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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 7, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> good morning and thanks for joining in at 8 o'clock on wednesday i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher halfway through the weekend. one step closer towards a very hot weekend ahead. yeah. just be ready for that. yeah. virtual toe out on that pavement tomorrow afternoon and could get burned john has seriously, especially if you're watch walking the dogs outside. a good reminder. as we start to heat up now in our inland valleys. once you start to see those 90's in triple digits. i want to walk the dog earlier in the morning because that concrete gets really hot today. not going to be one of those days. quite yet, though, we're still hovering under that low lying cloud cover this deep marine layer that's been keeping much of the bay area cool well over the past week, ewing outside at pier 15 in the bay bridge in the distance cloudy blanket sitting above. you're not driving through it necessarily this morning. but we are getting the cooling impact from it a little bit of mist from time to time across the bay area skies will clear
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later on today. for a bayside in inland spots making for really comfortable and enjoyable afternoon. it's going to stay cloudy at the coast, though, and with the blustery wind. well, through the day you want the jacket if you'he hanging out towards the water as for temperatures right now, most of us in the 50's. morgan hill in livermore. 57 pittsburgh at 61 while oakland alameda hayward, fremont and dublin. 56 i've got more on your forecast. still to come first, though, on over to erica. and how are the roads do it. >> i have an out here in our renda because it was slow. one of the lanes was blocked earlier believe a car broke down on state route. 24 heading west near gateway boulevard. but you can see we're back in the green. so much better compared to when we last checked in on however, if you are taking the bay bridge this morning. it's still looking a little slow as you're approaching the toll plaza here. but once you pass that, it should be a quick drive into the city. 16 minutes from the man's to fremont street out on 8.80
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there from oakland to highway 2.38 you can expect about 13 minutes, but notice a lot of cars on the roads. as you can see there. different colors. we're not all in the green like before more people out and about in the south bay 35 minutes from san jose to menlo park. so yes, drive times increasing that this is pretty normal for this time of the morning here in the bay area. >> on interstate 80 from san leandro to milpitas. you're looking at a drive time of under 30 minutes and on to 37 from milpitas to sunnyvale. just 7 minutes. back to you. >> 8. '02, and happening today. a critical meeting to review the oakland a's billion dollar proposal for a waterfront stadium. they really wanted to pass. and a green light today would move it closer towards an actual vote by the oakland city council kron four's, camila barco joins us with the very latest now from the newsroom. good morning. commute. >> good morning, guys. yeah. according to the city of oakland has proposed ballpark could be the largest private
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investment in any major league baseball park nationwide and today will be the first time city leaders have the opportunity to discuss the terms for a potential deal and financing options. the new open days ballpark would look something like this. if the plan is approved, the waterfront stadium at the howard terminal site with seat about 34,000 people. the project would also include a new vibrant district featuring a 400 room hotel. 3,000 units of affordable housing and entertainment complex and new jobs to 12 billion dollar project and the team has asked the city for grants to help build it. the a's president says it's not just the team benefiting from the proposal. >> it's actually going see an incredible amount of benefits in terms of community benefits, things like money for affordable housing workforce development. the question is does oakland want a baseball team. it sounds so simple, doesn't it. but it really does come down to that. what i am saying.
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>> be careful what you wish for because if the aged to leave and mark my words, if there's no ballpark deal done. they are right at the end of baseball's had it. >> the oakland coliseum has been the a's home since 1968 if the project goes through, they plan to revitalize the coliseum with a large park. new housing and a community gathering space. according to the mlb. now, the a's president says he and the owners remain committed to oakland. however, the commissioner says they can look elsewhere and they've already towards locations in las vegas. now the oakland's mayor is on 4 city council members are still debating and they are the ones that have the last word. today's meeting starts at 10:00am. there is a boat on the ballpark scheduled for july 21st and now it's all right. james, there is a lot riding on this today will be an indication if the stadium does become a reality back to you guys and we'll see. thank you very much for the update.
