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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 6, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> and thanks for joining us. what took you so long will you find a long weekend off for july 4th holiday and now it's back to work. absolutely. so welcome to this week in july. we've got temperatures that should be decent for you at least early on anyway. and then things changed. then they get a little too hot, john. yeah. it's july officially come the weekend as we rive to the triple digits all over again by friday, saturday and sunday for inland areas at least. >> that means for the time being. today and tomorrow. enjoy the cool weather was still holding on to it outside this morning. we've got the great a sure sign that that cool ocean air is doing its thing. keeping us moderated. you look outside at san francisco right here shows a little bit of the low gray top of the transamerica pyramid. a little obscured by that low layer of cloud cover. watch
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out for a few spots of drizzle but visibility at least some bridge level is okay. once you head up a little higher into the hills. that's where you'll start to run into those clouds. future cast of winds shows them pushing inland today. that's going to keep our inland areas on the mild side for another one. in my opinion. today's you're most comfortable one with some of our tri valley and south bay cities down into the mid to upper 70's later on. pittsburgh unconquered. you're among our spots barely in the low 60's right now. i'm talking the rest of this forecast, including that weekend warm-up. still ahead, erica. >> thanks, john lyon picking up a hot spot out in santa rosa on highway one o one in north. you can see some heavy traffic here. there was a traffic collision that involved several vehicles including a big rig just as you're heading over to that. well, there. so yeah, cars are piling up. there's moving slow. you want to take time. leave a little earlier. if you're taking that this morning and then out to the east bay. looks like traffic is getting a little better from that collision that happened earlier here on state
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route 4 by railroad avenue. just past pittsburgh. there. some of the lanes were blocked earlier today from that incident. and then we do have another traffic collision. we're one of the lanes blocked on the 6.80 near sheridan as well. there in the east bay. so checking in on our cameras here looking pretty normal for this time of the morning. we see cars moving slow as we're approaching the toll plaza heading into san francisco across the bay bridge this morning. we're looking at 13 minutes out to fremont street. once he passed the tolls. as for interstate 8.80, from san leandro to milpitas. you're looking at a 28 minute drive time. back to you. thanks a lot. erica, 8 '02 and a big story this morning. a chaotic and dangerous holiday weekend in oakland. >> despite warnings. the skies were filled with illegal fireworks. we saw a video that you can see it there in the big wall. the streets. >> below police officers were
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busy responding to dozens of crimes. in fact, there were 8 shootings reported over the holiday weekend with 7 on the 4th of july itself. another happened early yesterday morning. and this is video one of those shootings from the citizens ap one of the shootings being investigated actually as a homicide and at least one of the other victims is in critical condition. >> officers were also attacked. the police chief says that officers were targeted when they tried to break up a sideshow. >> this sideshow reached a number of over 300 vehicles in over 200 additional spectators. a significant dangerous threats to our officers. why the use of firearms? that's well last lasers pointed at the officers and then objects being thrown at the officers. >> at least one person was injured during the sideshow. the is an oakland native says it was one of the most violent 4th of july holiday season ever seen. >> and there was so much violence and so many calls for
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medical services that ambulances and paramedics were having a hard time keeping up. >> our fall and the last system was over inundated with calls and they were unable to respond in a timely manner to the and so everybody was consumed with these issues not only the police department. also ambulances did have enough resources that come out of the system evil and that just goes to show to the level of violence that we were managing is that we didn't have ambulances available to you know, comment provide medical support. >> ambulance service in oakland is provided through a company called fall. it's part of a fire contract with alameda county. the agency provides service to most of alameda county. but chief armstrong says his officers had to step up and provide medical services themselves for several of the victims. >> in the north bay for families in dixon have no place to live after a 4 plex caught fire on the 4th of july. this happened as people in the neighborhood were
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setting off fireworks. rowena shaddox has more. i'm still in shock. >> shock and disbelief that the home dixon resident. melissa core, bill shares with their 3 young daughters was destroyed by a raging fire on the 4th of july. i don't even really know. >> that i've even process this fully. >> the fire broke out as residents set off many fireworks last night there a lot of illegal fireworks in dixon. investigators are still determining how the fire started at the 4 plex on the corner of sea and north washington streets. >> melissa said she smelled smoke the neighbor scream for them to get out. my oldest daughter ran back to her room to get something in one of my twins chased her says and i'm screaming for them to get out and they saw flames as we're running out of people screaming. melissa says after
