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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 26, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. and in this case of the disgraced mayor foley has lost our trust. >> and has lost the ability to be a leader in this town. the
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effort to remove the mayor of windsor in sonoma county is now officially underway. organizers of the recall effort filed the paperwork this afternoon for dominic foppoli recall election. >> good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> the first steps were taken today towards having the embattled mayor of windsor, possibly removed from office this in light of the fact that there have been a string of assault accusations against him. kron four's amanda harry is live for us in windsor after talking with another sonoma county mayor about how serious the situation really is. amanda. >> can i spoke to the mayor of the city of sonoma. he tells me he thinks the recall effort is going to be successful. he says that recalling is the only recourse citizens have to remove someone that's lost their trust. >> no one has the right to be a mayor of a city. and this is
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the position public trust unity of sonoma. mayor logan harvey believes windsor mayor dominic foppoli will not be able to regain that trust. >> that trust is lost after it became public knowledge that multiple women for accusing mayor foppoli of assault. >> it's important that somebody that has this level of allegations that are so believable. not not hold a position of public trust in public power and the community has reacted even holding a ng to ask him to resign. >> after only refused to resign. he said he would be stepping back from his position as mayor but still available if needed. mayor harvey tells me he doesn't understand how that would work. >> i don't know what stepping back looks like as mayor and it's sort of like not i'm not going to do my job and i'm not going to leave my post either because he won't resign the recall foppoli committee is beginning the process to remove it. >> the co chair tim zahner filed a notice of intent to
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recall. and he says a lot of people are interested in getting involved. i've had to turn away people who wanted to sign the notice intent to recall even though poli has not been criminally convicted of any crime votes on her and her via gree that the poli can't stay in office. somebody who has lost the ability to lead and lost the trust of the people they govern. and in this case the disgraced mayor foppoli has lost our trust. there's no way back from this is no way to regain the public trust. >> we reached out to mayor foppoli any hasn't responded just yet. >> and so what happens when do the petitions potentially go out to start to collect signatures and we know how many need to get the recall. going. >> you can donate about 3,300 signatures from registered voters here in windsor and they're hoping those petitions will be out by mid-may live in windsor. amanda hari kron 4 news.
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>> and another big story we're following tonight, the recall of governor newsome. the says officially triggered the secretary of state's office confirming. but more than one 0.6 million signatures on recall petitions. they happen verified kron four's ashley zavala has the latest. >> it's been a long haul. organizers of the effort to recall governor gavin newsome officially gathered enough petition signatures for the issue to head to voters later this year. the secretary of state's office confirmed one 0.66 million signatures have been verified, which recall supporters like and dozens more expected to pretty pleased. >> with where we're at. it's exactly what i predicted, what happened. we've been pulling together or infrastructure that we need to put in play. it is moving forward. we have a very good plan newsom's anti recall campaign released a statement monday saying, quote, this election will be about 2 different visions for california. >> the republican recall back bipartisan pro trump and far right forces threatens our values as californians and seeks to undo the important
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progress we've made under governor newsome fighting covid supporting families who are struggling protecting our environment commonsense gun safety laws. there's simply too much at stake. we will win the secretary of state says county still have until thursday to finish verifying signatures. the recall election date could be set any time between august and december of this year. some elections officials saying it could cost up to 400 million dollars. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. and this now triggering the next phase of the whole recall process. joining us in the studios conference grant lotus to explain how all this is going to work. grant. >> is anybody going to change their mind and are enough people going to. that's really the next question here. you have 30 business days. >> from that time. we are here when voters can submit actual written request to county registrars of voters and to try to get their names removed from the recall petitions. a recall election will be held in less more than 130,000
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signatures or withdrawn. that's a lot of people to change their minds. then normally the governor would call for the election for a qualified statewide recall. but when the governor is the officer who is being recalled that duty falls to the governor. let it could unlock us could unlock us will set the date for the recall election between 6080 days from the day the secretary of state certifies that it has qualified for the ballot. the recall ballot will have 2 parts. the first part voters will have the option to vote yes or no to the question of should we remove governor newsom from office. that's the simple question. it's the most important question really the second part the voters would have the opportunity to select a replacement candidate and those votes for a successor candidate will only be counted if more than 50% of the people casting ballots in the recall said yes to the first question that they want newsome recalled now, there are currently 5 people running
