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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 26, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at no, i think the governor is i would think he is greatly concerned. a lot of things can go right. eli, think think could possibly go wrong. >> the effort to recall governor newsome reaches a crucial goal today. california
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secretary of state announcing a republican led attempted ousting newsome has collected enough signatures. good evening, everybody. thanks for being here on kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm sanaz tahernia in for vicki liviakis tonight. >> this is only the second time in state history, an effort like this has tried to drive out the current governor kron four's. dan thorn is live for us in san francisco. he joins us now with more on the recall effort. dan. >> wilson has and grand this effort is essentially being propelled over the governor's handling of the covid-19 pandemic. a recent poll showed that more than half of the state's voters are not interested in seeing newsome being removed. but that's not keeping another one and a half million people in the state from at least try. in a blow to governor gavin newsom's future as california's top executive. a recall effort now has enough valid signatures. the secretary of state's
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office says the republican led effort has more than 1.6 million people signed on to force out newsome in california. the threshold for recall is very low about about the da's that. >> with them. quick give a grand jury that indicted him said what roy california. >> he put have people on the street. you can recall pretty much anyone or anything. >> kron 4 political analyst michael yaki says the governor's response to the covid-19 pandemic is the driving force behind this recall effort. yockey says barring any gaffes such as last fall's french laundry dinner incident. the governor should be able to fight off an ouster and unlike 2003 recall election newsome currently has more support than then governor gray davis. if he can stay the course. chances are much. >> better than even that he's going to win when the recall and service serving their main of this term and ran for reelection in 2 years. some big name republican challengers who have emerged to take some include former
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san diego mayor kevin faulconer and reality tv star caitlyn jenner, san francisco's republican party has so far indoors. no one expected more republican candidates will enter the race. but yaki warns they should take into account how radioactive a relationship to former president donald trump might be. i think it's going to very hard to find. >> a republican who would mount a credible campaign that could result in the recall of governor news. >> last month, governor newsome launched an effort to keep himself in office saying those who are trying to remove him or extremist. republicans. and so far no democrats have emerged to take newsome on reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news okay, dan, as we mentioned, a lot of details here. so the valid signatures currently total more than 1.6 million. >> passing the 1.5 million signatures needed. so you have enough signatures this now triggers the next phase of the
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recall process which is 30 business day period in which voters may submit written requests to their county registrars to remove their names from the recall petitions. if they change their mind. a recall election will be held in less more than 130,000 signatures or withdrawn within the next 30 days. so what comes next? normally the governor would set an election date here. but when the governor is the officer being recalled that duty falls in this case to the governor eleni kounalakis. could a lock us will set the date for the recall election between 6080 days. >> from the date. the secretary of state certifies that it is qualified. so talking likely late summer, early fall now, the recall ballot would have 2 parts. the first. it's really the most important voters have the option to vote yes or no to the question of whether or not to remove the governor from office. second part is the voters would have the opportunity then if they said
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yes to select a replacement candidate and those votes for a successor would only be counted if more than 50% of voters casting ballots in the election. recall said yes to recalling newsome. so that is the most important part in here now are the republican candidates that have so far announced they are running you have a businessman. john, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer, former congressman businessman doug oc and former adult film star mary carey, of course, last week reality star former olympian caitlyn jenner also officially announced her campaign on twitter. there's the tweet she has yet to outline a specific campaign platform. but she says she is in. >> and now on to another big story we are following members of the windsor town staff are in the process of reviewing a notice of intent from the recall. so poli committee, the committee is trying to remove mayor dominic foppoli from the
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mayoral position after 6 women have publicly accused him of assault. kron four's amanda hari is live in windsor after talking with another sonoma county mayor about the gravity of this situation. >> i spoke to the mayor of the city of sonoma. he thinks the recall effort will be successful. he says recalling is the only recourse citizens have again, somebody that has lost their trust. no one has the right to be a mayor of a city. >> this is the position public trust city of sonoma. mayor logan harvey believes windsor mayor dominic foppoli will not be able to regain that trust. that trust is lost after it became public knowledge that multiple women for accusing mayor foppoli of assault. >> it's important that somebody that has this level of allegations that are so believable. not not hold a position of public trust in public power and the community has reacted even holding a council meeting to ask him to resign.
