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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heavy gun safety saves lives period full stop. the data bears that out. >> tonight at 8, a new appeal to keep california's ban on assault rifles. plus a vigil held for the san jose boy found dead near las vegas. his father remembering him now as full of energy and love and pride flag stolen from a walnut creek woman's yard. how her community is showing support even as the thefts continues. thank you for joining us tonight at a taipei, a more and i'm ken wayne just about a week ago,
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san diego federal judge struck down california's decades old ban on assault weapons. >> now the state is officially pushing back. state attorney general rob bonta and governor gavin newsome announcing today the state is appealing that decision. >> our strong common sense gun laws help curb not only mass shootings but gun violence as a whole. and with one of the lowest fire arm mortality rates in the country. we have to continue to use every tool we have to defend our laws. >> currently the assault weapon ban remains in effect for 30 days from the date of the judge's decision which was june 4th in addition to the appeal. the state is also asking that the ban remain in effect through the entire appeals process when asked how the state would respond if this case reaches the conservative-leaning supreme court. for the national survey of the u.s. supreme court. but the says that they are fully focus on the appeal process. and we'll deal with that if and when it happens. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo
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is applauding attorney general, but his decision to appeal the ruling. he tweeted, quote, san jose will support that appeal within amick is brief and we're working with mayors of california's other major cities to push together in that effort. unlike the federal judge who authored the decision. our residents know the difference between ar 15 and a swiss army knife. if the governor and attorney general's appeal of this ban fails california's will be allowed to own assault rifles which are often associated with mass killings from force amanda hari live outside one. oh, one california street in the city where one of the deadliest mass shootings in the bay area. happened almost 28 years ago. she has reaction from someone whose life was changed. >> by that shooting. amanda. >> i spoke to a man whose wife was killed in that shooting back in 1993 he says gun control is important to him and assault style weapons are not at all similar to swiss
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army knives, which is what that judge compare it to. >> and newtown. 20 people shot killed in vegas, 61 people shot and killed with assault weapon in parkland. 17 people shot killed assault weapon. he claims and is and is what he wrote that facts matter. these are facts. steve spisak toe was shocked to hear about the federal judge's ruling. >> california's assault weapons ban was unconstitutional. his life was changed by gun violence almost 30 years ago. >> i come at this through a horrific experience. >> the wife jodi, who is one of 8 people killed by a gunman in the one o one california street shooting in july of 1993. he's been actively fighting to ban assault style weapons. since that day. he says you can't compare an assault weapon to a swiss army knife. this guy is not grounded to reality at all. >> this is a person that really doesn't understand what
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happens when these weapons you use like their design, the hole that they have can kill a lot of people in a short amount of time. spisak told describes himself as a lifelong republican. >> but he supports the governor in his effort to appeal the court ruling. he knows that there are gun when people have these weapons. >> so he comes at this through a level head and he sees what happens when one california what happened? stockton schoolyard. he's not blind to what happens when a salt lake and reuse. for for what they're designed for weapons of war. >> so far in 2021 there have been about 260 mass shootings right now we're a 161 days into the year. that means we're averaging more than a mass shooting every single day. live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 thank you. one of those mass shootings happened just over 2 weeks ago
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in san jose. of course, 9 people killed at that vta railyard by the employees. samuel cassidy. and today the vta released new information on cassidy's disciplinary history with that agency. >> grant lotus. here to break it all down for us. grant not just one incident but nothing that rose to the level. >> that made managers take serious action. and that's one of the things certainly that people will be considering in the aftermath of that horror cassidy sam here shot and killed 9 of his vta coworkers last month before killing himself. this is may 26 this new report reveals the cassidy did not receive any formal discipline for threatening behavior during his 20 year career at vta. but there were 4 separate incidents involving cassidy that where elevated up to management on july 16th 2019 cassidy was sent home without pay for 2 days as a result of refusing to sign out
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to a radio that was necessary to perform his job. that is company policy to do so. 1/29/2020, a verbal altercation between cassidy and a co-worker was reported to management. the co-worker was questioned about it and that co-worker said, quote, he scares me. if someone was to go postal it be him end quote. vta investigated and said there was no evidence at the time to support that co-workers comment. then october 21st 2020 cassidy refused to attend a mandatory cpr certification class citing concerns over covid pta says the number of reasonable accommodations were provided to cassidy with no resolution and finally, 11/28/2020 cassidy inappropriately used of eta 2 way radio 4 personal communication, which is against vta policy. he then left work without permission. vta says so far there have been no reports of threatening or racist remarks that he made
