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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 8, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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some places. but that will be burning off as we get closer to about lunch time. it is also cloudy along the coast. and that's going to stay with us throughout the morning as well. but our inland areas, it's going to be a beautiful day. we're see blue skies later on right now. we're at 56 in fremont 59 and pittsburgh. 57 in concord 50 right now in petaluma, 50 and sand to so that excessive heat watches going begin tomorrow. and last through monday, you can see the pink there. those are the areas that will be under the excessive heat watch. and you can see it extends even beyond the bay area to the rest of the day. northern california, as you can see there as well. southern california this weekend we have high pressure that will be building to the east of us. and that's why we're going to see these dry conditions and these hot temperatures here. we have san
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francisco today. but i'll i'll tell you what, we can expect in terms of our weather conditions for the upcoming week. but right now want to transition into weather and take a look at the roads right now. if you're heading into san francisco taking the bay bridge this morning. it's looking excellent so far just a couple of cars heading towards the tolls there. so you're not going to have a way yet, but i'm more people are starting to wake up and hit the road. so that's going to be a different coming up later this morning. as for the richmond, sandra fell bridge right now looking great in both directions. it's just 8 minutes heading out to one o one. there and on 8.80 heading southbound from oakland. i way to 38. you're expected to i have about a 10 minute drive time looking great there as well as the peninsula and the south bay. if you're taking highway one o one right now. san jose to menlo parks just
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26 minutes. a look at some of our other drive times right now if you're taking the 2.37 from milpitas to sunnyvale, a fast 6 minute drive time james. >> all right, thank you very much, erica. it's for 31 and a dangerous and hectic holiday weekend in vallejo has police now asking for help sideshows gunshots illegal fireworks. they all took place over several streets across the 4th of july. kron four's. dan thorn talked with police about their concerns and the changes they'd like to make in order to stop these from happening going forward. >> it's a part of bay area culture. but it's becoming a major problem here in vallejo. almost a dozen sideshows broke out across the city sunday night with a around a 1000 people taking part. police say they have limited resources to tackle this problem. and they're calling on city, state and federal leaders to help them stop the spontaneous and dangerous events. it's an issue. the delay hope police department is trying to mitigate illegal sideshows. they get distracted and vine. >> i understand that this is a
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large part of bay area culture however, you know our position as a police department is to protect and serve. >> one way of doing that says we'll uh hopefully spokesperson. brittany kate jackson is establishing new ordinances in the city. toledo's police chief is working with the city attorney to make spectating it street races and reckless driving stunts illegal participants or spectators could face up fines of up to $1000. >> including jail time of 6 months and their vehicles impounded for 30 days. people who promote sideshows may also face charges. >> the vallejo police department believes federal funding could help them address the dangerous exhibitions. the money would be used to boost staffing create a sideshow task force and improved technology. >> cameras will be set up inside show prone areas which could help to better identify the cars involved. police say the response to sideshows and associated crimes will take a concerted effort that means thinking of creative ways and
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alternatives to. >> really making sure that we can can make that we can keep residents and community members safe. >> in the past, vallejo police have teamed up with other agencies and solano and napa counties to crackdown on sideshows, but because they are happening so often their response could be improved reporting in dan thorn kron 4 news. >> 4.34 is the time and east bay ambulance company is disputing claims that they were unable to respond to every single call on the 4th of july. earlier this week oakland police chief leronne armstrong said that there was so much violence that it affected paramedics were trying to get to the shooting scenes proper. mccall has more on the story. >> as america celebrated its 200 45th birthday sunday night. the party turned violent on the streets of oakland as fireworks were met by the sounds of bullets. oakland officers jumping from scene to scene investigating 8 separate shootings in what
