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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 21, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday daria and i'm james 06:00am as the time. howe you slept. well, we've got some pretty fun stuff to talk about we've got a live report about the warriors. >> hence the thai battling it out tonight to make it into the playoffs. so a live report there. we also have the huge lottery drawing tonight. all. gosh. yeah. it's going to be a life changer for somebody out there. not for you. haha got just as much odds as the next step, which
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>> i'm the one who has actual 0 cars on a plane. let's a look at the weather. that's something you can count on and it's free which i enjoy good morning america. good morning. another clear start to the day. >> winds. not like what we saw the last couple of days a little breezy. but that's all that we can expect in terms of wind conditions for the rest of today. shouldn't be an issue. we're going to expect a sunny day here in the bay area. we have a look out in timber on right now. beautiful start. high pressure is building. that's why we're going to see our temperatures starting to increase for daytime highs. the next few days by monday will actually be a little above normal. and there we see that low pressure system continuing to head to the east and not all weekend. that's what brought rain to lake county and parts of the bay area like a fairfield last night where they got about a 10th of an inch of rain. so san francisco looking clear
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right now. we'll get a look at our 7 day extended forecast in a bit. and if you happen to be traveling, i'll tell you what, can expect as well this weekend in just a bit. for now. i'm going to send it to you. thank you for that, erica. so we've had pretty light commute so far this morning, we still have. >> wendy bridges like the bay bridge, san mateo bridge in altamonte pass. you can see our flags blowing in the wind. however, as soon as you hit the may's to the fremont street exit a little under 12 minutes to make it there this morning heading across towards the tracking no major delays at this hour. we had some earlier traffic accidents along one o one. those have since been clear. also the richmond, sandra fell commute. as you head out of richmond under 8 minutes for your drive time there check in on 1 one to 80 down here along. i 85 as well. no traffic collisions or accidents as a traveling in the park will take you 27 minutes. so we'll have more throughout the morning. but darya and james, back to you. >> thanks a lot of 6. '02. and new this morning. there has been a body found in lake chabot in alameda county. now
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it has been identified as a woman. kron four's camila barco on the story for us out at the lake with the very latest this morning. camila. >> yeah. you guys. so the county's coroner has identified the victim as tracy police released a photo of her just a few hours ago to take a look at your screen. you can see it there she was 60 years old. now the east bay regional park district police are the ones investigating this and they're treating it as a homicide benson was reported missing to the san leandro police department. but back in april, police tweeted that a park visitor had alerted them of a decomposed body. now, benson was found at lake chabot regional park here in castro valley and they located her at the park, but they're not exactly saying where nope are no areas of the park are closed because of the investigation and police say that there is no immediate threat to the public, but they are asking for your help. if
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you know anything about benson or why she was missing. you can give them the police department. a call at 5, 1, 0, 6, 9, 0, 6, 5, to one any information is valuable darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. we'll check back with you later. camila. >> now the latest on the increasingly dire conditions around the bay area around the state when it comes to the drought. this is the latest drought monitor map showing conditions and you can see there quickly getting worse even with some are still a month away. you can see the expansion of that darker red that maroon covering. that's the worst category there is in fact we zoom into parts of the north and east bay. you can see. that it's gotten bad deteriorati into that quote, unquote, exceptional drought tear. that's the worst possible category and it happened in just a week's time and illustrate that point. we've got 2 side by side maps here. the map on the left is the current drought map and one on the right is the one that was issued just one week ago and you can see it looks pretty identical except for the bay area. that's where
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things have gotten drier, firefighters and firefighting agencies across the region are bracing now for what they expect to be very long fire season. >> and the dire drought is troubling for people who live in areas already devastated by fires before in this video you see how dry the hills are around santa rosa similar to the conditions we saw 2017 when the tubbs fire broke out the santa rosa fire department is prepared for a long season. >> is the amount of flammable vegetation, flammable or combustible. mulch is in which ships immediately around home this year. we're starting off much drier. and so our concern is that those heavier fuels are going to be more receptive to burning a lot earlier than they typically would. >> the assistant fire chief says that the peak fire season is usually august and september. but they're thinking this year because it's so dry. it's going to be earlier.
