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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  June 29, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> scooting pretty far inland, too. some of our inland temperatures will still rise into the 90's cooler than areas like the central valley or even the pacific northwest for that matter. so we are being spared by this cool sea breeze, which is pretty evident looking outside. look at this camera view right here of san francisco. you can actually see a couple of spots there on the screen. we do have some condensation, some drizzle, especially near the coastline is making for a few wet spots on roadways as well as some lower visibility pockets out there. so just be mindful of that as you venture on the roadways, current temperatures mostly in the 50's definitely want a light jacket on hand palo alto san jose conquered fairfield and pittsburgh our some of our spots right now in a range of 60's reyna. >> i thank you for that. so we already have an early morning hot spot eastbound at ashby avenue that overcrossing of berkeley. and while it's pretty slow on the eastbound side, it's also very slow on the westbound side. so as you're traveling crockett down towards the maze. we'll take
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you a little under 30 minutes to make that drive this morning heading into the city traffic looks much improved from earlier again, once you hit the may's to that free must exit a little under 12 minutes for you to get into the city. also the richmond sandra fell commute starting to pick up a bit. a little under 12 minutes for your drive time. there and the san mateo bridge 13. we'll have more throughout the morning. but darya james, back to you. 7. oh one and a big story that we're following this morning. oakland's police chief leronne armstrong is blasting the cuts that being are being made to the police budget yeah. he says it will make the city less safe with fewer officers on the streets with kron four's maureen kelly now with a closer look at what he's saying. >> we find ourselves in a crisis. we find ourselves really from a weekend of violence. what we've seen for homicides. >> over a three-day period. the oakland police chief put up pictures of some of the 65 homicide victims who lost their lives so far this year. it's an increase of 83% from
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the same period last year. one of them hitting very close to home. this is my guy says. that means the oakland city council voted 6 to 2 in favor of reducing nearly 18 million dollars from mayor libby shaft proposed budget for opd over the next 2 years by cutting to police academy classes. >> the money will go instead towards violence prevention strategies, including scaling up a team of trained civilians to respond to nonviolent calls involving mental and behavioral health issues as well as funding job placement and job training the chief says he's not against violence prevention programs, but the cuts will be painful. the impact will be media. >> what a slower response times to emergency calls for service city council person lauren taylor, who voted against the cuts echoed the chief concerns that the policing alternative programs won't be fully staffed when the new budget year begins, july. first, for me it is critical that as we build and
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put something in place. we don't take away prematurely because we are talking about lives. those are lives that are at risk, city council person noel defense diverting money towards reforms. we do need to change what we're doing. >> reform our activities because i am still a federal monitor to be here and open for 18 years over 30 million to oversee open police department and get them an order any still here morning kelly kron 4 news. >> well, also on the money much needed cash could soon be going to san jose's vta light rail service. the money passed by the state senate will not only go towards bringing the service back, but it also help employees are still recovering from last month's mass shooting. the bill dedicates 20 million dollars. now to the vta. it will be used for everything from infrastructure upgrades to training to repairing of the equipment that was damaged in that shooting and also for therapy
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for about a 100 employees who are on site that day along with the families of the 9 victims killed. >> this tragedy hit at the end of covid-19 when the chase but it was already suffering. so without this support, it could have put the tea and a position of having to prioritize and now we we we can prioritize our employees. we can prioritize the future of eta and frankly, my perspective is come back better than ever. >> local leaders say the building where that shooting took place will likely be leveled and replaced within a structure. >> it's 7. '04, and breaking news from overnight in the east bay. a man was arrested after an explosion in downtown walnut creek several industrial grade fireworks, remnants of a pipe bomb. they were all found in the area. kron 4. sarah stinson joining us now live with the latest on what we've learned this morning. sarah, good morning. >> yeah, a scary situation. when that explosion rattled this neighborhood in a downtown walnut creek area
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told 100 mount deal boulevard now bit closer. you can see there's glass on the ground and this is where the broken window is. there is wood covering it. there's also more broken windows here at this building that appears to be recharged medical. this took off here last night around 10 o'clock and people i spoke with in the neighborhood say it definitely had them up and trying to figure out what was going on when police arrived. they found large fireworks in the makings of a metal pipe bomb across the street from where the explosion took place all fireworks are legal in contra, costa county. these are the type of fireworks police across the bay area working to get off the streets to avoid a fire from erupting. in this case, the damage caused as i showed you windows being blown out during the explosion at this commercial building. it appears, as i said, to be recharged, medical and it's right across from safeway in the broadway shopping center once police arrived to begin looking for