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coming. >> 8. '04, is the time and today governor newsom is going to be in contra, costa county, part of his clean california day of action where he's highlighting a new initiative meant to revitalize public spaces with things like litter removal and beautification projects. the event starts in an hour or so at 9.30 this morning. and this morning police in burlingame are warning of a mountain lion that's roaming around the 1800 block of loyola drive. that's where somebody spotted him jumping a fence. but by the time police got there, they couldn't find the big cat. >> we'll take a look at this new video just released from the oakland police department which shows a television news crew being robbed. watch the left side of your screen. the camera person is approached by 2 people who then try and wrestle the camera way. but look at security guard comes into view. appears to be armed. and that's what scared these thieves off will loop it against. you can see this was just outside the oakland city hall back on june 28th. the
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crew was in the middle of an interview when those 2 men, as you can see approach the camera man. and then that's when the struggle began. the security guard was able to keep them from taking the camera both robbers ran off there. still at large this morning. the news crew was actually interviewing oakland's new head of the department of violence prevention when that robbery happened. another big story this morning growing concerns across the bay in san francisco's. we're seeing a rise in crime there as well. start to impact the tourism industry. we've got video that is gaining national attention where 10 shoplifters were running out of a neiman marcus. >> in union square on monday. they stole whole bunch of expensive handbags city data shows that since the economy started reopening in may. this type of theft says up 41% compared to this time last year and business leaders want something done about it. >> that only government is responsible for public safety. and we want to work with pasta makers in san francisco law enforcement and the district
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attorney to find solutions because this is unacceptable and the citizens of san francisco should be up all night even not just the retailers its citizens. you have a right to work in a safe environment and the right to shop in a safe environment. this is terribly disturbing and really enough is enough. >> the city can tolerate and the longer it just wants to fully recover. we need to make sure our streets are safe. the feel comfortable coming here conventioneers feel comfortable coming to san francisco. >> a recent city poll finds 8 out of 10 people believe that crime has gotten worse and a lot of people say they eventually think they might leave because of it. >> new body camera video has been released. now showing the tense moments leading up to a deadly shooting involving sheriff's deputies in the east bay. this was back on april 17th. it was on second street in, hey, we're not far from haywood high school. as a matter of fact, this is video from the scene. the alameda county sheriff's department said they responded after calls came in of a man threatening people with a gun
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and when police arrived, they say the suspect tried to shoot a deputy and that's when fellow deputies returned fire killing that person we have a portion of the video showing the moment that that happened. it might be difficult for some to watch. but we want to play a portion of it for you. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> and you can hear there was a lot of gunshots there in this encounter. investigators say the man fired multiple shots at police. first. one of those bullets grazed a deputy. the person who died has only been identified as a 26 year-old man. apparently with an extensive criminal history. you could hear him, though, in that video telling tell my mom that i love are and that's when he opened fire. if you want to watch this video in more detail. we do have it
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posted on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> it's 8 '08 in the north bay. sandra fills biggest homeless encampment which was under highway one. oh, one was dismantled by caltrans plowed over kron four's. morning. kelly takes a look at where they're placing those people who were evicted. >> caltrans crews showed up to begin clearing the encampment that had been made up of dozens of tents spread underneath the one o one freeway and central sailor fell and some former residents are unhappy about it. it's heartbreaking. >> see how marine county treats homeless. it's it were an eyesore or people anymore. but courtney hop is one of the lucky ones. she says she was placed in a hotel room a few days ago. and my world this >> still gift couldn't bear to watch the dismantling of her tp that she says served as both for home as a makeshift church for the community. she's lived among for about a year. it's where we gather likable. we have problems for. they us they're people can do
