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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 23, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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going to be difficult for a lot of people. i think we're going to talk a little bit more. >> about this in about 15 minutes in the buzz. just how this campaign might play out. be interesting to see lot of dynamics at play. >> and a lot of demographics in california that we have to really weigh who they'd like to vote for come november. this does certainly. change things up, especially for governor gavin newsome and to have a big running against jenner known olympic hero when then bruce was in the decathlon, then really well known as the kardashian dad then in the front of the transgender battle. >> as a proponent and going through transition everything else in a very public way and now into politics. so be sure to see how this will play out. but again, as mentioned, we'll talk a lot more about this coming up in the bus. so stay tuned for that. just want to start the hour. >> with that breaking news story. i will get back to that and more news. but first take a look at weather and traffic
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and traffic has been off and on difficult this morning. it's a has and james. finally we are seeing some improvement along the bridges. however, we are seeing some accidents along the roadways here. this is out in union city southbound 8.80. >> at report role. we have a traffic collision there. so we're seeing some delay. and then also we have reports of a fire right there near southbound 8.80, at the welling boulevard in san leandro. so we're seeing some delays along 8.80, if you take 8.80, heading towards milpitas to 37 will take about 29 minutes or so to make that drive as you head into the city. no major delays. we had some issues on the lower deck earlier today. that was blocked off several lanes. that's been all clear now about 13 minutes for you to make it to the fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes. not tracking any major issues. the richmond sandra fell bridge in the last hour. you might remember this was almost at a slow crawl. so we're seeing an improvement here at 9 minutes for your drive time. and i'm looking at things along one. oh, one, as you drive towards menlo park. it's about 33 minutes for you still
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have more on for now. erica house and it over to you. thanks, reyna. we're still seeing some foggy conditions across the bay area. but it is getting better visibilities to be under a mile and now it looks like it's over a mile at the foggiest parts of the bay area which the north bay our winds look in light. so we're slowly seeing the numbers increase. >> will be windy later this afternoon with gusts close to 40 miles per hour. so here we see temple on. you can see it's gray out there. and our visibility map which is improving. we're currently at 52 in palo alto 54 in concord and lower 50's in napa. we're slowly warming up as we get closer to about lunch time, which will be in the lower 60's for a lot of the bay area are inland. areas upper 60's and then we'll hit our daytime high temperatures for the day. as you see here is our updated drought monitor map. we are
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still in a severe drought. but some good news is on the way. we are going to be getting some rain. i'll tell you more about that coming up in just a bit. >> happening today, a cdc panel is going to need to consider whether it's ok and safe to resume the johnson and johnson vaccine. last week. they call for more data about a possible link with rare blood caught clots before they decide what to do. they paused during this examination of why 6 women out of the 7 million who have gotten the shot got blood clots, which are very rare. all of them were between the ages of 1418 and 48 and the symptoms occur within a week or 2 weeks of the vaccination. one person died and they are considering what to do. the word is from fauci that he thinks still go ahead and say it is safe because 7 million people safely. getting is a lot, but he says the probably going to have warning so that you know what to watch out for. >> all right. at 83 speaking of vaccines, if you haven't
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already received your vaccine yet. you're in luck because apparently hundreds of appointments have become available in the east bay. yeah. let's take a look. with kron four's. >> camila barco. she is live in san ramon at a clinic. good morning. darya james hundreds of people will be able to get vaccinated in contra, costa county if you look behind me, san ramon valley fire fighters have begun setting up and it's in a garage because that's where today's event is being held its. >> and 26 of 41. camino ramon and it is going on from 09:00am to 05:00pm and. you want to know a little bit about how this works out so people drivers will be coming in and exiting from the same parking garage. it's from the south driveway of the of the parking garage. it's right across from the city center in town and people you need to book an appointment to get their covid vaccine is available for anyone 18 or older living in costa, contra
