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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 23, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon together. both agencies have full confidence that vaccine is known and potential benefits outweigh its known and potential risks. >> federal regulators say the johnson and johnson covid vaccinations should resume immediately. this decision comes after the shots were paused on april 13th over blood clotting concerns. good evening, everybody. thanks for being here on kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus. i'm justine waldman in for vicki liviakis tonight. we'll start with kron four's. dan thorn is live for us in san francisco
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with more on. >> local health experts. what they're saying about the continued use of the johnson and johnson vaccine. dan. they think it's a good idea. >> that's grant and just staying there saying that today's decision was a smart one because it's important for people to know the risks that are associated with the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine, but also to understand that those risks are very small. these experts say that people need to understand that these shots being distributed once again are critical in our fight against covid-19. >> the pause in the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine is over federal scientific advisors say injections of the single dose shot should resume following concerns over extremely rare blood clots. i think this is the prudent way to go. and i like what they did today and really happy ucsf professor in infectious disease. specialist doctor monica gandhi says it was also
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thoughtful to pause the vaccine because it allowed time to gather more information. the government found out of nearly 8 million people who were given the j and j shot 15 recipients developed rare blood clotting. >> 3 died and 7 remain in the hospital. all were women mostly under the age of 50 health officials decided a restart with a warning label could help ease any concerns to anything that you do is the right >> by the there was absolute by put by the cdc to say we're just going to have this so that, you know, as a consumer that this is very risk. and we know it's doctors to watch out for. >> medical experts across the country. agree the one dose vaccine is needed to help increase vaccinations and fight the pandemic. it's also easy to store and allows for homebound and underserved groups, including the homeless to quickly get shots. one concern is if this recent stop and go on the j and j vaccine. we'll increase hesitancy.
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>> i'm hoping i'm hoping people distrust of vaccines but instead trust the vaccines that everyone's been really careful when we will allow this important action. >> well, the cdc says that they will continue monitoring blood clotting for recipients of the johnson and johnson vaccine as for the shots themselves, they could be getting distributed once again as early as tomorrow reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn. >> kron 4 news, thank you so much. standard for some communities. the resumption of the johnson and johnson shots is good news for vaccine sites that are in need of more shots. but in some other communities vaccine appointments are going unused in napa county health officials. are saying at this clinic here just over a 3rd of the 3,000 available appointments are being used. napa county supervisors are saying it might be that those
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who want a vaccine have already gotten it. but with only 40% of eligible residents fully vaccinated. the push is on to increase those numbers. >> working with their school districts to reach out to the merge it with lot of flight program to reach out to the to working with communities of decisions like those those that are you serving institutions were doing all those touched spreading words. >> marin county has also vaccinated almost 80% of people eligible with at least one dose. the county does have some unfilled appointments and are hoping to add more community clinics to help boost the numbers of those getting vaccinated. >> you know, her mayor london breed welcoming back warriors fans to chase center tonight by ringing the cable car bell right before the game. this evening donation is back in the building to cheer on the dubs and it has been awhile. first time fans are here
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basically the brand new building since early march of last year. hard to believe kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us live from chase kylen. it's a party there tonight. you have the golden ticket with that media credential. what is it like at chase. >> hey and the seeing here at chase center. i'm so lucky and getting to witness fans back in the stands in person for the first time in more than a year. like you mentioned since march of 2020 and the fans are really getting loud to cheer on the dubs here tonight as they take on the denver nuggets. of course, they're cheering through their masks, though. that is a requirement of tonight's game. everyone is wearing them. now. another precaution everyone had to get tested for covid-19 or show proof of vaccination in order to attend the game. also, concessions are open, but people cannot eat or drink in
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their seats, their table set up for eating in the just a couple of restrictions in place now, hopefully these fans can give the dup's if they take on one of the top teams in the west without damion lee and could face more were out due to covid protocols however fans here tonight. tell me there's no problem with the >> electricity. i mean, it's been a while for a couple of time. but now i feel the chase center and only excited. >> it's feeling, you know, i kind of getting back to normal and also right right then and there. the warriors. yeah, it's really good. it's a good feeling. you know. >> now the building can only be feel to 35% capacity, which would be around 62 or 6300 fans. however, i'm told they're just a couple 1000 here tonight. so that's why the concourses you can see too busy right now. as for the game, the dubs are leading the
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nuggets in the 4th quarter. but we'll have an update for you on that coming up in just a little bit. it's sports for now live at the chase center. kylen mills will send it back to you. >> all right, kyle and we're all jealous. i think of you enjoy the rest of the game and the night. what what a sudden my mask. i swear haha hey, we'll see you soon. enjoy the night. that's kylen mills, of course, reporting for us live as we go outside, you know, big deal getting these live events inside. it's one thing to do it at a baseball game. but you go inside a chastened that feels like we're at another level of progress here in the pandemic. live shot here at a pretty desolate bay bridge toll plaza on friday night. yes. let's find out the weather is going to be like for people heading home from chase center tonight. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now. yeah, not bad out there, although lot of clouds, guys. and we're going to see more of that little drizzle overnight tonight. >> along the coastline is, well, we're seeing the low cloud deck once again thickening up outside tonight. this time get reinforced.
