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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  June 18, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> one of the safest places in the bay area has a violent night in a possible fatal road rage shooting coming up, i'll tell you where and how the video coming up in a live. >> plus, face. coverings are no longer required in the workplace. i'm camila barco live with everything you need to know and what people are saying about the new mask guidance. >> and after a couple days of triple digit heat. we've got one more to get through before. hopefully things cool down in time for father's day weekend. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> few degrees might help. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james
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fletcher. as long as the thermometer doesn't say 100 mentally for me, ok. it feels cooler. all right. can you deliver that john? i think so. i know for a few of us, at least we're saying biden. the triple digits. >> there are a few of us that are holding on to it, though. so we will all work our way out of that territory within a couple days from now. today, a few more of those triple digits tomorrow a few less and by sunday it's goodbye. triple digits, at least for a bit. we'll be looking outside here at the golden gate bridge. nice and sunny skies out there currently all that sunshine does make for a beautiful morning. it's really comfortable outside for the time being. so good morning for a jog for some outdoor areas that you need to be running before we do reach the heat of the afternoon and all you want to do is sit down on the couch or have the freezer door open cooling off for a sec conquer dublin pittsburgh fairfield each at 73 livermore at 75 right now. so temperatures are already rising. that sets us up for this. later todayn some triple digits still an antioch
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conquered in livermore upper 90's for san jose morgan hill, santa rose at 96. well, hayward in oakland still holding on to some 80's. i'm talking the details of what to expect this afternoon as well some pretty big changes in cooler changes and the rest of your forecast. john, thank you for that. will we have major delays all this morning as you're heading into the city right now. >> a little under 15 minutes for your drive times. we get some stalled vehicles that slowed us down a bit now we're starting to see traffic starting lineup a little bit as you're heading across towards the peninsula. it will take you a little under 14 minutes to make that drive for you this morning. we had a hot spot there not too long ago took us up to about 30 minutes on miles down south checking on conditions along one. oh, one 85 no major issues as you're traveling in the park about 32 minutes. we're also getting a look at the golden gate bridge as you're heading into the city a little under 21 minutes. stay on top of this and more darya. james, i'll send it over to you. thanks a lot. 8. '02. let's
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get to the breaking news happening overnight. there was a shooting in walnut creek and it could be related to road rage. that's the thinking right now. witnesses say that someone they think was shot in the head. >> kron four's. will tran is live in walnut creek now with more on what we're learning this morning will. >> the investigation continues. re 9 hours into it. and so far we have not heard of any arrests in this particular case. we do know that it happened right behind me. this is on the 1900 block of north california boulevard. you might recognize that building if you live here. that's the target. let me show you video. this all happened at around 11 o'clock last night. not sure if this started on the freeway because it's only a few blocks from this location and spilled onto the city streets. but we do know officers came out very quickly as the police department about a block from this location. they talk to witnesses. they shut it down. they tried their very best to make an arrest even though they were so close. james and area by the time they got
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here, the shooter or shooters are long gone. and despite the witnesses. so far they have not been able to release a description to the public of who they are looking for. it doesn't look good. as far as this particular victim because at one point they did put a yellow tarp on the driver's side of the sedan. so obviously that person is injured, possibly fatal. but we have yet to hear official confirmation from the walnut creek police department. fortunately this area is full of cameras included traffic cameras. so the police department, they will look at that footage see if they can get any information from that. and at the very least pass that information. description to the public at this particular time, even though they had witnesses, they still don't know a motive behind this possible fatal road rage incident back to you. thank you very much. well. >> 8. oh, time right now at our top story is now you can take off your mask when you're at work starting today, fully
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vaccinated workers are not required to wear a mask and this doesn't matter if somebody is not vaccinated right. they're not back. say they have to wear a mask. but you're right. those are the latest cal osha guidelines, but there are few cabbie out here and there. we've got kron four's, camila barco standing by in fremont for us now. >> to explain. good morning, camila. >> good morning. die again. so yeah, there's no more capacity limits. there's less issues around social the distancing and no more mask-wearing in the workplace. if you're going to work today and you are fully vaccinated. you do not need to wear a face covering alas the boss says so and if you have not received a covid shot. you will still need to wear a face covering if you're in the office. but everyone we'll still need a mask in their back pocket because there are certain places where you will need to wear one. take a look at this. if you are writing on a public transit. if you are at a k through 12 school, health care settings or homeless shelter
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and a polling center. you will need to wear one inside these facilities. now workplace physical distancing is long gone. but there are exceptions there is a possibility for outbreaks. and in that case when there is a cluster of positive covid cases. all employees must wear face coverings indoors and outdoors when six-feet physical distancing cannot be maintained. now, i spoke to a local business owner who says that he will still follow covid safety protocols like mask wearing social distancing and sanitizing he says that he will not be letting go of the mask any time soon. >> my opinion is though, we are a lot to not wear a mask. so had a mask just to be a you never know what's going to happen. so as bird to be careful. so i would rather wear a mask. the not wear a mask, least for another to 6 months to receive that everything is really. they can care up and the pandemic is no longer there.