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costa county. once people head up inside the garage. garage they'll be able to go to the second floor and that's where they'll be able to get their vaccine after they get their vaccine, they'll be parked in a parking spot. and then right after the week, 15 to 30 minutes just to make sure that they are okay afterwards. you can head on out and leave. but before you do that, you will be able to get to book your second appointment to get that dose once again and it will be scheduled for may 26 or the 27 now san valley remote firefighters are the ones administering the shots and they say there are hundreds of appointments available and i've already checked the website and there are so many appointments available that people we'll have the opportunity to get a vaccine. this starts at 09:00am and it will run until 05:00pm and people do have the opportunity to get this vaccine. you can do so by going to the city's website and going under the covid-19 tap and deiah. james,
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back to you. all right. so in about an hour, they'll get underway. thank you very much. coming up and you can get shots in the south. a nearly 20,000 appointments are available. >> if you need a covid vaccine health officials are thinking that they've got suddenly an supply to meet demand because maybe people gave up early on. they thought it was difficult. so maybe that's why the mexican heritage plaza yesterday looked like this. >> they didn't have a way even for the walk-ups. >> here at this and others around the valley and one expert thinks it's not really the people are for the vaccine is that they are free to the long lines. >> so far based surveys. it seems that hesitancy is a very small piece of this. i think more of it is still just people learning how to navigate the system, how to schedule a vaccine and offering them times locations. days that can be impossible for them.
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>> and so now that, you know, this is a great way to make your appointment or figure out where you can go and where you don't need an appointment just walk up, go to the kron 4 website and also you can download our app games. we made it really easy with the qr sure did. yeah. in fact, we'll put one up on here on the screen. this is for the kron 4 news app. >> just scan that qr code will take you right to your app store, you can download it for free. and that's your best way of getting our breaking news alerts throughout the day and then the kron on app. and here's the qr code for that. that's our 24 7 live streaming news service where we're constantly sending out broadcasts from our studio, from the newsroom. 24 7. both apps are free, download them today. 87 is the time. check this out. stanford. we have california state university system and the university of california system all requiring students if they want to come to campus for the fall. you have to be vaccinated and you have to show proof of it. that requirement could affect more than a million people. but doctors say it's necessary. we have kron four's, dan kerman with a closer look at why.
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this is what a typical afternoon look like. it's stanford. pre covid-19. >> with students set to return in the fall. the university has announced stanford plans to require all undergraduate graduate and professional students coming to campus this fall to be fully vaccinated for covid-19. i think it's a good idea into win-win for everybody. >> you see berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says mandatory vaccinations will benefit those on campus as well as those that live in the surrounding communities because students are a major reservoir for covid-19. they're also reza work for being a viral factory. >> and that is they'll produce a lot more viral particles and some of those particles are going to be very so if we can control the number of people producing the viral particles that is vaccinating them and students are much the biggest group we're going to able to control much better, not only the pandemic but control the
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variance that this virus produces all stanford has and determine whether faculty and staff will also be required to be vaccinated. >> the cal state system says it intends to require vaccinations for faculty staff and students, as does the university of california, the both state university systems are still in the process of finalizing their plans. what is clear, though, is that both the cal state university system and the university of california. the requirement would go into effect once a vaccine has full approval from the u.s. food and drug administration right now the vaccines are approved for emergency use university saying they're getting the word out now. so students and parents know what's expected of them in the fall. >> as for some smaller private universities around the bay area. they're still reviewing their plans at san francisco state. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in the bay. there's a change to the coliseum vaccination site. now it is
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drive-thru only you can't walk up from the bart station to get your shot. now there's an exception if you get your second dose, then you can do a walk up. they are allowing walk-ups for that alone. otherwise you have to drive up to get shot at the coliseum. san francisco is on track to vaccinate all of the residents in the city by june 2 thirds of people in san francisco who are over 16 already have at least one dose about 285,000 have been vaccinated at the moscow knee center more than 60,000 at the city college vaccination site. one 30,000 at the sf market site in the bayview district. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> looters have been taking a ministry in the east bay businesses will tell you why city leaders say that actually could have been much worse had they had they not gotten a jump on it. and also after the break, a successful launch from space x this morning. we'll take a closer look at the bay area raised pilot at the controls.
