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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 17, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now at 9, another hot day here in the bay is we're taking a live look. >> over the golden gate bridge. you a little bit of haze there, but certainly not a thick fog deck that would be nature's air-conditioning. we do not have that today or tonight. good evening, everybody. thanks for being here on this record breaking day. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis cities all across the bay saw a record breaking temps. here's a look at just how hot it got for santa rosa samara fell one. '03. same for can't feel redwood city 102 and gilroy one. '06. >> but first, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow
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he's been tracking the heat all day long. lawrence, when can we see a cool down. yeah, i think a lot of looking forward to that. i think we've bay cool slightly tomorrow, but it is still going to be blazing hot in many spots. inland. you know, we just look at those record highs from today, even as hot as they were, we have temperatures a lot hotter than that in other parts of the bay area. but they just weren't 107 today in concord. a 107 in lemore one away for a high in antioch, a 102 in the napa valley one. '05, in nevado. you get inside the bay. even a 101 in mountain view today. so scorching temperatures all around the only cool place right along the water's edge. yeah. that nice fog. now tonight we are seeing a little more haze out the atmosphere and that's a good sign soon. we'll be talking about some fog tonight just yet. we still have another hot day ahead. first tomorrow. in fact, up there right now here, the temperatures into the south bay. 80 degrees san jose 76 in campbell. then you see a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in the stanley. and right now 62 62 also in san lorenzo over the hill, though,
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you're still looking at 94 degrees in pleasanton at this hour. still temperatures going up to 88 right now. in livermore 90 degrees as you make your way to port chicago 88 in pittsburgh, 84 birds landing and look at back of ill, they're still holding on to a 104 degrees at that site. that is just blazing hot, especially this time of the evening. 78 american kenya 76 in the napa got 79 degrees and show back your approach. the coastline you see the colors beginning to change as we start to cool things down and numbers going to be dropping off sauce. little very comfortable, 70 degrees right now. certainly would like to see more of those temperatures. but we've got another very hot day for us or our way for tomorrow. looks like those temperatures again, probably some records going to fall. maybe not as hot as it was today. but if you're talking set of a 107. it's a 103. it's still incredibly that high. it's you know, you deal and more right after a while. yeah, so hot. so but there's a cool down on the way. we'll talk more about that when that will come in a few minutes floyd vacaville right now. right now in back
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in. that's going say, oh, that's uncovered. that's really crazy. thanks to well with the excessive heat comes the possibility these days of power outages in earlier tonight pga needed more and more than 120,000 customers. >> then rotating blackouts might be necessary in order to balance the supply and demand. fortunately, though, cal iso ultimately did not implement those outages because people apparently conserved enough energy. but the initial warning still had people fearing that they'd be left in the dark with no fans or air conditioning and kron four's dan thorn. he spoke with some folks who were alerted to that possibility today. a nap and joins live from napa with more. dan. >> of again grant the possibility of these power outages are becoming the norm here in wine country. cities like napa or having to warn residents in the city that they may end up losing power and that's because of the demand of electricity that's mostly coming from air conditioners. that puts a lot of stress on the overall grit.