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>> the north bay congressman jared huffman has reintroduced his ambitious water infrastructural infrastructure proposal. the bill would develop of what he believes is a more resilient water infrastructure would expand the use of modern water management technologies and also help make sure that all areas get the drinking water they need. now huffman says the bill he likes it has it has to pass and has to pass. now. >> well, we're running out of time. i mean, this drought, this going to be summer for california for my district, for many parts of the western united states. >> so the best time to plant trees 20 years ago. what great to do. many of the things that we're proposing in this bill years the next best times right now. the bill was originally passed last year in the house but stalled in the republican led senate. >> the congressman says that anyone following the scientific data would have no reason to oppose the way this bill is structured. kron. 4 has a section on our web site. by the way, dedicated to all
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things concerning the drought. so to scan that qr code. it will take you right to portion of the web page and there you'll find everything from that interactive drought monitor map to tips on how to reduce your own water usage and the tend the area as well. so again, all of that, they're kron 4 dot com and that qr code. we'll take you straight to that section. >> and while we're dealing with the threat of wildfires in the bay area and southern california. they've got this one on their hands in santa barbara. it's a hillside that is just looks like hot lava doesn't. it's called the loma fire. and this fast-moving blaze has burned 20 acres so far and it is threatening homes and businesses in the area. evacuation orders have been issued. firefighters have stopped a fire that broke out at mount diablo state park that fire broke out at 4 o'clock this morning. but it only got about 5 acres in on southgate road. by the time the crews got there stopped at now they're mopping up and
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watching out for hot spots. governor newsom issued an executive order to assist communities recovering from last year's. >> wildfires. the order extends the ban on price gouging. so now that's extended through september 22nd for 13 counties. monterey napa santa cruz, solano and sonoma are all included in that. ■l >> they trying manage of stuff that you need. they raise the prices can't do that. so if you notice any price gouging in the neighborhood as a result before it contact somebody about that. all right. let's talk about the warriors again, i'm support my warriors time because tonight is the night that we will get into the playoffs. right. and that tie is what's going to put over the edge doing our part that and will tran scholars. let's go to him live now at the chase course was wearing an actual jersey >> good morning, james and area. don't you believe that anything held stereo, whether
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it's a rabbit's foot, a tie. i don't know. i have old shoes something to give the gridlock. i mean, i'd wear. anything to get the warriors to win tonight because if they win, they're officially in the playoffs and they will have games at the chase center moving forward, at least the first round and hopefully deep into the playoffs. but let's not talk about playoffs first because they have to win tonight. and 6:in essence tonight is a playoff game. so take a look at your screen. i want to show you some highlights from just a few days ago. this is the second time in a week that the warriors will play the memphis grizzlies that played on sunday. the warriors wants one 13 to one oh, that put him in the 8th spot. they went down to los angeles in the play, the lakers and they lost a heartbreaker when lebron james, >> lucky. lucky 3 pointer and that basically got the lakers to eke out a win and that's why the warriors have to play this game is when or go home.
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the warriors are ready. hopefully home cooking will be the key right. last time. steph curry grizzlies. you have 40 points. he plans to hopefully do it again. staff this time about this, a very familiar with understand what's in to to beat those guys. it >> nice to be home front of our take advantage of the moment. just would know. put too much pressure yourself they can got to be perfect word that he might know that knows how to could be and carry >> they're >> thinking they can steph curry has been coming out swinging ever since the first game. if case you didn't hear last night. he is a finalist for the mvp award. one of 3 people abren james and pretty much nba players believe who should win it. but we shall wait and see. draymond green, also a finalist for defensive player of the year. bottom line is tip off at 6 o'clock
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tonight. the odds were for the warriors to win last time they were on fire. steph curry again, 40 points. i'm wearing is in honor of steph curry. i hope you're watching. i'm channel is cause hopefully. >> to channel my steph curry was walking around the house with the road with some cop glasses. >> once he gets the game. he is superman. james, you don't tug on superman's cape. >> no, not unless looking to get stopped on, which is what the words are going to do tonight and love every fall. back to superheroes for you guys to you notice that. yeah, because steph curry all right. you can stay up to date on warriors and they're hopeful road to the championship by scanning this qr code. >> with your mobile device will take you right to our worry are spot on kron. 4 dot com. 6.11 is the time right now. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, an encouraging sign that things are improving. >> we're going to tell you
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about a major coronavirus milestone at san francisco general hospital. guess how many patients they have there.
