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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 24, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news john in a public life. >> tonight at 10. 100's of people are remembering the life of sean monterrosa. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm justine waldman john, because off tonight we'll be talking about the rain in just a minute. but first today would have been his 23rd birthday. but i'd june second 2020 monterroso was shot and killed by vallejo police. they were responding to a vandalism call at a walgreens kron four's amanda hari explains what the celebration was like today and how the family is remembering him. good evening, amanda.
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>> good evening, justine. although there was a lot of sadness. there was some joy to is they remembered shines life. this was his first birthday since he was killed last year and at the event there were things like food, music and even a balloon release to honor his life. >> doing everything we can do really to help never mind even story and make everyone knows john story. that's what sean monterrosa's sisters ashley and michelle sees been their goal for the last 10 months since their brother was killed 2020 shot was by police department april 24th was one of the hardest days yet for the monterroza families. it would have been sean's 23rd birthday. it was strange, you know, is one of the things that we look at and we wanted to say happy birthday, but there was no one to say happy birthday to physically, although he may be gone. hundreds of people came out to celebrate him with food, music
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and a balloon release in his >> the knights on died. he had been protesting the death of george floyd earlier this week. a jury found derek chauvin guilty for the killing they know with the verdict that shawn would be proud if he was here today, his sister michelle says the last text she got from him. it was about floyd just 30 minutes before shot was murdered. he texted my sister and i know many that we signed a petition to get george floyd justice. now his sister's continue to fight for sean. >> and any other person wrongfully killed by police shot is just a little piece of this long, long journey. and it's a long fight. at the celebration. his sisters were collecting books about social justice in his memory. >> to put in this little library here. a little library is located right across from holly park live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> thank you so much, amanda.
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there were flames seen on the bay bridge this evening. a viewer sent us this video of a car on fire, on the bay bridge. first as the cards driving up, all they could see was that thick cloud of black smoke. but as the car gets closer. >> you can see all the flames there and it looks like a van on fire and are there. we have reached out to fire officials to learn how this fire started. and if anyone was hurt. so far we've not heard back. but as soon as we know, any information. of course we will pass it on to you. a lawsuit has now been filed against the san francisco school board for their attempts to and merit based admissions at lowell high school. the lawsuit was filed yesterday and says that the board failed to properly list. the idea on their latest agenda and provide equal time for both sides to discuss the lawsuit names. the district and the superintendent vincent matthews, the board decided to
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end merit based admissions after noting the lack of diversity at will as well as the pervasive and systematic racism. they say inside of the school. and now to our 4 zone forecast and what is turning out to be a soaker of a sunday. let's get the timing of this storm with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez she's tracking the rain tonight. yeah. and we're tracking a sneak peek of those light showers making for misty conditions right now. >> throughout parts of the san francisco peninsula specifically for downtown san francisco slick roads and also poor visibility along the coastline, even extending into the east bay shoreline sled zoom on in on radar for and we are tracking some light rain developing after the storm off the coast making its way inland throughout the peninsula. it almost becomes light scattered showers for those of you in richmond, oakland and even berkeley even extending into conquered and antioch. this evening. so
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watch out for that slick commute. don't forget to turn on your low beams for those of you commuting along the immediate coastline pretty dry for those of you right now throughout the north bay. but you're starting to see some showers off the coast now starting to make its way inland. and this isn't even the main storm. in fact, the main event won't arrive until your sunday morning. that's where we could see about a quarter of an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area double that amount for local hills and mountains pretty opbreezy winds around 30 miles per hour less. but it's that threat of possible pop-up thunderstorms in our north bay and east bay valleys could bring us the threat of hail gusty winds and heavy downpours. it's any thunderstorms. do form. so future cast for as we fast forward and try this storm for your sunday morning by 05:30am, in the morning. we're going to see some hit or miss showers to start out the morning. but by mid morning, that's when we're going to see some widespread light to moderate rain, pretty heavy downpours with this cell near
