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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 7, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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across our inland valleys. we've been spared by what you're seeing outside this morning that cool ocean air pushing in that deep marine layer that has resulted in drizzly to misty conditions at times and also a very noticeable breeze from the coast this morning. you can see that along peers 17 right here. got the flags russian in that wind pushing its way in from the coastline and in the process of doing so keeping conditions cool all across the bay area. as for winds. you can see breezy a staff the coast remaining with us even into the afternoon today nothing win this morning that we do have a high wind advisory along the altamonte pass between livermore and tracy current temperatures are in the 50's with san francisco at 53 alameda. oakland hayward fremont and livermore as well as conquered each at 56 degrees currently i'm talking more about what to expect as we work our way into such a hot weekend. still to come, first of all, though, on over to erica. we'll go. she's standing by in the traffic center. >> thank you, john. well, we're definitely seeing more people out on the roads. last
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time we checked in with our bay bridge camera. it was moving smoothly and there was no way. but as you can see as you're approaching the tolls. it's moving pretty slow. heading into san francisco taking the bay bridge. but once you get on the bridge, it's looking good in both directions on southbound 8.80, on the east bay from oakland to the to 38. you can expect about 10 minutes for your drive time on the peninsula going down to the south bay on highway one. oh, one not seeing any major collisions or anything that could be impacting your commute yet 28 minutes, if you're from san jose traveling to menlo park right now. really good driving time. there. interstate 5.80, from livermore to dublin. looks good. 10 minutes and on the 2.37 from milpitas out to sunnyvale just 7 minutes. back to you. >> thanks a lot. erica. 6. oh, one. and today there's a critical meeting planned to review the oakland a's billion dollar proposal for a
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waterfront stadium at howard terminal. a lot of folks have their fingers green light today would move the project a lot closer to a vote by the oakland city council kron four's, camila barco live for us with the latest from the newsroom. good morning. camilla. >> good morning, daryn game. so yeah, according to the city of oakland, this proposed ballpark could be the largest private investment in any major league baseball park nation wide. and today will be the first time city leaders have the opportunity to discuss a deal. the terms for a potential deal and financing options. this is what the new oakland a's ball park could look like if the plan is approved. now the waterfront stadium at the howard terminal site which seat about 34,000 people. the project would also include a new vibrant district featuring a new hotel. 3,000 units of affordable housing and entertainment complex and new jobs. now the 1 billion dollars ballpark. ballpark would be financed by the open a's and that he's president is fighting to make this project
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a reality. >> city is actually going see an incredible amount of benefits in terms of community benefits, things like money for affordable housing workforce development. the question is does oakland want a baseball team. it sounds so simple, doesn't it. but it really does come down to that. what i am saying. >> be careful what you wish for because if the a's leave and mark my words if there's no ballpark deal done. they are right at the end of baseball's had it. >> now the oakland coliseum has is home since 1968 and the a's president says he and the owners remain committed to oakland the commissioner says they can look elsewhere and they've already toward locations in las vegas. but if the project this proposed project goes through. they plan to revitalize the coliseum with a large park. new housing and a community gathering space. according to the mlp oakland's mayor is on board, but city council members are still debating and they are the ones that have
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the last word and aside from today's workshop. there is another vote on the ballpark scheduled for july 21st diane, james, back to you. thanks a lot. >> and today governor newsome will be in contra, costa county, part of his clean california day of action highlighting an initiative meant to revitalize public spaces with things like litter removal and beautification projects. the event starts at 9.30 this morning. new this morning, police in burlingame are warning of a mountain lion hanging around in the block of loyola drive. that's where somebody spotted the mountain lion jumping a fence. but when police got there, they couldn't find the big cap. >> all right. take a look at this. we have some new video that's just been released by the oakland police department showing a television news crew being robbed. so it's on the left side of your screen. that's a camera on a tripod and 2 people came up and started to try to steal it. but then the security card came running up, looked like he might have been armed and the 2 thieves that would be thieves ran off. the news
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crews in the middle of an interview. they're actually just outside of oakland city hall. but again, that security guard disrupted their plans. stop thieves from taking the equipment. they're still outstanding. so they haven't been caught and listen to this. the news crew was interviewing oakland's new head of the department of violence prevention. now, when the robbery happened. >> and right outside of city hall right outside and we're actually are we going to talk to local police chief ron armstrong. 30 all kinds of questions about, you know, security. for reporters their citizens. everybody else. and across the pay to they're seeing, you know, similar concerns as we've seen rising crime in san francisco is having a big impact on the raptors try to get the tourists back oakland san francisco. we're seeing all kinds of like mob robs where there's 10 robbers that go into an even right marcus at once and they all came charging out with 10's of thousands of dollars worth of expensive handbags and look, they coordinated with. one
