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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at all. this right here is just 20 from to take a hit. >> on the rich. week. 7 of my finances not have a life and that hurts me to >> a closed case, but a family still looking for closure today. former police officer derek chauvin received his sentence for murdering george floyd good evening, everybody. thanks for being here on kron. 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. derek chauvin's possible sentence range anywhere from probation to 40 years behind bars. the
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court settled somewhere in the middle with 22 and a half years. george floyd's family, as you just heard says that isn't enough reporter eric runge joins us now live from minneapolis with more on this controversial case. eric. >> well, good evening. the sentencing hearing ran about an hour today and it was a very emotional everyone understanding the magnitude of this sentence. >> given wide latitude from 40 years to probation. judge peter cahill delivered his sentence of 22 and a half years. this is based on your. abuse of a position of trust and authority. and also the particular cruelty showing the george floyd chauvin showed little, if any, emotion during the hearing before handing down the sentence. prosecutors introduced victim impact statements which included george's daughter 7 year-old gianna floyd, who appeared on video. >> if you could say anything to your daddy right now. what would it be.
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>> there. they asked me, i love the floyd's nephew and 2 brothers asked a judge to sentence chauvin to the maximum allowed 40 years. they also had a question for chauvin. >> i want to know. from the man himself. what were you thinking. who's going when you head your brother's neck. >> they wouldn't get an answer. chauvin did, however, speak. >> at this time due to some. additional legal matters at hand. i'm not able to give the. a full formal statement at this time. from legal i. us to is the ford family. >> there are plans to appeal this verdict and he still faces federal charges. his mother did tell the court she always has and always will believe in her son's
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innocence. derek is a quiet. >> so full himself. so for man yes, a big card. he always has put others before his his defense attorney eric nelson tried arguing for probation. >> he's not coming into. this is a career criminal. he's coming into this. never having violated the law. because he lives an honorable life. >> under minnesota law. chauvin will have to serve at least 2 thirds of a sentence. chauvin was convicted of second and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. chauvin pinned a handcuffed floyd with his knee to the street for 9 minutes and 29 seconds suffocating him my family and i have been given a life sentence. >> we would never be able to get back. >> when you see your daddy again one day. what do you want to do and you see em. >> air.
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>> very emotional testimony, especially by george floyd's daughter. as you heard there along with floyd's family. those gathered here at the head of the county courthouse for this sentence to be handed down disappointed as well. they do not believe justice was served either. we're live in minneapolis kron. 4 news. >> thank you, eric. meanwhile, back here in the bay reaction to the oakland city council voting in favor of cutting the police budget in the midst of a violent crime wave. that reaction is pouring in tonight forces even units getting perspectives from the police union and those 2 council members who voted against the new budget. >> 6 members of the oakland city council voted in favor of reducing 18 million dollars from opd ease budget over the next 2 years by cutting to police academies. yeah. but first of all, and any. >> what might be considered reductions or modifications. those don't kick in for several months, but not at
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night in this calendar year council member dan cobb says he voted in favor of the new budget in large part because of the investment in alternative violence prevention strategies as well as job rating this job training. >> and to have what we call our macro program or alternate civilian emergency response program. so not all calls for service or lower-level have to go to police department. but if you that make sense for for other things and the opd agrees with that eye. >> we're actually supportive however, the president of the oakland police officers association. barry donelan says that emergency mental health calls are only a fraction of their daily calls for service. we like the idea. and especially metro app pushing these calls about mental health over to the fire department and it accounts for about 40 calls a day that we would have to respond to. but to give you context right now. we respond to 2000 costs. so
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the impact it will absolutely be there. but the reduction in work won't be as large as we would like council members, lauren taylor and reid voted against the new budget on the grounds of what they say is a lack of equity for their constituents in east oakland. when i saw. >> the limited investment into east oakland the limited stan of the east oaklanders of the voice of east oaklanders that i'm hearing from what i know said hundreds of e-mails to me. i could not. vote for it in principle. >> we want to know we want a firm to this budget that there will be measures ensure that we are safe. that we are protected and that we can live with a greater sense of peace because we have not seen that equitable investment up to this point. but city council president nikki fortunato best defense or budget by saying her team's number one policy directive is to ensure equity in the budgetaprocess. >> has made kron. 4 news.