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santa rosa, by around 10 o'clock for your sunday morning. and then that storm is going to start to shift to the south and east early sunday afternoon already going to begin to dry out for those of you in the north bay and along the immediate coastline of the bay area. but because of daytime heating could see a very unstable atmosphere with this storm. and that's why we have a chance of pop-up thunderstorms could even extend into the south bay as well. we could see some light snow accumulating atop mount hamilton for your sunday afternoon. until we start to dry out by early sunday evening and sunday night with that drying trend continuing for monday morning. so rain totals. unfortunately, with this faster moving storm, not looking too impressive. but hey, we will take any amount we can get before we warm up and dry out more coming up in my full 10 at 10 outlook in just a few minutes. just seen. back to you. thank you so much. of recent really
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quickly, we are getting word now just in kron 4 news room of the 3.8 earthquake. >> centered near morgan hill. we're working to get you more information on this story. if you felt it, if there's any damage. please reach out to us here at kron 4. again, we're just getting some information now from the usgs about a 3.8 earthquake centered in morgan hill have the latest for you tonight right here on kron. 4 news at 10. we will now go though, to the north bay because the city of napa is encouraging everyone there to conserve water. kron, four's gayle ong spoke with people there about how they will do their part to reduce their water usage. >> people who live here in napa seem to know the drill from past droughts. city officials are urging residents to take advantage of the rain expected sunday and give your sprinklers a break and richards is showing us how he is saving water in his napa home is trying to do everything in containers were as easy to grow. doesn't take a lot of water. but you got to
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have your richards remembers the last major statewide drought about 5 years ago having long that as we do out there. >> when that dies days. i just mowed down the it and nothing goes on. your chandler is also doing her part all plants succulents instead of things that require a lot of water were trying to put river rock down and things rather you know. >> planting every inch of you are. there's no grass in the park lake hennessey is the major local water source for the city of napa system. the city says the lake is currently at 68% of capacity holding 21,000 acre feet of water. it has been dry to help in this effort. the city of nagpur urges all customers to use water wisely this year. we conservation efforts similar to 2014 to 2016 small changes around the home like running only full loads of laundry or dishes turning off water while you leatherwood soap shave or brush your teeth habits. richards has been practicing the last couple save water and not the first drug on through here. >> you know, i mean, what i just i don't waste water. i
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never do. i 4 truck out there. i wash the windows in, but i haven't watched a coach, quite a while. >> and there is an incentive to conserve water here in napa county. it is the 6th annual water conservation cont as local students and families can submit a 32nd video. >> talking about how they will protect water resources for generations to come winners, get cash prize here in napa. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> the marine mammal center is investigating the latest dead whale to wash up at a beach in san francisco. this time at fort funston. here are some images from this morning. the marine mammal center and the california academy of sciences say that they have performed crops seeing that happen this afternoon and that's how they learn more about how the whale died for gray whales already washed ashore over a span of 8 days this month. the cause of death for 2 of those whales was a ship strike. now it's been over a year since face
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masks became a fixture in our everyday lives and now a new report is saying that those face masks are having a devastating impact on the environment. that report found that more than one 0.5 billion masks ended up in the world's oceans last year. that's about 5,000 tons of plastic according to that reported the men take about 450 years for that all to break down. coming up here on kron 4 news at 10. the johnson and johnson vaccine has been approved to be administered again. >> california has made a ruling about when and if it will be administered again. but do people feel safe taking it. and then the san jose earthquakes took a big step forward to getting normal today how it went with fans and players back inside the stadium for the first time and a long time. and again, there was just an earthquake centered near morgan hill. we're working to get more information on that. so if you felt the shaking, please reach
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out to us. we would love to hear what happened. and we're also tracking the rain that's coming to the bay area this weekend. so much more right after this.
