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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 5, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning. j j's where james go. oh, well, he's off. i'm on darya folsom here. thank you for joining us. on a monday july 5th or i'm. >> joining you, erica and john, nice to be here. the day after the 4th and i think i got the most rain this morning coming in. was that real rain or do you still call it like heavy drizzle, fog i officially have to call drizzle, it's pretty much just a lot of spots that marine layer very dense this morning. >> and yeah, is making for some wet spots on roadways. thank goodness there's not a whole lot of people out there this morning because roadways are slick in spots as our your sidewalks as you may be venturing outside here in a bit to take the dog on a walk or get that morning jog in. well, conditions are a little cool and gray at least my favorite time of day to get stuff like that taken care of. you look outside appear 19 shows a little bit of that gray overhead. we do have that drizzle very evident near the
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coastline, especially visibility is being affected in pockets across the bay area as this low cloud cover and fog has pressed inland during our overnight hours made for a bit of a foggy view at your fireworks display in sf last night 50's for most of our current temps, palo alto. you are lone spot sitting in the 60's right now at a cool 61 degrees. i've got more on your forecast. still to come, first of all on over to erica. we'll go roadways still pretty empty right. >> well, i'm actually picking up our first hot spot right now. so you might feel traffic and cars piling up in just a few minutes. there was a multi vehicle collision that happened on eastbound 5.80, by hacienda drive. we've got a couple of the lanes blocked out there. i believe they're going to be issuing a sig alert soon. >> ask for our bay area. bridges. it is looking excellent for all of the bridges right now. smooth. no accidents. the san mateo bridge. just a 13 minute drive heading out to the peninsula and the golden gate bridge as well. flowing smoothly as you
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can see, 19 minutes out to the toll plaza there and the one o one up in the north bay all the way down to the peninsula on south bay. no issues there. as you can see, we are in the green from san jose to menlo park. you're looking at 27 minutes. so if you're taking the 6.80 from dublin to fremont. you're looking at 16 minutes and interstate 8.80, from san leandro to milpitas just 19 minutes looking smooth air. >> daria. >> thanks, erica. 7. '02. and the big story this morning, the bay area not in the clear when it comes to fireworks. this is new video of illegal fireworks going off in the east bay, the contra costa fire protection district responded to more than 50 fires overnight. many of them caused by fireworks covers yulia sevices live in martinez where a fire broke out near highway 6.80. only good morning. >> yeah, it was between 6 ad in this neighborhood on raul
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circle. you can see this house is a look at that. it's standing up today because the fire happened just right behind it. and in fact, i'll show you how close it was. you can see that burned fence right and that that actually started last night show you the video of the fire. >> it was a pretty big fire. you can see the smoke office 6.80 freeway. and if you listen closely, you can faintly hear fireworks in the background as firefighters battled the fire and put down brush on this hillside. there was no injuries reported on this fire, but it is one of 48 grass fires that the contra costa fire department responded to last night. in fact, at one point 9 exterior and vegetation fires currently burning at the same time across the district causing the contra costa fire department to form a task force to address the fires, not the bulk of the fires that they battle last night. we're
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in the 9.10 o'clock pm hours, this one here on circle drive was one of them and the fire department responded to 37 grass fires and exterior fires and 5 structure fires within that 2 hour. >> block. now, several of these fires are known or suspected to have been started by fireworks. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. you lee. and san francisco illegal fireworks were set off all night in parts of the city into the wee hours this morning. firefighters put out for fires overnight. you can see on this map just where those were all outside or 20th and irving streets 19th york streets 3rd street kirkwood avenue and 19th and brian streets. nobody was hurt. new this morning. firefighters are mopping up after a fire broke out at a warehouse in oakland. and you can see it was going good when they got those high ladders up and hit from above 900 block of 7th avenue is where this happened. they put it out around 02:00am witnesses heard