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towards his colleagues during his time at the vta to read more about the disciplinary actions. we've posted that info on our website. kron 4 dot com pam, ken, back to you. >> thank you. grass also in the south bay a vigil tonight for 7 year-old liam who said the little boy who was found dead near las vegas almost 2 weeks ago. his mother was arrested in denver after a nationwide search. but tonight it was all about little liam. kron four's terisa is live in san jose tonight with more on this teresa. >> was such touching tribute for lamb here in san jose. this was his favorite park. >> he lived about a mile away and there are just many warm thoughts and support of comments made about little liam. >> he didn't deserve any of this. and that's the hardest part is knowing that i wasn't
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there to protect him. nick who said 7 year-old liam's father speaking from the heart. >> and sharing his anguish about losing his son. it is unclear what happened to the boy autopsy, not released yet. his mother, samantha rodriguez now facing an open murder charge for his death as she sits in a denver jail awaiting extradition after the boy's body was found in las vegas but family and friends did not want to delve into his death rather talk about his life. he loves pizza. >> you pasta. he loved everything that kids like. >> about 50 people showed up to offer their support for the family candles bearing liam smiley face lined up as well as posters showing liam unhappy times, especially in his father's arms. leo was a very happy boy. >> life enjoyed being here and
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enjoy the park. that's right. that's when got to hear. this is the second home. every time. every day here. this is the part you want to go. so that hill right there. he beat me up there. full of energy. >> we'll love his father reminiscing about his son and all that he will miss that would sleep with him. and sunday. i did it. holding his hand. and these are the type things that i'll never get back. >> liam's father talking about that sunday before he went off and his mother, his mother, samantha rodriguez making that note leaving that note saying that she was leaving to go and find them. another home. there been no problems of domestic violence. there were no calls reports from police to the home. so many unanswered questions in regards to what happened. but right now we
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were focused on liam and it was a special day, a special ceremony for a special reporting live here in santa theresa stasi. back to you guys. thanks, well, now we want to check in on our weather. go to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow are trying to think about the weekend ahead. yeah. getting close now. i can things are going to start warming up around the bay area very nicely. high pressure. >> beginning to build in just a little bit. today. we saw slightly warmer temperatures still couple mid to high level clouds. >> flown across the skies and the winds have been kicking up out there again, breezy in spots. and that continues right now. 29 mile an hour gusts in the san francisco 19 in the snow 21, as you make your way in the napa valley. so breezy around the bay area. but the winds to back off throughout the night tonight. but look at this off the coastline that is one impressive looking storm for this time of the fortunately most that energy headed up in the pacific northwest. so if you're going to oregon and washington. get ready. you can get soaked this is lot of rain up there. maybe clipping far northern california are going to be watching toward rica and
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crescent city for the bay area, though we're going to keep things dry and looks like it's going to stay that way. temperatures in the 50's and the 60's around the bay area right now. kind of nice outside by tomorrow afternoon, little bit warmer 70's inland, lots of 70's inside the bay and some 60's out along the coastline. but we get the weekend looking good next week. it gets hot as we get ready for summer. >> thank you, lawrence. well happening tomorrow california will be giving 15 more people. $50,000 each. just the getting vaccinated. this is video from last week's jain to be eligible. just have to live in california, be at least 12 years old and have one dose of a covid vaccine. we will bring you tomorrow's jain live on our streaming service kronon the final jain is set for june. the 15th, the meantime, scammers are already trying to cash in on the state's vaccine lottery. some are calling californians telling them that they've won, but then telling those people that they need to
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give their bank account information or pay a fee in order to claim the prize. this is not true. state officials say those requests are bogus winners will not be asked to pay any fee nor provide bank account information to verify their eligibility. you can report scam calls to the phone number that is on your screen. still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 8 approaching herd immunity where san francisco stands right now. >> why the pandemic doesn't end once you're vaccinated. plus, how members of one bay area community are stepping up after somebody stole pride flags from a woman's right now. >> and what could be a worse case scenario. how cal fire's preparing for. >> what could be an exceptionally dangerous fire season.