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>> all right. we are following some breaking news here tonight on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. there was just an earthquake centered in morgan hill. it was a 3.8 and we'll show you the map now. as you can see exactly where it was centered in the south bay. not
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that big of a shake or 3.8 under for so we don't expect there to be any or a lot of damage from this earthquake. but we did reach out to our viewers here on twitter just to see where they were and what they felt and most people in san jose telling me on twitter that they felt either to shakes or that they felt some sort of big moving. one viewer telling me was pretty bad from the silver creek country club biggest shake that they have felt in 20 years. again, this is a 3.8 earthquake that is centered near morgan hill. we're working to get more information and some of that will be coming from you, our viewers. so if you felt it, we have any pictures of damage, let us know and we'll be sure to pass along as we gather some more information on this breaking news story. a little earthquake tonight. happening in the south bay. and now on to our 4 zone forecast because something we are also watching
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very closely tonight is the rain that's on the way. and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking the storm. yes, some already arrived for your saturday night. >> not going to be a big drought buster with tonight's storm and even for your sunday morning. >> but the good news is it's adding some much needed moisture to our local valleys and hills. that's hopefully going to delay the start of fire season. we've had some record breaking heat just a few weeks ago. and now finally seeing some april showers returning to the bay area. so let's zoom on into radar for last time i use this was 37 days ago. so it's great to dust it off. and finally tracked some wet weather out there in the bay area richmond and oakland seeing some light scattered showers, even extending inland along conquered and even into antioch delay who was well tracking some of that wet weather and throughout the southern tip of the north bay sell salido and mill valley seeing some light misty conditions as well. pretty dry
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for most of the north bay. but petaluma and santa rosa about to see some more rain heading your way with these light showers off the coast starting to make its way inland. and this isn't even the main event. in fact, we are tracking even more rain going to bring us widespread showers by sunday morning shortly before sunrise. we're going to notice some on again off again. rain and then by sunday mid morning specifically for those of you in the north bay could see some moderate downpours as a self could form there very unstable in nature where we could see some pop-up thunderstorms in the north bay and east bay valleys and then by sunday afternoon we're tracking the storm shifting to the south and east arriving. for those of you in the east bay and south bay wouldn't be surprised if we see some heavy downpours and hail in addition to gusty winds, if any pop up thunderstorms do form from tomorrow's daytime heating. but look at how this fast moving storm just exits the bay area by around 5 o'clock
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for your sunday evening and then clearing out and drying out by sunday night about a quarter of an inch of rain or less live look outside at half moon bay and we're noticing poor visibility along the coast pretty uniform numbers in the low to mid 50's, turning into upper 40's to low 50's. so it is going to be a warmer night out there. thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover and daytime highs 5 to 10 degrees below average. we should be ranging mid 60's to low 70's instead tracking mid to upper 50's barely in the low 60's for those of you in santa rosa and avato 10 at 10 outlook. enjoy the wet cool weather while it lasts because we're tracking a warming trend peaking on thursday. 5 to 15 degrees above average and little change, even 10 days from now. justine so once again, transitioning from winter spring and then some are all in the next 10 days, just one last chance of winter here tomorrow morning. and let's enjoy it. thanks for reasons. just staying.
