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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thank you for joining us. on a thursday when you get there. you like to say a little frey fry. let's right that that closed friday and the the day yesterday is actually get pretty warm. but this weekend's going to get really hot. yeah. so if you think just think it can always be worse. sometimes that makes you feel better. although the saturday and sunday. so i don't that such a good thing. >> eric in the weather center for us now. good morning, erica. good morning, james and darya. well, yes, today temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. but even hotter on saturday which will be the warmest day of the week. however, currently temperatures are still cool. we're seeing some low clouds. >> along the bank coast and a little bit of fog still, which should keep burning off as we get closer to about 1130 this morning. 12 o'clock, larry c berkeley still can't really see the view because of the
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low clouds and the fog right pretty light. right now. we're at 55 out there concord, 5655 in fairfield lower 50's from santa rosa down to novato at the moment and this afternoon, winds will pick up just a little bit as for satellite and radar here looking dry up and down the state. we have that pressure that's building and given us this excessive heat warning that will be in effect tomorrow afternoon through sunday night for all of the pink that you see there and it extends even further than the bay area. in case you happen to be traveling up and down the state. the southwest going to be pretty hot. these next few days. as you can see there, i'll tell you what else we can expect here in the bay area along with the seven-day in just a bit. but i want to check in on the roads right now and get a look at traffic. so there is that traffic
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collisions still a lane still blocked. it was a semi truck forces, a sedan out on 5.80 east by santa rita road out in dublin. as for those of you who are taking the bay bridge into san francisco this morning. you do see more cars out and about there approaching the tolls. but not as bad as where it will be in another hour when more people will be there will probably see a slower way moving through the air past the tolls richmond sandra fell bridge looking great in both directions right now. i don't see any hot spots there as well as in the east bay here, southbound 8.80, from oakland to highway 2.38. looking great. and on one. oh, one from san jose to menlo park a drive time under 30 minutes righm now. here's a look at some of our other drive times on to 37 from milpitas to sunnyvale. just 7 minutes. james and back to you. >> thanks a lot of 6. '02, and breaking news from overnight. did you feel it there was a quake in the north bay. that was a 3.6 just west of lake
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berryessa napa county. that's still a very big in but you look small rumblings that the 3, 6, is probably the one you would have felt yeah. fell to any of them, though, the ones that we're like one 0.6 7001.8. maybe if you were close. >> we'll find out proper. sarah stinson is live up in napa county for us this morning where you've been gauging. reactions more. if you're sleeping, you roll over and go back to bed. >> i don't want to people feel this morning in napa county. i'm sure they feel rocked and rumbled on this thursday after experiencing so many aftershocks. the first one was just after 1230 in the latest one was at 4.30 in the morning. so been a total of 6 in this cluster. take a look at the map. so we show you exactly where this happened in angwin in napa county, the according to usgs that first one happened at 12:36am, in the morning is 3.6 magnitude earthquake. we also have a
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list that we rode out for you of the earthquakes that struck the county this morning. all those aftershocks after the 2.6 2 aftershocks reported 10 minutes or so later than 2 hours later there was another one 30 minutes later than other one in the last one was 1.8 magnitude around 4.20 this morning. so it's been intense and that's a lot of aftershocks. we reached out to usgs to get more information about this cluster. we have some questions including which fault exactly. was it nearing closest to. and then as well as you know, is this the sign of a bigger one calming it definitely makes you nervous after experiencing even just one that biggest 1, 3.6. you start to wonder of we have a big going coming in. sure enough they had after talk after aftershock. so stay tuned. we'll get you the answers you need to know from usgs. >> this morning on the kron 4 morning news for now. i'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. thank you very much, sara. >> 6 o 4 is the time and police say the level of
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illegal fireworks. this year. something they've never seen before. an undercover operation help san francisco officers and cover all of this 69 pounds of illegal fireworks that they found in the mission district officials say that each year fireworks are responsible for millions of dollars in property loss. this morning. we're taking a closer look at those illegal fireworks and what can be done to keep them out of the bay area. kron four's terisa stasio has more. all of this. >> these fireworks exploding in the skies in the east bay on july 4th captured by kron 4 leading to dangerous of fiery embers falling on to people's homes on top roofs or worse burning hands and fingers each and every one of these showy displays. >> illegal. you at least in alameda county. the amount of fireworks are going from one end of the county to the other and it was incredible. it was
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it was nothing we've seen before. sergeant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's department and bob task force says residents continue to set off fireworks 2 days after the holiday. >> despite several high-profile bust this year for example, on wednesday, the san francisco police department released these photos showing the seizure of 69 pounds. a resident arrested in san mateo, a large cash collected after an undercover bust in walnut creek this fire ignited from fireworks. an explosion at a local apartment complex. several 100 pounds taken in and destroyed it begs the question, where are all of these illegal fireworks coming from and why can't they be stopped. we have nevada next door and a lot of the fireworks are coming from nevada. >> you know, arizona, texas and other western states and so it's a lucrative the reason they come here is because there's a market for supply
