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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  June 21, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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insight next weekend. as for right now, though, looking out there this morning. we do have some low clouds sitting right above the coast as well as the rest of the bay area for that matter and in some places this is resulting in some patchy fog 2 radar shows you that think gray that you can see they're hanging out on satellite and radar right now. as for visibility, most of us are just fine. but you can see that there are patches out there where visibility is down, including in the hills, right above livermore this morning. so just something to know as you do, venture back out on the roadways to kick off your monday morning commute. now as far as temperatures go, most of us are in the 50's fremont in oakland at 59 degrees currently alameda conquered in dublin. each of 58. well, petaluma and santa rosa at 55 degrees each compared to yesterday. it's not much of a change. if you're stepping outside early sunday morning. you definitely notice that cool feel to it. and you'll notice a nice cool comfortable feel this afternoon once or patchy fog clears out and we rise out of the 50's. we're
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only on only really going to rise into the 60's 70's and 80's come the afternoon 80's that are warmest for that matter. so a nice afternoon to venture back out there. maybe if you're getting off work a little bit extra early. you can enjoy some of that sunshine. let's get a look at some your bridges this morning. the bay bridge is still pretty empty. it's nice and calm out there as you're making your crossing no backup at the toll plaza yet metering lights not on just yet. san mateo bridge is looking a little busier than the rest of our bridges. this one seems to tend to pick up a little bit. earlier. you can see some tail lights as you cross here, 92 crossing there. but obviously things just fine richmond center fell bridge on the other hand, is still very of tea. i don't see any tail lights are headlights for that matter. okay. there's one heading our direction, you know, that was going to pick up to and we'll keep you updated as we make our way through the morning. james. all right. thank you very much, john, for 31 the time bay area news. we have francisco police now arresting a 40 year-old man wanted for a string of retail thefts in t e city's lower haight and
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mission districts. >> saturday morning. officers say they recognize the suspect when he entered a drug store on the 400 block of h street. when the officers entered the shop, they caught him red-handed attempting to steal nearly a $1000 worth of cosmetics. they caught him shoving the makeup into a duffel bag. they arrested him without incident. the suspected thief identified as usual. romero has also been charged on suspicion of committing 5 other thefts since may 29th for them in the 300 block of cough street. the 5th occurred in the same 400 block of h street just 2 days before saturday's arrest. police in vacaville are asking the public now to help identify suspected prowler recently captured on video surveillance peeking into windows on june 14 assists. the suspect was seen in this video here in the early morning hours lurking around a home on the 400 block of lovers. lane. the video shows him looking into a window at the home and then slowly crawling away as you can see there on all fours as if he was trying to avoid being seen at least 2 other residents
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have captured what appears to be the same suspect prowling around their homes at night. anyone who recognizes the suspect or has any information about him. you're asked to contact vacaville police. on the peninsula coma. fire crews are looking into what caused at least 2 cars to catch fire yesterday morning. this was the scene of the coma. bart station. you can see. one of those cars. there was a van. it's burned to a crisp. so far there's no word on any injuries, but stay tuned to kron four's. we update you on the investigation. but again, 2 cars now catching fire at the coma bart station. 4.33 the time it's beginning. there. it is really the beginning of the real long road to recovery for. let's continue on. up forward. please. thank you to beginning a long road recovery for one bay area woman after she was stabbed multiple times outside her home 93 or 94 year-old on taylor. now back in her home after spending days in the hospital for her injuries.
