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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 10, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news fruit grass and vegetation using fireworks in addition to being illegal in contra. costa county is a reckless and irresponsible. >> now at 10 protecting the bay area from wildfires. authorities are now cracking down on illegal fireworks ahead of the july 4th holiday. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, the deeper we get into summer the bigger the fire danger, the new drought monitor map was released today and it shows conditions are getting worse across california and here in the bay area. san francisco marin sonoma, napa solano contra costa and parts of alameda county are all in exceptional
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drought. >> that's indicated by the darkest area. you see on that map and with the conditions as dry as they are. fire. officials in contra. costa county are among those in the bay area reminding people fireworks of all kinds are illegal. kron four's. gayle ong is live in concord tonight with more on the warning gayle. >> you can property owners can now be fine even if they are not the one setting off illegal fireworks today. firefighters held a demonstration showing the risks. >> it took 3 minutes for this roof to be engulfed in flames. >> in this simulation contra. costa fire is showing us how fast a firework can ignite a fire of a fire that smaller for while our 2 or 3 hours maybe. and the homeowner does not know. suddenly their first warning is that their attic is involved to completely involved in flame or nearly so on memorial day, a legal fireworks was to blame for destroying 8 departments and
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displacing 40 people in antioch. >> 44 year-old james sauce. a man is facing several criminal charges. investigators say the 44 year-old man through an illegal firework into the field behind the apartment building which sparked the fire. law enforcement is cracking down on illegal fireworks. a new ordinance was passed earlier this week. owners can be held responsible for anyone using fireworks on their property and in their vessels. the sheriff's office can now find them 100 to $500 using fireworks. >> in addition to being illegal in contra, costa county is reckless and irresponsible all across the region. giving the conditions we have out there. the vegetation bone-dry. >> contra costa county is classified under exceptional drought conditions fire officials say property owners can do their part to beating the weeds around them and creating defensible space. those 2 things alone. >> by us the time to get in
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protect their homes. from wildfire in the area efforts are underway to catch people in the act. >> the mayor of richmond is offering $2500 to anyone who reports the use of illegal fireworks leading to an arrest. and to report fireworks in your neighborhood. you can call your local police agencies non-emergency hotline live in concord. gayle ong kron 4 news scale. thank you. ahead of the heat of the summer. cal fire's racing to find recruits help tackle what it says. >> will be a devastating wildfire season. last year was the most destructive fire season in california history. and cal fire now says this point of 2021 has already been worse than the same period last year. our grant lotus is here in the studio. he has a closer look it's not this is one of those things, though there are very few things in this world that it seems like everybody can agree on. >> these days. we need to be ready for fire season as best
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we can. they're putting in work their training. and you can see how bad things are right now. here's where we stand today through 2021 cal fire officials say more than 17,000 acres have already burt again, we're not even technically in summer that's a 58% increase from the same time last year in total crews have already responded to more than 3,000 wild fire incidents that is a 26% increase from the same point in 2020. so fire crews obviously need to be ready before things get really bad late summer into the fall, which is the height of fire season. typically and both veteran firefighters and new recruits. they were out today. you see him conducting drills. this is in the santa cruz mountains over the past month. that area has already seen several flare ups. you see one of them right here from last summer's czu lightning complex fire yet still hot. and today's training was meant to prepare
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crews for a worst case scenario. so we have our engines out escape routes and safety zones and. >> and working all the different things that they work during a fire as we mentor are folks who have people in new roles. it's good we have these things down before the fire really hits. >> so folks living in the santa cruz mountains today were advised not to let their guard down despite the presence of fire crews. their training and people are reminded to call 911, whenever they see or smell smoke better to be safe than sorry. unfortunately, there will be plenty of wildfire fuel this summer. you see the exceptional drought, the worst category, this maroon color enveloping much of the bay area right now. the conditions are bone dry. they're only going to get drier and we could soon see triple digit temperatures. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with that part of the story and bring lawrence. and you know, we've had what
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feels like a couple months of windy weather. yeah. which is ok, it's going to be cool right. you combine the 2 and all the sudden you're getting really work. you put that on to the driest years we've had on record since the 1800's. and boy, we've got a combination here that's looking extremely dangerous for fire conditions. >> as we look ahead not only in the short term but in the long term to fact those drought condition now extending across much of the bay area. extreme conditions in the south bay. you bet all the way down into san jose palo alto, daly city and then we're talking exceptional, even into san francisco fremont and hayward to move a little further the north. well, just that deep a red magenta color extending across much of the bay area. that is the concern we're headed into these very dry months. these hot summer months ahead and we've hardly had any rain over the past couple years. so everything is getting weekend. in fact, part of the problem. now you saw that from the czu fires you've had so little