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>> 6.14 right now. and tonight somebody might yes, they come. at least you could make it that much. somebody might
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become mega but the odds are now know, though somebody did come close in wednesday's drawing l a county. somebody got 6 numbers didn't get the making and that made me wonder what's worse. >> not getting any numbers at all. it's been like at well, ok, next time or watching the numbers. drop. yes. yes. yes, yes, yes. and then no makeup. so so. but are you saying what's worth looks worse them like a 180,000 right or list to where you but falling short or just not even coming close and is writing off. i think i i'll take every but forces know bucs. are you kidding me? ask even said if you when you give me 2 bucks. i'll take that so that you can go earn your own jackpot. yeah. the hard work like the rest of rye rye and earn your money, and good luck. what is it, 500, 600 million. what is it 15 million half a billion dollars. that's how i like to think about a half a billion. >> it beat a useful dollars. nobody knows austin powers anymore. >> 6 right now. let's check
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the weather and traffic has were all that of a good morning. morning. will today's going to be a sunny day across the bay area the next couple of days. >> might feel some breezes moving through on and off but temperatures will slowly start to warm. and as we get closer to next week where numbers will be a little above normal. >> in the meantime, here's a look at our high temperatures for today. san francisco couple degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. half moon bay. we're expected to hit !%58 degrees today. san bruno, 59 64 down in burlingame from foster city to mountain view we're looking ■at mid to upper 60's 70 for a high in campbell and san jose morgan health 68 degrees 74 in pleasanton warmer than what we saw yesterday out there as well as in concord and walnut creek 70's for daytime highs. berkeley were expected to head mid 60's today 77 out in vacaville and fairfield mid
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70's in sonoma and 72 in santa rosa reyna. >> erica, thanks for that. tracking your traffic this morning. we do have an accident out here in the city geneva avenue. and again, not seen any major delays along 2.80, or one. oh, one keeping a close eye on that as you head into the city this morning. we still have a high wind advisory here along the san mateo bridge and the altamonte past. so it's really gusty. you can see those flags blowing in the wind. there. they still not turn the metering lights on. so traffic is still pretty light for us this morning. a little under 14 minutes for your drive time as you head across towards the peninsula. no major delays or accidents to slow you down. little under 14 for you there. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head out a richmond under 8 minutes for your drive time. checking on conditions along one. oh, one to 8085 no major accidents or delays as your head traveling towards middle park will take about 28 minutes. we'll have more coming up. the dari and james, back to you. thanks right in the south bay san
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jose police have released new video. >> of an suv wanted for a fatal hit and run. you can see images of it here in the big monitor. it happened the night of may 4th along kuz or road. police say the driver hit and killed a man who had been on his unicycle at the time. kron four's dan thorn explains what happened. we're told this 52 year-old victim had recently picked up cycling as a hobby and it was something that he was really excited about it. >> his sisters say that he had fallen on some hard times but was just beginning to turn it all around. before he was tragically killed. 52 year-old. david jones was enjoying a ride on his electric unicycle just minutes before he was killed by a hit and run driver jones's family describing him as a talented man who did not deserve what happened to him. i was in a state of shock because. >> i had just spoken to david who seem to really be really happy i haven't really accepted that is actually
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going it doesn't seem real. jones was hit along this stretch of kuz your road just before 10:00pm on may 4th. >> he had apparently fallen off of his unicycle and shortly after hitting the ground and suv struck him. >> a small memorial is set up where jones had died. i can't even sleep at night and i wake up >> i just play is. >> the whole scene over and over. it's hard. >> it's really hard. these surveillance images show the vehicle wanted in connection with the hit and run videos capturing the white suv with a thin black stripe driving around san jose streets. jones's family is pleading for the driver to come forward i don't understand how somebody could just do something like that in. not care. his sister say jones was just turning his life around after experiencing a series of setbacks. police say he was left in the street with several injuries to his ribs and pelvis it just it's mind boggling to me just so unfair.
