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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  June 4, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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afternoon. back to some upper 80's and for a couple of us, some low 90's further and further inland. as for conditions out there right now. you can see the evidence of that cool ocean air that is at least swept into the bay areas like the berkeley camp still in the midst of some of that low cloud cover having pushed in right along the coastline on to the peninsula and into portions of the east bay as well. >> winds out there trying to push their way inland, not as much of an onshore breeze as what we had seen earlier this week, but enough to at least a bit compared to the hottest - of cities further inland where out into the central valley. you're still looking at 90's in triple digits. if you're heading that way this weekend 50's for most of our current temperatures concord at 59 oakland at 56 alameda and fremont each at 55. in the meantime, pittsburgh at 68 degrees for that current temperature of more on your forecast. still to come. first, though, let's go on over to it is still early and it's a friday so hoping for some friday like yeah, we hope it stays friday like that would be nice right.
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>> but we've been seeing over the past couple of weeks. south traffic really starts to build along the bay bridge here. so hopefully we stay this way. a little under 8 minutes right now for your drive time. there is a high wind advisory along the altamonte past. so as you drive in there, just take your time and be safe heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 for you tl make that trip their ability with a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge under 8 minutes. as you head to richmond. we'll have more throughout the morning. but darren we'll send it over to you. bob, thanks a lot. 5. oh one and our big story. if anybody in your workplace is not vaccinated, then you will be required to wear a mask when you're in the same room here. we're talking about it will be done june 15th, but they're saying not so fast. now. cal osha initially rejected the proposed mask mandate. >> that would allow work places to go mask-free after june 15th if everyone is vaccinated. but after hours of public comment, the board approved the new standards but promised to make some changes. that's because the guidelines
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are from last november and would have required social distancing and masks for everyone. regardless of vaccination status for the foreseeable future to governor newsome has the power to override that rule. he weighed in during an event in san francisco yesterday. >> workplace is they're protecting large meatpacking facilities, larger industrial challenges and criteria and so always mindful of that. i'll be mindful of that in terms of making the subsequent decisions on that needs to be adjusted or corrected, but they did delay the decision. they got a lot of feedback in the last few weeks. we'll see where they land today. and i'll have more to say after right, read the final determination. >> as with everything covid things can change. but for now, workers have to keep masks on until after june. 15th unless an employer can prove that everyone is vaccinated. and if that's the case, then you can be mask free in the workplace as right the governor has no timeline for any further changes as
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people continue to get vaccinated and restrictions loosen up a little bit. one bay area. doctor says taking off the mask can be beneficial to all of us can force amanda hari takes a closer look. >> as covid numbers stay low, more people get vaccinated against the virus and we get closer to the june 15th reopening date, mask mandate guidelines are expected to loosen. i know it's really hard right now coming off of covid to even being exposed to anything but infectious disease expert and ucsf. professor doctor monica gandhi says being exposed to these more mild illnesses like colds and flu builds up your immune system and it just for supplies, but a color microbiomes are are diversity of what we live for us and how we know how to if we do see a serious she says through history. we've seen how continuing to avoid exposure. >> can have serious
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consequences. cultures. for example, that a boy rates of auto immune diseases allergies. and unfortunately cancers. she says knowing all of this. she plans to unmask when appropriate. i will feel comfortable asking because i fully vaccinated and i really convinced about how powerful these vaccines are. also that i to others and in the future. i'm unlikely to every winter. she says if you choose to continue wearing your mask. you'll likely be protected from getting the cold and flu. >> she says these masks are really more needed, though, when you are protecting ourselves from that more serious pathogen covid-19 in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> health officials in each bay area county are pushing to get the kids back into the classrooms by this fall. they say the covid situation has improved to the point that they can resume in person learning safely for everybody. doctors also say distance-learning can have a negative effect. >> on kids in more ways than