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rain that some of these fires even from last year are able to restart. and so that gives you an idea how dry it is that water just not able to percolate down to the soil and also bring up plenty of moisture to drug not only drown those fires but also give substance to some of those routes around the bay area. so many of the trees and the plants are going to be weekend to disease and possibly die. adding to the fire danger around the bay area. so yeah, here's what we're looking at now through the night tonight. of course not much. you got a bit of a breeze out there as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. you'll notice the things begin to change again to get that afternoon sea breeze. and even though we are seeing a really extraordinary fire conditions. you start to see things get elevated by tomorrow afternoon as we start to see that sea breeze kicking in of 20, maybe 30 miles an hour in some spots that will be likely the case again as we get into saturday as well. saturday afternoon. a little more extensive. but next week. that is all going to change. we're talking about some triple digit heat. very hot temperatures rolling into the bay area. and we've already got dry conditions of
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course, fire danger will likely be very elevated during that period. guys, back to you. thank you very much for us right now on kron 4 dot com. we have a page for wildfire information. you can use your mobile device to scan this qr code. >> it will take you straight there. you'll also find information on things such as wildfire preparedness, tips and how to put together an evacuation checklist. >> we didn't deserve any of this. and that's the hardest part is knowing that i wasn't there to protect him. >> emotional. nick, you said the father of 7 year-old liam whose body was found 2 weeks ago tomorrow near las vegas liam's mother samantha moreno. rodriguez is currently behind bars in denver. awaiting extradition to nevada where she faces charges in the child's death. tonight's vigil is not about delving into the reason and cause of millions death but celebrating his
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life. >> about 50 people showed up to support liam's family who are simply devastated. leo was a very happy boy. life enjoyed being here and enjoy the park. that's right. that's what we're all gathered here. this is the second home. >> every time. every day here. this is the part you want to go. so that hill right there. he beat me up there. full of energy. >> we'll love. >> father also sharing that he bought a slurpee and some cheese. it's today which were some of liam's favorite snacks by all accounts, it was a special ceremony for what they are calling a very special boy. >> california is appealing a decision by a federal judge to strike down the state's decades old assault weapons ban. attorney general bonta and governor newsome made that announcement today in san francisco u.s. district judge roger benitez of san diego
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ruled last friday that california's assault weapons ban violates the constitutional right to bear arms notably in his ruling, judge benitez compared ar 15 assault rifle to a swiss army knife. and governor newsome both say that argument is fundamentally flawed. judge binney doesn't matter. you are right is a stone cold id law. he's a wholly owned subsidiary of the gun lobby. the national rifle association, our strong common sense gun laws. >> help curb not only mass shootings but gun violence as a whole. and with one of the lowest fire arm mortality rates in the country. we have to continue to use every tool we have to defend our laws. >> the assault weapons ban will remain in effect for 30 days from the date of the judge's ruling, which was back on june 4th. however, the state is also asking that the ban remain in effect throughout the entire appeals process. that law was originally put in place after
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the mass shooting here in san francisco on july first 1993 8 people were gunned down inside a high rise at one. oh, one california street. >> the victims included this man's wife. jodi's space was just 30 years old when she was killed. her widower. steve has been advocating to ban assault weapons ever sense. he tells us our nation's history of mass shootings makes clear that these weapons are a problem. >> in newtown. 20 people shot killed in vegas, 61 people shot and killed assault weapon in parkland. 17 people shot killed assault weapon. made for weapons of war. >> describes himself as a lifelong republican but says he supports the governor in his effort to appeal that court ruling. other news tonight. car break-ins are on the rise in san francisco. sfpd reports in the city's central district which includes tourist destinations such as fisherman's wharf, the
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number of auto burglaries has jumped dramatically. the problems gotten so bad that some businesses are taking even more steps to try to help out their customers. kron four's. dan thorn live for us in the city tonight joins us with more on the return of this very troublesome long-term aggravating annoying just driving people crazy trend. dan. that's right. ken specifically here in fisherman's wharf. the trend has gotten. >> really bad with the return of tourism there's been the return of car break ins there is broken glass seen parking spots all over this area and lots of unsuspecting people are coming back of their cars and finding their valuables are gone. it's scenes like this that are becoming the norm in san francisco's central district burglars breaking into cars and making a getaway the return of the troubling trend is bad for business a large percentage of the people that are getting hit by the smashing drivers
