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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  June 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> it has sure been a long time coming. california is now just hours away from lifting almost all covid pandemic restrictions starting at midnight. the state will retire its color-coded tier reopening plan meeting essentially. >> everything is going to go back to prepandemic life. that is if you're fully vaccinated. so here's a look at what is changing tomorrow. capacity. limits, physical distancing and mask requirements for vaccinated. people will be lifted at bars restaurants. retail stores and places of worship unvaccinated people. they'll still be able to want to have to wear their masks and it is not a mask free stages yet. there are some situations when even fully vaccinated folks. >> still have to wear masks or are suggested to do so. masks are required still when you'll be taking public transportation or traveling on planes and the like. they're also still required inside classrooms in california. both local mlb team say fans should still wear masks at giant today's games, but they will
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not be enforce. it will be, i guess, a requirement that they will enforce that. well, these restrictions are being lifted. it doesn't mean that the pandemic is over yet. kron 4 did a survey. it's on our facebook page today to find out if people plan on ditching their masks soon as tomorrow. and here's a look at the latest numbers 41% of people responding say that they will get rid of them i can't wait. they say, but 59%. the majority say they're not comfortable getting rid of the mask just yet. and of course you have to keep it on your person for certain situations can spur taishan. when you go to the grocery store, you don't need it. stay up to date on all the latest covid-19 developments as the state reopens. >> scanned the qr code that you see on your screen right now. we'll take you to our special covid-19 section. it's on our web site near you can find the latest on vaccinations, mask requirements and much more. it's all on kron. 4 dot com.
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well, during a stop in san francisco today. governor newsom announced more incentives to try to get people to get vaccinated. this includes. >> but they called the vax for the wind program. on the day of california's grand reopening 10 more vaccinated. people in california will be selected to win 1.5 million bucks each. you can download the kron on app for live coverage of the lottery. drawing also be a drawing on july first for 6 californians to get a california dream vacation. >> and $2000 towards a trip to a destination here in the state. the 6 trip packages include discover the best of anaheim package and the greater palm springs luxury package. other packages include trips to san diego la. and here in san francisco, similar to the backs for the wind. the cash prize drawings winners of the dream vacations will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible californians and will not be initially announced to protect
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her privacy. californians will be required to complete their vaccinations in order to claim their dream vacation. you can read more on the back of vacation packages on our website. kron 4 dot com. starting today a's fans can get a covid shot at all remaining 8 home games. this season. >> fans to get the vaccine will be given a voucher for 2 tickets to that day's game or an upcoming game at the coliseum. the vaccination clinic will open about 90 minutes before first pitch and will stay open through the 5th inning. they will offer the pfizer and j and j shots. no appointment necessary. if you do not have tickets to that day's game. you can still get a vaccine by entering the east side club by using the bart ramp. >> experts are warning that the delta variant is on its way to becoming the dominant strain of coronavirus here in the u.s. the variant was first discovered in india and currently makes up for about 10% of the covid cases here in america. former fda says that
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it could quickly drive outbreaks in vulnerable. parts of country. vaccination rates are low symptoms, often mimic a common cold, including headache sore throat, a runny nose. experts say the young people they get the milder symptoms and could spread the variant more easily without realizing it vaccine maker novavax says its 2 dose shot is highly effective against covid-19 and also protects against variants. the company just announced results from a large study in the u.s. and mexico that found its vaccine was safe and about 90% effective by the end of september novavax plans to file for emergency use authorization while demand for vaccines here in the u.s. is dropping the need for more doses around the world remains critical. >> in the north bay due to severe drought. the city of healdsburg is now requiring all residents to reduce water use immediately the city and acting in emergency mandate to conserve 40% of it's water and
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to ban the use of automatic sprinklers and irrigation systems washing personal vehicles and hosing down driveways also prohibit it. the mandate means residential customers will have to also follow a new water budget. >> allocation of 74 gallons per resident per day just some background healdsburg has the highest water per household or per customer. and our entire county. >> mayor says the city will be monitoring customers, water use and offering education initially. but say if it comes down to it, they are able to issue fines if needed. >> by taking a live look outside right the golden gate bridge and the fog coming in is not the fog. is there. it is right there at the opening. >> but sunny, in most of the bay chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. we still have the fog thursday when it's a million degrees
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inland. you know, i think the fog will be all gone a bottle of like him because as we get way these temperatures really going to soar the one. it's thing, though, even though one of the fog along the coastline. you have enough of a sea breeze to keep the temperatures much cooler up toward the beaches. speaking of the fog you see coming over san bruno mountain. they're still breezy in spots out there as the winds kind of kicking up around the bay area. 26 mile, winds of the west in oakland that sea breeze blowing right now 26, also the sfo 23 nevado and 20 out of the west in the napa valley on the big picture, though. things begin to change a sea of fun off the coastline. it's just not going to be able to get here. in fact, there's a ridge of high pressure that is now building over the 4 corner states that's going to be back in our direction. that's where we get a lot of waves at this time of year. that's what we'll see coming our way in the next few days. temperature right now very pleasant 73 in power out to 72 in fremont right now. 71 in san mateo, 78 degrees in concord. 81 still warm in fairfield and 79 insane, lena.