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>> alright maryland officials plan to review the death reports that were filed under the state's former chief medical examiner after he testified that former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin was not responsible for george floyd's death. doctor david fowler was a key witness for the defense. here's the latest now out of maryland. >> testifying can be the truth and nothing but. >> i do. it's these comments you see thanks the knee. >> is towards the back in the back. right side of his mister floyd's neck and ways around the front is no. it comes is a way that now have doctor david fowler under investigation. fellow word is of maryland's chief medical examiner from 2002 to 2019 during the derek chauvin trial. fowler was a key witness for the defense. >> and the role of a medical expert on the stand. he claimed george floyd's death was not a homicide. instead
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caused by his heart condition drug use and possible exposure to carbon monoxide. how would you classify. >> so this is one of those cases where you have so many conflicting. different menace. you put all this together. vpit's very difficult to say which of those is the most. experts said i would fullback. >> to end the term in an open letter from dc's former chief medical examiner roger michell signed by 431 doctors from around the nation. they claim fowler's conclusions were so far out of line medically that all his previous work could come into question quote, doctor fowler's stated opinion that george floyd's death during active police restraint should be certified with it and determine manner is outside the standard practice and conventions for
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investigating and certification of in-custody deaths within 24 hours from receiving the letter maryland's attorney general brian frosh and governor larry hogan announce they will investigate fowler's cases. they're not his brother dollars already facing backnash. in another case in 2000, 1819 year-old aunt on black died in police custody. fowler served as the medical examiner who performed the autopsy and determined cause of death. black's death was captured on video which showed greensboro police holding the unarmed teenager down for more than 6 minutes. follow rule that black died because of a sudden cardiac event while struggling with police and not because they pinned him in a prone position a spokesperson for attorney general frosh says the review of death determinations will not involve any state officials or staff connected to a lawsuit filed by the family of anton
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black of the fowler's facing scrutiny on the stand. he did claim floyd needed emergency medical attention on the scene. >> do you feel that mister floyd should have been given. immediate emergency attention to try to reverse the cardiac arrest. as a physician. i would agree. >> rap legend. dmx was laid to rest today funeral procession took place to honor. the rapper has his body was carried in a monster truck followed by a biker care of and it ended the barclays center in brooklyn where fans gathered to say thank you. one last time. here's more now from new york. >> it was a funeral procession like no other dmx carried in the flatbed of a monster truck helicopters hovered overhead as the rap legend was driven from his hometown of yonkers, new york to the barclays center in brooklyn fans came from all around to pay their respects. monique stenson made the 5 hour trip from syracuse just to be here. his songs. i meet all our time in my life. >> we're going to some of the
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things that his presence his moves are going to show everybody out here feels the same way. that's what we all hear from. and i go all over all over know >> all over the world dmx battles with substance abuse were well documented. the rapper died after suffering a heart attack at his yonkers home. his songs were blasted for motorcycles and speakers as fans gathered outside the barclays center to pay tribute inside a memorial for about 900 friends and family and a who's who in the music world. logan armstead says his music will live on for years to come. if the person is going show you the truth. >> so i just came. and so my lover. you're never going to see nobody else like this. >> the memorial inside the barclays center has been delayed by about an hour and a half. covid protocols and brooklyn. rob oil news nation. >> coming up next. from indians across the world. history was made today. we'll take a look at how the genocide let's remember nationwide and here in the bay area. plus, new research into
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the international space station today following the successful docking of space x's dragon. the new arrivals representing the u.s. france and japan will now spend 6
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months at the space station replacing 4 astronauts who we'll now return to earth in their own dragon capsule. that will happen on wednesday. although this was space x's 3rd crew flight for nasa. it was the first time that a vehicle was used. that is flown before and we also love the story even more here in the bay area because megan mcarthur is on board and she went to high school in mountain view. we had a great interview with her high school principal are one of principles so proud of her and that full stories on our website. kron 4 dot com. but she's now in space right. and there's new research into what people on the spectrum are experiencing and how it can differ greatly from person to person reporter anna king has more. >> this is an even her older brother joseph galli. they both enjoyed working on cars, motorcycles and they're both on the spectrum, although they grew up together and share simular childhood experiences, any explains their experiences
10:27 pm
