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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  June 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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comfortable numbers along the coastline. looking beautiful along the golden gate bridge right now. but advisories for the heat still up until 9 o'clock this evening. they may be extended in some parts of the bay area, especially parts of the east bay likely in solano county is we're going to see that the hot weather going to stick around for another day or maybe into sunday as well. >> temperatures outside right now. it's amazing. a 100 degrees right now in saratoga 90 in santa clara 92 in milpitas comfortable in the union city at 84 degrees 92 in fremont. then you get over the hill and that's where these numbers are just re very, very 105 in pleasanton one. '04, in little 100, one in 7 mo one. '03, in alamo, a 101 in walnut creek. one. '04. >> in concord. a 106 in 106 in fairfield and look at vacaville right now. oh my goodness. a 100 and 10 degrees. i mean, that is just unbelievably hot. they're hot weather continuing in the outfeeld. a 100 to 100 and oak knoll as you make your way
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closer the coastline. of course, those temperatures begin to cool down. but hot spot certainly. but 83 degrees in mill valley. a 68 near beach 68 in sausalito and into san francisco, you've got some much different weather. you get that seabreeze blown a 60's along the coastline 74 downtown. it's san francisco. but we're going to see a big change in the weather coming our way as early as tomorrow. inside the bay along the coastline. you're going to feel the effects of that marine air and then more so as we get to this next week. i think we get to monday. everybody is really going to cool down a back to may be below normal with some drizzle on the way to on tuesday and then we start heat right back up headed in the next weekend. i appreciate it, lawrence slow with the high temperatures coupled with dry conditions across the state. chilly increasing the already high wildfire risk this summer in the lake tahoe basin and across the sierra. >> the u.s. forest service is warning that after the dry winter, we had coupled with a small snow pack conditions could become critical and soon. they say they're seeing conditions that they would
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normally have in late june or july. >> it's very alarming for approximately 4 to 6 weeks ahead of where we would normally be in relation to fuel conditions and fire activity for this time of year to be thinking in the prepared before you come and to recreate responsibly as what we say to know. the conditions know the weather and also to know the fires frictions. it's very important to know what you can and cannot do up here. >> the other thing they say that the. >> for service and fire departments are worried around tahoe is that there's basically no buffer between. >> urban areas where homes are. and you know, the vast wilderness and there's concern that if a fire where to start, it could threaten homes alive says has happened before. >> there are a number of wildfires burning throughout california right now. this is a time lapse video from pg and e evacuations are in place for the willow fire that's burning in monterey county. the national weather service says the wind will push that fire
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further north. it has burned about 200 acres. so far. meanwhile, further north in northern california. cal fire in the chico fire department are battling a 600 acre fire in upper bidwell park. that is east of chico crews say they're making good progress on that fire and no evacuations are in effect outside of the park to help tamp this fired on a down. a cal fire sending strike teams from sonoma santa clara and the grass valley. and the barry continues to be under a spare. the air alert air quality officials asking bay area residents to. >> do their part to try to reduce air pollution. this is a live look outside. look at all these carson, the san mateo bridge hopefully the ac is working right. but that's a lot of pollution. the air quality index shows unhealthy air is forecasted through tomorrow. and it's recommended that people with sensitivities should try to limit their time