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look like 3 getaway cars. so they're concerned. they say since the economy's been reopening in may. that theft is up 41% compared to same time last year and business leaders want something done. >> that only government is responsible for public safety. and we want to work with pasta makers in san francisco law enforcement and the district attorney to find solutions because this is unacceptable. and the citizens of san francisco should be up all night. not just the retailers use its citizens. you have a right to work in a safe environment and the right to shop in a safe environment. this is terribly disturbing and really enough is enough. >> the city can't tolerate and the longer just wants to fully recover. we need to make sure ur streets are safe. the feel comfortable coming here conventioneers feel comfortable coming to san francisco. >> a recent city poll found 8 out of 10 people believe that crime has gotten worse in>san francisco and many believe
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that's what they think because they think that quality of life has gone down. >> i don't want that him to take hold. also have some new body camera video released showing the tense moments leading up to a deadly shooting involving sheriff's deputies in the east bay. the shooting happened back on april 17th. it was on second street in hayward not far from here at high school. this is video of the aftermath of the scene. alameda county sheriff's department officials responded to the area after says the call came in. there was a a man apparently with a gun threatening people. authorities say that person ended up trying to shoot a deputy which is when other deputies returned fire killing the person we actually have part of the video that shows that moment might be difficult to watch. but here's a portion of it.
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>> shots fired. shots are a lot of gunfire there. investigators say the man opened fire multiple times at police. one of the bullet grazed a deputy. the person who died was 26 years old. his identity night released. all we've been told is that he has an extensive violent criminal past. and you can hear him in that video. ask the deputies tell his mom. he loves her and then he opened fire on those officers. if you want to watch more, the video. we posted it on our website. kron 4 dot com. meanwhile, police have arrested a man who apparently set multiple cars on fire in pittsburgh. least that's what they're accusing him of this was a car that was set on fire at the jack in the box on railroad avenue. 3 other cars at a nearby dealership were also set on fire and it was surveillance video that helped police identify the suspect and here's his picture. 37 year-old jesse jackson of pittsburgh has been arrested.
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now and booked into the martinez detention facility on charges of arson and probation violation. >> it's 6 '08. and in the north bay, sandra fells biggest homeless encampment, which is under highway one. oh, one was dismantled. as you can see by caltrans. they plowed over at kron four's morning. kelly takes a look at where everybody's going. >> caltrans crews showed up early this morning to begin clearing the encampment that had been made up of dozens of tents spread underneath the one o one freeway and central sailor fell and some former residents are unhappy about it. it's heartbreaking. >> to see how marine county treats homeless. it's it were an eyesore or people anymore. but courtney hop is one of the lucky ones. she says she was placed in a hotel room a few days ago. and my world this >> still gift couldn't bear to opwatch the dismantling of her tp that she says served as both for home and as a makeshift church for the community. she's lived among for about a year. it's where we gather likable. we have
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problems for. >> they know us. they were people can do donations are. >> to caltrans says there's been a year-over-year doubling of reports of fires violent crime and stepped in this area. officials say more than half of those living here took up the offer of moving into new tents in what's being called a service support area. it's also under the freeway about a block away. but with things like restrooms and security. >> it's a collaboration with caltrans and the city of samara fell going to lead us to. >> a path of finding permanent housing. and it is great. so it's likely know the hour. we can help them and what services they need. and for example, we have let's call outlets that they can charge their phones on to the case. workers can call them. and get a crisis is still sad about her tp being demolished. >> and doesn't like the idea of being fenced in. she accepted a tent at the service port area. well, this is just a temporary solution. last m nth. the city council voted to vet the idea of launching its own safe sleeping pilot
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program. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> 6.10, is the time and some breaking international news this morning. the president of haiti has been assassinated. reports say that jovenel louise was killed in his home earlier this morning. his wife, the first lady of haiti apparently in the hospital right now being tended to by doctors. the president was just 53 years old. we know he spent most of the past year waging a political war with the opposition over the terms of his presidency. he's been in turmoil for a little while. this morning word that its president bow. it's been assassinated. it is 6.11. we'll take a break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the recent condo collapse in florida has some here in the bay area. worry. >> about our own sinking building the millennium tower. we'll tell you why experts say it's very different story that we shouldn't be worried. plus, president biden tackling the increase in cyber attacks we're seeing in our country will have details in a live report from washington, dc.