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are my it's absolutely devastating i i feel responsible tourist spots like blazing saddles, bike rentals in fisherman's wharf. >> we are seeing these crimes happening every day fpd reports citywide auto burglaries are still down this year. but in the central district, it's a different story. smash and grabs have jumped nearly 139% in 2021. honestly, i thought the number would have been a lot higher than that signs throughout the area warned people to not leave their valuables behind as they venture away from their cars. sean sears has been handing out of these drawn up signs for customers to put in their car windows sears says there's been some success with the signs. but overall thefts continue to plague the area like in this video showing a man who had to be fought off from stealing a pair of bikes from the rental company. it doesn't just affect the merchants of doesn't just affect the business and that affects everybody. >> top to bottom. embarrassing. it's really embarrassing for me. it's especially as service is going
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to. >> well, the big concern now for this district is if this crime is going to be keeping people from wanting to visit this area as we know for sherman is worth was hurt pretty bad financially during the pandemic. sfpd says that they are going to be working to enforced these crimes and working to prevent these crimes, but they are asking people to remain vigilant. can. >> all right, dan, thank you for that. despite the rise in several crimes in san francisco district attorney jason aldean says there's no reason not to feel safe coming up at 1030 why he says better days are ahead for the city. >> now to the latest on the coronavirus san francisco could be one of the first cities in the nation to reach herd immunity. there are 790,000 people over the age of 12 in san francisco. and according to the health department, 79% of people in that age group have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine to date nearly 37,000
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cases have been reported in the city and currently just 17 patients are in the hospital with the virus. that is a big drop from the peak of 259 patients. that was back in january. health. experts say this decline coupled with a high vaccination rate are key indicators that enough of san francisco's population is immune to the virus either through vaccination or from having contracted the virus. however, those same experts will on achieving herd immunity does not mean that you can skip the vaccine. >> all these various keep getting more and more transmissible, which pushes the level we need for community up higher and higher and higher. if you'd asked me a year ago. i would have said 67% no questions asked. you know, now i'm thinking my maybe 75 maybe 78, maybe 07:00am maybe an 82. you're going to have to get it up there. we need everybody to get vaccinated. >> experts also know that some populations are still
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vulnerable to the virus such as children younger than 12 who have not been approved to receive the vaccine. meantime, moderna is seeking approval from the fda for emergency use of its covid vaccine for 12 to 17 year-old after studying more than 3700 teens. researchers found the moderna medication produce similar immune responses in them as it did in adults but donna's to dose vaccine is currently authorized for use in adults, 18 years and older pfizer's covid shot was authorized for emergency use in teenagers 12 and older last month. >> president biden has made it official. the united states will buy 500 million doses of the pfizer vaccine and donate them to about a 100 low and middle income countries around the world over the next year. it is the largest vaccine donation of any country by far. biden says it's country's humanitarian obligation to save as many lives as possible. >> from the beginning of my presidency. we've been clear eyed. that we need to attack
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this virus globally as well. we value here and dignity of all people. in times trouble. america's reach out to offer help and offer helping hand. >> president's announcement comes on the eve of the g 7 summit tomorrow. he'll meet alongside the leaders of the uk japan, italy, france, germany and canada expected items on the agenda include developing a response to climate change and the covid-19 pandemic here at home as california moves towards a full reopening coming up on tuesday, things will look different very soon. but tonight there is real confusion about what will happen with masking and distancing in the workplace. show which sets the standards to ensure the safety for california workers has shelved its plans to revise workplace mask and social distancing requirements which were approved last week. >> instead. now the agency is going back to the drawing board can force grant lotus joins us in studio to explain
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what's going on. grant. >> to protect employees in the workplace from covid-19, cal osha passed a series of safety standards in november. they're still in place today. among them, employers have to provide face. coverings and employees had to wear them when indoors as well as outdoors when less than 6 feet away from another person. in addition, 6 feet of social distancing was required and if not possible. employers had to install partitions the standards also addressed ventilation cleaning and disinfecting procedures on june 3rd. the cal osha board voted to revise those standards to take effect on june 15th. >> the day of california's reopening, but those changes got pushed back because they were not align with the california department of public health's new guidance wednesday night. cal osha's board rescinded the changes. a new set of revisions are set to be released by cal osha friday, which are likely to be more in line with the public health departments guidance