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>> and after recovering from an early morning hot spot along the bay bridge returning back to normal
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at about an hour ago, a checking in on our camera on can see the low clouds and the fog out in the distance. you do see, though, a little bit of the blue up and the upper part of the screen, some parts of the bay in the south bay and in the east bay for actually are seeing mostly sunny skies the rest of the bay area. we're seeing more clouds out there. but our winds. >> are pretty light right now. it's going to be windy later this afternoon. our temperatures today are going to be warmer compared to what we're going to see tomorrow and sunday as we do have that low pressure system approaching so here we see an increasing cloud cover tomorrow. the northern part of sonoma county could possibly see some sprinkles, but other than that, it should be dry until sunday morning when we do have that storm system coming through. we see a moderate rain cell here in the north bay. they're going to get greatest amount of rain from the system up to an inch of precipitation. the east bay and the peninsula. we're going to get half an inch of rain and then the south bay about a quarter of an inch of rain and
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here you see that system shift to the east. it will bring some snow out to the sierra over a foot of snow in the highest elevations out there. it's also going to be windy on sunday out there as well. but monday it does dry up and then our temperatures after that will increase, i'll show you on the 7 day extended forecast later on. reyna. erica, thank you for that. so we have a hot spot down here in san jose's. tell you about. >> southbound one. oh, one at that. 8.80, northbound connector there. now they're diverting traffic from southbound 1, 1, off rent to 8.80. and again, they have all those lanes were closed. looks like they just opened up at least one lane. so we'll keep a close eye on that looking on conditions along one as you head in towards middle park. you are going to encounter just a little slow down at 33 minutes. we're checking on the bay bridge. we had another early morning hot spot here on the lower deck that's been all clear for a few hours now, 12 minutes to the fremont to exit as you're heading into the city, the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. solid under 30
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minutes for your drive time there. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond under 8 minutes and looking at the golden gate bridge here as you drive into the city just a little fog at 21 minutes. we'll have more on that. but daria send it over to you. >> in the buzz warriors fans get a chance tonto the chase center tonight for the first time since the pandemic shut us out more than a year ago. kron four's will tran is all dressed up with no place to go. will, you're kind of like a riddle. okay. because he asked how can a fan who has been to 200 games only ever actually have gone to 2. you. and to me that. >> that is a hard riddle. i don't know. i mean, the bottom line is i mean, the fans been here since 409 days ago well, that was it. no. the with the real assault because. >> you want all of these shots and you never get an thank you. never actually go to the game. will you have got ticket for that.
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>> well, now because that's a different tax so that's why i haven't been to the game. but if i could go to the game might have to be fully vaccinated. or i would have to definitely be today's negative right on the game. as far as covid-19 to go inside case of a show for the eis is a different tact. >> and then so once you get in and they check for all that. they've made it different to. and i thought this is so funny. you were explaining about the food. i can't believe first of all, that you are never allowed to eat in the living room. but that's another story. you had only the kitchen if you're a worrier one of the limitations on where you can eat. well, there's certain places that you can only designated areas. they've been telling people to get an app. they want to be as touchless. >> as possible. no cash, but definitely if you're not eating put your mask on and daria, i would think your mom was a strict is my mom. my mom did not play. if you don't
8:18 am
believe me, rent joy luck club all of those moms. my mom, ok. so you could not eat anywhere except for your kitchen. >> when you're grown up. absolutely or she would take my belt all and then, you know, haha. all right. shoulders. now i know the fans have to be vaccinated have a negative test. but. >> the nba has really got to change these rules because at this point they're right. like to damion lee. he was vaccinated. he tested positive. he still now, they sit all know you can't play. you got to go into the 10 or 14 day quarantine will they got to keep up with the science. i heard fauci. any others explaining to people who've been vaccinated sometimes are still shutting virus. that does not mean they're contagious they're fine. they don't like have any active covid symptoms. so the nba should be changes this by now. >> i totally agree. but guess they want to be safe than sorry because it looks like we'll for about 7 games. he