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outdoors. officials are encouraging everybody to take public transit because they say vehicles on the road just like these as the biggest source of air pollution contributing 75% of emissions as more californians are getting the covid-19 vaccine. the stage has launched a way to digitize your vaccine card. >> four's sanaz. tahernia explains how to keep your vaccine status right at your fingertips. >> now the california has fully reopened in almost all covid-19 restrictions have been lifted their vaccination status. is your key to ditching your mask in public but carrying your vaccine card may not always be possible. in fact, it's probably best to leave it in a safe place to avoid losing it. so what happens if you need to prove your vaccination status without card. the california department of public health and the california department of technology have joined forces to create a tool that allows you to access your vaccine record right on your smart phone. all you have to do is sign up, go to vaccine record. dot cdph dot, ca dot
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gov and fill out the form you'll need your name date of birth, your cell phone number or email address. you used to sign up to get vaccinated and a four-digit passcode. the numbers you choose can not be consecutive or repeated, then just go ahead and check the box and press submit shortly after you'll receive an email or a text with a link when you click that link and enter that four-digit passcode. it will direct you to your very own qr code that when scanned we'll show all the information on your physical vaccination card. be sure to screenshot that qr code and saving your phone app, you can access your digital vaccine record. ort has incorrect information. the california department of public health has a virtual assistant that can help. we have all the details on how to access it as well. as more information on the states. digital covid-19 vaccine record on our website. kron 4 dot com reporting in the newsroom. tahernia kron 4 news while the federal government shutdown today for the new
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juneteenth holiday. president biden says he is also. >> looking ahead to the next holiday. the 4th of july. the president has said his goal is to have 70% of americans vaccinated by independence day and so far only 65% of adults in the u.s. are eligible. people in the u.s. have gotten at least one shot in some states have already surpassed 70%. president biden says the u.s. has administered some 300 million covid-19 shots and 150 days. but as the new delta variant emerges. he says efforts need to ramp up. >> but unfortunately cases of hospitalizations are not going down in many places in the lower vaccination rates. states. it's a very that is more easily transmissible. potentially deadly and particularly dangerous for young people. >> white house is pushing incentives as part of the effort to get people ding tax breaks for businesses that give their employees time off to get the shot and free
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childcare for parents while they receive their shots in during the month of june pharmacies across the country are staying open 24 hours on fridays to make it easier for folks to get vaccinated despite the heat here on the west coast. more americans are getting back to normal with most people resuming their pre covid activities. >> a new poll from the associated press shows a majority of americans are going back to bars restaurants. sports games and traveling but concerns over infections are still lingering in. some people just aren't quite ready to join large crowds of people or ditch their masks altogether about 34% of people polled believe restrictions were lifted too quickly while others say reopenings didn't happen fast enough. >> this is our 4th stadium in 2 weeks. so we're so happy that this will back. it has been 2 long years without it still taking me my head around
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>> is we don't know if people are still getting covid that covid is still around like it hasn't gone away. it's >> increasing vaccinations across the country have slow down coronavirus infections and deaths. the cdc says 53% of all americans have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >> still to come, oakland as we know, it's been losing teams. the a's could be next to leave. we'll explain the new push to gain a team in the town. >> and we all know, you know, coffee can help get you through a long day and now there's a new shop to perk you up in san francisco. details ahead and dine and dish think it's here. well, a record breaker for california city down south, which spot got hotter than death valley yesterday.
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pain? yeah. here. aspercreme with max-strength* lidocaine. works fast and lasts.