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fireworks immediately before this fire started. we don't have any word on injuries. but as you can see, they weren't mess around fire departments at 11 engines out on that one. also a fire that started at this building on 42nd street and telegraph in oakland and look at the flames shooting from this building. this was at 03:00am. nobody was hurt. fireworks. also heard right before this one started. and conquered a wildfire near the concord pavilion. and this pause the fireworks show going on there. the firefighters put it out and that allowed the fireworks show to resume. in the south bay fire crews. i don't want you setting off any leftover fireworks today. the risk of the wildfire is high. and as you can see, there were many fire said already around the big crowd for stealing sacking has more from san
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jose. san jose firefighters want you to remember this image. >> with extremely dry conditions. the risks of starting a fire are much higher number in a drought. right now we're seeing very dry conditions out in our frothills and along our freeways. so, you know, we know that all it takes is one spark from an illegal firework to start a fire that greatly impacts our communities air with the san jose fire department hopes they don't see a repeat of last year. last year in 2020. you know, for various reasons and we did see big spike in illegal fireworks. he is. and that stretched our department beyond its and we every station was responding to calls that evening of the 4. if you're caught with illegal ireworks. ray says it will now cost you more in the city of san jose. the santa is is now now has among the highest fines for illegal fireworks use a first violation starts at $1000 escalates to 2000 per second in 3,000 for 3rd, the city. also expanding on its social host ordinance this
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year. so. whereas we would typically prior we would need to identify a specific individual who is setting off illegal fireworks now a liability is expanded to the property owner and social host. if you're hosting a gathering where illegal fireworks are being used. he could be liable for fines. in addition to fees associated with any emergency response. and if you see someone setting off illegal fireworks. the fire department asks that you make a report online or call 3, 1, 1, >> in san jose taylor kron 4 news on the peninsula sheriff's deputies arrested. a man setting off illegal fireworks in menlo park. the fireworks were heard by a gunshot detection system in the south. fair oaks neighborhood. >> deputies got there. they arrested 30 year-old fernando compost booked for possession of illegal fireworks. and we're going to continue probably seeing a lot of trouble this week. there's new concern for the highly did contagious. delta very end of covid as well. it's the dominant strain now in california makes up for 36% of
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all of the covid cases we're seeing here, which is a big jump from may when the delta variant accounted for 6% of covid cases health experts believe that that variant may be twice as contagious as the other strains hospitalizations are also up compared to few weeks ago. still far below, of course, what we saw during the peak of the pandemic. doctor fauci saying that 99 point, whatever present of all of the new infections in people that are really getting sick and dying of covid are people who are not vaccinated and coming down with covid in the south bay, the total death toll from covid in santa clara county has gone down 22% after the county's department of public health redefined the way that they count covid deaths initially anybody who had covid at the time of their death was counted as a covid death that was in court and accordance with the state definition. now the county is only counting those deaths where covid was listed as the
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cause of death on the death certificate and that brought down the death toll by more than 500 according to county officials, the change comes as part of the county's effort to better understand the health impacts of covid. 7. '08, is the time. they brought the building down in miami. the rest of that partially collapsed. condo complex in florida brought down on purpose. they set off explosives to demolish the remaining portion of the condo in surfside because as you know, there's a big storm coming this is a key step also to resume the search and rescue efforts for those who are buried in that rubble. they don't want to risk the lives of the rescuers to do their job.
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>> honestly this precise moment i i feel because this building was our search efforts. really. we restart that we couldn't get to a certain part of aisle. i heard them points in this area. here search. i'm excited. >> so now they say that they'll have better access to the rubble to resume today. the search and rescue efforts so far. 24 people. are confirmed dead, but a 121 more are still listed as missing. it's 7.10. and still ahead, concerns in one east bay neighborhood after a coyote. >> was spotted again several times now. we'll have details. and i want to san francisco's classic landmarks is trying to entice locals and tourists alike to come back after the pandemic. >> and a little foggy ends up to the mark this morning,
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probably. as you all see along the points into the afternoon. we're in the 60's for your daytime highs later today at the coast. well, it will be 70's and 80's for most of the rest of the bay. i've got the details in your forecast. >> and we do have some slowdowns on the road. i'll tell you where. coming up after the break.