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there's actually a cold front off the coast and that's going to send that cloud deck well on shore. in fact, already piling up against the east bay hills right now it's going to search the valleys. but look at that. we got a cold front coming in tonight. the first one that's going to open the door. northern california start to get a couple raindrops there but certainly a good chance of rain coming our direction, too. for tomorrow, though. a lot of clouds that's we're going to see as we head throughout the day. there's a chance you might see a light sprinkle or drizzle, especially to the coastline. even in the north bay, the not to be much. and then as we head towards sunday, everything begins to change. here comes that cold front and by about 8 o'clock in the morning on sunday morning. that rain really picking up in the north bay. you see the snow begin to pile up in the mountains there. and then slowly working its way through across the bay area about the middle of the day and into the afternoon. there's going to be unstable enough that we might even see a couple thunderstorms pop possibly toward the napa valley or so parts of the east bay. and then after that, by the evening on sunday, things begin to wind down. but it certainly should be a nice soaker. much needed soakers. we'll see that rain moving in
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as well. temperatures 40's and 50's right now as we head through a time, we're going to see looks like some heavy snow in the sierra nevada. if you plan to go to the high country be extra careful this weekend. saturday looking pretty good sunday. everything changes. we'll see a lot of snow moving in. maybe the couple snowflakes as early as saturday. but that snow level will be dropping all the way down to about 4,000 feet. maybe upwards of a foot and a foot and half or so above 7,000 the guys to 4 inches at lake tahoe. thank you so much for us. >> an audit in the city of oakland found that the city is not prepared to deal with the homeless crisis. according to the results almost 80% of homeless people were unsheltered because of a lack of permanent affordable housing options and the audit also revealed certain housing options for people who are experiencing homelessness, kron, four's. gayle ong spoke with the city auditor and a prominent council member. >> we're living it and seeing it every day on and off the freeways of oakland route. the
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district throughout our city. they see how begin bass. the problem has become. they how we have not at a quickly addressed city council member lauren taylor says he is not surprised. an audit found. the city was not prepared to deal with the problem and left in a fission strategy for dealing with the growth of the camps homeless to kevin management is how we support people who are. >> on the street and an house. >> but we have to really make sure that we're keeping folks from getting on how to get becoming and held. and also we have to help those who are in house transition into long term, permanent housing, the 102 page audit counts that nearly 79% of homeless people were unsheltered because of a lack of permanent affordable housing options. >> and limited temporary housing option. the residents have clearly stated that this is a huge issue for them. they want to make sure that our on health properly cared for as well as our ho4se. >> or use public parks and
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streets are safe. it took elected city auditor of oakland. courtney ruby a year to complete the report we identify 12.6 million dollars. that was not with an budget, right. so that means the city didn't have a formal budget to put these in hammond activities all. the council has this information and the mayor have the information and we're right in the middle of the budget cycle. the council also found that 70% of oakland's homeless population are african-american compared to 24% in the general population structural racism. >> that first day in cities across our country. the same. just proportional representation exist. and so it's just further emphasize or need to bring a true equity lines where we are focused on solving the challenge that also looked at police and fire response times to ensure response times to an encampment are appropriate. >> and equitable the city auditor will present the homeless services performance in a virtual meeting on monday
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in oakland. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> meanwhile, in san francisco, one man has kind of taking it upon himself to try to help people who are living on the street have a cleaner space quincy heath the originally from georgia unnoticed. a homeless camp along oak grove street after he moved here. and he started talking to people who live in the area learned that they had a lot of trash but not a way to get rid of it. so at his own expense, quincy rented to dumpsters and is spending weekends helping these people clean up. >> the old hilltop mall in richmond has now changed. hands them, mostly vacant shopping center sold this week and now the new owner plans to revitalize the property by transforming the area into a mixed use development with retail and housing kron. 4 spoke with the city's mayor who says that he is excited about the site's future.
