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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  June 18, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. it is friday, june 18th and a lot of people are excited about that. i'm reyna harvey. you know, we have to immediately start with a check of weather with john travel because john yesterday was so hot and i have to admit, i slept on the bed that was too hot went to the cat out. >> went to the floor. i just it just was rough. it was rough all the way around. >> i had my fan on all day for sure that window right open. i know that didn't help. a lot of people, though, especially those of us that were further inland, whether you had a c or
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not. you're going to have a big electric bill or you had a tough time getting cool yesterday. found that cool spot to get to this morning at the golden gate bridge skies are crystal clear out there. not a lot of marine influence yet again. so that's daytime highs are going to soar across most of the bay area. today is our last day with widespread triple digits, at least after today. you will start to see us easing off those peak temperatures as temperatures this weekend will still be hot just not as extreme pittsburgh at 77 right now doubling in concord each at 66 oakland at 60 while berkeley at 65 a range of 50's in san francisco petaluma as well as santa rosa throughout the course of the day today daytime highs will again be very, very hot inland areas as hot as a 108 degrees besides cities in the mid 80's. while coastal areas as warm as the 70's. so get out to the coast. if you can. those are definitely the spots to get to and expect sunshine all day long talking when this
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heat will eventually buy that for us. still to come, the rest of your forecast. john, thank you for that. we're going to look at your commute right now, not tracking any major hot spots right now as you're heading into the city. >> we do have some accidents out there like one along southbound north of diablo rolled out in danville and again, another one along highway 4 this is eastbound west of willow pass road and pittsburgh. let's go look at the bay bridge. you head into the city. no major delays a little under 10 minutes. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. also a little under 9 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge because a few days ago we had dense fog so that drive time right up for you this morning. clear skies. it will take about 20 minutes. we'll have more on your traffic. but for now, let's get back to this heat. with the excessive heat comes the possibility of power outages now pg and e born more than a 120,000 customers that rotating blackout might be needed to balance out that supply and
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demand. fortunately so ultimately did not implement those outages because people conserve enough energy. but the initial warning have people very wary. kron four's. dan thorn has that story for us. the possibility of losing power is becoming the norm here in wine country. cities like in napa during these extreme heat waves. >> are having to warn their residents that they may lose power and that's because of the demand for electricity. mostly coming from air conditioners that puts a lot of pressure on the overall electric grid too much energy use because of sweltering temperatures may cause your electricity to go out the state's electric grid operator, also known as the california warns if the demand of electricity exceeds the available supply a brief outage may be required these warnings. keeping residents of napa on their toes. it's worrisome. but probably appropriate for what we're going last year i have no power lost everything in my
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refrigerator and think twice. >> so i'm a little worried about that. unlike the public safety power shutoff switch or done during high fire threat situations. rotating outages happen in only specific blocks to prevent larger sections of the power. great from going dark lately. these potential threats have become a normal part of life for people in wine country. it's annoying and it's frustrating. and at. but it happens. alison hallam with acos restaurant says downtown is not typically have the power cut. >> and that's a good thing because then they can help their neighbors who have lost electricity having gone through years of fires, floods and even the pandemic. says they're prepared for almost anything. >> i think that when that happens, we as a community just become a little bit stronger. everyone falls into their disaster rolls and were able to kind of pick up the pieces our neighbors and our friends because we've done this so many times together. >> even though the region dobbs power outages on thursday. the california grid operator issued a flex alert for friday from 06:00pm to
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09:00pm reporting in napa. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> well, governor gavin newsom signed an emergency proclamation to free up additional capacity for the state's energy grid during a visit to the bay area yesterday he acknowledged the concerns over cutting power during a heat way. he says the state reserve more power this year than previous years and the shortage is going to be increased in the months to come. >> last year. we have about 800 megawatts. as i stand here today we'll have 2000 megawatts of storage by september and a number of news sources that were offline last year that online this year and different export and import agreements with some of our regional partners throughout the west coast. it's where interconnected system. >> governor newsom also warned that as global warming continues heat waves like this one could become the new normal. he also urges everyone to be mindful of the energy you're consuming. and the