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one. they say that staying home can lead to anxiety depression self-harm and even drug abuse. >> the lack of in-person learning has disrupted education weekend. the social supports provided by school communities negatively impacted mental health and prevented participation in the rituals and shared milestones that tie our communities together. >> social development. you know, school such a huge part of it. doctor stress children, 12 and older should get vaccinated before the start of the new school year outdoor dining in to go cocktails will continue through the summer. governor newsom announced the parklets and to go cocktail options beyond june. 15th newsom says park. let's have help restaurants survive the pandemic. mayor london breed says she hopes they actually become a permanent fixture in san francisco. part of the state. >> has been moving in this direction. to stickley. and
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it's really revitalizing communities and neighborhoods. and this is the one bright light we've had throughout pandemic because you see people you see families. >> you see smiles. you see faces. >> the governor says permits for expanded outdoor dining areas are part of new legislation that is being discussed at the state capitol. you probably notice your grocery bill has been a lot higher lately or maybe you can't find coffee chicken and pork in your supermarket. that's because there's been an increase in demand for just about everything from meat to cars to consumer goods and it's leading to shortages san jose state university a must robert chapman would says the pandemic put and artificial stop on demand leading to a pause in manufacturing now with reopening underway. demand has increased and the supply chain has yet to catch up. >> the amount of shortages we're seeing right now are not too surprising. we have in the united states very efficient
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distribution system that delivers things to all kinds of stores and restaurants and businesses and some time homes based on the idea that the flow of goods is going to be predictable. so any time when it suddenly stopped being you will get shortages in parts of the of the supply chain. >> the increased demand is having a big impact on the lumber industry. the cost of lumber has gone up enormously causing new home prices to actually get this story a buckle up for the home prices to go up shocker talker will lose. another reason why we're paying more. see all that. would you do a daca? apparently. i don't know. it used to be like let's say it was 6,000. now. it's like. >> 1000 the kid morning happening today, governor newsome is going to draw the first 15 winners for the it's $50,000 friday is what i'm calling it. the vax 4 when program, the drying happens at 10 o'clock this morning. so they're giving away $50,000 in cash to 15 people. this
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friday. then another 15 people will win 50 grand a piece next friday and then don't forget that you've got the big drawing coming up on the 15th when they draw one 0.5 million dollars. that's the big prize for 10 people and all you have to do is at least have one shot so get yourself into the mix for that state lottery. and this is the final weekend of. >> family day, vaccination events in san francisco. these are events where they give vaccines and free snacks and all kinds of other raffle off prizes. >> today's event is at 09:00am at the first union at the first. i can't even read it first union mission church. there's the address on your screen. >> time now is 5. '08 and we are following other news this well, if you don't want to miss any of our covid stories throughout the morning. the best way to do that is a kron 4 dot com. and you can scan this code or take you right to our section. time now is 5.
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'08. and on the peninsula. preparations are underway for the san mateo county fair kicks off. >> that's right. there are many changes in place. i mean, it's not the fair of we're talking post pandemic hair, right. so you got to be safe. what are the changes? let's go to kron four's camila barco. she's live at the fairgrounds with what we need to know. good morning. camilla. >> good morning, daryn. james, so, yeah, the fair here in san mateo is opening its doors tomorrow. but as you guys said, there will be some changes. and here to talk about it with me as jessie both the assistant manager here at the carnival. so as always, when people go to the fair, they'll expect some food. the attractions. but there will be some safety protocol. so what can people expect? >> we're here to have a good people be, you want to be wearing we'll the rise a little more regularly than normal. we've changed a little
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bit of the lay a little bit. just to mitigate some my distancing changes, entrances and exits. but basically really going to be have the same feel so that's what we were trying to be. and i know you guys are trying to keep people safe. but people should also. >> be safe when they're out here. so people should should they expect to be wearing masks. social distancing. is that still happening when people come to the fair ground. yeah, i think so. you know, there. >> doing their due diligence for themselves basically we're. operators on the riser thing. we mainly focusing still on lap bar people's cell phones, cell phones a very a very big thing. these rides are getting bigger faster. they're going upside down, you know, so they need here be aware themselves and how they acted conduct themselves. >> and talking about the rides. i mean, are you know, is there going to be a little bit more of the way times because of the social distancing. how is that going to work out.