with autism can be anything a light-hearted tell if a woman is on i get a i tell people not to see the u haul here on to >> they >> i'm surprised by that. and his brother was diagnosed with autism is 7 years old and 13 years later and he was diagnosed women are much better at what there are people that aren't diagnosed until they're 4 years old. a recent study from the university of virginia health shows that males and females on the spectrum develop differently. one of the biggest differences or social cues like facial expressions and gestures. doctor mark ellison says it was this old way of thinking diagnosing females on the spectrum more difficult. and i think that's one of the reasons that it makes it harder to. identify autism. >> in girls because of how we girls. sometimes they perhaps shire. the boys. so a 4 year-old boy, who's not talking. all in class is noticeable. a 4 year-old girl
10:28 pm
doesn't talk in class is considered a shy and polite any says she's hopeful that the males who are on the spectrum, get the opportunity to be diagnosed sooner i'm excited this study other studies that may follow it. >> that will bring awareness to women, too. take another look at themselves and say is what i'm experiencing. what everyone else is i just in huntington. anna king, 13 news. >> and i'm tracking light showers for us here in the bay area with snow showers returning for this details ahead on the winter weather heading our way this weekend. p
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has become the first president ever to recognize the armenian genocide when around one 0.5 million ethnic armenians were systematically killed this declaration is likely to increase tensions with turkey on the 106th anniversary of the massacre. president biden released a statement that reads in part, quote, over the decades armenian immigrants have been rich. the united states in countless ways. but they have never forgotten the tragic history that brought so many of their ancestors to our shores. adding we honor their history. we see their pain. we affirm the history we do this
10:32 pm
not to cast blame but to ensure that what happened is never repeated. >> and here in the bay area. the armenian community gathered on mount davidson in san francisco. >> as it has every year for the past 25 years. remembering the lives lost in that mass killing kron 4 sweet ago reports this year. the event was even more special because of what the president did. >> so so the base of the mount davidson in san francisco, descendants of survivors honor and remember and a half million armenians killed by the ottoman 106 years ago. everyone has a personal connection. >> many of the people here have grandparents or great-grandparents who are orphaned this year, san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties pass resolutions marking this day miss permian genocide commemoration day. what happened was wrong.
10:33 pm
>> and we have to recommit ourselves. to making sure that things like that never happen again. and yet the armenian community continues to be the target of violence. last year in san francisco. the fbi investigated 3 hate crimes against armenians last august. i stood alongside many. you. >> i guess the acts of vandalism at the the armenian school here in francisco. kron most of the millions mistress ceremonies reflect and the challenges that our people have faced and better get continue to overcome one 100 happened hours before the commemoration when president joe u.s. recently acknowledged the atrocities of 1959 as a genocide president joseph biden. >> has reclaim. >> the united states is position as a champion of human rights on the planet a
10:34 pm
major step armenians hope other world leaders will adopt moving forward. >> in san francisco, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> as we take a live look outside here across the golden gate bridge. we're trying to see if the roads look a little slick because some rain is already starting to come down across the bay area. we're tracking the storm and also rodriguez has an update now on that earthquake near morgan hill yeah. was a 3.8 magnitude earthquake. so fortunately no tsunami threat for the bay area just because it is so inland and it was a relatively small quake, but it is along the calaveras fault for those of you near morgan hill. and i know a lot of viewers have been sending us reports on twitter and facebook to myself and just seen. >> so thank you so much for following us on social media and updating us. so far no injuries or no major damage has been reported. just couch is moving a few of the shutters rattling tonight. so stay safe out there and also bundle up because we are
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tracking some light scattered showers for us here in the bay area just a sneak peek of what's to come tomorrow morning where we see some more widespread rain returning some showers off the coast starting to make its way inland right along the san francisco peninsula and even for those of you in the east bay like richmond and oakland even berkeley as well. and as far inland as valais and conquered tracking some light scattered showers with more rain off the coast making its way into the north bay. so you saw a little bit of a break with drier weather just about a half hour ago. but now santa rosa petaluma and even san anselmo starting to track those light showers out there tonight. so drive safely for your saturday night commute. for those of you heading out this evening in addition, a rain snow or showers snow showers. for those of you in this year up starting to see snow accumulating for those of you in bear valley and even into coke court and we are expected to see some widespread snow
10:36 pm
showers throughout tonight into your sunday. even continuing for your monday morning so cooler temperatures right for snowmaking conditions. but watch out his sunday morning through monday morning, we do have the threat of possible thunder snow in the forecast. so it's like the thunderstorms that we get in the bay area. but instead of rain snow showers. instead, in addition to lightning and thunder as well. so be careful with that if any, do for lake wind advisory in effect right now through early sunday morning could see wave heights increasing up to 4 feet because of wind gusts 45 miles per hour or less. and in just about a half hour or so. we're going to see a winter weather advisory going into effect at 11 o'clock tonight with that winter storm warning mainly for the highest peaks and along the western slopes of this starting sunday morning through monday morning, we could get slightly less than 2 feet of snow throughout the highest peaks and at the lake level up to 6 inches of snow.
