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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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it safe to do that without a mask. if you're unvaccinated should continue to wear masks. >> now at 6 california getting ready for tomorrow's big statewide reopening most covid precautions will be lifted with some exceptions. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. i'm jonathan mccall. can enjoying the night off. we're now just some 6 hours away from the full reopening of california from the covid-19 pandemic. >> plenty of changes are on the way after more than a year of restrictions. kron four's terisa stasko live tonight in the city with what you can expect when you wake up first thing in the morning. it's going to feel like new year's all over again with so many changes on the way. theresa. >> well, john, thank you. definitely should be expecting a lot of changes. this is a big moment with those big changes. the changes sweeping affecting virtually every business come june 15th as california moves past its pandemic restrictions. for example, at restaurants
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limits, lifted. capacity limits. no disposable utensils if not vaccinated, then masks mandated with the honor system in place. retail very similar with no social distancing requirements, sporting events, some nuance for the giants june 25th full capacity shifts back into place mask strongly encourage, especially for unvaccinated and in tight spaces at the ballparks are inside areas proof of a negative covid test ends similar structure. but still encouraged to get a test prior to attending park or wear a mask at all times movie theaters reservations remain in effect with limits still on capacity. for now for many big name places, public transit like muni an ac transit, although local systems, according to muni, they still must follow federal guidelines which means no physical
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distancing. but masks are going to be required while riding paying. we're waiting for the transit system. schools governor newsome wants all schools to be back in person in the fall each district is different for now at camp since amber schools, a wide variety of social distancing remains in place, especially as younger kids who can not get vaccinated yet. then in the service sector, such as nail salons, hair, salons family entertainment centers and gyms again, some large scale changes with lifting of distancing. i spoke with the owner of apply studio who says that it feels good to get back to operating closer to the prepandemic just kind of playing with bringing it back right now we're trying to be cautious. we do need to get as many people in. >> to pay back the debt and to be able you know, continue paying rent moving forward. but we're going to do it slow and steady. >> so when it comes to like your favorite hair salon or
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nail salon. you're going to check in because each business seems to be different now with the state guidelines lifting they just have the flexibility to have more people come in or, for example, with the nail salon, you can get a pedicure and manicure at the same time legally now in to places of worship. there is no restriction on those any more. so sweeping changes, as i mentioned, and really a huge light switch that's going to be happening from today. 2 tomorrow reporting live san francisco. theresa stasi, back to you guys. thank you, well, while the covid restrictions are being lifted tomorrow as we've been saying, there are still some situations when fully vaccinated people will still need to wear a mask off or has breaking down those details. >> the state of california has reopened in june. 15th 2021. but before you throw that mask away. here is what you need to know. there are still some places where you must wear a facial covering public transit being among them according to guidance from the california department of public health
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californians regardless of their vaccination status are required to wear a mask on all forms of public transportation, including but not limited to airports both inside terminals and board planes. there is still a federal mandate that applies to all us airports anytime you're inside a u.s. airport or on board an aircraft. so when you come to sfo, make sure you bring your face mask with you. >> ships and ferries buses ride shares like uber lyft trains and underground railways like but our mask requirement will stay in place by spokesperson jim allison, there have been a handful of instances where we've written citations. >> which is under the law. we barclays can do that. but the main approaches, hey, listen, everybody else was wearing a mask. we've got a mask or you just put it on and go about your business. mask are also required in schools child care locations. health care and long-term care settings
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homeless shelters, emergency shelters and cooling centers businesses and venue operators on the other hand, have the option to allow that's an 8 individuals to self a test that they are in compliance before entry. >> implement vaccine verification to determine whether individuals are required to wear a mask or simply require that all customers wear mask shopkeepers and restaurant words will continue for their own safety. and so customers when you can as well has lead kron 4 news you just zeke say that fully vaccinated folks can ditch the mask in most places. >> but experts say you should always keep one handy. that's because private businesses and establishments can still enforce masking rules if they choose to do so. that includes gyms. and today kron 4 talked with the san francisco gym owner who says that there is nothing that folks should be worried about. >> yes, it is not require anybody to provide proof of vaccination. so it is in fact the honor system. but the good news is san francisco is
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already at such a high vaccination rate. you can anticipate that when you go to the gym, you're going to very, very sick. it's >> gyms have been among the many businesses who have struggled during the pandemic. kercher says that many folks put off new year's resolutions this year because of the pandemic. but get this. he says that one month the resolutions in the month of january makes up about 25% of their yearly revenue. they've also says that small neighborhood gyms are in desperate need of support from folks right now. >> oakland a's fans can get a covid vaccine at all of the remaining 8 home games. this season. fans will get the vaccine will be given a voucher for 2 tickets to that day's game or any upcoming game at the coliseum vaccination clinic will open about 90 minutes before the game starts and will stay open through the 5th inning. they will offer the pfizer and the johnson and johnson vaccines. no appointment is necessary. if you do not have tickets to the day's game. when there, you can still get a vaccine by entering the east side club