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>> now, another thing to know about this new these new masking guidelines all employees will not be required to wear a mask when they are outside that it doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated now coming up in the next hour, we're hearing from more people here about what they think about this new masking guidance. a lot of people feel indifferent whether employee should be wearing a mask or if they should not. we'll have that coming up in the next hour guard. james, back to you. trusting all right. we'll look forward to that. thank you. camila. >> 8. '07. and on the peninsula. help is on the way for people hardest hit by covid and the pandemic in east palo alto. the city's going to get 7 million dollars in federal money and they're going to use that to help families, small businesses nonprofits in industries that were negatively impacted by the pandemic. this funding comes from president biden's american rescue plan. >> well, governor newsome is vowing to support mom and pop stores that he says are responsible for the bulk of new jobs in this country. on
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thursday. he stopped to black owned businesses in oakland. one was graffiti pizza and the other was beastmode barbershop try to encourage the public to support businesses like that which are now in recovery mode may need all the help they can get. >> we want to be for those that have looked law trying to get back on their feet. we want to be there for those that feel displaced and impacted. we want to go back. see, we can do to help those folks. >> the state is investing an additional one 0.5 billion dollars right now in covid-19 relief grants and of that money. about 900, 30 million. well, specifically go to minority owned businesses. >> for your money this morning. unemployed californians will have to start looking for work by july 11th if they want to keep receiving their benefits checks. >> the employment development department made the announcement yesterday. it's a big change for the millions of people that are currently receiving these benefits a job search is commonly required to stay on unemployment. but california. don't forget
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suspended that requirement when the pandemic hit last march because a lot of jobs just started drying up. speaking about the number of americans applying for unemployment rose last week for the first time since april despite the fact that widespread evidence shows the economy and the job market is rebounding from the pandemic lows. jobless claims rose 37,000 from the week before. but it's fallen steadily for most of the year. the weekly number of jobless claims generally reflects the pace of layoffs. but with vaccinations up and more consumers venturing out to spend money. the economy is rapidly recovering from the recession. >> on the peninsula. the crystal springs regional trail is back open now after san mateo county parks closed it because there was a mountain lion sighting there. kron four's. gayle ong has more. >> so your camp is fully back open thursday park officials closed the segment of the crystal springs regional trail wednesday after a mountain
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lion sighting. park officials posted the update on their social media pages notifying the public of mail online activity. officials went on to say the closure was to make sure the cat had cleared the area for her sake and hikers after dragging portions of kill to hide and return later i was surprised that it was actually on the but i was glad to hear it because it's where it should be. >> because they were here first. >> benjamin lamar has been cycling. the trail for decades and never spotted a mountain lion but says he is familiar on what to do if he comes across one. i don't think it would mess with me because i'm going to be like 3 times as big as it and i'll be very loud and obnoxious and that's exactly what wildlife experts advise. tiffany ap is a wildlife scientist at the center for biological diversity in oakland, that the best thing to do when you come across a mountain lion is to really does. >> the make some noise back away. you know, kind of give it and you know, have respected like space while this big cat was spotted in their natural habitat.