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escaping from their home. she looked back to see their cars engulfed in flames when the crews got on scene. >> the fire fully involved in the structure. fire was blowing approximately half way out into the street took approximately an hour to get this fire under control will this complex was home to 4 separate families aside from melissa and her 3 girls who tell this family downstairs, this unit where the family dog alerted its owner to the fire and this unit which was home to a family including a 7 month-old toddler. some of the residents return as firefighters helped get personal belongings out. the community is wonderful and. >> so many people have already come through and helped me and helped my kids growing fox 40 news. >> 6 right now in the east bay contra. costa county, firefighters are fond of more than 50 fires on the 4th of july. most of war grass fires like this one near 6 ad and martinez. it did come close to
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some homes. but they managed to put out the fire before a damaged. any structures. despite the busy night. the fire officials we talked to actually say there were fewer fires this 4th of july for last. >> temperatures were slightly lower last compared to the year before and humidities were slightly higher and that no doubt contributed to a lot of grass fires that might have started taking hold not doing so last night. >> most of the cars in contra costa county. we're in the pittsburgh antioch area. and there are also several medical calls related to fireworks. they are supposed to give us some more details about what happened later in the week. >> and take a look at the mess that was left behind. this is from san francisco where on the left side is the before on the right side is the after pictures of 3rd street and burke avenue where public works. crews had a tough job cleaning up all the debris that was dumped by people who are setting off illegal fireworks. also a busy scene
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in the north bay to where police responded to several sideshows and illegal fireworks displays and explosions. and you can see here in this video posted on social media. the hundreds of people that had gathered for these sideshows kron four's. dan storm has more. >> huge dangerous side shows take over. the streets of a lay home. hundreds of people taking part as rings of fire were sent and cars were seen speeding and spinning donuts. video showing 2 of those spectators getting struck along broadway and illinois. police say at least 11 sideshows broke out across the city sunday night gunshots from automatic weapons ringing out from the crowds. a police spokesperson says responding officers were met with fireworks being thrown at them. city council member mina diaz sharing these pictures of the morning after. >> businesses along broadway street damaged and tagged with graffiti in a post on facebook. diaz says the city
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needs to have harsher consequences for those who throw these illegal events last week, another bay area city made it illegal to promote sideshows on social media. san jose is now threatening people with fines and possible jail time and a state bill to make repeat participation inside shows a felony died in committee last year, but delay host city leaders say people need to be held accountable for these wild stunts reporting in dan thorn kron 4 news. >> a 35 year-old man was killed in a drive-by shooting in santa rosa and 3 other people were shot. the gunman still on the loose and there's a growing memorial now at beachwood and greenwood drives in santa rosa, where this happened. there was a group of police say a 100 people and they were gathered setting off illegal fireworks when the shots were fired. a woman and a 17 year-old girl are in critical condition. they were hit a 16 year-old boy was also hit and injured. police say the gunman were in a car. this
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started shooting and then 3, the victims were hit them. but then somebody in the crowd started shooting back. and that's when the 4th victim was struck. when the drive-by shooting happened. the car actually crashed into a parked vehicle and the suspects fled from the car. so we do have that car to running down. anybody associated with that car right now. >> anything we found in the car trying to run down those leads and some witness statements. >> police are looking at surveillance cameras in the area trying to track down the shooters are also asking people to come forward with their own doorbell cams. maybe they have some information, too. take a look at this. these running out of a neiman marcus store. this in downtown san francisco. they have. >> hands full of expensive handbags and purses. they say there are as many as 10 fees that took off with high and bags out of the store in union square. you could see looks like several getaway cars. there's a white one that takes off and then you'll see one after it there. and another
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one racing down the street. police are looking for these thieves, but they seem to get fast in different directions is the second neiman marcus to be hit in the bay area. it was a similar purse heist that took place in may at the stanford shopping center. >> we'll take a break. it is a 10 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news vice president kamala harris touting president biden's infrastructure plan as lawmakers get ready for what many hope to be a bipartisan vote on capitol hill. we'll bring you the latest from dc and after the break, california's we know is dealing with several large wildfires burning across the state. the illegal fireworks we saw over the weekend didn't help matters much 4 firefighters will have an update coming up. >> and outside this morning. very gray out there s f o sitting under this low cloud cover that will loosen its grip on bayside in inland cities. but it's going to stay put right along the coast. most of us today in the 60's 70's to low to mid 80's your forecast ahead. >> and i am seeing some
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traffic collisions that could be impacting your commute. i'll tell you where after the break.