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using the bart ramp vaccine maker novavax says that its 2 dose shot is highly effective against covid and also protects against various the company just announced results from a large study in the united states and mexico was found vaccine was safe and about 90% effective the end of september novavax plans to file for emergency use authorization. demand for vaccines in the u.s. is dropping the need for more doses around the world remains critical. you can stay up to date on the latest covid information and the reopening news. it's all on our website. just take out your smartphone scanned the qr code on your screen and it will take you directly to our coronavirus section is all at kron 4 dot com site of a 90 year-old woman in san francisco's force hill neighborhood has a big mess to clean up after a tree trunk snapped in half and fell right into our house. >> causing huge damage as you see it right there on your screen. the good news that woman is okay. kron four's.
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maureen kelly found out firsthand that folks in that area have actuallyobeen complaining to the city about that tree for more than a year. >> here's a photo that shows with a 90 year-old occupant of the home woke up to a massive tree limb skewering her living room. it put several holes into the roof and took off the side dec. here's some video that shows the wreckage from outside the home. luckily needed the elderly woman. >> or her caretaker were hurt at this time. it appears the house is still structurally sound. the apartment building inspection has a turn of the house is safe for occupancy. >> but they're looking for some further evaluation because of the extended hours of the external parts of the house, meaning the deck areas. but it doesn't seem like there's any immediate hazard now that the trees been removed from the room. >> streets. it's at the trail head of what's called edge hill mountain neighbors have been worrying about it for some time. it's been totally dead for over a year. >> we are burress least one, probably 2 or burress have assessed seeing that it was. need to come down. and we've
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been talking communicating with the city about it. but there is a question as to who owns and is responsible for the tree. >> members of the edge. hill way association say this land became a green space around 2004 after a land swap between the city and a developer. but for some reason the parcel that the tree sits on wasn't part of the swap even though the rec and park sign is posted right in front of the tree to no one had stepped up to deal with it. but we are concerned about the whole green space in there because they're and numerous trees have come down. and and are just lying there. rotting. >> so there is a we a danger from fire potentially when it gets really dry. also that there's this path and that some somebody could killed, you know, with a tree falling when the public comes through here, the city attorney's position is that developer forest view? llc is the owner of the land and as recently as june, 4th sent them a letter directing them to remove.
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>> what they called a dangerous tree. that same letter states that the developer previously told the city attorney's office, he believed he was no longer the owner of the land. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> today. kron 4 did reach out to the developer. but so far we have yet to hear back from them for comment. >> a beautiful monday. kicking off our workweek. we want to check on the 4 zone forecast with this live look outside from our camera atop mount tam opi us looking out over the beautiful bay. enjoy these cooler temperatures of meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at what's on tap. triple digits headed our way put the flannel sheets away. get out try flip flops. here we go. i mean, summer list to begin a little bit early and it is going to be a major heat wave rolling in the bay area. >> very hot starting a wednesday and many inland spots. the temperatures as we head through this heat wave a 100 to 208 degrees, maybe even warmer than that. parts of solano county. now there's
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going to be a big variety of temperatures along the coastline. enough of a sea breeze to keep you cool. they're so highs out toward the beaches very comfortable in the 60's and the 70's. but this going to be a heat wave. the kind of sticks around even into the weekend. the temperatures start to cool off. but we're cooling down from the hot hundreds in the mid to upper 90's over the weekend. so it's going to take some time. those temperatures really cool spots numbers really going to soar in many spots. national weather service issuing a couple of different heat advisory in orange here in the san mateo all the way down in the santa clara county and then you start to see the reds begin to pop up. that's where we're expecting the excessive heat and those temperatures soaring as high as a 108 degrees in the parts of contra. costa also alameda county slow maybe places in the fairfield vacaville, maybe a 110, maybe a 112 as we get into thursday and friday, the north bay. you can also pretty toasty temperatures there as well. so we'll be watching that very closely tomorrow. we begin to warm things up. hot 90's in the vallgys. not super hot just yet. 60's along the
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coastline. but much warmer weather is on the way. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. and coming up on kron 4 news at 6 residents in one bay area city must reduce water usage immediately. that's after an emergency water mandate was issued. what you need to know. >> our warming reunion will show you tonight how a couple getting their beloved pet dog back after thieves took him from a car here in san francisco. but first, travelers eager for a summer getaway booking their flocking to airports as they make up for lost time or on the industry's roaring comeback here in california. that's after the break.
