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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 9, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. it's friday. july 9th. i'm james fletcher. we want to start the hour like we do every morning with a check of weather and traffic. and for that, we've got erica standing by once again for us on this friday. good morning. erica. good morning, james. well, temperatures right now for our inland areas are actually warmer than what we saw 24 hours ago. in fact, i'm seeing some 70's still out there and we'll see that in just a moment. but take a look at this shot over berkeley much different than yesterday. we don't have that thick and
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marine layer covering the view out over berkeley as that dry air mass is pushing it away. as for temperatures right now in berkeley. we're at 64. they're out in the south bay still mid 60's 70 in livermore, 61 in alameda. >> notice. it's warmer 55 in petaluma out there still pretty similar to 24 hours ago along the coast. we do have that excessive heat warning that will be in effect to this afternoon. through sunday. so very hot temperatures. i'll tell you just how hot we can expect it to get in just a bit. but i want to transition over to traffic and see how the roads are looking right now and it looks fabulous if you're heading into san francisco right now, just a couple of cars out on the road right now. quick drive. once you get the toll plaza. we don't have any weight yet. entering the city and then the richmond sandra fell bridge quiet. don't even see any cars, right. that right there approaching at this time. but it's just 7 heading across to
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one o one. here's a look at some of our other drive times around the bay 8.80, from sato minutes. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much, eric. it is 4 o one. >> happening today. cal iso has issued a power alert. the agency in charge of the state's power grid is urging you to cut back on your power usage from 4 until 09:00pm tonight. this is going to help relieve a lot of the stress of the expected to be on the grid and protected from becoming overwhelmed. so here are some of the tips to help during this power alert. you want to set your thermostat to 78 degrees know cooler than that. avoid using major appliances. and of course, turn off or unplug any lights that aren't in use those little steps go a long way and we will continue to track the heat wave on our kron 4 app. so make sure you download if you haven't already. here's an easy way to do it. just scan that qr code that you see on your screen that will take you right to your app store and you can download that and it will take you also write to our weather
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page 2 and that will give your % 70 forecast current conditions list of cooling centers which might be important to you as we enter this hot stretch of weather. also in the news. governor gavin newsom is urging california to cut back on water usage as well. reservoirs keep getting alarmingly lower these pictures. a prime example of that. the governor is now asking everyone to cut back at least 15%. it's not a mandatory cut back, but the governor says that cutting back on water lot. watering lawns doing less laundry and taking shorter showers. we'll all help, not here. >> as nanny state or not. china here be oppressive. again, these are voluntary, the sober reality as such that. here we are again and we will need to with the lessons learned from the last drought. we have 50 of california's 58 counties are right now under a drought emergency. >> the latest drought map shows all of the bay area is still either in extreme or exceptional drought conditions
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which are the worst conditions, the darker, the color, the worse off you are. and you can see just about the entire bay area's either in the darkest of red or in red. well here in the bay area, the contra costa water district is also asking customers to cut their water use by 10%. we have kron four's gayle ong with that story. >> when you're a load of laundry. make sure that you're you're filling it up as as much as you can and same with with your dishwasher at the same time besides full loads and jennifer allen with the contra costa water district says customers to check outdoor irrigation systems to help conserve water, making sure that it sent to the appropriate. >> time and length of time of 4 for the season that we're in right now and also for how the how the temperature is outside the district's board of directors called a stage one water shortage after meeting wednesday contra. costa county is classified under exceptional drought, the primary source of water is a sacramento san joaquin delta
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originating from rivers within the sierra water officials say much of the anticipated inflow from snowmelt was absorbed by the dry ground. the water district plans to use water stored in los vaqueros reservoir, which is at about 77% capacity. in addition to voluntary conservation to meet customers needs in the meantime, the district has these tips at mulch into our our gardens or into or any landscape, though, have outside of mult is a great way to retain moisture within the soil. and so you don't have to water as often. >> and then indoors. people can take a look at that and have your fixtures tech and make sure that, you know, have a leak in a toilet or in a fossett little little things like that. save a lot of water and like other counties. contra costa water is offering rebates and incentives to get people to say water. that includes line replacements and free fixtures like shower, heads and timers reporting in danville. gayle ong kron 4 news.