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>> it 14 and while firefighters in the bay area or very busy over the holiday weekend. dave actually been busy up and down the state
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with wild fires for weeks. yeah. as a matter of right now about dozen fires are actively burning statewide. crews say the hot, dry conditions aren't helping it feels a lot hotter than it typically does in july. nancy loo has the story. and ongoing air attack in shasta county is helping. but the salt fire rages on. >> a spark from a vehicle along i 5 ignited the fire last week and it is now grown to about 11,000 acres at least 27 homes have been destroyed so far. and it happened within i want to say like 15 minutes. it was just exploding. tiffany barber evacuated. her home in lake had along with her fiance and their 2 young sons just in time. but they have lost everything it seems so surreal. i i'm still heartbroken. you know, i can't look at the photos without crying. >> it's it's very hard. you know, even just not even the things that we buy. but. you know, i have memory boxes from
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my son's. there been no reports of casualties. but the salt fires also damage the power infrastructure, so pg and e is out making repairs. >> just to the north is the state's biggest battle in siskiyou county. but there's not shot down. the bottom of it is no >> the lava fire was sparked by lightning 2 weeks ago and it has scorched about 25,000 acres so far, mainly in the shasta-trinity national forest. >> the ongoing wildfires amid a severe drought made for a nervous night as fireworks lit up the skies all over the state. in san diego and many points beyond the celebration of a nationwide, all kinds of crowds. but beyond the professional shows there were a lot of the legal displays in la county and other communities, including fresno. >> despite crackdowns and warnings about the fire threat. illegal rockets look to be everywhere. in fresno,
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keeping law enforcement and firefighters busy crews even deployed a drone. one of the thoughts was to use that drone as additional bit of technology to try to provide us with locations on aerial fireworks. so we've got the fireworks behind us for the holiday goes, but they're still afraid people are going to set them off week. so worried about the weather. you know, it's going to brutally hot, i guess for some come this weekend. john. yeah. and with that brutally hot weather guys comes increased fire risk. so if there are any fireworks left. >> could result in an even more problematic situation, at least for the 4th itself. we weren't too terribly hot and humidity was actually relatively high throughout the weekend and that did help to suppress fire danger just a little bit. we're still in the midst of that pattern. but right at the tail end of it now today and tomorrow. our last of our ocean cool the days. and you can see that that low cloud cover from her berkeley hills cam. can't miss it as you're getting out
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there. some of our inland areas are under some clear skies. but really most of us this morning are sitting under that gray, which is still hovering, especially on the peninsula and on bayside areas itself. now our inland in bayside cities will get a solid dose of sunshine later on. i'm expecting it to remain pretty cloudy at the coastline, though. so don't expect a lot of sun if you're in areas like afternoon bayer stinson beach. high pressure is building stronger and that's going to cut off this ocean influence starting on thursday, meaning that coastal areas will still remain cool, but our inland areas are going to start to see temperatures soaring in the meantime today and tomorrow are good days to enjoy, especially for in the neighbors that are about to be warming up so much 50's 60's for your highs near the coastline. while it will be 60's and 70's for most of our beside cities. carlos in redwood city each at 74 degrees. south bay temperatures rising to the upper 70's, which is cooler than yesterday, san jose at 77 for your high pleasanton and livermore each at 78 while hayward through oakland mostly in the 60's concord walnut
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creek. much of the north bay in the 80's vacaville, though you are lone spot at 90 degrees and you'll be in good company come the wet part later part of this week and into the weekend. you do see the change their inland on thursday as highs rise from the 80's on average to the 90's in triple digits following that into friday saturday and sunday if you need an escape from the heat had to the coast. it's still going to be nice and cool out that direction. fire danger is also going to be a big concern come this weekend. erica. >> thanks, john. we'll have another accident on one. oh, one north up there in santa rosa. we just had one earlier today closer to the 12 and we have a second one here near todd road down there. you can see the heavy traffic. multiple vehicles in this. and we have a couple lanes blocked. i'm working to get more details on that. so just leave earlier, if you plan on taking that this morning and look at that looking much better up there on the 4 after that traffic collision that i
