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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 5, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at known. >> thanks for spending the day after july 4th with us here on the kron 00:00am morning news it's monday. july. 5th. i'm darya folsom have hope you had a happy 4th and you probably have today off as well. so let's see what the weather is going to be like a john cage are good day to especially later on today. enjoy outside as much as you can still holding on to the gray. but a lot of us are starting to see your son see some sunshine peeking through a little bit. >> not so much of that staff just yet. your view of quite tower was lit up in red, white and blue earlier now that the sun's up, it's going to just your normal sf grave you this time of year. we will see that when 2 of sunshine later today. coastal areas, especially closer to the coast on the peninsula holding on to the grey for most of the day.
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60's for current temperatures. livermore at 63 palo alto dublin hayward each at 61. well, looking at 64 currently in concord, little cooler into iran in san francisco. as could expect. from viewers like you just with those low clouds still hanging out overhead. i've got more on your forecast. still to come. first, though, it is the day after the 4th. so not a lot venturing out just yet. how is it out there. >> well, our bridges have been excellent all morning. nothing. a major going major collision. should i say for our bridges, the biggest thing that i picked up in the last few hours was this traffic collision out in dublin. that involved a big rig. a couple of lanes were closed. the sig alert was looks like traffic is getting slightly better compared to about an hour ago. so just prepare to leave a little earlier. if you're taking the 5.80, westbound through dublin. but the rest of the bay area. no major hot spots right now you can those going on to the san mateo bridge looking very light for
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traffic as well as the richmond. sandra fell bridge drive times just 7 minutes out to one o one as for here on state route 4. that's looking great. just 14 minutes from antioch out to concord. let's check in on drive times around the bay area here interstate 80 from san leandro out to oakland just 10 minutes as well as interstate 2.80, from san jose to cupertino looking great. daria. thanks. on eric. it's 9. '02, and the big story is the big risk of wildfires because of fireworks. we're not out of the woods yet. >> this is video of illegal fireworks going off in the east bay and you can see was private quite a problem. the contra costa fire protection district responded more than 50 fires overnight. many were sparked by fireworks. let's go to conference. yulia she's live in martinez where a wildfire broke out near highway 6 ad high only. >> hi. there. you can see that
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it's pretty charged up on this hillside. fact, firefighters just come out like about maybe 5 minutes go just to go to water it down, make sure that it was out and that fire got really close to this neighborhood. you can see this house right here, right in right. it basically in its back yard. luckily, there is a service road between the fire and that home which might have been also a big aid to the firefighters the show you some video of the fire last night. now the fire was so big you could see its. >> you can see the smoke from 6.80. and if you listen very closely, you can faintly hear fireworks in the background as firefighters battled the fire cut down fresh on this hillside. now, there were no injuries reported in this fire here on on ross circle. but it was one of 48 grass fires that the contra costa fire department responded to last night and at one point. 9 exterior and vegetation fires
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were currently burning at the same time across the district causing the contra costa fire department to form a 3rd task force to address the fires. now the bulk of the fires that they battle last night. >> was in the 9.10 o'clock pm hours, which was when this fire started here and the fire department responded to 37 grass and grass and exterior fires and 5 structure fires. all within that 2 hour. block of time. and several of these fires are known or at least suspected to have been started by fireworks. daria, i heard a lot of booms. did you hear fire us when you went to bed last night only. yeah. pretty fund deniable richmond did not disappoint ou and you knew as you're, you know, having to go to bed early like we all do. >> tomorrow. there's going to be fires. i know it. you know, you are. and here i am yet totally knew that this would be the story today. sure.
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yeah. all right. thanks a lot. and happy 4th to you. thanks, yoli. >> over in san francisco. illegal fireworks were going off all night throughout the city. this is a map of 4 fires that broke out overnight. and you can see the area where they were 20th and irving streets 19th and york streets. 3rd and kirkwood, av and 19th and bryant streets. nobody was hurt. but those are all fires that were started by fireworks. and there's a fire and that they're mopping up from now. the broke out at a warehouse in oakland and you can see the crews on their highlander sitting at from above with the flames shooting through the roof of this building in the 900 block of 7th avenue. this was at 02:00am that they were working on this fire and witnesses say they heard fireworks right before this fire broke out. 9. '05, is the time right now and there was this fire that started on 42nd street and telegraph in oakland at 03:00am so about our later. also nobody hurt.