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against newsom that have announced in the recall you see for them here. they include the republican congressman lost a noose bid for the governor. see also former san diego mayor kevin faulconer, former congressman doug oc and former adult film star mary carey here most recently, you. i'm sure you heard olympian reality star caitlyn jenner announced last friday that she is also in the race. by the way, we have much more on this recall effort ahead on kron 4 news at 6 including. is next in this whole process. catherine can will also be speaking with our political analyst michael yaki. that's coming up at 6.30 and make sure you download the kron 4 app to always stay connected on news. ken, catherine, back to you. all right. thanks very much. grants now to our coronavirus coverage. the biden administration is expected to relax federal guidelines on wearing masks outside. >> as soon as this week. the
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announcement may include separate recommendations for those who are vaccinated against covid and those who are not white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci says he expects the public to get updated guidelines from the cdc based on science. so far. 29% of americans are fully vaccinated. but concern is growing on whether people are getting their second dose. a recent cdc report shows about 8% of americans have missed getting their second shot even if the biden administration changes up the rules to potentially allow some people to go without masks. they are still subject to local county may still in force continued mask-wearing for everyone. even if the federal government. does not mandate that. but one of the big questions, of course, how do people feel about easing these restrictions. >> kron four's, dan kerman talk to residents and health experts today. he joins us live from san francisco. dan.
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experts are saying that there are some places having to with the accident and then those who are outdoors who should. >> be able to ease those restrictions cast mask situations but not all situation. 7 assists, the that we might be moving 2 facts. >> mask-wearing when leaving the house has become as common as putting on a coat when it's cold word that the centers for disease control may be easing its masking recommendations has someone san francisco concerned it might be too soon. flow and wind is what i think would be. >> the great. i think not everyone is i don't know. i think, you know, other states, other countries haven't all been vaccinated yet. so i think it's risky. we should wait a little longer. i think what the cdc is trying to do is says. >> the more flexible and more updated and more contemporary. but it doesn't mean >> there are no situations on doors to wear masks either.
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well, covid-19 risks are dramatically lower outdoors, ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says. >> there are still risks and people should still consider masking in crowded outdoor environments like sports stadiums, concert venues, amusement parks farmers markets and even a crowded food truck line. they may be. >> situation. so large crowds uncontrolled lots of noses and together where wearing a mask would still be a good idea, particularly way. some people not getting vaccinated as yet. maybe immunocompromised don't have our response to the vaccine as they would have thought compared to the general population was vaccinated and with the collating once the data and science shows that it is. >> but it is safer to to remove pass perhaps in certain we will support that. san francisco health director doctor grant colfax says whatever the cdc recommends individual states and counties would have to sign off.
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>> he says mask mandates go hand in hand with the number of people vaccinated right now. he says 2 thirds of eligible san franciscans have already received one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. the sooner. >> we reach that herd immunity that 7080, 85%. really 85% immunize the sooner we can go back to normal the sooner we can reopen our city and the sooner we continue summer masking policies. >> and doctor colfax us. if we continue with the current vaccination progress 85% of those eligible will have received 2 doses by mid to late june live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan. the san francisco district attorney is charging a man in the murder of a 7 month old baby. but this case is also raising concern about the same da's track record chase abou dean, the suspect was arrested twice
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before twice before for suspicion of domestic violence. that was this year in both cases the charges were dropped. kron four's. maureen kelly has the story. >> according to police, a 7 month-old baby was pronounced dead after being brought here to the e r at cp emcees vanasse hospital on responsive with signs of trauma by an adult male caregiver now murder charges have been filed against joseph jerome williams. according to the williams had been arrested twice before on suspicion of felony. domestic violence involving a woman who is not the baby's mother, but those charges were dropped in part because the woman told police she started the fight and did not want to prosecute and evidence could not prove williams was criminally responsible intervention should have happened. >> that baby and not have to die supervisor. catherine stefani says she was already hearing concerns from domestic violence advocates about dha dean not filing charges in felony. domestic violence
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cases. she got this data from the police chief that shows in the last quarter of 2020 of the 131 felony domestic violence cases da's office did not file charges in 113 of those cases. >> which is very ng to me. it was very surprising she's introducing legislation tuesday that would require law enforcement to provide monthly data on domestic violence cases. we're not going to have criminal justice reform. >> if people continue to commit crimes and they are not held accountable and they are not charged if you let them go over and over again. they're going to reoffend and they're not going to get to direct a door into the services they need to make sure they're not stuck in the criminal justice system. williams is set to enter a plea in the death of the baby on tuesday. >> the da's office says they are not second guessing their decision to drop the earlier cases against williams. in
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light of this tragedy. they will be reviewing all policies relating to charging domestic violence crimes. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> coming up, the results of the 2020 census have now been released and california will lose a congressional seat for the first time. details ahead in a live report travel starting pick back up as restrictions on covid are lifted. but some maintenance work at sfo could affect your plans will have the details. storm clouds parting around the bay area today. could we soon see another store. we'll talk about that possibility and forecast coming up next.