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oakland police chief leronne armstrong called 12 hours of chaos. >> our fall and the last system was over inundated with calls and they were unable to respond in a timely manner to the shootings available to you know, come and provide medical support it was taking a significant amount of time for them to get there, that even concerned our officers. but the company responsible for providing ambulance service to oakland and most of alameda county says that wasn't the case in a 16 hour span from sunday at 06:00pm to monday morning at 10:00am. >> folk ambulance services says its crews responded to 21 priority. one calls in the city of oakland with an average response time of 7 minutes and 47 seconds. those calls included shootings heart attacks and other critical needs overall. the agency says it handled 314 calls county wide for service in that same period. the agency says it had 34 ambulances staff and even
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some ambulances that weren't being utilized in a statement to kron 4 news folk ambulance services says the 2 are also concerned about the rapid growth of violence in the community but says that overall despite the violence calls were fairly typical for sunday night and that no mutual aid was needed from any outside agencies. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> another big story that we're following this morning. we have new video showing a deadly crash that killed a teenager back in 2019 and now the teen's family is suing tesla over it in the video. it shows a tesla model 3 slamming into a pickup truck along interstate 80 in fremont. the video comes from attorneys representing the family of 15 year-old giovanni. but don, don't. now he was ejected from the pickup died at the scene. attorneys for the family have filed a lawsuit now against tesla and the driver of that vehicle claiming the tesla's autopilot system and the driver failed to react properly to the traffic conditions. experts say tesla
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can do more to teach drivers that the autopilot feature doesn't mean the drivers free to do other things. >> the driver has to remain in control of the vehicle paying attention and the and alert and the drivers responsible. the system is not capable of operating without human supervision. and this is something that. a lot of tesla fans don't seem to understand. >> the national highway traffic safety administration is now requiring manufacturers of cars equipped with automated driving systems to report crashes. experts say this should lead to improve regulations such as requiring tesla to implement driver monitoring systems. san francisco police are asking for the public for any information. now regarding a shooting that left a 16 year-old in the hospital. that teenager was hit by a bullet while riding a muni bus on treasure island. the victim was taken to the hospital treated for his injuries which we're told were not life threatening. no arrests have been made so far. but if you
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have any information that might help police in their investigation. obviously give them a call. search teams at the site of the collapsed condo building in surfside, florida will shift their efforts. now from a rescue operation to a recovery operation. their decision comes after they finished looking through areas of debris. 10 more bodies were discovered yesterday. it's the most found in a single day at that location and it brings the death toll now to 54 with 86 people still unaccounted for. also in the news today, governor newsome made his first public appearance since the recall election was certified and he gave an official or and it was given an official date. we know that it's going to be held on september 14th and our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us now. the governor's reaction. >> i look forward to. >> the defeat. this as the recall election against him becomes a primary focus governor gavin newsome maintains he will not be distracted from his administration's other priorities. those include
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cleaning up the state's littered streets and addressing homelessness newsome speaking wednesday just off of the freeway at a clean california event in the bay area. the governor would not say how or if the september 14 special election date benefits him not to come out. the ball. he asked me what the priorities are. to get rid of this. >> emma quincy profit in the river americana kids safely back in person instruction get is back on their feet. putting away the pandemic once and for all may not happen anytime soon. 3 weeks after lifting the majority of his administration. statewide restrictions on businesses. the infectious delta variant is now california's most dominant covid-19 strain the pandemic and his administration's policies played a major role in the recall effort against him. newsome weighing in on the likelihood he'll reinstate restrictions continue to get people vaccinated healthy and necessary. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> we'll take a break for 39 coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a car crash has people in one bay area city complaining about drivers speeding through their neighborhood. well, more on
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that in a minute.
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>> all right. got all the good old.