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>> after from poli refused to resign. he said he would be stepping back from his position as mayor, but still available if needed. mayor harvey tells me he doesn't understand how that would work. >> i don't know what stepping back looks like as mayor and it's sort of like not i'm not going to do my job and i'm not going to leave my post either because he won't resign. the recall foppoli committee is beginning the process to remove it. >> the co chair tim zahner filed a notice of intent to recall and he says a lot of people are interested in getting involved. i've had to turn away people who wanted to sign the notice of intent to recall even though poli has not been criminally convicted of any crime votes on her and her via gree that the poli can't stay in office. somebody who has lost the ability to lead and lost the trust of the people they govern. >> and in this case the disgraced mayor foppoli has lost our trust. there's no way back from this is no way to regain the public trust. the recall foppoli committee is hoping to have those petitions out by mid-may.
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>> they'll need about 3,300 signatures from registered voters here in windsor, in windsor amanda hari kron 4 news. >> tonight we're getting our first look at police body camera video from an incident in which a fairfield woman says she was body slammed to theoground and knocked unconscious last night from 4 1st showed you cell phone video of the moment. the incident happened. >> we do want to warn you, the video you're about to see is disturbing to watch. now. the woman in the video is diana santos. you can see her legs fly up in the corner of the video. then the camera panned to the woman on the ground. but police say there was more to the incidents. kron four's, jonathan mccall talked with lawyers for the family. he joins us now live with reaction. jonathan, yeah. grandson plenty of moving parts to this incident that happened back in october. but that cell phone video. >> just now recently surfacing. this all started with a call to police for a fight between santos his daughter and her boyfriend. police say that santos interfered with the arrest
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shove police and even resisted being put into handcuffs but attorneys for the family say that the officers actions in this case were over the line. >> new body cam video released monday shows the moment of fairfield police officer body slams a mom to the ground knocking her unconscious. >> this type of ah, but ah, leong citizens. you need to stop stop. >> thank you for years ago, sunday night kron 4 1st showed you cell phone video of this incident. in a statement on monday fairfield police said the moment happened when diana santos resisted attempts to be placed into handcuffs. that's when an officer took her to the ground in that statement goes on to say that in the process, her head hit the pavement and she lost >> the family says it called police after a fight between
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santos his daughter and her boyfriend. according to 911 calls a neighbor reported a man having a knife fan who lives. there was shelling. >> so pull a knife. and in the new poll done by funny in the video, you can see the boyfriend of sentences, daughter detained of the curb. >> her daughter placed into the back of a patrol car when another daughter tries to talk to her sister. that's when the scene quickly intensifies. >> i don't see how any, you know 32nd of all women for 5 minutes before and even after shows. i have not level of force was justified. in fact, the police officer during that video as my client has been waiting or had even sense. i john ambrosio is representing santos in her criminal case. >> and says there was no need for the officers actions santos was treated and released at the hospital but says she still feeling the impact months later, ambrosio
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is now working with the county district attorney's office to get to charges filed against santos in this incident dismissed. he hopes that this can be a lesson for law enforcement officers everywhere moving forward. you in the community is more of versus them would go a long way in the interactions were. >> a simple interaction turned into a very violent or god forbid on a police involved shooting. >> kron 4 did reach out to fairfield police today to see if any internal investigations were taken or if that officer was disciplined. so far we have yet to hear back from them. as for the department itself. it says that no formal complaints were ever filed as a result of this incident. we do know that the family has also filed a civil suit against the city of fairfield along with the police department right now. you can see that entire video posted right now on our website at kron 4 dot com jonathan mccall kron 4 news, thank you, jonathan. >> the family of mario
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gonzalez says they have viewed the body camera video of gonzales in alameda police custody the 26 year-old oakland resident died while in police custody last week. police say there was a physical altercation when they tried to detain him. and mario suffered a medical emergency that led to his death. the family says what they saw conflicts with the police department statement on what happened. gonzalez's family plans to speak out tomorrow in front of the alameda police station. the officers involved are on paid leave during the investigation. the department says the body cam video will not be made public until everyone involved has been interviewed. >> and in north carolina tonight there is a state of emergency after a black man. this is 5 days after a black man was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies there. protesters have been marching in the streets of elizabeth city, north carolina following the death of andrew brown junior today. the sheriff showed brown's family, some video of the incident. but the family says it was just a 22nd clip. and as dana rebik
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reports now their lawyers are calling for the release of the raw footage. one body cam. 20 seconds. it an execution. their strong allegations from attorneys representing the family of andrew brown junior. >> scrapping video footage released today showing deputies gunning down the 42 year-old father of 7 wednesday morning. the family outraged over what they say is a lack of transparency after a series of back and forth with the county. they say they were only shown a small snippet of the incident which started in the middle of the confrontation that chuck blocked him in his driveway so he can that exit his driveway. >> and you had his hands on the wheel. it was not reaching for anything he wasn't touching anything. he wasn't thing around. he had his hands. >> from now on the stairwell. they up to his vehicle year.