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>> and because of the drought conditions. we are also heading into a very dangerous fire season. and berkeley's mayor and fire chief announced that the city is investing more than 12 million dollars into wildfire prevention that money will go toward clear and dry vegetation installing new evacuation warning sirens and also conducting neighborhood evacuation drills officials say they need to begin planning now for the wildfire season ahead. >> and not only planning season the season but planning what's going to happen. the 5 year, 10 year and 20 year program. this is huge for us. >> yeah. these prevention measures will be funded by measure f f which was approved by voters in berkeley last november. and bart is using goats to reduce fire danger on its property. the agency shared this video of hundreds of goats eating the dry brush on hillsides near the fremont station. the goats have also been deployed between lafayette and walnut creek maybe you've noticed some along highway 24. >> herds of these goats are often used to help clear areas of wildfire fuel, especially long steep terrain where it's
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hard to get equipment up there. they can climb those hillsides a lot easier that people can and. >> they also eliminate the need for mowers, which of course as we know, can spark fires when we have dry conditions like a natural way of getting the job done. now to a developing story that we're following this morning. more small aftershocks in the sierra following that 6 point o magnitude quake. that struck thursday afternoon. we have a map showing all of the quakes that have happened so far in the last 24 hours and you can certainly see the cluster of him there. the red dots are the more recent ones and the bigger the dog, the bigger the magnitude. this all is happening south of lake tahoe where there have been dozens of aftershocks since that 6 point. oh, hit a little after 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon and that includes several 4 point. oh, magnitude aftershocks. we've got kron four's, taylor sacking now speaking with the usgs about all these quakes. >> an earthquake now upgraded to magnitude 6.0 rattled. the bay area in northern california on thursday at
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about local time this afternoon a man, a good 5.9 earthquake occurred in antelope valley in eastern california, near the california-nevada border. >> felt shaking that's been reported so far to the usgs was moderate to strong. that's enough to knock things over really give you a rattle here near the epicenter of the earthquake in along. i 3.95 sauder cheek from the mountains which eventually led to boaters scattered across the interstate. >> austin elliott with usgs says more aftershocks are common been about. >> 4040, or more aftershocks. so far smaller ones than the main event. the largest one so far was a magnitude 4.5 here in the bay area. >> many of you took to twitter letting us know where you felt the shakes everywhere from san jose to brentwood san francisco vacaville and many places in between meanwhile, those who may be vacationing in lake tahoe, probably felt a
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more powerful shake from here for the sport shop here in tahoe city right by bridge right on the lake. >> when it came through was kind of areas. we have southwest winds about 15 to 20 miles an hour right now. blowing there was in the area kind of calm and then it was more of a meandering shake, not violent. the entire building here shook from side to side for one to 2 seconds. there was a pause and then it shook again while this is the largest earthquake to hit the region since 1994 usgs says it's not uncommon. the earthquake is the result of normal pretty well. understood unexpected mechanism for an earthquake at the eastern boundary of the sierra nevada mountains until of a second reporting kron 4 news. >> well, the earthquake swarm comes as the california geological survey issued a new tsunami hazard maps. >> for san francisco, santa clara and contra costa highlighted in yellow represent these hazard areas. the areas in green or outside
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of the hazard area. the most significant increase in the tsunami hazard area is low elevation land in san francisco's north beach and downtown market street. also residential and commercial areas around the port of richmond to the new maps will help state agencies as well as local governments better prepare for potential tsunami if they do happen. we'll take a break for 10 is the time. we'll be back with more here in a minute. >> %hen we do come back. a growing rise in covid cases in the east bay has health officials. they're working to get more people vaccinated. we'll take a closer look at that story and also after the break, some of the biggest names in various sports are in tahoe getting ready for the annual charity golf tournament. we'll take you there. we are back at 4.13,
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and happening today. some big names are back in south lake tahoe this weekend for the annual charity golf event. >> they include star athletes from the bay area as well. this three-day tournament begins today and this year a limited number of fans are allowed to attend which everyone says is a welcome sight. we've got mark demsky now with the story. >> the beach, the boats. the gulf and most important, the celebrities and fans. american century championship is back in full swing this year from