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donations are. >> to caltrans says there's been a year-over-year doubling of reports of fires violent crime and stepped in this area. officials say more than half of those living here took up the offer of moving into new tents in what's being called a service support area. it's also under the freeway about a block away. but with things like restrooms and security. >> it's a collaboration with caltrans and the city of samara fell going to lead us to. >> a path of finding permanent housing. and if it is great. so it's likely know we can help them and what services they need. and for example, we have outlets that they can charge their phones on to the case. workers can call them. and get a hold what chrysler is still sad about her tp being demolished. >> and doesn't like the idea of being fenced in. she acce-ted a tent at the service port area. well, this is just a temporary solution. last month. the city council voted vet the idea of launching its own safe sleeping pilot program. maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>> now to some breaking international news the president of haiti has been assassinated. the reports this morning said that jovenel mo ease was killed in his home earlier this morning. his wife, the first lady of haiti has also in the hospital right now being treated for her injuries. the president was just 53 years old. we know he spent most of this past year waging a political war with the opposition over the terms of his presidency. there's been a lot of turmoil in haiti over the past year. and this morning. here's their president has been assassinated. we'll take a break. it is 8.11. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, garbage can full of fireworks is set off outside the home. >> of a bay area city council member will tell you why he thinks there was more to it than just vandalism may be racism. have a heart plus president biden is tackling the uptick we've seen in cyber attacks across our country will have the latest details coming from washington, dc and one local gas station is charging nearly $6. a gallon
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for gas and it doesn't look like it's going to get any cheaper. >> and it's very foggy outside in san francisco. look at this. huge a staying race so far today in london, bayside areas getting some sunshine later on the joy. it temperatures are going to heat up later on in this forecast. i've got the details. >> and i've been keeping my eyes on the roads this morning after the break, i'll let you know if there's any major accidents that could be impacting
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>> for your money this morning. gas prices continue to skyrocket in san francisco. we found a station that was actually charging 6 bucks a gallon. you believe it for the highest grade. still, that's the highest in the regular was pretty darned close to $6. we've got kron four's. jonathan mccall with the story. >> blood and 4 gallons. really what we're seeing right now this is an increase in the match and the demand for diesel prices continue to rise get a seven-year high. filling up. your ride is about to get downright unbearable for millions of california drivers. the price of crude pretty much dictates what we're going to see down the line a surge in crude oil fueled by the busy summer travel season. in the world finally reopening from the covid-19 pandemic. >> have spiked prices to its highest level since november 2014, nearly 7 years we've been seeing them rise for the last couple of weeks, which leads us to believe
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unfortunately, gas prices will continue to rise throughout most of the summer. in addition to that, california drivers are also dealing with a gas tax increase that took effect on july. 1st skyrocketing prices at the pump are being felt all across the golden state including here in the bay area. take a look at this. kron 4 found a gallon of regular unleaded at this shell station in soma going for nearly 6 bucks bay area drivers continuing to feel the biggest pinch in their wallets paying nearly a buck 30 more than the national average. the most of any area in america. something needs to change. >> because it it it puts a financial strain on everybody because i mean, i'm a full-time student. i don't have a chance to work as much as i would have liked to. so it's just like. i can't do some of the things i like to do it's difficult. i mean it it's cutting into what i make because i have to pay double for gas. what i paid 3, 4 months ago. you know, i mean,
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it's gone up so much if it makes it everybody. avila says if you're looking for some relief for your wallet. good luck. >> it's not coming anytime soon. >> we will likely see gas prices continue to increase anywhere between 10 to $0.20 per gallon. so, you know, if you plan to do since summer driving his know your repaying a little in san francisco jonathan mccall. >> kron 4 news. bicycle. yeah. >> i mean, i'm just thinking outside of the box aired on fs and to work work so well at ferry boats, though we still got the commuter car ferry. >> yeah. gas prices going up and so our temperatures hot this and temperatures going up a lot, guys. we've enjoyed what's been some really nice weather lately. that's not something that's going to stay around after today. so for
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inland areas where you've enjoyed some 70's 80's under warm us. >> really savor today because it's about to get up into the triple digits come the weekend. noticeable coastal breeze. but you can see the bay bridge under this foggy to cloudy blanket that sitting right across the bay area this morning. high pressure will build back in cut off that cool ocean air from pushing further and further inland. and that means temperatures inland will really start to rise bayside in coastal areas will continue to be. you're cool spots to get to if you need to escape these excessive heat watches which take effect from friday into monday. right now it's just a county for the bay area. that's going to be affected. but i expect to see a few more parts of the bay lit up and advisories especially come the weekend winds today will continue to keep temperatures pretty moderated pushing in from the coastline and our warmest temperatures today will just be the low 90's in antioch in vacaville elsewhere. it's pretty solid 60's 70's to 80's concord 85 oakland 70 hayward at 69 for the high today. a look ahead in our next 7 days here does show temperatures