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keep it. you're gonna need it. kick pain in the aspercreme >> alright big story tonight the heat taking a live look outside. we see walnut creek end. if you know that's where it's really hot. i was just out there a little earlier you know, even at 10 o'clock it was like almost 90 degrees today 08:00am. >> so well at here, the current temperatures see you see for yourself. don't take our word for it. >> yeah. nearby concord one. that that's the gist 64. so in half moon bay. so a significant disparity based on where you are in the bay and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. we'll be tracking the forecast throughout this evening. if you think it is hot here. at least you're not
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in palm springs, though temperature there yesterday, record one 23. yes. yeah, it can get hot there. that was a temperature at the airport at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. the city. >> has only reached that temperature 3 other times in history. 19 93 twice in 1995 and it is the hottest it's ever been in the month of june. it was even hotter death valley which reached one 21 yesterday. well, the scientists behind the largest arctic expedition in history says. >> the polar ice is melting much more quickly than ever before. a team of researchers heading from norway to the north pole spent most of last year tracking the impact of warming temperatures on ice across the arctic ocean. the team's leader says the loss of ice in 2020 provides little hope for a full recovery. scientists say if there's no ice left in the arctic during the summer temperatures will rise around the globe
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threatening humans and wildlife. >> new hopes for a pro team in the east bay after the break. a group in oakland's that effor
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>> well, they number 2 of exceedingly hot temperatures around the bay area. the only place you be the is near the coastline, looking out toward sfo right now. we have a bit of a breeze, blowing some cooler temperatures there. no fog just yet, but likely to
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see some roll over the hill. little bit later on tonight. blazing hot spots right now. 104 right now in little more a 104. also in concord, 88 degrees in san jose warm, 80 in san mateo. 75 in the civic. a 74 in san francisco. a 106 in fairfield. one. '04, insanely and a 105 in cloverdale. so these temperatures have pulled back slightly but not enough. and we're waiting for this. the low clouds and fog to start to see about ready to turn the corner there into the monterey bay once that happens, we'll see that surge in long our coastline and then we start to really cool things off that suddenly surge of fog is going to kick it pretty typical after he would like this. usually about after 3 days, you start to see that fog develop along the coastline coming up from the south and we're expecting that to happen overnight tonight models are picking up on a very nice and now as the fog begins to fill in along the san mateo county coastline and there you go. we wake up to a blanket of fog early on. but you notice that ridge of high pressure still very strong. so most of the fog really kind of trap near
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the coastline. many of the interior valleys not going feel the effects of that ocean air, at least not very much just yet. that will change we head toward the latter part of the weekend and next week certainly. so that being said, tomorrow it's going to be a nice day in san francisco, much cooler than it's been 69 degrees but pleasant fog along the coastline into the sunset 63 with some patchy civica 61 in half moon bay sunny and 74 much more comfortable in the millbrae tomorrow. warm in redwood city at 83 degrees. still some hot 90's into the south bay. so be prepared for that and then still the possibility of triple digit heat in some spots in the like livermore, possibly in the pleasant in walnut creek brentwood discovery bay one. oh, one in concord hot temperatures away from the immediate coastline and i think will be one more day before we can really cool those temperatures down. the meantime, though, if you are hanging out near the coastline. expect a lot of folks going to be headed out toward the beaches tomorrow since a beach plan on some patchy fog. it's going feel good, though. a temperature of
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about 60 degrees. you get away from the coastline about 77 the temperatures are going to jump good 17 degrees in the san anselmo. so next few days, big change in the weather pattern. another hot one inland for tomorrow. much cooler inside the bay and of course our to cool along the coastline. and then we start cooldown more so into sunday. but a whole lot of cloud cover. rolling in come monday that fog really thickens up and begin lift a move further on shore. think marine layer probably some drizzle as we get into monday and tuesday, cooling things off to about the middle of next week. but right now i'm tracking the possibility of another oppressive heat wave next weekend. we'll see if that happens. it's going to get we've got a long way to go. i need to state one of the way. all right. right now, kron 4 dot com. you can find a complete list of cooling centers around the bay area might be next weekend as well. some places. >> will be open late tonight and some will also be open into this weekend. should you need them? it is still going to be hot this weekend as a reminder, you're still required to wear masks in
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cooling centers in the bay area and stay with kron four's. we have continuing weather coverage for you can scan the qr code on your screen with the camera on your phone. >> it will take you to our weather page with the latest forecast current conditions and list of cooling centers all across the bay area as more peoele get vaccinated major league baseball is loosening its covid rules for players and staff. >> this comes as restrictions for fans are being loosened as well. last night the angels played in front of 40,000 people right now. the league says all fully vaccinated players and personnel can stop wearing masks in dugouts, bullpens and in clubhouses in addition, players and staff may even restaurants attend sporting events and no longer have to wear contact tracing monitoring devices unvaccinated employees still have to wear masks. >> idea of wnba team coming to the city of oakland is a little closer to reality tonight. this morning. the
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oakland alameda coliseum joint powers authority agreed to bring a possible lease of the oakland arena for a vote next month. that is where the african american sports and entertainment group wants to bring a women's professional basketball team today at everett and jones bbq at jack london square. the group raised the commission's vote and that is also made an official proposal to the wnba. >> when we see our our teams leave is something that's painful for us. but that doesn't mean it's the end for us because whenever you any door closes, as we know, doors open. >> the coliseum authority is scheduled to vote on the lease proposal which would include specific dates. the wnba would be housed at the arena. jp a commissioner in oakland, vice mayor rebecca kaplan say that the board is pretty excited about this proposal and hope that if all goes well, the w in ba could be in oakland the soon as next year. looking for
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the next great cup of specialty coffee in san francisco. will it will come to you from. >> across the bay in oakland story next on dine and dish.