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>> jones's death marks the 17th traffic fatality in the city of san jose. so far this year. police are asking for help in identifying this suv reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> 6.19 is the time amount police officer being considered a hero by an accident victim for his quick actions in saving that man from a car fire. so here's the video you're looking at the body camera image from officer herbick who's running towards that car. you can see gulf in flames in the distance. this was last thursday. he was patrolling alone when dispatch called about a single vehicle crash on central expressway in raven dale. he found a man lying in the middle of the road apparently ejected from the vehicle. and soon as he got there, he did his best to move him away from that burning car. all the while being very careful not to move his neck because he knew the man was injured. in fact, take a listen to some of the audio from his chest camera video.
6:21 am
>> we always have the assumption that it's >> ordinary people. and then while to get. had a little extra effort that whole thing that's being extraordinto that in my heart. i feel like anyone can do this. >> you can hear the desperation in that crash victims, a voice. there's the officer arrived that victim, we're told is recovering now officer her because been on the force for about 7 years they're spending the last 2 in mountain view before that he was an officer in new jersey. so obviously we're glad to have him here on the force locally. >> 6.21 and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news governor newsome, what is he doing to try to fast track affordable housing will tell you when we come back.
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in this ad pay attention to the actor's gums.
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gums? we don't think about them. but like skin, over time gums can get damaged. new colgate gum renewal. reverses early gum damage for a beautiful, revitalizd smile wow no braces, everything's hands free i wasn't so lucky invis is not your parents' braces invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. >> 6.24 and governor newsom is trying to speed up building affordable housing. he just signed a bill about it. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the details. >> governor gavin newsome signing a bill to speed up environmental quality reviews for housing and other economic development projects throughout the state. this bill is about. >> the investment in the future of the state of california. some consider california's environmental quality act. also known as
6:25 am
sequel. a major hurdle for housing and development production. the bill newsom signed extends previous legislation that fast track the sequel judicial review process for large multi benefit housing clean energy and manufacturing projects. the bill also allows smaller affordable housing projects to qualify for the expedited review. more jobs, more business. >> more affordable housing. this is really important for our economic recovery is is bill signing in san jose came on the same day as some state housing groups urged the state to do even more. the california building industry association noting production continues to fall short of demand production has gone home. >> past 3 years continues to fall. >> we need to projections would because of low supply demand and home prices continue to set record highs. the california realtors association says the latest median home price in california. has more than $813,000. >> the group urging the state to set aside money for grants and tax credits for low to
6:26 am
moderate income home buyers on >> so the once unthinkable. over. home ownership out of reach for millions. >> the governor is proposing to use nearly 2 billion dollars to fast track. thousands of affordable housing projects across the state. he's also proposing an accountability unit to keep an eye on local governments and their housing production in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> after a year and a half hurricane harbor in concord is finally reopening its doors. you'll be able to go down a slide if you want to. i'll tell you all the requirements and protocols coming up after the break.