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>> 6.14 right now and for your money. all of your money is
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going to pay gas prices now to fill er up. we've got prices at the pump here in san francisco. that's quickly approaching $6 a gallon, if you can believe that she was there on station. did yeah. crazy. you know what? that's the way prices seem to be going they're going up, not down. yeah. jonathan mccall takes a look. blood and 4 gallons. really what we're seeing right now an increase in the match and the demand for diesel prices continue to rise get a seven-year high. filling up. your ride is about to get downright unbearable for millions of california drivers. the price of crude pretty much dictates what we're going to see down the line a surge in crude oil fueled by the busy summer travel season. and the world finally reopening from the covid-19 pandemic. >> have spiked prices to its highest level since november. 2014, nearly 7 years we've been seeing them rise for the last couple of weeks, which leads us to believe unfortunately, gas prices will continue to rise throughout
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most of the summer. in addition to that california drivers are also dealing with a gas tax increase that took effect on july. 1st skyrocketing prices at the pump are being felt all across the golden state including here in the bay area. take a look at this. kron 4 found a gallon of regular unleaded at this shell station in soma going for nearly 6 bucks bay area drivers continuing to feel the biggest pinch in their wallets paying nearly a buck 30 more than the national average. the most of any area in america. something needs to change. >> because it it it puts a financial strain on everybody because i mean, i'm a full-time student. i don't have a chance to work as much as i would have liked to. so it's just like. i can't do some of the things i like to do it's difficult. i mean it it's cutting into what i make because i have to pay double for gas. what i paid 3, 4 months ago. you know, i mean, it's gone up so much if it
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makes it everybody. avila says if you're looking for some relief for your wallet. good luck. >> it's not coming anytime soon. >> we will likely see gas prices continue to increase anywhere between 10 to $0.20 per gallon. so you know, if you plan to do since summer driving his know your repaying a little in san francisco jonathan mccall. >> kron 4 news 6 up on a heads up and then so you're you're like slowly paying so much more and it's like say in your tank. and then you have the golden gate bridge which you may not have noticed. also, by the way, cost you more now there's 5 refill your fast out. >> yeah, this is going to be a bigger withdraw because yeah, that a shot, though, it's pretty it looks pretty looks nice and cool which. >> we're going to be wishing we had couple days from john. yes, i think we're going to miss and the fog a little bit come later on in this forecast. >> as daytime highs are going to get so much warmer as soon
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as tomorrow for inland areas going to stay relatively cool at the coast. those areas like half moon bay which are going to stay on the gray side today. at least you're going to be keeping the cooler temperatures around. it is also a little blustery out along the coastline. winds breezy us near the coast pushing that cool ocean air further and further inland with high pressure building back in for this desert southwest that's going to cut off this cool ocean air from reaching our inland areas. so while bayside in coastal spots, stay pretty moderate. we are going to be seeing a big warm-up inland ahead of that. we do have excessive heat watches will switch will take effect friday afternoon and last through monday evening. these will affect portions of the bay area like solano county and then out into the central valley. i do expect to see some other heat advisories popping up towards the weekend for some of our inland valleys and alameda contra, costa napa and sonoma counties as well. winds this morning. again helping to spare us the hottest of weather for just one more day. that's why today we are still talking. nice moderated
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temperatures ahead of what will be such a hot next couple of days after today, 60's 50's near the coastline, keep the jackets on hand at the coast. the grays going to stay with us. it's mostly 70's for bayshore cities today. redwood city at 75 palo alto and mountain view each at 76 south bay temperatures in the 70's to low 80's. well, in the east bay. it's also 70's to 80's today pleasanton livermore 8082 oakland and richmond right at 70 degrees conquered 85 while north attempts antioch in vacaville in the low 90's, sonoma and napa as well as santa rosa in the low 80's today. here's a look ahead of next 7 days. temperatures do rise very swiftly tomorrow. but our hottest of days will be friday, saturday and sunday paired with some very high fire danger. erica. >> thank you for that. sean. well, i've been keeping my eye out in the south bay on the roads there. and there was a little a traffic collision as you're transitioning from i 2.80 north to state route 87