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but we'll watch as temperatures start to warm up as early as tomorrow. i think we're looking at 90's inland, lot of 70's 80's around the bay of 60's along the coast. all right, lawrence, coming up. >> tough on russia. president biden and our nato allies discuss a possible threats from president trump and feeding the bay area's vulnerable populations. we're highlighting the. >> food bank contra, costa and solano counties just ahead. and if you're planning a trip to a national park. it ready for the crowds. the latest attendance numbers are way up.
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>> disneyland is dropping mask requirements for fully vaccinated guess the resort announced the new mask policy today. >> starting tomorrow. fully vaccinated people will not have to wear masks both indoors and outdoors. people who are not vaccinated will have to wear their masks indoors except when dining disneyland will not ask for proof of vaccination, though the crowds and long lines are expected to fill national parks this summer national parks are seeing record setting attendance after more than a year of travel restrictions last month. yellowstone national park saw the most visitors ever recorded in may. more than 483,000 people visited the park. that's around 11% increase from may of 2019 park officials say summer months are historically the busiest months of the year. making travel plans for the 4th of july. well, if so, you better
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book now, a new survey from the vacationer shows 132 million americans plan to travel. >> for independence day this year of those traveling 32% are expected to spend 500 bucks or more on flights hotels, tickets casts other travel expenses. the study also predicts the number of people traveling this year will be 3 and a half times more. then the number that traveled the 4th of july last year which makes sense. the vaccine, pandemic was raging. all right. live look outside beautiful picture here from out town will pi us. but. >> things are changing. the heat wave is on the way. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us next to help get us ready thursday. that will be perhaps one for the record bo
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>> alright, big story this week is going to be the weather as we take a live look at is so cool. it is when that happened, it reveals real defined i mean, mean, this is probably not the tv here, but i can't sit there and look at that for a long time, if you will, down, just looking at cools everybody down. but i guess that fog is going to be going away, lawrence, because looking record breaking. >> week of this is going to be a significant major heat wave rolling in the california, the bay area going to be affected. we can already start to see some the heat. that's coming our way. in fact, the east coast doesn't look too bad you got cool 70's in the dc but
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you get yourself west. and that's where things change. look at phoenix. well, it but be a 115 degrees. there tomorrow. and that may be conserved. they may get closer to about a 120, but this whole dome of high pressure. that's sitting over head. this is going to be back in the california. that's what's going to be cranking up our heat and possibly bring us from record heat around the bay area. so let's break it down right now. the national weather service has issued numerous advisories around the bay area. first we take you to san mateo county and santa clara county as well. so see the areas shaded in orange here. these are the areas under the advisory that begins on 11 o'clock on wednesday continues to friday. these temperatures expected to soar in those areas may be 92 to a 100 degrees overnight lows. yeah. not cooling off that much 58 to about 66 now you get to the parts of the east bay contra costa alameda county. that's where these temperatures really are going to start in their stride. upper 90's. maybe as high as a 108 degrees in places like antioch in the brentwood in the byron. there are overnight
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lows only going down in the mid 60's to low 70's. so that doesn't give your body a good chance to recover from all that daytime heat. now the hottest spot probably in the bay area slama county. some of these temperatures really could be crazy size a 10212 degrees in places like vacaville into fairfield. that is going to be some scorching heat, but in the north bay to napa and sonoma counties. you've got a variety of advisories. you've got the heat advisory. then you've got the warnings. you get a little further north up over some of the mountain tops there and that continues in the brain. you get to live in would incur force knowles fairfax. you're looking at the he warnings those temperatures as high as 104 degrees with overnight lows down in the 50's and the mid 60's. so very hot weather expected all around the bay area and it's going to continue here we go. the last week of spring and we're ending up on the hot side. these temperatures expected to soar triple digits by wednesday and there's going to be some cloud cover kind of
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rotating around that area of high pressure that has to be somewhat concerned watching out for the possibility of some lightning strikes. temperatures only slowly cooling down, get a 106 on friday then upper 90's on saturday and sunday in many of tae valleys. guys, back to you. all right. thanks, lawrence. president biden's first nato summit as president is under way in brussels. >> biden reasserting that america is back and he says he's trying to strengthen relationships with allies, much like he did at the g 7 summit. the nato summit comes just before president biden meets with russian president vladimir putin on wednesday. >> where president biden plans to get tough with that. put 9 recent cyberattacks kron four's, washington correspondent anna wiernicki is here. she joins us with more on that >> good evening. great. and vicki. that's actually right. president biden is in brussels today at the nato headquarters. this is the second in his 3 stopped or of abroad in europe right now and
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there is a lot on his agenda that they're going to be discussing this week. everything from china to cyber attacks. and of course, russia. >> nato is critically important for us in brussels on monday, president biden reaffirmed america's commitment to its nato allies. the u.s. commitment to article 5. >> the nato treaty is rock solid. >> and unshakable. biden met with european leaders monday morning to discuss how nato should adapt to new challenges, including cyberattacks climate change and growing threats from china and russia, russia and china are both seeking to drive a wedge an hour transatlantic solidarity. we're seeing an increase in malicious cyber activity. our nation ship curry with shot is at its lowest point since cold war nato secretary general yen. stoltenberg says the leaders agreed they want to tackle these challenges diplomatically keep over the
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fence is strong. remaining ready to talk the biden administration already imposed sanctions against moscow over several past cyber attacks. russian president vladimir putin denied those allegations in an interview with nbc news on monday, but we have been accused of all kinds of things election interference, cyberattacks and so on and so forth. >> and not once, not once, not one time with was released that they bother to produce because any kind of evidence or proof. >> and president biden is set to meet with face to face on wednesday in geneva. the last these 2 met face to face was 10 years ago when president biden was serving as vice president and was prime minister live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki back to you. anna. if you have a wondering if president biden is looking for any advice from foreign leaders. you know, on how to deal with putin during the summit. >> what we do know that last week when the president was in england at the g 7 summit that he did have a chance to talk to a few foreign leaders.