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>> but guess what? this one to people say they heard fireworks right before it started. in concord was a wildfire near the concord pavilion that caused the professional fireworks show to pause there. they put out this small fire and then the show went on. in the south bay fire crews don't want you to set off any leftover illegal fireworks that you may have today because of obviously what we've seen the cost is high because fires can break out everything. so dry conference. taylor has more from san jose. >> san jose firefighters want you to remember this image with extremely dry conditions. the risks of starting a fire are much higher number in a drought. right now we're seeing very dry conditions out in our foothills and along our freeways. so, you know, we know that all it takes is one spark from an illegal firework to start a fire that greatly impacts our communities air with the san jose fire department hopes they don't see a repeat of last year.
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last year in 2020. you know, for various reasons and we did see big spike in illegal fireworks use and that stretched our department beyond its and we every station was responding to calls that evening of the 4. if you're caught with illegal fireworks. ray says it will now cost you more in the city of san jose. the santa is is now now has among the highest fines for illegal fireworks use a first violation starts at $1000 escalates to 2000 per second in 3,000 for 3rd, the city. also expanding on a social host ordinance this year. so. whereas we would typically prior we would need to identify a specific individual who is setting off illegal fireworks now a liability is expanded to the property owner and social host. if you're hosting a gathering where illegal fireworks are being used. you could be liable for fines. in addition to fees associated with any emergency response. and if you see someone setting off illegal fireworks. the fire department asks that you make a report online or call
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3, 1, 1, >> in san jose taylor kron 4 news on the peninsula sheriff's deputies arrested. a man setting off illegal fireworks in menlo park and the fireworks were detected by a gunshot detection system in the south. a fair oaks neighborhood. >> when the deputies got there, they found 30 year-old fernando compost and arrested him and booked him for possession of illegal fireworks. in the east bay contra. costa county police have arrested 3 people for selling illegal fireworks more than 250 pounds confiscated. one man arrested in brentwood and police found additional fireworks at his home in antioch. in the south bay. now let's move to covid the death toll for covid in santa clara county has just gone down 22%. that's because they are changing the way they record and classify the deaths initially anybody who had covid when they died was counted as in the covid death toll that was with state definition. but now the county
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is only counting those where covid was listed as the cause of death on the death certificate and that brought the county's death toll down by more than 500 according to county officials, this change is in part the county's effort to better understand the health impacts of covid. and there is a new reason for concern now about the delta variant that is now the dominant strain of covid in california. the delta variant makes up 36% of all covid cases which is jump from may when it accounted for just 6% of our covid cases in california. this delta very they think is twice as contagious as regular covid or any of the strain hospitals are comparing to a few weeks ago. more people are in the hospital still less than we saw in the pandemic when it was at its top. they brought
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down the rest of the partially collapsed condo in surfside, florida. with explosives. they took it down on purpose because it was a danger to rescuers and there's a hurricane moving in 3 more remains were pulled from the rubble. so that raises the official death toll now to 27, but they are still looking for more than a 100 other missing people and they didn't want to risk. if they had that by removing this giant pile actually, they'll be easier. they have an easier time trying to recover remains and maybe find someone alive. >> honestly this precise moment mean, i feel because this building was and playing our search efforts. really restart that we couldn't get to a certain part of aisle. i heard them 40's in this area here to search. i'm excited.