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geico. saving people money for 85 years. big show that they had in san francisco. if you didn't see it. >> well, there we have. and you may not have seen it like you should because of the fog. as you can see there. >> so it's kind of cool the way it lit up there and people along the waterfront to watch the happy return of the big fireworks show in san francisco. they usually start planning in march. things didn't get underway until mid-may because, you know, a lot of municipalities and counties didn't know they were going to be able to do the show. >> but they did. and even in that fog which kind of made it sort cool some stay below. and it was just a big low above. it's not fun when the fog is like all the way up to serve
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last night at stay just enough the unique part of having the fireworks in sf while the rest of the country just see sunshine overhead. we're looking out there this morning at some conditions that are still on the foggy side for many areas, half moon bay, not just foggy but also pretty wet. we've had some it. >> pretty noticeable drizzle, especially near the coastline, misty to drizzly with that dense marine layer sitting right overhead and that means a very great start to the morning and not just limited to our coastal and bayside areas. but stretching pretty far inland as well. it's going to take some time for those skies to clear out. but we will get some mostly sunny skies come the afternoon cool at the coast hot towards the central valley and up in the sierra nevada. good news for those of you that may be watching on the kron on your weekend up in the sierra. you're going to be looking at some nice clear skies this afternoon and no chance of thunderstorms today after a weekend that brought under storms to our higher elevations up in the sierra temperatures will be staying cool for a couple more days thanks to the sea breeze. that's going to be pushing
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into our inland valleys and keeping daytime highs mostly in the 80's under warmest it will be 60's at the coast 70's for most of our beside cities with burlingame at 74 foster city 75 redwood city. you'll be at a warm 80 degrees, but a warm 80 80's for the south bay today with 70's 80's across the east bay definitely warmer in those inland valleys. but still very comfortable antioch vacaville you're only to 90's today. you're about to be in better company towards the end of this week. get a look at where we're headed by thursday and friday. we're tapping back into the 90's inland by saturday and sunday. it's triple digits as that cool sea breeze runs out and we will be tapping back into that heat. erica. >> thanks, john. i like the temperatures for the next few days. >> as far roads. now i am picking up this multi vehicle collision that happened actually on west bound, 5.80, by haas. and a drive. it involved a big rig, a couple of the lanes are blocked and a
7:17 am
single alert was issued. so you can see here the red. >> some heavy traffic. if you're taking that this morning, leave a little early. as for bridges, there haven't been any problems. it's looking really smooth from the east bay out to the peninsula taking the san mateo bridge. it's a quick commute time of just 13 minutes and then the richmond sandra fell bridge also looking good in both directions as well. if you are taking interstate 8.80, from san jose to milpitas no issues out there. as you can see, we're in the green for several places. not as much people on the roads first as a normal workday because of the holiday weekend. interstate 2.80, from san jose to cupertino just a quick 11 minute drive time daria. >> thanks a lot, erica. 7.17 and as san francisco streets start to see were tourists restaurants and bars are looking for ways to attract them. one of the spots, the historic top of the mark bar located at the international market hotel kron four's
7:18 am
noelle bellow takes a look at what they're doing. >> but people are comfortable and relaxed. and then we can enjoy themselves located at the very top of the international market hotel appropriately named top of the mark has stayed in tip top shape with 6 other what our filters. so we put in the head but felt as that of the most effective at screening any potential issues due covid fixture for 8 decades. the lounge bar offers views like no other. >> post-pandemic the hidden gem is looking to entice more visitors to sept and experience. all it has to offer and we're changing it up a little bit. we we have the book expressions that we're rolling out today. >> where with paring local chocolates and truffles with local infuse. but kuz we have a local dj believe faces every friday. so we'll change up the music. so we're trying to appeal to a broader audience even on a quintessentially foggy san francisco de the atmosphere is inviting general manager michael pace wants to remind locals, it's still