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>> the rundown shops at hilltop in richmond formally known as the hilltop mall has a new owner. >> that has plans to redevelop the area in the near future. but long time we'll talk malls on. >> was a black whole hearts. will. so show we turn supplements and door a long list of also >> all this week lbg real estate companies llc and a viva investors sold the property to pro law just incorporated. the san francisco based group is considered the largest industrial and real estate company in the world far as she spotted and 70 mile long. >> that would produce about 3 half million dollars all. we're also transfer talk to the school hoops. mayor tom says unlike the previous owners, revitalizing the mall is not in the plans. in a statement pro lodges says, quote. >> the acquisition of the hilltop mall marks the
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beginning of our efforts to pursue a mixed use development that includes residential retail and modern logistics facilities. >> which will spur further reinvestment job growth and economic opportunity told hill. >> march of last year but closer even that out you know, we're close pro. lodges has not announced a definitive plan for the property or a timeline for when their project will break ground collegiate all kron 4 news. >> a bay area nonprofit doing what it can to try to make the asian-american community feel safer in their own neighborhoods in south san francisco. the vibes and smiles organization handed out safety kits with whistles, little flashlights self-defense sirens and pepper spray members of the nonprofits say the elderly asian american community is the group that is this the
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most. >> and i saw people posting in the awareness was great. but i was like, what are we doing to really help protect the elderly when they want to go out and go buy groceries or just for a walk and went without waiting for someone to help them. so i was thinking we need a creepy safety kids and put these in the hands of the elderly. so they feel a bit more safe. >> this, of course comes after a wave of violent assaults against the asian american community throughout the bay area and nationwide. now to redwood city were family tells us they are recovering tonight after a home invasion. police say it happened around 11 last night near or below the road and oak avenue that's near red morton community park. the victim's daughter says that 3 masked men went into their home taste. her father and hit her mother in the head and the mouth with a gun. she says they took a safe and inside were very important documents in all the money that they had saved. >> they just started. >> started to be a little bit more. things happening like
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that. seems to me. >> a report with redwood city police has now been filed. the family says the suspects left in a light colored bmw suv and the back window is broken. if you have any information, call police today. official was held for a father and daughter who? >> tragically killed when their house burn. this is in oakland that fire now is being investigated as arson. tonight. kron 4 says menu spoke with a family member who describes being inside the home when this fire started. >> as some of those lay died heroically doing what any father would do sacrificing himself to rescue his one year-old daughter aliya from danger. tragically they were both killed in a fire last saturday at their home in east oakland. >> this is video of family friends neighbors coming together for a vigil in honor of outside of what's left of their home. >> as some his a hero.
