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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 7, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at 6. not only water hops. >> or alternate days of watering or no watering their driveway every city is different. they all have different cultures. >> now at 6, a water shortage. emergency mandatory water restrictions are looming for some 2 million people in the south bay. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining in prime for news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the latest drought monitor map. you see right here shows more most of the north and the east bay are in
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that dry us category. that's exceptional tear. the darkest color here. water managers are all but certain to declare a water shortage emergence on boards. rob fladeboe explains exactly what that means for some south bay residents. the alley water, the public entity in charge of selling water to retailers across the greater south bay. >> has announced it is seeking a 15% reduction in county. wide water use from 2019 levels that means most south bay residents will likely face some form of mandatory water restrictions in the months ahead. the action is the result of drought cutbacks in imported water and the draining of anderson reservoir in morgan hill. >> equal to all the other reservoirs in the county combined is at 3%. so it's 90% empty. we've been ordered by the federal government to mta do decide to make restrictions the action impacting some 2 million people mean santa clara county will be the most populous region in the state. >> to face a return to
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mandatory restrictions, not seen since the drought that lasted from 2000, 12 to 2016. >> valley water is asking cities and private water companies to enforce the restrictions, likely to include rules about watering lawns and landscaping. i broke the news to a couple of residents of san jose's, willow glen neighborhood, both of whom said they are on board with the restrictions. i think it's a good thing. i totally >> need a green rather be saving water. yeah. we've definitely been through it and we've kind of been. >> gearing up for it again. so in some of the habits we never stopped from before. >> the mandatory restrictions might also mean cities and other retail providers could raise water rates and impose penalties for over use enforcement might also mean we could see so-called water cops once again patrolling neighborhoods to issue warnings and or fines to those not in compliance. we don't have any enforcement. >> capabilities that is up to the cities and people like our water in san jose water if they want to have water
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police. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> more than a million people in the east bay could soon see more expensive water bills east bay mud is holding a public hearing tomorrow on a proposed 8% rate increase for tap water and wastewater the increase would be for the next 2 years. it would be a 4% increase starting on july. the first of this year and an additional 4% increase on july. first of 2022 the tuesday meeting starts tomorrow at one 15 in the afternoon east bay mud provides drinking water to 1.4 million customers in alameda and contra costa counties. so with that in mind, let's talk about the weather as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza area east and westbound things moving real well and not a cloud in the sky, but it is windy out there. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to tell us what's going does the wind advisory still in effect yet in effect until 8 o'clock tonight. see some very gusty winds up to. welcome back.
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make them more. good to see you. and yeah, we are going to see some changes coming our way. the next few days some much cooler air coming in our direction. >> wind advisory. you can see shannon brown along the coastline. parts of the east bay and also to the north bay to some of the sustained winds. yeah. for a fairly 15 to 25 mile an hour sustained gusting 35 to maybe 45 miles per hour, especially closer to the coastline and we're seeing some of those blustery conditions right now to 23 miles an hour at sfo 22 in daly city. also in the rich, you've got some stronger winds as you move a little further north right now near beach just had a gust of 32 miles an hour. 29 mile an hour gusts there. apple 27 at stinson beach. 25 in canfield. 31 in the bottle. then you get over to the east bay, maybe not as strong, but still, it's kind of blustery afternoon. you'll notice all those winds generally coming out of a westerly direction. that's that on shore that is good news. that is bringing some moisture from the pacific. so fire danger is elevated in spots but not exceptionally high of to soar in offshore
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wind event. we're getting winds like this that be of greater concern in the south bay. you've got some winds blowing to 21 miles an hour in sonny bill. 12 mile hour gust in the campbell 17 in san jose. but speaking of fire danger, you can see just elevated all around a good part of the north bay and parts of the east bay area. see the area shaded in yellow. there. there's just north of vacaville their orange. that is a little bit more significant fire existing in that area but looks like there's going to be cooling down. we'll talk about more about that coming up in a few very much, lawrence to the peninsula. now we want to tell you about some controlled burn center planned for wednesday, fire crews will be doing controlled burns along the. >> san andreas lake dam and the killer. see those lake dam in san mateo county has just north of crystal springs reserve or drier drivers will see smoke off of interstate 2.80 near burlingame. the burns are set to start at 9 o'clock wednesday morning and right now on kron 4 dot com we have a page for wildfire information you can use your mobile device to scan that qr