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he still there feather in his vehicle with hands on the steering wheel. bobby a shot. family attorney jan tell cherry lasted or says what it shows is enough to prove brown wasn't a threat. >> and should have been gunned down up until this afternoon. the public given few details about the fatal encounter. investigators say those shots came all deputies were serving a search warrant. but on the heels of the derek chauvin verdict. they say they want the full body cam videos released publicly after the night. >> the incident with george floyd was murdered. the police department put out a press release that said a man dies from medical incident. i want you to keep that for us in your mind. i want my friends in the media. so go out and demand justice for the country to see the family enlisting help from high profile attorneys, including ben crump. and because sellers. >> who say they feel disrespected by the conduct of the pasquotank county
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attorneys. i just want you to say i've never been talked to like i was talk mister told me. >> i've grown black man that he was not going to be bullied. >> county michael said in a statement that state law allows for blurring of faces to protect an active internal investigation and that quote, the process takes time. >> this tragic incident was quick and over in less than 30 seconds in body cameras are shaky and sometimes hard to decipher. they only tell part of the story in the days since the shooting unrest in the small, north carolina city about an hour south of norfolk, virginia. >> area now under a state of emergency. demonstrators city leaders and even the state's governor calling for the footage to be released. >> that was dana rebik reporting for us tonight. >> the department of justice is investigating the
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louisville police department in kentucky over the death of breonna taylor 26 year-old taylor was shot and killed in her apartment back in march of last year. police had entered her apartment on a no-knock warrant and exchanged gunfire with taylor's boyfriend who took officers as intruders. the doj plans to see if there's any pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful police procedures. a kentucky jury indicted one of the officers. brett hankison for firing into a neighbor's apartment during the raid. his trial is set to begin next year. the doj is also investigating the minneapolis police department following the death of george floyd. and in the east bay, freemont parents are anxious to move forward in a lawsuit against the school district after it did not meet their demands to reopen classrooms by today while the school district says it will continue distance learning for the rest of this school year. it has approved in person instruction at least a plan to have that
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going by this fall. kron four's taylor has been following this story for us. >> she's live in fremont. taylor's one of the biggest cities in the bay area. parents have to be looking around seeing all these other kids in classrooms in wondering why their kids are left out. >> that's right. grant, as you can imagine, there's still a lot of frustration around this issue and walla doors remain close here at schools and fremont. the superintendent tended did send out a letter today saying that expanded learning hubs would be an option for some students over the next 6 weeks where students would be supervised while participating in distance learning courses. >> after the fremont unified school district did not meet their demands to reopen schools by monday. parents are preparing to move forward with a lawsuit against the school district not agreed to. >> to to reopen at all this school year. and so. at this point we're. all the options are on the table. this comes
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after attorney lee and dolan who represents the group of frustrated parents. >> send this letter to the school district school board members and superintendent a couple weeks ago demanding that schools reopen by april. 26 and that board members approved a plan for a return to full-time in-person instruction by april 30th for the fall. and dylan says he received a response from the school district that it has approved an in person fall plan on monday, superintendent cj comic sent this message to the community saying the board of education voted unanimously to return to full-time in-person instruction for the fall in addition to in person instruction options this summer. president of the teachers union. victoria burbank herrera explains their agreement with the school district for this summer. the districts. >> is offering math academies that will allow general education students at elementary level to choose whether they take part in in person. >> or distance, learning model
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the middle school junior high level they will have 2 hours a day again, choosing either distance learning or in person. >> to the teachers unions disappointment for becker era says the school district will only offer in person instruction for special education programs this summer and no virtual options. despite moving forward with plans for the summer and fall. and lynn says the school board hasn't done enough to answer their demands. we don't think that the school board is meeting its fiduciary duties. >> toward the students that it has stewardship over. there's a lot more of that. the school board. could have done and was legally required to do that. it hasn't. >> that attorney representing fremont parents says that they expect to make more decisions and have updates in the coming weeks for now live in fremont tellers. sackey kron 4 news. all right, taylor, thank you for that. >> now for our 4 zone forecast a live look over the richmond.
