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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 29, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. it looks like a clear violation of all kinds of law enforcement standards. >> and of their own training. >> now at 6, a family of mario gonzalez is speaking out against comments made by the attorney representing the alameda police officers who are involved in the 26 year-old man's in custody death last week. the family says the officers had no right to detain mario good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> the gonzales family says the body camera video released by the city of alameda this week shows mario was not a
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threat. kron four's phillipe djegal talk to the family's attorney that attorney believes the officers should face criminal charges. >> well, mario gonzalez's family prepares funeral arrangements. they are pushing back at the attorney representing the alameda police officers involved in is in custody. death on the families. we have civil rights attorney michael, her is exploring a civil lawsuit against the officers for what he calls violations of law enforcement standards and protocols disputing the officers attorneys assertion that the officers worked hard to talk guns. all is down and resolve the situation peacefully. he wasn't committing a crime. >> you know, there's a guy who's, you know, seems a little tipsy in a park and that's not against the law. so they didn't even have the legal right to handcuff. dad says the officers attorneys claim that the officers were concerned for mario then like a light switch. he stopped breathing but does not appear
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accurate based on the body camera footage check. it's not logical. it doesn't make sense to anybody. and yes, of course the autopsy will be important, but we can see with their own eyes. what happened and the whole country knows that this kind of thing happens having learned all about it from the george floyd try on thursday, the gonzalez family released a statement reinforcing what they said at a news conference tuesday that mario was murdered by alameda police officers. april 19th. a dad says the officers should be held accountable. >> but says that this time he will not say this was murdered. i haven't been able to hear from the officers directly or c their statements or anything like that. so i i do think that i need to withhold a little bit of judgment here. but what i'm saying is it's hard for me to see to defend what they to all kron >> we're also hearing the 911 calls made before. mario gonzalez died in police custody in the recordings. you can hear 2 different men calling to report gonzales.
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the first man lives near the alameda park were can solace was standing and in the second recording you hear the dispatch. ask another man of can solace has any weapons. take a listen. in my front garden talking to himself. no mask. and i went out there and the dog to bark at them and dog these are not making any he do anything wrong. scare in my any weapons on him. now he has become a local you've been pushing into air. the it does appear to be an effort count. might be kind of has been what kind of loitering around there for probably half an hour down. >> well, as you know, the situation escalated after those calls were made and police arrived. you can hear the 911. calls in full on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> to san jose. now we're 2
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pedestrians have died in separate hit and run accidents this month as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, both incidents happened near the same intersection. >> people can be seen hurrying across the intersection here at moderate road in kern even during the day. but the busy intersection can be deadly at night for the second time this month. a pedestrian was killed here wednesday night by a driver who left the scene. the woman whose name was not immediately released was using a walker and was not in the crosswalk. she was hit just north of kirchner. according to san jose police back on april first, 37 year-old than src was also hit and killed here by a driver who also fled the scene or she was in her wheelchair and in the cross walk van and her daughter cross monterey road daily. they, too are victims of a 2019 hit and run driver was never caught. >> and i look at the cross,
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but again, we given the right away. so when i started crossing, i heard this screech and all the i see headlights and me and my mother. >> no suspect or vehicle description is currently available in the latest incident but flyers with vanessa or sees picture includes a photo of the 2004 to 2000. 10 white mercedes-benz cls coop similar to the one that is being sought by police monterey. road is frequently included efforts to crack down on speeding. there is no apparent connection between the 2 hit and run fatalities. but richard buckle and others using walkers wheelchairs and scooters in the area report frequent encounters with careless drivers as even though this walk it you. they are still go by and you got to for them. >> safe to go by. you've got to watch for >> that some of the ramp and i parenting. and that's they
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probably have whole family and you don't even let animals that live in. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> shot in the back with an arrow. that's what happened to a beauty, a bus driver who was out on a walk while on a break in san jose kron four's maureen kelly talked to the santa clara county sheriff's office, which is investigating this as a possible hate crime. >> at this point. it's unclear if it was shot by a traditional bow or crossbow. but this is a picture of the arrow that impaled of the t a bus driver in the back. i know exactly how far it went in. but if it were to go couple inches to the left or right. i get definitely think it would've been a different situation. we're very that night before he was. in stable condition and he was released back out to his family. the santa clara sheriff's office says it happened not far from the alum rock transit center. the driver was on a break, taking a walk with another driver in a residential area on the 2600 block of sierra grande way. >> in what's being called an unprovoked attack. this is a