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>> sleighs brother-in-law phys allow says they're muslim family was observing the holy month of ramadan that night with their home was suddenly engulfed in flames around like. >> fun. >> way her, you know, somebody know kick the break that allows us and that has run fast down as chair. somebody come for us. you know. somebody came. and we had, you know, this. and next low, you know. >> buys allow says both he and his son started evacuating family members from the burning building. >> i save my little cousin. and he and my daughter, my wife, my aunt. >> with his help most of slaves family escaped the fire, including his wife who was 9 months pregnant. then the 37 year-old father went
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back inside for his baby girl. aliyah. but neither of them would make it out alive. his body was found later with a designs. oakland. police are investigating the fire as an act of arson that they believe may be connected to a previous shooting and fire where we saw worked at a liquor store not far from his home. if you could say something to the person who did this. they were looking at this. >> news story, what would you say to them is should you know right now. >> bank or church guy. but i think this those whole know. hot didn't have >> oakland police and crime stoppers are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. has it made you kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 9 there is a new report by the department of justice that says alameda county violated the civil rights of its inmates the report says the county fails to provide proper services to prisoners who have mental
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health issues. it focused mainly on cases out of santa rita jail where there have been 20 suicides in the last 7 years. the sheriff's office responded and said authorities are working on dealing with those issues. california officially has a new attorney general. here's rob, but it being sworn in this evening in a virtual ceremony alongside governor newsome, but becomes the first filipino american to hold the position at the ceremony he gave credit to his parents for inspiring him. my parents are here. >> warren and cynthia. and that's when my story starts. my parents activists to the core. there are fears forces for fairness. and their fight for justice has been hard wired into who i am. >> bonta fills the vacancy left by now us health and human services secretary
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javier becerra will have about a year to prove himself to voters. he says he plans to run for the office in 2022. in north carolina. authorities say 3 deputies have resigned and 7 deputies have been placed on leave in the aftermath of a black man being shot and killed by members of their department serving drug-related search and arrest warrants. the incident happened in elizabeth city, which is in the northeastern part of the state. investigators say 40 year-old andrew brown got into his car and tried to drive away when he was shot. and in minneapolis, the sentencing hearing for derek chauvin is scheduled for june 16 chauvin was handcuffed and immediately taken into custody after being found guilty of murder and manslaughter in george floyd's death under minnesota law will be sentenced only on the most serious charge. second-degree murder that carries a prison sentence of up to 40 years. but legal analysts say he's likely to get less than that.
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the sentencing again, set for june 16th. >> tonight and throughout the weekend protests are planned in central ohio after the shooting death of a 16 year-old girl. and after a year of historic protests nationwide, state leaders and lawmakers are introducing several bills to enhance penalties for crimes committed during a riot or a violent protests. and as adrian robbins reports, critics say it's an issue of safety. but many believe it's about silence. >> is stuart protests hit downtown columbus in the summer of 20 tory we know the constitution is for everybody. we the people and we have right to be heard. but some of those protests turned to riots with broken windows in vandalism be left behind. >> now ohio lawmakers have introduced several bills that would other things, expand what is considered obstruction of justice increased penalties for crimes committed during
9:22 pm
protests that turned violent when officers being surrounded or, you know, these groups for. >> you don't know where the threats coming from. that could come from anywhere. opponents of the bill point out that most of the issues police have brought up like vandalism assaulting an officer. >> early ready against the law. the same. but this bill is looking for a solution that doesn't have a problem like a white man with the fraternal order of police of ohio says the past 2 years officers are being harassed and attacked like never before. if you think that, you know, part of this riot in. >> i have to, you know, giving consideration the striking officer with the club. >> that's just not the case. pastor phillips who drove a band of people to testify at the ohio statehouse says lawmakers are trying to stop people from protesting ultimately from having their voice heard. we're not proponents of assaulting police, but want to make sure that we have a right to speak and say what needs to be said
9:23 pm
and this is not a police state. police have to be held accountable just like the rest of us. >> that was adrienne robbins reporting for us this evening. new rules coming to the nfl like commissioner roger goodell announced today the league is pulling back on covid testing. >> and after the break, a bay area native has now gone out of this world we will meet the ferry astronaut who is now on her way to the international space station. how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy!