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who is responsible. police may have arrested a man involved. you can see him sitting in the back of a cop car in video from the scene with those fireworks on the hood of the police car waiting to hear from walnut creek. police have been out here talking with people in the neighborhood. let's hear now from man who describes what he heard. >> it was it was kind of a rumble and then a loud bang. it's the the first thing we heard and then the 20 minutes later there's a similar one little quieter, but same type of. >> yeah. did you suspect they were fireworks you just like i don't know what that is. yeah, it was it was a little strange. you can really tell it was theirs. i heard some people, a lot of people came inside this kind of work programs is going on in. >> so we were saying car crash, but it definitely and salad bar crash. i was wonder if maybe something exploded like a transmit or something like that. >> so that's how loud it was. i mean, he describes it as the sound of a transmitter blowing
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up. that's pretty loud and that's why i've talked to several people who said they heard it. people were out and about trying to figure what was going on and then police arrived. as i said, you could see in the video, as you can imagine, it was pretty scary situation because there was an earthquake last night in the east bay and then here in this neighborhood, this explosion. so that man you just heard from. he said it was quite the night. now. stand by and waiting to hear from walnut creek. police hopefully can get more information for you for now, live in walnut creek. sarah stinson kron 4 news. >> all right. thank you very much. sara. there also a fireworks bust on the peninsula. take a look. the san mateo county sheriff's department seized all of this 15 pounds of explosives and materials to make fireworks. they found the explosives. they say in 2 different homes. one in millbrae and one in burlingame and then arrested these 2 men on the left, 47 year-old jeffrey bernal de-ann on the right, 43 year-old raymond chan. now both facing charges.
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>> for your health this morning. there's another reason to avoid fireworks air quality experts say the smoke can cause serious health problems, too. kristi gross has that story. >> fireworks light up the night sky with a colorful display in celebration of independence day. but they also produce a lot of smoke fireworks can really impact to air quality and that can negatively impact people's health impacts our breathing can get deep into the longest and also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. people suffering from respiratory illnesses. the elderly and children are likely to be hit the hardest. it's not just smoke that we're breathing in. it's also other toxics fireworks have heavy metals in them. so you're not just breathing in regular smoke. the san joaquin valley air pollution control district wants people to find other ways to celebrate and attend professional events instead really asked that folks don't use fireworks. those are able to dissipate before the hit.
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the ground in most cases. so the impact is very small. whereas personal fireworks are creating so much smoke down here ground level. we're we're all breathing it in air. quality officials say if you must use personal fireworks try cutting back on how many set off. they say every little bit helps. that was kristi gross reporting for us this morning. air quality officials say that poor air quality caused by fireworks is usually gone. >> by the next morning. >> time. now in california, lawmakers have sent a bill to governor newsome that would change the rules. >> for his recall election. lawmakers approved a bill that would require the legislature to skip a review of the elections costs as long as they provide the money. the bill also provides 200, 15 million dollars to counties and 35 million dollars to the secretary of state for the cost of the recall election newsom's recall election date
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has not yet been set, but it is moving forward. >> well, actually a shot at the election happens as quickly as possible, which i might put my belief that's what call was about was trying to hack us elections as possible child knows the world from changing the rules in the middle of the 30 seconds, mister kapp. it's cheating. >> a bill was also passed yesterday to extend the state's ban on evictions and to help tenants pay off their rent through september. lawmakers also approved a measure that provides another round of $600 stimulus checks to about two-thirds of californians one signed by the governor, the budget will go into effect on july 1st it's 7.10. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news car break-ins. they are spiking in a certain area of san francisco will tell you where and how police are trying to stop it. plus, governor newsom is officially extended the eviction moratorium we just told you about that. but we'll
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continue. >> to break down how it will help renters and cool at the coast today with cloud cover hanging on pretty tight to the coast even into the afternoon in the meantime, bayside in inland areas getting a solid dose of sunshine and for inland spots, at least. >> some 80's and even 90's. i've got your forecast. and we already have an early morning hot spot that's in berkeley. 80 eastbound near ashby avenue, keeping a close eye on the delays also see some backup along the westbound side as well. and you can get into the tell you how long it's going to take. >> once we come back.
