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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 8, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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the weather center. good morning, erica. morning, james and darya. yeah. temperatures today. >> in places like vacaville will already be hitting the triple digits, other places. we're going to see a little more 90's in the south bay versus what we saw yesterday. but in the meantime, still looking cool. if you're here in san francisco, we're seeing the gray outside still a little bit of fog as well. but that should burn this afternoon. so we do have that excessive heat warning that will be in effect tomorrow through sunday night. that is for the pink areas that you see on your map and you see it also extends past the bay area in case you happen to be traveling this weekend. it's going to be hot up and down our state southern california as well. seeing excessive heat as well as parts of arizona, nevada because of that high pressure that will be building in the southwest. as for temperatures here in the bay area. today. we're going to warm up to the 80's in our inland area by about 11
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o'clock this morning. seeing clouds still at that time, but it should clear up a little more as we get closer to mid afternoon and then we'll hit our daytime high temperatures. now let's get a check in on our roads and see how traffic is looking up in napa county not too well right now. in fact, northbound 29 is still blocked near we'll lane in calistoga as well as some of the southbound lanes following a traffic collision. and we did have a major injuries in this copter a helicopter ambulance helicopter fly out there. so take an alternate route. if are traveling in that area this morning. as for the bridges here, i do believe that there was something in a box or something up in the high rise of the san mateo bridge. if you're heading into the peninsula this morning. so some cars were going around it, but i think they might have just cleared that but our drive times under 20 minutes. if you're heading over to one
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o one and then heading into san francisco taking the bay bridge. you can more cars piling up there. it's looking a little slow as you're approaching the tolls. but carpool lane. nobody there is you can see it's a fast commute, though. once you get past the toll booths there heading into san francisco. expect about 12 minutes out fremont street southbound. 8.80, oakland to highway to 30 just 10 minutes. and here on one. oh, one in the south bay haven't seen any major issues. but of course, we did see drive times increasing up to 37 minutes just because more people are out on the road this morning. james and darya. back to you. thanks a lot. 8. '02. let's get to the breaking news that we're following in the south bay a shooting at an apartment complex in santa clara. yeah. there's been a lot of police activity this morning crawford julius evans has been following the scene for us. let's. >> joyner now live. the only. yeah, james. well, the santa clara police department is still on the scene here at the
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boardwalk apartments. >> fact, let's show you a map. so you have an idea where this took place. basically within the parking lot of the apartment complex where the shooting lot of the residents here seem to be very nervous because they told me that it is a pretty quiet neighborhood. in fact, i spoke to one particular resident. he explains why he's a little scared. and that's pretty scary. >> considering. this is it's safe or i would say, you know, most families, lou. i haven't seen this happened. i've been here since 2004 king in the same in the same apartment. i've never heard anything like that happening in this vicinity. so it's pretty scary actually. in fact, he said the only time he was seen police officers here has been for medical reasons. >> now, what on part of their investigation. they're kind of focusing on this truck. you can see the doors are open. there's some couple of markers
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around there. and there was quite a few markers all over the parking lot. so at this point, all we know that there was one person involved as far as a victim involved that we still don't know the condition of that victim as far as the suspect or suspects. we still are not what their description is. they did place a call with the santa clara police department. and waiting to hear back from them to see if they could give me any further information on the shooting. in the meantime, if you come back out live to me it looks like they're trying to wrap up their investigation here. i don't think they'll be out here for much more time. but they did say they wanted to try to wrap it up within the next half hour. back to you guys. >> all right. a lot of questions that still need answering, thank you very lee. >> 8. '04, right now and you feel it's breaking news overnight. there was a cluster of earthquakes that shook the yeah. all of them mostly small, the biggest one was a magnitude. 3.6 quake, everything else that followed up there in napa county by lake berryessa was. >> less than 2 points, sort of a low rumble called for sarah
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stinson is live in napa county. if anybody felt and how did they describe it. sara. >> well, thank goodness people say it wasn't in downtown napa because they remember the biggest one they had recently are back in a couple years k o. so they're saying th goodness it didn't happen here. the good news i slept through it happened in angwin and it happened overnight. we're talking about 6 small earthquakes. one main not that small. take a look at the maps. you can see where that first one struck when. >> it's in napa county deep in napa county can see it on your map and then 5 others follow. those are mostly of smaller aftershocks. but yeah, it happened here in napa county roach actually wrote out a list of those bikes. you really can get a clear view of how big they were when they struck. >> in napa county this morning after the 3.6 quake 2 aftershocks reported 10 minutes or so later than 2 hours later, another one. 30 minutes later, another one, of course, those are all very small. the let the latest was