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steph curry to patrick mahomes and aaron rodgers only offering us a wave but said nothing about his current holdout with the packers. but as powell charles barkley at some insight air and tell you that he's gonna let you know. talked to me to undergo his left foot into the >> what's your favorite part about being here back again. and i think is the fans. >> the hospitality you know, you get a chance to compete. you got some great ftc. got actors. you got actresses. >> we got to go out friday. we're going to compete. no surprise right the jerry rice likes the competition. well as former teammates wife is hoping steve young can finally do better at that this year. you left to, right. >> he said if you don't get better, you're going to you play lefty. so i spent the last year to at least understand the climate a place where i know what's wrong and what's right. and so should be. i should be a good bet this weekend. at least the
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better. >> and from someone who was at the top of the golf game for a long time on a cuss stamm is impressed with how good most players games are the so into the game was a loving of this series, got 4. they really care about it than nick good at it too. so. >> it's just it's just a lot of fun. always watch it on tv when i was active playing, you know, my 24 years in the majors. but coming out here has been glassman the ball carries a little bit yet i had to get a couple years and just to used to the fight of the golf ball out here, but it's beautiful. >> i'm looking for just having some fun playing some golf knocking it around hit some bad shots hit. some good shots. hopefully not finishing. and the bottom half sounds like a good approach to a fun weekend. >> from south lake tahoe. mark demsky. >> absolutely beautiful there, south lake tahoe. and if you are going to be joined maybe some gulf this weekend. make sure to bring the sunscreen maybe current abroad around with you to just for some
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shade american morning. yeah. are expected to be in the 90's today and this weekend even but checking in on our camera right now over the san francisco international airport. it's looking calm winds are very light right now and will be a little breezy in the but we're also not seeing as much of that thick fog that we saw yesterday and it's not really widespread. just a couple of small areas in the bay where we're picking that temperatures, though, are versus the same time yesterday in fact, i just saw it's about 17 warmer out in fairfield right now compared to yesterday morning. you can see livermore also 16 degrees. warmer for says yesterday as well. current temperature, there is 70 degrees out in the south bay currently in the mid 60's 61 in san mateo. 55 in petaluma overnight lows are actually going to be a little higher tomorrow as well.
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>> and here's a look at our wind conditions right now looking light throughout the bay area and not an issue we have this high pressure and this dry air mass. that's moving in. that's why we don't see as much fog and we're seeing our temperatures increasing as well. tomorrow is going to be the hottest day of the week. in the meantime, in case you happen to be traveling. here's a look at some of our national temperatures that high pressure building in the southwest is giving us at extreme heat, not just in the bay area but up and down california as well as the surrounding states as well. it's like the coolest spot right now. we see on this map on boston. 73 degrees for a high later this afternoon. and here we have the temperatures. if you're heading out to past that we're looking at triple digits in reno and carson city. this is actually today's temperatures got to change up their for high temperatures here in the bay area. today. we're seeing a little more 100's in our inland areas.
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livermore is expected to hit one. oh, one today and you see out in morgan hill where temperatures also expected to be a few degrees higher versus yesterday. now, if you live along the coast, we're really not going to see too much of a change. san francisco as well. pretty similar to our conditions that we saw yesterday nevado 92 for our daytime high temperature today. just remember, if you're in those hot areas to stay hydrated, have your sunglasses and sunscreen on. let's check in on our road conditions right now. so it's looking great on the san mateo bridge. we don't see too much cars going in both directions, high rise looking pretty smooth. it's 12 minutes out to the peninsula. as for the golden gate bridge they're pretty empty. barely seeing any cars moving through. but it should says a smooth trip up and down. looks like we still have some construction on some of the roads. even on
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the peninsula this morning, i saw some a construct construction on one. oh one. but it is looking pretty smooth right now. we don't have too much cause. it's just 27 minutes from san jose to menlo park. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much, erica, for 18 is the time. >> national news this morning, president biden has announced that the u.s. military mission in afghanistan will come to an end on august 31st that follows 20 years of conflict. the pentagon says the troop withdrawal process is now 90% complete. our washington, dc correspondent anna wiernicki has the latest on the story. >> good morning. president biden says he made the decision to withdraw american troops from afghanistan earlier than he initially said because he says it's safer and he says it's time. >> a military mission in afghanistan will conclude. >> on august 31st. president biden moved up the deadline to move american troops out of afghanistan. i believe that this is the right decision. and quite frankly, overdue.