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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>> a female astronaut raised here in the bay area is currently piloting the space x crew dragon spacecraft that launch from florida earlier this morning. it's headed right now to the international space station and kron four's. maureen kelly talked with megan mcarthur seen right here. her high school principal who flew all the way across the country to watch her former student lift off. >> as the space ship blasted off into the predawn sky. the retired principal of mountain views saint francis high school watched in person from nasa's kennedy space center as her former student left the planet. it was absolutely spectacular against the dark knight. megan mcarthur is one of 2 american astronauts on board. the other 2 coming from france and japan. all 4 headed for the international space station for a 6 month stint
9:27 pm
macarthur is sitting in the same pilot's chair as her husband bob behnken who made the same journey in the same crew dragon capsule last year. this time he will be the one to solo parent. the couple 7 year-old son while his wife is away cutting tennant says it's a little surreal watching the woman she met as a teenager ascend in such a dramatic fashion. she always knew she wanted to do this he's done it but they're still that sense of a lack of reality that it was actually happening each flying into space for 6 months. >> you know, breaking all but boundaries and barriers as a as a woman and as a mother and is just as human being. >> macarthur who previously flew on a space shuttle mission to repair the hubble telescope in 2000, 9 inside the space x capsule endeavor after friday's like a baby bird here re-learning how to move around microgravity. it feels really good. but it feels a little bit. we're she's been back to visit her alma mater to help inspire
9:28 pm
students. the current principal says macarthur's career trajectory is giving their female students interested in science. a boost. >> next year. we've seen already a huge increase in the number of girls who have been rolling or engineering courses in entrepreneurship and design and looking at computer programming. so we really seen an uptick in girls who are interested in going into these fields. one woman's journey off the planet, helping to launch the dreams of girls around the world. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. still to come, caitlyn jenner announces she's running for governor. if a special recall election happens this year. the questions tonight about her ability to lead the nation's most populous state. plus months after a severe storm washed away parts of highway one right near big sur governor newsome today was on site for a big reopening announcement and 88 seemed to be a step closer to getting that waterfront ballpark of the team says the big project to be funded and it has big
9:29 pm
news for affordable housing at
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it's official. caitlyn jenner says she will run for. >> california governor the olympian turned reality tv star is hoping to oust governor gavin newsome from office. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala tells us how recall organizers and teen newsome. >> are responding. >> caitlyn jenner will run as
9:32 pm
a republican, adding some celebrity to an already wide field of candidates from that party. >> center says she's in announcing she'll run for california governor in the likely recall election of gavin newsome. in a statement friday. the lgbtq reality star and former olympian said she's been a compassionate disrupter throughout her life and is quote, a proven winner and the only outsider who can put an end to gavin newsom's disastrous time as governor jenner had no policy proposals posted to a web site friday but did already have plenty of merchandise for sale but you sum sidestepping questions about gender jumping in friday. the state's going to come roaring back. and so to answer your question. >> that's what i'm focused. and i think today is a historic and i think, you know, we wish your the very best of luck. recall organizer and the economy says the effort to replace gavin newsome has entered a new phase like we've always said we didn't think that the front-runners have emerged yet in this campaign. and i think today is you know, cruiser point. but i think this is the opening act of the circus.