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only at covered california. this way to health insurance. >> bad news concerning our drought conditions, especially here in the bay area. san francisco marin sonoma, napa solano. >> contra costa and parts of alameda county are all in exceptional drought that is indicated by the darkest shades of color. there. this is the new drought monitor. those just released today santa clara and san mateo counties are the only 2 bay area counties. not in the exceptional category. they're in the lighter shade of red, which you can see here. that is extreme drought. though. could all change by this time next week has contention conditions continue to get worse. you can see on the left side over here. that was last
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week's conditions. there are some yellow and 10 in the southern part and eastern part of the state and then this is how things look right now. the newer conditions there and they are much worse. ahead of the heat of the summer fires racing to find recruits to try to tackle what could be a devastating wildfire season. according to cal fire. they've seen a 25% jump in wildfire activity compared 2020, the number of acres burned is also up by 58% compared to last year and new numbers out this week show the state's areas of exceptional drought conditions are up 7% compared to last year. cal fire is using social media remind everyone to be fire ready this year. >> well, the latest drought model and those new numbers can just talked about all point to one thing, high fire danger. among the areas hardest hit by wildfires last summer. you might remember the santa cruz mountains as kron
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four's. rob fladeboe reports now calfire is training for what it says is a quote worst case scenario. >> the mark scenario an all too likely one at that has a half dozen images heading for a fire near a winery on bear creek road. so we have our engines out. >> escape routes and safety zones and and working all the different things that they work during a fire engine company captains. >> if you take a snapshot of this will the communication over cellphone. the fire crews include new recruit to learn the ropes alongside veteran firefighters as we mentor our folks. we have people in new roles. it's good. >> we have these things down before the fire really hits been diverted to different incident and has inside cal fire's command and control center. other firefighters coordinate with field crews and dispatch air support and other equipment getting to know the dispatches and all the different things that they
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need to do to have resources, go to the right spot staging areas base camps >> we're set up a whole the whole set for that. having already responded to several flare ups from last summer. czu lightning complex fire. >> the training anticipates a worst case scenario. if you look at the last 6 years every year we've been having these mega fires and this year are ready to fire. we've had more fires and larger fires another team coordinates with the sheriff's office says some residents may be receiving mock reverse 911, calls as part of the drill. >> residents were advised not to let their guard down despite the presence of fire crews. >> and reminded to call 911. if they see or smell smoke. there are still fresh reminders of last summer's devastation here. the fire left its mark on boulder creek. ben lowman felton bonny doon. >> and many a winding road in between fire season is here once again. and cal fire's not shy about telling it like it is well counting out a bit of
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practice to help meet the challenge. >> not only do we need our firefighters help. we need the community's help ready set. go. having a plan being ready to get on the road and get out when an emergency strikes. >> in the santa cruz mountains. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. and right now on kron 4 dot com. we have a page for wildfire information you can use your mobile devices to scan the qr code and you'll be taken straight. there. you'll be finding information on things like wildfire preparedness and evacuation checklist. now to our 4 zone forecast and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with more on the drought conditions we face. doesn't look like it's going to get much better specially now this time of year, guys. we'll see this red continuing to spread. >> across the bay area. we've already seen the exceptional drop the boy. it's getting bad out there all around. it just continues to grow and grow and grow without any more rain coming our way. >> we've got a long, hot summer ahead. and so these are dangerous conditions developing outside and only
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for water rationing and shortages. also the fire danger but we're talking about crop losses. we're talking about drying out so much that a lot of the trees that have been growing here in the bay area for some time. they're going to be affected by the drought is just too dry all the way down to the depths of the soil and they're going to suffer some of them probably going to become harmed may die and that will just add more fire danger around the bay area. you see the deep colors now, though, spreading even into san francisco oakland conquered all under exceptional drought conditions continuing up in the north bay too. and there's not much hope in sight to get any rain here. so we're very concerned about that out there right now that is dry as can be mostly clear skies. just some high clouds up above fire risk. right now we're seeing a slight elevated fire risk in parts of the east bay right now. let's take it in for a closer look. there. you get just to the north, a vacaville. we're talking about some conditions there that are little bit elevated maybe slightly to moderate. but we've got a major heat wave on the horizon. i think tomorrow we start to warm up a little bit. these temperatures up in the 70's inland. i think as we
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get in this next week. we're talking about some scorching temperatures, triple digits likely to make return on wednesday and thursday. maybe as high as a 104 degrees by thursday and some of the valleys, of course, get temperatures that hot at this time of year. we're looking at dangerous fire conditions, right. thank you, lauren. still ahead, big tech facing some new challenges from capitol hill. why some senators are accusing social media platforms of censorship thefts from her front yard of a home owner's message to the community after losing an irreplaceable flag.