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and demand. sergeant kelly says battling the illegal sales proves incredibly challenging in. but a lot of our resources were tied up with other issues during covid. crime. and, you know, trying to keep our staffing levels up mandatory overtime and the work schedule that has been put on so we did have a lot of time and resources to dedicate to doing those fireworks operations. some of those that are undercover some of the fireworks that are being offered is so dangerous and others. about the fire danger. so if you're going to do it like be smart about like don't blow yourself up. don't lose a hand or fingers. like we saw in this hockey player that was killed when firework, you know, there we see knows. critical incidents where people are. what starts out as fun ends in tragedy and theresa kron 4 news. >> will san francisco police now are searching for the person or people responsible
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for this anti lgbtq graffiti that was spray painted on the side of an apartment building in the castro district. people there could only tell police that an unknown person tag side of the building and have any better description than that. but they say the person tag the building, the plant or nearby. the sidewalk out front. it all happened around midnight on july 6. the case has been handed over now to the department's special investigation division. in the north bay police are asking for more resources now to try and stop sideshows. we saw what happened over the holiday weekend on the streets there with massive sideshows that drew hundreds of people gunshots were heard. illegal fireworks were set off all across various parts of the layer there on the 4th of july and police say they have limited resources to tackle problems when they get to be this scale. they're calling on the city leaders now to help them stop these dangerous events by doing things like drafting new laws that would make spectating at these illegal sideshows also illegal. >> participants or spectators
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could face up fines of up to $1000, including jail time of 6 months their vehicles impounded for 30 days. i understand that this is a large part of bay area culture however, you know our position as a police department is to protect and serve. >> well, police department believes that money from the federal government could help to. they say they like to use that money to boost staffing and create a sideshow task force. they also want to set up cameras inside show prone areas to better identify the cars that are involved. >> the future of the a's in oakland continues to hang in the balance. the proposed 12 billion dollars waterfront ballpark at howard terminal is their last best option. >> to stay. >> in the bay area in oakland. that's what the team president dave kaval says. >> but it will ultimately be up to the city council to decide if this project gets the green light negotiations
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continue over the project. there are also ongoing biz and proposals for the coliseum site as well, though. >> our existing lease at the coliseum only goes through 2024 we have a situation where the facility is 10 years past its useful life. and we really have an obligation and a responsibility to get some type of resolution on this. so the raiders deal when they came back from los angeles included the city and county paying for the ballpark we're paying for the entire cost of the stadium. the a's are taking the risk. all the onsite risk. >> so he's saying there that, you know, the city sort of has nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving the a's their dream letting them build it. now the city wants the age to commit to a 9 relocation agreement that would remain valid for 45 years. >> said about 20 like maybe we
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degree for 20 years, the city council set to vote the project terms. july 20 so listen to all the wrangling back yeah, because oakland doesn't want to lose another team. but it's clear that. last and i can't have been a long list. national. other cities are courting them. so state is it reasonable to assume the 4545 years. you have to promise you're not going so this is yes. is all the stuff that they're trying to deal with. we shall see. again, july 20 the big vote date will keep you covered. >> let's go to the north bay now where new irrigation restrictions have been put into place now adopted by the marin municipal water district summer in county is classified under the exceptional drought category. and you can see in this video. exactly why exceptionally absolutely need these reservoirs like puddles lowest levels. we've seen. >> decades and decades all
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right. give me the damage. one daughter one day a week. you can use spray irrigation like sprinklers. one day a and only 2 days a week. a new drip irrigation for like plants or things like that. well, i have a hose so well. i was trying to keep my plants live just with twice a week, a little spray now. i do once a week, once a week for the law in any way. county, as we know, has already been declared a water shortage emergency they set a goal for everybody to reduce their water usage by 40%. and this is going to help encourage people to one of the thing i do, by the way, with the plants since i don't have the strip saying that he's setting up a winner. i just put the bucket in the shower and then i get a little water and then i can't because so tip right great water to already producing and everybody what everybody has a james, one good still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a young man from the east bay. >> he died on a camping trip and now his family has a lot
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of questions they want to get to the bottom of what happened. >> we're going to give you the latest on that terrible story from the north bay and then also prices for rideshare companies are going up. does that mean you're going to call a cab.