9:33 pm
that is the recall democratic strategist. stephen, the as press secretary for governor gray davis who was recalled and replaced by arnold schwarzenegger. i don't think she's on the same level as arnold at all fortunate came into that recall in 2000. >> we with some policy chops. he'd let about an issue of the year before marriage to maria shriver was a lot of political recognition we're not seeing this at all here that he knew some noting jenner is working with donald trump's former presidential campaign manager newsom's campaign manager dan newman said in a statement, quote, we always knew the republican recall would be a ludicrous circus full of trump supporters which only reinforces how much californians appreciate governor newsom's competent compassionate experience leadership during an unprecedented series of crises. >> meanwhile, jenner says a more formal announcement and updates are coming in a matter of weeks in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, governor gavin newsome is also saying that he has now taken action to end fracking in the state and the governor says he directed the
9:34 pm
state's department of conservations geologic energy management division to take regulatory action to stop issuing new permits by the start of 2024. he also asked the california air resources board to look into ways to phase out oil extraction across the state by 2045 newsom issued an executive order last september calling for an end to fracking and to accelerate the state's transition away from fossil fuels. state senator scott wiener of san francisco is among those praising the governor's announcement. >> meanwhile, governor newsome travel to big sur today along the coast to take part in the reopening of highway one. the governor was given a tour of the 11.5 million dollar repair aftelide swept away. 150 foot section of the highway into the ocean below this happened last winter. the
9:35 pm
slide blamed on a storm that brought 15 inches of rain in 48 hours. crews took away 75,000 cubic yards of debris while replacing a 1930's air, a covert that had failed. >> so we have crews were at that have worked 7 days a week for the last 86 days because we know how important this lifeline is. it's important to the community. it's important to tourism the economy, the economy of this state. >> officials say debris flows from the 120,000 acre dolan fire contributed to the slide. >> how about watching a baseball game right here head the a's dream of having a ball park right on the edge of the oakland estuary. there appears to be moving forward today. the team released its plans spelling out what this privately funded billion dollar project could mean for the team. the city and east bay residents as a whole can force theresa spoke with the a's president, dave kaval on
9:36 pm
the team's vision and what the team is now asking for to actually make it happen. >> but we really need to haul. it's got a tool. it's at the end of its useful like lights went out the other night was kind of embarrassing. that's oakland athletics. president dave campbell. >> on the team's quest to move out of the coliseum into a brand new waterfront ballpark on friday. the latest inning in this very long game. the team is trying to win. they released their financial offer to the city batting out promises such as the team will privately finance a state of the art ballpark at howard terminal. the team will commit to using unionized labor. the team will air. mark 450 million to be used for community benefits such as affordable housing and the ballpark will be the most environmentally sustainable project of its kind in california history. now campbell says all eyes are on
9:37 pm
the city council that he is the city council vote. you know, we had everyone though, donna. we've got that for. >> the state legislature. the governor's weekend. they've all been positive. so and this is really the last meeting item that we need to get approval on. >> and that's what we want to as soon as possible. hopefully you know, in a june, probably. and we can have it. you know, the something to move the project come mayor libby shaft giving kron 4 this statement. quote, we need a deal. that's good not just for the a's but for the city. >> one that provides specific tangible and equitable benefits to our residents and doesn't leave oakland's taxpayers on the hook. campbell says he understands how some might question the plan on the plate but swings with this history of bad deals in oakland, israel. >> with the raiders and the warriors and they said that those teams left. but that's why out program is very different. you know, we're giving money to the city.
9:38 pm
we're not asking for much we're saying, hey, we want to get a privately financed ballpark. we want to get 40 or 50 million dollars in community benefits and the project actually generates a billion dollars in general fund to recess. stasio kron 4 news. >> new rules are coming to the nfl commissioner roger goodell announcing today that players will not need to be tested daily for coronavirus instead they'll be tested once a week. players also will not be required to quarantine after having, quote, high-risk close contact with an infected person. >> a lot of clouds rolling in tonight. no rain just yet. but it is on the way. we'll take a closer look at that storm may be the last storm of the season. coming up next. >> and on the field, the a's looking like one of the best teams in baseball center. they keep their streak going tonight. we have highlights they're also big warriors game. first one with fans just ended and let's just stephanie feliz didn
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's a big night for dubnation the first night since march 10th of last year. the fans have been allowed to watch their beloved warriors in person and a few 1000 folks in attendance. well, they got something to enjoy step and re. what a combo and they're happy to have fans back in the
9:42 pm