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really rising into friday saturday and sunday are very hottest 2 days. that's when we'll be well into the triple digits. inland bayside in coastal areas. continuing to remain mild at least see and know where to get to. you need to escape the heat. erica. >> thank you, john. well, it is moving a little slow there as you're approaching the richmond. sandra fell a bridge and about to hit the tolls. but after you get past that it is fast afterwards in both directions. about 10 minutes out to highway one. oh, one numbers. just a couple minutes. a higher then earlier and one. oh, one up and down the peninsula in the south bay not too bad 34 minutes from san jose to menlo park pretty normal for this time of the morning dumbarton bridge looking good 82 menlo park is about 13 minutes and out in the east bay here interstate 80 from san leandro to milpitas. you can expect about 26 minutes. if you're taking state route 4 from antioch to concord. you can expect about 20 minutes as well. and 6.80,
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from checotah danville. a 16 minute drive time ask for the 2.37 from milpitas to sunnyvale just 7 minutes. back to you. >> thanks. a lot of state 19 and today president biden meets with several federal agencies to try to find a solution to the rave of or wave of ransomware and cyber attacks that we've seen. we've seen uptick here recently our dc correspondent anna wiernicki has more on the story. >> president joe biden says that damage to us businesses in the biggest ransomware attack on record appears minimal. but we're still gathering information on friday. the miami based software company was awarded that one of its remote management software is was under attack. the company said they immediately shut down within an hour. but on monday, the hackers who some are linking to the russia affiliated rebel group demanded a 70 million dollar payment in bitcoin to restore the affected data. i feel good about our ability to say has
8:21 am
said the attack never posed a threat to critical us infrastructure, something president biden declared off limits during a summit with russian president vladimir putin last month as the president made clear to president putin when they met the russian government cannot. i will not take action against criminal actors residing in russia. we will take action or reserve the right to take action on our own. white house press secretary jen psaki says the administration is now mapping out an interagency response. there's more that can be done and it warrants and requires an interagency process and discussion in order to move those policies forward. psaki also says that meetings are ongoing between russian and u.s. officials to address cyber security concerns. but some republicans, including house minority leader kevin mccarthy say that's not enough. mccarthy criticized the president's approach tweeting biden is soft on crime and week against putin. >> and zaki says there's a
8:22 am
meeting scheduled for next week between us and russian officials to address cybersecurity in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> 8.21. >> and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the recent condo collapse in florida has some people in the bay area worried and wondering could our millennium tower a collapse like that. we'll tell you why experts say it's completely different situation.
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>> 24 in national news out of south florida. the death toll in the condo collapse in surfide. the surfside is now officially at 46, they recovered the remains of 10 more people from the rubble rubble just in the past 2 weeks since they've been looking. but there are still more than a 100 people unaccounted for. and as you can see, they are digging through a mound of rubble now that they have demolished the building and it's safe for the rescu rs to go in. they're still calling it a search and rescue, even though they say that it is very unlikely that anybody survived this. they didn't find any livable spaces so far in this debris now that they have been able to get to the rest of the debris. they're going to continue there. hard work of digging through looking for remains. >> and that condo building, as we know, it's been slowly sinking for years before it ultimately collapse. and that, of course, has a lot of people
8:26 am
concerned about san francisco's millennium tower, which is also sinking. fortunately the tower is undergoing at the moment. a structural upgrade to fix that and a structural engineer has been monitoring the tower since 2014 says the sinking in the leaving experienced by the millennium tower has not in any way compromised its stability or its safety and a lot of experts that we've spoken to agree that overall california buildings in general have a leg up on others across the country because ours are. designed to withstand earthquakes. >> here in california. we do have to design for seismic loads and those seismic floods are very large. and so they inherently create a more robust structure from the lateral perspective, a lot are loading perspective than many other locations in the united states. >> experts say we could also see more regulation once the cause of the collapse in florida is determined. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. we're going to talk live to police
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chief about the funding of the department and the recent rise in crime.