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out of 4.20 this morning. it was 1.8 magnitude. so it's just been intense. i guarantee peace felt the first one you public of the rumblings of the ones that followed and that probably had a little startled this morning, but people here in downtown napa saying i slept through it. i usually do. and i'm glad i did because it could have been worse as we know earthquakes can get very big. and that's our biggest fear. the next big earthquake. so we want to talk to you this gs. they're still trying to figure out who can talk to us this morning and answer some of these questions because when you have a string of like this. the biggest question is, is the big one coming and so we just never really know. hopefully they can give us some kind of idea. >> as to where this happened, what fulton was near everything. so stay tuned. we're really hoping get that down for by 9 o clock. so for now i'm live in napa county. send it back to you in the studio. >> and enough. thank you very much, sara. >> 8. '06, and the future of the oakland a's staying in oakland hangs in the balance. it's ultimately up to the city
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council decide if the team's plan for a ball park along the waterfront goes forward. they held a meeting to get details before holding a vote count forcefully juggle has the latest. >> the proposed waterfront ballpark district that howard terminal is the oakland athletics last option to stay within city limits as team president dave kaval. we're in a position now really is howard terminal or bus in january. the a's submitted a non-binding term sheet to the city. it was made public in april that is what is on the table and it's what will ultimately be up for the council's vote, including negotiated recommendations made by city staff. >> the city council discuss the details of the term sheet. wednesday. >> during a virtual study session she is essentially an outline of the proposed financial deal between the city and the a's and the athletics need the council to approve the term sheet in order to move forward or existing lease the coliseum only goes through 2024.
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>> we have a situation where the facility is 10 years past its useful life. and we really have an obligation and a responsibility to get some type of resolution on this. keep in mind the city says negotiations for the 12 billion dollar. howard terminal project in the future of the coal seam site are not related and ongoing bids and proposals for the coliseum site. >> i have no bearing on how or terminate the raiders deal. >> when they came back from los angeles included the city and county paying for the ballpark we're paying for the entire cost of the stadium. the a's are taking the risk. all the on-site ris. one sticking point is that the city wants the athletics to commit to a non relocation agreement. >> that would remain valid for at least 45 years. the a's have countered with 20 years. the council is scheduled to vote on the term sheet. july 20th. but even if approved, it's unclear when or if the project will ever break ground.
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>> phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> well, san francisco police are searching for whoever was behind the lgbtq graffiti that was sprayed on the side of an apartment building in the castro district. it was anti lgbtq graffiti. people in the building could only tell. police said it was just an unknown person. they had no more information than that. but they know the building was tagged the plant or the sidewalk happened around midnight july 6. the case now has been headed over to the department's special investigation division in the north bay police are asking for more resources now in their fight against sideshows. we have that chaotic holiday weekend on the streets. the video as you probably seen by now shows hundreds of people gathered around these various sideshows that broke out gunfire was heard at times illegal fireworks were set off again, all on the 4th of july weekend. and police say they have limited resources to tackle problems that are this big and they're calling on city leaders to help them stop this kind of activity going forward, perhaps maybe even
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drafting new laws that would make even spectating at a sideshow illegal. >> participants or spectators could face up fines of up to $1000, including jail time of 6 months and their vehicles impounded for 30 days. i understand that this is a large part of bay area culture however, you know our position as a police department is to protect and serve. >> the police department believes money from the federal government would help if they get it. they like to use that money to boost staffing and create a sideshow task force. they also want to set up cameras in these areas that are prone to seeing sideshows and maybe with that footage they can track down the cars involved. >> 8.10 right now. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news young men from the east bay was killed while on a camping trip and now his family wants to know exactly what happened. plus, after the break. since ride share prices are going up are more people turning to taxis in the bay area. and it's warming up
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outside. i'll tell you how hot those temperatures will get along with our 7 day extended forecast and what you can expect for the weekend. >> coming up in just a bit.