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>> a new warning today from fire departments city council members in oaklyn with just over a week to go until the 4th of july holiday they're reminding people that fireworks are illegal and that they are real danger when it comes to wildfires, fireworks will kill people. >> they will seriously injure people. i have gone to calls were children have lost their hands. they have lost their fingers. i have gone to many calls on the 4th of july where families have lost their homes. >> the oakland fire say that they are also working on defensible space across hundreds of acres removing dry brush in fuels. they are also beefing up patrols and asking that if anyone has information about illegal fireworks to give them or the oakland police department a call. you can do so anonymously. if you prefer. >> let's talk about the weather. we are on the cusp of the weekend. a lot of traffic out there taking a live look right now at the bay bridge. got to think a lot of those folks are headed to the giants a's game at oracle park in the city. more on that
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momentarily. but another beautiful day in the bay. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with a look ahead to the forecast for tonight. the game. then the weekend. yeah, that's right. all have your area. our hometown teams duking it out. luckily i'm a cubs fan. so no one can hate me in the bay area today. let's take a look at the live outside. we're tracking the return of that marine layer and radar for tracking a thicker fog bank out there this evening. and that's what's bringing us cooler temperatures out there along the coast pacific lee for the bay area shoreline. >> check out this double digit warming as you make your way inland with the concord and livermore 13, even 10 degrees. warmer than where we were just 24 hours ago. that's why we're in the low to mid 80's out there right now. 87 degrees for concord livermore 83 degrees with oakland at 66 degrees in downtown san francisco, cooler temperatures there. 61 degrees. so those of you heading out to the game, bundle up because we're also
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tracking a stronger sea breeze making temperatures feel cooler along the coast, santa rosa and napa currently in the mid 70's when tracker for the we're tracking that westerly seabreeze sustained at 20 miles per hour tracking gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour. let's take a look at your bay bridge series forecast. we have a live report coming up. and at first pitch, 06:45pm. tonight. we're going to see upper 50's increasing clouds and breezy winds. so definitely sweater weather out there tonight at oracle park grant and vicki, back to you. i'm embrace an out of the battle of the bay baseball tradition which carries extra special significance tonight. indeed it does. for the first time since. >> 2019, the giants are allowing a packed house no covid capacity restrictions. kron four's dan thorn is live outside oracle park where a's fans and giants fans are ready to go. dan, what's it like? >> well, grant vicki, it could
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have been a better time for the battle of the bay or the bay bridge series, whatever you want to call it because we're looking at to the best teams in baseball meeting here at oracle park tonight, the giants, the best in the bigs the athletics of the second best team in the american league west. the fans are excited to be able to come out here but with full capacity, we've got some changes right of return to normalcy, if you will. but masks that everybody has had to wear on their no longer required. but they are strongly suggested that if you're going to be at the ballpark that you do wear them if you're unvaccinated some of the other things that you're not going to have to worry about anymore as you're no longer going to have a proof of vaccination and you're also not going to have to show any sort of a negative test for covid-19. those are no longer required as for the concession stands here at the ballpark. those ball practically all be reopened in the vendors. of course, we'll be able to move around the stands. but it's important to keep in mind that you'll need to pay with your card. okay. the stadium right now is cashless. we're talking some fans that were out here. of course they're excited to
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see baseball back here in the bay area looking forward to a really fun weekend and they're just happy to be back at the ballpark. it's pretty exciting. it's nice to be a little back to normal. you know, things been pretty hectic this last year. so we're excited to get into the game. think it's great to have, you know. >> well, the crowd again and like. normal. >> go dry ways. >> all right. you can see there the fans really excited about this 3 game series. the ferry service for fans that are on the other side other side of the bay, larkspur oracle park that actually resume today and that will be continuing throughout the san francisco giants baseball season and bart is also going to be running special late night trains for bands that are going to be getting out. they want to make sure that they catch the whole game. you know, want to get home safely. of course, tonight, first pitch at 6.45 that's been i a first is quite old. we're looking forward to a really fun night here. we've got a lot of people that coming in. of course, there just now
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getting out of work. so, you know, they're going to be sort of just funneling in here. but we've seen a decent amount of people out here already and they're just hyped about this game. yeah. >> about an hour and a half, i guess the first pitch in dan. these are these are 2 very good teams and obviously the timing is right with the the full capacity that feel a bit different. i know you're out there sometimes before games. you get sense that this one is different. >> absolutely. you could just tell that the area is a lot more alive. this whole neighborhood really, because there's a lot of bars and restaurants that surround oracle park. and you can see everybody decked out in giant scholars are their athletics colors. so they're drinking beers pre-game in before before the game. you just sort of get this feeling like we keep saying it right this this idea of normal of course, there are people out here that are still wearing their masks. they still want to take that extra precaution. but a lot of people just like me are without them. and they are really just excited to be here. and it really does feel
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different. and we're in the best way possible. all right. dan. >> the best thing about this game is everybody's a winner, right. bay bridge series less area, blue jeans and then but we're all part area. thank you. day and might have something different to dan, thanks. we'll get back to you. coming up tonight kron, 4 news at 5 15,000 pounds of fireworks now off the streets. >> the months long investigation that led police to this major bust. plus, california's eviction moratorium sticking around a little longer when the order is now set to expire and nearly 160 people still missing in south florida. latest live from the scene of that. >> collapsed condo building next.