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specifically physical distancing and partitions will go away in the workplace and only unvaccinated individuals in indoor public settings and businesses will be required to wear face coverings in settings where masks are required only for unvaccinated individuals businesses may choose to allow individuals to self attest to their vaccine status. implement vaccine verification measures or require everyone to wear masks. masks will still be required for everyone and public transit indoors in k through 12 schools as well as child care, health care settings correctional facilities and homeless shelters. >> we're expected to get our first look at these revised cal osha standards on friday. the governor also expected to talk about it to keep in mind. >> the cal osha board can't approve these new standards until june. 17th at the earliest. that's 2 days after california's reopening. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4
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news. >> you can stay up to date on the latest covid information and reopening news on our website just take out your smartphone scan. that qr code you see on the screen that will take you directly to our coronavirus section. >> at kron 4 dot com. still ahead tonight, new details about the man who gunned down 9 people at the vta rail yard. what he did that caught the attention of management. plus hiring is picking up and layoffs are easing. why there's reason to be optimistic about the economy's rebound from the pandemic and working from home in a hotel how the pandemic is forcing some industries to get creative while catering to creative while catering to their workforce. creative while catering to their workforce. all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere,
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>> the latest jobs report shows some encouraging changes in the job market. the number of people filing for unemployment benefits declined by 9,000 last week to 376,000. another pandemic low easing business restrictions and rising vaccination rates are contributing to the improvement, although new unemployment claims are still dramatically higher than before the pandemic. latest inflation data out today show consumer prices rose 5% in may compared to the year before. that's the fastest rate since august of 2008 as a result used cars, food clothing and airline tickets are all costing more. the biden administration sees a spike as
10:24 pm
temporary and even a sign the economy is recovering as people return to their usual spending habits. >> we're making progress and we're seeing some inflation. i don't believe it's permanent, but we we will watch this very carefully. >> despite concerns over inflation. the federal reserve chair says it is unlikely to raise interest rates this year. >> new tonight at 10, the pandemic pushed nearly every industry as you likely know, to think outside the box and now some bay area hotels are offering remote workers. a new way to work from home but for snow. avello has more on these office alternatives. >> from in-room office space to outdoor office cabanas hotels are adapting and offering remote work options to guess. thought that was a really cool. >> opportunity to create what we call an office could be the andaz hotel in downtown napa.
10:25 pm
rents out cabanas on the hotel's second-floor terrace from 08:00am until to quipped with power really strong wi-fi. if you book this >> if the city is more your pace had to hotel ge in union square. the boutique hotel brought a little life back to its halls this year by working with globe. >> we were searching for another way to reinvent and create a revenue stream for ourselves. >> globe is a website that allows remote workers to book a hotel room as a private office by the day. they've turned former headboards into zoom back drop so restrictions are easing. what we've seen is that remote work is staying globe living rents out about 2 rooms worth of floors and each hotel. but it works with. >> signing up is pretty simple. but you do have to get approved before you can work on the platform. miguel, my gonna lives in the mission district. the entrepreneur
10:26 pm
joined globe living this past march and now he books a room twice a week for 100 bucks a day. breath of fresh air from both me and my girlfriend is knowing that i space myself. not given that story as well. like it's really out of benefits. it's also beneficial for hotel g which plans to keep working with globe for as long as necessary but do see that there's a life for this for the next couple of years at least noelle bellow kron. 4 news. >> well, here's some good news soon it will be easier to travel to hawaii. according to hawaii's governor was a state reaches a 60% vaccination rate. anybody fully vaccinated will be able to bypass all of the testing and quarantine requirements in order to visit as of right now, 53% of hawaiian residents fully vaccinated. only 7% to go. all travel restrictions between the islands are set to end on june 15th. >> next on kron 4 news at 10 disturbing new details about the vta shooters workplace history. what he did that sparked concerns from his
10:27 pm
co-workers. how far those concerns when we'll tell you about that. plus the push to remove governor newsome from office. how much a recall election could cost taxpayers. and that before. have you got your vaccine yet. if so, $15,000 could be yours. we'll hear from the man who says getting the shot. it could have saved his life in more ways than one. >> and temperatures are running cooler than normal the past few days. that is about to change this weekend. get ready. we've got a heat wave coming our way. tell you when you're 10 to 10 is coming up.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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>> a big story tonight vta staff and local leaders are combing through the personnel files of sam cassidy, cassidy shots and killed 9 of his co-workers back on may 26 before turning the gun on himself after initial review. vta says it found 4 separate incidents involving cassidy that were. >> elevated to the attention of management kron 4 sack explains how this will affect the investigation moving forward. >> well, these are all questions that we want to know in answer. could we have predicted the behavior of sam cassidy and prevented this heinous mass shooting from happening here at the vta rail yard, its initial review. vta says that it hasn't found any formal discipline of threatening or dangerous behavior. however, his record sam casei's records aren't squeaky clean. now after speaking with a law firm that