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>> too much energy use because of sweltering temperatures may cause your electricity to go out the state's electric grid operator, also known as the california warns if the demand of electricity exceeds the available supply a brief outage may be required these warnings. keeping residents of napa on their toes. it's worrisome. but probably appropriate for what we're going last year i had no power lost everything in my refrigerator. i think twice. >> so i'm a little worried about that. >> unlike the public safety power shutoff switch or done during high fire threat situations. rotating outages happen in only specific blocks to prevent larger sections of the power grid from going dark lately. these potential threats have become a normal part of life for people in wine country. it's annoying and it's frustrating. and at. but it happens. alison hallam with acos restaurants as downtown does not typically
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have the power cut. >> and that's a good thing because then they can help their neighbors who have lost electricity having gone through years of fires, floods and even the pandemic. says they're prepared for almost anything. >> i think that when that happens, we as a community just become a little bit stronger. everyone falls into their disaster rolls and were able to kind of pick up the pieces of our neighbors and our friends because done this so many times together. >> even though the region dodge power outages tonight. california grid operator has issued another flex alert and that will be from 06:00pm to 09:00pm tomorrow night reporting live in napa. dan thorn kron 4 news. we'll do it again tomorrow. thank you, dan. >> governor newsome address the concerns of these power outages during heat waves. he was in the east bay today. he said the state has reserved more power, then it has in previous years this year and he says the supply will be increasing with the years to
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come. >> that may be specific on storage with 200 megawatts of storage. last year. we have about 800 megawatts. as i stand here today we'll have 2000 megawatts of storage by september. so every month they're seeing more and more storage capacity, more and more energy capacity and looting. a number of permits that were due to expire that we extended and a number of news sources that were offline last year that online this year and different export and import agreements with some of our regional partners throughout the west coast. it's where interconnected system. >> governor says he understands it's unfortunate not good for anybody that cal iso has to issue these power alerts. but he says with global warming heat waves like this could become annual events here. just everybody to try to keep your home as cool as possible close the shades. the things that we reduce the amount of time you're outside. keep the body cool and he says
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try to be mindful of how much power you are using. >> to the south bay. now people getting out of the heat caused heavy traffic on highway 17 of the santa cruz mountains. it was beach traffic the likes of which we normally see on the weekends as kron four's. rob fladeboe reports for us tonight was all about escaping the heat for a cool dip in the ocean. >> among the early birds who hit the beach in santa cruz. thursday. we knew dawn and his grandson who just couldn't face another day of heat back over the hill in san jose this come to be hot. >> so. it's the best day to go is to that. >> their food on the cool sand chilling out in the 55 degree ocean. we're just kicking back beneath an umbrella was just the remedy for those who escape the heat wave baking the bay area and beyond. a perfect 82 degrees here on the main beach, a far cry from the triple digits. they might otherwise have endured back home and just there with the cats and the kids in the he.
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>> wishing i was at the beach because it's so hot so hot today, davis and this is a great opportunity to come out and hang out of it's going to be about a 110 or 12 today looks like a sonora today. >> it probably everyone going up in the mountains trying to cool off. but we decided to come in back home about 413 today. how high. >> they're supposed to be a 107 and a sacramento. yes. >> all week long. there was willful ball on the beach. frisbee fetching dogs and a fly on my lenses. junior lifeguards race by marianne is hossa fresno celebrated her 16th birthday here. well, oakland's jovanni navarro introduced his 14 month-old daughter to the ocean for the first time. >> a little bit warm back home in oakland have to be 86 degrees. i think out there, at least not least 86 degrees even started just to hit the road. get over to santa let's go out today because because then the heat inside the house away from the beach them or walk in its famed roller coaster is yet another way to
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feel the wind in your hair. >> but on this day, the water was the main attraction thoughts of the heat wave washed away by a much different kind of way. and if you had to play hooky to be here. like please keep it to yourself. tell my boss we've see. watch this fire we have a good day thank you. in santa cruz. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> we will tell lou, i looked there >> what a great story from rob and stay with kron. 4. we've continuing weather coverage. you can scan the qr code you see there your screen. gis grab your phone. hold the camera on your phone up to it will take you to our weather page with the latest forecast current conditions at a list of cooling centers across the bay area. all evacuation and shelter in place orders because of an earlier gas leak in san francisco. they've been lifted tonight. this is video of the scene. 15 comment streets in the city center richmond neighborhood. the
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evacuation shelter in place orders were first issued about 3.30 this afternoon. the leak was stopped just before 5.30, and the orders were lifted by 7 o'clock tonight. one person was injured. so far it's not clear whether the leak was in a commercial or residential building. another big story tonight is expected. cal osha has voted to revise its covid workplace safety standards so that those standards are now in line with both the cdc and the california department of public health has been a confusing mess the past couple weeks. among other things, this means not every employee will be required to wear a mask at the office. the governor has also signed an executive order so that these new rules go into effect now kron four's dan kerman has a breakdown of what is now expected of us at the workplace. cal osha's revised covid-19 related workplace safety standards. i mean, masks are not required for fully vaccinated individuals. the exception is in places that masks are required for everyone and that's regardless
