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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  June 29, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> the funds. our 9 o'clock on tuesday. there you run of the mill ish day. it started out pretty nice. great to begin with, but things are beginning to shape rating days. you want to start rate is at how early the day judge is going to be each was given just a tuesday's, okay. yeah, not bad. actually johnson talking about a weather forecast this whole week that's actually going to be. pretty fine. yeah, i'd be tuesday's kind of leading up to some better stuff ahead of us. so. >> you're still climbing up the hill. but you've got you've got the rest of the week. yeah. and this week the rest of the week is bringing us highs only in the 80's today. we're still in the 90's, though. so we do still have that uphill climb towards the afternoon that does eventually take us to some rather warm conditions. but with cooler stuff around the corner this morning. you are in the midst of a lot of cloud cover at the coast in as staff and right on into the bay to now. a lot of our inland areas are already sitting under sunshine and not even just our
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inland areas, but there's pockets of sunshine even right along the bay for sure. temperatures right now range from the 50's to 60's. a lot of that depends on. if you're under great or if you're under those blue skies currently whatever the case i'd recommend a light jacket to kick things off later on today. still going to be warm but leading up to that cool weather, which i'll tell you more about still to come, reena john, thank you for that couple of things going on like this hot spot been here the past 2 hours. >> 8 eastbound at ashby avenue that overcrossing in berkeley as a result of that traffic collision. there was some damage there. so caltrans came in and they shut down the powell to ashby that one lane. the westbound side has also been fairly slow, though traveling crockett down to the maze. it will take about 15 minutes to make that drive. we also have another accident popping up right here at the bay bridge toll plaza maybe about 5 minutes ago or so. but it looks like it's not causing much of a delay as you're traveling into the city. a little under 11 minutes. we have some other traffic collisions are on highway 4 eastbound for the in
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pittsburgh 6, 80 southbound at jerry rolled down involvement creek. and again, we'll get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across the board. the peninsula under 15. we'll have more coming up. but for now, daryn james, i'll send it over to you. thanks, frank. >> so although prices for gas aren't really going up the price at the pump is beginning thursday because that's when the state's new gas tax is set to go into effect ok. we'll tack that on at a time when more of us are hitting the roads because force. >> july 4th is a big travel holiday. erick rucker has more. >> it is the worst kept gasoline secret in our state when it comes to gas taxes in the united states. california, unfortunately has the highest and starting july. first. the gas tax will up. again. they remember back in 2017 lawmakers passed senate bill one allowing for taxes at the pump to go up annually by pennies to pay for road and bridge. the increased to begin thursday coming just before people all over the nation getaway for the 4th of july
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weekend. comparing 4th of july. >> compared to last year. we're going to see about a 40% increase in travelers this year compared to last. so people are really going to start now. >> in our state drivers will be trying spy the cheapest places to fill we went on the gasbuddy app trying to find a gallon of regular under $4 where you could still use your credit card. it said one of those places was that fruit ridge road in florida perkins road in south sacramento. so we came here to check it out. but when we got here, the price had already gone up by $0.10 just paul gill has owned the 7.11 for decades. however, he says he has no say over the gas prices. is controlled by 7.11. >> ration and this and as the gill says he doesn't make money from gas sales. but the higher cost of gas, the less chance people buy stuff inside his business where he make his revenue. if it's a difference. yes, yes, it gets. it's a
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frustrating. >> it is in a way. yes, it is. we ran shot that whole a feeling up here. he says he gets it. that pump prices are always controlled inside the store. people blame gas the gas station to try to ubc average gas price is about saying it's not that i know is that the gas station. >> eric rocker, fox 40 news. yeah. so here's a look at gas prices here in the bay area. these are the latest numbers from triple a and on average statewide. we're looking at about 4.28 a gallon. >> oakland at 4.34 san francisco for 43. that's typically one of the most expensive places center fills right there with it for 43 and then san jose, you get a little bit of a break but not much. 4.35. >> again for out to extra pennies breaking news from overnight the east bay. a man was arrested after an explosion in downtown walnut creek. yes, several industrial grade fireworks and remnants of a pipe bomb were found in the area with kron 4, sarah stinson joining us live this morning with more on what police are thinking right now, sir.