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>> 7.13, right now and we're checking out the weather before you head out the door. there's a lot of sun and walnut creek. in stark contrast to what we're seeing head of the coast because as we know here in san francisco, it's pretty gray and you kind of what that walnut creek berkeley's looking a little gray right along the bay and definitely along the coastline. you're exactly right about that. >> we're going to be holding on to the great at the coastline pretty much all day today. and it's not just gray out there. you also have some wet spots on roadways from this dense marine layer actually resulting in some drizzle right along the coastline and then some of the east bay hills too. so while the creek looks good, many of our other inland areas right there with you. well, some other spots across the bay area. not there just yet. now
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we are seeing a big switch up in weather pattern. that's going to bring some relief to the pacific northwest and even to the bay area for that matter this past weekend. areas like seattle and portland worse. just shattering record breaking highs into the triple digits. we saw some cooler temperatures than that actually for southern california, which enjoyed some 80's at the warmest right along the coastline, bay area. we're right in the midst of this dip in the jet stream that is also going to be bringing a gradual cool down in the days to come ahead of us. looking ahead and future cast. we don't have any major chances of rainfall. but a couple of things to note here. we're going to see a resurgence of monsoonal moisture across the great basin that will result in some chances of showers and thunderstorms in the sierra nevada towards the middle of the week. this is both a good and a bad thing. we like the rainfall. we don't like the lightning as we know, that can result in lightning sparked fires. so that's something to watch out for, especially towards wednesday at the coastline. we're talking mostly some drizzle as we see this resurgence of dense marine layer that will be pushing up right against the
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coastline. you also be picking up in that into thursday and friday mornings as temperatures cool, even further as this cool marine air scoots even further in resulting in temperatures gradually getting cooler and cooler. so what that means for us today. it's our last day we're looking at as many 90's in the forecast as we're going to be seeing nice cool down a start as soon as tomorrow starting off 60's 70's for your highs in sf today. 60's right along the coastline while most of our bayshore cities will be in the 70's. there's a few 80's mixed in there, too. like in redwood city, san carlos down the mountain view each in the low 80's today. comfortably warm for the south bay mid-eighties for you in san jose. a little warmer than that for the in morgan hill just shy of 90 in both of these spots. same for you in livermore hot, but not too hot. 87 degrees. we can at least tolerate that fremont hayward on up through oakland to richmond all in the 70's. some beautiful conditions along the east bay shoreline concord here at 91 for your high while antioch in vacaville are hottest of spots at 9597 today. last day,
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you're going to be seeing temperatures that hot as look as we're heading for the rest of the forecast tomorrow's daytime highs inland may see a few low 90's hanging on, but most of us falling into the upper 80's getting even cooler as marine layer increases towards the weekend with highs only in the low to mid 80's at our warmest come the upcoming weekend, some 60's and 70's a little cooler as well. right along the bay shore reyna john, thank you for that closely watching this hot spot out of berkeley, 80 eastbound at ashby avenue. >> that overcrossing there causing some delays we're also seeing delays on the westbound side as well. so again, as you're traveling crockett down to the maze of take you a little under 25 minutes to make that drive because of those delays were seeing there. but once you reach as you head into the city traffic's really light along this stretch a little under 12 minutes for your drive time. there. the over 10 across towards the peninsula. no major issues for us about 15 minutes. we do have another traffic collision. this is down in san lorenzo southbound, 8.80, and has
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boulevard. but it's pretty light along 5 81 85 right in the middle there. if you want to take one of those. we'll have more coming up. the daria send it over to you. thanks. right. 7.17 for your money this morning. another tech company joins the 1 trillion dollar club. and starbucks launched a new campaign. >> which chance the rapper jane king is live in new york with those stories and more. and if it's one of those green tea much. a lot is count me in. >> well, you know what the issue here, daryn, is that people are going to today. order. these issues like outrageously customized and it's creating a line and no kuz kuz get angry greece's get angry, so forth. so starbucks and chance the rapper partnering on premade coffee this will promote they say that mobile orders really adding to some of the ways. it's are back said this is one way they can avoid that juul labs has agreed to pay north carolina, 40 million dollars and change its business
7:19 am