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>> there have been sightings outside homes in san mateo county earlier this month. a homeowner shared his home surveillance video of a mountain lion sighting in millbrae believed to be the same citing from march and april. the california department of fish and wildlife says half of california is considering mountain line territory. yeah, adding this reminder we're moving through a driving through or walking through were biking through mount lion habitat. >> you know, try to do our best to share the space with them. that wildlife experts as well. lines are top predators. they're actually afraid of humans. >> and are focusing on finding their prey and san mateo. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, new details in the case of a mother charged with killing her 7 year-old son. and conditions out there today. still cool at the coast. still scorching hot inland. the coast. obviously the spot to get to if you get the chance to. >> 60's and 70's out that direction. it will be 90's to triple digits further inland.
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yet another day dangerously hot temperatures for a few of us. i'll be talking about when it does cool down in your forecast. >> and if you are taking caltrain trains, there is a delay there about 52 minutes. if you're leaving that redwoods stop there. also heading into the city. conditions are improving here. looks like they may have been a little under 40 minutes for you to make it to the fremont street exit.
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>> it 14 right now and oh, my god, another hot guess what, what? well, you know how we all don't have pools in the buzz. i'm going to tell you how you can have one. you don't even need a friend. perfect stranger. oh, come on over. we'll see. get the shovels and no heavy all right. you got me. this is about as we're going to be some kind of relief. yeah. yes, yes, we will. yesterday. if you found a good option to get to the movie theater. the freezer. you know, sometimes you just got to open it up of whatever works we've got one more excessively hot day tomorrow. we back off of it a little bit and back off even further into father's day on sunday. so. >> we do have the light at the end of the tunnel, at least ahead of us today. still a scorcher, though your east bay shoreline view right here from the east bay hills looking nice and sunny this sunshine
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feels pretty good right now because we're still mild a good chance to walk the dog. do some errands before the heat of the afternoon builds back in again, this high pressure ridge is keeping a lot of pollutants trapped here in the bay. so we actually do have a spare the air alert in effect. it's also drawing a little bit of wildfire. smoke along with the 2, which is less than ideal fog makes its grand return late this weekend into early next week. that's going to cool us right off into next week. so some really start changes from where we're at today. still another day with excessive heat warnings and advisories. these are actually going to last for most of the day tomorrow to expiring officially at 09:00pm on saturday. today's daytime highs push upwards into the 60's and 70's for san francisco. another coastal spots as you probably expected these are cool areas and these going to be popular spots to get to today to escape that he we're going to see elsewhere in the bay area. also a nice one to maybe grab some dinner in brisbane san bruno with highs only in the 70's in these spots millbrae southward
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down into the south bay either in 80's or 90's today palo alto at 91 san jose. you'll be at 97 campbell, los gatos in morgan hill. it was triple digits for you yesterday today or at least below the century. mark, although very close till livermore, pleasanton dublin as well as conquered walnut creek in danville. you're also still in the triple digits. still very uncomfortable as far as temps go. oakland berkeley and richmond much more comfortable. if you want to head on over to the hills, to the east bay shoreline. it will be warm, mind you, but a lot cooler than our inland spots. antioch get a vacaville and pittsburgh each at one. '06. well, 90's return along one oh, one from sandra fell, the santa rosa. tomorrow. you may see one or 2 triple digits still hanging on in your 4 zone forecast. but a lot fewer than what we're seeing today. and certainly site yesterday, summer kicks off sunday evening and daytime highs for father's day on sunday are going to be at least more tolerable highs only in the mid 90's that our warmest from there on out starting on