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south bay people looking to get out of the heat caused heavy traffic. this was on highway 17 and the santa cruz mountains. it was all about. keeping the heat for a cool dip in the ocean kron four's, rob fladeboe has that story for us. >> among the early birds who hit the beach in santa cruz. thursday. we knew dawn and his grandson who just couldn't face another day of heat back over the hill in san jose this come to be hot. >> so. it's the best day to go is to that. >> their food on the cool chilling out in the 55 degree ocean. we're just kicking back beneath an umbrella was just the remedy for those who escape the heat wave baking the bay area and beyond. a perfect 82 degrees here on the main beach, a far cry from the triple digits. they might otherwise have endured back home and just there with the cats and the kids in the he. >> wishing i was at the beach
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because it's so hot so hot today, davis and this is a great opportunity to come out and hang out of aisle it's going to be about a 110 or 12 today looks like a sonora today. >> it probably everyone going up in the mountains trying to cool off. but we decided to come in back home about 313 high. >> they're supposed to be a 107 and a sacramento. yes. >> all week long. there was were full ball on the beach. frisbee fetching dogs and a fly on my lenses. junior lifeguards race by marianne is hossa fresno celebrated her 16th birthday here. well, oakland's jovanni navarro introduced his 14 month-old daughter to the ocean for the first time. >> a little bit warm back home in oakland going 86 degrees i think out there, at least not least 86 degrees even started just to hit the road. get over to santa let's go out today because because then the heat inside the house away from the beach them or walk in its famed roller coaster is yet another way to feel the wind in your hair.
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>> but on this day, the water was the main attraction thoughts of the heat wave washed away by a much different kind of way. and if you had to play hooky to be here. please keep it to yourself. tell my boss if sea watch this fire >> yeah, good day. thank you. in santa cruz. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> we just put,them and all on blast. so stay with kron 4 as we have continuing weather coverage. you can actually scan the qr code on your screen. now, remember, it's going to give you access to the latest forecasts, current conditions where you live and also a list of cooling centers. and san francisco, all evacuation and shelter in place. orders have been lifted. now, this was after a gas leak in the city's inner richmond neighborhood. this is video of the scene along 5th and climate streets. it took about 2 hours to control that leak. one person there was injured in all of that. now,
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so far it's unclear if the leak was in a commercial or in a residential building. on the peninsula. the crystal springs regional trail is back open after san mateo county parks closed the popular trail after they saw a mountain lion there. kron 4 scout on has that story. >> so your camp is fully back open thursday park officials closed the segment of the crystal springs regional trail wednesday after a mountain lion sighting. park officials posted the update on their social media pages notifying the public of mail online activity. officials went on to say the closure was to make sure the cat had cleared the area for her sake and hikers after dragging portions of kill to hide and return later i was surprised that it was actually on the but i was glad to hear it because it's where it should be. >> because they were here first. >> benjamin lamar has been cycling. the trail for decades and never spotted a mountain lion but says he is familiar on what to do if he comes across one. i don't think it would mess with me because i'm
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going to be like 3 times as big as it and i'll be very loud and obnoxious and that's exactly what wildlife experts advise. tiffany ap is a wildlife scientist at the center for biological diversity in oakland, that the best thing to do when you come across a mountain lion is to really does. >> the make some noise back away. you know, kind of give it and you know, have respected like space while this big cat was spotted in their natural habitat. >> there have been sightings outside homes in san mateo county earlier this month. a homeowner shared his home surveillance video of a mountain lion sighting in millbrae believed to be the same citing from march and april. the california department of fish and wildlife says half of california is considering mountain line territory. yeah, adding this reminder we're moving through a driving through or walking through biking through mount lion habitat. >> you know, try to do our best to share the space with them. that wildlife experts as well. lines are top predators. they're actually afraid of humans.
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>> and are focusing on finding their prey and san mateo. gayle ong kron 4 news. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news cal osha has voted to revise its covid workplace safety standards. >> we'll tell you who will have to keep their face mask on in the office. >> i'm charles clifford in the sierra near lake tahoe where the u.s. forest service says they're seeing extremely dry conditions out in the forest and there is high fire danger. we'll have details coming up on kron 4 news.