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told you about at state route 4 near railroad avenue looking like it's getting much better than we were at earlier this morning. here's a look outside the san mateo bridge right now. it's moving, as you can see, no issues on the high rise either. both directions are going smooth. 13 minutes crossing out over to one o one on the peninsula. you happen to be the 24 westbound walnut creek out to the 5.80. it's looking pretty good. 12 minutes. we did see drive times increase a little bit there as well as for these routes as you can see interstate 5.80, from livermore to dublin. 12 minutes. if you're taking highway one o one in the south bay from morgan hill to san jose. you can expect around 14 minutes. james and daria, thanks a lot of tate 20 in a national news congress gets live for us off is a holiday. but there's still stuff going on behind the scenes. yeah. work being done right now. so
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that when lawmakers come back to be able to vote on a eipartisan infrastructure deal. we've got and working with tht very latest from washington. >> good morning. we'll senators will return back here to washington, dc next week with a heavy to do list before they go home for the august recess and on the top of that to do list. a massive infrastructure deal. >> vice president kamala harris spent the holiday weekend touting the administration's infrastructure deal. it would be the largest long-term infrastructure investment. >> in nearly a century in our country. it would be even bigger. then the hoover dam. and it would create a whole lot of jobs for carpenters and joiners and traits. people of all kinds here is carpenters at a press conference in nevada that the 5 year 973 billion dollar bill would go to rebuild roads and bridges and includes money to build a national network of electric vehicle charging stations upgrade. the
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electrical grid and improve drinking water. we need to get this framework across the finish line. the administration says 90% of the expected 1 million jobs created from this deal. >> could go to workers without a college degree. >> this is a generational investment. >> but some republicans like texas congressman michael mccaul aren't convinced. i worry. >> they're going expand health care and education of nothing to do with you know, with infrastructure. mccaul said on fox news sunday that the bipartisan bill might be the only chance to pass an infrastructure plan. >> but warns negotiators to keep it straight forward. if you're really serious about >> look at traditional infrastructure that is roads forages rural broadband which is so important to the country right now. and not much up with things have nothing to do with infrastructure. >> president biden and vice president kamala harris plan to make several trips across the country over the next few weeks to pitch his plan directly to the american
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people in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. it's a 22. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news travel is back. we're going to see how was at sfo and hear from some passengers. >> about what it's like to fly.
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>> 8.25 and have you flown
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yet. here's a live look at sfo lot of people did fly over the holiday weekend. one of the busiest travel times that we have seen since the pandemic. the tsa says the number of people traveling by air is now pretty close to what it was before covid started more than 4 million people went through the tsa checkpoint last thursday and friday and that was close to the number that travel during july 4th back in 2019 at sfo travelers have to wear a mask until at least mid september. here's what some folks said about getting back into the air. >> i don't think it's going to be maskless soon. and i think that attack 100 people are asked are traveling just because they to go somewhere else at the same time. as long as people feel safe. but i can't complain. also a tally and you too. >> and those was is there a way more open and free was the prisoners go there to see parts of it. there were more reserve, more cautious purple. >> and the big changes coming
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soon to hawaii. if you're going to y soon. yeah. on thursday. they change the rules. the governor does. right. so you don't have to have the negative test as long as you show you the vaccinated because before you had to have. >> the negative tenor. you had to have the vaccine in hawaii. yeah. well, it wasn't a new section so you probably didn't get there. so you had to do their roles. >> but now, yeah, you to show me vaccinate, you're good to go you. all right. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news highly contagious delta. >> a version of the coronavirus has reporting is now the dominant strain in california and there's a push now from state lawmakers in sacramento to get more people vaccinated. we'll tell you what they're proposing.