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>> 13 in the north bay new irrigation restrictions are kicking in for a marine county. yeah. and for good reason to kron four's. gayle ong reports that marine water district officials say summer time is when the usually see water use double. this sausalito resident says he always waters the plants by hand to conserve water. >> he just finished housing. his neighbor's front garden. that's full of drought-resistant plants. and it's exactly are in municipal water district officials are urging customers to do as of tuesday, new water rules are in place from marin county the new restrictions put a one day per week limit on spray irrigation. >> and a 2 day per week limit on drip irrigation jeanie mariani belding spokesperson for the water district says cutting back will make a huge difference. every little bit counts. this is really a historic drought. we've not seen drug conditions like this in more than a 140 years. we were looking at the rainfall and rainfall for the last 18
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months is the lowest on record a 143 years. marin county is classified under exceptional drought about 75% of marine county's water supply depends on rainfall. the rest comes from sonoma counties, russian river water system. reservoir of them are in water are now at historic lows. the water district declared a water shortage emergency and set a goal to reduce water use by 40%. and we do track overall water use in right now. we're at about 21%. cer halfway there. so we're really encouraging people to do all that they can to conserve the new irrigation rule is just the latest restriction for the county previous restrictions limit when you can water your grass allowing it only after 7 at night and before 00:00am in the morning, power washing washing your car driveway or sidewalks are also prohibited sausalito resident penny mogollon says she is doing her part. i take shorter showers. >> and i'm just very cautious about not leaving. the tap
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running. >> the water district is also offering a variety of rebates and incentives so people can save water. some of those include lawn replacement gray water systems. and they're also offering free water efficient fixtures that they will mail for free here in sausalito, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> so i'm going to have to cut down to one sweet or as a use that actually i've turning to use shower water see, i just get in a bucket because that takes him to heat up anyway. and then i water the plants once a week. there you go. some of the tips that we remember from when we were in that drought few years back and use gray water for a lot of things. there's a good example. all right. let's get to actually gray just to be clear, when that's what they call it now. that dirty is it's practically because i of erica. >> good morning. daria. well, temperatures today warmer than
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yesterday. >> in the meantime, still looking great out there. look at san francisco seeing low clouds and a little bit of fox still along the coast are pending on where you live. >> i should burn off though this afternoon and we can expect to see mostly sunny skies throughout the bay area so high pressure is what's responsible for giving us these warm temperatures and of course, and dry conditions this weekend. it's going to be even hotter come saturday on not just here in the bay area, but up and down the state. again, we have that excessive heat warning that will be in effect starting tomorrow. through sunday. in the meantime today in san francisco. we're looking at lower 70's along the coast, lower 60's to upper 60's in half moon. bay san bruno close to 70 degrees. 77 for millbrae and burlingame from san carlos down to mountain view. it's going to be in the mid 80's today warmer as well as the south bay. we're going to be seeing 90's today. saratoga