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>> now, there will be no be a little bit but not not. not a whole lot. i mean, people come to the fair. they're in groups. you know, they're still that really they nothing's changed in that fact when and the lines because everybody's there with their own groups. and so. they get on the rides together. the same same as as they would and they'll be, i'm sure they'll be has a little bit more. wait. time for a little bit more clean and this on the rides. it should be fine. >> awesome. well, thank you so much, jessie. and we have more information at kron 4 dot com as to what you can expect when you come here to the fairgrounds. but if you come to the fairgrounds, there is a catch. people who get vaccinated nearby. the fairgrounds can come to the fair for free. take a look at this. the fair's opening a vaccination clinic just steps away from the rights. the information is on your screen. it starts tomorrow at noon and runs until 08:00pm. the clinic is outside the fair's main entrance at 8, 5, workers from
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the san mateo county public health department will administer the pfizer or the johnson and johnson vaccine is available for anyone 12 years and older and if you get your vaccine here, you will get a free admission to the fair. a $20 voucher for food ad for free carnival ride tickets. the vaccines are free and no apartments needed. so we take a look at this. here some of the look. here's a look at the county fairgrounds. and as i said, if you come here, you have the chance. if you come here to the fairgrounds and get your vaccine. you have a chance to get free admission to the fair and the covid shots are being offered every day. the fair is open deiah. james, back to you. >> you know, i don't care what they offered area if they don't have deep fried orioles. i'm not coming a lot of really said thank you, camila k, what about the deep fried twinkies see me. got it. my favorite thing is seeing will inhale food at the fair. >> maybe next year. still
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ahead on got 4 morning news, a local business has a plan to fight the homeless problem. but it's going to come at a cost. >> and we are honoring the victims of the vta shootings in san jose. >> we're going to take a look at more behind the 9 people who lost their lives. and then after the break, president biden has a new way to pay for his massive infrastructure plan level of a live report dc.
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>> 5.15 right now. checking out the weather going into. the weekend. it was i thought yesterday with we're on a downward trend yeah afternoon. i too thought it was my imagination, but it was a night. it was yeah. is it me someone turn the ac down a notch. that's what >> because the sea breeze just relaxed a bit. yeah, our inland areas got a little hotter. even some of our areas closer to the bay. you noticed a bit of a warmer feel to it yesterday. towards the coast. i think people actually enjoy the fact that the wind wasn't quite as blustery as it has been to start the week. now. we are looking outside at the coastline this morning. half moon bay. one of our spots where you are seeing some of the low gray sitting over head this morning. now as we work our way through today. you will get a dose of sunshine out there along the coastline. >> winds will try to push further inland and that will at least help to have a moderating effect on what our
5:17 am
temperatures will be like in the bay compared to our hot inland areas where daytime highs will still be in the triple digits to 90's across the central valley. this low to our north is going to be a big weather change or into next week that you'll be able to see in your forecast in the seven-day. still to come, futurecast a wind gust does show that we will have a sea breeze continuing today. much like yesterday. it's going to be on the lighter side of things. it will be enough to cool temperatures back down around 5 degrees in concord, in livermore as well as around 5 degrees. cooler for areas in the north bay like sandra fell in petaluma which did get noticeably hotter yesterday. today's daytime highs1in san francisco, 50's and 60's same right along the coastline two-man tara and al gore not at 5857 temperatures along the bay shore in the 60's to 70's burlingame at 71 redwood city. 76 mountain view at 78 south bay temperatures back into the low 80's. not a lot of change for you in the south bay today, east bay livermore, you're back down from yesterday's 89 to 83. so there is some relief concord. you
5:18 am
are also in the upper 80's now back down to 85 oakland and berkeley in the 60's while the lay how at 78 still to 90's on the map. vacaville in antioch at 9392. a look ahead at our next 7 days. and you can see we've got even cooler weather ahead of us into next week. today, tomorrow and sunday inland areas still on the warm side. nothing oppressively hot, but warm enough monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday could hardly even call it warm. it's going to be really comfortable highs around room. temperature had our warmest only in the 70's reyna. john, thank you for that. so we have a traffic hazard. this is out here in pleasant hill. >> a downed tree there. northbound 6.80 at concord avenue however, i'm not seeing any delays you're traveling to conquer pleasant hill ore along highway 4 still pretty early this morning as you head into the city, a little under 9 minutes for your drive. time traffic still pretty light here at the bay bridge for us as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes for you. traveling there looking at a richmond
5:19 am
center fell coming out reach with under 8 minutes. we're staying on top of this. we'll have more of daria send it over to you. thanks a lot 5 18 12 billion dollars. that's how much one local business group says it's going to cost to end homelessness in the bay area. the bay area council's senior vice president of public policy says the investment would dramatically increase our supply of emergency shelters. expand rental assistance to keep people from being homeless in the first place and increase investment in menta health and substance programs. >> by age deciding not to invest and housing and shelters. we are by default deciding to invest. instead in the criminal justice system and emergency health care for these people who are now living on the streets in harm's way the the women mercy of the elements. so we're investing in it one way or another.