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>> it's 30 right now and we're taking a live look here on long embarcadero too little blustery little breezy at near the water. but beautiful shot otherwise just some low clouds out there, john, in the weather center, keeping an eye on conditions awaiting you outside. good morning, john. hey, guys, good morning. we are looking at changes just around the corner in this forecast know, it's a little blustery little gray for many of us this morning. >> but appreciate it because that's what's bringing us some of the mild conditions we can look forward to this afternoon as for this shot on the embarcadero. you can at least see the bay bridge behind us. so this cloudy blanket sitting right above the bay visibility is fine. for most of us. same to you saw there just a second ago here at the exploratorium,
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which is back open. now, if you want to head out there, maybe got that extra day off. who knows. after the 4th of july fog cast shows that visibility is fine for most areas. couple of drizzly spots. mostly isolated to the santa cruz mountains near the coastline future cast of winds shows that winds will continue to push inland today. this is going to have that moderating effect on our inland temperatures and honestly bring some of the nicest temperatures of the week to some of our inland valleys areas like livermore. you may be at 58 right now. but your daytime high later today. 78 degrees. that is going to be something you miss come this weekend as we get so much hotter, i'll tell you more about that. still to come. first, though, on over to erica with a look at your traffic. >> thank you, john. we'll still seeing some heavy traffic on one. oh, one north up in santa rosa near the top road exit, as you can see, we had a multi vehicle collision that happened in 2 lanes. there are still block. so just a heads up if you're going to take that this morning. be prepared for that. and it's
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looking smooth on the 4 now following that traffic collision. they've cleared it. the lanes are open and it is great if you're traveling across that this morning. no issues right now if you're heading out to one o one taking the richmond sandra fell bridge right after you hit the tolls, it's looking smooth. no issues there in both directions. as for other drive times around the bay here. interstate 5.80 from livermore to dublin is about 12 minutes in the south bay from morgan hill to san jose taking highway one. oh, one. you can expect 11 minutes and just a heads up. if you're taking caltrain this at the 22nd street stop in san antonio in mountain view stops. all trains are boarding on the northbound platform james and darya. back to you. it's a lot of tape 32. and let's talk coronavirus. yes. so the highly contagious delta variant is now the dominant strain in california. we've been reporting that. but now new numbers show that is being.