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monday. it's only a tease for the rest of the forecast relief just around the corner, get through these next 2 days, especially reyna don't think that if you or take the caltrain in any of the trains there. they have a 52 minute delay on the trains. >> to some earlier obstruction on the track. this is at that redwood city stop. so we're keeping a close eye on that for you. headed into the city. finally down under 13 minutes for your drive time there looks like they finally turn the metering lights off for you as you're headed into the city from the east bay headed across towards the peninsula under 40. we're up to about 30 minutes earlier because earlier hazard on the bridge down south. we're also looking great here along one oh, one, 30 minutes to menlo park to 8085 82 not tracking any incidents. we'll have more on that coming up. and daria, i'll send it over to you in. >> in the buzz, you can start planning a european vacation. >> just don't get stuck in a roundabout chevy chase movie. look it up. kids. the eu is lifting its travel ban on
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american tourists. the uk has not still no sightseeing for us in england and no naomi osaka at wimbledon. the world's number 2 tennis player just withdrew on the heels of announcing she suffers from anxiety and depression says she needs some personal time, but she will be ready for japan to represent them in the olympics. however, a record setting run or from oregon is not allowed to compete. shelby houlihan is banned from her sport for 4 years because she tested positive for steroids. >> but she blames it on a pork burrito. she pointed out that certain pigs have high levels of the steroid in question. but her appeal was rejected. she is heartbroken and i'm sure that next time she's going to get the chicken. some people played in the water while the giants were slaving away in a hot ballpark or a goal, at least it paid off. >> 80 degrees. did not stop curt casali. he had 4 rbi and the giants beat the diamondbacks 10 to 3 when they
8:20 am
play the phillies tonight, it will be a little cooler at the ballpark. the water parks have been packed. look at how crowded it was at hurricane harbor in concord yesterday. if only we knew somebody with a but you don't have to do now. you can swim in a stranger's house. have you heard of swim plea melanie townsend explains how it works. >> now they look like i'm hanging out at a 5 star resort. but this is actually someone's backyard pool thanks to the service. that is pretty much like air bnb for pools. it may be the next best trend this summer. now that things are really starting to heat up. >> jeff do singh and his wife rachelle are taking up new career paths as pool manager. and hostess experience. we its first time swimmer. but how after transforming their own
8:21 am
personal pulled into what they call a v. i p experience on a rental platform called swim plea. we have been on the platform for almost 4 weeks now. our very first booking was on a saturday morning and it was for young female entrepreneur who was doing a photo shoot later that day. we had a family of 15 come. >> her family swim. we're starting to see an uptick. jeff and rachelle are among 30 homeowners in sacramento who are renting their pools by the hour to people who want a more private experience other than cooling down by the river. >> or community pools. if you want to have a nice quiet peaceful family swim. >> maybe you're so concerned about covid route place and have it for as long as a month. >> but accidents can happen, which is why swim plea is providing a 1 million dollar insurance policy for hosts. i have the workers comp claims. i handle injury claims. so what i think about liability people getting injured. that was something i was very much interested in. well, it's a lucrative endeavor. we have one coming up on the 4th of
8:22 am
july that's going to earn us 1500 just for one booking the deuce things are just ready to help people make fonder memories. this summer. we just enjoy hosting and having people over in sacramento, melanie townsend. fox 40 news. >> i'm sold. and i'll tell you what guy i already loved i i all you do is register and i'm like going through this and you know, they tell you like it has a bathroom in a hot tub, you how many people you can have most of them. you'll private. i just totally drive going into somebody else's back. i'm looking at this and i'm seeing, you know, just private pools. >> you can eat. they have areas where you can use of bodies, tennis court. there's a lot. >> i'm finding the going rate just you're just so far seems to be in my neck of the woods. maybe 60 bucks an hour i'm sure you're curious, but how much to spend go to the movies. it's going to be hot tonight. well, yeah. hours. i guess i'm the kind of thinking if you're gonna spend a couple hours. what are the alternatives movies? family of
8:23 am
4. you're looking at the at least a 100 box. there you go. >> and that's the buzz. i love you.