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sandra fell bridge looks kind of dark and lonely out there. yeah. the super pink moon is rising too fast. you can barely see it there in the upper right hand corner of your screen richmond center fell pretty illuminated this evening. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. lawrence. we were really hoping for that storm yesterday to be more formidable then it last year. we are. yeah. it's sort of fall apart moving right along the coastline. so some places got some decent amounts of rain. some people not much rain at all. and that's the unfortunate thing. this could be the last rain. >> of the season and that is not good news from where we sit for the season so far. so here's some of the totals we saw around the bay area. almost a 3rd of an inch of mill valley, almost a 3rd there in tehran berkeley almost a 3rd of an inch sepsis. go 17. 100's oakland only 700's. and by the time we made in the san jose only 500's of an inch of rain. some of the mountain tops over half an inch of rain in parts of the north bay, but certainly not much in. definitely not
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enough to really change for how we said so far this year we're under 9 inches of rain for the seas. remember in san francisco, we usually get about 22 to 23 inches of rain for the year. so well below average. in fact, if this ends up with this amount of rain for the season. we're going to be the 3rd driest on record. that's a 171 years that we've been keeping records of that the rainfall totals san jose 5 inches of rainfall oakland at only 7 and a half inches of rainfall. us 39% of normal and santa rosa only 38% of normal. so extremely dry out there coupled with last year which was an extremely dry air here. we sit drought conditions around the bay area. tonight. we're looking out over the bay bridge. and we've certainly got some nice weather out there right now. skies clearing out for the most part, the storm system winding down. you can see that low begin to kick a little bit further to the east and looks like things are going to start work out very throughout the bay area. maybe a couple patches of fog. you see some ground clutter on the doppler radar. that's not actual rain showing up right now. but looks like some that fog in and try and settle in along
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the coastline. we have seen a bit of a sea breeze. we'll see that again for tomorrow. still some of those winds 60 miles an hour in san francisco. 70 now the west in oakland and 13 right now into fairfield. but overnight tonight clearing skies. some chilly temperatures. you've got the cold air that has moved in behind that frontal system and then starting out the show temperatures tomorrow morning. the mostly sunny and much warmer by tomorrow afternoon. even. and that trend is going to take us through the middle of the week before we start to cool things down a little bit later right now we're 51 degrees in san francisco are 54 in oakland 50's around much of the bay area right now. i think as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. but a change is going to be kind of a cool and spots along the coastline today. tomorrow we're up in the 70's. maybe mid 70's inland. and i think we're going to be bused in the 80's here in the next couple of days, almost like a taste of some summer like weather coming our direction as we head through the middle of week. you know, i love that. yeah. no rain. you don't love that. but yeah, i know we'll enjoy the the temperatures. thanks a still to come tonight the biden administration is
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expected to relax federal guidelines on mask-wearing outside as soon as this week out. >> rules could differ depending on whether someone's vaccinated or not. >> and a heartbreaking story out of san francisco man has been charged with the murder in the death of a 7 month-old baby. and now there are concerns of over how the district attorney handles domestic violence cases.