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>> they will resume the search and rescue effort today. more than a 115 people are still listed as missing. it's 9.10, and coming up. >> concerns in one east bay neighborhood because a coyote was spotted several times. can you see him there? watch right front of the garage trotting around. we'll tell you what the warning is for people who live in that area and how one of san francisco's classic landmarks is trying to entice you to come back after the pandemic. and at the coast today, it's going to be on the gray side for most of the day. 60's for your highs out that direction whereas the further inland. you get the warmer. it becomes mostly 70's and 80's along the bayshore to our inland valleys. >> your forecast is ahead. >> and traffic is looking light and great vnd the camera shot. after the break. we'll take a look at our other bay area bridge cameras and drive times.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. >> 9.14 and granted. i did keep the doors open for a while yesterday because it felt more 4th of july ash. but i paid for it. john, a mosquito bit me 10 times. i woke up with 10 bytes all around. i know it was the same
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culprit. yeah. >> that's that's the risk. you have a of the screen door. >> but i just got open. and course, you know, it's going to happen. yeah. you know, it's funny because you're telling me about this literally got a google ad that was like this is how you kill local listening to really i think they do that. sometimes. yeah. it's kinda month. nothing is on the now. >> you know what, i might have to buy that for you early christmas well, yeah. a good morning to open the windows. but leave the scream closed, if you can. we are looking this morning outside of conditions that are still actually pretty drizzly. i know some of us have ventured outside for those errands. >> maybe a few of us still going to work this morning. i know we are here in the studio in which case this is what you're stepping out inside outside into look at the coastline right here. you can actually see that drizzle. your sitter tower cam having collected on the lens of this camera too. it has made for
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some wet hot spots on roads as well as on some of our sidewalks may be that morning jog going to be accompanied by some wet hair. by the time you're done with that. we do have some sunshine returning to our inland valleys and pockets of it even right alongside the bay as well. now it's going to be much calmer week ahead for the sierra about it was thunderstorms during afternoons last week and even over your holiday weekend. where is the bay area is in for some pretty big changes. we are going to stay cool. this ocean breeze continues to push inland next couple of days. keeping temperatures moderated through wednesday after that point, our inland valleys are in for quite the warm-up 60's for your highs in san francisco right along the coastline today. well, temperatures in the 70's for most bayside areas. burlingame at 74 san carlos 78 redwood city right at 80 degrees today. santa clear also at 80 with san jose 8270's along the bay shore, the east bay whereas 80's will prevail for our inland valleys walnut 83 oakland nice at 70 degrees only to 90's on the map antioch in vacaville being
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those spots and only one 50 on the map that's in stinson beach of 58 today. your lookahead shows those changes i dressed with that big warm up as soon as thursday and friday taking us back into the mid 90's inland triple digits return by saturday and sunday in the meantime, bayside in coastal areas not showing near as much movement. so you know where to get to you if you need to cool down. erica, thanks john. well, there's less cars out on the road this morning as people are still sleeping in and off from work. >> our bridges have been excellent this morning. no major crashes or anything. you can see it's flowing smoothly there. if you're headed on the golden gate bridge out to the north bay and then richmond sandra fell bridge also looking excellent as well. just 7 minutes if you're heading out from the toll plaza to one o one. we did have this traffic collision that happened around 6.30 this morning that i've been keeping my eye on it still looks like it's not completely clear. they just opened one of the lanes that was closed a few
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minutes ago. but still you can see here the orange and a little bit of red still causing a little bit of a delay on the 5.80 westbound near haas and a tribe out in dublin. so leave a little earlier this morning. if you plan on taking bat as for midway elizabeth road up in solano county and between the 5. '05, and interstate or state route 80 there was a traffic collision that occurred not too long ago and some of the power poles actually fell over and it is a little bit slow in that area. if you plan on driving through. we have one weight control traffic in that region. so just a heads up leave earlier. if you're going through that area up and solano county state route. 4 is looking great right now. just 14 minutes from antioch out to concord. no hot spots. out there as well as the south bay. as for interstate 2.80, from san jose out to cupertino just 22 minutes thanks a lot
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of time 18 and a san francisco is starting to see more tourists hit the streets in the city. restaurants and bars are trying to attract them. >> with deals in the side and special things one spot is the top of the mark located in the international market. and so telling kron four's noelle bellow shows us what they have. >> but people are comfortable and relaxed and that we can enjoy themselves located at the very top of the international market hotel appropriately named top of the mark has stayed in tip top shape with 6 other what our filters that we put in the head but felt as that of the most effective at screening any potential issues due covid fixture for 8 decades. the lounge bar offers views like no other. >> post-pandemic the hidden gem is looking to entice more visitors to sept and experience. all it has to offer and we're changing it up a little bit. we we have the book expressions that we're rolling out today. >> where with paring local chocolates and truffles with local infuse. but kuz we have a local dj faces every friday.