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>> 8.25 a developing story. a bay area mother arrested for the death of her 7 year-old son. well, not fight extradition to las vegas to
8:26 am
face charges from denver where she's currently in jail samantha rodriguez has been in jail in colorado since she was arrested last week during a virtual court hearing yesterday. she agreed to to have extradition to face these charges. her son liam's body was found last month, but remain unidentified for more than a week. police believe that rodriguez left sandwich day with liam in a car full of belongings days earlier, police have not said what they think the motive is or how the boy died. >> in the east bay. dramatic new video of a home invasion robbery in san pablo. this happened back on may 12th, but the video now has been made public. and let me lay the scene here for you before we put it into motion. you see the man watering a lawn. that's the homeowner. the victim to the top of the screen. you see a person. they're wearing a black hoodie. that's one of the suspects. the other one unbeknownst to the homeowner was sneaking around behind that white car that you see there on the left side of your screen. they eventually encircled the man pull out
8:27 am
guns and well as play the video, you can see how it all transpired there they are. pinning him to the ground and then dragging him to the front door of the house pull him through and inside was his family. 5 of the robbers threatened to kill them in the end they stole about $5,000 worth of items. but the story took goes on from there. police were able to use a nearby security cameras to actually trace and then track the suspect's getaway car and weeks later they arrested 3 men. >> it's 8.27 and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. it is the first time in history that we are celebrating juneteenth as a nation marking the day with a national holiday and at kron, we're taking a look at the history behind this day and how it's conn
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here all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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>> a 3rd is the time right now. and we're checking out. the weather was still in the midst of this heat wave. we i hate to say it, but it's going to be hot again now. but the good news is i think today's probably the last of our real hot triple digit days. do we just have to get through today. yet today's kind of like the other side of the mountain peak and then it's like the downhill climb, which is always easier than the uphill climb for sure. today, triple digits for a lot of areas tomorrow. you may see
8:31 am
one to 2 triple digits hanging on after that. it's good by triple digits. to low some 90's still for your father's day, even cooler beyond that point. looking outside this morning. skies are nice and clear. we've got a lot of sunshine this morning, which as of right now makes for some really comfortable, nice, beautiful conditions. get out there. enjoy the 50's 60's and 70's while we're still holding on to them because they won't last for much longer. all you need to do is take a look at fairfield to have that point proven you're already at 82 degrees and it's only 08:30am. >> setting us up for some triple digits in fairfield. later today as well as in surrounding areas like antioch concord in livermore san jose. you'll be at 97 today. well, here in oakland still warm but not quite as warm as yesterday. also in the 80's now be talking about more details about what daytime highs will be like today as well as when the cool weather really starts to settle in and the rest of your forecast in the meantime, though, got to get that. look at traffic. it's been friday light in spots but not for everyone. yeah. we had some earlier hotspots. those have since
8:32 am
been cleared. but i just saw reports of an accident. 80 westbound. >> a grand avenue. and that's just as you're getting ready to hit the bay bridge so that might cause some delays. but right now we are under 13 minutes. if you're heading from the east bay into the city. so things are looking great. there headed across towards the peninsula. no major delays. we had an earlier hot that about 30 minutes for a drive time now we're back down to under 14, the richmond sandra fell commute. also looking nice and light under 14 for us as you're traveling out of reach across towards sandra fell and down south 1, 1, to 8085 82 no major issues about 29 minutes as you're heading towards menlo park. we'll have more on that coming up. the darya and james, we'll send it over to you both. >> thanks a 32 these high temperatures coupled with the dry conditions across the state are increasing that fire risk and the lake tahoe basin area across the sierra. the forest service is warning that you combine that and the low snow pack and the conditions could be critical soon and they are seeing already us way
8:33 am
ahead of where she we should be in fire season. >> it's very alarming for approximately 4 to 6 weeks ahead of where we would normally be in relation to fuel conditions and fire activity for this time of year to be thinking in the prepared before you come and to recreate responsibly is what we say to know. the conditions know the weather and also to know the fires trick shuns. it's very important to know what you can and cannot do up here. >> the other thing that's afraid. really concerned about and fire departments are too is around the lake tahoe basin. there's no buffer between the urban areas in the wilderness, which means if a fire were to start, it could really threaten a lot of homes and lives. >> governor gavin newsome has signed an emergency proclamation to free up additional capacity for the state's energy grid during his visit to the bay area yesterday he acknowledged the concerns about cutting power during a heat wave and how that could be dangerous for some. he says the state has reserve more power this year than in previous years to try and prevent any kind of shut
8:34 am
off and he says storage has also been increased and will continue to be increased in the months to come. >> we're 200 megawatts of storage. last year. we have about 800 megawatts. as i stand here today. we'll have 2000 megawatts of storage by september and a number of news sources that were offline last year that online this year and different export and import agreements with some of our regional partners throughout the west coast. it's where interconnected system. >> the governor also warned that as global warming continues. heat waves like this could become the new normal. he's urging everyone to be mindful and try and conserve energy when they can. and to that and don't forget that tonight between 06:00pm and 09:00pm. we do have a power alert in effect, which means you're asked to set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher avoid using major appliances during that time frame and of course turn off lights in rooms were not using them. it's those little things that could help prevent these rolling blackouts.