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>> the murder of a 7 month-old baby is raising concerns about the san francisco district attorney's record on charging domestic violence case. >> that's because the baby's accused killer had previously been arrested twice for suspicion of domestic violence charges this year. the charges were never filed. kron four's maureen kelly has the story. >> according to police, a 7 month-old baby was pronounced dead after being brought here to the e r at cp emcees vanasse hospital on responsive with signs of trauma by an adult male caregiver now murder charges have been filed against joseph jerome williams. according to the williams had been arrested twice before on suspicion of felony. domestic violence involving a woman who is not the baby's mother, but those charges were dropped in part because the woman told police she started the fight and did not want to prosecute and evidence could not prove williams was criminally responsible intervention should have happened.
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>> that baby and not have to die supervisor. catherine stefani says she was already hearing concerns from domestic violence advocates about dha dean not filing charges in felony. domestic violence cases. she got this data from the police chief that shows in the last quarter of 2020 of the 131 felony domestic violence cases da's office did not file charges in 113 of those cases. >> which is very shocking to me. it was very surprising she's introducing legislation tuesday that would require law enforcement to provide monthly data on domestic violence cases. we're not going to have criminal justice reform. >> if people continue to commit crimes and they are not held accountable and they are not charged. if you let them go over and over again. they're going to reoffend and they're not going to get to direct a door into the services they need to make sure they're not stuck in the
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criminal justice system. williams is set to enter a plea in the death of the baby on tuesday. >> the da's office says they are not second guessing their decision to drop the earlier cases against williams. but in light of this tragedy, they will be reviewing all policies relating to charging domestic violence crimes. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> up next, hopeful homeowners camping out overnight on the sidewalk for a shot to buy townhomes in the south bay. well, real estate agents are saying about this deal. and the first man reporting blood clots side effects from the johnson and johnson vaccine is being treated at ucsf. but health officials are saying about his condition. plus, federal mask mandates are expected to change. but how will bay area leaders handle poli
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>> the biden administration is expected to relax federal guidelines on wearing masks outside as soon as this week. >> the announcement may include separate recommendations for those who are vaccinated against covid-19 and those who are not white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci says he expects the public to get updated guidelines from the cdc based on science. so far. 29% of americans are fully vaccinated. but concern is growing on whether people are getting their second dose. a recent cdc report shows about 8% of americans have missed their second shot. and
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even the biden administration changes up the rules to potentially allow some people to go without masks. there are still subject to local rules. however, county may still in force continued mask-wearing for everyone. even if the federal government isn't mandating it. but how are people feeling about easing these restrictions kron four's dan kerman got reaction from residents and health experts. >> mask-wearing when leaving the house has become as common as putting on a coat when it's cold word that the centers for disease control may be easing its masking recommendations has someone san francisco concerned it might be too soon. flow and wind is what i think would be. >> the great. i think not everyone is i don't know. i think, you know, other states, other countries haven't all been vaccinated yet. so i think it's risky. we should wait a little longer. i think what the cdc is trying to do is says. >> the more flexible and more
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updated and more contemporary but it doesn't mean there are no situations or doors to wear mask either. well, covid-19 risks are dramatically lower outdoors, ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says. >> there are still risks and people should still consider ppmasking in crowded outdoor environments like sports stadiums, concert venues, amusement parks farmers markets and even a crowded food truck line. they may be. >> situation. so large crowds uncontrolled lots of noses and together where wearing a mask would still be a good idea, particularly way. some people not getting vaccines as yet. maybe immunocompromised don't have our response to the vaccine as they would have thought compared to general population was vaccinated and with the cleaning once the data and science shows that it is. >> but it is safer to to remove pass perhaps in certain we will support that. san
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francisco health director doctor grant colfax says whatever the cdc recommends individual states and counties would have to sign off. >> he says mask mandates go hand in hand with the number of people vaccinated right now. he says 2 thirds of eligible san franciscans have already received one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. the sooner. >> we reach that herd immunity that 7080, 85%. really 85% immunize the sooner we can go back to normal the sooner we can reopen our city and the sooner we continue summer masking policies. so doctor colfax playing it close to the vest in terms of what san francisco might do in terms of using mass restrictions. >> but he does say if vaccines continue at their current rate. 85% of those eligible to get a vaccine will have had 2 doses by mid to late june. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan clinic started distributing the