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>> the loud explosion was heard by people who live in this walnut creek neighborhood right off of mount diablo boulevard where i'm standing right now in between 2 commercial buildings. take a look at video. you can see that this explosion blew out several windows and it is specifically the business. i'm marci skin care recharge medical. this happened some time between 9.10 o'clock last night. one of the business owner said here says she came out around midnight when this explosion happened. she came by to see what the damage was done to her business again, this is at the intersection of mount diablo boulevard in road at the scene. you could see remains of a pipe bomb and when police arrived on scene, they found lots of large fireworks across the street. shattered glass continues to littered the floors below the blown out windows. police across the bay area are working to get their hands on fireworks like these to avoid a fire from erupting in contra, costa county all fireworks are illegal. now
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police immediately wanted to find out who caused this explosion and soon after. >> arrested a man involved, you can see him in the back of a cop car in the video from the scene last night. this morning. people who live nearby, you know, they're out i'm out walking around and they're still wondering what the loud explosion could be. >> there's there's big a few hours earlier. there's a little bit at first it was like it is related or what was going on because we didn't know the bang was, yeah, a little strange strange night. i was up before i went to explosion too. >> and then what all heard it and they someone >> about to talk with police and detective just called me back. so i should have more information in the next hour. you can watch my report on our app kron also about to talk to the owner of marci skincare. should the business that was affected with the windows blown out here. so make sure to tune in one hour should have more pieces to the puzzle with the story for now i'm
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live in walnut creek. sarah stinson, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. there. i'm not the only fireworks bus there was one on the peninsula. take a look. the san mateo county sheriff's office sees 15 pounds of explosives and materials to make fireworks. they found them. they say in 2 different homes. one in millbrae and one in burlingame and then they arrested these 2 men, 47 year-old jeffrey bernal dez on the left and on the right that's 43 year-old raymond chan. they now face charges. oakland police chief leronne armstrong is blasting the cuts made to his budget saying it's going to make the city less safe. the oakland city council voted to reduce the police budget by 18 million dollars and chief armstrong thanks that those cuts are going to hamstring the department which he said is already struggling to contain a rise in gun violence. the city council voted to cut 2 oakland police
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academy classes and instead put the money towards alternative violence prevention strategies such as the macro program, which is a team of trained civilians. that response to nonviolent calls involving mental and behavioral health issues. now the chief says he's not against programs like that. but he also isn't sure how effective they'll be. >> the impact will be media. >> what a slower response times to emergency calls for service. i don't know what the cost of a life is. >> but i know not have the resources makes our city less safe. we do need to change what we're doing. i am still >> a federal monitor to be here and open for 18 years over 30 million to oversee open police department and get them in order and he still here. >> the new budget takes effect. this thursday, july. 1st. >> also this morning, much needed money could soon be going to san jose's vta light rail service. the money passed
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by the state senate will go towards things like bringing services back online and also helping employees who are still recovering from last month's mass shooting. set aside, 20 million dollars for vta. it will be used for things like infrastructure upgrades training repair of some of the equipment that was damaged in that shooting. and then also therapy for about a 100 employees who are on site that day along with the families of those who were killed. >> this tragedy hit at the end of covid-19 when the chase but it was already suffeaing. so without this support, it could have put the tea and a position of having to prioritize and now we we we can prioritize our employees. we can prioritize the future of eta and frankly, my perspective is come back better than ever. >> local leaders say the building where the shooting took place will likely be leveled. and a new structure built in its place. >> it's 9 o 9. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the california science teacher gets a once in a lifetime
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opportunity to work amongst the stars as part of a nasa mission. >> and called the coast today with cloud cover sticking around for most of the day. right along our beaches highs in the 60's while inland areas on the warmer side 80's to even 90's and plenty of sunshine. i'm talking cooler weather for the rest of the week. still to come. and we have another traffic collision along 8.80, in oakland that's popped up. >> right there. another one here at the bay bridge on the tolls. we'll have more after we get back.