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or find the badge in our store. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. scoot over. squeeze in. pull up a chair. ♪ because life's just better when you believe “there's always room for one more.” ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. >> welcome back. 6.29 right now we're taking a live look here at the airport and there roll in probably on time. it's a sunny and clear out. they had no fog to get in your way. nothing to slow down, although we did get a few sprinkles yesterday and don't look like we'll see any of that this morning and not in my neck of the woods. you have anything. you know, i didn't. but although i did hear from friends on social media that they getting a few showers. and then of course, we saw the video from tahoe is that we're all social media. oh, yeah. you know, those are real friends. i real fraction my friends are through my life. so ads, those are the couple
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are friend. let's be hard to make friends. when i sit on the couch, yeah, i heard i kevin told me my friend told me my air was raining in martinez. oh, there you go. yeah. erica has been tracking. there's yeah, we did get a little bit to yesterday.cbut current satellite and radar completely clear and dry. and that's how it's expected to remain for. >> today. and yeah, we're checking in on our camera on the same francisco international airport now checking the system to see if there are any delays at any of our other bay area airports and we're not tracking any major delays. but in case you happen to be flying out this morning. here's a look at our national satellite and radar. if you're heading out to the ■) east coast, air in the south, louisiana seeing some showers the states to the north and arizona getting some showers and thunderstorms out there. saw phoenix is expected to stay pretty wet for today. if you're heading in that direction and northern nevada. they're getting some snow as
6:31 am
well. so here's a look at those temperatures for tomorrow. 24 hours from now. this is what we're expected to see in terms of our numbers. but daytime highs out in miami is actually going to be 81 tomorrow. warmest spot in the country for those of you traveling to that part of the country. if you're staying, i'm close to home. this is what we're expected to see for temperatures out in tahoe and reno. we are going to get some light snow showers tomorrow and today actually on and off but not too much. i'm going to send it over to rain now with a check in on traffic. erica, thank yofor that. have been tracking your commute for you this morning. we actually have a traffic hazard. >> this is up in the nevada area. westbound 37 just east of atherton avenue up there. and as you can see, we're seeing some delays along 37 but not much of a delay along one o one for you as you head into the city. they have finally turned those metering lights on for you. there is also a high wind advisory here that was also hazard of some
6:32 am
sort right near that treasure island exit not too long ago. so all of those things we're starting to see that time go up just a little under 16 minutes for you. heading across towards the peninsula a little under 40 minutes. there's also a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge on the altamont pass as well. a richmond sandra fell commute out of richmond start to pick up a little bit under 8 minutes for your drive time. checking on highway 4 because it gets pretty slow around this time. 21 minutes as you're traveling to conquer to 42. we'll have more on that coming up next. darya and james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. of 6.32 in the east bay. firefighters in berkeley helped save a father and his 8 year-old daughter. they were running from a stalker. yeah. it's a bizarre story with kron four's phillipe djegal now explaining what happened in this encounter and. >> how they got help. >> the berkeley father of an 8 year-old girl who was chased by a man on city streets tuesday says his daughter is making progress in her mental recovery from the incident that left or shake. it was
6:33 am
probably one of those things that you never specs that could. >> possibly happen to you or your child. and understandably, you know, then, you know. within the child is misses traumatized from this. very scary. the incident started that afternoon on ashby avenue near college avenue and eventually ended at a fire station about a block and a half away on russell street. >> the victim and her father were walking near the shops on ashby. when berkeley police say 33 year-old trans nicolas perez made his approach. she was talking to her as if she was his own daughter and wasr was trying to engage with her. and so the father ended up blocking or pat blocking his path. the father and daughter kept running at one point the young girl was so scared she ran into the busy street. >> when they reached the fire station officer byron white says firefighters scared perez off and called police. >> he was arrested shortly after this after being taken into custody earlier this month for harassing kids at a
6:34 am
childcare facility. one of the realities that ran during the pandemic. you know. >> particularly when you have the misdemeanor arrests. those people will be cited and appear in court later. oftentimes they will be released for now. perez remains in jail held on 2 misdemeanor charges of harassing and annoying a child. >> and willfully causing harm to a child in berkeley djegal all kron 4 >> well, brentwood police have arrested a man charged now with child exploitation they say 3 teens helped put him behind bars. all started back in 2019 when these teens created a fake tinder profile and posed as a 14 year-old girl. police say jeremy adams reached out to that profile and expressed interest in meeting this girl. they talked online for weeks eventually making plans to meet at a starbucks in brentwood when adams got there, though, the 3 teens confronted him. that's when he ran off the teens
6:35 am
tried chasing him. but he escaped now police started an investigation at that point in adams. and after more than a year of investigating he was taken into custody. police are interested in finding out if there any other additional victims out there. so if you have any information helpful to police. let them know. >> 14 months into the pandemic and is the first time that san francisco general hospital has seen. >> no covid patients. yeah. as of this morning. that was the word 0 patients out of of general, which what haven't seen that in a long time. a cropper taylor second takes a look back at the road to get t >> on thursday. not a single patient is being treated for coronavirus inside san francisco general hospital first since march of last year seen this moment coming for a while. we've >> decreasing numbers of covid-19 patients in the hospital and we are really trying to help every single recovery
6:36 am
>> get home. doctor view that jane is the co-director of infection control at sf general. he says this milestone comes after a roller coaster of case rates this year. everyone is aware we had. >> faced an initial surge of cases in march and april of 2020, a second surge of cases in the july august period of of last summer. but the largest happened in the december and january time period. so by mid to late january was the peak. >> at that time. the 226 bed hospital was treating 67 covid patients at its peak looking back. doctor jane says it's important to reflect on the lives lost in the hardworking nurses and doctors who had to watch it all happen. now decreasing to 0 covid patients doctor lane, credits. the city's vaccination campaign which also hit a major achievement on thursday. more than 1 million doses of the vaccine have now been administered in the city and that number continues to rise as 76% of adults in the city received at least one shot.