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of vaccination status that includes on public transit in k through 12 schools in health care settings. correctional facilities, homeless shelters and cooling centers. masks are required for unvaccinated individuals in indoor public settings and businesses in those settings. employers may choose to do one of 3 things, allow individuals to self-attest that they are fully vaccinated implement vaccine verification or require everyone to wear a mask workplace physical distancing and barrier requirements are lifted, though there are several exceptions including during outbreaks also during outbreaks. all employees must wear face coverings indoors and outdoors. that's when 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained. now nothing in these provisions prevents employers from implementing additional measures to protect employees. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>> well, help is on the way for people hardest hit by covid in east palo alto. that city will receive 7 million dollars in federal funding to help households small businesses nonprofits and industries that we're all negatively affected by the pandemic. the money may also be used to pay eligible essential workers for government services to help replace lost revenue or to invest in infrastructure. the funding comes from president biden's american rescue plan. >> governor newsome stop by to black owned small businesses in oakland today. kron four's, phillipe dig all reports of the governor vowed continued support from mom and pop shops that he says are responsible for a bulk of the new jobs in the country. >> governor gavin newsom says he recently got a haircut so does it to beastmode barber shop in oakland thursday does not include extended stay in the chair, but he encourages others to support small businesses like this. now
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recovering from more than 15 months of devastating forced closures and modifications. we talk about california running back. we can't come roaring back. >> unless small businesses. our fully back. he says 2 thirds of the country's new jobs are created by small businesses. the governor stopped tea pizza next door to their he helped prepare somebody go enjoy this nice much like the barbershop, the pizza parlor opened up shortly before the pandemic. >> and struggled to adapt to restrictions related to prices, including physical distancing and capacity limits that have now been lifted. we want to be for those that have looked law trying to get back on their feet. we want to be there for those that feel displaced. >> and impacted. we want to go back. see, we can do to help those folks. the black owned business owners who met with the governors say they support his plan to help shops like theirs. >> the state is investing an additional 1.5 billion dollars in covid-19 relief grants that
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brings the billion dollars. we cut the fees. >> for our barbershops in our nail salons and such an even many of our restaurants and we, of course, have great grant program. this is our moment to put our wallets where our hearts are and that means come back. spend your money. the governor says more than 62% of the additional 1.5 billion dollars in pandemic relief funds have gone to minority owned businesses you know, beliefs of all kron 4 news. >> another big story we're following tonight. the san francisco police officers association is taking aim at district attorney chesa boudin and this time it over a suspect's alleged involvement in yesterday's stabbing incident. >> 94 year-old asian woman. in a statement, the police officers association president tony montoya says jason bodene is in the wrong line of work. he should apply to be a social worker. our counselors some sort because he is incompetent
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at being a district attorney. his johnny on the spot after another senior citizen is almost killed by a repeat offender by offering strong words of condemnation and support for yet another victim. but his words are empty. he is in a position to hold repeat offenders such as daniel couch accountable to put solace and cowardly criminals like couch behind bars where they cannot hurt 94 year-old women. but again, it's all about excuses and pointing fingers, end of quote. couch was arrested. 5 times on burglary related charges back in 20 20 and in response to dean tweeted, quote, it is troubling to see the p exploit a tragedy for political motivations and. >> spread misinformation to the public just last month after filing new felony charges. our office filed a motion to detain mister couch in jail. the court disagreed and released him on an ankle monitor, end quote. the 94 year-old victim is expected to survive. new details tonight
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into the tragic death of a san jose. a 7 year-old. >> liam hosted how studs-up mother samantha rodriguez will not fight extradition to las vegas from denver where she is currently in prison. rodriguez had been jailed in colorado since her arrest last week. she agreed. >> to anne of ad extradition today during a virtual hearing houses body was found last month, but remained unidentified for more than a week. police believe rodriguez left san jose with little liam and a car full of belonging several days earlier. they have not said how he died or identified a motive. >> throughout history juneteenth has been known by many names. she believed a. freedom day. liberation day. emancipation, day. >> and today it's a big day there vice president kamala harris celebrating the establishment of a new federal holiday commemorating the end
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of slavery, juneteenth. our current first family or joins us now live in the studio with more on the historic significance of this holiday. very historically significant vicki and grant. yes, this is the nation's. >> 12 federal holiday and certainly another significant one juneteenth commemorates june 19th 1865 that's when union soldiers brought the news of freedom to enslaved blacks who are in galveston, texas. that was about 2 and a half years after president lincoln's emancipation proclamation freed the slaves in the southern states for years. activists and social justice groups who a big part of efforts to make juneteenth a national holiday today. vice president harris and president biden recognize those who did the work. >> and looking out across this room. >> i see the advocates. the activists, the leaders. >> i've been calling for this day for so long, including the one and only miss opal lee.