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>> with temperatures as high as they are. it's more important than ever to make sure you stay hydrated. muscle cramping fatigue headaches nausea fainting and vomiting. all the symptoms of heat exhaustion. now doctors say heatstroke is the most extreme form of heat exhaustion. it kills more than 600 americans a year. they say it's essential protect your skin. if you're going to be out in the sun all day. >> if you have someone heart disease very well could be that significant stress you. your body's front for itself down. coming up, more stress on your heart and could cost party. >> in addition, all that doctors say he can simply stress people out, which in turn can contribute to negative health consequences. now, yesterday theresa stasi
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will actually got a chance to go to hurricane harbor, trying to see how people we're actually out there beating the heat. let's take a look at that. >> i'm here in concord at hurricane harbor it was a toasty 106 degrees late in the day. but the people that came here when they figured out how to deal with all that the perfect answer to an incredibly hot day 1000 sought relief from the cool waters at hurricane harbor in concord thursday, all in an attempt to try and cope with this harsh heat wave. yes, it's incredibly hot today and a lot of those same, you know, a lot of folks in the area certainly had the same idea of coming out to the water park today. to to fines of respite from the heat. this is bay, water park and every other in the bay area and elsewhere forced to close last year due to the pandemic. >> but with the governor lifting restrictions this past tuesday. this was the place to be for fun and a way to deal with all that sun.
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>> what do you guys do to make sure that guests stay safe when it is this hot out. >> a lot of our staff and our lifeguards are constantly trying remind our guests to stay hydrated. sunscreen. wear flip-flops because the ground is very hot as well and and and get some a head covering as well with a lot of people forget about it. will if any of our guests, forget any of those items we have them available for sale here as well as for the large crowds packing the pools lazy river and swirling slides. a collective sense of happiness. my kids been waiting for this moment says like last year. >> so they're so excited to go on the, you know, rights and water. so, yes, a >> has it feel to be able to a really hot day. so it's nice to be able to at least come outside getting the water. that's right. for the last couple days has been hot. so wonderful. i was he enjoying old it is they want to go. hey, guess what, i have to go to the car and is no. i want stay in the yeah.
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>> and although hurricane harbor is now closed. a good thing in said that it reopens the first thing in the morning on friday. conquer theresa kron 4 news. >> that looks like a lot of fun out getting some ideas now just starting open back up because last night all yesterday really was a really, really hot one. so, john, i mean, as people are trying to plan for the weekend. the father's day is coming up. what would you encourage people over the next couple days. we talked about it yesterday. little bit, but just giving them a little reminder. you know, comfort zone stuff. >> all of us have different he tolerances and all of us in different parts of the bay will be experiencing a different variety of that heat. if you're right along the bay shore in the 80's. you might not be familiar with that. he knew you don't see either. so maybe avoid the cooking too much. you don't to be heat in the kitchen up too much later on the day even for father's day which won't be as hot as where we are today won't be that cool either,
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though. we're still going to be well into the 90's for some of our inland areas, maybe get yourself to an air conditioned place. take dad to one of those movie go out to the coastline. those are really great options, especially when it's this hot as it is just make sure to be wary of fire danger. now we are looking outside at clear conditions to start the morning from berkeley right here. we are in the midst of another spare. the air alert today, though, air quality is in that moderate range this morning. and as we work our way into the afternoon. we won't just see an increase in ozone. but we're also going to see an increase in some smoke drifting into the bay area from surrounding states where wildfires have actually flared up in areas like arizona and other nearby states now skies are clear. as we noted just a second ago, you can see that high pressure ridge that set up shop all across the region still very similar location has to yesterday. one thing that changes in this forecast though, is we do see the window opening for an increase in sea breeze later on this weekend, which has been the return of some fog in a few
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areas and an ocean cool. the influence at least takes us out of the triple digits after warnings as well as heat advisories. heat advisories. now extending right along the bay shore in areas like moran and sonoma counties with those heat warnings in red and pink. indicating our very hottest spots. today we're daytime highs will still warm as warm as a 105 to even an isolated spot or 2 up to a 108 degrees 60's and 70's for san francisco today working our way out of the 80's for sf woman. tara pacific and now not a little cooler than yesterday as well. back down into the 60's. millbrae 83 burlingame 85 a few low 90's hanging on in palo alto and san carlos cooler than yesterday's upper 90's and the spots and actually out of the triple digits for the south bay to this is a nice improvement working our way in the right directions. san jose. just a couple of degrees down from yesterday at 9697, degrees livermore, you're still hot at 106 as is the