8:33 am
>> behind now. 36 1% of all new cases in the state. that's a big jump from what it was in may when the delta variant only accounted for. >> less than 6% and then in april it was only responsible for 2 percents. we've seen a giant increase here in these last few months. and because of that sacramento they're thinking about how to contain the delta variant. they have their own coronavirus outbreak going on in the state capitol. >> and one stat. one state senator is proposing that all state employees must be required to get a covid shot. you know, we've got a capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala to explain more. >> we have a responsibility to the public. to to take public health precautions. first else. >> for our co-workers and to protect members of the public state. senator scott wiener is calling on all public employees, including elected officials to get vaccinated. we are elected officials or legislative staffers. whether we are. firefighters or police officers are working at the dmv. we're homeless outreach
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workers. we are all interacting with the public. and we also are keeping the government open working and functioning. the push comes as 9 state capitol employees and staff members in the assembly have tested positive for covid-19 within about a week. the most recent memo sent over the weekend said the latest 2 people to test positive were fully vaccinated and wearing masks. they think they're you know, we're covering as we've seen with. >> with many people, the public and state senator melissa melendez weighing in on the push to vaccinate public employees. i've always believed that vaccination is a personal choice and i understand those are, you know, are very fearful getting this virus and really they would prefer that everyone get vaccinated whether it's public employees or private employees. >> but that's not reasonable the strains of the capital cases are unknown. the effort to contain the outbreak comes as california's most dominant strain is the infectious delta variant the state's positivity rate is increasing slightly. at 1.5% as of monday state data shows about 60% of
8:35 am
california's population is fully vaccinated for now state lawmakers say there are no plans to push legislation mandating public employees get vaccinated wiener pointing to san francisco now requiring all city workers to get vaccinated. we should see that more broadly agencies should be mandating and so forth. it's not about legislation think it would be a tough sell. certainly. >> but that has never stopped people before forward balance that aren't necessarily popular. >> state. health officials say they are prepared for slight increases in cases and hospitalizations. but at the moment they say they do not anticipate any threat to the state's health care system. capacity at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> it's 35 and a man wanted for a string of armed robberies in san jose was arrested in antioch, cameron cali led police on a high-speed chase on highway 4 hillcrest avenue. it ended in the glen him. glen neighborhood where police say conley ran 3 patrol cars with his car and then took off running inside somebodys
8:36 am
house. police arrested him after a brief struggle. rohnert park police are investigating the death of a 21 year-old student at sonoma state hit by a car yesterday afternoon. it was actually about noon on east avenue. just off-campus that the students stepped off the center median while crossing the street and was struck and killed the driver has been identified as 19 year-old raw nerve gaither of can grow. >> 8.36. is the time in the south bay light rail service is still paused in san jose. more than a month after 9 people were killed in a shooting there at the vta yard. bt officials still haven't said when service will resume with the agency is hinting that maybe there will be an answer this week. we'll let you know if they do. in the meantime, that shooting as we know caused a lot of damage to the buildings equipment, the computers that need to still be fixed. the light rail system spans more than 40 miles in the south bay traveling from san jose to
8:37 am
mountain view before the pandemic. we know about 30,000 people used the vta rail system each day and they're all still having to find another way around until that service gets back up and running. over the a man accused of driving under the influence and hitting and killing a 20 year-old man. it happened over the holiday weekend. erick rucker has the story. >> he was just a young kid. he was only 20 years old arturo tele monte describes the hit and run as being a simple. as it is said, the driver barreled down doing. don't know 5060, miles an hour. okay. well, he was like firework. pretty much what happened. family tell fox 40 the man hit and killed his 20 year-old from joelle estrada. this mother too distraught to talk to us on camera. what family did tell me is that they're very faith based in a struggle was agreed are here at life connection churches brother even telling me that. >> just this weekend he was
8:38 am
helping sell fireworks as a fundraiser for the church. after the hit and run modesto police say they didn't have to look long for their suspect. 34 year-old jesus lemus police say would call them saying he thought that he hit someone on bernie street adding he was distracted by fireworks. police say he was arrested for dui. investigators adding his 12 year-old child was in his vehicle at the time. we've already seen many accidents in just this general area. ruth roach us as well said and she is not surprised. police say the suspect was likely driving too fast. >> says speeding is always an issue here. even when drivers are not under the influence people drive by just really they race cars here. they don't bother stop. as for what happened sunday night to la monte wants justice. i hope he gets what he cuts going to pool. what the law iswgoing to give them, you know, i mean, i'm eric rucker. back to you.
8:39 am
>> it's a 38 still california prison inmate takes a fire engine on a joyride and ends up in a ditch. we'll take you to where it happened and we're going also taking a south florida where they are bracing for a storm as search and rescue crews are still digging through the rubble.
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8:41 am
>> a big story out of south florida. the death toll now and the class condo in surfside is up to 32. the
8:42 am
remains of 4 more people were found overnight as crews finish demolishing the rest of the partially collapsed building. they've been able to have access to other parts of the wreckage, the rubble that they couldn't reach before safely. but now they've continued looking more than a 100 people are still missing. it's a 42 and we'll be right back.