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>> it 29 and the heat is common one more day, which means tomorrow. it is, john, what's the word for folks just joining us. yeah. today's the last one, guys and then it's back to that summer heat for inland valleys with daytime highs climbing well into the 90's and triple digits come the weekend. hey, at least that wasn't on the 4th of july weekend. we enjoy that we're
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going to be looking outside at a little bit of cloud cover this morning. that's a sign of our last cool day that ocean cool their sweeping inland across the bay area, keeping things cool all the way into our inland valleys. so right now we're in the 50's later today. most of us are 70's 80's. only a couple of 90's in the mix after today. there's about to be a lot more of those. i'll get to that in the rest of your forecast. erica. >> thanks, john. well, no major traffic accide1ts right now. however, if you are taking i 5 80 west in oakland and trying to transition to the 24 east. one of the lanes as block. so just a heads-up could be a little slow out there. checking in on some of our drive times around the bay area interstate 6.80, from dublin to fremont. you're looking at 14 minutes and from milpitas to sunnyvale on the 2.37 a seven-minute drive time. back to you. >> a big story that oakland is talking about is how to solve the problem of violence. they
8:31 am
are seeing a lot of a violent crime meantime, the budget is seems to be decreasing and there are calls for people to her for the defunding of the police department joining us to talk more about that is oakland's police chief leronne armstrong. >> chief, our truck. thank you so much for joining us this morning. i know you guys had a very intense 4th of july holiday weekend, perhaps. maybe you could talk a little bit more about that too. >> yeah. we had a challenging 4th of july 7 inches. this shooting related incidents, one of which was unfortunately homicide. so we had tremendous challenges over the weekend along with excessive fireworks activity throughout the city. so it was a difficult weekend in the city of oakland. >> and you are saying actually, you're from oakland and you've never seen, you know, destruction at this level and the fireworks and everything that's going on right now. >> yeah. i mean, i'm from oakland been with the police department for over 2 decades.
8:32 am
department for over 2 decades. and thi 4th of july's. and i've seen particularly the celebratory gunfire. we've seen people using firearms. much more to be seen in the past and obviously that creates dangerous situations for entire community so that was concerning well, and also seeing like every city in the bay area frankly, that has sideshows you see more of those 2. >> and those have been you know, mean, they've injure a lot of people like it's likely. i haven't heard of anybody killed. there's been a lot graffiti and vandalism that goes along with that. that affects the local businesses nearby. >> unfortunately, while we were addressing the 7 shootings later that evening. we did incur a pretty large and violent side show up to 300 vehicles additional 200 it was very challenging for us as they shot in the air as they pop and as they threw objects at officers. so very
8:33 am
challenging for us to while still trying to manage violence at the same so we are our capacity. >> well and would it be more challenging or better solution to figure out how to do this with less money because there's been calls to take some money from the police budget and put it elsewhere mean. what's the solution? >> well, for esta solution is calling everybody in our community to stand with us and come together and unite behind gun violence in the city of oakland. that's why the saturday i'll be holding a rally at lake merritt at 12 o'clock taking a stance against violence in the city of oakland. we all want to live in a safe city. i'm asking community come out because law enforcement won't be able to do it alone. it will take the department of violence prevention the police department but also most importantly, the community. we all need to be united in our effort to live in a safe city and it starts with us saying clearly and openly that we
8:34 am
want people to put the guns down in the city of oakland. >> well, and i guess it's going to have to be at right with less money, potentially going the police department. you're going to need more involvement from the community to help not only solve that prevent some of these crimes. are you looking for more feedback from the community or maybe tips. what would you like the community to do. >> so. we like feedback from the community would like the to gain a relationship with the department. but also we want the community to begin to practice safety at the block level really at the community level, really organizing together to help work with the police department to address issues. it's obvious that we all have all the resources we need to address this alone. it is really going to take a collaborative effort between community and department of violence prevention. but i believe united as one city. i think we can do it. >> and is it going to take a whole new approach. like is there a re imagining that needs to happen. they're here