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fort aho basin. so much needed snow to replenish our snow pack and then warmer and drier weather heading our way for the next 3 days where we are tracking snow melt once again temperatures warming up into the mid-fifties by tuesday. justine, back to you. thank you so much of a breeze that will go to the peninsula. an our investigators are searching for people. >> who are involved in a strong armed robbery. it happened in the area of el camino real and westboro boulevard. the suspects reportedly approached a 47 year-old man who was standing on the side of the road with his electric scooter the men asked the man if he needed help before taking his backpack wallet and cell phone. the suspects then left the scene in a 3 series bmw unknown license plate at this time. but the suspects are described as a white man and 2 white women all in their 20's. in the south bay. san jose. police are searching for who was responsible for the city's
10:38 pm
14th homicide of this year. this is video of the massive police response at the scene from the citizen app. the shooting happened on east san carlos street near south 3rd street and the building called the grad, which is a student housing development for san jose state university students. police tell us an adult male was killed. no information the suspect arrest has been released. but we will keep you updated. a bay area. nonprofit is working to keep asian-american safe in their communities the vibes and smiles organization located in south san francisco. created safety kits that include items like whistles to help call for help in case of an emergency. and this comes after a wave of assaults against the asian american community across the bay area and nationwide. >> i saw people posting in the awareness was great. but i was like, what are we doing to really help protect the elderly when they want to go out and go buy groceries or just for a walk and went without waiting for someone to
10:39 pm
help them solace thinking we need a creepy safety kids and put these in the hands of the elderly. so they feel a bit more safe. >> the kits also include small flashlights mauled defense personal sirens and pepper gels sprays members with the nonprofit say elderly asian americans need these kits the most. not a pleasant and police arrested a man for firing off a gun. dozens of times inside his home. this happened last night around 10 and royal court. police say about 100 rifle rounds were fired with several shots going into nearby homes. no one was injured from the gunfire. the suspect will be evaluated by mental health professionals and has now been booked at the santa rita jail. a group of members of congress from ohio are now asking the u.s. department of justice to reopen the civil rights investigation into the shooting death of 12 year-old tamir rice. those ohio representative sent a letter to the u.s. attorney general merrick garland on friday
10:40 pm
asking him to do that. and kevin freeman from our sister station in cleveland has the story. >> the letter begins tamir rice should be alive today and it's signed by a senator sherrod brown and 3 ohio members of congress representatives marcy kaptur joyce beatty and tim ryan. it is addressed to us. attorney general merrick garland urging him to reopen the civil rights investigation into the november 2014 death of 12 year-old tamir rice, samarra, rice and her family deeply appreciate senator brown and the ohio delegation of members of congress. >> weighing in with the department of justice. to me it was outside of the could tell recreation center when someone called police saying he was waving a gun at people walking by, although the caller told the dispatcher it was probably a juvenile with a fake gun that information was never relayed to responding officers. 2 cleveland police
10:41 pm