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that attack happened last week near lower, hill road. we have kron four's. amanda, how are now speaking to her niece on how that woman is doing. >> bernie says she was in surprisingly high spirits when she first got home from the hospital. now she's feeling those injuries a little bit more, but they're hopeful. it's just part of the healing process. she was surprisingly happy and >> happy to be home. i think the weather was nice and she was feeling good with lots of lots of phone calls today. on the other hand, she seemed a >> a lot weaker on taylor better known as pain is back home after spending several days at the hospital wednesday morning. the 94 year-old was stabbed multiple times near her lower hill home. this is citizen video taken moments after the attack that may have changed the rest of her life. she was out on a must before taking care of herself. and
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yesterday and today she, you know, she working with one hand and just week paying is receiving around the clock care. >> either from a caretaker or her niece. eva taylor. and i arrived to maybe half an hour after she was there an encounter. >> trying to but around test her niece says she wonders what her quality of life is going to be like after this too was a chef. she had her own restaurant. she loves to she loves to. well, she loves to eat, but she's not eating very much friday. the man arrested for her attack. 35 year-old daniel college pleaded not guilty to attempted murder battery and elder abuse. >> at the time of the attack. he was on an ankle monitor and facing burglary charges in an unrelated incident. he's being held without bail and is due back in court on june 22nd. but right now the taylors are taking things one day at a time. i don't and 90 almost 95
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i don't know how we'll it. is it even possible after something like this. thanks needs told me that she just wants to thank the community. >> for all of their love and support she says they feel it all and it's made this very tough situation a little bit easier in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> we'll just over a week after a woman was killed when a car crashed into a san jose parklet. another outdoor dining area was destroyed in a car accident as well. this time it happened at the a cut on wine and wine bar and bistro in san francisco friday morning. the owner says the car crashed into his restaurant. parklet the suspect then jumped out, took off. an organizer for streets for people. a campaign for safer streets says that the area along church street there near market should feel safer because people aren't supposed to be driving there. but even he feels anxious sitting in parklets. >> it sometimes does not feel safe because of the cars passing a high speed. but i see the cars ignoring the
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signs all the time. while i'm walking down the street, it was quite horrible to see that and think about what might happened if it was during the full of people. >> the restaurant owner was able to get the license plate of the car and he's hoping the police will eventually find that driver. in the north. a suffered major injuries after hit and run crash in santa rosa forcefully. shares, a description. now the person that police say was behind the wheel. >> marina torrance takes a moment to reflect on what she saw late friday night. the aftermath of a hit and run collision near her home in santa rosa. less. the bicyclist in desperate shape. when i came home at night. i was walking by and i saw >> like just totally destroyed right there. police say officers responded to the incident at around 10 40 at night. >> the cyclists found unconscious in the roadway. the crash happening on some bestival road at corporate center parkway an urgent care
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center is on that corner but was closed at the time. the victim was taken to a hospital where police say they have undergone multiple surgeries us assume the worst hurt me because. i'm always walking ice so it could have happened to me. police say the driver took off before officers arrived witnesses describe the person to police as a hispanic 25 year-old man with tattoos on his face. he has short hair facial hair and was wearing a dark hat black shirt and jeans. investigators say he was driving a 2008 to 2010 acura mdx likely with damage to the front of the car and windshield. cyclist say they try to avoid this area at night. you know, in the day. we can see police markers show it's possible the victim was in the bike lane before the collision lorena torres says this intersection and other city roads are becoming increasingly dangerous. people are just not caring and.
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>> they're going about. why does a lot of them are drinking and driving to police not sure whether drugs or alcohol were involved in santa rosa all kron. 4 news. >> all right. well, in southern california. couple now charged in the road rage shooting death of a 6 year-old and aiden leos pled guilty to charges during a recent court hearing. rick chambers has the very latest now on how that's progressing. >> the people are requesting no bail, correct. that's correct. bail. revocation is discussed in a santa ana courtroom for 24 year-old reefs, the man charged with murdering aiden leos during a road rage incident may 21st on the 55 freeway we believe that he is and extreme danger. >> to the public. this would be a case that's appropriate for no bail. prosecutors referred to documents filed with the court this week showing that mister reis admits to firing into aiden's
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moms car that friday morning in a fit of rage. >> then brandishing the same gun a few days later at the driver of another car on the 91. he deliberately hid his girlfriend's car and the handgun and he tried to change his appearance cover. and even though worries could not raise the existing 2 million dollars bail. the judge agreed with the dia. it seems to me that stairs is complete danger to the community to society. >> is a substantial likelihood of a threat. >> to the public. if mister peres was get out and because of that, i am going to set nobel. >> as for 23 year old when he led a reese's girlfriend who was driving her white volkswagen the day the fatal shot was fired by a reas and who has been charged as an accessory. her attorney wanted her current bail of half a million dollars reduced. there's no you what? you have
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the u.s. shifting the but prosecutors called lee a danger saying she knew what a reset done and stayed quiet miss lee. a lot of to vehicle as a passenger with a loaded fire. >> which is what happened. >> on the day of the murder in this case. she continued to let drive a car with a little higher. and after the second happen. >> judge yellin delayed a decision on least bail until a background check can be done on her financial and mental health status. >> we'll take a break here. time now is 4.41. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news as we continue to see hot and dry weather conditions fire officials are preparing now for a 4th of july celebration in just a few weeks will have their warnings for everyone to keep in mind about fireworks.