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in san jose, one of the lanes is actually blocked on ramp there to transition. so just be careful if you're taking that this morning, asked for the san mateo bridge. here we have a look outside looking smooth in both directions, including the high rise right now. you're looking at 14 minutes heading from the east bay out to highway one. oh, one, the peninsula. interstate 8.80, from san leandro to milpitas. we do see our drive times increased a little bit as more people are taking the roads heading out to work. 24 minutes yet from san leandro to milpitas as i mentioned and state route 4 from antioch to concord. you can expect 20 minutes time bumped up just a little bit. this is normal, though, for this time of the morning from the chicco to danville on the 6.80, you're looking at 11 minutes for your drive time. here's a a check in on the 2.37 now from pill milpitas to sonny bill. that is just 7 minutes. back to
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you. >> thanks. letter to 6.20. and today president biden meet with several federal agencies to try to find a solution to the wave of ransom in cyber attacks in this country our washington correspondent anna wiernicki joining us live from dc with the very latest on the efforts there. good morning, anna. and good morning. that's right. in just a few hours, president biden will sit down with leaders from the state department. >> justice department of homeland security and members of the intelligence community did discuss the administration's response to this recent spike in ransomware attacks. >> president joe biden says that damage to us businesses in the biggest ransomware attack on record appears minimal. but we're still gathering information on friday. the miami based software company was awarded that one of its remote management software is was under attack. the company said they immediately shut down within an hour. but on monday, the hackers who some are linking to the russia affiliated rebel group demanded a 70 million dollar
6:22 am
payment in bitcoin to restore the affected data. i feel good about our ability say has said the attack never posed a threat to critical us infrastructure. something president biden declared off limits during a summit with russian president vladimir putin last month as the president made clear to president putin when they met the russian government cannot or will not take action against criminal actors residing in russia. we will take action or reserve the right to take action on our own. white house press secretary jen psaki says the administration is now mapping out an interagency response. there's more that can be done and it warrants and requires an interagency process and discussion in order to move those policies forward. psaki also says that meetings are ongoing between russian and u.s. officials to address cyber security concerns. but some republicans, including house minority leader kevin mccarthy say that's not
6:23 am
enough. mccarthy criticized the president's approach tweeting biden is soft on crime and week against putin. >> and he says the meeting is scheduled for next week with a u.s. and russian officials and they will be addressing cybersecurity concerns for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all right. thank you very much, hannah. >> 6.23. is the time and lawmakers want answers. now 6 months after the attack at the u.s. capitol. we'll have the latest from washington, dc.
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>> in national headlines has been 6 months since the attack on the u.s. capitol lawmakers and police are still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. yeah. and our washington correspondent kellie meyer has the latest now on what's being done to prevent thing like that from happening again. >> 6 months after the violent attack at the u.s. capitol lawmakers are still searching for answers. find out. >> why this happened and hold those responsible accountable capitol police, tuesday shared steps they've taken in the months since the attack to improve security, including increasing training creating new response plans. >> adding more equipment and working to recruit more staff. the department is also in the process of opening offices in california and florida to investigate threats to members of congress. i think we always should be. >> very, very vigilant. florida congresswoman val demings says the attack highlighted the need for additional security. it should be the number one priority for
6:27 am
all of us, but also for. >> the people that we represent. remaining fencing in place around the capitol complex since the attack is set to come down as early as this week. >> but the investigation into what happened that day is far from over. the fact that we have this special committee. really important. virginia democrat elaine luria is on the new committee that will be digging into the details of that day. this commission is designed to determine the offense. the causes and the corrective actions that should be recommended indiana republican congresswoman victoria spartz supports the goal. but not the process need to be done by law enforcement. but in a political way, you know, we can politicized and every issue work could start as early as next week. reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a garbage can full of fireworks set off outside the home of the bay area council member will tell you why he thinks it wasn't just vandalism that could have been racially motivated.