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>> 9.12 right now and we are checking out the weather looks like it's going to be sunny for some. yes, i don't know how long if it's foggy, how long that will hang out. yeah. long as we're not in the hundreds. i'm happy. good yeah. no triple digits. i think we'll take a little bit of the grade. our coastal areas going to be hanging on to this grey actually for most of the day today while bayside areas, there's pockets of sunshine already. >> well, there's still pockets of fog. that's been a little bit stubborn and is going to take a while to burn off. you're getting a little glimpse of blew right above the east bay in berkeley right now. and you can at least see the city down below as this fog begins to lift in burn off that cloud cover pretty evident here in radar. as you can see the light gray here, right along the coastline and some patches of it still for inland valleys as well as right along the bay itself.
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this high pressure ridge brought some record breaking heat to the northern tier of the u.s. especially the pacific northwest. it's being pushed gradually to the east and in the process, our northern neighbors are getting a break from the heat and even us here in the bay area are in for a subtle cool down in the days to come. it will be a gradual drop in temperatures. but enough to take a lot of us out of the 90's after today, 60's 70's for your highs in san francisco today while looking at some 60's right along the coastline again, staying a little gray at the coast while the rest of us do tap into a good dose of sunshine redwood city palo alto and mountain view each at 83 for your highs. south bay temperatures in a range of low 80's to upper 80's los gatos in morgan hill. your warmer spots. santa clara milpitas and sonny bill cooler 82 livermore 87 today while fremont oakland on up to richmond all in the 70's concord as well as on up through antioch vacaville and some other spots in the north bay like sonoma and santa rosa back into the 90's. but likely not to see as many of those
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90's come tomorrow, at least as daytime highs for inland areas. fall into the upper 80's on average even cooler yet for the rest of the weekend into the upcoming weekend when our inland spots only rising into the low 80's by sunday and monday reyna tom, thank you. still that hot spot in berkeley. but we have some new accidents like this one in oakland. >> 8.80, northbound of 29th avenue. it again, 5 80's. pretty light, not tracking any major issues over there. so we had earlier traffic collision, 80 eastbound ashby avenue that overcrossing and caltrans had to do an emergency closure from powell to ashby. that's going to be around until at least 1 o'clock and west bound. 5.80, still pretty slow in that area heading into the city watching hit the may's, though, a little under 11 minutes to the fremont street exit some other slower spots eastbound highway 4 at bailey road in pittsburgh that looks much better than it did earlier. 6 a southbound a jury wrote down in walnut creek. you can see still pretty slow along 6.80. we'll have more coming up in james. we'll send it over to you. >> time now to talk winners and losers on wall street.
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financial expert rob black joining us as always with his insights this morning and rob is a glance over at the markets. looks like the snp's having a pretty good morning so far. from find my voice yes, another record high. >> so. >> it's nice and we're pulling off a string of these. it feels yesterday was the big banks like morgan stanley upping their dividends showing financial health that the federal reserve said they're allowed to do this yet. gas prices are hitting 7 year highs. that's gonna hurt. united airlines is trying to hire 20,000 people as demand continues to spike. they're buying 270 boeing 7.37 max planes 7.37 max is back. walmart. is this a sign of the times. james lowering the cost of insulin americans can't their diabetes medicine insulin, which is literally gives them life. and i think
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the greatest court i saw this morning was we are now in the great resignation. kind of a play on the great depression. where the great recession which we had with jobs back in 2008 now in the great resignation. 95% of american workers are considering leaving their jobs. that's a very high number. >> i didn't expect you said it was 97 wait, say that again. cow, something like 85 plus percent are looking to get him to hold another industry of it allow their career change wow. all right. that's resignation. yeah. >> and then i saw a headline yesterday about home. i think nationwide right. home prices kind of surging levels that people haven't seen in a long time. if ever. >> san francisco can't beat los angeles dodgers and baseball these days. but we could beat them in home price appreciation year over year were up about 15.2% versus alley at 14.7%. but listen to