9:20 am
so we changed up the music. so we're trying to appeal to a broader audience even on a quintessentially foggy san francisco de the atmosphere is inviting general manager michael pace wants to remind locals, it's still here. so we're not just a tourist destination with a great history. >> we have a lot of the heritage and great stories going to 1926 in that town was built. this is called the weeping corner and back during world war 2 women would gather here to watch as their men with sail off from the bay. back to war. and it's not the only time history top marks still honors. one of reasons i thought the during the war with the squadron bubbles if the person that would be the bulk of the box. and they do it shipping out there would say i'm giving this book. look at the somebody from my squadron. will my brigade in the drink on me and that developed this tradition of the squadron off to the world war when a way of the back in 2009. we started and we accept cabinets at the entrance of the mark over 80 bottles that
9:21 am
people dedicating nowadays. >> if you're a retired or active military duty in any of the brunt of military we'd like to come up to select the bottle with said complimentary green come behalf of your brothers and sisters in the military. you can sign that all to come book. you can even note to self. it's very moving and it's and it's a beautiful experience in the u.s. are respectful. one of those in the past to afford so them and see. >> and san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> and then there's virtual reality experiences that you can now have at malls across the country and here in the bay area. the hillsdale shopping center and san mateo. they have one rich demero checks out in this morning's tech smart. >> the future of entertainment is nearly invisible to the naked eye as on these are getting more aggressive i push on a different world. you
9:22 am
know, you leave your reality virtual reality. although casual spectators can't see it. i'm currently battling zombies in a creepy mansion at a place called sand box vr. what is the biggest question that people have when they come in here. in this similar virtual reality entertainment experiences are popping up in malls across america. so this is going to take my body and put it into another world totally different experience instead of investing in costly equipment all this takes is a ticket choose from several adventures, including star track pirates aliens and yes, some unlike vr at home. these are group experiences with up to 6 people playing together suit up in a headset headphones computer backpack in a haptic jacket. on this. is on grabbing you now have lasers and zombies. the action last about 25 minutes school. i was a lot of very intense you quickly forget you're inside a room at the mall was
9:23 am
a lot of fun and very realistic when you're finished sand box vr shows you a highlight reel which mixes reality with what you saw in your headsets is definitely in the state i think is going to grow and we may see it in stadiums. you know, i see is way beyond just the physical facility. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> looks like a lot of fun. i would be terrible at it at 9.23 right now and coming up, a lot of bay area restaurants and bars that you to know they're there, but not this one. >> we're going to take you to a secret spot in dine and dash.
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try new persil active scent boost! their best to let everybody know they're there, but not if you're the hideout kitchen in lafayette. vicki liviakis takes us behind the scenes. >> in dine and dish. >> it's called the hideout for a reason. is that a good good name for absolutely i really would founded otherwise. you can't straight. hideout is la mer in does best kept secret in owner. jb likes it that way. you can see from the street from the sidewalk. you won't hear sign. you can find us on the web site. we don't do any advertising is that part of the charm. that's i think so. chef and boss jb and his wife picked this spot off the beaten path. and so far customers have been beating a path to do it from the sun. the out on the little sign. it was easy. but i had directions tucked behind a soccer shop
9:27 am
back in the tiny kitchen jb kicks out specialties like this giant waffle sandwich. those are lawful contracts taken to baby over with cheddar cheese with another off with a little bit sugar butter tabasco enable on top of the best thing ever get or if your appetite can handle it. the morning glory. a full on brunch between 2 slices. everything you need to value its feeling. it. >> yeah. a little yeah. look at this. >> there's wine and beer and homestyle hospitality. good value great taste with a side. >> of obscurity a little nuance is with the man you met in lafayette. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> and if you want to get in on that or you have a great place that you want vicki to know about just scan this qr code. it will take you right to the dine and dish page and you can submit your favorite
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restaurant there. it's 9.27. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news firefighters are still worry now the day after july 4th. >> about the fire danger with people setting off illegal fireworks tell you about
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>> i'm 30 right now checking out the weather. a lot of people have today off as well. after july 4th. what can we expect pretty nice for the day
9:31 am
off. if you are venturing outside for the morning jog right now. i kind of like this stuff to take the job gain, which is little on the cloudy side. the mist is also kind of nice to keep you cool because later today we're going to get more and more that sunshine something that are inland areas already tapping into this morning. >> you look outside at berkeley cam right now. definitely in the midst of that low lying cloud cover. once you head above u c berkeley definitely. also some misty spots to drizzly spots out there at times looking like rainfall, especially closer to the coastline we have seen a lot of burn off occurring in land already. and that means sunshine is already warming you up in areas like livermore, fremont double in pittsburgh unconquered now in the mid 60's oakland. you're at 61 while san francisco in timber on among our cooler spots. also among our cloudier spots currently in the low 50's. it is a day off for so many people. so eric has been looking at a calmer drive for most. but still a couple of problem spots right. yeah. you're right about that. most of area has been good this morning. just couple hot
9:32 am
spots. >> the last couple of hours which will talk about a moment. but yeah, you can see not a lot of cars on the road. >> it's looking like it's a fast commute across all of our bay area bridges, san mateo bridge also looking good. even on the high rise in both directions. just 12 minutes out to one o one. so here's that traffic collision that i've been monitoring the last couple of hours. this actually happened at 6.30 biggest traffic story of the still looks like it's not completely cleared. still slow up there. as you can see, we're in the orange and red colors up there. this is in dublin west bound, 5.80, near haas and a drive. they did open elaine, within the last half an hour. but we still have another lane that is blocked. as for solano county in between interstate 80 here 5. '05, at midway. and elizabeth, the road. we did have a traffic collision out there and some power poles fell down. so it's one way control traffic and slow in that area. this morning. one.