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johnson and johnson vaccine again this week and a bay area man is now being treated for blood clotting. 13 days after getting the johnson and johnson vaccine ucsf medical center telling us the man is in his 30's and is in their care after having that reaction to the vaccine. this is the first time a man is being treated for the rare blood clot. all of the other 15 blood clotting cases linked to the j and j vaccine have involved women. more now on that issue. we mentioned a few minutes ago. the cdc saying 5 million people have not gone back for their second covid shot. that's about 8% of the people who got either the pfizer or the moderna vaccine. some people saying they don't want to risk the side effects of the second shot. other saying they were just too many obstacles to it go and get the second dose. >> and some other news how far would you go to get the home of your dreams in the bay area. well, a local realtor camped out for days for his clients to make sure that they
9:36 pm
got theirs realtor. jeremy naval wrapped in a blanket sitting outside waiting to secure a brand new town home for his clients in santa clara. and you can believe he was the first in line. i started camping out 3 days before they went on sale. the housing market is so hot in the bay area with more buyers than there are homes. and jeremy says he didn't even think doing this. was that big of a deal at first. just something he had to do for his clients. >> all that online share it right in front and it was funny because they thought we thought that that release was friday. and though he no, it's not today. right. we're like mike. yeah. you know, i was scared for tomorrow. >> and you know, your realtor is working for you. there were 18 townhomes up for grabs starting at 1.2 million dollars. what really attracted this fires. to the condos is that they are set at a fixed rate meaning no bidding wars will take place. and despite
9:37 pm
much of california being under drought conditions. there is a beautiful bloom blanketing part of the sierra nevada foothills. we'll take a look. >> and rain clouds moving out of here comes a big ridge of high pressure building our way. what that will do your temperatures next. >> and in sports after having their 13 game winning streak snapped the try to get back on the surfboard and ride the wave once again there in tampa tonight. our sports director jason dumas says here in studio will have the highlights when we come back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the a's 13 game win streak came to an end yesterday. but today is a new day. bob melvin company. they want to go streaking again a couple of a's fans taking in the game at the trop man. nice. mike reiss better. i guess. >> bottom of the 3rd is one. nothing raised manual margot a high fly to right. and stephen piscotty on his high horse in there for the diving catch. look at that. the left, showman. i'm sorry, had another solid ending the left. the only gave up a run in 5 innings. top of the 4th. now, sean murphy takes one deep to left and one is going inching
9:41 pm
is inching inching in a guest clears that wall for a 2 run home run his second of the season. the a's take the lead. it's 2. one. all right. the bullpen could get from there. they toss 4 shutout innings a's win 2 to one. the new win streak stands at one. this go to oracle. the giants, hosted the rockies. we start bottom of the second giants up 6, nothing bases loaded for murray ceo. dubai. none. it's just this one is to straight away center. it's the dubon clears the bases, the giants go up 9 to zip. yes, you heard that score, right. 9, 0, bottom of the 6th jain up big one offer buster posey and he drives one high and deep to center. home run is one of his 4 hits on the night could he be the comeback player of the year. doesn't even qualify for that cause. he kind of just took the year off last year was unhurt anyway. we get a complete game shutout giants. game 2 tomorrow. i can feel
9:42 pm
the nervous energy rising as we get closer and closer to thursday's nfl draft forty-niners fans are going crazy on twitter, on talk radio waiting to see who the niners will take at 3. what i do know is that they don't want matt don't from alabama. that's just the pulse of the fans, but there have been very, very, very high implications that kyle shanahan likes the guy you know who cautioned hand isn't really a fan of any more jimmy garoppolo. he didn't say it outright, but i'll let you read between the lines. >> the biggest thing with jim uses injuries has been very tough for us when he's been heard you know, this happened to out of these 3 years. that's where it starts. and jimmy knows that i have been very upfront with them with everything in you know, we've been zooming his last 2 weeks. i'm excited to get him in here. coming up, special this drought over, but i feel very fortunate taken a rookie quarterback that we do have a guy like jimmy.
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>> well, i can't wait to see how it all goes down. i have my
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>> the appearance of wild flowers and the sign that spring is well underway and they match your to fray there. that was planned. obviously an explosion of these purple flowers at folsom lake in the sierra foothills is much more than just an announcement that a change of seasons is upon lonnie wong has more on this rare sight.