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was averaging 6 points and the warriors of fighting for their playoff lives. so i totally agree with you can but damion lee, i hate to say this. you're not steph curry. i want well, we better hope. look, now stephanie's to step it up because after all those monster games, he fell off a little. i'm a needs to rest. okay. i mean, for you, haha. they well. caitlyn, jenner's storied life is taping yet another turn from. >> winning an olympic gold medal in the decathlon to try to keep up as the kardashians dad. now she's running for california governor jenner just filed the paperwork to run as a republican in the recall election. and james, this is going to be very interesting to see where the vote goes. yeah, because even though she's running as a republican. i think that a lot of people are going to be fueled to vote for her because
8:20 am
of the fact that she's transgender. maybe she's a celebrity baby. you feel like, you know her so well as a dad. that's how i know her best as as a dad on the >> is it going to be fast. have. this is the first time i think in modern politics where we've had such a well known celebrity. i know president trump was, you know, considered to be a reality star when he ran. but i don't think will like that. our dash ins where cameras are literally recorded. as you said every minute decision making as a family unit light their it's really an intimate look into his life. he and then when asians to caitlin the whole time. >> she dealt with let me tell ya his kids for not. what happened in that family. and it just it was not easy. and then the whole transition and and going under, you know, the media spotlight for that. it's really going to be interesting
8:21 am
to see how these votes skull and you know, and come later this fall. we'll see how she performs against gavin newsom. i have to imagine that. >> you know, gavin newsom's people are probably saying, oh, we need to worry about this because what you're going okay. what they're and i whole celebrity status. that's why think i think what they're going have to do is really there's going to be a focus on where you stand politically because we already know where she stands. you know, socially and like in her personal life. so no be interesting facts. now you know what, i don't find fascinating usually space. i we know this. if you know me, you know, i don't give a yes. no about. but you give me a good character and i'm hooked. >> and so i fell asleep watching hilary swank. like she was going to mars on netflix, but i can't get enough of magnate. megan mcarthur, right. she's the real thing. she grew up in mount view. she's a mom and an astronaut. she just blasted off on the same capsule as her husband went up an.
8:22 am
>> now this is what you're saying to me is it's kind of a step towards mars because their stuff she's going to do is going help get us there. absolutely. just i mean, just the overall space station mission just in terms of what what does to the human bodies are all things that we're learning in order to prepare for eventual colonies on the moon first know i already saw that. i on netflix. i saw what it does to the body away because they well, they had did that whole santa said that was the whole point is like hillary one and then she was missing her family and then one guy was like having the space blindness and i falling like it. but so it's probably not a surprise to you that she has been canceled. >> was a 10 page. let know about back to the real deal. so just hillary was married in the movie. she was married to an ashram before megan is
8:23 am
married to an bob behnken and they really have kids. and so you got to see like how long ar they a way this is going to be amazing to have a 7 year-old and when bob was up last year because he was on that test flight for this very capsule that meghan's in right. >> he turned 50 in space k she's 49 she will also turn 50 in space one year later, it's wise to be up there for 6 months. he was up there to shoot beat the case and in over credit conditions. by the way. yes, i mean, like this the space station was built for 4. and there's like 11 grandmother now be 11 not for very long, though dragon capsule crews are going over for about 5 days. so people on board and then. >> 5 days later i will board their caps i don't care if you share a bathroom with 2 people llevan. that's a lot. that's bus. haha and assault. 8.26
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right now. and for the first time a member of the asian american and pacific islander community is leading california's department of justice. >> the legislature just confirmed rob bonta as the new state attorney general. he spent the last 9 years as a progressive. the east bay assemblyman and now he's filling seat left by now us health and human services secretary javier the sarah fonda will have about a year to prove himself to voters and their run for the office in 2022.
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>> we'll take a break here to 26 coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. we'll take a look at a new report that suggests berkeley pd is more likely to stop and search people of color. well, more on that coming up.