9:33 am
oh, one up and down the bay area from the north bay it down to the peninsula and south bay. we have been in the green and no hot spots for that region all morning. it's just 27 minutes from san jose out to menlo park and on the 24 year from walnut creek to 5.80, you're looking at just 11 excellent driving conditions there to 80 from san jose out cupertino. also looking good. just 22 minutes >> thanks, erica. tonight 33 in the east bay, the threat of wildfires sparked by fireworks remains even after the holiday. it's a concern it lasting into today and beyond. kron four's, camila barco takes a look from miranda. >> officials are cracking down on illegal fireworks. they are not allowed here in contra, costa county and in other parts of the bay area. contra, costa county fire reports 40 people have lost their homes this year alone firework related incident. a parade lit
9:34 am
up the city of orinda to celebrate the nation's birthday after covid shut down last year's festivities. >> and now we're live here where there are people and they can like take off my and it's just it's really great city. where is enjoying it with family and away from the fireworks will probably be making like hot cakes. as i said earlier, normally we do some sort of a game while her the 4th of july on. so normally probably do that and face time of relative. >> this is video from last year when people blasted illegal fireworks across the bay area during the 4th of july weekend fire departments in northern california are pleading for people not to like them this year. obviously we're always concerned the fireworks. >> especially this year as our fuels are drier than normal stat as fuels are it spreads quickly. so it gets farther
9:35 am
out front. in the meantime, police are on the lookout for any rule breakers. >> what you're seeing is more than 800 pounds of illegal fireworks neighborhood watch groups helped hayward pd, take them off the streets. has a long and continues officials urge people to celebrate with caution in orinda camila barco kron 4 news. >> and also the east bay a 35 acre grass fire burning near clayton in pittsburgh is now fully contained, but it took crews about 6 hours to get it under control and they say this play started from a car fire near kercher pass road and norton ville road. in a south. people find the south bay. that is 5 people don't have a place to live this morning but has their homes burned in a fire at a mobile home park in east san jose. it was a 200 block of south jackson avenue. we're 2 homes were severely damaged by fire and one was destroyed crews quickly contained the flames before anybody got hurt and they don't know yet what started that fire. on the
9:36 am
peninsula. investigators are working to identify a body that washed ashore at pescadero state beach in san mateo county. the body was found yesterday. but investigators believe that it had been in the water for some time. we don't have an id or even the of the body that was found. take a look at this. in the east bay. new video into kron viewer showing a coyote walking the streets of l street. and you can see a better in a second when it goes in for the great crash. wash little guy there. >> and you see me better for the white picket fence. he was spotted yesterday. but that's the last time we've seen it moser and king other folks think they've seen around town fish and wildlife says the warning is keep pets and small children indoors and away. and then if you do see a coyote make a loud noise to try to scare away but don't approach it. >> in the north bay and near death experience from other in
9:37 am
vacaville. her family is thanking first responders for saving her and her unborn child garage house and has the story. >> went to the bathroom and there's just gushes of blood. i knew something was wrong. >> we didn't spend any time in the house assessing her. we put her on the gurney, got into the ambulance. >> it was a race against the clock. if they would have been 3 to 5 minutes later, none of us when i made it to save chris, the adams and her unborn child's life. >> i don't know what i would do without my baby. don't have. i this is kyle adams. kristi and her husband, both first child together. he was delivered a month early. >> i look 24 7 and just think to myself, you just my miracle indeed. christie thought she might have lost time after she woke up bleeding and didn't feel her baby kick. i knew something was wrong. >> we kind of kicked into a higher gear back of
9:38 am
firefighter paramedic. bryan jewel was on scene. we still knew that the amount of bloodshed lost. what she was describing and her skin signs. it. >> she it wasn't it wasn't going to be a normal delivery. christie says doctors told her she experienced a placental of corruption which deprives the baby of oxygen and nutrients and causes heavy bleeding in the mother. this wasn't the first time first responders came to this family's rescue last year. this family lost their home in the lnu complex fire, fire crews helped this family get back on their feet. through donations i feel blessed. i feel lucky jewel was pleased to learn mom and baby made it out of the situation that didn't look promising it was it was a great feeling gurajpal sangha fox 40 news. >> it's and still ahead, the giants are on a roll week before heading into the all-star break. we'll take it to the ball. and we're going to take you on a trip to a redwood forest in destination, california. we'll show you where this is after the break.