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at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. the recipe we invented over 145 years ago and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection.
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>> and we're back at 8.44 family reunion decades in the making during 4th of july weekend. a marine corps veteran in alabama finally met his daughter from overseas. lauren has their story. >> first between father and daughter after more than 6 decades of separation. >> and much always 81 year-old marine corps veteran thomas williams always knew he fathered a child from our relationship. he had while stationed in the philippines friend of mine murray. >> shelby a pitcher. >> i don't know whether it was a little girl so small. if your baby. >> but he was never able to find is now 62 year-old daughter tylan rosser. she only learned the hidden truth
8:46 am
that the father she grew up with was not hers prior to her mother's death. she had dementia. >> and she was several stages did. but when i asked her, was he my biological father. all she can. remember was just william. >> islands daughter gifted her a dna test from ancestry dot com. and when she took it, i got some information like maybe 6 weeks later. >> san carlo minor williams is first cousin or close relative. it was it that must be do william, that my mom was seeing william, the 2 met virtually when thomas's american born children began to plan the surprise of a lifetime bringing tylan her children and her grandchildren from their home in ohio to alabama for the 4th of july no >> the 2 spoke about his time station in the philippines catching up on the little things done.
8:47 am
>> it's >> nice and having tough conversations to my mother her money. >> i did come back. >> the day was filled with tears and laughter. exactly what you'd expect from a family reunion either >> the sweet story. >> 47 right now for a look at the weather and enjoy the weather before it kind can to stay know focusing on the future of this right now. we do need to talk about the forecast and that does bring some really hot conditions this weekend to the bay area. >> at least to our inland areas. you're nor cal how the weather center forecast. for now, though, is still showing the pattern that we've got really use to lately, which is a little bit of that low gray that pushes in overnight keeps his cool during her afternoons
8:48 am
even after the sunshine reappears, you're berkeley hills camera. not much of a view this morning as this low cloudy blanket shrouds, those east bay hills bridge level. you're good to go. but you're looking up at the great for most of the bay area, some inland sections and even areas in the south bay are getting a good dose of sunshine and brightness already high pressure strengthening that's going to cut off that cool marine air that's been pushing in giving us that cool feel that we've enjoyed for well over a week now, although or coastal areas will stay cooler inland areas are in for quite the warm-up. even some of our beside cities too. winds still pushing in from the coastline today. so we're going to go for today and tomorrow we've got 2 more days with this cool forecast. and honestly today, in my opinion, at least the nicest one livermore 78 for the high san jose. a beautiful 77 redwood city in mountain view in the mid 70's. well, 60's for oakland, hayward and san francisco and to the contrary, some 80's unconquered antioch and santa rosa today and tomorrow. not much different from one another. thursday, though.
8:49 am
that's where we start to get high and friday saturday and sunday. we keep that heat around for inland areas daytime highs climbing well into the triple digits. inland and some 80's popping back up right along the bay, erica. >> thanks, john. and would you look at that when an improvement here as you're approaching the heading out into san francisco to take the bay bridge. we saw way more cars here waiting to pass the tolls. it was moving when we last checked in. but looking great. now. no, wait. if you're moving through that area. but you know what has an improved as a traffic up there in santa rosa on one. oh, one north by todd road. we still have lanes blocked there waiting to get a tow truck out there to move the vehicle that is blocking those lanes. now this multi vehicle collision involved a dodge ram. so just a heads up if you're taking that this morning, maybe find an alternate route as for one, oh, one down in the south peninsula looking pretty good of course, the drive times a little higher, 31 minutes. but
8:50 am