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in this season of renewal, lowe's is recommitting to our lowe's price promise for competitive prices everyday. and if you find the exact item for less, we'll match it. so the possibilities can bloom. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. >> 8.29 right now and we're getting we're still talking about that. a real life forces fake life for the nasa thing, which suddenly i'm interested. uh, the space x crew. well, let's their way up towards the international space station
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should dock tomorrow. meanwhile here on earth, just little things. you tell us. we're dealing with prize weather for today. anyway reyna, though, kicking us off in the traffic center here in a in gyms will get you right. we have to focus on things down here got a hot spot here in san jose southbound one. oh, one at 8.80, northbound again, they've been diverting traffic. >> from southbound one. oh, one to the off-ramp along 80. there's an rick here. we'll keep a close eye on that. also, we're seeing some delays along 80 year and 5.80 ashby avenue in berkeley. they just stalled vehicle so that slowing people as they drive heading into the city though, to that 3 months to exit under 12 minutes for a drive time or earlier morning we had a hot spot along the lowered and the lower deck of the bridge here and they were able to clear that up. so now conditions are back to normal there heading across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for your drive time. the commute looks great. the richmond sandra fell bridge has been a little slower earlier today was at a crawl maybe about an hour ago now at 7 minutes of things.
8:31 am
look great. looking at the golden gate bridge. we leave you with this little fog. but still the commute is that the limit about 21 minutes for you to make it into the city. so we'll have more on that coming up. for now. send it over to nato. >> thanks reyna. so yeah. and that shot of the golden gate bridge you could see the cloudy conditions and some fog out in the distance. but it is clearing up a little bit in other parts of the bay area in the south bay. we are seeing some blue skies and some parts of the east bay as winds looking light throughout the region and you see the visibility has improved up there in santa rosa. we have visibility about 2 miles and it used to be about a quarter of a mile visibility earlier this morning as far temperatures. we're slowly warming up for the day by about 11 o'clock. we'll be up to 61 for inland areas and along the coast will be in the mid 50's and then our temperatures actually going to be higher today versus tomorrow and sunday because sunday we are going at some rain. if you happen to be
8:32 am
later today in san francisco say are going to the giants game is going to be 54 degrees. this is just the 4 7 o'clock. they're playing the marlins. it's going to be a pretty chilly out there because the winds are going to pick up. so you might want to bundle up and wear layers. so tomorrow we're going to see more clouds compared to what we're going to see today and then sunday is when the rain arrives in the morning. so don't forget to have your umbrella in hand if you're out running errands and of course, the temperatures going to be lower on that day as well. after that though, temperatures will warm up next week. we could be hitting the 80's. i'll tell you more about that in just a bit. >> a 32 right now in national news, the united states senate has passed a bill denouncing discrimination against asian communities. yeah, the bill requires department of employees to review the spike that we've seen here in anti-asian hate crime since the pandemic began. kron four's dan thorn has reaction now from bay area leaders. >> in a 94 to one vote. the
8:33 am
u.s. senate passes a bill aimed at making it easier to track anti-asian hate crimes. the measure comes as attacks have soared across the country. several happening here in the bay area. >> it's been a horrific air for asian you know, we've seen the atlanta shootings and that you have shootings, the killings russell jiang is a professor at san francisco state and the co-founeer of stop a p. i hate over the last year. the organization has tracked more than 3800 anti-asian hate crimes nationwide john believes this bill is needed. but falls short of addressing some of the bigger issues. we celebrate the passage on senate of this >> we need much more. government intervention would be much part government accountability because this is a national issue of racism and violence. this bill more formally known as the covid-19 hate crimes act would direct the justice department to ce and harassment against asian
8:34 am
