cars at home. if you must wash your car branches told go to a commercial car wash don't water the lawn. so we've told you all between the hours of 09:00am and 07:00pm nascar teleprompter operator does scan forward because we've already gone through all of this information. here we go. all right. our next story, oakland officially has a new fire chief reginal freeman will take the position effective on may 17th freeman previously served as the fire chief for hartford, connecticut. he started that job in 2016. he's married and he has 2 daughters pg and e
10:35 pm
plans to challenge criminal charges in connection to the massive kincade fire in sonoma county. this is video of the fire in twenty-nineteen that burned more than 77,000 acres destroyed a 174 homes in sonoma county, was a range. the company officials were arraigned in sonoma county court yesterday on a 33 count criminal complaint. the utility is accused of causing the fire and violating various air pollution laws pg will be back in court next month. now to the 4 zone forecast says we show you a layer of lumen aided by city off of mount tam. that's kind of pretty you know, we've been talking about the dry weather. the fact that maybe we're going to get a little bit of relief this weekend. yeah, i think we should see a nice soaker. guys, i'll show you that more in a moment. but certainly the fog. >> is thickening up outside right now rolling on shore, getting some drizzle reports out toward the coastline too. so getting a little damp in
10:36 pm
spots around the bay area. certainly that is some good news. the clouds rolling in across the bay to look at the berkeley hills and out over the bay. you can see some low clouds kind of camping out getting ready to settle in for the night. and you see the fog moving in along the coastline right now on the image here and certainly we're going to see plenty of that with us here that have to even a couple lightning strikes popping up that week system kind of sliding on through temperature wise. we've got in the 40's in the 50's all around the bay area. so kind of a cool night ahead. and little damp in spots, especially approaching the coastline. but this work, it's fun. here's the long-range forecast for late in the season for rain. but we may just have one last nice, little rain event. coming our way. sometimes we get them all the way to maine during an el nino year. sometimes we get them all the way into june 2. but of course, this is one of those years. all right. here we go and put into motion now you see all the nice weather. we're going to have over the next couple days. the storm clouds hold off. i think we will see more clouds coming our way as we head into friday. but then we get into the weekend. we've got this week front coming through the watch right behind it. this is really going to be the key
10:37 pm
with this storm system diving on the backside. really developing into an ice cold front before it comes onshore. usually when they put these in themselves together right along the coast. that's when you see a pretty significant rain. it looks like there will be one of those vents rolling through starting may be late saturday night, early sunday morning the continuing on and off throughout the day. maybe a lingering shower early on monday morning. then we'll dry things out system looks a little more progressive. maybe clipping northern california maybe parts of the north bay by late thursday, but chances are not good for that one. and after that, we kind of clear things out so that being said, tomorrow going to be a dry day except damp along the coastline with some of that drizzle outside your tent certainly looking got an ice storm coming our way as we head in toward the weekend after that a return to some dry weather. so maybe we get a quarter of an inch, maybe a half an inch, maybe more in some parts of the bay area. but as greg mentioned before, it's not going to be enough to end the drought. that's for sure. we'll take every drop we get to get a lot. all right. thank you, lawrence. well, illegal dumping of this is a big problem across a lot of the bay area. but there's a new effort to crack down on
10:38 pm
illegal dumping in the south bay kron four's. rob fladeboe tells us about a proposal to deal with the worsening situation by. >> quadrupling the fine for illegal dumping on the first offense. >> that, know, coach alongside the road in san jose could soon cost more than a new one. the fine for illegal dumping right now is $2500 for a first offense and $5,000 for a second. hoping to convince the city council to increase the fine fourfold to $10,000 for a first offense is san jose city councilman sergio jimenez along with san jose planning commission. vice chair along to media so a $10,000 fine is intended to feel steep. >> because we want you to think twice before coming in our communities illegally dumping, particularly when the city house programs are available to pick up garbage from from your home. there are as many as a 160 illegal dumping hot spots around the city. >> a new reporting app, an illegal dumping patrols. we're making progress before the
10:39 pm
pandemic. but the problem has worsened with new hotspots turning up every day we're seeing this in every part of san jose. >> some neighborhoods more than others here in east san jose. we are literally saturated with illegal dumping. >> these are photos of the alum rock village action committee cleaning up illegal dumping on their own. residents are fed up, says organizer jesse this is just blatant. >> and we're just we're just tired of it because it just happened so frequently in the east side, it's just something that we just don't want to see anymore. but mia's shows the dumpers are getting more brazen. >> he says much of the trash in and around homeless camps is actuallthe result of illegal dumping last fall. the city along with the railroad spent $300,000 to clean up a huge illegal dumpsite here on monterey road. it's time to get tough, says bonia. >> we recognize that this tool alone is not everything. but we also know we have to force this conversation because right now with the public is hearing is just live with that live with that live with it.