stands tonight. 2nd half is when the dubs really started to pull is so that whole where we'll check in some nice ball movement there as steph does what he does hits the 3 got to be quicker than that. denver. but in this one it was currie and the dubs pretty much always one step ahead. we go to the 3rd quarter. steph. you got to see this move here. a lot of ball movement and it would result in another 3. he finished with 32 points and dream on quietly had a double double 19 assists and 12 boards. final score. one 19 to 97 and kylen mills was there to see it all in person. so kylen, what was the vibe like in chase center, having the fans back tonight. >> take a although vive was just an awesome one this has been such a long time coming. we've heard from the players all season long. how much they have missed having the fans here at chase center. and i talked to a lot of fans tonight who said that it's a shared sentiment. they also have missed getting to watch their team in person. that was just a ton of excitement right from opening tip. we heard
9:43 pm
fans chanting and bp mvp throughout the game. every time staff had a bucket and that's something i think staff and the fans have miss just getting to see their favorite player. some of the dubs faithful actually just state after the game to greet him as he made his way to the locker room. so just a lot of excitement, a lot of people tell me there's just a sense of relief as if we're getting one step closer to getting back to normal. so that's another part of what tonight is all about. but overall a lot of fun. and of course, the dubs getting a win doesn't hurt either. kate knowing a win over a pretty darned good team. all right. thanks, karen. we'll check back in with you. >> later tonight, a's on the road in baltimore. we've got to do some baseball. they were looking for win number 12 in a row. top of the 5th inning in this one. ramon loriano at the plate. >> and he ltri and like that goes yard that gave the a's a 3 nothing lead. they would end up winning 3 to one. and now they have won 12 in a row pretty hard to believe because they started the and 60 you gotta like what they're
9:44 pm
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9:47 pm
treat. >> this is a treat. i mean, the seriously, this storm this late season and potentially pretty impactful as we'll see that roll on in. but the morning time and then it's going to continue on and off throughout the day into the afternoon. so tonight you got the clouds rolling in now. no rain to speak of year. but there are some storms not that far away. and you can see the cold front that's beginning to move into far northern california. some scattered showers moving up in that direction, too. and we're going to get clipped by some of this may be couple sprinkles in the north bay but not much, but more importantly, this storm system going to open the door for rain here in the bay area. in the north bay. and you can see some of these showers trying to roll on through some that may just make it to ground, but they're not going to be a whole lot. i think overnight tonight we're going to see plenty of clouds and you see a whole lot of cloud cover for tomorrow. to a chance of some drizzle or light sprinkles, maybe a couple sprinkles there in the north bay, but then not a whole lot until we get into sunday and that will be the main event sunday morning storm clouds begin to roll in dc 8.30 most the rain up in the north bay and then dragging across the rest. the
9:48 pm
bay area, the middle of the day into the afternoon. the chance of some pop-up thunderstorms too specially in parts of the north bay. but then i think everything winds down. it looks pike by sunday evening. things come to a close and that may be the last significant storm of the season. temperatures yet. we'll see these numbers running up tomorrow on the cool side with the 50's along the coastline of 50's 60's inside the bay. then some mid 60's warmest interior valleys next couple days. we're going to return to some wintery weather. nice sight to see a lot of snow in the sierra nevada maybe a foot and half across some of the higher peaks there. looks like we'll stay cool through monday. and then we warm right back up and by the middle of next week. we're looking temperatures up in the 80's around the bay area 80. banquet extreme to another. well, before tuna for this rain. that's enjoy that should be a nice little storm really noticing your graphic that you put on. there has got more intense as we've gotten closer to the storm forecast yet feel to it. yeah, feel it. >> be thank you,
9:49 pm
>> your kron 4 we're celebrating earth week by drawing attention to some of the biggest environmental challenges in the bay area. the pandemic has made ppe like face masks. life saving accessories. but so much of it is disposable invents littering our beaches and our waterways. kron four's, maureen kelly talked to environmental activists on the front lines working to clean up and unintended consequences. >> our need to stay safe during the pandemic. >> ppe like disposable face masks could be seen warren everywher in our collective effort to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. but they're also turning up his trash on our streets blown onto our beaches and polluting the bay and ocean. this is not ok. lynn adams with pacifica beach. coalition is holding a bag stuffed with disposable gloves masks and sanitizing wipes volunteers using the
9:50 pm
clean swell ap to track what's being picked up how long a 1000 pieces of ppe a month from around the bay area since october. what's believed to be just a small fraction of pandemic-related waste causing damage to our ecosystem could be ingested but animals and cause a blockage. >> it could be entangled in an animal and the bird's foot or in a beaker and many people think these disposable masks are made out of paper actually composed of a lot of plastic products, which means they are not biodegradable. >> plus it is is so horrible because it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces and it's always plastic, right. it doesn't turn into soil when it goes into the ocean and the and the fish are eating it. then we catch the fish. we eat the fish. and so we're getting the plastic through them. >> that to us. and it's very harmful. it is very toxic. we want to encourage people to be as safe as possible in the pandemic.