americans. it would also set up a voluntary database of hate crimes while helping local law enforcement make it easier for people to report those crimes. >> its legislative action. some a p i advocate see groups would have liked to have seen sooner. this is a wake-up call to america. >> and the senate is saying that. >> hawaii senator mazie hirono introduced the legislation saying anti asian hate was fueled by former president donald trump's racist rhetoric throughout the pandemic. wayne led president of the a p i caucus of san mateo county says the last year has taught us that racism as a whole needs to be addressed. we need to as the country. >> look into ourselves and say who are we. say that we are stronger together reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron 4 news. >> it's 34. and in the east bay, the danville police officer charged with manslaughter has turned himself over to authorities. andrew hall is his name now facing charges of manslaughter
8:35 am
over that 2018 shooting death. >> of lot of mirror billy to and this is video or believe it was shot 9 times by hall is he was slowly driving past police cars following a chase. this is video of it right before the shots were fired. now hall, also more recently killed tyrel wilson while in the line of duty, the district attorney still taking a look at that case. but in the meantime been booked at the martinez detention center for the 2018 shooting. >> a new audit of the berkeley police suggest that officers are more likely to stop and search people of color. the report looked at data over 5 years dating back to 2015 and it found the police pulled over black people in 34% of traffic stops even though they only make up 8% of the city's population. meantime, berkeley is making national headlines for its sweeping police reforms and those include preventing officers from stopping cars from low for low level offenses. the mayor says the goal is to reduce police
8:36 am
encounters where there might end up using force. >> and required greater and. minutes around the types of of force that police can use on a variety of different incident. while it's important. local co munity take steps. we do need state state intervention to make sure that this is the policy statewide standards around police use of force because. do sometimes escalate. >> and as part of the reforms, officers can no longer pull somebody over for not wearing a seat belt or having expired tags and also they have to get written consent before searching a person or their car. >> well, the mayor libby shaft also encouraging residents to apply for the city's police commission. she calls it the most powerful and independent commission in the country. those on the commission oversee the agency which conducts internal investigations into officer misconduct and the office of the inspector general as well, which conducts independent audits of the department as a
8:37 am
whole members are also responsible for any changes to department policy. so if you'd like to apply in order to qualify. you have to be a resident of oakland and over the age of 18 by the first commission meeting applications will be accepted until june. 15th. >> and 40's bay businesses were damaged by looters and officers say it could have been worse had they not been tipped off that set was going to happen on social media. they were preparing for a curfew for citizens wednesday night and got a tip that there was a big group of people that were planned and ransacked the area. some businesses still did suffer damage. and the mayor says that the city acted fast to avoid any larger scale looting. >> of course, you know you want to handle it in the best way possible because property is less expensive and human life. but you also want to protect your property for the business owners and so forth. so we really did try to make sure that now we are paying attention and we're going to err on the caution because we want to make sure we're
8:38 am
protected. >> and it wasn't a stanley andrew, they're also looters who targeted to businesses in oakland. they got and stole some items from one so far no arrests have been announced. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news santa clara county is facing a triple threat ahead of wildfire season. we'll tell you how they want everyone who lives there. the help out during the drought. plus, the u.s. now looking to cut emissions in half by 2030. that's less than 10 years from now. tell you how the biden administration is looking to reach that goal.
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mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after. he could keep doing his vegetable garden, and get really good, specialized care. and i could just be her daughter again.
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>> in the north. a 4 year-old boy and his father are in the hospital now after they were hit by a car while they were driving and police think it was a drunk driver who caused the accident was wednesday night in nevado the 27 year-old father and his young son were hit by a vehicle traveling south on alameda del prado investigators have identified the driver of that car has 75 year-old edward of nevado who was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. >> and we've had a pretty busy morning on our roadways early morning hot spot along the bay bridge. now tracking one down at san jose will have more on your drive times coming up after that.