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code on your screen. it will take you straight there. you'll also find things such as wildfire preparedness, tips and an evacuation checklist. we want to tell you about several take have taken place in the bay area first we start in the south bay. that is where police are investigating an overnight shooting that killed. >> one person in east san jose police say that shooting happened about 3. this morning in the area of the park lane and santi drive near the ace esperanza middle school police are still looking for the shooter. this is san jose's 20th homicide of the year in the east bay. 5 people are being treated at a hospital after a shooting in oakland. this is video of the scene. this is from the citizen app. the shooting happened on avenue and the fremont neighborhood just after 9 o'clock last night. one of the victims is in critical condition. the others in stable condition. their ages range from 21 to 36 years old. police have not given out any
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information at this time on the suspect and then the north bay a woman recovering after being shot in the lane home. police found the woman after responding to reports of multiple shots fired in the area of georgia and sacramento streets filet o police are asking the solano and napa county sheriff's offices for help with the investigation. turning now to our coronavirus coverage with more people getting vaccinated counties across the bay area seen a sharp drop in the death rate. >> but alameda county saw a dramatic drop overnight and it's not due to vaccines. but to the new way the county is calculating the numbers. kron four's. dan kerman live for us in the east bay was more than. >> what had been happening in alameda county was if you showed up at the hospital and you tested positive for covid-19 whether or not that related to your death or not. you were counted as a covid death. now they are being more careful about how they are classifying those covid related deaths. a look at
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alameda county's covid-19 dashboard last week show the total number of deaths was at more than 1600. but a look now shows the death toll at over 1200. the huge drop this because alameda county has changed the way it calculates covid deaths because it realized it was leading to an accurate information. >> if the question was how many people who get admitted to the hospital. every place is covid test in the way only the county was doing a previously would have made a lot of ships, but u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says. >> just because she test positive for covid-19 doesn't mean that necessarily contributed to your death. >> what they've done. there was a cold out those cases of people who got admitted to the hospital, had a positive covid test that they may never be that it did for another reason like a heart attack. and that's why they died or they could have fracture their hip and they've got pneumonia and died in the hospital. but because they had a positive covid test previously. they were counted as a cold case.
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>> alameda county is now counting covid deaths just like the state and federal government not simply a positive test but only if someone died as a direct result of covid-19. if covid-19 was a contributing cause of death or of covid-19 could not be ruled out as a cause of death. >> during the pandemic. we've had to revise a lot of our all the way switches things because it's a very dynamic situation. everyone understands that this is just another example there's a better way to do it. we've discovered what but that is and we've made that change. >> in short spurts as many counties in the bay area had already been doing it that way. he says this is unique and he says really overall, if you look at the death numbers nationally as we look back at the pandemic down the road. those death numbers will be under reported nationwide live in alameda. dan kerman kron 4 news stand. thank you. >> both pride and joy on
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display at san francisco city hall today. today was both the kickoff to pride month. and the first day that weddings could take place inside that beautiful building. kron four's maureen kelly was there. >> the san francisco freedom and played james brown's classic about feeling good as the lgbt community gathered outside city hall for the official kickoff to pride greeting each other with hugs and set of elbow bumps, all leading up to the traditional raising of the rainbow flag. the mayor exuding pride for the city as it inches closer to what it was like prepandemic. i'm feeling so good about what we've accomplished during this pandemic and we would have been able to do that. >> without so many of you. so thank you for keeping us safe. let's celebrate pride. let's enjoy san francisco. let's come alive again this year. pride festivities will be both virtual and some in person. but for the second year in a row, there will be no big pride parade. you can't cancel pride pride is who we are. and our hearts pride is our
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community. i now pronounce you spouses for live. you may kiss. >> and it's fitting that the first pair to have their wedding officiated by the mayor inside the rotunda in over a year is a same made this we know it's still hard. >> times out there. but, you know, it's we're just so lucky and blessed. the ceremonies are still affected by the pandemic while the couple's could have their faces uncovered while the exchange, their vows, their guests wear masks and limited only 6 people. but for those who had to put off their weddings for so long because of coronavirus, it was still important to be in person for such a momentous occasion we're really excited. we're thrilled or my parents or friends are here. and so we're. we're really thrilled to could be all together and celebrate people who are sharing their moments. >> one of the most important moments of their lives and deciding to join together
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matrimony with someone else. the love was in the air. it felt so good to be here today. >> a day. we're both pride and joy returned to san francisco city hall. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 6, a warning about amazon's new sidewalk. technology is supposed to help your devices. stay connected to the internet all the time. but cybersecurity experts are not sure this is a good idea. what you need to know before it launches tomorrow. >> plus, apple announcing some major updates today facetime for android users as well as a digital driver's license. we're going hear from cnn's about these new features and how raging waters off of our california coastline washed away. one man's attempt at a away. one man's attempt at a world record. at worksman cycles, away. one man's attempt at a world record. we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles.