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america's best tasting original oatmilk silk ♪ >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news 6.30, right now and you will drive looks like into the fog. if you go from and disappear begun that fog to come back. once we get into the weekend because temperatures are going to be skyrocketing on us once i got is that the problem? we not have the fog over the weekend when it's like a 100. >> yeah. our inland areas
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definitely was they won't be tapping into any of that ocean. cool there. and that's why so many of us further inland are in for this start change of pace from the 70's and 80's where we've been the past couple of days to the triple digits. as soon as friday, saturday and sunday. tomorrow is already going to be a noticeable spike in temperatures too. so just savor today inland at the coast fog is going to stay a little bit closer around. in fact, it's going to be quite the change for our inland areas. but coastal areas not changing too much at all. so you know where to head to if you do need to cool down this weekend. embarcadero looking at the exploratorium looking good. just a little on the gray side that same gray is bringing us the cool weather as are those same persistent winds kind of a nuisance, especially last night. they really kicked up in the evening last night enough that we do have a wind advisory along 5.80 between livermore and tracy this morning. if you are taking that route, current temperatures are in the 50's berkeley san francisco, each of 53 hayward, fremont livermore sitting at 56 degrees right now. more about
6:32 am
today's nice weather and the weekend's hot weather still to come, erica. >> thank you, john. well, yes, you definitely notice that there's more cars out on the checking in on our bay bridge cam again as you're approaching the toll booths here. it's moving a little slow car pooling. those looking great. as you can see. but once you get on to the bridge. looks like it's move in both directions just at that area that we saw now in the east bay southbound 8.80. >> from oakland down to highway 2.38, you're looking at 10 minutes for your drive time and on highway one o one up from the north bay down to the south bay looking like it's looking good, golden gate bridge as well. if you're traveling from san jose to menlo park. it's 30 minutes now we see our drive times increase just a few minutes there as more people are traveling on the roads now not detecting any major collisions that's causing extreme
6:33 am
traffic. but if you happen to be traveling here on interstate 6.80, from dublin to fremont. you're looking at just 14 minutes. no problems there and on to 37 from mookie does to sunnyvale looking good at just 7 minutes. back to you. >> in the east bay. some oakland city council members claim the rise in violence and crime for the dry holiday. it has nothing to do. they say with cuts to the police budget. no police chief leronne armstrong says his officers were so bogged down responding to fires and sideshows and shootings that. >> most far which way to calls. they could respond to him. and these incidents you all came less than 2 weeks after the city council voted to redirect 18 million dollars away from the police department instead shifting that money towards the department of violence prevention councilmember noel says that are reallocating those funds from the police to community resources should not affect the department's ability to address crime. >> getting worse because we're allowing it to get worse from
6:34 am
the community into the lack of enforcement. we need to get back into the neighborhood and be able to provide services directly to the family, to the young people and to some of they got caught up in the gang activity. >> the city council actually approved a 6% budget increase for the police department and officials claim that there will not be any decrease in staffing levels until at least next summer. but oakland mayor libby schaff says inflation affects the budget costs and 2 police academies are going to be lost because the shift in money and a number of vacant positions that will not be filled. make sure to stay with us this morning because at 8.30, just a couple hours from now. we're going to have a live interview with oakland's police chief leronne armstrong and we'll ask him about the rise in violence. the money taken away from the apartment. also how he plans to address the issue. that live interview coming up at 8.30, this morning. >> in the north bay a garage can fill or yeah. garbage can
6:35 am
filled with fireworks were set off in front of a local official's home. it was in rohnert park. the city council member, willie, lynn are is shared these pictures of the vandalism of sunday night. now he wants to ban fireworks in rohnert park and others on the city council do as well. in fact, they canceled this year's fireworks show because of the potential that it posed for sparking a wildfire. the area's been extremely dry. and so they're worried about that. but the council member says the act of vandalism goes beyond protesting pirate technics. >> sunday night there was a crime committed. someone tried to send you a message and someone trying to intimidate. if you look deeper. it's as much to do with the color of my skin, the type anger that manifest type of e is not related to just >> hopes the vandalism will reopen the conversation over race in rohnert park. meantime, the decision over banning fireworks there in one of the park will be up to the voters this coming september.