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>> it is official. california is losing a seat in the u.s. house of representatives. this is a result of the just-released census information which brings the state's representation from 53 to 52 members, the number of seats in congress is fixed at 435 and the census bureau population based formula to decide how to split up the house. other states have lost seats, illinois, michigan, new york, ohio, pennsylvania and west virginia, texas actually gained 2 while colorado, north carolina, florida, montana, oregon each gained one seat. kron four's, washington correspondent anna wiernicki
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is joining us live now from the nation's capital and anna, the results. obviously the concern for both sides. but particularly democrats is the shift in our that the census numbers could break. >> good evening. that's absolutely right. based on the new data that was released just a few hours ago, 6 states will actually gain a seat in the u.s. house of representatives like you said, texas is going to gain 2 seats and then the states like north colorado, montana. and oregon will all gain one seat. but this is very important as we go forward because like you said, it does determine the balance of power in washington. but also it decides how much money states will receive from the federal government. >> the u.s. census bureau released new numbers on monday revealing the most up to date headcount for every person living in the country. the number of people living in the united states was 331 million,
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449,200, an 81. the bureau's acting director says 6 states will gain congressional seats, including texas, which is set to game 2. on the other hand, 3 states lost population was with west virginia having the largest rate of decrease with the seats in the house of representatives fixed at 435 other states will lose power. democrats have a razor thin majority right now. and so they're going to be holding on for dear life trying to keep those seats. >> in democratic hands doctor casey berg it with the george washington university says states will also use these numbers to redraw their congressional districts. a lot can change that. tail winds can change the economy literally anything. not to mention we're coming out of a global pandemic. so everything's up in the air right now to the new number of congressional seats for each state will take effect for the 2022 elections. >> and 7 states are set to lose a seat in the u.s. house of representatives, including new york. and just to put into
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perspective just how important it is to get an accurate count. the census bureau did say today that if new york had 89 more people. they would have actually gained a seat live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. thank you, anna. >> the department of justice is investigating another police department over a deadly shooting. this time the louisville police department in kentucky over the death of breonna taylor. >> 26 year. taylor was shot and killed in her apartment back in march of last year. police had entered her apartment on walk warrant and exchanged gunfire with taylor's boyfriend who saw the officers were intruders. the department of justice plans to see if there's any pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful police procedures in louisville. kentucky jury indicted. one of the officers. brett hankison for firing into a neighbor's apartment during the raid. his trial is set to begin next year. doj is also investigating the minneapolis police department after the death of george floyd.
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>> in north carolina that on of elizabeth city has declared a state of emergency just a few days after a black man was killed there by a deputy. the town filed a formal request for the release of the police body camera video of that shooting. happened last week. the shooting death of andrew brown junior after reviewing it attorneys for his family say he was shot in the back of the head. they say he had his hands on the steering wheel when police opened fire. that video has not been made public at this point. and authorities have not released a lot of details deputies were trying to serve brown with an arrest warrant on felony drug charges when he was shot 7 deputies have been put on administrative leave since brown was killed to have resigned. one has retired air travel is picking up as we start to head into the summer season. here's a live picture of san francisco airport. >> the european union even announced today it might begin allowing american tourists back this summer. but at sfo,
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one of the runways is under construction will be closed all summer long. kron four's noelle bellow has a look at how that could affect your travel plans. >> this is our longest runway. it's almost 12,000 feet long as of monday runway 28 right at san francisco international airport is officially closed for the next 4 months. crews will be repaving the surface layer constructing 2 new taxiways and improving lighting infrastructure on the runway. this is what we would call routine runways that gets used as much as ours do need to be repaid about every 8 to 10 years. and so we were coming due for to 8. right. and as you said, we were slated to do this project next year. but because of the reduced flight activity. >> we decided to accelerate the project even with an uptick in travel over the last month as cfo spokesperson doug yakel says airlines are still just operating at about 50%. >> of their pre pandemic. flight schedules. but the pace may soon pick up on monday.