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>> some pretty exciting moments here. a video showing us the u.s. coast guard rescuing a man who small boat capsized in san francisco bay. the coast guard says a helicopter found the man in his overturned boat up to prawns bluff point. and here you can see that coast guard rescue swimmer being lowered into the water. the boater was then hoisted up to that helicopter where they all returned to the a coast guard air station there in san francisco that person is going to be just fine. but some pretty tense and exciting moments there during the rescue. all right. 4.43. let's bring it back into the studio. we've got eric is standing by with a check of our weather and traffic this morning. good morning, erica. good morning, james. so the excessive heat watches actually been upgraded to an excessive heat warning come tomorrow through the weekend. in the meantime, right now we are seeing some cloudy conditions out there along the coast and some fog and a little bit of drizzle. >> over night. so i've been here and not nor cal honda weather center tracking this
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heat today. we're actually already going to be seeing temperatures hit triple digits in some places and we're going to see more widespread 90's in the south bay as well as our inland checking in on what we're expected to see this weekend. high pressure that will be building to the east of us there. the southeast of us. and that's why we're also going to see dry conditions as well. an extreme fire danger san francisco's expected to be in the lower 70's today along the coast, lower 60's to upper 60's in half moon bay 69 in san bruno foster city looking at lower 80's 84 in mountain view, south bay notice saying warmer temperatures there hitting the 90's today 91 in dublin, 97 in livermore, berkeley, mid 70's. >> seeing some 90's out there in walnut creek today. 100's expected from vacaville 91 in antioch going up in the north bay expected to hit 90 degrees in santa rosa. so here's our 7
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day extended forecast that the day one of that warming trend and you see temperatures there slowly starting to climb saturday will be the warmest day of the upcoming week. now let's check in on the roads and see how traffic is looking right now. if you're taking the san mateo bridge this morning. it's looking good in both directions. i don't see any issues there. 12 minutes heading out to highway one o one asked for the dunbarton bridge here. 8.80, to menlo park expect an 11 minute drive time looking smooth in both directions. westbound 24 from walnut creek to 5, 8011 minutes. and here's a look at some other drive times around the bay on the 4 from antioch to concord just a drive time of under 15 minutes on interstate 8.80, from san leandro to milpitas expecting 18 minutes. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. erica california's attorney general has announced a lawsuit against google.
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>> claiming that the company violated state and federal anti-trust laws through its google play store. according to the suit google entered into agreements with smartphone manufacturers to guarantee that google play is the only app store on those phones. the lawsuit is part of a multi-state action being brought against the company. google play store comes on. well, as you know, nearly all android devices. you can't believe it. google has denied the allegations. it says the lawsuit is without merit. in the north bay. there's growing concerns about speeding drivers in one vacaville neighborhood. a man says that his truck was totaled when an out of control driver slammed into it while it was parked in front of his home with melanie townsend. now with the story. taking my. >> afternoon nap. and it just also in the loudest crash. that you can and i had never thought that it was my truck laying on its side. but cup spent 20 years restoring his
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vintage maroon 1977 chevrolet c 10. he just installed a new bumper in spent $10,000 over the years making sure she'd run for a long all i need to do is put that interior and it >> that's where it ends. i guess his hard work came to a screeching halt on june 21st around 06:30pm, when he walked outside. >> to find his truck on its side inches away from crashing into his roommate's bedroom wall cup says 2 witnesses told him what happened? she had working up and down as she came down, want to miss that. >> and some certain point she had just decided that she was going to go straight for the house had struck not been in position. it was in. >> she would have gone right through the. >> the side of the house, the female driver of this red ford focus survived the crash in managed to get out of the car. a neighbor took this video right after the crash happened showing the alleged woman
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running down the street with what appears to be a bottle in her hand. she says she followed this woman until she was arrested just a few streets over. >> she actually split my my bed in and happier a hard thing to do. >> president says he has already complained several times to the city of vacaville about the dangerous speeding along monta vista avenue in his circumstance proves more legal action needs to be taken. >> this is ruined my life being disabled and i not be able to make much of the income anyway. well, as truck may be a total believes it was there to protect him one last time he was good to me. she's safe state but there. yeah, we're taking flatten for her. >> melanie townsend. fox 40 news. >> national news this morning, former president donald trump is taking on 3 of the country's biggest tech companies suing facebook, twitter and youtube for. well, for banning him from his side,