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>> not heard police. she was a civil rights activists who spent decades campaigning for juneteenth to be recognized as a national holiday and she was there for today. signing lee in fact is considered by many the grandmother of juneteenth. juneteenth is the first new federal holiday since martin luther king junior day was created. that was back in 1983 and many people are hoping that this holiday will serve as more than just another day off. but instead a teaching moment for all americans. vicki and grant. back to you. let's hope so. thank you, pam. and tonight we're hearing from a leader in the black community who. >> is weighing in on the gravity of today's event. kron four's amanda hari spoke with the president of the naacp in san francisco about the new federal holiday.
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>> i spoke to the president of the n double a feat. he says he's cautiously of the shooting he says step in the right direction. the black community needs more a federal holiday. >> that's just symbolism. >> what african americans in america need. >> says most see brown holds many titles, including president of the bay area chapter of the naacp and pastor of 3rd baptist church. the oldest predominantly african-american baptist church in the western united states. he's been fighting for civil rights. most of his life. and that fight continues. we need to look at. >> ways. in areas of health. uk shun economic empowerment. black folks having their
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watering hole in the bay area. he says the black community is still fighting to be seen in the bay area. >> he says they need a place to call their own in san francisco doctor brown compared to how the chinese community has chinatown. he does believe this federal holiday is a milestone for the black community with. >> the celebration. we must have content. we must have constructive activities. juneteenth has been celebrated by the african american community for more than a 150 years. >> it commemorates june 19th 1865 that's when the last in slave black people in galveston, texas learned about their freedom that was more than 2 years after president abraham lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation. this responsibility. >> of all of us. >> to right the wrong that was committed. there's no back. but black people.
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>> he says we can't just use this as another day off. but instead use time to educate ourselves on the black community as well as race in america in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news and stay with kron 4 as we have continuing coverage on juneteenth on our website. you can scan the qr code on your screen there with your camera. >> on your phone. it will take you to a list of june teeth of the to keep the vents right here in the bay area. this report has dismissed a challenge to the affordable care act. preserving health care coverage for millions of people. yeah. the act will stay once again. the law was challenged by republican led states and the trump administration. they asked the court to block the entire law. but in a 7 to 2 vote. the justices rejected that argument saying. >> the plaintiffs simply did not have the legal right to bring the case. their decision leaves the entire law intact justices gorsuch and alito where the 2 dissenting votes.
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>> former president barack obama signed the affordable care act into law back in 2010 and today he took to twitter to react to the supreme court ruling to uphold the law in a tweet. obama wrote now we need to build on the affordable care act and continue to strengthen and expand it. that's what president biden has done through the american rescue plan, giving more families. the peace of mind they deserve. >> still to come what a mountain lion was dragging around that force local officials to ban hikers and bikers for a while and why those trails are now back open. >> and coffee lovers have a good cup joe coming up next on dine and dish the hot new coffee shop in san francisco from across the bay.
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>> well, san francisco is certainly a coffee loving city and brewing here >o not afraid. but now there is a new row, sir, from across the bay. >> tonight on dine and dish. we catch up to the charismatic curator behind red bay coffee. >> there's no shortage of really great coffee in the city that make room for one more. it's coming from across the bay oakland red bay coffee. >> you know what we're doing because he is you know, we we do something called. beautiful coffee to the people. and beautiful coffee to the people really means trying to bring this specially coffee and just to make it more accessible.