8:35 am
in how the police respond and what they do and just how the forces even put together because people don't feel comfortable coming to the police. >> yeah. and really that's what this weekend's rally is the beginning. it is beginning of developing a relationship between community and police so that they can increase their trust in law enforcement. we will also be branching out into doing a series of town hall meetings across our city. small meetings were communities. having those discussions the past police department and what kind of police department we are today. i really believe that this police department has turned a corner and we are prepared to be the police department that their community can believe in can trust. >> i wonder if you feel different than you did when you were a kid like i wonder of all kids these days feel different back in the old days when you saw a cop and you're like yay help is on the way, right. like it meant to you
8:36 am
great. they're here to help me. and i wonder if now the community at large has an opposite feeling and they say, oh, no, police are here. this is trouble. for me. do you think there's a it's all different now. >> well, i think there's been incidents that have happened across our country. that's had an impact on law enforcement profession as a whole. what i'm confident in the u.s. at the men and women of the local police department come to work every day and do a job. they go into some very difficult circumstances every night they do it safely and so i hope that our community recognizes that they are facing the challenge every day of keeping this community safe. and essentially we're at a point where we're just asking for the community's help and support because we are not going to be able to do this without him. >> right. i they don't want they want to see the crime stop to, i think everybody's looking for ways to to make it stop and speaking of which there was recently that horrible a shooting on the
8:37 am
party bus. so we love yeah, maybe there'd be an update on on that. it can you can you give us any update on solving that. >> yeah, that investigation is being led by the california highway patrol. local police department is assisting with that investigation. any additional for the update on that investigation will be released by the highway patrol. we are definitely assistant in any way that we can. >> you know, curiously during mentioned you. you've been in oakland a long time and the list of things you'd like to fix and improve is equally as long. if there was only one thing that you would be able to do in your time there as chief of police. what's the one problem that you wish was solved. by the time you were no longer in that office. >> i think the most important thing is to build trust and department. that we develop a relationship were community feels like they can trust and rely on police in the city
8:38 am
>> well, at great. and and i think everybody is hoping for that. terrific chief armstrong, thank you so much for joining us this morning. i hope we have continuing conversations as a lot of folks there in oakland are interested in your ideas and and hope as well that you're successful in bringing down the crime rate. >> thank you so much. thank >> thank you so much. thank you for having >> thank you so much. thank you for having all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure.
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>> if 40 is the time and in the north bay, a garbage can filled with fireworks was set
8:41 am
off in front of a local official's home in rohnert park. it was city council member, willie, lynn areas and he shared this picture of the that he found sunday night. now he wanted to ban fireworks in rohnert park. the city of talk about it, the even cancel their fireworks show this year. the biggest concern of course, is the potential for sparking a wildfire. that whole area has been extremely dry, as has been the entire bay area. but the council member says this act of vandalism seems to go beyond just protesting over that. >> sunday night there was a crime committed. someone tried to send you a message and someone trying to intimidate. if you look deeper. it's as much to do with the color of my skin that angry that type of e is not related to just fireworks. >> hopes the vandalism will reopen the conversation about race in rohnert park in the meantime, the decision over whether the city will ban fireworks going forward will be up to voters in september. we'll take a break. we'll be
8:42 am
right back.