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they're contaminated with listeria and there have been 3 people. one has died. they think it's tied to these various types of chicken that you see here, the grilled and ready chicken. they have chicken the heaters strips and pulled chicken are all included and more. these recalled products were produced between december 26 of 2020 and april 13th of this year. and i know a lot of people throw in the freezer. i do. and for a long time. so go check the fridge the freezer and pull him out or take a back to the store and they'll give you a refund. happening today. amazon founder jeff bezos steps down as the company's ceo and off of the planet because remember, in 2 weeks is headed to space. >> he is one of the world's richest well, he's the world's richest person. now. he first appeared, though, on the forbes list in 1998. 98 he was worth only 6 billion dollars. now he's worth 202 billion and
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most of his words just came in the past 3 years. he will remain as amazon's executive chair and used in the meantime, we'll be focusing on blue origin space company which is as of their venture and will be venturing off into the great unknown. >> with his brothers. brother gets a free ride 2 weeks last night. >> 9.42. we'll be right back.
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destination, california. if you've been to the calaveras big trees state park. then you should be familiar with these tall trees. the sequoia trees in the big trees state park are among the biggest living things to ever exist on earth. melanie towns. this takes us there. >> just seem like really, tall trees that were struck and i are walking among the largest living things to ever exist on beings so old their fossil record dates back to the age of the dinosaurs. since 1931 people from all around the world have come to see the ancient giant sequoias of calaveras big trees. state park. this 6,498 acre park is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise with plenty of campgrounds, hiking and fishing along the stands last river. but the main
9:47 am
attractions are all around you. there's about a 150 giants, a quiz in this north growth. >> and about a 1000 in the south korea. so to give you guys a little perspective as to how massive these trees are. take a look at this cards about maybe 15 feet in length now imagine stacking 20 of these cars bumper to bumper vertically. and you may just reach the top of this tree and this one isn't even the biggest tree in the park. while these quite giants rain over the forest. they pale in comparison to the colossus that once stood 169 years ago. it's now a tree stump that is so big it was once used as a dance floor. >> had it not been torn down, this tree would have grown to surpass all the trees in calaveras county big trees make big smiles in big memories here at calaveras big trees, state park. it's one of the reasons why this is another great destination in california for destination, california. i'm melanie townsend. it really brought it home when she was standing on
9:48 am
the trunk and it looked like a swimming pool size right. >> amazing trees. so could i take a hike in the shade or the sun today is the question. so i'm i always up to the shade. yeah. you know, maybe wear the hat if you're getting out in the sun. but today, tomorrow, wednesday really are the days to take advantage of getting outside enjoying some outdoors time before the heat really starts to settle in come thursday. >> you're nor cal honda weather center view outside at our happen. bay cam showing you some of the great that we're sitting under for a whole lot of the bay area still there actually hasn't just been low gray but also a lot of spots of drizzle and some misty conditions that have made for wet roadways, somewhat beaches out there, too. right along the coastline. you can see pretty clearly here on radar where that low grain cloud cover still hanging out portions of sonoma and marin counties right across the bay itself. although pockets of sunshine now returning to the peninsula and especially the east bay. now we are in the midst of a big pattern change ahead of
9:49 am
us. this is going to cut off that coastal breeze that has been treating in land and that means inland temperatures are really going to start to skyrocket. we still do have that coastal breeze in effect today. tomorrow and into wednesday. and that's going to keep temperatures moderated 4 for the state land areas only a couple of spots. a barely even making it to the low 90's 60's for san francisco today as well as right along the coastline. we've got 70's for most of our bayshore cities burlingame at 74 foster city. 75 redwood city a nice but warm 80 degrees. south bay temps low 80's free. a san jose 82 fremont on up through oakland in the 70's. well, inland east bay cities solidly back into the 80's today. there's those 90's i mentioned antioch in vacaville. your are hot spots today will be in good company as soon as thursday as our inland areas will be averaging out in the 90's come thursday and friday even warmer yet into the weekend. that's when we rise back into the triple digits. this heat not going to be fun. but it also does up fire danger for inland areas at least for the 4th. we worked in the midst of a heat wave.