6:36 am
>> a san francisco man is behind bars accused of stabbing a man on a muni bus as happened last month in the area steiner and green streets. well, the 2 men were on the bus. 32 year-old mario hills is the one who allegedly stabbed the other man twice. the victim says that he didn't know who he was. he was just sitting next to on a bus and then he was stabbed hills has been booked on several charges including assault with a deadly weapon. in the east bay of san leandro police officer was hit by a car, a driver suspected of stealing a catalytic converter was trying to get away when this happened at carpenter street near the bart station. the thief was trapped in an apartment complex parking garage when police got there and you can see what happened at the gate on that garage. an officer was struck by the vehicle. e e the officer is not badly injured. police ended up chasing the man was eventually arrested in oakland. and then later there was another catalytic converter theft on pershing drive in san leandro. no
6:37 am
arrest has been made there. san leandro. police say that catalytic converter thefts have gone up 65% last year. >> a home invasion in solano county turns deadly with police saying that a man knocked on the door of a solano county home. and when nobody answered he kicked down that door. and that is when the homeowner inside opened fire shooting and killing the man really shot ix has the story. >> it kind of blown away of lived here all my life. lives 18 years and thus far the most eventful thing that's happened in this neighborhood, a piece of plywood which covers the front door of this vintage valley drive home is the only indication that something happened here. >> police say the couple were having breakfast when they saw an unknown man through their ring camera knocked on their front door when the homeowners didn't answer the door. the suspect only did knock the door down. get off the hinges. >> an attempt to make entry in the house. the homeowner defend themselves and fire grounds. the suspect fleeing
6:38 am
and then you obviously called us and has forced them police say the homeowner fired 2 shots with his handgun. >> when officers arrived, they found the suspected intruder across the street suffering from at least one gunshot wound to the chest despite first responders doing cpr. the man died at the scene. he was in possession of a semiautomatic handgun was loaded with an extended magazine. police identified him as a 27 year-old to sin city resident who was on active parole for a home invasion in alameda county. neighbors were concerned for the welfare of the homeowners stopping by even bringing flowers they're wonderful family. and there. >> well liked in the community. and i'm really grateful that nothing more serious might happen to them. >> rowena shaddox fox 40 news. >> it's in national news. nearly 2 weeks now since the condo collapse in surfside, florida. the death toll has now climbed officially to 36. but more than a 100 people are still missing. miami dade
6:39 am
county fire chief says the search teams have found nothing positive like any livable spaces in the debris so far it's still officially called the search and rescue mission. but the mayor says that families are preparing for news of a tragic loss. the collapse in florida has a lot of people wondering could something like that happen to any of our buildings here in the bay area. experts say that california buildings have added protections. kron four's. dan kerman has a closer look. >> this phase ii of that have noted that is extremely bit of a a structural engineers say the collapse of the condominium complex in surfside, florida is likely due to numerous factors. >> they could you additional lot of time. exposure maybe situation. was this. that people just got this trough of collapse. and also in that they do not mean to nuts in the bay area. concerns have
6:40 am
centered on the millennium tower which now is undergoing a structural upgrade due to its sinking and leaning. >> but structural engineer ronald hamburger who has been monitoring the tower settlement since 2014. >> says settlements experience by millennium. tower have not compromised its stability and safety. he also says the tower was designed to stringent earthquake resistance standards and is a much tougher form of construction. the typical buildings in florida structural engineers agree the way buildings are designed in california is an advantage. >> well, when we designed for simply can't resist too much. you can be pro the in the system. pro the city and see. and in for this particular it provides this so-called on no pass which means some members that. the whole system doesn't
6:41 am
collapse structures built more than 30 or 40 years ago. prior to those standards remain of concern. >> especially those that have not been maintained and building owners and occupants should be. >> aware of the condition of their structure understand what it looks like as it ages. and to call a structural engineer if they see signs of distress or deterioration. but california also has stricter inspection standards following 20 fifteen's. >> deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. this legislation has led to a heightened awareness by all condominium associations and management companies. >> that within 7 years they have to continue to inspect these deaths with a structural engineer and or architect. and by that i mean not just a cursory inspection. >> structural engineers also say just like after the berkeley collapse. we saw greater regulations. they say once it's determined what caused the florida collapse.