5:20 am
>> the money would come from the state and federal government along with a proposed regional 10 billion dollar ballot measure advocates are also calling on california to declare a shelter crisis in cities where the unsheltered homeless population is over 10%, which means the city's cannot stop construction on more shelters. they need to keep getting going on affordable housing and shelters. 5.20 right now. in national news, president biden this morning proposing a new way to pay for his massive infrastructure plan. this comes as negotiations with senate republicans is entering a critical stage story. a washington, dc correspondent reshad hudson joins us live with more. hi, i'm shot. >> good morning, daryn. president biden meet later today. once again with the lead republican sen who's leading those infrastructure negotiations. but the pressure is growing from both sides to get a deal done soon. >> a historic investment in
5:21 am
infrastructure. modernizing our anything jason's infrastructure becoming more competitive around the world. president biden is proposing a 15 minimum tax on corporations as a possible compromise to pay for his infrastructure plan. >> he's proposed ways to pay for it right. others have not exactly done the same but lead republican negotiator, west virginia senator shelley moore capital says there are ways to pay for the gop plan highway trust fund. repurposing covid dollars. >> financing structure to bring more private investment in user fees thursday, transportation secretary pete buttigieg took the administration's pitch for infrastructure on the road to tennessee. we have 45,000 bridges. >> in poor condition in this country. americans cross those 178 million times. >> every single day. america has fallen out of the top 10 in infrastructure. >> buttigieg has played a key role in talks with republicans to come from on a price tag conversations in good faith.
5:22 am
>> our we are eager to make sure those conversations get every opportunity to succeed. but the president also said inaction is not an option. >> now, later today, president biden will address the nation in terms of the economy and the latest jobs report. we can also expect him to make another push for his infrastructure plan reporting live in washington rashad hudson, back to you. thank you. shot. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news alum and his new police chief is getting ready for his swearing in his goals for the department moving forward.
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>> will another mountain lion sighting in the bay area. this time in millbrae. it was seen on or of this to yesterday evening and after looking at surveillance video from the area deputies determined that is. >> likely the same outline that was seen in the same area on wednesday. wait. so this isn't the one that dove through into living room now is so husky feline. it's keeps coming back. right. so they've determined they looked at. they have video proof daria, that is the same. but like yeah. so they as obvious, right. if you see them outlined stay away. call police and they will come out there with their feline catchers and with which was the one that went through the living on what does and bruno.
5:26 am
>> 2 guys. you remember anyone buehler. >> yeah. how san bruno we went in somebodies house at midnight into the in rent, he thought the dead deer on the wall was food. probably. that's why he would don't put taxidermy in your living room only dogs are of taxidermy is. >> dogs playing poker. can say. because you have dogs that helps they make noise and movements. somebody else's house like wills. >> 5.26 right now. alametos new police chief is revealing how he plans to change the department with this new era of policing, new shot. joe, she understands he will face intense scrutiny following the death of mario gonzalez. he died in police custody of alameda officers. joe. she also acknowledges the importance of accountability and he is promising real change and the dynamics of the department. >> 128 plan that i'm going to i'm going to share one site touchdown. but i have written
5:27 am
it up. and but the heart of that plan is to look with similar what what it will do, though, by looking listening and learning. is it one for me to to help create a long-term 3 to 5 year plan to get this agency. in line with best practices. not saying this agency is behind. i think the entire industry has to catch up with what society expects in law enforcement today. >> the new alameda police chief will be sworn in on monday. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news as same couple claims they were targeted for showing affection at a pool. we will have the full details and reaction coming up right after the coming up right after the break. coming up right after the break. some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making. most people reached an a1c under 7%.