6:37 am
and while this is a moment of celebration. doctor jane says more work lies ahead see more covid patients coming in the weeks and months ahead. but we've had great success with reducing case rates here in san francisco in vaccination rates doctor lane says it's also important that people keep up with thical care. >> he says that recent data shows that cardiovascular diagnoses and cancer diagnoses are legging. >> so it's imperative that everyone keeps up with their non covid related checkups in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. >> little by little. it's all starting to happen and today summer fun is back at 6 flags, hurricane see that picture on the left. when was the last smile on her face going on a water slide wild season. pass holders will be the first to enjoy the park and then the general public for sarah stinson joining us live from hurricane harbor to oh, i love that right behind you, sara. i like to use the floating by
6:38 am
the way in or to sometimes it will let you because you know what i'm saying, is when you don't have smile on my face. you could. haha, you go to the side. you got those seems yes, don't you know what i'm talking about. >> and the seems can or to. but so if you if you let you go the seams. what? >> all this seems yeah, i it's all part of the part of the really is breaking your is giving your body on that fast. you don't care, though, sarah. >> there's a reason as adults. you just don't do certain things to behind a boat. i learned that as an adult. i just don't do that. however. i have come here as an adult with my brother one day we had a day off that came by here and we had the time of our lives. but i wasted a lot of time in my life in lines and right now they're at 25% capacity. so you wouldn't have to wait in a long line. so that's the perk. but guess what? you don't have to be vaccinated. you need a mask. you have to wear a mask after
6:39 am
walking with your mask and then you can go on a slide and when you do, you can take that mask off. so that is good to hear that you can finally take off when you go on the slide. joining us now live is mark or a no. tell what how excited are you opening after year and a half of being closed. >> yeah. it's it currently exciting time for us here. hurricane harbor in for all staff because not only are we able to welcome our guests back. come back to the gates. enjoy a safe and controlled enjoy the summer and beat the heat. by allows us to also bring back a lot of our employees as well. >> this is an exciting time for people because they haven't been able to do something like this. in a long time described this mask thing you said, you know, mask need to be warm here. not there explaining so op to expect. >> yes. so currently we are maintaining our mask enforcement policy based on current state and local guidance. so if you're over the age of 2 or are you to wear a mask unless you're
6:40 am
about to enjoy one of our water attractions. so if you're let's say in the way full you'll be socially distant from others outside of your pod. but you will not be wearing a mask. >> and so the you want to create distance and you think that that will be possible on the rides. and then in the wave pool and people feel safe. you think. >> yes. so we have a ride operators as well as are lifers making sure that that is enforced. we'll also have the social distancing markers in our q lions again to keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable weather here. yes. so this weekend will be members and pass holders season pass holders and then next weekend. >> you'll be able to have everybody right. tell me how they can get twckets and what they need to do. >> so they're going want to go to 6 flags that com are asking all of our guests to purchase their tickets and make reservations online in advance that allows us to restrict capacity welcome, everyone in and have a fun and smooth
6:41 am
experience. >> that's going to be a fun time to see people of color with a lot of smiles on their faces because we just need some good healthy fund, don't we. >> yeah, absolutely. it's been way too long to that. people have been able to come out and enjoy slides way too long. we're talking since october. >> 2019. thank you, mark. that is a long time. they've been close. you can finally had in here. this weekend. if you're season pass holder, make sure you get your tickets online next weekend, everybody can join and darya james. it's still cold out here. so i'm not jumping in quite that. but join me on the half hour in the coming hours. what you're going to see me. she's going to do a lot of okay. lot of >> i could not not go down a slasher. my inner child would i let but as an adult. so even as a kid, i won't do it. this one. the toilet bowl one. what you know what i mean. the toilet bowl. it's yeah, do it. i will never do that. that's
6:42 am
the one that's what i would i want to the 12 or. you know, really my friend. how about that one where you go straight. i mean, like china like that. we don't go all the way around. know there's so many. i just put me on one of those twos delays and so much fun. i mean, your heart definitely sinks. its your the person that goes backwards on this one goes strolling around out there that knows and going sinks and use bit of it. i cannot wait. all right. i'm excited to see which ride you pick. your sarah will be tuning in. that's where the moms were all on the lazy river. that's just we're just on the lazy and the u k.