officers frank garmback and timothy loehmann arrived on scene and according to investigators, within seconds, officer loehmann believing tamir was reaching for the weapon shot and killed him. both officers were cleared of criminal charges samarra. rice is never going to give up on her son and the memory of her son. she knows that it is her life's mission to ensure that justice is done in 2015 the justice department under president obama opened a federal investigation into officer loehmann and the cleveland police department which led to federal oversight into the department's practices. but in friday's letter lawmakers say it, quote, did not provide accountability for tamir's death in 2020 the trump administration shut down the civil rights investigation into officer loehmann's actions which the letter claims, quote, provides very little insight or information about the process. in a
10:42 pm
statement cleveland police union president jeff almer tells fox 8, this is been investigated by the city county and the federal level with the same result. no charges. the use of force after being investigated by numerous people was found to be justified. the justice system has been contorted by certain players to try to reach a preordained outcome rather than having an honest thorough and impartial investigation. >> here kron 4. we have a new way for you to download our mobile apps. there are 2 new qr code you should know once for kron 4 news is apple. you can see what's happening in your neighborhood and across the world. so that's the qr code right here for the kron 4 news app to start to take a picture of it and we'll take it to the app store. this one different. it's for our live. local streaming news service that goes 24 7. it's called kron on this is the one you're going to need for all that good stuff. and how you can also watch our newscasts
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streaming. so to try to take a picture of this so you can get kron on any other mobile devices right now. >> still to come here on kron 4 news at 10. the johnson johnson vaccine is back in business after this been cleared for use by the fda and the cdc. we'll take a look at whether or not people here in the bay area are willing to get the shots. and that the san jose earthquakes. welcome fans back. we'll see how it went at the stadium today. but first, we'll take a look at the numbers and see how many vaccines have been distributed in the bay area and across the state so far and one bay area county reached a milestone today.
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>> the johnson and johnson vaccine has been cleared for use by the fda and the cdc, the shops. they were paused on april 13th due to the potential for an extremely rare but serious blood clot that was happening in women under the age of 50 magee hickey reports on the latest findings. >> it's back. the single dose johnson and johnson vaccine that was on pause for 11 days over concerns about blood clots linked to the treatment is returning immediately advisers to the centers for disease control and prevention said the benefits of the single dose. covid-19 shot outweigh the rare risk of a blood clot at the state run javits vaccination center.
10:47 pm
they're johnson and johnson vaccine is being distributed just yet. and there was some hesitancy from some to take those shots. you could have had the johnson and johnson. would you have been hesitant about it. i think i would have liked because they. >> they stopped given it. so and i heard there was a clot. but others said they would trust the science and take a johnson and johnson vaccine. if offered is here and they were not just giving pfizer, they're just giving jj i would have taken it. >> yes. did you have a choice. why did you choose pfizer over j and k they were doing both and it was a judgment call and took pfizer think because it was out first but. it was only jj being offered right now, i would have taken that. >> magee hickey newsnation, new york city. >> now here in the bay area. governor newsome said tonight that after some additional review of the johnson and johnson covid vaccine.