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>> it 44 and happening now, california's drought conditions are forcing some bay area water districts to enact water restrictions crop or sailor. sackey takes a look at santa clara county. >> santa clara county leaders say we're now facing a triple threat ahead of wildfire season. second is why by the
8:45 am
drought. and is hope the 10 times toxic air quality since the last historic drought. santa clara county's water district valley. water. >> has been calling for a 20% voluntary reduction in water use compared to 2013 and says that policy remains in place today. they're now encouraging others to participate before it's too late. >> we've out there. think these are some more that i can do as we're heading into drop in the possibility waters research is coming down. you don't any looking out. it can i would say actually saying is right, randi, our head throughout ready is a washington. see throughout belly. water says. >> they have several programs to get your home drought ready. but the preparation doesn't stop there. supervisors and each of us in the bay area. air quality management district are working together to form a county wide grant program using federal and state
8:46 am
dollars to equitably provide indoor air filtration systems for small businesses and nonprofits impacted most by the pandemic again, we have to be able >> into their businesses so that you're better able not only covid-19, they also be able to get grants fight with smoke and goodies in the this job comes after california's worst wildfire season last fall where much of northern california was hit by one of those lightning complex fires as we head into the second year in a row of severe drought. this is another important reminder that preparations are crucial. >> taylor's second reporting kron 4 news. >> and in a we are going to get a little relief. >> this the drought rain potentially we've got erica standing by with a look at our forecast on this friday. good morning. erica. good morning. you're right about that. but the for the rain comes today is going to be warmer. >> sunday, which is when we're
8:47 am
expected to see that precipitation checking in on our camera out in berkeley. we are seeing some cloudy conditions out there, some parts of the bay area. we're seeing some patchy fog as well. but we are seeing blue skies and other parts of the bay area such as the east bay and some parts of the south bay which will see in just a moment. so here's sparkly looking gray right now. and here's our san jose camera. you can see the blue skies out there. it's going to mostly sunny throughout most of the bay area this afternoon. the fog that we're seeing in those areas right now should clear later today. our current temperature out and how palo alto's 52. right now. we're at 54 in oakland and 50 up in santa rosa winds. not too bad that these numbers are going to go up this afternoon around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. about 5. you can see here gusts 40 miles per hour up in the north bay. so windy conditions tie down. anything that you have outdoors that fly away. as for tomorrow, we're going to see an increasing our cloud cover, possibly some sprinktes up in the northern part of sonoma
8:48 am
county. but at night in the evening, it should be dry until sunday morning when we see the rain moving in. this is around 8 o'clock. we see a moderate rain. some there in the north bay. we're expected to get about an inch of rain from the system up there and then the rest of the bay area about a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rain from this. and you can see it shifts over to the east and heads over this bring some fresh powder out there. so we're expected to get over a foot of snow on sunday out% there as well, but not a good time to be traveling in that direction. if you plan on doing so on sunday. here's our high temperatures for today. as i mentioned, it's going to be a little higher compared to tomorrow. if you happen to be traveling across the state are hitting the road in southern california. it's going to be mostly sunny and dry today lake tahoe 62. so you probably want to travel today. if you need to head up in that direction and then sacramento we're looking at 77 dry as well for today. so here's our
8:49 am
7 day extended forecast. you can see there temperatures dip that low pressure system arrives sunday brings us the rain during the day and then after that temperatures increase their middle of the week. we could be up to the mid 80's by next thursday for inland areas. back to you. thank you for that, erica. so we've been following this hot spot for the past 40 minutes or so. >> southbound one. oh, one at 80 northbound in san jose. they have that close right there. the diverting from southbound one. oh, one traffic off-ramp over to 8.80 that connector ramp from southbound 8.80, to one o one is also closed the air. but we're going to show you actually an image that was sent to us of the scene there. let's pull that up. so you can see that overturned big rig. unfortunately. so crews have been on scene trying to get that clear for the past at say 45 minutes to an hour or so working on that. the air. so we're closely keeping an eye on that as you're traveling and watching. that's not the only major delay that we have out there out on the road. we also have a disabled vehicle. 80 eastbound here in berkeley
8:50 am
at ashby avenue. and you can see we're seeing delays along 5, 1880, as a result of that early morning hospital on the bay bridge has been clear for several hours now heading in and out of the city. we're at the limit. the fremont street exit under 11 minutes for your drive time there as you head across towards the peninsula. you can do that under 40 minutes, not tracking any major delays along our richmond sandra fell bridge as you head out a richmond under 9 minutes for your drive time leaving you with a look at the golden gate bridge just a little fog there. 21 minutes into the city will have more on that accident down in san jose. but for now, james, back to you. >> rana, thank 50 is the time national headlines this morning. the u.s. is looking to cut emissions in half by 2030, president. biden making that announcement during a virtual summit on the climate with 40 of the world's leaders. is that goal is it achievable? that's the big question. we have our washington correspondent alexandra limon joining us live from d c with more. alex.