10:31 pm
conducts workplace investigations. they say that it's much more complicated beneath the surface. >> on thursday, the released more than 200 personnel documents. an employee sam cassidy who shot and killed 9 of his co-workers at the railyard last month before killing himself. in a statement, the tia says, quote, so far there's no indication of recording cassidy's pta personnel file of any formal discipline for threatening behavior or violence during his 20 year career at vta. however, they did find 4 separate incidents involving cassidy that were elevated to management. one of them being a verbal altercation in twenty-twenty between cassidy and a co-worker where another unnamed employee stated cassidy, quote, scares me. and if someone was to go postal it, be him. you can >> not just this year about last year, recent years. politics things going on in the world and then a pandemic. on top of that, it's made the workplace a stressful place. and so. >> people do make offhand remarks. not all of them. are
10:32 pm
indicators of potential violence be to thomas is a partner at oppenheimer investigations group. >> which is a law firm that conducts workplace investigations in these situations. their group looks in the past behavior and then turns this sort of information over to a threat assessor if team serious based on the limited information thomas says there are no glaring red flags but violent behavior can be hard to predict human beings are very complicated creatures and there are some people who can make all sorts of. >> never act on them. there are other people who say nothing and then out of nowhere. >> engage violence in the other 3 cases brought to management. cassidy was sent home for insubordination for not following company policy involving the use of their 2 way radios has also refused a mandatory cpr recertification klas, citing covid-19 concerns. and lastly documents show he left work without permission in future instances. thomas says
10:33 pm
employers should do a few things. if any, concerning behavior occurs. >> make sure they have strong h r. and individuals in the position who have good relationships with employees when things are brought to their attention, take them seriously at least do a preliminary investigation to figure out is this just a person who's having a bad day or is this something that might be a bit more serious and then bringing those right away when when the facts indicate that this might be more than something vta says so far it also has been found any documentation or history of cassidy making racist or threatening remarks. >> they also say that they haven't received any information from federal authorities when it comes to that 2016 event where cassidy was stopped by customs and border patrol in san jose taylor kron 4 news. >> 3 people are dead after a supermarket shooting in florida. it happened today at a publix market in royal palm beach officials say a man
10:34 pm
opened fire on a woman and a toddler killing them both before turning the gun on himself. investigators say that they believe the man knew his victims. but the relationship between them is still unclear and there's no word, of course, on a possible motive. >> in the north bay. police have arrested 2 additional suspects in last friday's shooting that killed 29 year-old daniel it happened at an apartment complex in rohnert park nathaniel hannon and mario case 8 us villegas were both arrested on tuesday morning. they are both 19 years old and they live in rohnert park. police say both men are being helddollars bail. >> last saturday. police arrested 2 other people in connection with the homicide. police say the case is still under investigation right time look outside see how things are shaping up as we start thinking about the weekend and give you >> lit view of downtown san francisco. so lawrence is standing by. what's ahead. hey, we've got a he wave on
10:35 pm
the horizon. guys. temperatures really going to soar not just yet. we warmed up a little bit today. i think we warm up a little bit tomorrow and into the weekend. then as we get toward the end of spring in the beginning of summer. here we go. got a he wave coming our way. but out there tonight, things fairly quiet. we do have some patchy fog trying to form along the coastline, going to see a little more fog. i think as we get into the weekend, but not much out there toward the golden gate bridge lazy. that not bad. there's a storm system that is headed up in the pacific northwest showers moving into far northern california to most that very light. and unfortunately that's where it's going to state. all right. here's the long-range forecast this where it gets really interesting. this a very impressive storm system for this time of year. that's rolling off the coastline. unfortunately, all that energy stays to the north siya bouncing up to the north. high pressure. the south of that. that is going to keep the jet stream in the track. well north of the bay area keeping us dry. we are going to see the increase of low clouds and fog as we get through the weekend here, en i sunday or so even on monday, got a lot of cloud cover that front kind of moved through
10:36 pm
now, once that front moves by high pressure really starts to take over start to build another desert southwest. you kind of get the sense of the rotation is it starts to build in. then as we head into our wednesday and thursday, you start to see some wrap around moisture in this has me somewhat concerned if we get a little subtropical moisture wrapped around that ridge. sometimes we get thunderstorms rolling back up in the california. and that of course, is not anything we want to see specially with the current fire conditions and the drought. so that being said, we've got some hot weather ahead tomorrow. just go to warm things up a little bit. 70's inland. 1670's in the bay and 1560's go side next couple days into the weekend warmer into saturday and sunday. and then we really crank up the heat about the middle of the week. wednesday triple digits as highs 104 on thursday and that he continues the first day of summer is that following sunday boy already. yeah. all right. thanks, lawrence. even with a certain crimes on the rise such as car break-ins we told you about san francisco's district attorney says.