7:19 am
here. so we're not just a tourist destination with a great history. we have a lot of the heritage and great stories going to 1926 and that was built. this is called the weeping corner and back during world war 2 women would gather here to watch as their men with sail off from the bay. back to war. and it's not the only time history top marks still honors. one of reasons i thought the during the war with the squadron bubbles personnel would be the bulk of the box. and they do it shipping out there would say i'm giving this book. look at the somebody from my squadron will my brigade in the drink on me. >> and that developed this tradition of the squadron off to the world war when a way of the back in 2009. we started and we accept cabinets at the pentrance of the mark with ove 80 bottles that people dedicating nowadays. >> if you're a retired or active military duty in any of the brunt of military we'd like to come up to select the bottle with said complimentary green come behalf of your brothers and sisters in the
7:20 am
military. you can sign that all to come book. you can even note to self. it's very moving and it's and it's a beautiful experience in the u.s. are respectful. one of those in the past to afford. so how to balance the. >> and san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news 7.19 right now and virtual reality experiences are available at some malls in america. now you can even try out the hillsdale shopping center in san mateo. rich demuro goes there. >> the future of entertainment is nearly invisible to the naked eye as on these are getting more aggressive i push on a different world. you know, you leave your reality virtual reality. although casual spectators can't see it. i'm currently battling zombies in a creepy mansion at a place called sand box vr. what is the biggest question that people have when they come in here. in this similar
7:21 am
virtual reality entertainment experiences are popping up in malls across america. so this is going to take my body and put it into another world. totally different experience instead of investing in costly equipment all this takes is a ticket choose from several adventures, including star track pirates, billions and yes, some unlike vr at home. these are group experiences with up to 6 people playing together suit up in a headset headphones computer backpack in a haptic jacket. on this. is on grabbing you now have lasers and zombies. the action last about 25 minutes school. i was a lot of very intense you quickly forget you're inside a room at the mall was a lot of fun and very realistic when you're finished sand box vr shows you a highlight reel which mixes reality with what you saw in your headsets is definitely in the state i think is going to grow and we may see it in stadiums. you know, i see is
7:22 am
way beyond just the physical facility. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> wow. taking we have done those, you know, that virtual experiences before just like laser tactic. like that coming up, what about the bay area's worst kept secret dine and dish is going to take you there. 7.24 and most
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7:24 am
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restaurants trying their best to let everybody know they're around unless you are at the hideout kitchen in lafayette. vicki liviakis takes us. >> in this morning's dine and dish. >> it's called the hideout for a reason. is that a good good name for absolutely. i mean, what would founded otherwise. you can't straight. yeah. the hideout is la mer in does best kept secret in owner. jb likes it that way. you can see from the street from the sidewalk. he wants here sign. you can find us on the web site. we don't do any advertising. is that part of the charm. that's i think so. chef and boss jb and his wife picked this spot off the beaten path. and so far customers have been beating a path to do it from the sun. the out on the little sign. it was easy. but i had directions tucked behind a
7:26 am
soccer shop back in the tiny kitchen. jb kicks out specialties like this giant waffle sandwich. belgian waffle contrite statement a baby over with cheddar cheese with another off with a little bit sugar butter tabasco enable on top of the best thing ever or if your appetite can handle it. the morning glory. a full on brunch between 2 slices, everything you need to value its. >> feeling. it. >> yeah. a little yeah. look at this. >> there's wine and beer and homestyle hospitality. good value great taste with a side. >> of obscurity a little nuance is with the menu in lafayette. vicki liviakis kron 4 mouth. all the key is always looking for dine and dish ideas. you can smear them. >> go uses qr code. that's easiest way. john too much. >> there's too much. you know, good deal at joey chestnut.