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>> we're back at 4.44 fire season. now year long as we know. but the peak summer months of course, provide an extra challenge for firefighters on top of dealing with hot dry conditions throw in the use of illegal fireworks and that is a recipe for disaster. carlos herrera has the story. >> the summer solstice ushers in months of pool parties and barbecue gatherings. but the down side are those extreme
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fire weather conditions but we just ended the hottest week on record for this year. so all the fuels or the brush that are on the hillsides. >> in our wildfire areas are very susceptible to a spar the week long heat wave brought with it. triple digit temps last week causing multiple brush fires to break out and spread rapidly. the ongoing drought has heightened fire conditions throughout the golden state. so could this be it makes the fuel or the brush throughout the hillsides. very dry and some is actually just dead. so no matter what rain we get to won't bring that back to life. and so that's a continual challenge. an added challenge illegal fireworks for the 4th of july holiday. the hot temperatures make dry brush susceptible to a tiny spark causing it to explode in size. we see a whole other side that the general public does not see. and that's the injuries and the fires that tre caused by fireworks and it
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affects people beyond that, it affects pets. they get scared. they don't know what's going on. we see an increase in pets running away. >> and also i think if your neighbor's summer combat veterans and they feel like they're back in a war zone when they hear this continual explosion taking place in the can really exasperated ptsd for some of those individuals firefighters, remind homeowners to clear dry brush around their property to give crews the defensible space they need. >> in case a wildfire comes their way. >> that was carlos herrera reporting for us this morning. firefighters advise that instead of using illegal fireworks take the family to a proper public profession, fireworks show that is the safest thing for everyone. in fact, right now a cropper dot com. we've got more tips for you on how to avoid being the cause of the wildfire come this fire season that qr code take you right to that special section. it will show you how to create a defensible space around your property in a safe way. it will teach you how to put together an evacuation
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checklist and we've got other preparedness tips as well. so check that out for sure. in fact, let's find out from john just how long dry the weather is expected to stay around here i don't have still staying dry. james, at least not triple digit heat these next few days, though, fire danger will remain of concern even with temperatures down the next couple of days. so just something really to know from this season forward, especially for 4th of july. >> as we all know that comes with its own risks entirely. now this morning actually seeing nice dose of marine layer. that is scooted through with some of that fog returning and that is certainly the case. you can see the low cloud cover pushing on into our berkeley hills cam right now. here's a bit of good news about the clouds there sitting for the most part right above the bay. so as you're traversing over hillsides, that's where you may be running into some lower visibility. but for the most part are bridges are fearing just fine this morning with
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good visibility. as you make your crossings on those areas low pressure area center to the south and west of the bay area this morning. this isn't going to result in rainfall, the california. but it is resulting in a nice cool down. also ushering in that increase of cooled ocean, air ball today and tomorrow. keeping us relatively cool for the rest of the work week after that too. now today's daytime highs only in the 60's at the coast gorgeous day to be stepping outside at the coast, especially once you catch that little sunshiny window this afternoon before fog really makes its return. tonight i'm actually expecting more of a foggy dose tomorrow morning. and then what we've got this morning. 70's 80's right along the bay redwood city, san carlos palo alto and mountain view each 81 south bay temperatures in the low to mid 80's today with campbell and san jose each at 84 degrees. now temperatures anywhere from the 70's 80's couple of 60's in berkeley and richmond, though, as you will be directly in the path of that cool fog streaming through the golden gate later on concord,
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walnut creek and danville in the low 80's welfare feel that 80 degrees antioch in vacaville your warmest spots today and only in the mid 80's. so this is a really comfortable day, especially considering where we were at the start this past weekend which was triple digits. notice that a around today, tomorrow, wednesday and thursday after that weekend or on out of that sea breeze and temperatures are going to warm up inland very quickly because of it by friday and saturday. we're back into the 90's and by sunday we're in the triple digits all over again. now look at your bridges this morning. still very calm out there as we do approach or 5 o'clock hour here in about 10 minutes. you can see that traffic's moving along just fine through the bay bridge toll plaza yet to turn the metering lights on yet. and you can see no slow down just yet. golden gate bridge this morning. free of any fog visibility is just fine. as you make this crossing obviously so is traffic conditions and the richmond, sandra fell bridge even empty. you're hardly ahead by actually has picked up just a bit over the past few minutes.