practices. in state. this is a settlement involving 18 marketing lawsuit that the company is currently facing similar lawsuits from at least 9 other states regulators and health officials are playing the company for the surging popularity of e-cigarettes among teens in recent years. a new study finds pfizer and moderna vaccines may offer covid protection for years. the study was conducted by researchers at washington university in louis. and it suggests that people with those vaccines may be able to avoid are obviously more research is needed on this though. meanwhile, the full approval. so not just emergency use but full approval of the pfizer and moderna vaccines could happen at the end of this year and a federal judge dismissed appear antitrust complaint filed by the federal trade commission and a group of state attorneys general against facebook. so that sent facebook stock way up and it may face fort worth a trillion dollars. the judge said the government failed to prove it. on social networking. so now we've got well, apple and google and
7:20 am
amazon and microsoft all in the trillion-dollar club. live from new york. i'm jane king. back. all right. thanks a lot. j. if you feel that. >> the fridge shaking. yeah. at a little earthquake. a 3.9 yesterday which kind of gave the east bay bit of a jolt around 6.30, yesterday. >> but it was felt far and wide. this is video from us home in san leandro. no damage. but you can see the bed and dresser shake a little bit in the fridge and the other shot and we have a map here to the shows just how far out it was felt. well, yeah. i mean, it was felt you can see the little call it the shockwaves right from miles and in the north bay. >> somebody in san anselmo they held it. but i was in the north and i didn't feel it. but i was my dogs. i suspect well, they somebody was the door. they went racing up. there's nobody there. so maybe they good that funny how people always say their pets
7:21 am
seem to act od like right before it was at that time thing happened. yeah, i felt it. but it was just a quick little will know. >> nudge of the house. a love tap and then gone. it lasted literally a second. that was it. was it more or less than the way your wife pushes you when you're snoring, you know, i mean, it was actually left. it was a pretty good shape to speaking of which the shake alert at make sure you get that. it does notice whenever there is a large earthquake. that's a it's sensing. it didn't send out alert for last earthquake. that just wasn't strong enough to do that. and so that's why didn't senator. but it did. it did recognize it. >> what happened is the shake alert system. these earthquake early warning system for the west coasts detected the earthquake. it's thought it was a 4.2 to start with because it has to make those calculations very quickly and over a few seconds, literally a few seconds later, then the number began to drop a little bit. and this is just a matter of more centers. ping of the
7:22 am
earthquake in finding out what it really was. so these adjustments are normal. >> and that's not a warning. it's happening as the quake happens. but someday, we might get a second or 2 or working on that right now. we'll keep you updated on that effort. in the meantime, the shake alert app is free. so give it to download if you'd like. and don't forget to that qr code on your screen is a great way to stay updated to when we have weather events like this ground shaking events. our interactive earthquake map there. cropper, dot com is a great tool for emergency resources and also check list. someone to have in your earthquake go bag as well. so that qr code take you right to that section kron 4 dot com 7.22. and coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> we now have 11 people who have been confirmed dead in the collapse of a condo building near miami. and the rescue and recovery efforts continue. we'll have the continue. we'll have the latest. at worksman cycles, continue. we'll have the latest. we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed,
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give you the latest developments happening in miami where that building the condo collapsed. >> there are still more than a 100 people missing. they did get recover. 2 more sets of remains of people. so that brings the known death toll to 11 and yesterday was a 151 people unaccounted for now. with that one more confirmed fatality, the number of unconfirmed drops to 150, which is still an awfully big number officials are urging people to stay hopeful.
7:26 am
>> they keep finding new areas where there could be possible survivors voids within the rubble. but so far they haven't found anybody. brian entin has more. >> search and rescue teams now cover the mound of debris that was once a 12 story. surfside condo building 4 massive cranes are now in place moving large chunks of concrete. the fire chief says cameras have found crevasses and space is big enough for people to survive are there still sounds coming from the and so he indicated that the sounds might be scratching or something. so we do not know that they were made by people. so we just need to keep looking where there's a sound. they search where there's a crevice. they go. >> they've been digging tunnels to create bigger access. buses with police escorts continue to take family members to the collapse site. the mayor of surfside says he saw an 11 year-old girl at the site praying one of her parents is missing. she was reading jewish prayer to herself sitting at the site.