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the president said the 20 year were clean. more than 2500 american mites wounded more than 20,000 and cost about 1 trillion dollars. he is not going to ask another generation of kids to go and serve in afghanistan in a war that he does not feel can be won militarily. the whole thing needs to be reevaluated. but pennsylvania republican congressman dan mueser says leaving comes with risks as taliban advances in the country. must secure their safety. >> before entire pull out takes place but administration needs to rethink this. president biden says now it's up to afghanistan to protect itself. i trust the know. >> but i trust the capacity of the afghan military. >> who is better trained better equipped. >> president biden made it very clear that the end goal was never to unify afghanistan. he says the u.s. did what it set out to do, which was to hunt down osama bin and prevent new attacks after 9.11 in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you.
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>> thank you, anna, for 20 is the time. we'll take quick break. but coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, a bay area man arrested in las vegas accused of murder and police used his covid vaccination card that helped track him down. we'll explain.
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we're back at 4.23 a santa clara county man is behind bars in las vegas accused of killing 2 people. >> in nevada. police say covid-19 vaccination cards, help led to his arrest that's his picture. he's identified as 29 year-old john he's accused of going on a 7 day crime spree last week that involved the death of 2 people, a carjacking and an attempted robbery. one of the victims was a 32 year-old abraham a cost him. his family says that korea shot a cost in the head in the parking lot of a convenience store. >> he didn't deserve to die the way he died. and the hands of known felon that which is out wreaking havoc. he didn't deserve this. >> police were able to identify and arrest creo after finding his fingerprints and his covid-19 vaccination card in a stolen car. the santa clara county district attorney's office confirmed the korea was previously behind bars on assault but was
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released from prison in april. 5 police officers have filed a lawsuit now against the city of palo alto for allowing the creation of a black lives matter mural that contained anti police messages or images. the mural was painted last june in the street across from city hall after the murder of george floyd the lawsuit claims that one of the murals disrespects sought a truck or a former member of the black liberation army who was convicted in 1973 and the killing of a new jersey state trooper when asked for comment city attorney molly stop said the city has not yet been served with that lawsuit. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news one drug maker is asking the fda to approve a booster shot for its covid vaccine. but some bay area. doctors say. >> it's not necessary. we'll explain. for 28 is the time
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let's get another check of the weather here at the half hour with erica in the weather center looking at the weekend ahead, which as we've been expecting erica should get pretty warm you're right about that. tomorrow is going to be the hottest day. >> we're on day 2 of this warming trend. so temperatures today will even be warmer compared to yesterday. we're expected to see a little more triple digits out there for inland areas and more mid-nineties out in the south bay. but right now looking
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nice. >> here's a view out over berkeley. nice and calm. we don't have fog and bows lower clouds that were blocking that view yesterday. winds are looking very light as well. out there. we have this ridge of high pressure that is building and that's where temperatures are higher. and we have this dry air mass as well. that's been pushing away fog and marine layer start temperatures today will be in the 70's across san francisco along the coast, cool in the 60's compared to what we're going to see for the other parts of the bay area today. >> san bruno 73 burlingame 84 for daytime highs from san carlos to redwood city looking at upper 80's. 92 in one side in the south bay here. notice those temperatures a little higher. we're seeing more of the mid 90's for says yesterday when we had upper 80's and lower 90's. there hayward a little warmer it 84
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today to planning 96. and there we see some more triple digits in pleasanton and livermore today stay hydrated and wear that sunscreen. if you're outdoors here, we see a berkeley will be in the mid 70's today and are in debt. 8799 in walnut creek. pretty close to triple digits conquered as well. a 100 degrees and vacaville a little warmer. as you can see there at one. '05, and santa rosa, looking at a daytime high of 91 degrees. if you're taking the bay bridge this morning. it's actually looking pretty good right now. we have a look just approaching the tolls. it's looking smooth. we don't have any waits or i'm not picking up major hot spots as well. right now they're asked for the richmond. sandra fell bridge also looking good. a little more cars out there on


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