6:42 am
we will likely see greater regulations as well. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. >> and 6.41. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news preparations are underway for the governor's recall election. how officials are gearing up in the state's capital. and britney spears wants to retire from music has now her lawyer has resigned ahead of a key court date over her conservatorship. and quite the range of weather across the bay area today. we've got 60's 50's near the coast. it's going to stay gray and fairly blustery out that direction. >> well for inland areas. when your last chances to enjoy some mild weather with 70's and 80's for your highs today.
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>> 6.45 is the time and check this out. for all of us. california. residents disneyland is going to be discounted for us for a limited time now. now they do what was it a week ago now that i live. yeah, it was so great. so here's the deal. and the $3 a day is what you'll get. but you have to buy a three-day pass and it's a one park per day pass if you want to park hopper, they'll charge an extra 55 that's still cheaper, though. so check it out. if you want to stay at one of the disneyland resort hotels, the lafayette 25% off certain rooms. you have until september 30th to make a reservation before this deal goes away. so you know what, now? >> i i sit mom says i don't
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need 3 days. i do. i do. >> it's it's all one count. but we stayed from morning till night and of extending their hours now, when i went they were closing at 9 and now they're closing at plus july 4th. they started fireworks again. >> so i missed out on all that stuff that you get in on and one day it was all right. so enjoy that if you want to take part good one to get down there this weekend to anything to escape the it will be nicer than our inland valleys, at least. yeah, they'll still have at least some of that cooler ocean air at disneyland itself. once you head to the inland empire, though it will be just like our inland valleys here in the bay area hot. >> we're really things changing pace as we work our way into this upcoming weekend that means areas like san jose, which have been beautiful the past few days and are about to be in for another beautiful day today are about to be in for a warm-up. nor cal how the weather center forecast does show a little bit of cloud
6:47 am
cover sitting up above the south bay some brightness piercing through. but this cloud cover is intrusive. it is pushing well inland this morning. that's the sure sign, though, that you've got the cool ocean air that swept in during overnight hours. high pressure is going to continue its process of building going to cut off that foggy blanket from our inland areas and in turn is going to result in some really hot conditions we now do have excessive heat watches that will take effect friday afternoon through monday evening for all of the inland portion of the state. and that includes solano county here in the bay area. i'm expecting more pockets of heat advisories to pop up by the time we reach the weekend once these temperatures really start climbing upwards as for today still have that cool coastal breeze, which is kind of a nuisance from time to time. but hey, it does rescuer inland areas from the heat, even though it keeps or conditions at the coast. a little on the blustery side that will be the case today. 60's and 50's at the coast gray blustery keep the jackets close for coastal areas. well,
6:48 am
bayside areas you're in for another beautiful one. redwood city at 75 palo alto and mountain view at 76 santa clear in milpitas each at 77 with san jose at 79 today, fremont union city dublin snow as well as san ramon all in for some 70's later today. while conquered a warm 85 oakland at 70 antioch in vacaville are only 2 90's today and joined by more 90's come tomorrow. that's when we really start to see temperatures climbing with friday and saturday as well sunday, for that matter being are very hottest of days. smack dab in the middle of the weekend. so if you need an escape from the heat had to the coastline or even close to the bay. these areas are going to be much more tolerable. also note that fire danger is going to be increased as temperatures warm back up. erica, thank you john. well, it is moving a little slower on the san mateo bridge because we have more people crossing, as you can see, compared to when we last checked in. >> but it's looking like there's no major traffic accidents anywhere on the bridge, including the high
6:49 am
rise or the other direction as you're coming to the east bay. dumbarton bridge is also looking great as well. you're looking at a quick 12 minute drive across out to menlo park. no issues there out in the east bay as well on interstate 80 from san leandro to milpitas. you can expect about 26 minutes. of course, drive times gone up just a couple minutes because more people are out on the road. so here on interstate 6.80, from pacheco to danville. it's about 12 minutes notice or drive time from antioch to concord on the 4. that's increase just a little bit to 28 minutes. but that's normal for this time of the morning and on the 84 from fremont to bayfront expressway. you can expect a 12 minute drive time. back to you. 6.49. >> election officials across the state are gearing up for the governor's upcoming recall election set for september 14th normally officials have about a 190 days to prepare for an election. but this time they have just 75 days. we are