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>> here in the bay area. lot of people are taking advantage of all the new rules, right. the lifting of covid restrictions. and part of that means getting out there maybe getting up in the sky flying again. yeah, it's been a while. and while for the most part, it's going pretty smoothly here. >> we could see delays down shortages. kron four's. dan kerman live for us at sfo. to run it down for us. how's it going, dan? >> well going very fine here sfo and most bay area
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airports. but another one's across the country. we're seeing slowdowns mostly because more people are traveling quicker than they thought as a result. airlines are having trouble keeping up with the people that might have not been working before that they need back on the job down. the covid-19 restrictions being lifted. people are heading back into the air and doing some summer travel. >> at sfo friday afternoon terminal 3 was a bit of a ghost town, though, primarily because typical summer traffic has yet to materialize. what. >> we're seeing is a very positive upward trend and passenger activity. we continue to set new high marks for pandemic, era. travelers every single week at sfo, which is great to see. but we've still got a lot of ground to make up and we're still a little under 50% of prepandemic levels. all in all, though, it made it better for those on the go. this is completely empty. >> i i was shocked to walk up and have no line to even checking this trip has been super easy and super fun but
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elsewhere across the country. travelers are seeing slowdowns due to staffing shortages your the the concession operators and others. >> are scrambling to bring people back to work. >> henry harteveldt is a travel industry analyst with atmosphere research group. he says the travel industry is still catching up and without enough pilots and flight attendants and tsa agents. it could be a tough time for summer travelers. >> i think if there's anything that will define this summer. it's going to be lines lines waiting to check in lines waiting to get through security lines waiting to get on a plane to get your bags check in around the hotel and so on. >> now, how long will this last industry. analysts say it is likely it could go all the way through july possibly see the rest of the summer. but as i mentioned, for the most part, things continue to go smoothly at bay area airports. it might not be the same depending on where you're flying. i live at sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>> sounds good. dan, good to see you. back at the airport. feels like things are getting back to normal as we take a peek outside here in the city. san francisco's embarcadero >> friday. yeah. why go anywhere. the weather is so resort like here, yeah, we're always on vacation here in the bay area right. you go got it made. here we go. let's take a look at current conditions out there right now. >> happy friday bay area. it certainly feels like it down here in this studio and hopefully you have fun at tonight's game. we're tracking june gloom reappearing throughout the coast. in fact, it's a little bit thicker than yesterday. and we're going to notice to become more widespread during the overnight hours but not going to be as thick as what it was today. and that's because we're tracking a warming and drying trend for the 1st half of the weekend, not just along the coast but even into our inland valleys as well going to see the hottest temperatures of the next 7 days. arriving tomorrow. but from now, until then, enjoy these cooler temperatures along the coast 59 degrees for
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happen. bay low 60's for oakland and hayward with mid 70's. for those of you in san jose in the south bay a little bit toasty in antioch, 88 degrees with mid 70's. for those of you in santa rosa. >> novato at 77 degrees and overnight lows tonight, we're going to be a degree or 2 warmer than last night. widespread mid 50's with mid 60's for those of you an antioch. remember, these are the overnight lows in daytime highs tomorrow. widespread mid 90's. for those of you in concord n livermore, low 90's for santa rosa and avato and a few degrees above average along the coast, 60 degrees for downtown san francisco. nearly flirting with 70's there with a few degrees above average for those of you in oakland, in hayward, in the mid 70's in san jose also going to be on the mild side in the mid 80's when you should be in the low 80's this time of year. so let's take a look at the warming trend. it's going to peak on saturday. little change on sunday and then we're going to see the return of widespread june gloom on monday. but overall, starting out july 1st
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with the return of that cloud cover. no sky. july. no word yet on the extended 4th of july weekend forecast. but we are i don't know. i'm a little bit about last year when we had no fireworks show because of the pandemic. it was crystal clear skies. let's hope mother nature does a repeat this year right. sounds working with us. let's hope so. thank a recess. still ahead. >> homelessness in california. governor newsome sharing updates today on how state programs are helping fight this growing problem. >> and ever wonder what 15,000 pounds of fireworks looks like. >> yeah. have a peek. how a months long investigation led police to this huge haul.