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>> 6.15. is the time in a rise in the rise in pricing across rideshare apps now are pushing
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people to discover other modes of transportation or rediscover. i guess i should say, because a lot of them now turning back to taxes, e-commerce company rakuten reports prices for uber and lyft rides and they say that prices have spiked 40% nationwide and flywheel, which is the on-demand taxi cab app that was created to combat and compete with uber and lyft. well, it works with most cap companies in san francisco and the president. a flywheel says that longer wait times and surge pricing with uber and lyft is pushing people back at the caps. >> we've always had a huge flywheel app users when uber and lyft for surge pricing. but now it's you know, maybe triple think uber and lyft probably are going to readjust this surge pricing because they have been so many complaints about it but until that happens here, i think taxi drivers are in for good period of time. flywheel. >> rides are price like normal yellow taxis. they operate at steady rates following an
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initial fair. a $3.50, sometimes depending word on. i told you go to the airport was the same or cheaper depending on what time i was going with. just regular cab. you know what, they'll just a little bit investigation. you'll see the math kind of works in your favor one where the other hand, the cheaper option, 6.16 right now want to get a look at the weather because we are starting now warm-up today. erica. and day one of our warming trend is going to get hotter this weekend. >> but currently we are seeing some low clouds, especially here in san francisco should clear up this afternoon. it's going to be a beautiful out in the east bay mostly sunny skies. but warmer compared to yesterday, some places about 15 degrees, hotter than yesterday. and we're not even at our hottest point at for the week as for what's causing not. it's because this high pressure is building to the east of us. we're also going to see dry conditions which is going to cause extreme fire danger. so temperatures in san francisco today above normal.
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we're looking at lower 70's along the coast, low 60's to upper 60's out in half moon bay 77 in millbrae and burlingame today. as for saying, carlos down to mountain view. we're looking at mid 80's actually going to see it warmer in the south bay 90's today in campbell in saratoga as well as los gatos and morgan hill mid-nineties out in pleasanton 97 in livermore lower 80's in hayward, mid 80's in orinda 84 san leandro today 91 out in antioch. you can see temperatures warm around vacaville actually supposed to hit about a 100 degrees today out there. napo be around 90 degrees as well as santa rosa mill valley. we're looking at lower 80's today. let's get a check in on our roads right now and see if there's major accidents that could be causing some delays. well, here on 5.80 east near santa rita road. we did have a traffic collision with a truck
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and a sedan. so one of the lanes are still closed are working to get a tow truck out there. so could be a little slow. again, this is in dublin. as for the san mateo bridge right looking good. both directions as well. see high rise. i don't see any issues there should be pretty quick. heading out to the peninsula. 8.80, to menlo park on the down barton bridge. it's going to be 12 minutes to drive down there and on westbound 24 from walnut creek to 5.80, you're looking at 11 minutes. no delays there on 4 from antioch to concord. it's about a 22 minute drive time and on 6.80 pacheco to danville looking at 12 minutes. james and ari, i'm going to send it back to you. >> 6 19 and in national news today, president biden is supposed to speak about afghanistan just days after american troops pulled out of their main military base or dc correspondent anna wiernicki
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has the very latest now from washington. >> more than 90% of american troops have left afghanistan. well ahead of president biden's deadline of september 11. we went to afghanistan because of the horrific attack that happened 20 years ago. that can not explain why we should remain their president biden says he plans to keep 650 troops in the country primarily to help secure diplomats located at the u.s. embassy. nobody thought this is a good idea. but some republicans, including texas congressman michael mccaul say they're concerned as the taliban gains more grounds in the area. i've concerned that we will be going back afghans are going to decide their future, what they what they want. president biden has said that the u.s. will continue to support afghanistan but state department spokesperson ned price says ultimately it's time for other countries in the region to step up many of afghanistan's neighbors have been happy to the united in