10:37 pm
>> you should still feel safe while you're in the city. well, for jonathan mccall sat down with chase being recently and asked him why. >> news of shootings, car break ins vicious attacks murders, drugs, deadly hit and runs and more have dominated the headlines in san francisco in recent months. but despite the news. >> absolutely. and francisco is a safe city. we're going through may tremendously difficult period. >> says district attorney >> there's nothing more important to be in morning in the san francisco district attorney's office. then making san franciscan safer. >> but the question remains, do citizens really feel safe in the city. but dean says you should and here's why. he points to the city's crime stats. according to sfpd crime is down by nearly 9% from this time in 2020 we've been robberies seeing the biggest drop from year to year. but assaults, break-ins and car thefts are up just fix. don't mean much to anyone who's been victim. >> suffered directly from.
10:38 pm
>> and that's why we're taking steps to be proactive around things like expanding victim services. >> since taking office in january of 2020. dean says his office has filed charges in more than 6,000 criminal cases. the progressive district attorney has been under fire in recent months after a number of high-profile crimes including a deadly new year's eve crash that killed 2 women in downtown. investigators say that 45 year-old troy mcallister, a man on parole was in a stolen car when he hit 2 women. critics blame butadiene and his office for failing to prosecute mcallister for a number of charges that quickly triggered a recall petition which is now underway. we didn't get a chance to ask the district attorney. all of the questions that we wanted to during our sitdown at larkin street youth services. but he says that his office is working on a number of steps to try and find ways to team up to try and break the cycle of crime on the streets. one step he says it's critical. the recent passing of sb 7.39.
10:39 pm
>> every year in california. there's approximately 2000, 500 young people aged out foster care system. and what that means today is there on the right. no support. no family, no resources. >> lawmakers passed a bill that he co-authored which he says will provide a $1000 a month for 3 years for children aging out of the foster care system cash transfer being able to have a minimum monthly income. >> for this pilot will demonstrate the ability for folks to really stay on their feet, get on their feet and be able to go to college be able to have a little extra money to make sure that they take care of their basic needs to dean says many of those in this vulnerable group are not only victims of crime. >> but also responsible for causing well, we've managed to find creative ways to hold people accountable to get at the root causes of crime drug addiction and mental illness who dean says he is proud of the work that he and his team have done and believes that better days are ahead for the
10:40 pm
city. but with an effort to remove him from office and many san franciscans fed up and frustrated his work could be overshadowed in san >> san francisco supprofessiona treat alcohol addiction peskin represents neighborhoods, including hill, north beach chinatown and the financial district. he tweeted out an apology today saying, quote, after serious consideration i've decided to enter into alcohol treatment under the guidance of professionals. i stand by my long legislative and civic record but must also take full responsibility for the tenor that i have struck in my public relationships for that, i am truly sorry. >> the recall election against governor gavin newsom is going to be costly for the taxpayers in california. officials say the price tag will be at least 250 million dollars. critics of the governor got enough signatures this paying to
10:41 pm
trigger a recall election for the second time in state history. the first time was when governor gray davis lost a recall in 2000, 3, his opponents included his lieutenant governor at the time. however, californias current governor eleni kounalakis says that she has no intention of entering the race. >> this election is between governor newsome and the republicans who are trying to get a shot at using this surely are relatively few killed her processed to be able to win an election that they ordinarily would not be able to win. >> the lieutenant governor is the one who will ultimately set the date for the recall election as of now, she says it will likely happen sometime in the fall as early as september or as late as november. >> coming up in sports, the a's take on the royals. the coliseum kylen mills has the highlights and is not the bay area, but the monterey bay certainly has plenty to offer
10:42 pm
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>> the marin county health department has added another incentive for people to get vaccinated in addition to being interred in the states vax for the winning lottery county residents will receive $25 grocery store gift card. you can see which locations are offering the gift cards at get vaccinated mer n dot org.