10:40 pm
and to me that is unacceptable. if the proposal goes before the city's rules and open government committee later this month. and then on to the city council for consideration in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> a high school in new york and its administrators are under fire tonight after student says she was raped by another student, a person that she says the school new was dangerous and she says when she accused school officials of not protecting her. they responded by blaming her for what happened. ashley capps has more. >> troubling allegations detail. what a teenage girl says happened in her new york high school. this case is about. >> the rape of a 14 year-old of a freshman in high school with in the 4 walls of a school. according to a new lawsuit, it all happened at new rochelle high school in january of 2020. >> the 9th grade girl says she got a pass to leave class planning to go to the cafeteria. she walked past a
10:41 pm
security guard and shortly after was approached by a fellow 9th grader who she's had negative interactions with, including bowling for at least 2 years. she says that classmate grabbed her neck led her into a stairwell where she says she was choked and violently assaulted while repeatedly saying no. andrew abuse and represents the teenager and her family. this should never happen. >> this should never happen. in a public school that should never happen. private school that should never happen anywhere. but especially in an educational facility where they take on the responsibility as serving as suto parents. so these kids and parents interest. their kids to the school administrators to these officials. we can't identify the alleged attacker because he is a minor. but busan confirms he was charged in the assault and in a separate incident of unlawful contact with a fellow student.
10:42 pm
>> in new york family court. the lawsuit says the school failed to supervise the teenage boy involved left him and the alleged victim unsupervised and failed to maintain safe and secure common areas. attorneys representing the school district responded in legal filings blaming the 14 year-old girl. the response reads, quote, that there was no negligent fault or culpable conduct on the part of the defendant city school district of new rochelle causing the damage is alleged in the complaint. furthermore, there was contributory negligence, assumption of risk contributory fault and or culpable conduct attributable to the plaintiffs. to the extent of total and or partial diminish an of damage is alleged in the complaint obviously the harm that was done to this. >> this young lady can't be undone. but hopefully going
10:43 pm
through a case like this. the school district will learn how to take proper precautions, how to set up proper protocols to ensure that it never happens again. >> and that was ashley capps reporting. still ahead sports, the a's looking for 11th straight
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
>> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> so remember when the a's started the season one in 7 in the sky was falling in the town criticism coming in from left and right. some of it was deserved, of course. but people fail to remember it's a long season and the a's. well, they are reminding everyone of that right now the a's are going for their 11th straight win final game of a three-game series. get off your phone, pay attention. but we go to extras top of the 10th. byron buxton gets all of this, lou trivino pitch. way back to the bleachers. that's a 2 run homerun twins lead 12 to 10 but never count out. this a's team bottom of the frame down one. nothing bases loaded with 2 outs for ramon loriano looked like a routine play. but the twins made that difficult on themselves. the throw to first wide left. twin lose 13 to 12 aids win their
10:47 pm
11th straight game. after the game we heard from about bob melvin talking about his team's if you put it in play something good can happen. and that's exactly what happened there at the end. there's a lot of pressure on him when he gets up on has to make a good throw across the diamond ba ed on how the game went. just felt like the game is going to somehow and unorthodox like the entire game was in a did you know, regardless what happened? i proud of the fact that they just never say die. >> so yeah, i mean there's there's a lot of fight in this team. >> oh, yeah. a lot of fight in them. speaking to fight the fightin phils taken on the giants 45 minute rain delay in the 3rd bottom of the 9th tied at 5 too long for andrew the lines that one to left base bryce harper comes on in to score in the phillies when 6 to 5, the giants can't get the sweep. but guess what, they come back home to oracle tomorrow to host the miami
10:48 pm
marlins all right. steph curry and the warriors in our nation's capital has been on a tear as of late came back down to earth tonight and check out the plot. kelly, you great with the volleyball spike. good play there in the warriors were down by 2 at the half. 3rd quarter warriors up by 2 curry from the wing. pedestrian night for him, though. 18 points on 7 of 25 shooting let's go to the fun stuff 4th quarter and lawyers 8 point lead. jordan poole hit the shot hit 18 off the bench. all is well, they're up 11 warm up. the jet was go home. not so fast. they blow that lead down to, but they get the steal 13 seconds left. wide open layup. andrew wiggins. let's go take them all. i guess not warriors utley fall. one 18, one, 14 after the game. steve kerr said the long road trip 5 cities. i have
10:49 pm