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>> the travel and tourism finally coming back after a tough 18 months of covid closures. people are starting to go places again and booking their summer vacations. reporter lauren reports on the travel rebound. >> travel and tourism hard hit over the last 15 months by covid-19 now seeing a rebound tsa screening over 2 million people at airports nationwide sunday the highest volume since the start of the pandemic state officials today urging californians to help give tourism a boost. and planned vacations here in this state. >> it's like a modern day act of patriotism. if we can spend those dollars here. fulfill
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your california bucket list. the governor today announcing new vax for the win giveaways aimed at encouraging travel 6 vacations up for grabs californians 18 and over who received the covid-19 vaccine automatically entered to win trips to disneyland and to see the lakers play both in the mix. newsome says since starting these giveaways vaccination rates have gotten a boost a 14% increase in administer doses since we initiated. >> the vaccination incentives as the state economy fully reopens tomorrow. questions about vaccine verification. some mega events may require it. new york has begun offering residents government issue digital proof of their vaccine status called the excelsior pass. it's on the phone. a reporter from our new york sister station describing how it works. pace to smartphone. app. >> that. >> gives you a qr code that essentially can get you into. any venue. it shows that you been vaccinated. there are
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some challenges. but i mean, it's pretty popular 2 million downloads and counting today. governor newsom asked if he's considering anything similar. >> we'll be doing something that provides you the opportunity will announce this later this week to have an electronic version of your paper version of vaccinations, not a passport, not a requirement. >> that was lauren lister reporting tonight. the joy for those 6 vacation getaways will be on july. the first in san francisco, a stolen dog is back at home. that's after being taken from a parked car at fisherman's wharf. the dog's owner says when they got back to their car. somebody had smashed the window and little leo was gone. we caught the emotional reunion yesterday. leo was stolen on thursday and his owner says that those days apart felt much longer than that. she says she still feels overwhelmed but is grateful to have her dog back. police
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called her yesterday to let her know they found leo police say they found the dog after somebody saw leo story on the news and believe that they bought him in oakland. owner says she's grateful that the people who bought him came forward. >> there are still good people out there. really it's so cliche. but it. the good news, if you too many is still there. there are still the good still outweighs the >> thank you so much. >> goodness of humanity is still there right now. there is no information on the thief who stole leo the search is on tonight for some guitar grifters wanted for stealing us of guitars worth more than a quarter of a million dollars. santa cruz police making that discovery inside of a home last week detectives figured out that they belong to a local collector hit by thieves last summer. those items part of a 2 million dollar heist from southern california. some of the guitars were placed on a
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website where folks can buy and sell instruments. so far santa cruz. police have not made any arrest. >> the upcoming heat wave is not just causing wildfire concerns. it is also expected to attract more mosquitoes last friday. some saw county health services revealed the first west nile case in modesto uncovered on june. second, the agency says the virus has been found in at least 5 counties, including sacramento san joaquin and los angeles county last wednesday. yolo county also announced a positive tests out of knights landing. so far no human cases reported the city of healdsburg now under emergency drought because of low water levels along the russian river watershed under that emergency. the city has banned the use of automatic sprinklers. irrigation systems car washes, and even hosing down your own driveway. >> the move comes as the city looks to cut back on water usage by as much as 40%. the plan also calls for big changes for residential water usage as well.