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the united states alone if there is to be a just and durable settlement and a comprehensive cease-fire. >> it needs to be supported supported by afghanistan's neighbors and we hope to see the possibly. >> and before president biden makes his remarks later this afternoon. the white house says he will first meet with his national security team in the situation room to receive an update on the progress of this withdrawal. for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki back to you. all right. and thank you very much. >> time now 6.21 and coming up on the kron 4 morning news bay area rent prices are on the rise again, not what you wanted to hear. but there might be some good news. some experts are saying they won't go back to the pre pandemic go back to the pre pandemic levels. we'll see. oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread?
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great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby.
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco my name's lucas. the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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>> 6.24 for your money. bay area. rents are actually down about 15% now compared to last year but has since the pandemic has started to ease. the prices have started to climb back up again. come for us. charles clifford takes a closer look at the market. >> well, so far this year. rents are up a bit here in the bay area. but that increases starting from an overall drop. now during the pandemic prices. rental prices around
6:25 am
the bay area are down about 15 to 20%. and even though they're going up again, it's unclear exactly how high they could go. so far in 2000, 21 rents are up across the bay area compared to last year. san francisco rental prices are up about 5%. san jose is up 3% in oakland is up about 2 and a half percent. what's unclear at this point is how high rents will eventually go we're clearly seeing some growth. jeff andrews is a data journalist with some for dot com which tracks enlist rental properties. >> he expects that rental prices will continue to climb but may not get as high as they were before the pandemic. he says that many people have permanently left the bay area specially tech workers and that they may not return. we're not sure how broadly tech companies are going to top work from home policies. >> and if that is very broad and people don't return to the bay area and the same members that they are and say new york city, we might see the
6:26 am
pandemic as an that permanently lowered bay area. the real test of what will happen with the rental market could come this fall when many companies plan to reopen their offices. >> and recall workers prices could continue to climb. until then. but people don't come back in large numbers. prince could flatten out or possibly even drop. and finally, andrew says it's important to remember that even before the pandemic, people we're starting to leave the bay area and rents were starting to drop and that nothing has really happened that would reverse that trend to get back to the highs that the bay area saw several years ago. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> a high school football team is remembering one of their own after a deadly accident in lake in the live in marin county with details on the investigation. did you know that your toughest cleaning problems
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>> time. now 6.29 and we're taking a look at fog. yeah. pretty cool shot, though the transamerica pyramid. what? >> it is. for todd refers love danya it gives mood is right that picture. we love it. any time we get out there and photographed in it. and it looks like we've got some opportunities this morning. erica, in the weather center with more forecast. erica. >> hey, james and darya. well, today the low clouds and fog that we're seeing should clear