10:48 pm
california. we'll resume administering it immediately kron four's, camila barco talk to people in alameda county today about if they feel comfortable getting this particular shot. >> alameda county health officials are on standby waiting to get the green light before using the johnson and johnson vaccine again, i've always believed in science. you know, this is science electronics, right. so if you're watching tv, you should take the vaccine because that science. >> william cousy is vaccinated and isn't doubting the research behind any of the coronavirus vaccines. >> i'm shocked that, you know, people are hesitant about the vaccine. i can't believe this. the government found out of nearly 8 million people who were given the johnson and johnson vaccine. >> 15 recipients developed rare blood clotting after further review the pause on the one dose shot is any type of would do its job. it's tested, as they said, counties like alameda are prepared to
10:49 pm
start offering them as soon as possible. but they need approval from the western states scientific group. >> which advises governors in 4 states on the coronavirus vaccines. >> alameda county leaders are confident j and j pfizer and moderna are all effective preventing hospitalization or death from covid-19. one thing for sure. it gives me way more confidence. >> being able to step out of my house comfortably. more than 41,000 johnson and johnson vaccines have made their way to alameda county. the next shipments will include a warning label on the viles hoping it will get people distrust of vaccines, but instead trust the vaccines that everyone's been really careful jerry balance as any vaccine will help in the fight against the deadly virus hill. you'll still be able to do your part >> helping the and keeping it safe. san francisco and marin county also have plans to resume the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine once it is allowed by the western states
10:50 pm
crew in alameda county, camila barco kron 4 news. >> well, now let's take a look at the covid vaccine administration numbers in california and there was a milestone was reached today. but first. the whole state has now administered 28 million doses. and here in the bay area, santa clara county remains at the highest with one and a half million doses. now administered napa county, which does have the these population has administered almost 130,000 doses. the big day was in contra, costa county, though they have now surpassed 1 million doses. and this milestone coming ahead of the goal which was set for may 31st. a big step towards getting back to normal in santa clara county happened today. the san jose earthquakes. they have their home home opener and it marked the first event with fans in the county since the pandemic began kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills has a look at how their return to the field went
10:51 pm
today. >> think did not not only the team get a win but back the first time in more than a year as they made sure their presence was felt amazing. beautiful day has been really kind of case for winning go earthquakes. >> i was in the fans. so being in a big day in santa clara county. today's game marking the first event with fans since early 2020. >> food trucks were open and so was north america's largest outdoor bar seat or spread out 6 feet apart and fans say they felt safe to get i know there are some restrictions >> it doesn't really feel like you have all. they a lot better than today's game at the quakes got on the board first with this penalty kick and maintained a lead the stadium was filled to just 20%
10:52 pm
capacity or about 3600 fans, but they still brought the energy and players say it made all the difference last year was difficult for everybody. >> including the players to play without fans. i think the fans kind of or what makes the game so special their passion, their noise. their intensity throughout the game. gives us extra boost. >> the final score, the earthquakes on top their next home game will be back here next saturday, we're told 20% capacity will be allowed once cape town park while 4 >> and here tonight at 10. yes, there's the green on the screen rain slowly moving into the bay area tonight. so we'll see what tomorrow has in store as far as wet weather with
10:53 pm
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hiv medicine is one part of it. patio furniture. >> and put some buckets out there to collect some rain because the last real storm system of the season is on our way right now as we take a live look outside across the bay bridge. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez looking at the rain. we're tracking april showers out there right now. little misty for your saturday night. >> let's zoom on in on storm tracker 4 because we're tracking some wet weather for your saturday night and we're
10:56 pm
going to also see some more widespread rain for your sunday morning as well. so starting to dry out along the san francisco peninsula and most of the east bay. but for those of you in richmond, lafayette, even valais. whoa. seeing some widespread light showers out there this evening and the same first, most of you in the north bay. some showers off the coast making its way inland into petaluma nevado even santa rosa seeing the return of that wet weather dry for now in napa. but even sandra fell also tracking some light showers with more rain set to arrive with this storm to our north inching closer going to impact your overnight commute and even into sunday morning could see about a quarter of an inch of rain or less with possible thunderstorms for those of you in the north bay and east bay a little bit breezy at times, but we could see hail and gusty winds if any possible pop-up thunderstorms do form. there's a slight chance, but a chance nonetheless, peaking
10:57 pm
sunday morning widespread light to moderate rain. mainly for those of you in the north bay as that storm starts to shift south and east. for those of you in the east and south bay and then drying out and clearing out by sunday night justine so finally, what weather looks like our last as far as rain for this season goes on. your rain boots. you ready? sorry your kids t-ball game got can all good. it looks like after tomorrow, be sunny and warm. so. >> we'll take it will take. thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news in prime time. we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. >> starting at 6.
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