9:50 am
we do have the hotter weather just around the corner. so enjoy the cool stuff while we've got it these next 3 days. >> erica, thank you, john. well, we haven't had too much people on the road compared to normal week days because of the holiday weekend. all of our bridges have been looking excellent all morning. we haven't had any major collisions or anything. the richmond, sandra fell bridge. also looking pretty good right now. it's just 7 minutes from the toll plaza out to one o one. the biggest thing that happened this morning was this traffic collision out in dublin and pleasanton area. there west bound 5.80, near haas the end a drive. we had some lanes blocked. they did clear one of the lanes recently but still it has been causing traffic in that area. for hours this and then out in solano. we do have one way controlled traffic here in between interstate 5. '05, and the 80 at midway and elizabeth road. so there was a traffic collision there. looking like it's slow in that area. if you're passing through midway
9:51 am
near lizabeth. this morning leave a little earlier, but the rest of the bay area. you can see all green on our roads going smoothly and light. a quick drive times. as you can see here, the 24 from walnut creek to the 5.80. just 11 minutes and 4 to 80 their interstate. 2.80, in san jose to cupertino just 10 minutes thanks a lot, erica. 9.51, let's have baseball the giants on our role before they head into the all-star break next week. yesterday facing the arizona diamondbacks. >> let's jump to the 3rd inning where austin slater's at the plate hits a bomb over left center field and that is good for a solo homer. and then the giants would tack on 2 runs and beat d'backs 5 to the final score. but there was a scary moment. the 6 any watch this buster posey of. flipped off of his finger. and then you can see, club flipped off. look from another angle ball hits high speed and it
9:52 am
hurt. now, luckily they did x-rays and it's not serious. they say it is a left thumb contusion, which is a fancy way of saying bruce, here's giants manager. gabe kepler, a showery. >> you see me smiling. that's that's my level of relief. my my level of concern. obviously when when through his glove office. pretty high. obviously, you know, it's pretty even doesn't react. with that much. you know, kind of emotion very often. so obviously we take that really went out there. give him a chance to kind of stand the game. obviously he's always going to fight for that. but we thought was best to kind of get him out of there and get checked out. obviously good news on the on the x-rays try getting ready for tomorrow's baseball game and tomorrow would be today. >> where they are hosting the st. louis cardinals first pitch 3. '05. we'll see if busters able to do it and if he is able to play his wife knows he can change. you're
9:53 am
good enough for that. you're good enough for this over in oakland. the a's are hosting the boston red sox at the coliseum and it was a pitcher's duel which i call a snoozer. 35,000 people were there for the 4th of july. they love it. i mean, baseball purist love saying this is a a pitcher's duel with both sides. both aces doing pitcher james cook trillion got a career-high 10 strikeouts. but in the end, the sox scored the only run in the game. and that was in the 6 inning had to wait for that boston wins it one to 0. they take the serious. it's 93. and we'll be right back.
9:54 am
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>> these huge squash 76 dogs down your throat because that's what joey chestnut did. the bay area's only competitive eater and the world champ securing his 14th win at nathan's hot dog eating competition at coney island. 76 dog beach his record by one. he said one more dog down and look at what the woman did. she was a female champ. can you believe that michelle lesco 8.30, dogs. they eat all those hot dogs in 10 minutes. don't invite into your for year. >> may be 5 me 10 minutes want
9:57 am
the apparently that was. so let's take a look at the shelley. well, you know what? nice forecast today, tomorrow wednesday. the better ones for stepping outside inland come thursday into the weekend. you see this just see those triple range yeah, that's true. but it's common. get ready for that heat. and we'll see again tomorrow.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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