8:35 am
>> 8.34 right now. and this is the first official observation of the holiday of juneteenth the day celebrating the end of slavery in the united states described by the national museum of african-american history and culture as our nation's second independence day. we have kron four's as he do now taking us inside the history of the day. >> and showing us how it's connected to the ongoing fight for social justice. the emancipation proclamation with the stroke of a pen president abraham lincoln declared that all slaves are free. it was january 1863 unfortunately, black slaves out west in galveston, texas. >> didn't get word of it until union troops delivered the message over 2 years later. >> june 1865 was not only 2 and a half years after the emancipation proclamation, but also months after the civil war itself had ended. >> that was june 19th, 1865 better known today as juneteenth. you see day this
8:36 am
associate professor of history just in le roy explains why it was a relatively short lived cause for celebration for the freed slaves by the 1870's. >> you know, white supremacists head retaken the governments of the south and in the context that violence. the celebrations stopped. >> civil rights workers reached the end of the bridge where the carton of troopers stand. it was 100 years later during the 1960's black power and civil rights movements when juneteenth would be celebrated once again a reminder of how the metaphor of emancipation has resonated across the centuries for all all different types of black freedom juneteenth experienced. another national resurgence in the new millennium with the black lives matter movement and the twenty-twenty murder of george
8:37 am
floyd by minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. americans of all races marched in protest demanding justice. professor poised to that being a part of juneteenth legacy. and the reason it can be celebrated by everyone today. emancipation but struggle against slavery, people in black abolitionists were central to that. but it was also a. >> interracial social movement. it was a social movement in which women were heavily involved and led directly to. women's rights movements. and so. you not sense and that's the patients. and juneteenth is for for everyone to learn more about juneteenth this week in the nation's oldest civil rights organization. the n a a c p will be hosting a v. i p lawn party in oakland at laney college saturday from 10:00am to 03:00pm admission is $10. there will be food music and education we've been is and will be seeking 100 years.
8:38 am
>> we do not want to be another and that would be us. >> fight for the same thing. so we hope that hopefully bringing people together, making people aware with the condition, how we got where they are. we'll get rest of change. that's what hoping for. >> has it made kron 4 news and stay with kron. 4. we have continuing coverage of juneteenth on our website scan that qr code there on your screen and it will take it to a list of june teeth. the mets right here in the bay area. >> and maybe if you're heading out to those events. hopefully there's some a little bit closer to the coastline as that's where it's going to be. most comfortable or inland areas are in for another hot one today with daytime highs still climbing into the triple digits and some 80's and 90's right along the bay too relief in the forecast, though, and i'll get to that ahead. >> and i'm tracking a new accident here on the bay bridge right near the toll plaza again. right now it's not causing much of the delay keep a close watch on that morning drive times coming up after we get back from break.
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♪ with triple the beef. triple the cheese. and triple the bacon... i call this burger the perfect triple threat. but you can call it the triple bacon cheesy jack. my $6.99 triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. >> it 41. and as the economy is trying to recover from the pandemic. there's new research that shows americans are actually worse off than we were before and some worse than others. a new study from the ucl a latino policy and politics initiative reveals that latinos. >> have been hardest hit by the pandemic-related job loss. the data also found that many latinos were forced to quit their jobs to care for their
8:42 am
out of school children during the pandemic. >> we see that latinos actually have the biggest drop in labor for size. so than the number of latinos in the workforce of all demographic groups that's around which is the highest decrease of all other groups. >> the data shows that many latinos made up large portions of the workforce in jobs that were some of the first to disappear at the start of the pandemic. jobs like those in the leisure and hospitality industries. fewer covid-19 restrictions are allowing those industries to bounce back. but experts say they just don't pay enough to help within us close the wage gap. >> 8.42. we'll be back with more in just a few minutes.