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out by the afternoon temperatures a little warmer than yesterday as we begin this warming trend, this weekend's going to be. >> even warmer. so let's take a look now at what we're seeing in berkeley. obviously not anything because of how fog right now. we can't see that view. but as i stated should be clearing. we have that high pressure building temperatures climbing. and we have that excessive heat warning that will be in effect tomorrow afternoon through thursday night for all of the pink that you see there and that goes even pass the bay area, in case you happen to be traveling this weekend. in fact, southern california, as parts as well as parts of arizona and nevada going to see temperatures well above normal because of that high pressure causing the tri conditions and hot temperatures. as for today. here's a look at some of our temperatures. we're expected to be in the 60's along the coast there and temperatures
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inland around 11 o'clock this morning will hit lower 9th 80's and then by about 2 o'clock in 90's. before we hit our daytime highs time to check in on traffic and see how the roads are doing right now. if you happen to be taking the bay bridge right about as you're approaching the toll plaza. you can see there it's moving slow. we have more cars out on the road there. more people getting up heading to work a different to them. what we saw when we last checked in here. but after you get past that, it should be pretty good. crossing the bridge in both directions and also heading into san francisco about 11 minutes out to fremont street richmond sandra fell bridge. still looking good as you're approaching the no slowdown, just their it's about 8 minutes out to one o one. so the traffic collision that happened in dublin. i believe they're still a lane blocked there on 5 80 east at santa rita we have that truck and the sedan collide. as for what
6:32 am
we're seeing on 8.80. it's looking pretty good right now. just a 10 minute drive from oakland to the to 38 james and darya. back to you. thanks a lot of 6.31 a big story, a marine county teenager is being remembered by his teammates. >> after he drowned in lake tahoe earlier this week kron four's camila barco is live at redwood high school in larkspur. >> with the story. camila. >> diane james, the victim is miles kawashima the teen just finished his junior year here at redwood high school and this past weekend he spend it celebrating with friends at lake tahoe until it was cut short kawashima was a multi-sport athlete. these are pictures of him in achion and with surrounded by teammates, he played football. the student was also on the varsity baseball team redwood high school. he was supposed to start his senior year. this fall oco. she met his friends
6:33 am
were at lake tahoe over the weekend. officials say that they got a distress call from people on a boat around 6.20, monday evening deputies arrived to sand harbor and the people on the boat were between the ages of 1718 years old. the local sheriff's department is saying that coach schima drowned in a boating accident foul play foul play has been ruled out in preliminary findings. now, meanwhile, teammates have offered their condolences to his family in a facebook post. the football team said that they are mourning the loss of their teammate acknowledged his bulls in the athletic department at redwood high school and their thoughts are with his family, friends and teammates. now, at this time it is unclear what led up to college. she miss death in the nevada department of wildlife says that they are investigating anything that that occurred. >> on the water and on the boat. we have reached out to the nevada department of wildlife for more information. as soon as we know more, we'll let you know. james, back to you. ok. thanks a lot, camille.
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>> 6.33 is the time. another big story we're following this time out of the east bay a man killed in his tent while camping in oroville over the holiday weekend. now the victim is identified as 20 year-old tyler dickson of san pablo. he was a former quarterback at elstree to high school proffers taylor's sacking has what we know so far about the story. >> tyler dickson was a well-known athlete here at el serino high school where he graduated in 2019. his godfather says that he had a college football scholarship in a very bright future ahead of him. unfortunately now that's all gone and his family is devastated still looking for answers just a great kid, though. you know, he was a kid that always worse. >> i mean, he was first to practice. he was he was blasted the andre williams was heartbroken when he learned his godson 20 year-old tyler dickson was killed on saturday. >> on a camping trip at the big will canyon marina campground in oroville located in butte county. it was just a gentle giant.