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>> and welcome back. we are taking a live look outside right now from our mount and the cam off in a distance get a quick check of the current temperatures as well around the bay sometimes that shots crystal clear. you see that
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haze. you can tell it's hot out there. >> 99 in nearby nevado the. >> highest on the map. one. '04, livermore concord. it is hot out there, especially in the east bay and will continue to track the weather. but we're also tracking something else that is hot. here we go on today. you want a cup of joe san francisco is a coffee loving city right. and they'll brew their own. how about some ice coffee today. great. that would be. and there's one from across the bay now in san francisco. indeed, tonight on dine and dish. we're going to catch up to the charismatic curator behind red bay coffee. >> think there's no shortage of really great coffee in the city that make room for one more. it's coming from across the bay oakland red bay coffee. >> and what we're doing a coffee is, you know, we we do something called. beautiful coffee to the people. and beautiful coffee to the people
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really means trying to bring the specially coffee and just to make it more accessible. >> good luck on sunday is the founder of red bay coffee based in oakland. >> i love this. >> and he's just open up a new location at the ferry building in the old pizza space across from book passage. our first copy stop and only coffee shop here in san francisco, my hometown. so he is great to be pay but is an artist and entrepreneur who sources beans from around the globe, right coffee is africa's gift to the world. it started in ethiopia and it moved around a bit more vintage history here. some of the big names of founded right here in davie hills. brothers, folders, right. some of these are classic classic brands of course, in that specialty coffee as we know it today. but. >> at the time, you know, they really put san francisco on the map. red bay coffee is at the forefront of what he calls the 4th wave of coffee sustainable and diverse.
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>> and the scene here at the coffee shop like eva pretty chill. >> i'm humbled at the opportunity to be able to serve the coffee on these hallowed historic coffee grounds in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. well, as you know, we're always looking for great places to dine or get takeout in your neighborhood. find a great cup of coffee. you could use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code will take you directly to the dining dish web page. >> and that's where you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to feature. and you know, your food for sure. but you might know coffee better than excuse. how was it? it was. it's actually really good, you know, they imported from all over the world. so. you got to check it out. got you're looking me like i should bring you some next i for sure that that wraps kron 4 news at have a good night, everybody. but keep it here. kron 4 news at 6 is next. a whole lot more coming up just steen and pam are here with that sentiment.
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bring us every ball the thank you. grant vicki so much tonight at 6 o'clock. we're tracking another day of triple digit heat in the bay area. >> but the worst is almost over. we hope our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will tell us just how much. >> is expected the cool off this weekend. plus, as we deal with the extreme heat. there's also a drought emergency in the bay area. there are new restrictions that one south bay city. >> may soon impose in order to save its water supply.
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at >> the bay area bakes in a 3rd day of heat. many areas saw triple digit temperatures again today. here's a look at how hot it is right now. here we are at 6 o'clock. antioch is still at 101 degrees san carlos is 91 san francisco. 74 that's the cool spot. one of the few que cool spots on the map. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm justine waldman in for ken wayne tonight. the good news is it is going to start cooling off and soon. and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is now outside on our weather deck. >> feeling the elements seeing how hot it really is. what's it like now to lawrence. oh, it's so nice in san francisco,


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