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>> cape of is the founder of red you know. >> i love this. >> and he's just open up a new location at the ferry building in the old pizza space across from book passage. our first coffee shop and only coffee shop here in san francisco. my hometown. so anyway, it's great to be is artist and entrepreneur who sources beans from around the globe, right coffee is africa's gift to the world. it started in ethiopia and it moved around a bit more vintage history here. some of the big names of founded right here in j b hills. brothers folders, right. some of these are classic classic brands of course, in that specialty coffee of, you know it today. but. >> at the time, you know, they really put emphasis on the map. red bay coffee is at the forefront of what he calls coffee sustainable and the scene pretty chill.
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>> i'm humbled at the opportunity to be able to serve coffee on these hallowed historic coffee grounds in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. well, you know, we're always looking for great places to dine or get takeout in your neighborhood. >> use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code will take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant or coffee shot for us to future. >> and we're always looking for a good cup of coffee like that. certainly could use one right now. hey, folks, we got some more hot weather on the way. it looks like another
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet.
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now, that's making a difference. >> welcome back. whether our big story pretty hot out there today did you notice so this is a live look at sfo school's out for the summer. a lot of people starting to travel. we'll have more people taking flight. certainly this summer than last summer, i guess is not even technically summer but not yet, but it sure feels first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look at this hot weather. yeah. we're right the middle of a heat wave right now. today may have been the hottest day of the week. but tomorrow is going to get close enough. still triple digit heat breaking out around the bay area this evening seeing some changes in a little bit of a breeze along the coastline. of course, nice numbers out toward the beach. it was gorgeous. no fog along the coastline and stay mostly clear now getting hit to some of the haze moving into the golden gate bridge and will be long before we start talking about some fog there. but
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right now we are under that big heat dome that's sitting over head over the 4 corner states and pumping that dry desert air. all the way back in the bay area. so some temperatures almost like phoenix today in some spots inland outside. but things are going to change that. that fog that's near point conception. that's going start to move in along the coastline in the coming days outside right now. it is 80 degrees in san jose, much cooler along the coastline 50's out of the beach as you head over the hill, 73 in san mateo still 88 in livermore right now. 87 in pittsburgh, 78 degrees and less 76 in the napa valley 85 degrees. saint helene 85 in cloverdale and 64 degrees. little breeze kicking out the west in the petaluma air quality. going to be issue again tomorrow. you probably saw the he's today. you'll see more of that haze tomorrow, especially as you head to parts of the east bay in the south. but you know, you get that big dome high pressure read that tends to trap. a lot of those bledsoe. yeah. quality going to suffer and the temperatures going to have suffered again as we're going to see those numbers soaring
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advisories up in orange for the heat again, as we see a lot of these temperatures running in the 90's, probably some triple digits in the santa clara valley and then red. that's we're going to see some of those hottest temperatures. maybe not a 108 tomorrow, 103 in some of the hottest spots. and that is just hot enough, right. numbers break down like this very comfortable in the san francisco. little more of a breeze by tomorrow afternoon. i think that will knock down the temperatures to about 74 still a beautiful day. 73 in daly city, 66 in half moon bay inside of 82 degrees in burlingame further south 89 in redwood city 88 to mount view the south bay again, you're looking at 90's. maybe some triple digits again in the morgan hill about a 100 sunol one. '02, in pleasanton, one. '03, in livermore. it's going to be scorching hot inland 100 t walnut creek, maybe 104 in concord and then some really hot temperatures vacaville just are incredible temperatures there again tomorrow. i think that he could approach a 109 degrees. so believe will heat there.