6:35 am
>> and his mom him. they've they rising, right. he he came came from from a great family. it's just tragic that this happened to a kid like that was already on scholars still says. >> dixon had a scholarship to western colorado university for football dixon graduated from el serino high school in 2019. it was the former quarterback of the football team williams says he also played basketball is really. >> devastated this community here he went the one that we knew was going to make come back and help these kids out right now. we just in morning. well, it's been a few days since dixon died. >> william says many questions still linger. he says dixon was on the trip with his girlfriend's family at the time. and later learned that dixon was shot and killed in the abdomen while inside his tent. what we do know is supposed to be someone came in his tent. >> wow. him his girlfriend was sleeping. just shot one and
6:36 am
and it shot read all 3 us and expressing what i talked to his mom snow and it doesn't make any sense. >> so far. the view county sheriff's office put out limited information and have not named any suspects. they say the investigation is ongoing and they're asking the public to come forward with any information they may have in el serino to love the psac ii kron 4 news. >> 6.36 and a big story that we're following. we have new video showing a deadly crash that killed a teenager back in 2019. the teenager's family blames tesla. so let's look at the video. this is a tesla model 3 and watch it drive up. and just slam right into the back of that pickup truck. but 8.80 in fremont. the attorneys representing the family of the teenager who died 15 year-old giovanni maldonado. they say it was the tesla's fault. the
6:37 am
boy was ejected from the pickup and died at the scene and the family attorney. they filed a lawsuit against tesla saying the driver and the vehicle. it was in autopilot and they both failed. they say the auto pilot system and the driver failed ramp proffer properly to the traffic conditions. experts say the tesla can do more to teach drivers that the autopilot feature does not mean that the driver is free to do other things. the driver has to remain. >> in control of the vehicle paying attention and the and alert and the drivers responsible. the system is not capable of operating without human supervision. and this is something that. a lot of tesla fans don't seem to understand. >> the national highway traffic safety administration is now requiring manufacturers of cars that have these automatic driving systems to report crashes and experts say that that should lead to improved regulations such as requiring tesla to implement driver monitoring systems. san
6:38 am
francisco police are asking the public for information about a shooting that sent a 16 year-old to the hospital. the teenager was hit by a bullet while riding on a muni bus on treasure island. the teen was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries are not life threatening and no arrest has been made. >> well, california's attorney general has announced a lawsuit against google which claims that the company has violated state and federal antitrust laws through its google play store. according to the lawsuit, google entered into agreements with smartphone manufacturers to make sure that google play is the only app store that's built into their systems. the lawsuit is part of a multi-state action that's being brought against the company. google play store comes pre installed on nearly all android devices you can't delete it. so it's a permanent feature. google has denied the allegations saying that the lawsuit is without merit. former president donald trump is taking on 3 of the country's biggest tech companies. he's suing facebook, twitter and youtube
6:39 am
for banning him from their sites. tom has the story. >> we're demanding an end to the shadow banning. a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting banishing and canceling that, you know, so well. the lawsuits filed in u.s. district court for the southern district of florida targeting google, facebook and twitter along with their ceo's. >> twitter and facebook suspended. donald trump after his followers stormed the capitol january 6th both companies expressing concern. the president would incite more violence. twitter's ban was permanent trump can't post on facebook for another 2 years. in addition, we are asking the court to impose punitive damages on these social media giants. >> we're going to hold big tech. >> very accountable legally. the tech companies can run
6:40 am
their platforms the way they want and the courts have upheld that section 2.30 of the communications decency act allows social media companies to remove posts found to be obscene or excessively violent as long as they're acting in good faith even after being banned from social media. trump has continued to spread lies about the 2020 election. baselessly claiming that he won. even though officials, including his own attorney general found no evidence of mass voter fraud. not only what they less than an hour after making the announcement at his uedminster, new jersey golf course trump's team began sending out e-mails fundraising appeals linked to the lawsuits legal observers estimate that combined the former president, his political campaigns and the trump organization have filed more than 4,000 suits over the last 3 decades strikes me as more of a way to get media hype it does step. he's filing