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this this is not the nation's average about 14.6%. that's the largest ever 30 plus years of doing the surveys phoenix san diego and seattle also 20% year-over-year games. the simplest way of me saying it's not says i didn't get a 20% raise last year. charlotte cleveland dallas denver seattle all had their highest gains ever on record. there's the haves and have nots and some people think the federal reserve by buying back that are allowing wealthy people buy homes lot easier than lower income families have already been priced out of the many of the markets. >> and if you've got cash apparently working because a lot of these sales are going for all-cash offers, which blows my mind that people have that kind of money. what they do. and then lastly finally theatrical releases. in decline. this is near loser what troubles you about this trend. >> some of the math just isn't
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adding up to i saw that the f 9 trailer was you 1 million times when millions quite a number right. but after 3 days theaters and only played 17 million. now again, america's not open completely across the country right. but that's a weak and then if you play with the numbers a little bit more. it will be in theaters for up 45 days a quiet place 2 also exclusive. they're still or the theaters. but the numbers to start really hitting any sort of like. summersblockbuster numbers. we've lowered our expectations for block blackwood. 80 million will come out on disney. plus with a $2999 ticket price the same day hits i remember when i was a kid raiders of the lost. ark was new years for over 30 it from june of the summer all the way through christmas, all the way into march. wow. and can can you imagine what marvel movies you make a
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billion dollars i can guess the first movies that can make a billion dollars in theaters again, it feels like we'd rather watch things at home. i don't think this is a trend that. is exactly true right now, right. but i see movie theaters in decline and it's a small business compared to video games. all things considered and we still love the leicester hollywood. it's just it's losing a pretty fast. i wonder if it's going usher in a new type of theater experience trying to get people. >> to come back like i know in san francisco pretty soon we're going to be opening their their new i wouldn't 4 d experience with where you almost feel like you're immersed in the action. your seat moves you smell things you feel things as you're watching the movie made. maybe that's going to be the next iteration to try and get people back to theaters. i don't know what you i think bigger tv's in my living room games are going to trump that not run. >> because i paid a $100, take a family of 4 to see that godzilla versus king com and it was worth a nice it. yeah,
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yeah. there will be some big tent movie united debate. this is great. i just i feel it's going to be in long-term decline i just we've shifted we know are resigning from our jobs and working remotely. i think one of the the the true chefs is also in movie theaters. they're just not big business anymore. i hope we hold out hope because i'm a big fan of the theater experience. i hope. >> hollywood puts out movies that you feel you have to see on a grand scale screen like you get at the movie theater. i'm hopeful anyway because a lot of got a lot of memories growing up going to the movies with my want. i want kids for generations to come to still experience that rob, thank you as always. we appreciate your insights. and again, if you want rob to talk about something specifically reach out to him. facebook, twitter.
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>> 9.24 and a california teacher is on a mission to the stratosphere yes, we've demean us, thomas. she was selected by nasa to conduct research from high in the sky and then bring that real world expects back to classroom. 40's of bridgette bjorlo has the latest. >> a stairway to the stratosphere. i want to see what what are what our planet looks like from that high up. >> we're a 50,000 foot climb. the domina stem as has been waiting more than one year to make my flight week originally was may of 2020 and then covid
9:25 am
hit. >> so we've been just waiting for the opportunity. >> nasa handpicked the sacramento area science teacher together board. this boeing 7.47 sp aircraft nicknamed the sofia using a telescope with infrared technology to take pictures of the universe from high in the sky last year. sophia actually discovered water on the sunny side of the moon. and it also discovered that pluto has a very good atmosphere. so pluto is a planet demean is one of 28 other educators chosen for the mission. the first group to take flight since 2019 before the covid-19 pandemic grounded the project she plans to take her training and experience back to her students at westlake charter high school in that home us where she hopes to spark their interest in a science base career. it's my job i am an airborne astronomy investors. so. >> it's it's my mission to educate not only my students about the sofia tells go but
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about anybody and everybody that i can that i can reach 10 years ago. i put it out to my friends like one day i want to work for nasa and though i'm not getting paid nasa. i'm getting paid their experiences. and this to me just seems just as good as being an employee of nasa. >> bridgette bjorlt fox 40 news. >> 9.26. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news car break. ins says spiking in a very specific part of san francisco will tell you where and what's being done to stop it.