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targeted attack. >> and we're looking into the case. if it is a hate crime or not deputy russel davis wouldn't specify the reason is considered a possible hate crime. but the drivers union president confirms that both workers or seek him the other operator error. >> we're both wearing and on their walk. when i spoke with him. doing okay. like i said, he just is is in disbelief, that this could happen and you know, the grace of god, he's he feels that he's you know, he's it. you made it through this so far doesn't know why it and that's when he was in shock about about the whole ordeal. the vta spokesperson says patrols have been boosted at the transit hub. the transit agency union and shares advisory board have all chipped in. >> to offer a $3,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case reporting from san jose. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> single day passes for outside lands on went on sale
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this morning and sold out in minutes. the popular music festival in golden gate park was canceled last year because of the pandemic. but in october it will return. organizers say anyone who bought a ticket does need to know they could possibly be exposed to the coronavirus. they're still working on safety guidelines. it's not clear yet for example, whether people attending will have to show proof of being vaccinated or be tested before going in. >> the bay area's very but of course, smith, you know, events like outside lines without an ocean. this a layer of, you safety. you worried about a lot of visitors bringing risk from other areas. if things move along in the way they have been moving by that many people hopefully would have been vaccinated. >> yeah, well between now and october, of course, the guidelines could change. >> berkeley city leaders say they are now the first in the nation to require their police
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department to chronicle the use of militarized equipment kron four's haaziq madyun talked with berkeley council member who authored the new legislation. >> you're looking at examples of controlled equipment including specialized fire project down launchers that times 30 inches or longer breaching apparatus or battering rams and long-range acoustic devices. the acquisition and use of these items are now regulated by a new police equipment and community safety ordinance approved by the berkeley city council. in the ordinance is transparency for the public to understand what equipment the department has. >> and how they're using it. >> the principal author of the new legislation berkeley city council member kate harrison says the ordinance is primarily an annual report that will include an inventory of current police equipment. the official policy for its use and the circumstances. >> frankly, a lot of this grows out of concerns for
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black lives matter. and this sense that sometimes weaponry is appears more in lower income african-american neighborhoods. it does in my neighborhood. and so we want to know where it was or was it a lot of crowd control. do we have a lot of demonstrations where it was used. so that kind of information we're looking for right now. we don't know how often it's used or where because there is no reporting on it. this type of equipment is typically used by the u.s. military and is now commonly acquired and used on america's streets by local police departments. what is now standard the place is not standard to the public. these things really look. >> frightening. but you when there's a large group of officers like in a crowd control situations. this list. partly came out former president obama's list of equipment that was being acquired by departments from the military. it's been heavily vetted by are policed. new commission. the police equipment and community safety ordinance is the final piece of last summer. a sweeping police reforms passed by the berkeley city council. the public has a right to know when and where i asked
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officials at the berkeley police department. if they are in favor of the new ordinance. they said they short statement that reads, quote, berkeley police department has a long history of listening to our community and we intend to continue that tradition with the council's recent legislation, unquote. >> madyun kron 4 news. >> all right. now to the 2021 nfl draft the san francisco forty-niners got to pix 3rd in the overall and the niners went with the quarterbacks. so let's check in with kron four's kate rooney has more on the big announcement. >> oh, yeah. trey lance is the guy. he was one of 3 guys who have been long rumored to be on the forty-niners short list. trey lance emerged as one of the top qbs of the draft class after leading the north dakota state bison to a national title in the football championship subdivision. that's the to right below the fbs. that was back in 2000. 19 now will give some people pause is that lance only played in one game last season. most of the season was canceled due to covid-19. so
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he's been criticized for lack of experience and for being maybe the least nfl ready of the top prospects. but when you look at his arm strength, when you look at his speed, his mobility, his athleticism and decision-making. he really has everything that it takes to excel at this position in 2019 that championship season. he had 30 touchdowns through the air and 18 rushing touchdowns. he also threw 0 interceptions during that time. now another interesting piece to this can katherine is jimmy garoppolo because lance is one of the least experienced of those quarterback prospect. that kind of seems like maybe they'll keep jimmy g around for ybur give lanta chance to sit learn the system. so jimmy may be breathing a sigh of relief and inland to saying all the right things like he's a mentor and i so much to learn. and it sounds like a. >> pretty mature kid going to be fun. yeah. and we'll say the aaron rodgers stock for yeah, that's a whole nother got a whole show. yeah. haha, thanks, kate. thank you, kate. >> still ahead, we have team
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coverage tonight on the dire drought conditions in california from southern california to the bay area. we've got you covered. also. >> they drought restrictions. what you need to know coming up in a live report and temperatures cool around the bay area today. some clouds out there. is there any rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that next. when you skip the rinse with finish quantum, you save up to 20 gallons of water each time. finish quantum with activblu technology has the power to remove the toughest stains without pre-rinsing for dishes so clean they shine. join finish and skip the rinse to save our water. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price.