6:43 am
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>> 6.45 there's a cease-fire between israel and hamas and so far it's holding a the question is how long will it s they've had about 2 weeks now of ongoing violence. >> so the breeder is appreciated by both sides. president biden says that he sees a genuine opportunity toward the larger goal of building a lasting peace in the middle east. that's the question. can they do it? let's go live to our washington, dc correspondent anna wiernicki for more. hi, anna. >> good morning. will almost immediately following the announcement of this deal. president biden made his first public remarks about the situation in the middle east
6:46 am
in 8 days and he's crediting his administration's quiet and relentless diplomacy. y >> after 11 days of fighting israel and hamas have agreed to a cease-fire. you know, we've held intensive high level discussions hour by hour literally president joe biden hailed the cease-fire deal addressing the conflict from the white house late thursday. i believe we have a genuine opportunity. to make progress and i've committed to working for. but as the violence escalated in the region in recent days. members of congress pressured biden to act in the last several days over 4,000 rockets have rained down on the people of israel. people are seeing the terrible tragedy that is taking place in the region and they want an end to it already. israeli airstrike in gaza have killed more than 230 palestinians, including 65 children and hamas rockets killed at least 12 israelis, including 2 children. the president who
6:47 am
has kept a quiet approach to addressing the situation says in his 6th and latest phone call with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he vowed to help israel replenish its iron dome missile defense system. i assured him in my full support to replenish israel's iron dome system to ensure the fences and security in the future. >> and secretary of state antony blinken says that he's prepared to travel to the middle east to help work on a more long lasting end to the violence for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. thanks, alanna. >> time now 6.47. let's bring it back into the studio now and take a look at our local weather. in case you have to step outside, right away. we've got erica with a look at that is going to be >> yeah. on and off throughout the next couple of days. but nothing like what we saw the last couple of days when wind speeds were much higher. if you happen to be going out to see the giants game later this evening. it's going to be mostly sunny. the game starts just before 7 evening and the
6:48 am
temperature will be close to 60 degrees and breezy conditions as well as for the rest of the bay area. temperatures will be about a degree or 2 warmer compared to what we signed yesterday. moving on here trying to get the next slide. just a second. there we go. now our current temperature here in the city's 49 same as in berkey. nevado 52 degrees and 45 out in saint helene up very clear on satellite and radar. exactly what we're seeing on our cameras. here's that low pressure system that brought some rain to a sonoma county and lake county yesterday that will continue to shift over to the east and. >> that high pressure will continue to build and give us dry conditions for this weekend. so here's a look at the rest of our high temperatures throughout the bay area today, a places like conquered in our inland areas. going to be slightly warmer as well by a few degrees. this is
6:49 am
normal for this time of year in terms of temperatures. if you happen to be heading out to a reno or the tahoe area. again, we're going to see light snow showers on and off today and tomorrow. but nothing like what moved through the region yesterday and brought a few inches of snow yesterday. here's a look at our 7 day extended forecast here in the bay area. a little warming trend starting and then by monday we're going to be a little above norma for this time of year. reyna. thank you for that, erica. all right. we're checking on your conditions out there looking at highway 24. >> as you're traveling to that 5 8980 interchange there. 11 minutes, no major delays as you're traveling heading into the city a little under 15 minutes. again, a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. san mateo bridge and the altamonte pass. we earlier hazard along thbrnnels, meterin so again, hopefully we stay around that 14 marker throughout the morning. a
6:50 am