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>> allocation of 74 gallons per resident per day just some background healdsburg has the highest water per household or per customer and our entire county. >> city says it will be monitoring customers, water usage and in some extreme cases funds could also be issued. >> well, the coming hot weather is not going to help the water shortage. for sure. this is a live look outside at downtown san francisco, clear blue skies crawford. chief news kron. 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at how warm things are going to get as we move further. >> the week. yeah. here we go. and this kind of giving the idea this some of the forecast temperatures for tomorrow across parts of the country. you notice in the desert southwest you get in las vegas, you get into phoenix. look at that dry desert air. well, guess what, that air is coming your direction. this what we get when they get the he waves, they build and now the 4 corner states start to
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spread in the california. los angeles is going to get a for southern california. but all that air is going to be working its way in our direction and it's going to get very hot, especially away from the coastline. here's the bay, the very latest on some of the advisories expected as you head toward san mateo county. you can see the orange also in the santa clara county. there currently under an excessive heat advisory that will be starting at 11:00am on wednesday. continue till 1 o'clock on friday. these temperatures 92 to a 100 degrees there in some spots, maybe get a little bit warmer. certainly they'll do that in places shaded in red. that's where we're into the warning. and these temperatures expected to be much hotter across parts of contra. costa county and alameda county 98 to a 108 degrees right through friday and overnight lows. look at that not cooling off that much. staying very warm a% and your body doesn't get a chance to recover from all the heat. >> maybe the hottest in the bay area will be county and that's where some of these numbers just get crazy. we could high sort of maybe a 110, maybe a 112 degrees in
6:22 pm
places like vacaville possibly into fairfield and dixon in a real. this is yet to the central valley and overnight lows. upper 60's to mid 70's stats. the schools is going to get temperatures continuing the north bay. you've got a couple different heat advisory in effect in petaluma sebastopol get toward healdsburg. but then you see the area shaded in the red there. those who were expected to heed warnings to continue and highs is high as a 106 degrees that also in moran as well, going to see those hot temperatures soaring in places like what occur fairfax longer need is for snows as high as a 104 degrees. those temperatures start to heat up tomorrow. but really get blazing hot on thursday and friday. guys, back to you. 104 is not blazing. have a saying something right there. lauren, stay low cloud for as we have continuing coverage on the approaching heat wave. you can scan the qr code on your screen with the camera on your phone. >> it will then take you to our weather page with the latest forecast. the current conditions and a list of
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cooling centers as many areas are set to hit those triple digits in the coming days as lawrence just said, it's all at kron. 4 dot com. still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock, including the girl scouts say they have some 15 million boxes. >> of unsold cookies our way. we'll let you know what's causing in excess of the sweet treats.
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>> the coronavirus taking a toll on girl scout cookie sales. so girl scouts of america say they have 15 million boxes of unsold treats on their hands this year. and it's not because of a lack of demand for this week's the pandemic kept many of the troops from selling their popular good stored or or a cookie booths. many opted to sell the boxes online or by using drive-thru boots and contact-free delivery. but those efforts were not very successful girl scouts depend on cookie sales to fund their camps and the trips and other activities. the organization says that usually sells about 200 million bucks a year valued at 800 million dollars. >> just get to the backstop citing weekend with the westminster kennel club dog show. you don't see this much. the ripple. the boston terrier had a great start in
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saturday's agility competition until his handler wiped out nearly landing on top of the it was a quick recovery, though, with the claim finish for the pair was was the judges favorite on sunday night taking home the trophy for best in show the show's 100 and 45th year. he's. >> so much more to come tonight here on. >> kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock president biden's first nato summit as commander in chief now underway. we'll show you how the organization is adapting to new challenges. plus, vice president kamala harris during several vaccination sites today. we'll let you know. the details on visit and her message to americans. then the danger in the skies for chp laser pointers and that pilots hundreds of feet in the air. we'll let you know what's now being done to find those behind this dangerous crime, the stories and more so on
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you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. >> president biden's first a nato summit as president is under way in brussels biden is expected to reassert that america is back and ready to strengthen relationships with his allies much like he did at the g 7 summit. nato summit comes just days before president biden meets with his russian counterpart, vladimir putin on wednesday among many of the topics on the table. recent cyber attacks here at home in the u.s. kron. 4 washington correspondent anna wiernicki is live for us in dc with more on what's expected to go down on wednesday and a good evening.


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