7:27 am
>> i wear one of parents. the single police. it is. and that really brought it home. and she was just she was crying. >> she was just last survivors are also still processing what happened. i have a lot survivor's guilt on this. you why me and why much my neighbor from 6. '04. she was like lovely lady. you know, lopez and his family lived in apartment 6 '05, i hope to god that they're going to find you know, if you saw what i saw. >> nothing this and then, you know, you've over there and you see like, you know, all the rubble. how can somebody survive them. >> now. bay area, firefighters are also stepping in to help in the search and rescue mission there in florida. in fact, chris landry and jeff. peter, their members of the oakland fire departments, fema urban search and rescue task force. they're going to be there actually heading out there to oversee the effort to
7:28 am
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right now, she's not thinking about her work ask your doctor a or her hi baby. -hey ma, how are you doing? i'm doing good, how are you? good. we are just on our way back from the beach. she's not thinking about her next appearance or even her book tour. no, she's thinking about something more important. and thankfully so is her automobile. the safest, most technologically advanced car we have ever introduced. cares for what matters. the new s-class. from mercedes-benz. >> 7.30 right now taking a live look here and some of the clouds are loosening out. yeah. as we are. it's a pretty shot there from mount tam looking down over san francisco got john in the weather center. see what
7:31 am
conditions are like all around the bay this morning. i guess you are getting sunshine. if you're inland right down. yeah, it land areas you're already under the sun. >> even portions of the north bay like bayside marin county sitting under the sun. you had closer to the coast, though, and that is not the case. that dense marine layer fog and low cloud cover streaming inland all the way into the east bay hills areas like berkeley and oakland as well as much of the peninsula still in the midst of that great. you can see this view looking right over that gray from our sutro tower cam conditions out there are going to stay kind of cloudy near the coastline. well into the afternoon. while the rest of us that are still sitting under some clouds will see that breaking especially right above the bay side giving more and more sunshine as we work our way through late morning. as for temperatures were in the 50's for most of the bay alameda and hayward at 58 degrees. currently also low 60's in palo alto san jose pittsburgh conquered and now fairfield sitting at 61 degrees talking more in your forecast. still to come, first, though, on over to
7:32 am
we'll go with that. look at traffic top spot. we've been keeping a close eye on it. slow along 8580. >> 80's the avenues that overcrossing in berkeley now looks like caltrans is doing some emergency construction more than likely some things that damage 80 eastbound at that 13 northbound ramp connector. that's going to be closed until about 1 o'clock. so again. lanes are open as people are traveling along the eastbound side also slow along the westbound side as well. traveling crockett down to the maze. we'll take a little under 25 minutes to do that heading into the city right minutes. once you finally do get to the maze conditions. look great. there. the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula under 15 at another traffic collision out here in san lorenzo southbound, 8.80, as spear ian boulevard. we'll have more coming up. daryn. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 7.32. is the time and health officials continue to sound the alarm about the 4th of july gatherings. it. we're expecting next week. world
7:33 am
health organization urging fully vaccinated. people now have wear mask despite. >> the cdc's guidance which says that if you're fully vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask indoors. yeah. kron four's terisa stasio took a closer look at why. the annual 4th of july parade and other associated parties, a tradition for many but health experts say when planning for the upcoming holiday be informed. get your facts and make educated decisions. for example, if not vaccinated. covid is stfll a real threat to one's health. >> the people who really should be worried you should be staying up at night being very concerned about this. doctor john swartzberg with u c berkeley school of public health says what is increasingly concerning for health officials currently. >> is the increasingly more contagious. delta variant. so he breaks it down for us. >> are people who have only received one of their 2 jabs. and about 10% of the people in the united states have only
7:34 am
got one of pfizer when they really need to. so if you've only had one please get your second one was soon as it's ready. and then there is this for those with children. second group that really should be concerned are people who haven't had any vaccine. you know, that means everybody less than 12 years of age. but it also means people over 12 years of age who still haven't chosen to get vaccinated. those are the people that are going to get infected with the delta virus. the delta variant. those are the people are going to wind up hospitalized with the delta variant. and those are the people are going to die because of the delta variant and it's completely preventable. at least if you're over the age of 11. >> whereas he adds community immunity can help stop the spread. it is not 100% effective in protecting the on vaccinated. he says masks with large groups such as the parade still important and if