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>> 5.30, is the time. and we're taking a look at the fog which really descending on san francisco. it looks erie. right. you want put some like some like jaws music. i was just to one side effects. >> other video does that sound good? >> there we go. right. that looks like you're taking a ferry out to out to take you, right. good by live are you saying so you did you get lip burn? burn your lips in the sun. i may have my the rest these games goodness for the fog for me at least because i don't need to worry about sunscreen this morning for a few more hours. >> later on today, though, be
5:31 am
reapplying it because we will get a good dose of sunshine once this fog does burn off it's a sign of the cool ocean air that has been sweeping through the bay area the past few days, sea breeze wasn't as much of a thing yesterday so our inland areas, even some of the north bay side. temperatures really climbing for your daytime highs and you probably notice that feel as you went to bed last night looking outside at our berkeley cam. also quite foggy this morning visibility is fine for most of our bayside areas. but it doesn't take long until you head into that foggy blanket that sitting right above us. so hillsides and even some of our bridges are very close to the foggy layer. that is just aloft the bay this morning future cast of wind gusts to show winds picking back up this afternoon. that will help to moderate temperatures continually at least for most of the bay area and for inland areas, there will be a slight temperature drop compared to where your daytime highs were yesterday. today. we are in the 50's to kick things off this friday morning. so light jacket is all you need as you're getting out there.
5:32 am
reyna. tom, thank you for that. seen some scattered. >> traffic collisions here in the air. however, nothing causing much of a delay at all. and this early hour. so northbound, 6.80, and mission boulevard in fremont. there's a traffic collision there. we'll keep a close eye on that. as you can see, 6.80 not impacted by that. as you head into the city this morning. a little under 9 minutes for your drive. time to that fremont street exit traffic is flowing. the san mateo bridge. as you cross in towards the peninsula a little under 14 for you there. no major delays richmond sandra fell commute. as you head out of richmond under 9 minutes. we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge about 90 minutes. 18 is a traveling into the city. so we'll continue to stay on top of your traffic throughout the morning. daria and we'll send it over to you. thanks a lot or a 5.32 and just as pride month gets underway. a bay area couple. >> says that they were confronted by a group at a hotel pool and asked to stop kissing because there were children around. this has gone
5:33 am
viral. witnesses say the couple was being targeted because of who they are. kron four's. gayle ong has the story. >> i started reporting and i started saying shame and who won the bulls order join to enter. >> because the mood of the pool was very. joy. it was very that until that incident happens, r kelly goes film. this now viral video to stand up for oakland resident dominique beasley. >> beasley says she was asked by these women to stop kissing her female friend in front of their children at the pool there. and i was like, you know, it's totally fine fight holy understand, you know. >> when i was like 3 or 4. i saw these ladies casein and look at me now. you know, so totally understand and she was just like can that you're going to be a look at our friend to know like are you on board. and she was like with i was like it's crazy like max martin homophobia look like a hint racism them pick that. and she was just like.