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8.45 and guess what you could start doing going to the wooden just >> yeah, in san jose tours had to be done a little bit differently. of course, during the pandemic. but joining us to talk about the things that we can enjoy starting tomorrow as general manager of the winchester mystery house walter magnussen morning. i have question that no, you can't even say hello have air conditioning or >> there is air conditioning in certain parts of the mansion and other areas will have the windows it's very dark and very cool. okay. yeah, because the mansion is very old air conditioning was
8:46 am
invented. of course. yes. yes, but sarah was an innovator and there's definitely great airflow through the so so don't you plus it raises your hair right. and you feel cool and you're scared on the back of your neck. yeah, absolutely. some of the some there. yes. so tell me so things, as i said, had to be done little bit differently during the pandemic. but beginning tomorrow. what kind of changes can people expect if they have down there. >> we are incredibly to to all the updates and the restrictions at the state and county level tomorrow. we're actually able to bring back our guided of the mansion has been open for the last few a format, but are tour guides which are really beloved by our guests are back and they're excited to share the mansion with you and we'll be able to take you now that it's guided back up to the 3rd and 4th which are some of the most interesting. >> you say interesting. i say creepy, i took the tour once and yeah, that mansion. it's
8:47 am
kind of messed up. what what? what? >> okay. i don't know, james, as a high level of tolerance of scaring us. yeah, give me the when he says messed up what it what is he talking about like as far as like, what's the tolerance level for scaring us that you have to have to go in >> it's not very i'm sitting here in the ballroom right now. it's a beautiful for nearly a 100 years now. a lot of employees and caretaker self had strange things happened. so it's often times those things happen on 3rd floor, which is where service workers lived and that's back open starting tomorrow. >> you guys are being so mysterious. because the match itself is so mysterious, right. i mean, we've got. >> steer cases that go nowhere doors where they really shouldn't be doors. it's kind of hokey. >> absolutely. and it is a mystery. we do not know why those things were built by sarah like and they have treat people from all over the world. so now for people who
8:48 am
are hearing this for the first time in here in winchester, mystery. >> which has been is that like the winchester rifle. is there a connection there? sure. isn't there. >> there is. sarah says been was the second president of the winchester repeating arms company. >> and i guess in the wake of his death. she was into like psychics and investigating like. ghosts in the influences. and i guess this whole house was kind of built based on those fears. >> sarah's life time coincided with the spiritual is a movement in america very, very common practice. but if you have a lot of unfortunate things happen to sought out council with the medium. and that's what you did. and that's what led to her here. >> so he's going there. good luck or bad luck to you >> i think it's good best of 13 million who come here and you have to come visit. >> do. i really it is a lot of fun. again, i've been on the shore. a highly recommend it
8:49 am
and i was told once that people can actually take tours or if you can do that right now but can take tours like in the eat. like when it gets darker. yeah. is that still a thing? >> yes, it is and will be announcing very special things says summer leagues in the fall to visit here at my okay, hole or right you so much a spooky. thank you so much for joining us this morning. hope everybody goes out there and enjoy the winchester mystery house. it is. it is a tree. thank you so much. you bet. like you said, there's only air conditioning in certain parts, right. so be ready for it to be warm. if you're heading out there this weekend. john adds to the yeah, you good option to be getting out there this weekend, really anything indoors today is probably going to work in your favor lets you want to head out to the coast in which you can get outside. enjoy some 60's and 70's san francisco today is going to be a little bit cooler than it was yesterday. areas like mission in financial districts did rise
8:50 am
into the barely low 80's yesterday. today falling into the 70's. so maybe a good day to walk around the city for a bit or just a good one to find a place with some air conditioning like the movie theater them all. the winchester mystery house, at least in some rooms, clear skies will prevail all day long. today we will see a few stratus working their way up from the south come the latter part of the day and stratus clouds are going to help to keep temperatures tomorrow. just a touch cooler despite the fact that we will have some high pressure still built up fog prevails next week and that means and even cooler forecast just around the corner officially bringing relief from this heat wave that we are in the midst of still today. excessive heat warnings and heat advisories remain in effect not just today but through 09:00pm tomorrow. so still some dangerously hot conditions for many inland areas. today's daytime highs may not be quite as hot as yesterday's. but still very uncomfortable 60's and 70's. as i mentioned staff coastline. expect some traffic right along highway one everyone is going to be out