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campbell, 91 morgan hill 92 for daytime highs. >> from hayward to fremont. looking at 80's and further inland there dublin at 91 degrees today. 70's, 80's and 90's out here. walnut creek 95 degrees and even hitting the triple digits in vacaville today. so stay hydrated. wear your sunscreen. be careful out there. it's going to be hot. 94 santa rosa that down in mill valley. little cooler at 82 degrees. let's get a check now and look and see how the roads are doing. i've been monitoring this a traffic collision up there. this is the biggest incident we've seen all morning with major injuries. they had to fly out a helicopter ambulance northbound 29 as well. as the southbound lanes are still so try to find an alternate route if you're taking that this morning, that's biden. we'll
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lane again. ask for our bridges here. if you're heading into san francisco, it is still moving slow there. but of course, is pretty normal for this time of the morning. slow into had a past. the tolls should i say. but after you past that it's a smooth drive into the city. no issues on the bay bridge as well as the dunbarton bridges or the san mateo bridge all looking good. both directions. you see the green there, just 13 minutes out to menlo park on the dumbarton bridge westbound 24 from walnut creek to 5 80's looking great right now. i don't see any hot spots out there as well as interstate 6.80, just 15 minutes from to check out of danville and then on 17 from santa cruz to los gatos just 22 minutes. james and back to you. >> thanks a lot. of tape, 19. and because it's costing so much for ride shares right now. a lot of people are looking at other ways to get around. and that means for some calling a taxi e-commerce
8:20 am
company. rakuten reports that prices for uber and lyft rides have gone up 40% nationwide flywheel is an on demand taxi cab app and that works with most cab companies in san francisco and the president, a flywheel says that longer wait times and surge pricing for uber and lyft is what's pushing people back to taxis. we've always had a huge flywheel app users when uber and lyft for surge pricing. >> but now it's you know, maybe triple think uber and lyft probably are going to readjust this surge pricing because they have been so many complaints about it but until that happens here, i think taxi drivers are in for a good period of time. >> flywheel rides are price like normal yellow taxis. they operated steady rates. they following the initial fare of 3.50. >> in national headlines today. president biden is set to speak about afghanistan just days after american troops pulled out of their main military base. there. our washington, dc correspondent
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anna wiernicki has the latest on the story. >> good morning. in just a few hours, we will hear directly from president biden on the details of american troops leaving afghanistan and just a few days ago we heard from the pentagon saying that this process is moving quickly and ahead of schedule. >> more than 90% of american troops have left afghanistan. well ahead of president biden's deadline of september 11. we went to afghanistan because of the horrific attack that happened 20 years ago. that can not explain why we should remain their president biden says he plans to keep 650 troops in the country primarily to help secure diplomats located at the u.s. embassy. nobody thought this is a good idea. but some republicans, including texas congressman michael mccaul say they're concerned as the taliban gains more grounds in the area. i've concerned that we will be going back afghans are going to decide their future and what they what they want. president biden has said that the u.s. will continue to
8:22 am
support afghanistan but state department spokesperson ned price says ultimately it's time for other countries in the region to step up many of afghanistan's neighbors have been happy to the united in the united states alone if there is to be a just and durable settlement and a comprehensive cease-fire. >> it needs to be supported supported by afghanistan's neighbors and we hope to see the possibly. >> and before president biden makes his remarks later this afternoon. he will meet with his national security team to get an update on the progress of the withdrawal in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> thank you. and a 22 is the time. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news bay area rent prices are on the rise, though some experts don't think they'll get back to prepandemic levels. just yet. we'll take a closer look.