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and it continue for at least another day and then we'll start to see some cooling us locally. trend over the weekend, though it's going take a long time for many of the valleys to cool off. in fact, i don't think we really cool off inland till we get into monday and that's finally when that nice ocean air is going to kick in. our temperatures are really going to cool down. that fog is going to roll. and right now it actually looks like we may see some heavy drizzle as we get to monday night and tuesday. so from one extreme to another coming up, it's going to the first time in a long time, people can't wait to get to monday. yeah, i know away, but i'm looking for that fog. yeah. and the drizzle. yeah. all right. thanks, lauren. on the peninsula. a popular trail. it's back san mateo county parks closed the crystal springs regional trail. >> in san mateo after a mountain lion sighting. our first gayle ong joins us now live from san mateo with the any sign of the big cat, gayle. >> no sign today as far as we know, vicki, but no humans
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were hurt in this sighting. but wildlife officials and park officials want to remind people that these mountain lion sightings is a sign, though. we do share the space with the wildlife. >> so your camp is fully back open thursday park officials closed the segment of the crystal springs regional trail wednesday after a mountain lion sighting. park officials posted the update on their social media pages notifying the public of mail online activity. officials went on to say the closure was to make sure the cat had cleared the area for her sake and hikers after dragging portions of kill to hide and return later i was surprised that it was actually on the but i was glad to hear it because it's where it should be. >> because they were here first. >> benjamin lamar has been cycling. the trail for decades and never spotted a mountain lion but says he is familiar on what to do if he comes across one. i don't think it would mess with me because i'm going to be like 3 times as big as it and i'll be very loud and obnoxious and that's exactly what wildlife experts
9:35 pm
advise. tiffany ap is a wildlife scientist at the center for biological diversity in oakland, that the best thing to do when you come across a mountain lion is to really does. >> be make some noise back away. you know, kind of give it and you know, have respected like space while this big cat was spotted in their natural habitat. >> there have been sightings outside homes in san mateo county earlier this month. a homeowner shared his home surveillance video of a mountain lion sighting in millbrae believed to be the same citing from march and april. the california department of fish and wildlife says half of california is considering mountain lion territory. yeah. adding this reminder we're moving through a driving through or walking through were biking through mount lion habitat. >> you know, try to do our best to share the space with them. >> now wildlife expert ads even outlines are top predators are actually quite afraid of humans in our typically busy looking for their prey. but experts say it's also a good idea as we
9:36 pm
saw. >> we have been seeing sightings at homes to keep your pets indoors around 4 o'clock. sunset overnight. hours. cats and dogs go overnight for the night alive in san mateo. gayle ong kron 4 news. i can't get a good idea. >> any idea why there have been so many sightings in in residential neighborhoods recently the sides. cats and dogs. yeah, i did ask about that vick and she did mention that over the course of the pandemic. a lot of people that were staying at home. so. >> the barriers for these wildlife animals. are the freeways and roads. so when we saw you know, less traffic and that's when they got the green light to roam around. and that's why we saw a lot more this past year. >> all right. gail, thank you. and be careful of cover your shoulder. >> now to the north bay where the russian rivers inflatable
9:37 pm
rubber dam near force ville is going to be closed through the summer. it's being replaced for the first time since 1995 construction begins monday and it will continue right on through mid-october. there will be signs posted around the river to alert voters of the closure. the dam is usually. used during the spring or summer potable water demands go up. serving 600,000 sonoma and marin county residents. still ahead after decades of supermodels running the runways. victoria secret's major revamp and the message they're hoping now to send a. >> consumers. >> and in sports, the giants backs continue to batter the diamondbacks sports director jason dumas says highlights and reaction. when we come back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> so as we know, it's really starting to heat up outside. as a matter of fact, is already hot. but guess what? so what a giant look, i was waiting patiently because i don't want to jinx them in jump the gun. but now i'm all in on this san francisco giants team. it's almost july and they are in first place in the toughest division in baseball that's got to speak for itself. let's head to oracle to see how their series finale with the diamondbacks went by. all right. this guy. he's a smart guy. staying cool in the muck of these cold and
9:41 pm
this too had himself a game curt casali drives one to center field that is a 2 run shot for his first home run of the season. giants. take a quick 2. nothing lead. let's go to the 5th casale with another fly to center this time there's confusion with the outfield of arizona. that is indicative of their season. they dropped brandon belt scores casale is in the 3rd with a first career triple it 6. nothing giants. 2 innings later. how about another hit from casale this time it's a single it brings in wilmer flores. he beats death row. it makes a 72 casale with 4 rbi. he was a double away from hitting from the cycle, hitting for the cycle. i'm sorry, giants win 10 to 3 at the diamondbacks 23rd straight loss on the road that is a major league record now after swapping last weekend in our nation's capital. san francisco's bats have come alive with 37 runs in this four-game sweep.