8:51 am
there trying to cool down 70's and 80's from brisbane to burlingame while 80's to 90's further south on one. oh, one redwood city at 92 mountain view. also right at 92 south bay temps just shy of triple digits with san jose at 97 90's to triple digits remain for much of the east bay pleasanton livermore dublin as well as danville walnut creek and concord above the triple digit mark oakland berkeley and richmond in the low 80's north bay daytime high. still, some of our warmest vacaville in pittsburgh at one. '06, antioch. it one away. santa rosa down through sandra fell down from yesterday's triple digits to the 90's today. tomorrow we'll hold on to triple digits for just a couple of spots 90's after that briefly on sunday and then our warmest temperatures into next week. only rise into the 80's john, thank you. we do have a traffic accident. this is out in walnut creek 6, 80 southbound at main street. >> and again, you can see causing just a little delay along 6.80 there. it's also pretty slow along highway 4
8:52 am
also seen reports that there was a traffic collision right here at the bay bridge near the toll plaza. and again, because we are starting to see lighter traffic at this hour. that's the reason why we don't see a delay as you're heading into the city. still down under 12 minutes as you drive in there heading across towards the peninsula. you can do that under 14 not tracking any major delays there, but 5.80, 80's still pretty slow as you're traveling crockett down to the maze. 60 minutes. we'll have more coverage on that coming up. we'll be right back after this commercial break.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
>> san francisco's a coffee loving and brewing city. but now there is a new roaster from across the bay kron four's, vicki liviakis has the story in this morning's dine and dish. >> the large been a lot. there's no shortage of really great coffee in the city that make room for one more. it's coming from across the bay oakland red bay coffee. >> you know what we're doing because he is you know, we we do something called. beautiful coffee to the people. and beautiful coffee to the people really means trying to bring the specially coffee and just to make it more accessible. >> cape of is the founder of red you know, i love this. >> and he's just open up a new location at the ferry building in the old pizza space across from book passage. our first copy stop and only coffee shop
8:56 am
here. >> in san francisco. my hometown. so he was great to be but is an artist and entrepreneur who sources beans from around the globe right coffee. >> is africa's gift to the world. it started in ethiopia and it moved around a bit more vintage history here. some of the big names of founded right here in davie hills. brothers, folders, right. some of these are classic classic brands of course, in that specialty coffee of, you know it today. but. >> at the time, you know, they really put san francisco on the map. red bay coffee is at the forefront of what he calls coffee sustainable and the scene pretty i'm humbled at the opportunity to be able to serve. >> the coffee on these hallowed historic coffee grounds in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> we're always looking for a fun fabulous places to dine
8:57 am
and dish. and if you've got an idea. >> you can first of all, just scan. this qr code will take you right to the dining. just on kron. 4 dot com or just find us on the web page. when you go there. >> 8.56 the time. we'll take a quick break. but coming up in the next hour of the kron 00:00am morning news today. don't forget the last day thankfully of extreme triple digit heat. we do have the possibility, though. the potential power outages. so we'll tell you more about that. also fully vaccinated. workers can now forego the masks will have details on the new guidelines that are now in effect and we're following the latest out of walnut creek. a shooting overnight is under investigation right now. could be a possible case of
8:58 am
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[ birds chirping ] oh. oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. enjoy family. enjoy. he looks smaller in person. i heard that.
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>> in walnut creek. the search is on for a shooter or shooters involved in a possible fatal road rage incident coming up. i'll have the details in a live report. >> and i'm asking come off at work. i'm camila barco live with the new mask guidance and what people are saying about whether employs you wear them or not. >> and the last day of triple digit temperatures as we begin to hopefully cool off. we see little bit before father's day. we'll be right back with that. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at known. >> they give it this way. we made it through


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