7:35 am
indoors definitely mask up and socially distance. he also says although the bay area has high rates of vaccination. it is not the case in other parts of the country. so know your facts about where you are going to proactively take the necessary steps to stay healthy. theresa kron 4 news. >> also in the headlines today. governor newsome has officially extended california's eviction moratorium until september 30th. the state will also provide a rent relief program for low income tenants who've been impacted by the pandemic. the rent relief program will cost the state more than 5 billion dollars. >> in san francisco car break-ins jumped 42% from april to may. other hot spots. the central police district that includes tourist areas like fisherman's wharf and pier 39. prime area for police chief bill scott says that staffing shortages are continuing to be difficult. >> this very difficult to have
7:36 am
an officer in every corner and that's not realistic. but. we know where these these events happened. traditionally. and we just have not been able to sustain that appointment needed to really make a dent in that over over time. >> san francisco mayor london breed is including more money for police officers in her budget plan. the police chief says that he believes the extra funding will help. in the meantime, his officers are doing what they can and they remind people don't leave things that are valuable in your car. when it comes to getting your car fixed. if it's too late repair companies say it could take a while and they're seeing a huge boom in business or in auto repair says they used to fix one broken window a month now they're fixing about 3 a week in the mechanics say it costs anywhere from 500, $800 to repair and it's not easy because it's harder to find an order the parts and get them and sometimes it can be a couple hours. but sometimes it can be days to get in the parts, depending on the car.
7:37 am
>> it's a day process, especially clean in glass on the floor inside the door, panel. the door panel has to come out if the vacuum everything take the see back the sea. big project. >> san francisco police say again, don't leave things in your car. that's all they keep saying it's a broken record, but it's a broken window keeps >> all right. time now 7.37 we'll take a quick break. but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news experts believe that a young great white shark is who was responsible for attacking a swimmer over the weekend. we'll tell you what you need to be aware of. if you're heading to the water. also state funded travel ban has been expanded over anti lgbtq laws that we've seen passed in other states around the country. so we'll explain what's happening there. and also a trailblazer in the world of sports is retiring this year but not before he broke down a number of barriers will talk about the legacy of rick welts and we
7:38 am
are going to be looking at conditions today getting clear and clear, at least for most of the bay musher right up the coastline where it stays foggy well, through the afternoon. >> 70's, 80's and 90's. for most of our daytime highs. your forecast ahead. >> and we do have a hot spot. i'm tracking in berkeley along 80 eastbound also get a look at your drive times as you're traveling across your bridges and checking out things in the south bay. we'll have all we south bay. we'll have all we get back from break. ♪ jack in the box. ♪ yes! that song is going make my roost fries famous. that's what i'm talking about! now all i need is for you to wear this! i'm not putting that on. ♪ all i want is roost friiiies. ♪ my new roost fries. only at jack in the box.
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>> 7.40 right now. and you know, you hear that shark attacks are rare, but they happened. you also hear about great white sharks. they think that one bit a swimmer on saturday and they think that they lurk or hang out along northern california coastline. this is just what they do. drone video shows you the sharks waiting in the waters and this was just a week before saturday's attack. the speculation that the shark in that case, the bit the swimmer. gray whale cove on san mateo county coast that that was a young, great white. those could be 6 to 8 feet long. so still sizable. >> and still with sharp teeth. >> everything was is typical in terms of the siding and the location. it's been that way since 2000. 15. what's unusual is that someone got, you know, bitten have to try to to cause an injury. come up and things.
7:42 am
but your teeth. and don't even have to buy down. so much is open up flare. their teeth like a cat's claw. and hit you with his teeth. >> researchers say that also there may be more young hungry sharks off of the coast and they suggest that you just got to be aware of it. they say another thing to be aware of. if you're young sharks in the area. there are likely bigger ones nearby to us. they came from somewhere 7.42. is a time. we'll be right back. [♪♪] alright, guys, listen up. my momma... our grandpa... - my daddy... - our dad works on the highway.