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>> the national weather ervice bay area in the bay area released a drought monitor update today. it shows extreme drought conditions expanding through more parts of the state joins us now with says said big change, not the change you're looking to see right. you want this map to be all white. that means no drought. and this is where we were one year ago. plenty of white down there in southern california. it wasn't even considered in drought conditions there at that time. but look, when you look all the way up in del norte hayne says que counties. you can see that red color. here we are in september of 2020 and you see the different shades starting to creep in this red inching down and you see this really dark shade of red. that is not good. want to fast-forward right now january of 2020 and you see this exceptional drought. and here we go to april of. yeah, this is basically right now. it's the latest indication we have in this really dark red. that's exceptional drought and that is starting to become more per
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bit pervasive. this extreme red drought has really taking over much of the bay area and you're looking when you zoom into the bay, it's basically already. i a little bit of san mateo county here who is not quite that bad. but it is not good and we have an extreme drought situation in the bay area in much of california. in fact, can more than 98% of california is now considered to be in some kind of drought status. that's obviously not good as we're now into the dry season and it doesn't look like rain is going to be a part of our forecast. we're going to be checking in with these maps on a weekly basis. every thursday the state comes out with one. and you just cross your fingers and hope that somehow we can get a couple storms here in early may. but that doesn't tend to be the case. we'll keep you posted, though, as people really need to start conserving water. by the way, if you'd like to check out some tips for how to conserve
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or see more specifics on where the state has been trending we've posted that on our website. kron 4 dot com. ken, over to you. yeah. real early in the season to be talking about this. thank you grant for many people in the bay area drought and water conservation. none of that is really new kron four's. dan kerman live for us at the san pablo reservoir. >> in el sobrante to tell us about how east bay months current drought compares to one several years ago. dan. >> well, that's right. you know, the last time they ordered voluntary conservation was back in 2014 and of course it went downhill from there leading to mandatory conservation and there were surcharges are going to see that again. will a lot of that depends on various factors, including how long the drought will last. but we are seeing differences between now and back in 2014. after the second driest year in the last 70 east bay mud declared a drought earlier this week in called for 10%. voluntary conservation on the part of customers. >> that all sounds familiar. it should back in february of
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2014 east bay mud also declared a drought and called for voluntary conservation that led to mandatory outdoor water restrictions in august of that year. and then by april of 2015 east bay mud ordered 20% mandatory conservation and then in july of that year and acted excessive use penalties and a 25% drought surcharge. the question is could the same restrictions becoming again over the next 2 years. should the drought continue. this could be one year ago, one year drought. it could be one year of a five-year drought. >> whatever the case is, we're doing the appropriate thing now and our customers are taking and will take. we hope the appropriate steps east bay mud says several things are different now than they were back in 2014. first when the drought was declared this week. the projection was total system. storage of water by october. 1st. >> would be less than what's needed. in fact, it would miss the mark by about 5% back in
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2014 that target was also missed. but by a lot more 19%, but possibly the best thing east bay mud has going for it this time around compared to last time is that overall residents are using 13% less water. >> because customers are doing a good job of conservation as a community community-wide. it means that we a little bit more leeway, right. so it means that we don't have to jump to this drought right now with our guns blazing. so the state you don't need to jump in right now and say, ok, everyone. 25% mandatory. >> and the fact is we mentioned the 13% water usage is down less. that means 13% using less. that's pretty incredible. that overall, there might be more users throughout bay mud. and still they're using 13% less water. but again, all depends on how
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long the drought last. one other thing payment is doing. that is a bit different than last time around 2014 is they decided to purchase surplus, water. now because they're doing now. they decided they believe they'll get a greater volume of water and possibly at a cheaper cost live in el sobrante at san pablo reservoir dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, dan. >> well, we're getting an aerial view of conditions in sonoma county in just days after a drought emergency was declared there. you're looking at video from our quad copter. 4 above the lake sonoma reservoir right now. it is that 62% capacity kron four's terisa stasio is working on the story. she will have more coming up tonight at 8. >> try to help california state lawmakers are moving forward with a multibillion dollar package to address the state's drought issues. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us to explain how the money would be used. >> the 3.4 billion dollar drought relief package cleared