10:45 pm
we know who now know who won the first $50,000 prize in california's vax lottery. it's a guy named tony. >> it's been rough year, a year and a half for me and for everybody else out there. so it's nice to have. >> this money coming in. i basically lived off my savings past year and a half. >> apparently tony didn't want to give his last name or cash prizes are on the way. additional $50,000 winners will be revealed tomorrow. next tuesday, june 15th the state will award 10 people. one 0.5 million dollars each to be eligible. you just have to live in california be at least 12 and have one dose of the covid vaccine. >> well, it was summer officially just over a week away we're continuing our destination, california series. and tonight we take a closer look at what the monterey bay peninsula has to offer cowboys. rob fladeboe had the lucky to or yes.
10:46 pm
>> the author robert louis stevenson said it is the greatest meeting of land and water in the world. but there is so much more to the monterey peninsula. >> you can come to see the peaches redwoods in big sur, incredible hiking outdoor adventure. we have the monterey bay so kayaking year around whale watching. there's just so much to see and do the monterey bay aquarium. cannery row and big on favorite destinations all within easy driving distance from around california. locally can come from san jose san francisco. you can even drive up from l a. >> it's one of the best, the most scenic drives in the country. you have highway one cannery row, of course, was immortalized by the author, john steinbeck who wrote cannery row and several other books set in and around monterrey. >> the starting catcher is, of course, like this one long gone. but the fishermen are still here and so is the seafood. >> try the calamari at fisherman's wharf or tour. the harbor in a kayak.
10:47 pm
>> pacific grows lovers point is right next door. the 17 mile drive led you to the dog friendly whites and carmel beach art galleries line carmel's ocean avenue. don't miss the carmel mission and of course, there is pebble beach and its renowned golf courses. you can find some of california's first here, including the first theater. >> the first newspaper started here we have the first building that's designated in california in monterey steinbeck's beloved salinas valley in the arctic chill capital of the world in castroville round out your visit to a place where land, water and waves of fun are rolling ashore. >> rob fladeboe in mara for destination, california. >> and if you scan this qr code with your phone. it will take you to our destination. california section on our website. kron 4 dot com. and there you'll find several stories on the fun things to do all across the state of
10:48 pm
california this summer, including tips on renting an rv for road trip and a rejuvenated retreat high. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> no giants game today. they got rained out in washington. but the sun was shining back here in the bay as the a's hosted the kansas city royals over at the coliseum. bob melvin and company opening the series against the royals. this was close until the 7th tied up at 1, 1, 1, kelvin gutierrez gets what can only be described as a seeing eye single right up the middle just past pitcher frankie montage. he couldn't get in front of it. that what right between the second baseman shortstop as well. 2 runs score 3, one royals. kansas city goes on to win 6. one a solo homer by jed lowry was the only offensive damage for oakland. of course, the we'll get to try again tomorrow. now the jazz looking to go up 2, nothing over the clippers 4th
10:49 pm
quarter action utah a leading by one at this point. reggie jackson sets puts up that rate. it is good. 29 points for jackson and that would give the clippers the lead under a minute to go now jazz up by 5 donovan mitchell gets around the defenders, lays it in was a tough shot. 37 points for mitchell and that would be the dagger jazz win one 17, one 11. they take a two-game series lead game 3 in l a on saturday. the bucs back at home for game 3 in the milwaukee crowd showed out fear. the deer late in the 4th tied at 80 kevin durrant beyond the arc. that one's good 30 points. 11 boards for kd. he gives the nets the lead 16 seconds left. that's up by one true holiday with the handles nice spin move lays it in nice touch to bucks go up by one. fans loving it at this point in pfizer form that had to be an incredible. it was to
10:50 pm
look at those 2. they're cracking. yes. katie with a last-ditch effort. he's the guy you want with the ball. but that was a tough shot. he was under pressure way beyond the arc 8683 the bucs. hold on. they take game 3 game for coming up on sunday as well. the forty-niners have found themselves and some hot water. check out this video of rookie quarterback d ahmed or lenoir locking up a receiver and you just saw a minute ago really nice pick an incredibly athletic play seems pretty standard right. well and posted the clip to social media pages where it went viral and it got the forty-niners in some trouble nfl rules are that players are not allowed to take part in any type of contact drills during the spring because you soon players game shape. they want to prevent injuries. so what you see in this clip. it doesn't look like much when you see them just a little pushing tog. that's a violation, though. the league was did forced the forty-niners to cancel one of their weeks of rookie mini camp is punishments and again, while the contact doesn't seem