8:51 am
>> experts in the field agree that reaching biden's climate goals will depend a lot on what happens in the near future. for example, whether his infrastructure package which makes a shift toward clean energy is passed. >> we have to step up to achieve the ambitious school of cutting us emissions in half from 2005 levels by 2030. the country must make big changes. president biden's infrastructure proposal would leave the u.s. down that road by investing in a federal electric vehicle fleet, a network of nationwide charging stations and moving the country toward a cleaner power grid. those that do take action. >> and big bold investments in our people and clean energy future. well, when the good jobs of tomorrow and major economy is more resilient and more competitive. their plan would thrust the west coast obsession with electric vehicles. >> on to the entire nation. but republican lawmakers have their own idea of what an infrastructure package should look like that plan would cost
8:52 am
568 billion dollars instead of nearly 2 trillion and the plan would stick to more traditional infrastructure roads and bridges. public transit systems rail, which could be cargo. passenger rail. but not including green energy projects will make it quite difficult for the u.s. to reach biden's newly announced climate goals. the white house says the president is willing to look at the republican infrastructure proposal. but it remains unclear whether he would be willing to cut his green energy projects out of the package. >> in order to get a bipartisan deal done reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> a 52 to time. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we're following this hot spot down here in san jose southbound one. oh, one at 8.80. northbound there that connector ramp from southbound 8.80, to one. oh, one southbound is closed and they've been diverting traffic from southbound 1 one is offering to 8 80's. so we had an earlier morning overturned. big rig. we're going to show you that this was from chp out there actually sent us this photo. you can see that big rig turned over as they have those cold there. traffic is trying to get around. so if you are trying to drive around some alternate areas. let's go ahead and go back to that map and show them kind of the other freeways that are not impacted. so look at this to
8:56 am
80 here. 8587 6.80. you just want to stay away from that connector if possible. so again, we're going to keep a close eye on this. we'll have more coming up. but for now darya. back to you. thanks a lot. it is 8.55 right now in coming up in the next hour, we're going to tell you where there are hundreds of vaccine appointments available right now in the east bay. >> and how you can get. and on that get your shot. we'll have a live report. plus now you can get into the chase center. there are a few hoops to jump through first, though, to see steph curry and again.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at known. >> thanks for waking up with 9 o'clock on a friday and. >> traffic traffic. yes. let's get right to the traffic center in harvey's been not only monitoring that situation earlier rain on the bay bridge with an accident or with the hole lanes blocked. >> but now something in the south bay. yeah, exactly. it's like we can't catch a break. friday morning at all traffic collision. an overturned big rig here. so we've got some closure southbound one. oh, one at 8, 80 northbound in san jose. so they're diverting people from southbound one. oh, one off-ramp to 8.80, and
9:00 am
telling people to take that connector. there. also that connecting ramp from southbound 8.80, to one oh, one southbound is closed, but 6 80's fine. we're looking at 8287. there. those are great. we're going to actually show you a video of image, rather, this is from the scene that overturned big break. so you can see the delays that is causing there from people who are trying to get around that as long as that's close. go ahead. take those alternate routes. but let's get a look at the bay bridge. you james and darya. earlier we had early-morning hot spot along the bay bridge. we'll go to that image next. there was actually somebody who got on to the bridge earlier, the eastbound side that was near the lower deck there earlier this morning. that's been clear for several hours now 11 minutes as you make it to the fremont street exit. so conditions are great. there. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes. no major delays along that raise all this morning. the richmond sandra fell. we had a slow commute a few hours or so ago. now we're back down to about 8 minutes as you're heading out


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