9:46 pm
>> the low water level at folsom lake. normally draws its share of curiosity seekers as we enter what could be a summer of drought. the parts of the dry lake bed and shoreline dominated by rocks and sand are now a sea of purple blanketed by acres of loop and that to a different kind of curiosity seekers. we've done. >> nature hikes, but i've never seen anything like this. here or anywhere. >> super blooms happen when the timing of temperature rainfall and dry spells or line. just right. >> i suspect is rain at the right time. and that's why the flowers are spectacular different wild flowers have their own weather sweet spots. the generally come around to different areas once every 10 years or so. death valley just had one a few years ago that was. beyond amazing. but this is this is spectacular, especially with the rocks who doesn't love flowers the super bloom entice families, young people and retirees in droves.
9:47 pm
most everyone had a cell phone or camera. many of the people out here today are no strangers. the hiking trails here at the state park. >> but not many of them have actually witnessed the fight like this. >> kaylee reid has been to this part of granite bay countless times and made a special trip with their kids today. yeah, i've lived here my entire life so yeah, saying, know, never this group cycles by the lake once a week and hasn't seen anything like it. the flowers or the people there see this many cars usually 2 or 3 cars. >> the parking lot at the big spite area were closed early and rangers had to remind visitors not to park on the side of the narrow roads. it's amazing. this trio wore dresses instead of hiking the tire after seeing instagram photos of the super wanted to dress off laura lee to match the flowers. we love taking pictures. so we wanted to dress up for this rare occasion. people are making the most of the moment super blooms usually lasts. just 2 to 4 weeks. >> and that was lonnie wong
9:48 pm
reporting for us tonight. and related to all the loose. we have the. >> a super pink moon that is out tonight not because it is pink, but it's named that because of the company's the blossoming of flowers in the spring. the experts say it peaks just after 8.30, our time. this is a live look from our camera on mount temple, pious. you can see it a big old moon. the biggest brightest supermoon of the year. they'll be 2 of them. but this this one very close to the so that's why it's so super it's it's super in i guess it's pink if maybe at those purple flowers, all you. looks pink there. >> you who else is all over something. yeah. lines, all over the weather. supermoon about 222,000 miles. we usually it's about 240,000. so. >> appearing much brighter in the sky tonight. certainly need shot in the weather
9:49 pm
cooperated your skies cleared out for the most part, just a few high clouds left over and that is about it. so we're looking at some changes coming our way. major changes compared to what we've had over the past couple days, mostly clear over san francisco right now. no fog to speak of may become batches along the coast. but look what's rolling in toward the coastline. see that formation right here. that is a big dome of high pressure now building toward the west coast and that is going to send these temperatures soaring. i think in the next couple days overnight tonight, other than a patch or 2 of fog along the coastline think we stay mostly clear that's going well. temperatures get pretty chilly in some spots in the may be down the 30's and the 40's around a good part of the bay area. but you see that dome of high pressure building in as we head through the middle of the week. that's to send temperatures well above average overnight lows. yes, still be chilly in spots down to about 35 in santa rosa 39 in the napa valley about 39 in 2 out of this pretty cold for this time of year. low 40's in toward the tri valley in the concord inside the bay of high temperatures in the 40's early on. but that will be it will warm things up in a hurry by
9:50 pm
tomorrow afternoon. little cool in the san francisco, some 50's and some 60's right of the beaches. you'll find those numbers generally in the 50's. then you get inside the bay will start to warm things up and as you head for the south west temperatures start to warm up nicely about 70 in mount view by tomorrow afternoon, a whole lot of 70's into the santa clara valley may be in mid 70's in the campbell has yet to the east bay maybe sigh 76 degrees in little more tomorrow. so you watch these temperatures pop around the bay area. the next few days, 7 degrees in danville about 76 in walnut creek 76 in concord about 72 in hercules 74 of les about 75 beautiful in the napa valley back along the coastline just enough of a breeze to keep those temperatures down in the 50's and the 60's. but lou, these numbers next couple days we go up in the 80's in the wednesday and thursday a few more clouds coming our way on thursday and friday. unfortunately, no rain in the forecast. this weekend. those temperatures going to cool down just a little bit staying dry on saturday and sunday. so we're done. but the rain it's hard to say, but it's getting late in the season. yeah, we're heading here saturday and usually after that, there's just not a whole lot