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>> 20 right now. and taking a live peek from a mountain top you will probably not climb james may know. but no, why? why when i do. it's wonderful views any the tram of some sort to trial. i would do a got a nice day for ghana. i think there's a the is lot of focus on the that takes a lot of energy. all those that steering wheel gives you a >> well, this view right here, a little easier to get to. that's the embarcadero and it's looking a little on the funny side still mount tam you shows you what we have across the bay area's in general, which is. >> little bit of cloud cover.
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a little bit of sunshine. it all just depends on where you're at this morning right now in the embarcadero view still on the gray side. but that cloud cover is lifting and becoming less and less of the things we've worked our way through the morning at the coast. expect a little gray even into the afternoon. rest of us getting a solid dose of sun and under that sun temperatures are beginning to warm up. san jose at 65 right now. livermore unconquered in the mid to upper 60's. we'll look at pittsburgh at 74 cloverdale at 72. so the heat is already building for some. and we do have some 90's just around the corner. i'll get to that in the rest of your forecast. first, though, on over to rain. it will go. how is traffic right now? you know, we still have that hot spot which is caltrans closure from an earlier accident. so 80 eastbound asked the avenues where that originally happened. >> and so they have a hard closure from pow to ashby until 1 o'clock today. that's in berkeley and again, we're still seeing some slowdowns on the westbound side has been pretty congested. a long 5, 8080 as soon as he hit the may's, though not much of a
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worry or concern here, a little under 30 minutes. we even had an earlier accident right by the tolls didn't cause much of a delay there either heading across towards the peninsula under 15 minutes for your drive time. another traffic collision here. oakland 8, 80 northbound at 29th avenue. no major delays or issues along 5.80. we'll stay on top of that. we'll have more of a darya. james, back to you. thanks >> so car break ins as we know are on the rise in san francisco and thieves aren't shy about it either. in fact, this cell phone video shows a thief breaking into a car. so fast. take if you have 20 seconds less than 20. so and that man actually they think that he's responsible for 3. >> break-ins in cars around hyde and lamar streets just in the past week we have kron four's dan kerman with more on what police are doing to try and stop this from happening. >> it was the last day was the last place to visit. unfortunately for this florida family while they spend 10 minutes stirring the palace of fine arts monday afternoon. thieves are breaking into their rental car and stealing
9:32 am
a backpack which was partially tucked under the seat we just so the car with the guy doing that. so we believe it's the same guy, but we don't know him or not going back to san francisco for a while. not until we feel you know, it felt very unsafe. you know, we're all freaked out. >> all of us are entire family. earlier this month. patrick goddard's car was broken into at the same location while he visited san francisco and he says he called police. he witnessed another break in a half a block away. they were just circling the block. >> with no impunity just it was incredible. san francisco's car break-in epidemic is getting worse. >> citywide from april to may of this year. auto break ins went up. 42% and in the central police district which includes fisherman's wharf and pier. 39 vehicle break-ins were up 94% from april to may. we need to have the ability. through adequate staffing to be able to post officers and put them in those communities put them put them on bicycles,
9:33 am
put them on motorcycles with the president and the visible. >> and that drive down crime. san francisco police chief bill scott says those actions reduced car break ins from 2018 to 2020. >> but he says it's been unsustainable due to staffing shortages. he hopes the mayor's proposed budget will help solve that problem and says until that time police are doing what they can which we have been putting special details together. moving people around. >> we were moving officers from one district station to the next or tactical unit has been used to supplement deployment. hopefully with his budget will like us. they will get some of our time restore so we can have these special details. we put a lot more people in patrol. in the meantime, police remind residents and tourists not to leave anything visible in your car. >> at police headquarters in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> california's attorney general has banned state funded travel to a handful of states that have passed anti lgbtq laws recently as we
9:34 am