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>> she would have loved that. we continue to put up rainbows that we weren't going to lead 2 flags being stolen stop us friend from honoring her. >> other continuing to honor her daughter with the help of her neighbors as after not one but 2 of her pride flags were ripped off her fence and stolen car four's michelle kingston shows us how this walnut creek mother is not going to stop showing her support. >> for the lgbtq community. >> this rainbow fence and these rainbow flags out front of this walnut creek home are about more than just pride month. >> she loved going to pry to pride parade in san francisco will be traveled in europe.
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she managed to find pride parades. release daughter died by suicide last year when christine found her pride flag and her belongings. she hung it up outside. >> just last month. it was right off of her fence. she wrote on social media asking for her neighbors to look out for and hoped it would make its way back to her house unfortunately that that didn't happen. it make its way back to me. >> there was this huge outpouring of support and the next day actually, this flag. as the lead that appear to buy parts the next day. this wasn't the only flag that was brought to her christine says 3 flags were left by her door. she hung the mall in front of her home friends and family also painted her fence all in honor of her daughter about a month after the donated flags were put up. one of them was stolen that's when christine decided to put up security cameras.
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>> the second flag stolen from her was taken at the start of pride month. so you can think you live in a community that's very accepting and progressive and still there's going to be people who feel differently. >> christie says her daughter would have loved the support from the neighbor said the new flags in defense of people. every time i see the flags fly or every time i see the fence, it makes me think of her. >> in walnut creek. michelle kingston kron 4 news. still to come tonight, herd immunity may be approaching for san francisco where we stand compared to the rest of the country. plus, signs of recovery continuing in the job market. the latest numbers and where jobs are still needed and applying for rent assistance about to get a little easier here in the bay area. the
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>> of the day that our telling me that we're pretty i think that you know, with 72% of that of the population of the total population with at least one dose. it's all in the right direction. and we're doing better than anyone anyone else. >> there's some talk out there about san francisco being a place on pace, rather, to be the first city in the u.s. to reach covid herd immunity, but what is the data really telling the experts one to him. more now from ucsf. >> epidemiology professor doctor george rutherford. he points to a key indicator. that dramatic decline in the
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rates of hospitalizations. i think most recently there are 14 in patients and all of san francisco in 6 of them were from outside of san francisco. >> so that's pretty remarkable. >> doctor referred cautions while this is maybe reason for celebration. he says it's not a pass for anyone thinking that herd immunity means san franciscans no longer need to get vaccinated. he says as variants of the virus continue to emerge the percentage we need to reach herd immunity gets higher. >> officials at the san francisco department of public health agree with doctor rutherford. they sent us a statement reading in part, although we are encouraged the san francisco has very high vaccination rates reaching a certain percentage of people immunized does not signify and into covid. there are some populations which continue to be susceptible to the virus. show which sets the standards to ensure the safety of california's workers. >> is shelving his plans to revise work place. a masking
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and social distancing requirements. the requirements were just approved last week. but now as kron four's, dan kerman tells us they're going back to the drawing board. >> to protect employees in the workplace from covid-19 cal osha passed a series of safety standards in november. they're still in place today. among them, employers have to provide face. coverings and employees had to wear them when indoors as well as outdoors when less than 6 feet away from another person. in addition, 6 feet of social distancing was required and it's not possible. employers had to install partitions the standards also addressed ventilation cleaning and disinfecting procedures on june 3rd. the cal osha board voted to revise those standards to take effect on june 15th. >> the day of california's reopening, but those changes got pushed back because they were not align with the california department of public health's new guidance wednesday night. cal osha's board rescinded the changes. a new set of revisions are set to be released by cal osha friday, which are likely to be
8:32 pm
more in line with the public health departments guidance specifically physical distancing and partitions will go away in the workplace and only unvaccinated individuals in indoor public settings and businesses will be required to wear face coverings in settings where masks are required only for unvaccinated individuals businesses may choose to allow individuals to self attest to their vaccine status. implement vaccine verification measures or require everyone to wear masks. masks will still be required for everyone and public transit indoors in k through 12 schools as well as child care, health care settings correctional facilities and homeless shelters. >> we're expected to get our first look at these revised cal osha standards on friday. the governor also expected to talk about it to keep in mind. >> the cal osha board can't approve these new standards until june. 17th at the earliest. that's 2 days after california's reopening. in san