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yeah. we got him coming up because, you know, july 4th. >> he out 8 himself this year. 7.26 right now. it's still ahead of the morning news firefighters are still worried about illegal fireworks being set off and setting off wildfires and with good reason there are already a lot of fires. we'll be right back.
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>> 7.29. so i bought a watermelon for july 4th and i'm going to be eating the leftovers for like the next week. >> it was the first good watermelon i've had. i always choose a bad one and i just understand from joe, our producer, the exposed to knock. to you good. i don't know what that means. but i'll i'll try knocking john, this is good to know. yes, it's in our producers coming morning how to select fruit. exactly. exactly. i think i think it's going to be something lot of people are much on. today's leftover watermelon. maybe some leftover burgers to after the grill out you had yesterday. hopefully you enjoyed the 4th. if you're just waking up, have the day off. >> do expect some sunshine later today. but and take a minute for us to get there. this is what we're in the midst of right now. a lot of that low gray across the bay area and actually some pretty drizzly conditions. wet roadways, wet sidewalks as you are venturing out there, very dense marine layer back open now it kicked off on friday at 10:00am so maybe you want to
7:31 am
get out there. if you have the day off today. we're going to be looking at conditions throughout the afternoon getting sunny. but then a push of fog yet again into the evening tonight, 50's and 60's for current temps. palo alto at 61 right now. berkeley san francisco hayward in the mid to upper 50's. i born your forecast still to come first, though, on over to erica. we'll go. it's been fairly calm but a couple of issues right. erica. our bridges have actually been excellent. but we do have a couple hot spots. >> the most recent one that i picked up in san francisco. if you're taking 2.80 northbound near mariposa street. we do have a couple lanes that are blocked a vehicle spun out of control. >> there was a traffic collision out there. so little slow in that area. in case you're taking that this morning. if you happen to be out in dublin west bound 5.80, another sig alert was issued there near haas and a drive. this involved a big rig. so looks like a couple of the lanes still are blocked. as for bridges as you can see, looking great right now. i
7:32 am
wish it was always like this. as you can see, barely any cars out there taking the bay bridge this morning pham bridge. also looking excellent 13 minutes from 8.80, out to one o one in the peninsula and 8.80 and from san jose to milpitas a quick drive time of just 8 minutes thanks a lot of 7.32 in the east bay. the threat wildfires sparked by fireworks is still around even though july for this, not the concern. >> is that people are going to set off their leftover fireworks today. kron four's camila barco has this warning from miranda. >> officials are cracking down on illegal fireworks they are not allowed here in contra, costa county and in other parts of the bay area. contra, costa county fire reports 40 people have lost their homes this year alone firework related incident. a lit up the city of orinda to celebrate the nation's birthday after covid shut down last year's
7:33 am
festivities. >> and now we're live here where there are people and they can like take off my and it's just it's really great city. where is enjoying it with family and away from the fireworks will probably be making like hot cakes. as i said earlier, normally we do some sort of a game while her the 4th of july on. so normally probably knew that and face time relatives. >> this is video from last year when people blasted illegal fireworks across the bay area during the 4th of july weekend fire departments in northern california are pleading for people not to like them this year. obviously we're always concerned the fireworks. >> especially this year as our fuels are drier than normal stat as fuels are it spreads quickly. so it gets farther out front. in the meantime, police are on the lookout for any rule breakers. >> what you're seeing is more than 800 pounds of illegal
7:34 am
fireworks neighborhood watch groups helped hayward pd, take them off the streets. has a long and continues officials urge people to celebrate with caution in orinda camila barco kron 4 news. >> and also in the east bay. look at this. a 35 acre grass fire burning near clayton and pittsburgh and it's fully contained now. but you can see a lot of smoke a lot of areas because of this blowing. >> and it took 6 hours to get it under control. it turns out this plays was started by a car fire near kercher. pass road and norton ville road. in the south bay. 5 people are without a home because of a fire that broke out in a mobile home in east san jose. 200 block. south jackson avenue as we zoom in on the map. 2 homes were severely damaged by the fire and one was destroyed. fire crews had it under control pretty quickly. nobody was hurt and they don't know what caused it. on the peninsula. esta