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>> swing the bats. well, if that's true asking and i think it's consistent up and down lineup and that's kind of started on many days with the way lamont wade has approached us first about such very aggressive prepared to to swing. but then also it being patient on pitches that he can't drive to think up and down our lineup. our guys are doing a nice job and feel like pretty good rhythm right obviously we're for a fun game. >> the nets were trying to close out the bucks. but the bucks had different plans gets it out to khris middleton who knocks down the 3 towards the end of the half middleton at 3810. let's go to the 4th quarter giannis doing what he does best overpowering people better. amy dumps on jeff green down a little bit. the bench. they're loving it. that's gonna says brother right there. he's like the ultimate cheerleader 3017 for the greek freak. they blow out the nets. one oh, 4.89. that series is not 3 apiece game
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saturday game 7 on saturday. let's go down the tory pines now around one of the u.s. open a great sight to see brooks keopka playing great golf the former world number one shot 2 under for 69. he had been dealing with so many injury issues. but it's a major he almost always played well in majors. he's 2 strokes back of this guy, russell russell was magnificent today. he shot a 67. he's 4 under russ. what, number one a major. maybe it will be the year. who knows. just round one still a whole lot of golf to play. but he's off to great start with
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>> new details tonight on the deadly road rage shooting that killed 6 year-old aiden leos on the 55 freeway in orange yesterday. prosecutors filed paperwork ahead of the suspect's arraignment which is set for tomorrow reporter lauren lister has the latest on this case from l a. >> hi there in new court documents. prosecutors accused the shooter of brandishing a gun at a different motorist in a different freeway ftght just days after allegedly killing that little boy in incidents of road rage. 24 year-old marcus eriz is charged with murder and 23 year old when he who prosecutors say was the getaway driver is charged with being an accessory after the fact. the victim ate in laos fatally shot last month. his mother was driving into
9:47 pm
kindergarten in newly filed court papers. prosecutors say may 21st. joanna cloonan was driving her son to school when the suspects cut her off on the freeway. they accelerate to get in front of are allegedly with the female suspect giving the victims a peace sign a few miles later, prosecutors say the boy's mother gave the suspects the middle finger she passed them. prosecutors alleged that's when the male suspect marcus eriz fired his loaded glock 17 made to the back of clinton's car because he was, quote, angry after being flipped off that little boy 8 in laos struck pronounced dead at the hospital and not only that, prosecutors allege. >> that only days after the shooting, the defendants were engaged in a nother road rage incident where they brandished a gun at someone on the freeway. prosecutors believe that there are flight risks and the extreme danger to the public safety. it was a week after the shooting ariz learned of the boy's death.
9:48 pm
according to court papers, which allege he then hid his white folks like engulfed in a relative's garage. >> prosecutors saying he cut his beard and started tying his long hair back and that both defendants applied for new jobs. they were arrested june. 6 attorneys will soon make the case that air is bail originally a million dollars. but tentatively increased to 2 million should be kept at that amount. and that was lauren lister reporting for us tonight. we'll keep you posted there. meanwhile, in louisiana. >> or louisville, i should say, kentucky police released this security video as they continue to search for 2 suspects seen vandalizing a new mural of breonna taylor. the mural was painted on that basketball court and then vandalized earlier this month, less than a week after its dedication, a missouri couple who gained national attention for pointing guns at social justice demonstrators last year have. >> pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges. patricia mccloskey pleaded guilty today to miss demeanor harassment. she was fined $2000. her
9:49 pm
husband, mark mccloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and he was fined. $750. the st. louis couple also agreed to forfeit both weapons. they used when they confronted protesters in front of their home in june of last year. the mccloskeys came out of their home and waved weapons at the demonstrators. they claim that the protesters we're trespassing. >> 4 time grand slam champion naomi osaka will sit out when bolton she withdrew she will compete at the tokyo olympics. her home country. in a statement, her agent says osaka is taking some personal time to be with friends and family. she will be ready for the olympics and is excited to play in front of her home fence osaka withdrew from the french open recently after the first round saying she needed a mental health break. didn't like having to meet with the media right after every match and spanish soccer star cristiano ronaldo his stunning here. moved the coke out of
9:50 pm
the way. instead encouraging people to drink water at a news conference recently that costs. the company koch billions of dollars in market value coke shares plummeted after we're move these 2 coke bottles out of you and picked up bottled water instead. that was before playing in the euro 2020 soccer tournament. happened monday. there he is says, different time. yeah. talk about a billion dollar plunge. obviously he is a renowned star and in many different venues. coca-cola is one of the sponsors of the soccer tournament. so that was really controversial. move. koch released a statement saying, quote, everyone is entitled to their drink preferences. >> shifting gears here victoria's secret is saying goodbye to its angels. company is making a major shift as it begins to try to rebrand it need to be a little more inclusive with women reporter jonelle forte explains.