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to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. >> back to our big story for the evening, at least 4 people are dead 159 still missing at this hour after a seaside condo building collapsed in florida. search efforts are continuing around the clock. many people are fearing the worse, though. we go live right now to florida. kron four's jeff patterson is at the scene tonight. jeff, what is the latest? hey there. good evening to you both. you. we are about a block away from the collapsed, a condo building. we'll share one back at home, your viewers. what's going on here? this wall here is eerily reminiscent of. we saw after 9/11/2000. one. >> these are just some of the photos showing the faces of
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the nearly 160 fathers husbands, sons daughters grandparents were still missing. almost 2 days after the catastrophic collapse. you see there's a line of flowers and candles are lit here. we know so many people here in the south florida community are holding on to hope leaning on their faith that more survivors will be recovered from the rubble. i can also tell you there's been a smoke that has been building throughout the evening from that seaside condo building destruction of the smoke is kind of blowing inland away from the water. but again, we found this memorial here about a block away from the collapsed. buildings are showing all these photos of some of the people who are still missing tonight. >> i don't know if you can hear me, but i'm wary eye as night wears on our chances diminishing of finding any more survivors. >> well, i can tell you that the search and rescue crews have been working around the clock tirelessly going through
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this. a painstaking process. we've also dealt with them some south florida, rain showers. it was it was pouring here last night. we southern bringing some heavy equipment. we know there been concerns about a further collapse of the part of the building is still standing. so it's a a delicate and desperate process. but that search and rescue continues here in south florida. >> they put a timeframe on this process. jeff, obviously, you know, people could certainly still be alive. it is plausible, but i heard that there have been some fires. >> and then can you set the scene in terms of the helicopters. we've seen all this news coverage. >> you know, aerial coverage and i've i've heard that there are also calls for moments of silence when they want to be able to see if they can hear. >> people in the rubble who might be trapped. how's that whole process working out. what can you tell us. >> we know a lot of the search efforts is happening in the
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garage. that is underneath the building. but they've also told look, these are top notch search and rescue crews here in florida dealt with hurricanes disasters like that. but they are using that sonar technology to try to detect any sounds of any signs of someone who may still be alive in the rubble again, it's about a block to my left is the condo building in. it's again, an all hands on deck effort with local fema also providing resources here, but no real timetable. we do so at this point they're still calling it a search and rescue operation jeff, we've been hearing one apparently said that she that night that she heard the building. >> creaking and and moaning. it is there obviously it's very to be to be getting to root of what happened. but is there any discussion there about what could have caused this terrible collapse. >> another have been some reports about a possible
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sinkhole again, nothing confirmed this investigation will take some time. but again, there's been some reports about the building potentially sinking kind of on the the shoreline here by the coast of that is one theory begin will take some time before a structural engineers and investigators get to the bottom what happens again. we know the building over to my left is about 40 years here in surfside, florida. okay. thank you so much, jeff. jeff patterson reporting live for us from the scene of that building collapse in florida. >> still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 5 extending the eviction moratorium when it is now set to expire and how governor newsom hopes it will help housing insecurity. plus the drought now affecting some of people's favorite summer pastimes where you won't be able to swim this summer and need a vacation who was hit, right. what about space? the f a a making a first of its kind ruling today when you could take that trip
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