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco
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the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. your money bay area rents are down about 15% compared to last year, but still as the pandemic you know, recover of are recovering from it. that prices started to climb back up again. how high will they go. kron four's charles clifford takes a look. >> well, so far this year rents are up a bit here in the bay area. but that increases starting from an overall drop. now during the pandemic prices. rental prices around the bay area are down about 15 to 20%. and even though they're going up again, it's
8:26 am
unclear exactly how high they could go. so far in 2000, 21 rents are up across the bay area compared to last year. san francisco rental prices are up about 5%. san jose is up 3% in oakland is up about 2 and a half percent. what's unclear at this point is how high rents will eventually go we're clearly seeing some growth. jeff andrews is a data journalist with some for dot com which tracks enlist rental properties. >> he expects that rental prices will continue to climb but may not get as high as they were before the pandemic. he says that many people have permanectly left the bay area specially tech workers and that they may not return. we're not sure how broadly tech companies are going to top work from home policies. >> and if that is very broad and people don't return to the bay area and the same members that they are and say new york city, we might see the pandemic as an event that permanently lowered bay area. that's the real test of what
8:27 am
will happen with the rental market could come this fall when many companies plan to reopen their offices. >> and recall workers prices could continue to climb. until then. but people don't come back in large numbers. prince could flatten out or possibly even drop. and finally, andrew says it's important to remember that even before the pandemic, people we're starting to leave the bay area and rents were starting to drop and that nothing has really happened that would reverse that trend to get back to the highs that the bay area saw several years ago. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> a tragic weekend at lake tahoe after a bay area teen dies while hanging out with queen of arkle live in marine county with the
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news on a thursday and we're taking a live look come outside our window along the embarcadero you know, with bridgeview we and the flag really not flapping that much. so the wind is kind of on the mild side is a little cloudy out there as you wake up, will be wishing for wind, you know, because going to be so hot. now. we've got erica keeping an eye on those triple digits we've been expecting would arrive this weekend. erica, good morning. good morning. while this afternoon, winds will pick up just a little bit throughout the bay area. as for the gray that we're seeing in san francisco. it's not just there right now, but it's also out in half moon bay as we can see in the shot here when so looking light and that should be mostly sunny this
8:31 am
afternoon. and of course a little warmer versus yesterday. we see all this pink on the map that is an excessive heat warning for those areas that will start tomorrow and last through sunday night because. >> those temperatures are just going to continue to climb and you can see that also extends the past the bay area. in fact, most of california will see some excessive heat this weekend as well as parts of arizona, nevada because high pressure is building in the region there in the southwest. >> so dry conditions will also persist as well. have that high fire danger that will be in effect. >> so here's a lot look at our temperatures this morning around 11 o'clock is when we'll start getting into the 80's for inland areas and then by about 2 o'clock already up to the 90's there. as you can see now want to transition over to traffic. >> because i just picked up a hot spot here on the peninsula. this is northbound one. oh, one near broadway. there was a multi vehicle collision. we've got some
8:32 am
lanes blocked and bricks as well all over the roads there. and you can see the red. it is causing some heavy traffic. you might want to take to 80 instead if you plan on traveling into san francisco this morning. as for this other accident that i've been monitoring still looks like we have some lanes that are closed up in calistoga at 29 northbound as well as the southbound lanes. and dana, we'll lane following a major injury collision that happened around 6.30. this morning. here's a look heading into san francisco. it's looking a little slow right before you head get to the tolls, which is pretty normal this time of the morning. however, the bay bridge heading into san francisco's looking good. if you're heading the other direction, i believe that the tunnels we got a lane blocked there, a big rig kind of slow stopped. so just a heads up if you're coming in to the east bay this morning taking the bay bridge dunbarton bridge looking great in both directions. no issues there. it's a quick 15 minute drive out to south bay and westbound
8:33 am