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the european union announced officials are completing plans to allow americans back for leisure travel this summer. but timing all depends on the course of the pandemic. we know that with every country that starts reopening airlines are immediately going to follow suit with what they fly. this closure. will that have a big impact international travel. >> most likely it because although we might see some flight schedule increases over the course of the next 4 months. it's probably not going to be significant enough to cause any type of impact. that is different than what we might experience today during this project. those day to day impacts include delays for both arriving and departing flights. >> flights during the 05:00pm to 08:00pm window of time are the ones that are most likely to be impacted. >> and in that case is probably delays running anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes in duration. all of the construction work is expected to be done by labor day in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4
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news time now to step outside former 10 can give you stunning view of richardson bay, san pablo bay, everything looking down. >> yeah. and kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here launched to some rain this now. not a ton. so, you know, it's got more than others, but certainly nice to see all that nice clear air. >> that sea breeze low right now. so clear things out around the bay area now wonder if we can squeeze in yet another storm right now doesn't look like nothing on the horizon. but certainly there's a chance you sometimes see some more rain as we get them a bit. this is really come toward the end of the season outside right now. a couple high clouds up above should make for a beautiful sunset for tonight. not done with all the rain just yet. the storm system you can see the low rotating the east now pushing in to parts of nevada and some leftover snow showers over the mountain tops, even a couple of pop-up showers in the north bay. most that just some light rain now popping up mainly over the mountain top senior santa rosa. some light drops farming also near petaluma. but otherwise not that much out there
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temperatures running a little cooler. the coast. it is breezy out there as well. 54 in san francisco, 54 in half moon bay 58 in oakland right now. and so 62 degrees in concord. if you're stepping outside this evening. one. have a jacket with you. it's going to cool off pretty quickly outside. you've got that air that is moving this pretty dry now. and so the temperatures are going to really drop specially after midnight with lows in the 30's in the 40's but had out there in the evening. those temperatures dropping off mainly in the 50's by about 09:00pm. so with that being said, temperatures around the bay area tomorrow are going to start to rebound. we'll start warming things up. in fact, as we get in the middle of this week. much warmer weather coming our way. so tomorrow about 76 degrees in concord. 76 in livermore. you see a lot of 60's and some 70's in the santa clara valley cooler along the coastline with a couple of patches of fog, a little breezy out toward the beaches. temperatures they're generally in the 50's. but look at these numbers as we head toward the next few days. we'll see more sunshine on the way. 80's as we head into wednesday and thursday and friday cooling off a little bit, though, as we look toward next weekend. >> thank you, lawrence. coming
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up and alert for all apple users the airdrop flaw that could give hackers easy access to your private information and your e-mails.
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>> classical music is coming back to life in san francisco. the san francisco symphony. it's going to resume live performances may 6 inside davies symphony hall audiences for the initial performances
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will be capped at 15% of full capacity. that's up to 200 people. anybody attending has to show proof of a negative covid test or show that it spent at least 2 weeks since they've been fully vaccinated privacy weakness has been discovered in apple's airdrop technology that. >> could leak your personal information airdrop allows apple users to exchange files using wi-fi or bluetooth to establish a wireless connection. that's according to researchers at the technical university of darmstadt in germany. no matter what your airdrop privacy settings are your information can be accessed any time you go to air drop a file researchers say to avoid being hacked. you should turn off air dropped completely. they also say apple was notified of the issue back in 2019. but so far has still has not been fixed. well, as we mentioned at the top of the hour, governor newsome will face a recall election. today
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the republican led effort announced it had officially collected more than one 0.6 million verified voting signatures. >> that equals 12% of all the ballots cast in the last election which beats a minimum threshold to force a special recall election and next political analyst michael yaki. he's going to join us live to talk about what's next and what to expect.


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