9:51 pm
left. what's the humidity like? it's not super dry. right is a super dry right now is still an onshore breeze. so we're still looking at some 80% humidity along the coastline. but drier and some of the valleys. and that's what's going to get so cold tonight. all right. thanks. alerts. >> another big milestone today in santa clara county, the san jose sharks welcome fans back to center. it's the first indoor sporting events with spectators in the county for starters. the team is allowing 500 fans only season ticket holders. everyone has to show proof of full vaccination or negative covid test upon arrival seats are spread out and you can't eat or drink in your seats. there will be designated areas for that in the concourse that this means a lot for sharks in sep center employees. many have been out of work since the beginning of the pandemic. >> an incredible day. i it's hard to describe the feeling that we all have. it's been building for 14 months. and since the last couple of weeks, we knew this day was coming. it's the frantic energy that we all feel this
9:52 pm
is why we do it. it's all about fans. that's the only reason that we're in we are in the business of making memories for our fans. it's so important for a fan base. >> now the sharks are playing the coyotes tonight. we'll have the latest on the game ahead in sports. and up next, bay area native her took home an oscar last night for best original song we've got message for young girls of color. when we come back. >> and kron four's. a new way to download our mobile apps. we have 2 qr codes. 1, 4, but for news where they have an app. there see what's happening in your neighborhood across the country around the world grab your phone open the camera pulled up to that qr code for the kron 4 app and 4 live local streaming news 24 7. the kron on app is the one you want. this is the qr code for kronon. kron. 4 news at night. we'll be right back.
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>> grammy winner and toledo native her won the oscar for best original song for fight for you. it was from judas and the black messiah. >> backstage she spoke about how she hopes her success inspires girls that look like her. >> oh, my gosh. me just being up. there is a message. it's a message to all the young black and filipino girls black or filipino. you know that you can be up here to, you know what you say matters what you
9:56 pm
seeing matters, what you play, what you write. it matters. it's a reflection of who we are and i'm just happy to represent. i'm i'm i can't believe i'm here. >> now as an academy awards red carpet unlike any other. but one thing remains the same. the amazing fashion. yeah. that'll, get your attention right. really bright. >> colors showstopping downs. it was all their reporter, courtney friel, some of the highlights. >> it was a decidedly different oscar red carpet. but we got glimpses of glitz and glam. usually associated with the biggest award shows of the season. and know the ladies brought their a game, especially the actress wore a showstopping looking valentino and 6 million dollars worth of jewelry including a 30 carat yellow diamond ring. but that extra touch her gown flows in the dark. another stunner was
9:57 pm
regina king. and lou, the time her down took over 140 hours to make and was employed with over 62,000 sequence and 4,000 crystals. oscar nominee amanda sigh-fred wowed in an armani pre they gown with tool, friends and forever. market- diamonds. >> the ladies weren't the only ones who made their mark on the carpet. the men stepped up their fashion game choosing dazzling colors. my rainey's black bottom actor colman domingo were a bright pink versace suit and spoke to us right before you head inside so cool calm and not every guy could pull off hot pink sequins. but you did. you look great. >> thank you so very much. thank you. appreciate it. >> that's and that yellow dress that was on the dark and oakland zone. so areas got
9:58 pm
some representation. yes, it is a good day for the bay. so that wraps up kron 4 news at 00:00pm tonight. but the news continues at the top of the hour. kron four's ken wayne and catherine heenan, our here with what we're working on for the news at 10 grant you could definitely pull off the pink tuxedo. you look great for sure. nothing would be up enough signatures have been verified and governor gavin newsome is officially facing a recall election 5 candidates hope to take. >> his position. we have a live interview with a local political analyst coming up. >> also heartbreaking story out of san francisco. a man has been charged with murder in the death of a 7 month old baby. now there are concerns about how the da is handling domestic violence cases. those stories and more when we come stories and more when we come back kron 4 news at 10. finding new routes to reach your customers,
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