know, the state passed a law 5 years ago that prohibited state paid travel to places that discriminate against people on the basis of their r gender identity or orientation. well, 5 new states been added to that list and they include arkansas, florida, montana north dakota and west virginia. so now 17 states in all herb for travel with state funds. attorney general rob bonta says these 5 states just added. laws this year that discriminated against members of the lgbtq community, including trans children. fact state senator scott wiener called out lawmakers in the country that are making these anti-gay laws specifically targeting trans you. >> what kind of person. wakes up in the morning. and when the thinking about the brushing their teeth and figuring out what am i going to do today. that's what i'm going to do. that. i'm going to target children. i'm gonna make it harder for children to play sports. i'm going make it harder for children to get
9:35 am
health care. i would make it harder for children. use the restroom. tell children, but they're not who they say there are, but they're just faking it to try to get some sort of manipulative advantage. it's outrageous. >> yeah. the state funded travel ban only applies to people employed by the state of california traveling with state funds. >> a trailblazer in the sports world is retiring this year but not before breaking barriers. yeah. back in 2011 warriors, president rick welts became the most prominent sports executive to announce that he was. kron four's. kate rooney has his story. for rick welts, the love affair with the nba started early. >> the warriors exact got his start as a ball boy with the seattle supersonics at 16 and went on to spend nearly 5 decades in the league before announcing his retirement earlier this year. but from the beginning, wealth knew there was something else that made his career unique. he
9:36 am
was. there was nobody who have gone life with an experience like mine who had been out and who. >> you know, i could look at this a while. that could turn out pretty well. so that was always just a big unknown. personally wealth was out to those closest to him like family and friends. >> but as he ascended through the ranks of the nba. he kept his sexuality a secret professionally. >> and that's what they did that weekend because i didn't want them to ask me what i've done that weekend. it wasn't i was never not myself, but i never was my complete self. >> in may of 2000, 11 that changed. i lost my father. my mother been diagnosed with lung cancer 14 year relationship that was breaking in large measure because i can bring the person. >> closest in my life and my work environment where it shows not to. so i just decided the time was right at the time. well tis the president and ceo of the phoenix suns coming out publicly meant becoming the
9:37 am
highest-ranking executive in men's pro sports ever to do so. >> his story made the front page of the new york times. there's not a week goes by that i don't get outreach from somebody. >> and the sports community who's struggling with thersame as i did. so. >> it's that part of it's been really a blessing despite his fear of the unknown, his career flourished wealth was inducted into the basketball hall of fame in 2018 and he continues advocating to make pro sports safe space for the lgbt plus community. i think we're we're definitely in men's professional sports behind. >> we're society is behind where women's professional sports is to have much more leadership position here. so i think it's it that we still have a lot of work to do. as for what his personal life. things are good. >> he wed his longtime partner last year and will stay on with the warriors as an adviser. i'm going to find a couple of passion i don't think he'll be very good at retirement whatever that find some things that hopefully i can put. >> my experience to work and
9:38 am
something that will be personally gratifying and maybe something will do some of for kron. 4 news. i'm kate rooney. and this story was part of our pride special earlier this month. >> don't forget you can find the entire 30 minute special right now on kron 4 dot com just scan that qr code with your phone. it will take you right to that special pride page that we have with stories from across the bay area about how people are celebrating pride and some special profiles to on outstanding lgbtq leaders and voices. we'll take a break here at 9.38 coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, one expert believes the young shark is to blame for biting a man. >> in the waters near pacifica over the weekend. we'll have the latest on that attack. coming up. and we are looking at a mix of cloud cover and sunshine reappearing across the bay area. you can see some of those clouds right here over sfo still. >> temperatures later today. prices warm as the 90's for some of our inland spots only for one more day talking cooler weather in your forecast. >> and we still have the hot spot in berkeley, 80 eastbound
9:39 am
ashby avenue again, it's and closures and delays as a result of that. but for the most part, bridges are pretty light. we'll have more on that for you that.