6:50 am
all working. >> very diligently to secure locations. now we have a day locations to secure our poll workers to work with our printers to make sure that our materials are printed on time and that ballots are delivered to voters in time. >> candidates hoping to replace governor newsom have less than 10 days to file the formal paperwork to be in the running before the pardon process starts every california voter will get a ballot in the mail counties will start to send them out on august. 16th. the secretary of state is working to determine which covid related protocols will be in place for the election. >> britney spears is battling against her conservatorship as we know and now she may be alone ahead of a key court hearing her longtime manager and her court-appointed attorney have resigned. yes. nancy loo has the latest. >> britney spears has yet to
6:51 am
publicly respond to the latest bombshells in her life. the reported resignation of her longtime manager, larry, rudolph and the intention to resign by her court-appointed attorney sam ingham. he has been her attorney says 2008. he's racked up. >> more than 3 million dollars in the legal bills since that time, including one $400,000 last year. so this is a huge development. all warner has to say is there's a breakdown. >> confidential communications and partly that's usually about. and then the court needs to a different attorney. a different attorney would need to be appointed by the la superior court judge who has presided over the conservatorship for the past 13 years. >> it was granted to her father, jamie spears after a series of brittany breakdowns. we're going to keep fighting until britney is free. the free britney army rallied outside court last month as a singer testified for the first time on her own behalf. she called the conservatorship abusive and sided extreme
6:52 am
restrictions such as forced birth control. >> there are no indications that has acted on britney's wish to end the conservatorship. >> as an attorney, you still to advocate the fight on behalf of your client and for him not to file that petition immediately and instead want to withdraw from the case, frankly bizarre and one of many just really strange developments in an already strange kids in another development. does britney spears plan to retire from music. >> while spears continues to pose many performances on social media. her longtime manager, larry rudolph is indicating it's her intent to officially retire in a letter to the co-conservators obtained by deadline rudolph announced his formal resignation and said he hasn't been in contact with spears since she suddenly called off or run in las vegas in 2000, 19 her professional wishes will depend on how the conservatorship plays out. >> really becomes a question
6:53 am
of can she manage her own so it's really hard to know where she is at any given point in time. ultimately will be up to penny to figure this all out. >> that was nancy loo reporting for us this morning. 6.52 is the time. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby.
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my name's lucas. 6.55 steph curry did it again. another record shattered, though, this one was his baseball card sold for 5.9 way not as baseball basketball cardinal still looks like the baby-faced assassin doesn't it is so young when 9 million. that's a record highest ever paid for a trading card that beat out the one that used to be the most expensive one that was lebron james rookie card now in seoul for 5.2 million. that was just back in april and you know who's buying is not some, you know, rich fan. >> it's actually an investment group yeah. called ault and they have a basically a vault of 50 million dollars worth of sports cars that are memorabilia. it's an investment. as too bad. i know i'd like to go to a fan, right. or like you can see in a museum and >> 6.56 right now. we've got lots more ahead in the next
6:57 am
hour. recent spike in violent crime in san francisco has city officials worried about the impact on tourism. we'll take a look at that. plus a spike in violence in oakland as well. and the debate over funding or not of the police department and the meeting today could go a long way to determining if the a's stay in oakland. we'll have a live report. when our daughter and her kids moved in with us... our bargain detergent couldn't keep up. turns out it's mostly water. so, we switched back to tide. one wash, stains are gone. daughter: slurping don't pay for water. pay for clean. it's got to be tide. ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin? for softer clothes that are gentle on your skin, try downy free & gentle downy will soften your clothes without dyes or perfumes. the towel washed with downy is softer, and gentler on your skin. try downy free & gentle.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us wednesday. it's gray outside which is good news. i'm darya folsom is and i'm james fletcher. yeah. a little gray, a little cool. we're gonna i wish we still had a couple days from now. we've got a great picture to show you guys a new perspective. yeah. we've got william one of doctors out there giving us roving camera shots and he's got alcatraz nice in the frame for us to enjoy this morning. but yeah, you definitely see those gray skies overhead makes me fulsome >> sister kind snow we got we had this morning. but yeah, john. >> how much longer do we get to enjoy this before things get really hot inland. so it's really just to today, the last


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