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>> it's a 44 right now and we are checking the weather is again, a little needed spot brighter. let's just put it right or right or we're seeing
8:45 am
more brightness through the fog genevieve the sun's get there eventually. >> it's still a little gray out there but you as the sun rises up a little bit higher things getting brighter indeed you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast today is one of our last cool ones for inland areas after today we are seeing temperatures skyrocketing for our inland cities quite hour this morning. yeah. still a little great, but you'll get there with the sunshine later on can say so much for immediate coastline, though these areas going to remain pretty foggy bayside inland areas clearing really nicely going to be looking at a good dose of sunshine later today with those 70's and 80's that we've got. i hope you enjoy it because high pressure building back in is going to block out this cool sea breeze that's been keeping us relatively cool resulting in that really warm weather. we have just around the corner. as for any advisories we have ahead of us excessive heat watches take effect friday afternoon lasting through monday evening for almost all the entire central valley and solano county as of this point, i do expect a few more colors
8:46 am
popping up on this map towards the weekend as we do near this heat wave just around the corner. still looking at this cool coastal breeze pushing inland that's going to save us today. keeping us on the cooler side of things for another one 50's and 60's near the coastline. as i mentioned, do expect the great to be hanging out all day right along the coast, 60's and 70's on the peninsula and 70's and 80's the further south you get into the south bay, campbell right at 80 degrees. san jose. you'll be at 79 today with 3 months in union city in the 70's 60's for hayward as well. san leandro and berkeley concord 85 and only to 90's on the map antioch in vacaville. that's you 1992 degrees. well, santa rosa nevado and center fell in the 80's. as you look ahead at our next 7 days. tomorrow. well over 10 degrees warmer for inland spots. less noticeable. the difference near the bay and the coast. so you can see pretty easily where you got to get to if you want to escape the heat this weekend. anywhere closer to the bexar coast friday, saturday and sunday are very
8:47 am
hottest of days inland. and with that heat and dry weather does coming increase in fire danger. erica. >> thank you, john. it is moving a little slow out there in el serino on the 80 westbound near carlson boulevard. we do have a traffic collision. and one of the lanes is blocked right now. you can see the orange there and the red. so just a heads up if you're taking that this morning, leave a little early if you're taking the bay bridge is well, it's looking slow as you're approaching the toll plaza still. but once you pass that it should be a smooth drive into san francisco. you're looking at 12 minutes out to fremont street 8.80, southbound from oakland to highway 2 3811 minutes for your drive time and up and down the peninsula all the way to the south bay, not looking too bad there san jose to menlo parks a 30 minute drive. time for you. as for other drive times around the bay on the 2.37 peta's to sunnyvale. it's about 7 minutes. back to you.
8:48 am
>> thank you very much, erica. 8.47. is the time in the north bay. a homeowner in solano county shot and killed an armed man who kicked down his door tried to break in this happened at fairfield. the homeowner and his wife, hey, actually having breakfast at the time police responded to the vintage valley drive area getting a call that somebody had been shot and wendy or i. that's where they found the intruder dead across the street still holding his loaded gun. the homeowner was not taken into custody. a san lorenzo family suing tesla after one of its cars hit them on the freeway, killing their 15 year-old son. the crash happened 2 years ago in 2019, the teen and his father driving on interstate 8.80, when a tesla model 3 driving on autopilot, hit them from behind while they were changing lanes. the accident flip their pickup truck killing the child who unfortunately wasn't wearing a seatbelt. the family's lawsuit claims tesla's autopilot is defective. tesla hasn't yet responded to the suit.