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from their sites. i should say, tom, the gove. it has more. >> we're demanding an end to the shadow banning. a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting banishing and canceling that, you know, so well. the lawsuits filed in u.s. district court for the southern district of florida targeting google, facebook and twitter along with their ceo's. >> twitter and facebook suspended. donald trump after his followers stormed the capitol january 6th both companies expressing concern. the president would incite more violence. twitter's ban was permanent. trump can't post on facebook for another 2 years. in addition, we are asking the court to impose punitive damages on these social media giants. >> we're going to hold big tech. >> very accountable legally. the tech companies can run
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their platforms the way they want and the courts have upheld that section 2.30 of the communications decency act allows social media companies to remove posts found to be obscene or excessively violent as long as they're acting in good faith even after being banned from social media. trump has continued to spread lies about the 2020 election baselessly claiming that he won even though officials, including his own attorney general found no evidence of mass voter fraud. not only what they less than an hour after making the announcement at his bedminster, new jersey golf course. trump's team began sending out e-mails fundraising appeals linked to the lawsuits. legal observers estimate that combined the former president, his political campaigns and the trump organization have filed more than 4,000 suits over the last 3 decades strikes me as more of a way to get media hype it does step. he's filing
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meritorious lawsuits. typically that courts dismissed similar suits and experts say these 2 are likely dead on arrival. he's implying here >> the twitter and facebook and google have violated the first amendment. by the first amendment doesn't apply to twitter google and facebook because they're private companies. >> that was tom negovan reporting the republican national committee is sending out a fundraising appeal that mentions the lawsuit. so far no response from twitter, facebook or google. now to bury baseball. the giants try to avoid a sweep at the hands of louis cardinals, bottom of the 5th we go donovan solano breaking his bat breaks his bat. >> but the ball falls into left field for an rbi double that gives the giants a two-run lead and that would be enough that i could go on to win by final 5 to 2 and now they have a game and a half lead over the dodgers in the national league west. the
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giants are off today, but they'll begin a 3 game series against the nationals starting on friday. as for the oakland a's, they're trying to keep pace with the astros in the american league oakland got off to a good start matt olson at the plate here not put the a's on the board with his 21st home run of the season. there it goes. but in the 3rd. >> the astros would take the lead with a three-run home run mission would go on to win by final of 43 the a's are now 5 and a half games behind the astro's in west standings. the 2 teams will play again this morning. first pitch is set for 1110. is out of the unfinished. we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
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and we're back at 4.55 a quick update on nasa's reentering of the space race with its first moon mission in more than 50 years. >> the space agency plans to land the first woman and potentially first person of color on the moon by 2024 and several private companies as we know, all vying to take part in one stage or another in that return to the moon commercial space exploration. could soon be a reality. >> going to launch the largest most powerful rocket ever. we are right at a new dawn of the space age and it is an exciting space age.
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>> pretty neat. nasa's first test flight of that giant rocket is scheduled for liftoff by the end of this year. it's a spacecraft that could push humans farther into space than ever before. all be watching it. and keeping you updated hour. we'll take a break. coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news we had a small cluster of earthquakes rattling the north bay this morning. we'll have a live report coming up in just a bit. plus, a bay area teen. >> drowns at lake tahoe. we're going to details on what happened coming up.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at all. >> good morning and happy thursday to i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. yeah. we are working our way closer to that hot weekend that we've been watching approach all week long. yes, you how temperatures are going to work. well, it's still a weekend. it is still so you've got that going for you see how hot it's going to get morning. erica. erica is in for john morning you guys. >> well, today temperatures will be warmer than what we saw yesterday. it's the beginning of a warming trend. in fact. >> i did see some triple digit
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senate, some spots in the bay area. and i'll tell you more about that later on. checking in on our current conditions. right now we are seeing some fog, especially along the coast. here's our berkeley camera. now that function burn off by around noon the cloudy conditions along the coast will stick with us. but by the afternoon it should see. we should see some mostly sunny skies. our inland areas are going to be beautiful today. but of course 10 to 15 degrees. warmer versus yesterday right now we're at 57 in alameda, 56 in vallejo and 52 in petaluma looking dry up and down the state right now. we have high pressure that is building and we have that excessive heat warning that will be in tomorrow afternoon through sunday tell you what else we can expect for the numbers and our temperatures later on today. but i want to check in on a current traffic conditions right now. so here's a look at our bay bridge camera heading into san francisco


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