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at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. the recipe we invented over 145 years ago and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. garden fresh salad or four homemade soups plus, warm breadsticks our famous never ending first course is so good you'll forget you still have more to look forward to enjoy never ending soup or salad and breadsticks on us only at olive garden >> 9.41 dawn if you don't know it. >> right. that sharks the great whites. they're out there. this is from a overhead view of what you might not see
9:42 am
when you're swimming, but a swimmer was bit on saturday. and the experts say that these are regulars around northern california. the drone video shows you an angle that you might not see from under water and we have more on saturday's attack. there's speculation that the shark bit the swimmer at gray whale cove on the san mateo county coast was a young, great white shark. they can be anywhere from 6 to 8 feet long. and that's relatively small but still dangerous. >> everything was is typical in terms of the siding of the location. it's been that way since 2000. 15. what's unusual is that someone got, you know, bitten have to try to to cause an injury. come up and investigate bomb things. but your teeth on to bite down so much is open up flare. their teeth like a cat's claw. and hit you with his teeth. >> researchers also say there may be more young hungry
9:43 am
sharks off of our coast. scientists say if you see the younger ones in the area. there are likely bigger ones around too. >> time now is 9.42. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.45 and today santa rosa city leaders are can requiring residents to cut back on water use by 20%. the santa rosa, like everybody is in a bad
9:46 am
drought and water emergency. and you could see how dry it is in neighborhoods around town with all the brown last month. the city adopted a voluntary 20% water reduction, but that could become mandatory after today's meeting. >> so let's find out then what the weather is going to be like here for the week ahead. we've got john in the weather center. >> with that. i guess dry dry tinder dry. that's easy one right there. definitely still remaining dry your north. cal honda weather center forecast. ensuring that's going to be the case. something that does change, though our temperatures. and today is going to be the last of our days that we see widespread 90's inland. as for san jose today, you're already sitting under a good dose of sunshine and you're going to see plenty more of that into the afternoon. some highs in the 80's in the south bay well, areas like berkeley still under the gray. but you are getting peeks of sunshine overhead as that cloud cover begins to lift. pretty evident were cloud cover is in your forecast right now right there along the coastline where it's actually going to hang out right along the coast well into the afternoon. bayside in
9:47 am
inland areas. if you're not already under the sun, you'll get more of it. come later today. high pressure and hot weather that brought record breaking heat to the pacific northwest gradually moves eastward offering up or leave to our northern neighbors and the subtle cooldown right here back at home. daytime highs today. as i mentioned, will be the warmest of the rest of the forecast 60's and 70's for san francisco today. while some 60's at our foggy degree coastline. temperatures elsewhere in the 70's to 80's for most of us anyways redwood city palo alto and mountain view each at 83 degrees. south bay temps in the mid 80's for san jose and campbell morgan hill. most gatos getting closer to 90 as well. also be the case in livermore. 87 from fremont through hayward on up through oakland to richmond right along the east bay shoreline at 70's. well conquered and antioch in the 90's. vacaville are very hottest spots at 97 today. you'll see less of those 90's in the forecast come tomorrow with most of our inland highs dropping into the upper 80's on average. will further fall through the rest of the weekend. by the time we reach our way into the weekend.