8:49 am
>> it's a 48 and election officials across the state are gearing up for the governor's upcoming recall which is set 4 september 14th normally they have a 190 days to get ready. but this time they have just 75. >> we are all working very diligently to secure locations. now we have a day care locations to secure our poll workers work with our printers to make sure that our materials are printed on time and that ballots are delivered to voters in time. >> candidates hoping to replace governor newsom have less than fewer than 10 days now. to file the paperwork before the printing process begins every california voter is going to get a ballot in the mail and the counties of start sending those out on august 16th, the secretary of state is working to determine which covid related protocols will be in place for the election. >> britney spears is battling against her conservatorship and now she may be alone ahead of a key court hearing at her longtime manager and her court
8:50 am
appointed attorney have resigned. >> nancy loo has the latest. britney spears has yet to publicly respond to the latest bombshells in her life. the reported resignation of her longtime manager, larry, rudolph and the intention to resign by her court-appointed attorney sam ingham. he has been her attorney says 2008 is racked up. >> more than 3 million dollars in the legal bills since that time, including one $400,000 last year. so this is a huge development. all war has to say is there's a breakdown. >> confidential communications and frankly, that's usually about. and then the court meets the prime a different attorney, a different attorney would need to be appointed by the la superior court judge who has presided over the conservatorship for the past 13 years. >> it was granted to her father, jamie spears after a series of brittany breakdowns. we're going to keep fighting until britney is free. the
8:51 am
free britney army rallied outside court last month as a singer testified for the first time on her own behalf. she called the conservatorship abusive and sided extreme restrictions such as forced birth control. >> there are no indications that has acted on britney's wish to end the conservatorship. >> as an attorney you still to advocate the fight on behalf of your client and for him not to file that petition immediately and instead want to withdraw from the case, frankly bizarre and one of many just really strange developments in an already strange kids in another development. does britney spears plan to retire from music. >> while spears continues to pose many performances on social media. her longtime manager, larry rudolph is indicating it's her intent to officially retire in a letter to the co-conservators obtained by deadline rudolph announced his formal resignation and said he hasn't been in contact with spears since she suddenly called off
8:52 am
or run in las vegas in 2019 her profdssional wishes will depend on how the conservatorship plays out. >> it really becomes a question of can she manage her own affairs. so it's really hard to know where she is at any given point in time. ultimately that will be up penny to figure this all out. >> that was nancy loo reporting this morning. it is a 52. we'll be right back. at worksman cycles, we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back
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from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® .
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we're back in a 54 bay area baseball. let's take you to houston where the a's were taken on the astro oakland boy, they jumped out to a quick lead. 6 runs in the first 2 innings any other game. you think that will be enough to win but not in this one. the astro's ended up tying it in the 6th and then they added on a few more. so houston walked away with the win in 96. the final score. the 2 teams will play each other once again this evening with first pitch at 5 tents. by the way, we learned that matt olson is going to be representing the a's in the home run derby olson. the team's only representative on the all-star team. he's already put up 20 home runs this year. and if he wins the derby, he'll be just the 3rd a's player to win it joining mark mcguire and cesspit s so let's wish him luck. hope it
8:56 am
happens. well, despite another tough loss. the giants are still barely but still clinging on to a half game lead over the dodgers in the nl west. brandon crawford had a great game for the giants. he hit >> 3 hits 3 rbi. so pretty impressive. wasn't enough, though the giants ended up losing to st. louis final 65 it was a close one. the 2 teams play again tonight. first pitch at 6.45, and again, that's a home game out at oracle park. steph curry setting a record off the court. this one. >> thanks to his rookie card. it just sold for 5.9 million dollars. that's a record nobody's ever paid that much for a trading card and that includes the most recent headline from april when lebron's rookie card went for 5.2 million. so pretty impressive. it seems like these c rds get more and more when they go up for auction. we'll take a break. coming up on 8.57 in the next hour, a recent spike in violent crimes
8:57 am
in san francisco has some city officials worried about the impact it's having on tourism and the. >> just general economy we'll talk more about that as it tries to reopen and a big meeting today could go a long way towards determining the future of the oakland a's and whether or not he'll stay in oakland. we'll have a live report.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at known. >> happy wednesday. so far i'm darya folsom and we are checking out whether and traffic for you. >> on a wednesday heading into. i think is called a heat wave because there's a price or sunday. 4 days in a row. i think accounts yeah. i think it's a he wave status kind of thing ahead of us triple digits for the weekend ahead. >> at least we didn't have that over the 4th of july weekend that would have resulted in even worse and of fire danger. but what we do have ahead of us is definitely a situation that may make you want to head out to the golden gate bridge more than anything else because at least our coastal stay fairly cool. you can see a little bit of low cloud cover sitting right


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