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case in concord, walnut creek in danville, too. san ramon, though. you're down to 99 while oakland berkeley and richmond much more tolerable in the low 80's antioch at one. '08, today pittsburgh in vacaville at one. '06 santa rosa down from yesterday's triple digits to just 96 today. tomorrow's highs will be a little bit cooler only peaking in the low triple digits at our warmest, which hey, is working our way in the right direction, right. as for sunday, it's not just fathers day but also the first day of summer high school into the mid 90's that our warmest the real relief well, that arrives from monday on to the rest of the week. highs will feel a lot like they did before this recent warm up with our warmest temperatures in the 80's and many of us only in the 70's rain clouds on looking at all of the things happen and father's day the intense heat. >> a whole lot going on, right. as you are heading into the city this morning on that tracking any major delays there. however, there are accidents out there like in daly city to 80 north bound
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hickey boulevard. and again, that's in daly city. at least one of those lanes are blocked there along highway 4. there's also an accident of pittsburgh. this is eastbound west of willow pass road so we'll keep a close eye on that. let's head over. look at the san mateo bridge where there are no major delays. if you're heading across towards the peninsula. things look great. they're driving. we'll have more on your traffic before now let's get back to the news. well in national news, lawmakers say enough is enough when it comes to cyber attacks, which is why legislation was unveiled to crack down on these crimes. washington, dc correspondent basil john brings us that report. >> with cyber attacks causing major impacts throughout the country. a group of bipartisan senators is advancing legislation to bolster the country's cyber defenses. we have known for over a decade. that critical infrastructure was the top target. of cyber criminals, rhode island senator sheldon whitehouse says situations like the ransomware attack on the colonial pipeline shows
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private businesses need to do more if the corporate community that has been caught with its figurative trousers down. having said 4 years don't worry. we've got this. don't regulate us. the bill would update security frameworks to match threats and create harsher punishments for those who target infrastructure like pipelines, power plants, hospitals, and more. we have no policy in the united states of america as to what constitute an act of war on this country in this cyber domain, connecticut, democratic senator richard blumenthal in south carolina republican senator lindsey graham see the solution will take cooperation from the private sector. the private sector needs help from the government. i think we're willing to make sure that happens. graham says the bill is an important step in protecting the country from international threats. i'm now being this infrastructure, one of the 11 republicans. i'm going to insist that we consider putting this piece of legislation in the infrastructure bill reporting
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in washington. i'm basil john. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news coffee could be a game changer in getting through a long day. >> and now there's a new shop open right here in the city. we'll have details ahead in dine and dish. san francisco
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is a coffee, loving and brewing city. but now there's
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a new. >> roster will from across the bay kron four's, vicki liviakis has the story in this morning's dine and dish. >> think there's no shortage of really great coffee in the city that make room for one more. it's coming from across the bay oakland red bay coffee. >> you know what we're doing because he is you know, we we do something called. beautiful coffee to the people. and beautiful copy to the people really means trying to bring the specially coffee and just to make it more accessible. >> cable. is the founder of red you know, i love this. >> and he's just open up a new location at the ferry building in the old pizza space across from book passage. our first coffee shop and only coffee shop here. >> in san francisco. my hometown. so he was great to be but is an artist and entrepreneur who sources beans from around the globe right coffee. >> is africa's gift to the world. it started in ethiopia
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and it moved around a bit more vintage history here. some of the big names of founded right here in davie hills. brothers, folders, right. some of these are classic classic brands of course, in that specialty coffee of, you know it today. but. >> at the time, you know, they really put san francisco on the map. red bay coffee is at the forefront of what he calls coffee sustainable and the scene pretty i'm humbled at the opportunity to be able to serve. >> the coffee on these historic coffee grounds in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> we'll see a lot of fun we're always looking for great places to dine or get takeout in your neighborhood. so you can go ahead and use that camera on your phone. scan that qr code because it's going to take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant for a
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feature. we'll be right back after the break. welcome back t
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4 morning news okay. it was very, very warm yesterday. if you're like me, you try sleeping end the ban on the couch on the floor in all options let to smelter in so they john is because actually saw on your sevel-day forecast. looks like today is goinus


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