24 walnut creek to 5.80 just 12 minutes. here's a look at some of our other bay area drive. time. 6.80, looking good as well as 8.80, from san leandro to milpitas under half an hour. james and darya. back to you. >> thanks a 32 and back to the breaking news we just found out this morning that the olympics are not going allow any fans. any fans at all indoor or outside for the olympics which start in 2 weeks. now they just made the announcement this morning yeah. and now we already knew that nobody abroad from the let was allowed. so it's not like we could go. you have to watch on tv, but they were going to allow fans in japan who are in tokyo to watch. but now because the covid situation they just can't afford it now. and the government of japan just issued a state of emergency. basically for the capitals of the entire city of tokyo because. >> they their vaccination rates. i mean by comparison are way low. yeah, us and other countries the world. i was checking their rate. it
8:34 am
was about 15% for that all of japan. >> and our rate is over. 47 1% for 7 half have had full vaccination you up. >> britain is even 50%. so that's a low high. and so covid is spreading, especially with the delta variant. so for that reason they have said no spectators in the stands which should make for an interesting olympics to watch on tv without the roar of the crowd. the cheers light. it's going to be a different experience. sure will be. all right. another big story that we're following this morning is up in the north bay marin county teen being remembered by his teammates after he drowned at lake tahoe earlier this week and they're still trying work out exactly how he drowned what happened on that boat kron four's camila barco is live at redwood high school in larkspur where he was a student kamilah. >> yeah, james. we just got new information from the nevada department of wildlife who is investigating this incident. they have identified the victim as 17 year-old
8:35 am
miles call kawashima. he was on a boat with several friends near secret secret cove in lake tahoe when the incident happened. now officials are telling us that. he was attempting to move to another seat while the boat was moving the boat hit a wave and that's when he was ejected. was shima began to struggle in the water and by the time his friends turned around and returned. he was already under water. now the local deputies were the first on scene and began cpr as they took him back to the boat launch at sand harbor. however, they were unable to save him and he was pronounced dead on his way to the hospital cosima was a multi-sport athlete. these are pictures of him in action and surrounded by teammates. he played football. the student was also on the varsity baseball team at redwood high school. he was supposed to start his senior year. this fall now friends and teammates are looking back at coaching his life. the football team took to facebook to remember their teammate. they said that they are mourning the loss of
8:36 am
kawashima acknowledged his roles in the athletic department at redwood high school and the team finish your statement by saying their thoughts are with his family. friends and teammates during this difficult time. now the nevada department of wildlife tells me that. you are only required to wear a life jacket if you are 12 years and younger. they did not tell me if khalid cheema was wearing a life jacket when this incident happened. the investigation is still ongoing deiah. james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot to me. a lot. >> a 36 the time. we're also following a story out of the east bay and a man was killed in his tent while he was camping up in butte county over the holiday weekend. the victim as 20 year-old tyler dickson of san pablo. he was a former quarterback in el serino high school apparently he was shot and killed at bidwell canyon marina campground in oroville while he was sleeping in his tent dixon. scott father says the family is devastated and they are desperate for answers. >> we do know is supposed to be someone came in his tent.
8:37 am
wow. him his girlfriend was sleeping. just shot one and and it shot randolph is really. devastated this community here he one of the ones that we knew was going to make it come back and help these kids out right now. we just in morning. >> if you county sheriff's office hasn't named any suspects. they say the investigation is ongoing. they're asking anybody in the public up there to come forward with any information they may have. >> time now is 8.37 and another big story this morning. we have new video showing a deadly crash that killed a teenager back in 2019. the teenager's family is blaming tesla. take a look at the video and this is a tesla model 3 driving up into traffic and then slams into that pick up that had its linger on this and 80 in fremont. and the boy who was killed 15 year-old jovanni
8:38 am
maldonado. he was ejected from the pickup truck and now his family is suing. they're suing tesla and the driver of the vehicle saying that tesla's autopilot system and the driver failed to react properly to the traffic conditions. experts say tesla can do more to teach drivers that the autopilot feature doesn't mean that the driver is free to do other things. the driver has to remain. >> in control of the vehicle paying attention and the and alert and the drivers responsible. the system is not capable of operating without human supervision. and this is something that. a lot of tesla fans don't seem to understand. >> the national highway traffic safety administration is now requiring manufacturers of cars that have the automated driving systems to report crashes and experts say that should lead to improved regulations such as requiring tesla to implement driver monitoring systems. >> we'll take a break in a 38
8:39 am
coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news governor newsome making his first public appearance since the date was announced for his recall election. we'll tell you why he says it will distract him. plus 2 weeks in and the rescue mission in florida has now become a recovery mission. a very latest on that condo collapse.