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warns baby sleeper manufacturers that if they don't improve internal safety procedures. congress would step in with tougher consumer protection laws. >> this comes after a series of recalls linked to at least 50 infant deaths. a new congressional report found that toy maker fisher price ignored critical warnings from experts in foreign regulators about its rock n play sleeper. >> mattel did not consult with a single pediatrician. our conduct a single scientific study to find out if it was
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safe for babies to sleep at an angle in the u.s. the product. >> was was approved. we rather we met. we met all this time. we believe that the product was safe when used in accordance with the instruction. later studies also confirm that the product was safe. >> lawmakers say mattel and fisher price are blaming the parents instead of taking responsibility last week. the consumer product safety commission voted to ban a range of inclined infant sleeping products. but today was the first day of apple's week-long worldwide developers conference. the tech giant announced that android and windows users will finally be able to join facetime calls. apple users will have to create a lake kind of like zoom and then share it with people in advance. >> what's going to be interesting is that because you have to go through this extra step of you would have to a link then sent to them to be able to join. and it's not as easy as when you're in the contacts app and you just push
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the little button right. so apple is still, you know, they're they're not making it as easy as they could. and in this age of zoom absence, skype babson. you know, facebook what's have their own full-fledged web apps. it feels a little half measure ee. but hey, maybe people really like it. >> a release date was not immediately announced, but it sounds like the web features will launch with ios 15 in the fall today. apple also announced a forthcoming update to its wallet app. you'll soon be able to use your iphone as digital identification at select us airports. according to the tech giant, the transportation security administration is working on supporting the digital feature. the new update will be made later this year and it's not exclusive to just i d's the tech giant is also expanding documents and cards users can update such as hotel key cards in the bay area starting today. bart is adding
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several more trips to his schedule as ridership bounces back. there are now 26 additional trips on the monday through friday schedule and 16 additional trips on saturday. all right. says trains will run with in oakland and san francisco 4 to 15 minutes apart during peak hours. >> that we think a lot of folks are going to show up, going to their jobs today and be pleasantly surprised that they have more options in terms of when they can get there that they'll have more trains available to them. these new rides, these new trains are being added to our 3 busiest lines. >> those 3 lines, the yellow line, which is antioch sfo. the green line to daly city and the red line, which is richmond through millbrae plus, spokesperson says today's changes are really gearing up. the bart staff for its further reopening on august. the 30th. an update now to the kayaker who was attempting to paddle solo from sausalito to hawaii. >> 44 year-old siro was rescued by the coast guard
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saturday night about 70 miles off the coast of santa cruz. this is video from the coast guard of that rescue we've been following hills his journey on kron 4 since he first took off from sausalito on may 31st trying to make it to hawaii by himself to set a guinness world record. we caught up with him earlier today and he told us why that trip was cut short. now what happened is one of the equipment failed and there's nothing i could do about it. it could not repair. >> i had a backup plan and that one failed as well. and it just happens. and i was lucky to be not too far. the coast that could do click quit prepare get the boat again because it's still the drift on the water and bring it back and get ready. i can make that we do for this year. that would be amazing if not to have to reassess meant to do it. >> sarah was born in france, but he now lives in larkspur back in 2016, he completed the journey from california to hawaii as part of a 4 man rowing crew that tripped up that team 40 days now to our 4 zone forecast. a live look
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outside from our mount tam camera has been pretty windy, actually has been like that for several days can seems like a weak yeah. can't get a break. get seriously since about march. been seeing these gusty winds around the bay area. >> well, today, no exception. those winds blustery outside once again. but you head out along the coastline years not seeing much of something and that fog the temperatures just a little too cool to support some of the fog, just some patchy stuff out there right now on to the folks walking out there at the beach to with even with some of the wind blowing outside temperatures today running a little bit below the average 60 degrees in san francisco 66 today for a high. >> in oakland. a pleasant day. warm, 70 degrees in san jose. but that's below the average 71 in livermore, 76 degrees and cocker and 82 degrees in santa rosa broad trough of low pressure going to camp out along the coastline as we head throughout this week. that's going bring some unusually cool temperatures. the bay area, the corps top it out maybe in the 70's, maybe only 60's as we get into wednesday and it could be breezy around the bay area. maybe not as windy as it was today. but