9:51 pm
>> you can bid farewell to the victoria's secret angels in the annual fashion show case of those signature white wings and but underwear. the larger a powerhouse now has its sights set on redefining what it means to be starting by swapping out its angel supermodels for 7 activists. among them, soccer superstar megan ruh-pee-noe body advocate. polo moussa, sir. and transgender model valentina sampaio the new faces make up the vs collective, which is designed to seek the future of the company on instagram. victoria's secret made the announcement posting, quote, these extraordinary partners with their unique backgrounds, interests and passions will collaborate with us to create revolutionary product collections, compelling and inspiring content. new internal associate programs and rally support for cars is vital to women. it's a shift to years of advertising focused on attracting the male gaze. the company has come under scrutiny in recent years for being dated and not inclusive of all women from
9:52 pm
2015, the last year, victoria secret lost more than 10% of its share of the u.s. underwear market. there's a lot of the start-up grants. but basically positioned themselves as we're not victoria secret. >> but value proposition. why should be bias anything other than we're not victoria's secret. and we stand for you know, women's issues, etc. >> with a new executive team now in place the brand hopes this new collective turn things around. >> i was jonelle forte reporting for us tonight. day to give back the crowd for family came together at a local food bank loans scans. yeah. i think he grabbed cell phone. >> and made some jokes about fun day for a good cause. that's after the break.
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welcome back. >> been kind of a long day right. fund a rewarding day, no vicki and bunch of other people here, a crowd for the pleasure really of spending a good amount of time at the san francisco-marin food volunteer in just actually a few hours to bag some food to feed families who sure could use it and i had my cell phone shot, some video of some familiar faces bagging goodies. check it out. >> everyone is dragging all this food. i mean, it's trick
9:56 pm
or treat you out the plum >> joe king aside, a really great way to roll up your sleeves say they make sure there's daria just sure that there's food on the table for neighbors. you know who could use it. yeah. i mean, there definitely in need before the pandemic and then that has just made it so much worse in the numbers. they around >> it's eye opening and kron four's been doing this for many years. so always good to be able to go back to the food bank help them out. we're masks. this time, hopefully next year loved a shout out to all the bay area. food banks in the folks who are able to enjoy a good meal tonight because of those food banks. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. thank you for being here this hour. but keep it here. pam moore is joining us now with a look at what is coming up on kron. 4 news at 10 grant and vicki, thank you very
9:57 pm
much. here's what we're working off of the top of the hour. the worst of the heat wave might be over but we won't get much relief force chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking where we could see even more record temperatures. also. >> 121,000 pg and e customers face the threat of rotating power outages tonight. how people in the north, they being forced to adjust to what is now becoming a normal part of their lives. those stories and more coming up on grant joins me for kron 4 news tonight at 10.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10. it was hot and it got hotter, temperatures climbing all across the bay area reaching triple digits in some spots. the record heat putting a strain on our electrical grid. how much longer will this heat wave last. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news tonight at 10, i'm pam moore and i'm grant lotus. ken wayne has the night off after really a sweltering day here in the bay. the worst of this week's heat wave. >> is behind us. fortunately, but it's going to be a picnic tomorrow. it's going to be significantly. yeah. it's going to be hot tomorrow as well. yeah, our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the latest. laura. yeah, for some it could actually be a little the worse we may see slightly cooler temperatures, but, you


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