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francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. meantime, moderna is seeking approval from the fda for emergency use of its covid vaccine for 12 to 17 year-old the company announcing its request of the fda today. >> after studying more than 3700 teens. researchers found the moderna medication produced similar immune responses in them as it did in adults moderna's 2 dose vaccine is currently authorized for use in adults. 18 years and older pfizer's covid shot was authorized for emergency use in teens 12 and older last month. >> senate republicans are accusing big tech of censoring the origins of covid-19. they're alleging platforms controlled online speech surrounding the theory that the virus came from a lab in china. >> twitter move to censor any coronavirus coverage that they sought in their judgment. my calls widespread panic. how
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does a rich, powerful internet platform get to make that decision. >> that was mississippi senator roger wicker. he's introducing a new law that would stop companies from controlling online speech. his proposal comes as the european house ordered american agencies to conduct a 90 day review of the origins. well lieutenant governor eleni kounalakis is soon set to announce the exact date for governor gavin newsom's recall election. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala sat down virtually with the governor to talk about the timeline. >> the lieutenant governor's office is the final stop in this recall process before the issue hits the let me come to la kiss will have the final say in when the election is held. she's giving us some insight on when that could be. >> the coming weeks. the picture will start to get much california lieutenant governor
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eleni kounalakis is preparing for her role in governor gavin newsom's recall process. it's up to her to decide when the election will be suspect that we'll know relatively soon. there are a few steps that need to happen before can unlock his calls. it first, the cost of the election needs to be analyzed between the department of finance and joint legislative budget committee. the state department of finance thursday center preliminary cost estimate to the legislature with a 250 million dollar price tag for counties once the cost analysis is finished. the secretary of state will certify the election. that's when the governor gets involved and we set a date 60 to 80 days after the secretary of state certifies it. so all of this is very carefully determined by at the statue. the joint legislative budget committee has indicated that they. >> could have this figured out by next tuesday, possibly how much time does that save. and does that factor into the 60 to 80 days that you're looking at. >> yeah, it does appear that
8:36 pm
it that it will. again, we're going to have it in early fall. and i think that's what really is so troubling to me about all this is that governor newsome will be on the 3 times in 4 years. great cost and and certainly something that has to distract to some degree from his ability to just focus on i what people really want, which is leadership to help us navigate the post covid pandemic economic recovery in our state. >> as of thursday. nearly 50 candidates have stated th ir intention to run in the recall in california's last recall election of democratic governor gray davis, the lieutenant governor at the time jumped into the race has even crossed your mind. >> there is really no scenario that i could foresee that i would put my name on the ballot because this election is between governor newsome
8:37 pm
and the republicans who are trying to get a shot at using this surely are relatively few killing her processed to be able to win an election that they ordinarily would not be able to win. >> tuesday was the deadline for those who signed the recall petition to have their signatures removed. we reached out to the secretary of state's office for an update on those numbers. but we have not yet heard back in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news coming up, the rain county residents. if you still need a covid vaccine is a good time to get it, especially if you want free food, the county's new incentive plan. coming up and new roles defaced again in san francisco's chinatown. we're going to introduce you to the local artists who stepping in. >> to try to repair the damage. plus new numbers could be pointing toward some serious inflation. why the biden administration says it is not some encouraging a
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changes in the job market. according to a new report, the latest numbers indicate this month. hiring is picking up and layoffs are easing. the number of people filing for unemployment benefits declined by 9,000 last week to 376,000. another pandemic low. >> easing business restrictions and rising vaccination rates are contributing to the improvement right now. there are more than 9 million job openings at businesses all across the many
8:41 pm