little under 14 for you as you're heading across towards the peninsula here. we're checking on conditions along 5.80. there was an accident. a little further down out in a little more area now as you're traveling to dublin from that livermore vasco road exit. it will take you 10 minutes. so we'll have more on that throughout the morning. darya and james, send it over to you. all right. thank you very much. rain. let's keep with the traffic came here. one of the busiest freeway interchanges in the east bay. >> is about to go under or showing us where this is. >> you're looking at a video simulation of the interstate 80 gilman eed project located in northwest berkeley near the albany border. the project will reconfigure freeway on an off-ramp surface street intersections, crosswalks and bike paths on gilman between west frontage road and second street through the i 80 interchange among the primary goals reducing congestion by shortening queues for vehicles and bicycles merging or making
6:51 am
turns. >> which will provide safety for pedestrians and motorists in this area. >> improving safety is a big deal for this construction partnership between caltrans and the alameda county transportation commission. >> i 80 going interchange has a 38% higher than average even cooler injury. and it's also a very high stress environment for bicyclists and walkers. these infrastructure improvements were made possible with the help of cafovoters approving sb one the road repair and accountability act back in 2017 that sort of confidence active transportation funds to be included the 61 billion construction cost for the gunman interchange improvements but concerns of a coalition of community stakeholders helped influence the projects vision and design. the improvements are coming to the gillman. interchange will make the roads much safer for
6:52 am
my family. my customers and my employees the freeway cut off communities and the project like this. how can that this we have a lot more work to do and i look forward to working with the alameda tells raz >> overcoming more barriers between neighborhoods in trail. the construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2023 madyun kron 4 news. >> 6.52, right now. coming up, the giants sweep, the reds with an amazingly dominant performance at the plate. you're not going to believe the score.
6:53 am
6:54 am
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for a beautiful, revitalizd smile wow no braces, everything's hands free i wasn't so lucky invis is not your parents' braces invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. >> and we're back at 6.55 the giants playing great baseball sweeping the reds by a huge margin really impressive show yesterday. so let's get right to the highlights 3rd inning. here we are. steven duggar stepping up to the plate. base is loaded like that would go gone. grand slam giants never looking back. brandon crawford. in fact, also sending one deep for a three-run homer self. and there's that shot evan longoria also help run up the score 2 in the 7th inning giants with an impressive final score. 19 to 4 boyle.
6:56 am
can't every like, every game i say i sit there waiting for something. like i want that. i want to watch that game a football score tonight, the giants hosting their rivals, he6.45. >> alright a's and we should gone better. but they were hosting the astro's in the coliseum in the 4th inning. the astro's extend their lead with this 2 run homer ages can catch up south astros get 8 to 4. the final is now heading south. they'll be taking on the angels in anaheim tonight. first pitch at 6.30, that doesn't bigger than tonight's game for the warriors because it's win or go home and it is at home. >> we're going to talk more about who they face to get into the postseason and the dire drought. what we're facing in the bay area. it's trouble living in ready devasta wildfires were the talk about what that situation is. plus, there's a homicide investigation underway they have identified the woman whose body was found in the east bay link. ■
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 7. >> morning and thanks for waking up with us. on a friday
7:00 am
friday. and are i'm james gaddis. 07:00am. >d fantastic. start this friday morning. let's see what's going to be like for the weekend. good morning. erica. good morning. very clear outside beautiful we're seeing blue throughout the bay area right now, not picking up. >> any rain or anything on like a last night when lake county the rain that moved into that kind of trickled into some parts of napa county and delay how out there. as for current conditions up in the north bay temperature out and tehran is about 52 degrees. winds. they're looking light a stationary winds at 8 miles per hour. asked. >>. >> were there we go. i got the next slide fairfield. there's a look at our rain totals from yesterday. but it's expected to be completely dry we have this high pressure that is building and that's going to give us warmer temperatures come this weekend by monday will be a little above there you see it on our satellite and radar that system that.


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