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>> about this conversation on wednesday with putin. we know that he talked to the german chancellor and we know that it was a topic that came up during tea with queen elizabeth. so it is on the top of everyone's mind at the white house says that the president is taking a lot of time this week to prepare and he's spending his mornings before meeting with nato leaders preparing and consulting with his advisers as well as a senior officials. >> to be a fly on the wall that meeting. all right. that's out of work. he live for us tonight in washington. appreciate thank you, anna. still to come tonight, we take you by the scene said the food bank cut costs. it's a lot of county showing you what it takes to feed the bay area's hungry.
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>> welcome back. today. we're highlighting the good work happening every hour, every day at the food bank of contra, costa and solano counties that their senior food distribution program. many in that vulnerable population would go hungry during the pandemic. our kron four's phillipe utah reports from the where volunteers are feeding the community. >> grateful for range. an extension care and 10 even a paper bag. they keep the surviving here i am. seniors in vallejo, not left behind. instead top of mind for the food bank of contra, costa and solano. beautiful thing.
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>> and there every second and 4th wednesday of the month. if lawrence douglas community center hosts the food bank, senior food program, drive-thru, distribution is really helpful. yes, we don't go out that much as you showed volunteers hand out food, prepared back at the main warehouse producing several days worth of meals over all the food bank is keeping bellies full march was a record setting month. that was well over 4 million pounds of food. that was distributed. >> in just one month. that's over 3 million thank you. average, the food bank is serving 270,000 people per month more than the populations of concord and fairfield combined. it's very helpful. but i don't come every time i come just once a month. >> yeah. yeah, because i feel like other people might need it more than i do. and whatever does not reach the back seat of someone's car is then packed up and sent to another one of food bank 75 distribution sites to help others in need. the people that do this. the volunteers, everything.
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>> you know, i can't say enough great things about him. i'm just lucky to be able to be a part of this. a lifeline for so many people. >> in calais get all kron. 4 news has stat is true. you can't say enough great things about the work that they do. a great assist all over. i don't know if we do without a lot of volunteers spent a lot of time making that work. that's right. it's fun to volunteer. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 for being with us this hour. but keep it here. kron 4 news at 6 is next. pam moore and. >> jonathan mccall are here with a look at is that what's coming up tonight at 6 grand and vicki, thank you both very much. coming up tonight at 6 o'clock. we are in the final countdown after more than a year of mask mandates, restaurant restrictions in gathering guidelines california's full reopening is now just hours away. >> plus, a terrifying scene in san francisco today with a massive tree trunk snapped in half. >> piercing the home of a 90 year-old woman. now there is debate over who is responsible for that tree. and chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking a heat wave is on the way to the bay area b ready for a doubt. the mccall. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6.
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>> if you're vaccinated yes, it safe to do that without a mask. if you're unvaccinated should continue to wear masks. >> now at 6 california getting ready for tomorrow's big statewide reopening most covid precautions will be lifted with some exceptions. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. i'm jonathan mccall. can enjoying the night off. we're now just some 6 hours away from the full reopening of california from the covid-19 pandemic. >> plenty of changes are on the way after more than a year of restrictions. kron four's terisa stasko live tonight in the city with what you can expect when you wake up first thing in the morning. it's going to feel like new year's all over again with so many changes on the way. theresa. >> well, john, thank you. definitely should be expecting a lot of changes. this is a big moment with those big changes. the changes sweeping affecting virtually every business come june 15th as california moves past its pandemic restrictions. for example, at restaurants


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