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8:42 am
>> in national headlines. the death toll in the condo collapse. >> in miami is now at 60 the remains of 60 people have been found. however, 80 people are still unaccounted for and the search and rescue mission has now officially changed to a recovery effort as they say that they have not found any signs of life and don't expect to find anyone alive in this huge pile of rubble that they are going through. >> we'll take a break. it is 8.42. we'll be right back.
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one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. now, i've got one. explore floor & decor in person or online at >> they 44 right now. and we're in for a hot one. we are this weekend is going to be a scorcher. look, 6 going to. >> stretch into parts of next week to erica in the weather center with more eric and the traffic center with more on that double duty. good morning. yeah. double duty in morning, james and darya. >> well, hello, berkeley. look at this shot. it has cleared compared to the last time we checked in on our berkeley camera. but all we saw was fog out there. you can see the view and that marine layer in the distance wilke, which will continue to move more to the west as we get closer to this afternoon should be mostly sunny skies. >> ridge of high pressure building to the east of us. that's why california is going to see that extreme heat these next few days and dry conditions as well across san francisco today we can expect
8:46 am
lower 70's along the coast looking at 60's 64 in pacifica 70's from millbrae it down to burlingame lower 80's in san mateo and mid 80's out in sunnyvale 90's in the south bay. they're warmer than yesterday. 97 for livermore mid-nineties from concord down to walnut creek 77 in richmond triple digits already in vacaville 95 inning off bill santa rosa, 90. >> and upper 80's in petaluma so here's a look at our 7 day extended forecast. our california honda forecast. should i say you can see that temperatures will be climbing by saturday. the hottest day of the week. there. so remember to stay hydrated and keep cool these next few days as we get have that excessive heat warning that will be in effect. so checking in on that
8:47 am
traffic collision that was talking about earlier on one. oh, one out in burlingame. it looks like we're still seeing some heavy traffic there. no improvement. we have a few lanes that are actually block there. you might want to take to 80 if you have to head north this morning because of that multi vehicle collision as for the richmond, sandra fell bridge right now. no issues as you're approaching the toll plaza. it's running pretty smooth as well as on san mateo bridge right now, both directions there. looks like the cars are less than an up there. our drive times just 13 minutes out to one o one on 8.80 here looking great as well. no hot spots and on 2.80, san jose is looking great. however, if you're on the peninsula and south san francisco. i just picked up another traffic incident, heading southbound. there's a lane blocked them working to get more details on that. that's near west borro. so south san francisco area. here's a look at some of our
8:48 am
other drive times around the bay to 37 milpitas to sonny bill, looking at 8 minutes. james and back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. erica. a 47 is the time in the north bay. there's growing concerns about speeding drivers in one vacaville neighborhood. in fact, a man says his truck was totaled when an out of control driver slammed into it while it was parked in front of his home. only to townsend has the story. taking my afternoon nap. >> and it just also in the loudest crash. that you can and i had never thought that it was my truck lying on its side. but cup spent 20 years restoring his vintage maroon 1977 chevrolet c 10. he just installed a new bumper in spent $10,000 over the years making sure she'd run for a long all i need to do is put that interior and it >> that's where it ends. guess his hard work came to a
8:49 am
screeching halt on june 21st around 06:30pm. >> when he walked outside to find his truck on its side inches away from crashing into his roommate's bedroom wall cup says 2 witnesses told him what happened. she had been swerving up and down. as you came down, wanted this to. >> and some certain point she had just decided that she was going to go straight for the house had struck not been in position. it was in. >> she would have gone right through the. >> side of the house, the female driver of this red ford focus survived the crash in managed to get out of the car. a neighbor took this video right after the crash happened showing the alleged woman running down the street with what appears to be a bottle in her hand. she says she followed this woman until she was arrested just a few streets over. >> she actually split my my bed in and half here. a hard thing to do. >> president says he has already complained several
8:50 am
times to the city of vacaville about the dangerous speeding along monta vista avenue. >> in his circumstance proves more legal action needs to be taken. >> this is ruined my life being disabled and i not be able to make much of the income anyway. well, as truck may be a total loss believes it was there to protect him one last time he was good to me. she's safe safe. but there. yeah, we're taking flatten for her. >> melanie townsend. fox 40 news. >> 8.50 and governor newsome made his first public appearance since the recall election was certified and given an official date. the governor said that that will not distract him from the priority issues. democratic leaders believe the timing of the september recall will actually help the governor. >> he asked me what the priorities are. to get rid of this. demick once a profit in the river americana kids safely back in person instruction get our small businesses back on their feet.