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still we'll see some of those winds kicking up outside now up there right now we've got mostly clear skies couple high clouds up above kind of cruise into should make for a sunset for tonight. the winds. well, we'll start to calm down a bit overnight tonight we've seen some gusty winds over 30 miles an hour. so 4 by tomorrow morning. just a general sea breeze. and by the afternoon and maybe some of those winds up to 20 plus miles an hour. but that's a far cry from what we're experiencing around the bay area for today. so that being said, next couple days. here we go. we've got jim some changes on the way. we've got trough of low pressure going to dig along the coastline that will really cool the temperatures down even tomorrow will be cooler. i think more so we're going to bottom out on wednesday that will bring temperatures highs generally in the 60's. the warmest spots. that will be a good 10 degrees below the average in many spots. maybe a little bit more than that. we'll start warming up on thursday and friday right now. next weekend looking good, those temperatures back in the 80's. thank you its move over iron man. coming up next, a new aerial pursuit now taking off. pretty cool. looking.
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closest friends. >> i really want come with me. would you use >> the new shepard rocket ship flight set to take off on july 20th. if all goes according to plan basis will be the first of the billionaire space tycoons to experience a ride aboard the rocket technology that he's poured millions sexually billion dollars a year into developing check this out. an australian daredevil took his first test flight of an electric-powered backpack helicopter. it's known as the copter pack. the device uses to rotors connected to a backpack with arrests and hand controls the pilot took off and landed in a standing stationary position. he reached an altitude of about 50 feet and flew for about a minute or so. unlike gas fuel jet packs. this one uses battery power to propel those to rotors. >> still to come as lawmakers demanding answers from governor newsome s after he announced the pandemic state of emergency will be in place after the state reopens their
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efforts to force the governor to end it. plus, the aclu asking the supreme court to challenge the mail. only military draft what the high court decided today and the fda approves a drug which it says may help slow the progression of alzheimer's. what this means for the breakthrough medications. some
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state lawmakers are demanding answers from the governor
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after he announced the pandemic related state of emergency will still be in place after the state reopens on june 15th on force. actually zavala explains the efforts. happening now, the try and force the governor to end it. >> there are 2 efforts underway to check the governor's power and get him to end this covid-19 related state of emergency. one is in the legislature. the other is in court. >> advance a proclamation of a state of emergency. it's been one year and 3 months since governor gavin newsom announced california's covid-19 state of emergency. >> after the governor indicated late last week the order will remain in place indefinitely. some state lawmakers are demanding answers. there's some level of i think a frustration that is now to kind of an all-time high assemblyman. kevin kiley is one of a handful of republicans who sent newsome a letter monday requesting an explanation kylie is also the author of a concurrent resolution in the assembly to end california's pandemic related state of emergency. he says the legislature could take it up as soon as this
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week if it wanted. so i'm going to be urging my colleagues in the legislature in every way i can do just that. to pass this resolution to end the emergency as required by law and to bring this year of one man will to an end and it got there is a similar measure prepared in the senate. there's been no effort to move it and you know, and you know, privately a lot of my friends and the other side aisle with love to see him just relinquished those powers on its own. the state of emergency gives governor newson the broad authority to suspend and impose new rules in california. it also allows the federal government to cover the state's covid-19 related costs. newsome said friday just because the state plans to drop most pandemic-related restrictions, june. 15th does not mean the pandemic is over because we're still in a state of emergency. this disease has not been extinguished. >> it's not it's not taking the summer months off. california is one of 13 states that is not set an end date for its covid-19 related state of emergency. according to the national academy of state and health policy. the others have either dropped the state of emergency or plan to by th


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