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we have to talk. some people drive way too fast. why are they driving so fast? zoom. please, be careful. we get scared. - my mom... - my dad... my jiji's at work.
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>> 7.44 and happening today, a santa rosa city leaders could stay that residents have to cut back on water by 20% riaht now it's voluntary. but you know, santa rosa's facing like everybody. a water shortage emergency drought situation and things are just getting worse. look at the video next to me. and you can see just how dry and brown everything's looks in last month. the city adopted the voluntary 20% cut backs. but again, that could become mandatory after they meet today. >> let's check bay area weather and see just how long this hot temperatures are going to last. i suspect for quite a little while. and i don't want to complain because they see what's happening like in seattle, for example. so much worse. their job. yeah. might as well be phoenix and seattle this weekend 100 for
7:46 am
their warmest temperature just shocking. how hot it did get up there along the pacific coast up to our north. it makes it feel a lot better in comparison. back here in the bay area. your view of the nor cal how the weather center forecast shows little bit of cloud cover this morning. you can see some of that low gray hanging out over berkeley. you're not looking at that further inland or in parts of the north bay. so quite the difference. there is. >> some low cloud cover and fog right up and down the coastline in the bay while much of the rest of the bay area actually under sunshine from san jose on over into ur inland east bay areas even up into the north bay too. now high pressure that brought that record shattering heat to the pacific northwest is gradually going to move east toward allowing a nice cool down to take shape to our north bay area we're also in a subtle cool down. it's not going to be near is noticeable, but it's going to at least take temperatures out of the 90's for most of our inland areas 60's 70's for your highs in sf today. 60's right along the coastline. expect some gray at least the vast majority of the day, right up the coast while
7:47 am
bayside and inland areas. you're getting that solid dose of sunshine temperatures. certainly so warm to even hot san jose 84 today, morgan hill in this cato's each in the upper 80's. well, we will be talking just a couple of low 90's for the east bay. one of those spots being conquered at 91. in the meantime, richmond oakland all the way down to fremont only in the 70's along the east bay shoreline 95 vacaville are hottest of spots at 97. don't expect temperatures that hot tomorrow. we do see temperatures beginning to cool down tomorrow and that's going to slowly take us to even cooler conditions come the upcoming weekend highs that are warm us by saturday and sunday only in the low to mid 80's rain. >> thank you for that. that hot spot in berkeley still there. 8 eastbound at ashby avenue. and again, they have some construction as a result of that. looks like something may have been damaged. so 80 eastbound at that 13 northbound connector least one lane is closed as they are working on things. there. they had a note that said going to be closed until about 1 o'clock. so it should be an all day thing again, as you're
7:48 am
seeing traffic along the westbound side is pretty delayed as well. traveling crockett down to the maze. it'll take about 27 minutes to make that drive once he hit the may's still a little under 14 minutes heading into the city to that fremont street exit a richmond. sandra fell commute a little under 14. no major issues here. it's pretty slow along highway 4 was pretty gusty along the benicia bridge and again, if yau're traveling down there, we're seeing backup and delays along 6.80 to highway 4 looks like that's starting to recover but still pretty slow at 39 minutes as you're traveling towards concord. we'll have more coming up. daryn. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. 7.48 is the time in california's attorney general has now banned state funded travel to a handful of states that passed recently lgbtq laws. so state law passed 5 years ago already prohibits state paid travel to places that discriminate against people on the basis of or gender identity or orientation. 5 new states that have been added to that banned list. they were
7:49 am
added yesterday and they include arkansas, florida, montana, north dakota and west virginia. there are now 17 states in all, we're state funded travel is banned attorney general rob bonta says these 5 states. we're just added because they've all recently signed new laws discriminate against members of the lgbtq community, including trans kids. state senator scott wiener called out lawmakers making anti this or anti-gay laws specifically ones targeting trans youth. >> what kind of person? wakes up in the morning. and when the thinking about the brushing their teeth and figuring out what am i going to do today. what i'm going to do. that. i'm going to target children. i'm gonna make it harder for children to play sports. i'm going make it harder for children to get health care. i would make it harder for children. use the restroom. tell children, but they're not who they say there
7:50 am