8:51 am
>> the governor's team has been raising a lot of money to fight the recall the campaign against the recall. had such a total of nearly 23 million dollars in it so far. >> well, it looks like the high speed rail. no, not the one from here to la. but the one from la to las vegas that one is closer to becoming a reality. now that bright line holdings has announced its purchased about a little over a 100 acres of land in nevada that will become its new las vegas terminal for this high speed rail and then from there they'll take you over to the strip, they'll take it to the airport. the raiders football stadium. if you want and when it's finished, that train is going to go directly from in las vegas. to victorville dale in southern california and then they'll connect the on to l a. >> well operate a 200 mile an hour. all electric high-speed train. great. you know, opportunities where you know folks won't have endure drive times of over 6 hours, we'll
8:52 am
be able to have trying times of 3 out. >> of the project. we'll kick off next year had some delays because of the pandemic. but they're looking to break ground and get that rail line. bill. this is going to happen using before the high speed to l a from sacramento right through the barrier and you notice that we're getting and for cheaper to space tourist flights quicker than this and isn't that we're getting going to vegas and we can do >> high speed rail for its like next week. they're going next week. now to we'll be right back. welcome back. it
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
is a 54 let's talk baseball everybody get inside and let's go to the game. >> all right. so the giants are trying to avoid the sweep against the cardinals. that's the bottom of the 5th were donovan solano breaks his bat but gets a left field hit for an rbi double. and that gave the giants. the 2 run lead they would go on to win it. how about that? 5 to 2. they now have a game and a half lead over the dreaded dodgers in the nl west get today off and they have a 3 game series that starts tomorrow against the nationals. how will the oakland a's trying to keep pace with the astros in the american league side of things and they're they're just chatting in the dugout. okay. let's get to business that
8:56 am
alston puts the a's on the board. that's his 21st home run of the season. and boy, is he amazing. that's why he's an all-star problem is the astros took the lead with a three-run home run and they went on to win this 1, 4, to 3. the a's are now 5 and a half games behind the astros in the standings and play again today. this morning in houston, first pitches at 1110, times right. let's talk basketball the warriors draymond green. he's training in los and las vegas right now in preparation for the tokyo olympics. he's teaming up with his former teammate, kevin duran. >> team usa is going to play their first practice games. this coming saturday against nigeria and it will be one of 5 exhibition games before the actual games begin later in the month team usa's head coach gregg popovich talk about how special is going to be to be part of the olympics. >> and the opportunity to be hard. something so special just being around the other coaches on with. these
8:57 am
players. you know, you kind of look in the mirror and you say what am i doing here. so that's the the privilege of. you know, great, great fun. lot of work, obviously. but. amazed that you can that kind of company. >> yeah. the warriors head coach steve kerr, who you see there is helping team usa as well will be an assistant coach under popovich olympic matchups going to be against france. that will be coming up on july 25th. >> 8.57. and coming up in the next hour, a small cluster of quakes shape the we're going to have the details. did you feel it will have a live report. and tiger water restrictions murray means that in marin county, you're going to have to cut down the watering plants in yards and anything else will tell you by how much. and just a few minutes.
8:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at known. >> good morning and thanks for tuning in on a thursday we are in for a heat wave. and it all starts today. so let's get right to it with erica in the weather center. >> right about that. diane fact places like vacaville already going to hit the triple places in the south bay can see temperatures 10 degrees warmer than what we saw for yesterday's


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