9:51 pm
>> but it is also producing this unintended consequence that is direct impact on our waterways called virtual with bay keeper says ppe is not the only pandemic-related waste that's ending up polluting our waters takeout containers. >> their estimates in the united states. and that's the average american is using 25 to 30% more disposable products and that's in direct relation to the pandemic. the things people can do to help. don't litter pick up trash. you see and participate in cleanup efforts. >> learn which plastics can be recycled in your area. virtual says people should also encourage their politicians to put pressure on the plastic industry to develop by debatable alternatives to create alternatives to plastic packaging in general because that's really the only way we'll tackle this type of issue because plastic pollution will still be a problem. well after the pandemic is over, maureen kelly kron 4 news.
9:52 pm
>> up next, a surprise proposal that will melt your heart. how a fiance pulled it off with some help of off with some help of paramedics. is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight,
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batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> a nurse in new york city got a lot more than she bargained for after she leapt into action to help a woman who was in labor wink wink. >> emergency reporter andrew ramos with our sister station has the story on a day that nurse certainly will not forget.
9:55 pm
>> a couple on a stroll on the upper west side stumble upon a woman in labor. she's in distress and ready to give birth on a sidewalk bench. luckily one half of this couple is the director of nursing at lenox hill hospital. the scene is something right out of a movie. but as it turns out, it's really an epic prank orchestrated by mike matthews. also he could propose to girlfriend. amy marshall. >> amy has always said that she's never kind of walked into a medical emergency in new york city. that was the idea was like, what if i set up a mock emergency specific to what she does for work. and it worked like a firefighters ems, the pregnant woman all in on it. >> matthews, even doctored an alert from citizen app to lead the way marshall immediately went into nurse mode. >> if i would have known how real that was going to get like. it's switch that flips into nurse mode and it was
9:56 pm
like she's directing the firefighters. you know, she's asking how many weeks or you she puts on the gloves. i mean, she's about to go in at that point. the participants knew it had gone too far. the firefighter tap marshall shoulder then pointed at matthews who is kneeling. >> it surprised you are still alive to tell the story when you're a nurse, you know all the major arteries. she could have taken me out. >> of course, marshall said yes, matthews who works in social media marketing reveal to pix 11 that the proposal was actually on the agenda. it was just a matter of when it was going to happen and it all happened at a special time following a tumultuous year for health care workers. matthews wanted to put the spotlight on his bride to be. and those keeping us safe on the front lines. i love that kind of cold nights that its new york love to new york scene. it's wise health care workers. it's it's everything the happy couple will be tying the knot next month. >> the best part is for on the gloves off. she's like what
9:57 pm
just happened. and then she's like i she got yes, though. >> the start of a re-release. all right. trust him again. doesn't get more real than that or fake then that. but that does it for kron. 4 what a way to end on a friday night, right. a little a little fun here. we're just getting started. our primetime news coverage is can can continue right now with catherine heenan. and can we. you guys have a great weekend. we'll see you monday back here tomorrow i have have a good week saturday and sunday prime time coming get new details regarding the video out of vacaville showing a police officer. >> slamming a teenager with autism to the ground who in the department knew the teen has special needs prior to this violent encounter and there are new developments in the effort to recall the windsor mayor as he is facing 6 claims of assault. >> when the recall foppoli campaign chair is planning to file the official paperwork.
9:58 pm
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>> when foreign time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> 10. we're confident that the manson covid-19 vaccine needs a robust standards for safety effectiveness and quality for medical product that is used widely, including in healthy individuals.


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