5:34 am
>> and but most kind of done with the conversation. witnesses believe this was a homophobic incident. it was a sunday of memorial day weekend at the sawyer hotel in downtown sacramento when this exchange happened as the group was leaving. in a statement, a spokesperson for the women and their family. seen in the video read in part, quote, this incident had nothing to do with homophobia racism or even kissing it involved what appeared to be intercourse and inappropriate activity in close proximity of children when members of the party politely and respectfully ask that some of the activity be toned down because children were close by in the pool. they were met with aggressive verbal attacks the fleeing witnesses disagree. >> people supporting other people is so threatening to them. you know, we don't want to support each other. >> and because i was right next to those women and there was nothing happening that was inappropriate and not family. there are plenty of other kids and no one
5:35 am
>> then just stop nor. any other couple they're asked to most of the top there. >> we're straight seasons says she hopes this incident will be a teachable moment. she could have chosen to talk kids about anything like you know, the difference is being uncomfortable. you know, if she didn't feel like that was them the type display that people should be having. she couldn't like, you know this talk to her body even she wanted to like have that kind of you. the hotel issued a statement saying, quote, the sawyer does not condone discrimination or verbal assault of any kind. >> an unfortunate disagreement between guess occurred at our pool over the holiday weekend and the matter has since been resolved. gayle ong kron 4 news. in the south bay more than a week after the mass shooting at the vta in san jose. the community dealing with yet another shooting death that happened. >> thursday afternoon in the area north of san pedro and west hedding street. a person
5:36 am
was shot and killed there just blocks away from last wednesday's mass shooting at the santa clara valley transportation authority maintenance facility. the vta transit system is still honoring those who lost their lives 9 people was shot and killed by the gunman and they have these special buses. now you see the hashtag dt a family on the side of the bus light rail service has been suspended until further notice there are bus bridges in place to help people get around. oakland crime stoppers is now offering a $10,000 reward for any information in the death of duggar. >> that 19 year-old woman was last seen in oakland back in january. her body was found in a remote area of siskiyou county in april on thursday, doctors family met near the spot where she vanished in oakland pleading with the community for answers. >> my sister tatiana is the definition of sunshine when she walked into a room she
5:37 am
made everything better. her smile was contagious. and so was her last. you actually didn't have to know her to love her. exactly why we're here today. because people from all walks of life. so my sister demanded justice for her. >> deckers family says her car was found in the sacramento area. but her phone and other belongings are still missing this morning. anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police department. >> time now is 5.37 still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news 2 sets of adorable french bulldogs are snatched by thieves in the east bay. we're going have more on this growing trend so that you can protect your fight. >> well, nascar is in town here at the sonoma county raceway and is poised to be one of the biggest event since the pandemic will tell you how they're keeping people safe and how many people expected come out after the break. >> and it is friday. so if
5:38 am
you're getting out and about this weekend. look for to some really nice weather will eventually get to some sunshine across the day after. what is a bit of a cloudy cloudy start to this morning. 70's 80's for most of our daytime highs. your forecast is ahead. early and we're still experiencing some friday light. >> hopefully it stays that way. we're tracking your drive times and accident out in the fremont area. we'll have more on that coming up after the break. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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>> guard your pets in the east bay for french bulldogs were stolen from 2 separate families. unfortunately, 2 of them have been found. but the other 2 are still missing. there's some ring video here capturing the dog napper or dog snatcher stealing 2 frenchy's from an oakland home tuesday evening, all the popular breed has become increasingly popular for thieves to steal because they can fetch thousands of dollars. >> it is national the puppy. some you don't like 10 months, 11 months old. i heard just thinks it's not cool. having them. it feel like this. somebody took the are, you know, to me just took something better that says. >> you know what, when you and people reselling tickets selling for thousands of dollars. and you know, that's what people invest because they want these little pooches. maybe god dog. walker. remember, oh, french bulldogs. yeah. look at their kew. so we're still looking for that have not been found
5:42 am
yet. they were stolen from pinole somebodys monday night. they've since been returned. t% but then the other 2 are still missing. so yeah, it's just a particular breed that's really popular for good reason. they're the rock has an to member here. rescued his own one for the from swimming remember, he just chart. i know you like to call them. >> the fur babies. so that is beyond fan. that's my call in their just happened to walk on all fours. that was my child will be right back.