done them in at the end. but draymond green said that's no excuse. we need to work on consistency. >> i think we were just think we just ran out of gas last, you know, 7, minutes or so. we had a had a good seemingly in control. and we just couldn't get it done. i think the the trip just caught up to us. i think our guys just looked completely gassed. >> i think we're getting >> but apart again, better and being a good team. you have to win the as you're supposed to win you know, we still are not doing that at a time. so. is this a part of being a good team. >> all right. one quick note, the sharks last night to the vegas golden knights 5 to 2 in las vegas. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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>> as more and more incidents of police use of force against african get national attention. some say the awareness of possible dangers are creating a spike in mental health problems as tia johnson tells us, there's now a concerted push to make mental health a key part of the ongoing conversation around police violence, disturbed me. >> because i feel that everyone should be treated 8 for the deaths of george floyd and other black people at the
10:53 pm
hands of police have caused a number of emotions for black americans. you get really get into my heart. that victim a spear and floyd's death had a big impact, but it isn't even the latest. it almost 2 weeks ago, a police officer shot 20 year old dante right to death in the minneapolis suburb. >> last march, an officer shot and killed breonna taylor in her louisville, kentucky apartment during the raid that had nothing to do with taylor. lately therapists like in the be below or see the negative impact. many police interactions have a black people's mental health i have black male clients who are experiencing increased in. >> anxiety. so just like constantly being on guard are being aware that like anything i do could be interpreted as aggressive income puzzled we lose them studies show from 2019 to 2020. >> the number of suicides among black americans increased by 17%. researchers
10:54 pm
haven't pinpointed one reason for the increase but have says concerns about police brutality and secondary trauma could be factors. you can't out think movies. but you said you these that really happy to look at me that mostly affected by something that we know his fate. >> then for sure. we're going to be mostly affected by things and grill in their element. she says us on your mental health is not okay. could be an increase in anxiety anger or not wanting to get out of bed even though there is still a push for significant police reform. >> the says there are ways for black people to process their emotions when get that out of your body. so it's not just sitting in there yesterday. you know, as tia johnson reporting for us tonight. if you or someone else, you know is suffering. >> there are resources available. there's also mental health services specific to black wellness that you can visit therapy for black men as well as therapy for black girls onl ne. we have all of those resources and more. it's
10:55 pm
all available for you at our web site. kron 4 dot com. if you have trouble sleeping a new study says that listening to soothing music at bedtime might help sounds reasonable researchers in taiwan tried. it was 300 older adults so soon. listen to soothing music slept. better than those who had listened to uptempo music. it's another vote for the calming offense affects rather of music therapy. >> a railway employee in india jumped into action. people talking about this video to save a child who had fallen onto the tracks. the train had barreling in their direction. you can see from security video, the man managed to get their scoop. that little boy out of the way. just moments before the train reached that spot. some good news for jeopardy and reading rainbow fans alike because lavar burton who is apparently the internet's favorite choice to take over as host of jeopardy. he will at least go to chance
10:56 pm
to guest host. this after more than 200,000 people signed a petition. lavar will be one of string of guest hosts have been filling in, including ken jennings, doctor oz and afl star aaron rodgers and katie kirk was doing it a longtime host, alex trebeck died of cancer last november. no word yet on a permanent successor. they're keeping a close eye on the ratings because they each guest host. you know, they're looking at who's getting more people watching. >> levar burton might just kill it out there because he's got a lot of supporters yeah, it does. rodgers soon as it did more read into that. but i heard he did a really very ken. jennings. my my vote is that right at this point. i want ken wayne up there. get going. but will join the parade petition signed it. you guys that we've got some changes for tomorrow. we've got that fog kind of moving in tonight. now in low clouds and fog likely going to see some drizzle early on tomorrow
10:57 pm
morning. and certainly it looks like more of that on the way double radar trying to pick up a little moisture in the atmosphere and mount just not much to it except that drizzle on the coast going to see more of that into tomorrow morning. fact you see that surge a low cloud and fog all the way into the bay. >> even the valleys tomorrow morning. we may see some fog early on. then it slowly clears out the kind of hugging before coming back on shore again. so here's your 1010, 4. you're going to warm things up, at least in the valleys next couple days school by the coastline. >> clouds roll back in this weekend. and guess what got a chance of that rain. sticking with. have a good night. the night.
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ derek chauvin. his first night behind bars. the new mug shot. his prison cell and the witness comes forward. speak of what were you thinking? >> he cried on the stand. when you heard the verdict, one went through your mind? >> her video shocked the world into the mma fighter. what they're all saying today. plus, does derek chauvin relay for chance getting off on appeal? the four best lawyers


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