companies are now scrambling to find workers during the current nationwide labor shortage. walmart is now hiring employees at distribution centers and stores across the nation. amazon says it is looking to hire 75,000 employees college enrollment has dropped across the nation with california leading the way new data reveal the state's community college and university enrollment drop by 5.3% from spring of 2020 to spring of this year that is about a 123,000 student decline. researchers say the pandemic has particularly been community college students which make up about 65% of the losses here in california overall across the nation. enrollment is down 3 and a half percent. the latest inflation data out today show consumer prices rose 5% in may compared to the year before. >> that's the fastest rate since august of 2008 used cars, food clothing and
8:42 pm
airline tickets are all costing more. the new numbers are unlikely to rattle the biden administration which sees the spikes as temporary and even a sign of the economy recovering as people return to their usual spending habits despite concerns of inflation. the federal reserve chair says it's unlikely to raise interest rates this year. need help paying your rent. about to get easier to ask for some assistance. we're going to tell you how. >> and his 4th nba playoffs heating up as the bucks host the nets, a thrilling game 3. the came down to the kylen mills
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>> today president biden announcing that the united states will deliver 500 million vaccine doses to less developed countries across the world. the president says stopping the virus and every part of the globe is vital to keep americans safe. kron four's, washington correspondent raquel martin has the latest on this huge pledge. president biden says this is the largest donation from any singular country so far. >> many other leading nations are also contributing millions of doses. of vaccines. the world health organization says ultimately they want to get 2 billion doses out the door by the end of the year. >> today. >> we're taking a major step that will supercharge the global fight against this pandemic on his second day in
8:46 pm
europe. president joe biden announced the u.s. will ship half a billion doses of pfizer vaccines to nearly 100 developing countries across the globe with no. >> strings attached. we're doing this to save lives. >> with vaccine availability scares in several developing nations in covid hot spots still emerging in latin america in parts of africa and asia. president biden says sharing vaccines is key to ending the pandemic and protecting the global economy called us to do everything that we can. it's also in america's self-interest as long as the virus rages elsewhere. >> there's a risk of new mutations that could threaten our people. >> the announcement alongside pfizer ceo albert bourla law is part of a larger effort from the world health organization to deliver 2 billion vaccine doses globally by the end of the year. every man woman. >> and tie on the planet regardless of financial condition. >> president biden says 200 million will be shipped the country starting in august
8:47 pm
and the remaining doses will go out early next year. this is about our responsibility. president biden says thursday's announcement is for from the end of the global fight. it says the g 7 nations will make more announcements friday. democrats and republicans here on capitol hill are applauding today's announcement shortly after the president delivered his speech, the g 7 nations announced they will be contributing 1 billion doses of vaccine in 2022. >> for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> in the north bay red county just added an incentive for residents to get vaccinated this week in addition to being entered into the states vax for the win lottery county residents will receive a $25 gift card to a grocery store while supplies last. for more information go to get vaccinated moran, dot org and applying for rent relief here in the bay area just got a little easier. the state is partnering with contra. costa
8:48 pm
county to implement significant improvements to the program, including enhancing the application process and. >> bringing in more than 100 community-based organizations to assist with education and with outrage. according to contra, costa county, the application housing is key. dot com has been simplified. so it doesn't require as many documents and it takes much less time to complete and applicants will now find in application tips to help them answer questions along the way. these changes come as a result of feedback provided by contra. costa county and community-based organizations all across the state. >> we are learning as we speak. that we are adapting and because at the end of the are in, you know, commitment and intention is to ensure that these resources. are available to families. most impacted and that they are able to be part of equitable economic recovery. >> and the application is now available in 6 different
8:49 pm
languages including check chinese and spanish making it the first time an entire state website has been translated into so many languages. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> a must-win game for the milwaukee bucks today already down 2 nothing their playoff series against the nets could honest and company battled their way back. it was a must win again and they were already down 2 nothing in this series and fans showed out. the game was in milwaukee. fear of the deer as they say, the bucs back at home. let's take a look at the plays late in the 4th tied at 80 kevin durant's from beyond the arc puts it in 30 points and 11 boards for kd. he gives the nets the lead 16 seconds left nets up by one as spin move by jrue holiday. a great touch there. bucks go up by one. the fans going crazy. i love these 2. they are cracking me up.