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its first hurdle in the california legislature thursday as lawmakers try to swiftly, send it to the governor for approval. the effort unanimously cleared a senate budget committee on natural resources for every. >> here we can getting money on the ground. it's the weeks there's operation happening on our soils. some of these water districts just quite frankly needs resources to get. >> things done. half a billion dollars would be available immediately for emergency drought-related response for communities that need it across california. thursday's drought monitor released showed 88% the state is in a severe drought with the entire state considered abnormally dry. the proposed package would also put funds toward improving water supply in smaller communities help or 8 players with covid related water debt and provide help to struggling agriculture and local water agencies. the package would be paid with state and federal funds. state
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natural resources and water officials know california is seeing similar conditions to what it saw its most recent drought a few years ago. >> regardless of these conditions. governor gavin newsom says he's still not ready to declare a drought-related state of emergency newsom's administration thursday told lawmakers many lessons were learned in the last route that led to projects and policies which they say improved california's protection from drought lawmakers say more still needs to be done every day we today that we're losing opportunity to get seat in the ground and stabilize the soil. >> as well as the package now heads the senate's full budget committee for approval in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> all of this, of course, has to do with our weather and what kind of the rain we didn't get this past season. >> and you're looking at long-range forecast for ideal and we would like to have a very foggy. >> very cool summer. we want to keep the fire danger down the humidity up. say that fact the forecast model is saying
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something entirely different. here's the long-range forecast. this takes us through may, june and july. this is the probability of normal to above normal temperatures right now. you can see the bay area sikh california here, southern california. they're looking more to $70 to 80% chance of above normal temperatures. the bay area looking between about a 60 to about a 70% chance of above normal temperatures that's may june and july of course you get those hotter temperatures. we a much higher evaporation rates, a better chance of having fire danger. and that's a major concern. you can see over the 4 corner states they're about 90 to almost a 100% chance of seeing those above normal temperatures that coupled with the fact that we just have not had hardly any rain compared to normal. but san francisco, less than 9 inches of rain for the entire year. usually role to 23 inches. now, keep in mind last year we had similar total. so it's been a couple years in a row. now that we've seen extremely dry conditions of fact. we wind up with these totals here in san francisco. that is going go down as the
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3rd driest year on record dating back a 171 years ago. that's extremely dry now you can say the same in the san jose. they've had just over 5 inches of rain. usually they've had almost 15 inches rain at this time of year oakland over 7 inches. rain. santa rosa, you've had almost 13 inches but normal is almost 35 inches of rain in the 8 inches of rainfall there, 49% of normal livermore very dry. less than 6 inches. rain. 38% of normal, extremely dry conditions around the bay area a long hot season. the head and certainly we're going to be worried about not only water but fires once again throughout the summer season. guys, back to you. >> they coming up. the deadline to file for insurance
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more than 450,000 people across the bay area are eligible for lower health care premiums. if they sign up for health insurance through covered california by tomorrow. the lower costs are result of the covid relief package passed by congress last month. the relief package is also expected to lower premiums by an average of a $180 per month for almost 300,000 bay area residents who are already getting insurance through covered california. >> next on kron 4 news at 6. the president hitting the road to sell americans on his latest agenda, how he's saying he will get democrats and republicans working together. also the cdc issues, a travel
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advisory to india americans there are being urged to leave the country. how californians are helping with india's covid. struggle and a northern california woman says that she went through a vaccine mix-up. she got doses of 2
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