7:35 am
gators are working to identify a body that washed ashore on pass, cut state beach in san mateo county. the body was found yesterday. investigators believe that it had been in the water for some time. no identity right now. >> 7 34. and in the east, a new video sent in by a kron. 4 of you are showing a coyote wandering the streets of el serino. kron. 4 viewer spotted it last seen on the corner of moser and king drive amanda hari met with a neighbor who is warning others about the threat. >> i was only here you and when i saw that coyote run right down the road here. so i can let you know it's still here in this neighborhood and still very much a threat you know, can be aggressive if they become habituated to humans. i took this photo of the coyote friday afternoon. it was running across the
7:36 am
street moments before a woman walked by with a child in a stroller. >> and a dog can with the california department of fish and wildlife says coyotes are usually fearful of humans. >> but they can adapt to being around people primarily they have rodents and rabbits. >> but if you know take advantage of whatever food resources are available. he says they will go after trash or unsecured pet food. but it's not unheard of for them to go after small animals. he was just torn apart his head was torn off. he is just, you know, it was just horsing really in the roosevelt lives near richmond street and lincoln avenue in el serino. >> she believes her cat. mario was killed by the coyote. you know, is my companion. every day. she says she called police, but they only get involved if it threatens or hurts a human. she would have to submit a wildlife incident report, fish and wildlife officials may be able to help on a case by case basis.
7:37 am
>> she says she saw the coyote the day after her cat died and she felt a little bad for it is lost and confused and he looks emaciated. he looks like he needs food and water. >> and he's just in the wrong place. wildlife experts say the coyote may have wandered into this neighborhood looking for food and water because of the drought. >> well, the rose is heartbroken over her cat. she's more worried about what could happen next i'm concerned about my grandchildren. i have very small grandchildren playing my wildlife experts tell me it's very important not to try and interact with the coyote or trying tame it. they say that can lead to more problems and more attacks in el serino amanda hari kron 4 news. >> its 7.37. and still ahead the giants on a winning week before they head into the all-star break. we'll have the highlights. and a look at one california's most popular spots to the next.
7:38 am
>> and we are going to be seeing conditions today that do of eventually clear up. it's going to take a minute, though, that marine layer again very dense sitting across the bay area. little bit of sunlight at sfo. and that's going to start to warm us up into the low 60's later today. it will be 70's and 80's for most of the day. your forecast ahead. >> and traffic is looking like in this camera shot that you see behind me. but i am tracking some hot spots. tell you where after the break.
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>> careful of the chicken that you eat because tyson foods is recalling more than 8 million pounds of ready to eat frozen chicken. oh, my gosh. always buy this kind usda inspectors believe that they the chicken may have been contaminated with listeria. this is just some of the stuff that is included the grilled and ready chicken strips fajita chicken strips. the pulled chicken. they were produced the recalled stuff between december 2620, 20. an april 13th of this year. so if you haven't, you're supposed to throw it away or take it back to the store. i always buy chicken, which could be old kuz like us to get the freezer, which means it could have it for a long time. and i understand there's a lot of other chicken covered in this recall. so. i don't know. maybe you want to avoid chicken for a while. happening
7:42 am
today. amazon founder jeff bezos is stepping down. >> as the company ceo because he's stepping off of the planet. he leaves as the world's richest person. and when i say leaves member, he's going blast off into space. he first appeared on the forbes list of richest americans in 1998. he was only worth 6 billion dollars. then. now he's worth more than 200 billion most of that just the last 3 years he earned basis is remaining as the executive chair and he's going to focus on his other stuff, blue origin for one, the space company and his brother going to go up into space. so good luck to him. 7.42 is the time right now. and we've got lots more ahead here on a tuesday morning after july 4th. so we'll be right back.