8:50 pm
all right. 2 seconds left bucks up by 3 out to katie. that's the guy you want with the ball. but that was a tough shot. he was really under pressure. everyone knew it was going to him. fox. hang on 8683. they take game 3 game 4 set for sunday. all right. well, the forty-niners can't seem to stay out of the headlines. check out this video of rookie cornerback deon lendore lenoir locking up receiver during rookie mini camp is a great play actually very athletic. it seemed like a pretty standard. nice play right. we'll pick off their well and walk posted the clip to social media pages and it went viral. and it's now landed the forty-niners in some hot water per nfl rules. players are not allowed to take part in any type of contact drills during the spring because presumably players are game shape. so what you see in this clip just that little push their push into og. that's a violation in the 49 ers were forced to cancel week. one of rookie mini camp are one week rather of rookie mini camp as punishment from the nfl. well,
8:51 pm
the contact in the video is minor. like we just talked about. it's not a good look for a team that struggled with injuries and some are now wondering, are there other violations that are going on that we don't see. well, stanford is one of the last 16 teams fighting for a spot in the college baseball world series. the cardinal take on texas tech tomorrow in the first game of the super regional 9th seeded stanford enters the weekend with a 36 in 15 record while the raiders are 3915 and seeded 8th. we'll likely see pac 12 pitcher of the year. brendan back on the mound for the cardinal, the senior owns an 81 record, by the way. but this will be tough. the series will take place down and scorching hot lubbock, texas. in fact, the high temp tomorrow. 108 degrees. and also the raiders are known to have rowdy fans 3. >> it is part of the excitement of of regional baseball right. and and may earn the right to play at home. and we've got to be able to beat them at their home and to earn our way. we've got
8:52 pm
some young kids. we're just going to, you know, go through it the first time. but that's that's just part of growing up. >> beloved oakland native marshawn lynch will forever be recognized as one of the greatest golden bears of all time. cal announced that lunch will be inducted into the caliph call of fame with the 2021 class. the running back played for the golden bears from 2004, 2006 earning pac 10 offensive player of the year honors, however, might be best known for this moment. one of my favorite videos of all time where he hijacked and took the injury car on a joyride on the field. that clip is all right. well, he's also cal's all-time leader in games, the 100 or more rushing yards, wells career rushing yards rank second in school history. lynch will be honored along with 9 other inductees at a ceremony in october. crazy guys just that to the list of the many honors said yes, very true. and seems really beloved here in the bay area and he does so much in the community
8:53 pm
does exactly really, love that. he is a character. all right. thank you. >> coming up, defaced again in san francisco now local artists stepping in to try to
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> symbolic murals in san francisco's been defaced for the 3rd time in recent months, police are looking for a man seen here in this surveillance video. this was in jack kerouac alley he wrote offensive messages on the murals back in april and may
8:56 pm
most recently the man returned last week. and again to face the murals local artists who donated some of the murals has been repairing the damage left behind by that man. >> kind of pathetic because there's no. there's no reason behind it. really like i die. it's not like this work is provoking. the audience in any way. this is art. that is. >> representing chinatown's rich culture. you know, chinese culture. >> the artist is raise money to restore the art work and will now provide additional donated murals to chinatown in the coming months. oakland has a new youth poet laureate myra estrada is a student at oakland high school the 16 year-old was among 6 finalists in the competition. who all submitted 3 writing pieces and they were scored by a panel of judges based on their performance and on an interview to have a shot as pieces express her frustrations both as a woman and as a person of color in
8:57 pm
the era of social media activism will receive a $5,000 scholarship and the opportunity to read her work in appearances throughout the year, which is lovely different and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hours, grant lotus and vicki liviakis we're standing by with the latest in ken. thanks very kids is coming up next. >> on 4 news at 9. we're learning new details tonight about that horrific workplace shooting. >> in the south bay. we're learning more about this shooter and what one of his co-workers said about his past behavior saying he's scared them what he did that really caught the attention of management and car break-ins are up nearly a 140% in san francisco. central district. some businesses are now trying to protect their customers. those stories and much more coming up on kron 4 news at 9.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 9. >> now at 9 new details are emerging tonight about the workplace history of that vta rail yard shooter and they reveal a pattern of troubling behavior. thank you for joining us on kron, 4 news at 9 tonight, everybody. i'm grant lotus. i'm vicki liviakis. right now. the staff and local leaders are combing through personnel f


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