10:51 pm
like much. it's not a good look for a team that has struggled with injuries, especially under coach. kyle shanahan. some are now wondering, could there be other violations that we don't see either. stanford, one of the last 16 teams fighting for a spot in the college baseball world series. the cardinal take on texas tech tomorrow. the first game of the super regional 9th seeded stanford enters the weekend, 3615. well, the raiders are 3915 and seeded 8th. so that should be neck and neck. we'll likely see pac 12 pitcher of the year. brendan back on the mound for the cardinal, the senior owns an 81 record, but he has his work cut out for him. the series will take place down in burning hot lubbock, texas. listen to this high temp tomorrow is a 108 degrees and the raiders are known to have rowdy fans to this is part of the excitement of of regional baseball right. and and may earn the right to play at home. and we've got to be able to beat them at their home and to earn our way.
10:52 pm
>> we've got some young kids. we're just going to, you know, go through it the first time. but that's that's just part of growing up. >> that game set for noon tomorrow. of course, we'll have the highlights for you tomorrow night. that does it for sports kron 4 news. we'll for sports kron 4 news. we'll attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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visit today. at chewy we believe feeling good comes first. that's why we offer veterinary diets, prescrip even compouns customized for your pet, so you can get what they need to feel healthy. shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. visit today. recycled art with a powerful message artists in the uk unveiled this electronic waste sculpture today based on mount rushmore here in the u.s.. >> mount recycle. more dipak
10:55 pm
depicts a g 7 summit leaders including president biden uk prime minister boris johnson and german chancellor angela merkel was made from old phones computers, even vacuum cleaners. it aims to highlight the environmental threat of electronic waste as world leaders prepare to discuss how to tackle climate change and build a greener future. nasa's perseverance rover has officially begun searching for signs of ancient life on mars. it will spend the next several months. exploring a patch of the jet 0 crater. the rover is also collecting rocks and sediment samples to send back to earth. one day. >> one day after a mystery boom shook san diego. it remains the talk of the town. partly because nobody knows where it came from. >> my windows were saying again, that that i promise i'm i was like. >> chip in i hear a big boom like that. i just assumed there. around. >> the boom was heard from
10:56 pm
northern san diego county all the way into mexico. geologists say it was not an earthquake and the military says it was not a bomb. researchers say that there are several possibilities a sonic boom some missile something traveling at a rate faster than sound. >> oriented in the right direction. you know, san diego was was a a big boom, if you will. >> well, this is the 3rd strange mystery, boom. san diego county is hurt since the beginning of this year. we do have a lot of military bases yeah, that sounds yeah. weather conditions just right. i can folk allies some of the sound waves are, too. so that's a high. >> hey, guys. we're getting ready for the weekend. we're not far away now. in yeah, it looks like we'll have a nice weekend ahead as temperatures return back to average around the bay area. that's not a bad place to be outside right now. a lot of 50's not going to be as cold to 1960 degrees right now. indiana by day. we've got some sunshine, a couple of patches of fog coming your way and some mid to high level clouds 60's into much of san
10:57 pm
francisco along the coastline. it will be a little bit warmer still breezy in the afternoon, but not as windy as it's been 60 of 9 degrees in millbrae about 72 degrees and sanko 74 in mount view. the south bay field with 70's, even 80 degrees in morgan hill warming up in the east bay to looking good, though. 70's popping up getting even warmer as we head in toward the next few days and then we get ready for a big change in the weather. in fact, enjoy this nice cool weather while we have it warming up into saturday and sunday kind of break on monday and tuesday of next week. we're getting hot triple digits rounding out your okay. thank you very much. thank you for being with us tonight. the night tonight.
10:58 pm
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