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♪new york♪ and nascar is back at the sonoma been a long time well. since 2019 right down into it last year. biggest one of the biggest sporting events in california and we're going to see those engines fire up kron 4. sarah stinson live at the raceway safety of course. and are they going to regulate the crowds. >> yeah, they can only do 33% capacity here and usually they can get up to 47,000 people in the stands behind me. but with the protocol in place, the requirements 33% capacity to put them at 15,000 about 500 people. they may be out the giants. they're trying to run for their money and they're going to have a lot of people out here excited to see nascar because we haven't even says
5:46 am
2019. you're right. well, it's been a long time. they had to cancel last year the sunday event, the toyota save mart 3.50 sold-out now joining us live. here is the communications director at the sonoma raceway are excited that people finally back. oh, absolutely. we are thrilled. i mean, just a few months ago. we didn't know going to race again. we don't know if we're going to have spectators. so to open our gates back up you know, in in this year and have a nascar fans back. >> nascar cup series drivers back on the track. the the roar of the engines and to be able to open our gates and welcome our fans back. it just it just means everything to us here at sonoma raceway. the energy, amber. i came. i think 2019 and it is a high energy. it's loud. it's exciting. now. we're going to have that excitement. but you guess what? we have a pandemic that we're kind of still in here. so let's let's talk about what is going to be done to keep people safe. that 15,500 people coming on sunday. absolutely we are we are thrilled to have nascar back on track. but we take this you
5:47 am
know, very seriously. the race. we want to make sure we have a very fun but a very safe event here in sonoma. so we're going to do is weed that out. tickets are digital. so there's no, you know, taking of stubbs know everything's pretty much contact list. so. >> cashless. so you got to bring your plastic everything's on credit cards. we'll have socially distant seating so you'll see people seated in pods throughout the throughout the raceway masks are required because we are large sporting event. masks for spectators are required and obviously a huge efforts around or sensation around here. and we're very lucky to be in a permanent outdoor facility. so we just feel like going to protect our race fans and give them a weekend. they they won't forget certainly won't won't food here that people love to eat. of course, when you're eating, you take off your mask. enjoy your. >> you know, delicious kind of fair food. if you will, nascar food. but then put it back on make sure that you mask up yet make protecting yourself and those around you and you're out here and like i said,
5:48 am
people also be seated in with 6 feet. pretty much salmon are. >> around them. so we should be able to have a good safe event. nascar's been back on track with spectators for a really long time. so they have a proven track record of making sure they have safe events for fans. yeah. and then before sunday. tomorrow we have a race as well. but then today you're doing something very special because of covid. you can't have as many of the racers here, practicing like they would to doing something for charity. can you tell the people at home about that. yeah, one of the things we take very seriously here at santa maria swayze, making sure that we're making an impact in our community and those around us. so now along with speedway, children's charities or charitable arm of sonoma raceway. we've put together a lapse for charity event anyone any and is open to the public can register for it's it is $225 for spot because it's nascar friday and we may never have this chance to get cars on track. a pedestrian cars on ever again. so people have signed up and we'll raise about $29,000 for speedway, children's charities and
5:49 am
people sign up and take a few laps around the track in the lead followed session with professional racing instructors and and raise some money for the kids of sonoma county and what's better than that. you get to ride your car, say it's a toyota camry and right on the track end. >> provide money for those in need. what a great way to do this. like spots left, though sonoma raceway, dot coms how they can sign up. absolutely give a call visits number com or. >> call 808, 7, 0 race and we'll get one of those last few few spots pretty cool. we're going to be live here all morning. thank you so much, jennifer. and we are excited to be here. we're going to be talking to some of the racers and that includes a 16 year-old that we like talked to this morning from menlo park pretty cool me out here racing on in nascar. so join us in the next hour. should be live around the same time. it's going to be funded well. >> all right. thanks a lot of sarah. it's going to be a lot of fun. there's a lot of stuff to do this weekend. so at the nascar. sonoma, the fair. we
5:50 am