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but still obviously moving along just fine as you drive over into marion county from the east bay james. all right, john, thanks very much for your money. amazon prime day kicks off today with the retailer reporting. >> reportedly offering more than 2 million discounts over the next 2 days. we've got felicia bolton now with more on what you expect when you head over to the website. >> shoppers are gearing up for big savings during amazon prime day, june 21st and 22nd and many deals are already posted on the site. 70% off on some amazon devices. same 10 bucks on prime day. when you spend $10 with a small business or get 10% back on select lg and sony tv's with an amazon prime credit card people always shopped online. >> frequently. but i think the pandemic has and the size consumers. how convenient it is. have anything and everything. just brought
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straight to their door kristin mcgrath is the editor for both offers dot com and retail me not blog. she says this year's sell as much more than saving on tech and big ticket items, amazon, prime day really embraces notion that amazon sells everything because. >> so many different categories go on during day, but she warns some deals are really dunce. her advice, don't fall for the hype and shopsmart by making a list and sticking to it using the item comparison feature on the site and consider buying in bulk for items used most in your household big to get aspiration items. but then you've also your pantry items your health and beauty items your toothpaste or granola bars. her don'ts buying the first items you see online and falling for a lightning deal which are time limited sales
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on products that inspire within a few hours. so when you're looking deals on prime day. it is important to remember that really structures. the entire event around getting people to try new products and make impulse buys. >> feel a lot of these really short lived lightning deals. you'll see public servant you that you didn't know you wanted and you need it if you really want to get the best bang for your buck mcgrath recommends using a browser extension like camel camel, camel. >> or they give you an inside look at an item's price history taking online bargain shopping to the next level. >> we'll take a break here for 52. we'll be right back.
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>> all right. we're back. take a look nt this. a pair of fishermen catch an unexpected side off the coast of tampa, florida 30 foot whale. shark. paid him a visit. he sings are massive. in fact, about 30 feet long as what they figure it was biggest. they've seen off the gulf of mexico during their 15 years of fish in there. whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea and they can reach lengths of more than 40 feet long. they're the size of sailboat. they're
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huge. alright legal 4th of july fireworks might be a bit harder to find this year. retailers say the industry seeing a nationwide shortage amid supply chain issues and shipping delays. the shortage is causing some smaller shops to fizzle out meaning you won't be seeing as many roadside stands. typically the people who are running those pop-up tents or from nonprofits are church groups for fundraisers here in california. the only legal fireworks allowed or the non ariel and non explosive kind. even they might be harder to find. the tokyo olympics by the way, will allow up to 10,000 local spectators at each event. this goes against what health experts have been recommending. they say big crowds might cause a resurgence of covid-19 infections spectators from overseas have already been banned from the games. officials had considered allowing as many as 20,000 people to attend opening ceremony. the games are set to begin on july 23rd. we'll take a break or 4.56 coming up in
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the next hour, a deadly weekend in the east bay house party shooting in richmond is under investigation. we'll tell you what we've learned overnight in a live report. >> plus, one person is dead and 6 others hurt after a shooting in oakland book. details on what happened there at lake merritt in just a minute.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news on. >> and happy monday to you and or your pulse. and i'm james fletcher. hope you had a good weekend. hope you had a happy father's day if your father out there. we're comparing, you know, you know, they should get that come from. >> you've got little yard work. yeah, i got a splinter. i've got a cut on my phone that no idea where that came from. i just notice that this morning in the show. you did do anything for father's day. made a point not doing right now to know how this kind right. we have a good monday, though. let's see how it's going to be for the rest of the week. as far as the weather goes, i hey guys. yeah. really nice weather for the rest of the week ahead of us saw a little bit of a cool down yesterday for father's day, which i think was super welcome.


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