6:41 am
meritorious lawsuits. typically that courts dismissed similar suits and experts say these 2 are likely dead on arrival. he's implying here >> the twitter and facebook and google have violated the first amendment. by the first amendment doesn't apply to twitter google and facebook because they're private companies. >> that was tom negovan reporting the republican national committee, by the way, has also sent out a fundraising appeal mentioning the lawsuit. so far no response, though, from twitter, facebook or from google. >> time now is 6.41 as search teams on the site of the collapsed condo in surfside, florida are now shifting to a recovery operation. they are sure that there is no one alive to rescue at this point. they finish looking through the areas of debris did not find any hope there they did recover the remains of 10 more people yesterday. that's the
6:42 am
found in a single day at the location and that brings the official death toll now to 54 victims who have been accounted for. but they're still 86 people who are listed as missing. so they are now searching those trying to recover the remains of the rest of the people who died when that condo collapsed. it's 6.42. and coming up. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> a car crash has people in one bay area city complaining about drivers speeding through their neighborhood will take you there and take a look. and governor newsome makes his first public appearance since the date was announced for his recall election. we'll see what he has to say. and it's warming up here in the bay area. i'll tell you how hot temperatures will get
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>> all right. got all the good old. >> we have to explain what you're looking at because it almost sounds like outer space has look guard. it is the coast guard doing what they do so well, rescuing a boater who had capsized in san francisco bay. so that's the rescue swimmer going down from the helicopter above. they found him. he was floating in the water with his overturned boat there off trip bluff point in the dark. it is a dark this big spotlight. it's amazing
6:46 am
that they found him and told him not to act and it is safe and sound this morning. it's always stories like this that end. well, that make you just relieve but then allows you to just really appreciate the heroism that the coast guard does with this operation rescuing people at did you think at first it was like a spacewalk. i know talking in the inner right and the wire and the yeah, but they're out there at all hours to say people to pretty all right. let's get a check of the weather. >> at 6.45. if you're heading outside. right now, we have erica with a look at that. good morning, america. good morning, james and ari alive been at the newark. how honda center tracking the heat. >> that were expected to get its day. one of this warming trend that will continue. >> throughout the weekend. but in the meantime, right now, here in san francisco. still looking cool. we got that cloud cover and some fog as well. we saw some drizzle earlier in the morning, but it should be clearing up as we get closer to this afternoon. so here's why we're going to see temperatures climb. it's
6:47 am
because of that high pressure to the east of us. that's also going to give us these dry conditions as well. so we can expect some high fire danger because of hot temperatures and dry conditions this weekend. temperatures in san francisco will be in the lower 70's. as for the coast expected to be lower 60's to upper 60's out there and half moon bay close to 70 in san bruno 77 in burlingame, little warmer out there in redwood city at 85 today. 89 in cupertino lower 90's down in morgan hill heading over to livermore looking at 97 a union city 83 for daytime highs today. it's going to be mostly sunny out here. walnut creek today. warm at 95 vacaville, a 100 for daytime highs. sonoma. 93 santa rosa 9082 in mill valley. here's a look at our 7 day extended forecast. the hottest day of the week is expected to be saturday very see temperatures
6:48 am
climbing and it also jumps a little along the bay there around 78 even in the 80's depending on where you live. let's check in now on our traffic conditions. i did pick up a collision up in napa county and northbound 29 at dana. we'll also this collision has actually caused several lanes to be block not going northbound but southbound as well asked for the bridge is looking good right now. if you're heading over to the peninsula. it's about 13 minutes out to highway one o dunbarton bridge going smooth as well. just 12 minutes heading over to menlo park walnut creek to 5 8011 minutes on 24 as for 6.80, from cejka to danville. you can expect 12 minutes for your commute. and on 17 santa cruz to los gatos 22 minutes. james area. back to you. >> thank you very much, erica.