got the fair right. camille, is that the i love that they fired at the rides for her at 5 in the morning. but it should be nice weekend for all this and the water park a great america. grand opening that's right. this is all, you know when you water this weekend yeah, i good weekend for the in the 80's out there before we do fall into the 70's for some of the same areas into early next week. so we really are in for a nice weekend. and it's so nice to actually see some events going on last year around mount around this time didn't have so much stuff to talk about. so this is a nice change of pace. >> looking outside this morning. we are seeing some cloud cover out there and some fog in the distance. the timber on right here. low clouds trying to push in as we do still see marine air making its way on into the bay. sparing us, the hottest of temperatures that inland areas like bakersfield still in the triple digits are experiencing today. those of us in the bay area tapping into some cool there and even cooler weather just around the corner showed you this map showing that
5:51 am
onshore breeze all week long. up to this point and that is showing you that cool ocean air sweeping on into the bay area making for that cooling effect that we've enjoyed. as for temperatures today, 50's and 60's for your daytime highs in san francisco and right along the coastline, temperatures for our bayside cities in the 60's and 70's foster city of nice. 72 for you. palo alto. 77 mountain view at 78 santa clara at 80 degrees today while san jose 81 east bay, daytime highs, mostly 70's to 80's. we will have a few 60's and oakland and berkeley, though, and with concord 85. that's 4 degrees down from yesterday's toasty day time high. we saw a little bit of a black sea breeze last night. so many of you notice that yesterday felt warmer today. it's still going to feel warm at times. but we are also going to see sea breeze having up more of an impact that's going to cool a few of us down just a couple of degrees saturday and sunday. we keep the good stuff around 80's inland 70's by the bay 60's by the coast. and next week we just get a bit cooler
5:52 am
june at not your most seasonable start to the month. we're going to be in the 70's that our warmest monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday which is unseasonably cool. but i think a lot of us are okay with it as we make our way through the month. reyna. >> don, thank you for that. i think the same thing as you are traveling along highway 24 a little under 12 minutes for your drive time there to get to that 5.80. interchange heading into the city traffic still pretty light. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time as you're heading from the east bay to that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge. no major delays slowing you down this morning. a little under 13 for your drive to measure driving. there tracking the traffic collision. that is not slowing things down at all. northbound 6.80, a mission boulevard in fremont. emily with a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge heading out of richmond. 8 minutes for your drive time. there will be back with more news, more traffic, more weather. all the good stuff after the break.
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>> the san francisco giants started a five-game series against the chicago cubs with a win at oracle park. let's jump to the 5th inning. brandon crawford swings for the fences. it's the over center that is gone for a three-run home run giving the giants the lead. >> the giants will go on to beat the cubs, the final score of 72 is so great to have fans back in ballpark game 00:00am tonight. first pitch 6.45. meantime, the a's. they are on
5:56 am
the road playing the colorado rockies first pitch for their game at 5.42. >> coming up in the next hour. see what changes the san mateo county fair is making to keep your kids and you safe in the pandemic and there are updated mask guidelines for the workplace. we'll tell you about the changes in the next hour. plus it is $50,000 friday. the first one in the state where if you're vaccinated, you get a shot at 50 grand. we'll tell you about the lottery and the big one 0.5 million dollar prize to come.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the 4 morning news at 6. >> happy friday to you. i'm darya folsom. we'll trend in for james fletcher. it's going to be a warm day and i didn't want to spend money because i like to say camp and had to at turn on the ac it wasn't your imagination. i thought it was my imagination. i love it so i don't have a he was a lot of people don't have, you know, in the bay area. so i have nobody to blame. you know, i just don't have c. >> but will you have a c. i can see the kids going. see
6:00 am
where you it was an insufferable, but is it warm. you know what, i bust in the morning, you might enjoy life. treat yourself. so that's what i did. she say to are you guys the people that don't turn the ac on in the car because it was the gas because i've been in cars with those people before. for me it's the electric car. i can't thank see because all my battery will still rely on us soil. like there's no a c and areas got that bubble. well, it was definitely a warmer feel yesterday for inland areas, even for parts of the north bay. we saw less of that sea breeze. so less of our ocean cool. there was pushed inland. >> and you didn't notice the difference towards the end of the day. a lot of you are probably thinking wish i did have that ac right about now. now nature's they see clearly in play at berkeley at least you can see that there is some fog out there. marine layer has scooted inland. it just didn't do so as far inland as what it was that the case the past few evenings


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