still good. no major traffic accidents down there in the south bay current tully as for 6, 80 out in the east bay there dublin to fremont it's a 16 minute drive time interstate 8.80, from san leandro out to milpitas is expect just 28 minutes. back to you. thanks a lot of tape 50 and a california prison inmate a part of a fire crew decided to. >> swipe the fire and you take it on joy riding ended up in a ditch in eldorado county. lonnie wong has the details. first grabs. the fire truck security cameras pick up a fire truck in the distance apparently doing donuts on the dirt. it was part of a response to this grass fire and shingle springs that included a prison crew based in georgetown neighborhood resident bill wild is on scene because firefighters went to the wrong location. at first he was glad a crew was there. those guys will be here all night. >> working hard. you know, this is great news and then a couple minutes later, the guy took off with the fire truck, with the chief chasing after
8:51 am
him. the suspect led chp units on the slow speed chase through the dirt before trip down 100 feet of fencing and into the yard of a truck a company or inventory was stacked up to the actually landed on top of a couple of them. >> and drags it through the parking lot sparking slammed into one of our trucks leaving behind a trail of twisted steel. travis thompson was astounded at what he saw before viewing his security video customers who had to endure long waits because of the steel shortage will have to wait some more. we have product. that's damage. we have fencing. that's our we have sacks of rocks that were set to go to customers. it's going to be a big hit to us. you can see what kind of damage and out of control fire truck >> the owners of the companies say they haven't yet total with their losses. but they say they were also lucky because no one was injured. other than the suspect. the suspect apparently suffered cuts and scratches after he ended up in this ditch. the engine was severely damaged. well said. the inmate tried to get away before being captured. piled on the guy
8:52 am
until the sheriff's office could get here. it was a wild ride for neighbors to who are preparing to evacuate. new column back and say there's a convict loose in the neighborhood lock all the doors and don't go outside it's strange that they're allowing the inmate crews to be doing stephan such a residential area cal fire. investigators were on scene to investigate the incident. but are only saying that the suspect is now in custody. lonnie wong fox 40 news. >> we'll take a break in a 52. we'll be right back.
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>> a 54 is the time bay area baseball. the giants clinging still the first place in the national league west, even though they lost yesterday to the cardinals. let's go to the highlights. the game was scoreless right into the 7th inning the cardinals, as you can see here, scoring this. >> he shot 2 runs came in on that giants. couldn't answer back. and so in the end they lost by a score of 5 to 3. the 2 teams will face again tonight. first pitch a six-point-five at oracle park. no highlights for the a's. they were off yesterday, but they'll be back in action tonight. it's an away game in houston. they'll be taking on the astro's. >> it's a 55. and coming up in the next hour, were overwhelmed by the number of side shows that we saw around the bay, including this one of the north bay. we're going to
8:56 am
tell you how lawmakers hope to clamp down on that. and the holiday weekend was chaotic in oakland. the police dealing with illegal fireworks and violence. and a handbag has seth to and neiman marcus in san francisco's union square will show you just how many persons they got away with.
8:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at known. >> and thanks for joining me on the day after you probably had off after july 4th and 5th and now it's back to work. let's check the weather and traffic for you. hi, john. that was a lot of numbers that are keeping track what i want. 4, 5, 6, almost that long down in the end, is the well, it is a nice one to be venturing outside today. maybe you got the tuesday off. in addition to having had monday off as well. >> in which case it honestly is going to be one of the nicest afternoon to this forecast. we've got 2 more of our mild days before this weekend, things really start to heat up for at least our inland areas of the bay
9:00 am
looking outside right now. are quite our view. you can see that it's gray as well as a bit breezy. we have an onshore wind that overnight pushed back in a few areas of low cloud cover and fog that are still hanging on for patches of the bay and the coast itself. our inland areas have been cleared out pretty nicely at this point. winds will continue to push inland throughout the day today and that will bring some of our coolest temperatures of this forecast inland highs as cool as the 70's for areas like the tri valley as of right now it's 50's and 60's with livermore in palo alto at 61 berkeleyland san francisco currently at 55 degrees each. that's your forecast. we've got more about the heat to come. but erica is standing by with a look at your back to work forecast today. >> thank you, and in fact, i do see a traffic collision that just happened on one. oh, one south near the millbrae avenue exit. i expect traffic to get worse than it is right now because 3 of the lanes are actually blocked. i believe trying to get more details on that. so heads up. if you're heading south


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