6:49 am
well, in the north bay. there's growing concerns now about speeding drivers in one vacaville neighborhood. in fact, a man says his truck was totaled when an out of control driver slammed into it while it was parked in front of his home. but melanie townsend now with the story. taking my afternoon nap. >> and it just also in the loudest crash. that you can and i had never thought that it was my truck lying on its side. but cup spent 20 years restoring his vintage maroon 1977 chevrolet c 10. he just installed a new bumper in spent $10,000 over the years long all i need to do is put that interior and it >> that's where it ends. i guess his hard work came to a screeching halt on june 21st around 06:30pm. >> when he walked outside to find his truck on its side inches away from crashing into his roommate's bedroom wall
6:50 am
cup says 2 witnesses told him what happened. she had working up and down as you came down, want to miss that. >> and some certain point she had just decided that she was going to go straight for the house had struck not been in position. it was in. >> she would have gone right through the side of the house, the female driver of this red ford focus survived the crash in managed to get out of the car. >> a neighbor took this video right after the crash happened showing the alleged woman running down the street with what appears to be a bottle in her hand. she says she followed this woman until she was arrested just a few streets over. >> she actually split my my bed in and half year. a hard thing to do. >> president says he has already complained several times to the city of vacaville about the dangerous speeding along monta vista avenue. >> in his circumstance proves more legal action needs to be
6:51 am
taken. >> this is ruined my life being disabled and i not be able to make much of the income anyway. >> well, as truck may be a total loss believes it was there to protect him one last time he was good to me. she's safe safe. but there. >> yeah, we're taking flatten for her. >> melanie townsend. fox 40 news. >> time now 6.51 and governor newsome made his first public appearance since the recall election was certified and given an official date. the governor said that he won't be distracted from the priority issues. democratic leaders believe the timing of the september recall will help governor newsome. >> to get rid of this. i'm a quincy profit in the river americana kids safely back in person instruction get this is back on their feet. >> the governor's team has been raising a lot of money to fight the recall his anti recall campaign has made nearly 23 million dollars so
6:52 am
far. >> well, a high-speed train from la to las vegas is a little closer to becoming a reality with bright line holdings announcing now that it's purchased a 110 acres of land in nevada which will serve as its las vegas terminal. and from there they'll be lines that go out to the airport to the vegas strip to the raiders football stadium when it's finished that rain is going go directly victorville to rancho cucamonga. your they'll to all in southern california. trains will then provide connections to la from there. >> proper 8, a mile an hour. all electric high-speed train. great. you know, opportunities where you know folks won't have endure drive times of over 6 hours, we'll be able to have trying times of 3 out. >> cutting that that travel time in half and you get to relax. well, you go nice
6:53 am
arizona train not bad. anybody talking price, though, like for a ticket now. not. but you wonder, we don't even know what is going to be completed because they've had some pandemic-related delays. so then i'll just start saving now, james. we'll see how long it takes for saving. yeah. start saving. now. we'll be right
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> 6.55 and breaking news. this just in the olympics are not going to have any fans. they just made this big
6:56 am
announcement it's because of coronavirus out of control in tokyo. now remember this doesn't change anything here because we're always been watching on tv. they were never allowing fans from abroad, from locals. locals were allowed and they thought even maybe up to 10,000 fans would pack in life for opening ceremonies are now 0 not indoors. that outdoors. no fans, i play japan has just declare a coronavirus state of emergency for the capital tokyo. and so. >> for that reason they've made this decision. so be interesting to watch, you know, as a spectator, they have the parade of nations, what it feels like. what is going to be like. they're usually you get the roar of the crowd in the stadium and all the athletes are waving to the crowd taking pictures of the crowd, but it would be best so unsafe because i was just looking at the numbers. nationwide. japan has had a 110,000 cases. >> about 15,000 people have died. but listen to this. 15% of japanese are fully vaccinated nationwide, 15%.
6:57 am
you compare that to almost 50%. the u.s. and 50% britain. so that gives you an example of why japan says they can't afford to spread coronavirus again, this does not come as a surprise to who have been following the situation there. 6.56 in coming up in the next hour. were you surprised by any shaking last night. while you're sleeping. did you feel an earthquake in the north bay. we'll have a live report. >> and an update on the a's proposed stadium at howard terminal. we're going hear from the a's president about how negotiations wit
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. on a thursday. and the heat is i'm james fletcher. not just yet. you're still enjoying a cool morning. but boy, it later this afternoon the day the number take off the ship and then the weekend. erica is in this morning for john and if i were doing double duty as i toss to myself like so do the weather and then say, oh, thanks, erica. erica. >> how right today. i'm going to start off with the weather, though. >> temperatures right now here in san francisco. still cool. we got that cloud cover and a little bit of fog still that marine layer should pull back to the ocean now as we get closer to about lunch time, but you still can't see the view out there in berkeley because of the low clouds


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