9:48 am
we're actually really comfortable even for warmest of spots with highs mostly in the low to mid 80's by saturday and sunday reyna john, thank you so for you who are driving hitting the road today. the hot spot at 80 eastbound ashby avenue. >> again, an earlier traffic collision we had here and so caltrans put in a hard closure from powell to ashby one lane. so that's going to be in place at least until 1 o'clock here in berkeley. the westbound side of 80 also still pretty slow. but our bridges look great. soon as you hit the may's a little under 12 minutes for your drive. time for you to make it to the fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14. no major issues there. one. oh, one traveling in the park to 8085. no major issues down south. and up here along highway 4 or in the great. we'll have more throughout the week. but for now, daryn, james, back to you. thanks >> well, this morning there is both support and criticism after hammer thrower gwen berry posted or protested
9:49 am
during the national anthem at the olympic trials. as you can see here in the shot. she turned her turn away from the flag during the national anthem and then put a shirt over her head for part of it, too. and that shirt had the words on it activist athlete yeah. it was printed on the front and raped overhead. felicia bolton takes a closer look. >> and how similar actions could cause athletes. and once the olympics begin in tokyo. their messages are clear. trucks start noah lyles and hammer thrower. gwen berry are using their spotlights for social justice during the olympic standing up for bigger issues. >> more important issues. >> i'm just happy to to be able to do that. on a big stage. it's a move if done at the olympics that could cost them their medals, rule. 50 says in addition to prohibiting commercial installations in advertising signs. >> no kind of demonstration or political religious or racial
9:50 am
propaganda is permitted in any olympic sites venues or other areas. the international olympic committee will also punish athletes who take a knee during the tokyo olympics left a and support of racial equality or wear clothing bearing phrases. >> like black lives matter inside the games recently reported that the ioc might allow athletes to protest in tokyo and certain locations. and at certain times barry says that's not enough me being able to represent my community and my people and those who have died. >> at the hands of brutality. those who have died to this system systemic i feel like that's the important part. the action is nothing new. >> in 1968 us track stars tommy smith and john carlos were sent home for raising black glove. this and a black power salute as they stood on the podium now more than half a century later. these athletes are echoing their
9:51 am
mission. i don't need to do anything sport wise. what i need to do is speak for my community, represent my community and help my community because it's more important to support. >> and that was felicia bolton reporting for us this morning. the olympics as we know gets underway in tokyo next month. it is 9.15. we'll be right back.
9:52 am
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snuggle exhilararions. done on the kron 4 morning news, but they never stop on kron on to. well, bellow is in the newsroom with a preview. good morning. good morning. daria as summer heats up. we're getting this year's beach report cards today. we'll let you know how our bay area beaches fair on that list. plus, a new study is detailing why black americans face bigger barriers when trying to buy a home in just a few minutes, we're going to be talking with redfin real estate about that report and all of its findings to catch that interview live and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone right now. scan the qr code that you see on your screen. it's going to take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. back to you. >> noel, thank you very much. 9.54 is the time the giants. yes, they're the hottest team in baseball. yes, they have the best record in the league. but no, they didn't beat the dodgers. they always seem to get stuck on the dodgers. let's take it to the 6th inning will pick up the action yesterday as the match up what
9:55 am
went down in l a stripper brandon crawford at plate. here is cranks. one out to deep center field that was good for a solo home run, which did cut into the dodgers lead and the giants had opportunities to add more on to the board. this it could do it. so in the end they lost to for the a's, they're going to be hosting the rangers at the coliseum tonight with the first pitch at 6.40. >> i don't think he was out. you where head coach steve kerr is in. he's headed to japan to help coach team usa for the basketball and the coaching staff is led by papa coach gregg popovich will be the head coach kerr will be the assistant and they can't wait to hopefully win gold with warriors player draymond green and former warrior kevin duran. >> well, i'm really excited to be on the olympic coaching staff. it's going to be great to work with pop. you know, maybe what i'm most excited
9:56 am
about coaching dream on and seeing him play on the international stage. coaching kevin duran again. and obviously just an incredible roster of players. so amazing really, really excited about it and could be a lot of fun. >> but step crew will be watching home just like we will be well, his coaches probably he says and recover for the next we want him well rested. there you go. all right. we've got about a minute left just enough time to get a check of the forecast here for today and beyond. don't hate. not too bad. today. we still got some 90's for inland areas. so if you are in linden don't like those 90's just wait until tomorrow. things will be better. we've got some 80's returning for warmest of temperatures as soon as tomorrow and really only getting cooler from there on by the upcoming weekend. it's mid to low 80's that our warmest 60's and 70's by the bay. we act like we're watching fireworks live for us
9:57 am
it but degrees for a live spot on july 4th that tonight. for fireworks, a professional shows. of course, only. yeah. it should be nice and clear for those and at least it's not going to be in the 90's in triple digit absolute that would be not good. so
9:58 am
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