are there just faking it to try to get some sort of manipulative advantage. it's outrageous. >> yeah. the state funded travel ban only applies, of course, to people employed by the state of california. >> a trailblazer in the sports world is retiring this year but not before he broke down barriers. and we're talking >> the warriors president rick welts in 2011. he became the most prominent sports executive to announce that he was kron four's. kate rooney shares his story. for rick welts. the love affair with the nba started early. >> the warriors exact got his start as a ball boy with the seattle supersonics at 16 and went on to spend nearly 5 decades in the league before announcing his retirement earlier this year. but from the beginning, wealth knew there was something else that made his career unique. he was. there was nobody who have gone life with an experience like mine who had been out and
7:51 am
who. >> you know, i could look at this a while. that could turn out pretty well. so that was always just a big unknown. personally wealth was out to those closest to him like family and friends. but as he ascended through the ranks of the nba. he kept his sexuality a secret professionally. >> and that's what they did that we can because i didn't want them to ask me what i've done that weekend. it wasn't i was never not myself, but i never was my complete self. >> in may of 2000, 11 that changed. i lost my father. my mother been diagnosed with lung cancer 14 year relationship that was breaking in large measure because i can bring the person. >> closest in my life and my work environment not to. so i just decided the time was right at the time. well tis the president and ceo of the phoenix suns coming out publicly meant becoming the highest-ranking executive in men's pro sports ever to do so. >> his story made the front page of the new york times. there's not a week goes by that i don't get outreach from
7:52 am
somebody. >> and the sports community who's struggling with the same as i did. so. >> it's that part of it's been really a blessing despite his fear of the unknown, his career flourished wealth was inducted into the basketball hall of fame in 2018 and he continues advocating to make pro sports a safe space for the lgbt plus community. i think we're we're definitely in men's professional sports behind. >> we're society is behind where women's professional sports is to have much more leadership position here. so i think it's it that we still have a lot of work to do. as for what his personal life. things are good. >> he wedahis longtime partner last year and will stay on with the warriors as an adviser. i'm going to find a couple of passion i don't think i'll be very good at retirement wherever that find some things that hopefully i can put. >> my experience to work and something that will be personally gratifying and maybe that for kron 4 news. i'm kate rooney.
7:53 am
>> and that story was part of our pride special earlier this month. and you can find the entire 30 minute special right now our kron 4 dot com, just use your phone to scan that qr code on your screen and take you right to our pride page with. >> his story and other stories from across the bay area about how people are celebrating pride and also some of the outstanding things that lgbtq leaders have done to raise voices. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
>> 7.55 and warriors head coach steve kerr is headed to japan. he's hoping to help team usa winds. the gold in basketball. the coaching staff is led by spurs head coach gregg popovich. kerr is papas assistant and he is going to be coaching joy am ng green. he knows how to handle dream on. and he knows former where kevin durant too. he can't wait to get busy. >> well, i'm really excited to be on the olympic coaching staff. it's going to be great to work with pop. you know, maybe what i'm most excited about coaching dream on and seeing him play on the international stage. coaching kevin duran again. and obviously just an incredible roster of players. so amazing really, really excited about it. and that's going to be lot of fun. >> but as we all know, staff's not going to join them. steph curry turned down the olympics this year because he said he had to focus on his health and recovery for the next nba season.
7:57 am
>> we'll take a break at 7.56 coming up on the kron 4 morning news a man arrested after an explosion involving inlegal fireworks. it happened in downtown walnut creek will have the very latest coming up in a live report. plus the state senate has passed a bill to help with recovery efforts after last month's mass shooting at san jose's vta railyard. more on that to come and 11 people now confirmed dead as crews search for more than a 150 people still missing after that building collapse in florida. we'll have the latest just ahead.
7:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. said in a clocks civil you i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. and if you are waking up right now. well, you're waking up to improving conditions. i mean, not so much here in this shot along the water in san francisco. but. >> inland, the clouds are beginning to park. will plus fog ice to especially in to keep the heat down yeah. as we get john in the weather center. good morning, john. good morning. yeah. it's cool, it's gray, but it's better than triple digits. that's for sure. like some of our northern neighbors over the weekend. breaking their records across the pacific northwest bay area has been warm, especially inland. not quite as warm as some of our further


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