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wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online. destination, california and yosemite, of course, is a big spot. but if you plan to visit this summer. you're gonna make sure you have a reservation or you can go and you better do it sooner rather than later. reuben contreras takes a look. >> yosemite national park is open for visitors after turning away many sites ears during the temporary shutdown at the start of the pandemic. but before you take the drive up highway 41 a few hours north of fresno know that you must make a reservation this summer. >> while conditions are improving covid-19 is still
7:46 am
with us. not only will the reservation system help everyone keep their social distance from people outside their group. it will also help you decide what opportunities you'll want to take advantage of ahead of time. so there's really something for this is why trip planning is key. take time to connect with your family. find out what activities for families interested in be prepared to do a lot of walking the shuttle service inside yosemite valley this year has been suspended due to covid-19 it is just so beautiful. and i think. >> everybody he's in once in lifetime should come and visit. you send after flying across the country for several hours. a kansas city family couldn't believe this national treasure is only a short drive away for people living in the golden state. >> i do think it's amazing for all the california and that this is in their backyard and it really is amazing national park. >> now, if you want to catch the waterfall such as this one
7:47 am
yosemite falls behind me. you better make a reservations quick. the waterfalls are at their peak by the end of july. they start to run dry. reuben contreras destination, california. >> and scan this qr code. if you're looking for more it. first of all, tell you about all the 70 and everything you need, how you can sign up for horseback riding and all that fun stuff. but also lots of other things that you can do. there are a lot of fun in california. for the right. and let's check out the weather and that john, good morning. good morning. daria. not as pretty in the bay area right now is those you 70 views. were your nor cal how the weather center view from our suture tower. >> looking at the gray and not just some low gray hanging out over the bay area. but some misty drizzly conditions and you can actually see that here. the condensation there on your camera lens a little bit of that missed actually being seen right up there at see chart, our so watch out for wet spots on roadways as well as sidewalks as you're taking the dog on the walk may be getting that morning jog out of the way a lot of us
7:48 am
going to be off of work this afternoon. and if you are hopefully to enjoy some of the sunshine we will tap into. if you're watching on kron on may be on your weekend up in the sierra good news for you is thunderstorm activity diminishes after a weekend of thunderstorms the week ahead looks to be a lot calmer for the sierra nevada winds from the coastline will continue to push on inland today. and that is going to keep conditions fairly cool for inland valleys. we actually have 3 more these days that are similar to the ones we've gotten used to with most of our warmest of temperatures only in the 80's after this. it really starts to warm up. so you got to savor these next couple of them 60's to 70's for coastal in bayside cities. couple of 80's mixed in areas like redwood city as well. scenic there right at 80 degrees. temperatures from fremont union city hayward on up through oakland only in the 70's. well, the tri valley through conquered in the 80's today to 90's on the map that's antioch in vacaville while napa. it's very nice 79 same for you. and both santa rosa in sandra fell at 79 degrees today. your lookahead
7:49 am
shows are relatively cool start to the forecast. and our hot finish to it by thursday and friday inland areas that happened back into the 90's and by saturday and sunday. there's those triple digits, again, inland will still be cool by the bay and coast, though. so if you want to escape the heat, you know where to head erica. >> thank you, john lie and picking up some hot spots. as you can see, heavy traffic on 5.80 westbound out in dublin. there was a multi vehicle collision involving a big rig. it looks like we do have some lanes are still blocked out there. so leave a little earlier, if you plan on taking that this morning. as for san francisco, if you're taking 2.80 northbound near mariposa. there is also a traffic collision that is blocking a couple lanes out there as well as sig alert issued in the city as well. but as you can see, our bridges are looking excellent this morning. there hasn't been any problems just a few cars moving through crossing the bridge. 19 minutes out to the toll plaza. if you're going to the north bay this morning as for other
7:50 am
bridges, both directions here in the richmond. sandra fell bridge looking great, quick drive times. as you can see, we are in the green. they're out a lot of the bay area this morning. still got people sleeping in probably and off work today. so not as much cars as we normally see out in the road this time of the morning. if you're taking 2.80, from san jose cupertino. it's only 11 minutes. daria. thanks a lot, erica. 07:50am. let's baseball the giants on a roll before they head into the all-star break next week. yesterday facing. >> the arizona diamondbacks. let's jump to the 3rd inning. austin slater at the plate hits a bomb over left center field. and that's good for a solo homer. the giants to tack on another 2 runs later on, maybe the d'backs 5 to 2. there was a scary moment during six-inning buster posey. watch this. >> foul ball off of his left hand. gloves flying. he had to
7:51 am
leave the game edge x-rays were negative. so they say it's well, a contusion which basically means here's a giants manager. gabe kaplan marshals a catcher. he you see me smiling. that's that's my level relief. >> my my level of concern. obviously when when through his glove office. >> pretty high. obviously, you know, it's pretty even doesn't react. without much. you know, kind of emotion very often. so obviously we take that really went out there. give him a chance to kind of stand the game. obviously he's always going to fight for that. but we thought was best to kind of get him out of there and get checked out obviously good news on the on the x-rays try getting ready for tomorrow's baseball game. >> which tomorrow's today hosting st. louis cardinals buster says ouch in hurt center because he's a tough guy. i love that. it will wonder if he'll play again. his wife is going does this mean you can't change diapers
7:52 am
really. your son is bruce in oakland. the a's hosting the boston red sox at the coliseum. let's go there. 35,000 fans were there for the 4th of july game and it ended up being a pitcher's duel. i don't like pictures stills because nobody scores a's pitcher james kaprielian got a career-high 10 strikeouts. but in the boston's guy won. because they had one run a game with and boston takes it. here's manager bob melvin. >> 2 good teams in, you know, seems like each game had. it's different personality to it. so, you know, both both starting pitchers were fantastic today. >> you know, tough to get good swings off from alone. the little string together but to hit so series as a whole was pretty evenly matched. you know, we talked about actually the first game game inches and it was all the way around. all 3 games. >> and she is for the long
7:53 am
haul. the a's have the day off today and then they hit the road and face the houston astros. she 7.52 right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> the bay. area's own competitive eating goat joey chestnut, the world champion again. he himself at the nathan's hot dog eating contest yesterday. >> eating 76. >> hot dog. well, can i call it beating stuffing him to his face just like they do on the women's side. this is the name of the game. so he outdid himself with 76 dogs ate 75 the last time he set the record at 14 records for him or a cop at what he called belts mustard belt. on the women's side. it was michele lesco. >> she ate 30 hot dogs 30 hot dogs where she put it. never eat again. >> 76 right going up next, illegal fireworks all around the bay. some starting fires and fire officials don't think it's over yet. and wildfire breaks out in martinez. was
7:57 am
this one fireworks to. we'll have the details in a live report. at worksman cycles, we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® .
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news.
8:00 am
>> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. the day after july 4th. >> which would make it the 5th and the monday, which a lot of people have off. let's see if the weather is going to cop to cooperate. hi, john hay. daria, we are going to be looking at another nice one today. i know it's back to the great we go this morning. but that's a sign of some of the cooler weather that we can look forward to for inland valleys come this afternoon. we also saw this great last night. if you're watching our kron 4 fireworks spectacular yet noticed it as some of those fireworks or a little bit shrouded in it this morning. it's actually resulting in some drizzly spots to which does mean wet conditions on a few areas of your roadways to know. as for san francisco this morning, a bit of a coastal breeze. pretty evident. and of course that great. you can't miss that either. it's going to hang out with us the next few hours. we get the sunshine this afternoon. good chance to get out there if you do have the day off, especially and enjoy it a little bit 50's and 60's for current temps, livermore fremont hayward oakland and fairfield among areas right at 60 right now.


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