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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 9, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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go inside. yeah, you're right about that. it comes as early as this afternoon for some places are going to see more of those triple digits compared. >> to yesterday temperatures well above the normal for this time of the year. but right now, winds are looking pretty calm along the coast. >> you probably won't see too much of a change versus yesterday in terms of our temperatures. i'm sure a lot of you that live inland will probably want to cool off. >> and head closer to the water. this weekend since it will be so warm. fairfield's actually 13 degrees warmer compared to just 24 hours ago. most of the bay area warmer except there and a half moon bay. as you can see. we are seeing the most clouds in that area along the coast. they're keeping it nice and cool. there we do have that excessive heat warning in effect starting today through sunday. so for if you live where you see the pink on the map. just remember to stay hydrated as it will be sizzling out there in the
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afternoons and wear your sunglasses your sunscreen if you're going to be outdoors and keep an eye on your pets and your so it's not just here in the bay area. it's actually a lot of the state. so that will see that excessive heat come this weekend. our daytime high temperatures today notice it's a little warmer out there in morgan hill. we're actually going to be in the mid-nineties versus what we saw yesterday. murray. i need agrees and of a lay home mill valley 83 degrees. let's check in on the roads and see how it's looking as you're heading into san francisco this morning looking great right now believe we have the metering lights on not too much of a wait, though, as you're approaching the tolls looking good our bay area bridges this morning. we don't have too many people out on the road yet. but of course that will be changing within this hour. westbound 80 out to the maze. looking at 15 minutes on the south bay 2.80,
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from san jose to cupertino is a quick 10 minute drive right and 5.80, from castro valley me is just 13 minutes. back to you. thanks a lot. erica. ok. so it's 6 oh one. let's get to our top story this morning. an excessive heat warning for most of the bay area with the east bay's particularly. >> looking to get probably the hottest triple digits for sure. yeah. that's why we have team coverage. so let's continue that and talk about. >> the power alert to because you're supposed to hold back on the ac kron four's camila barco is live in contra, costa county. good morning. camilla. >> good morning, daryn. date. so, disregard this jacket is going to get hot today. right now we're seeing cooler weather is here in concord. but that's going change within the next few hours. we talked about that excessive heat warning and that starts today at noon. so if you're going to head out today where some like clothing, i have some under and take it easy. if you're spending time outdoors. take a look at this map. the excessive heat warning is for
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several bay area cities, much of the east bay is under that excessive heat warning. that includes places like livermore and here in concord to take a look at your city is included these places are the ones likely to see temperatures soar in the triple digits. now that heat wave begins today and last through the weekend, hot temperatures can cause some heat related illnesses. the national weather service advises people to stay in air-conditioned areas. if you can if you're going to step outside, do it in the early morning or late evening take a water bottle with you keep yourself hydrated. do not leave your kids or pets in the car and make sure you walk guards before that. thing gets too hot. now let's talk a little bit about that. state's electric grid. these extreme temperatures it can affect in the california independent system operator is asking people to conserve energy later tonight. that's why they are issuing a power alert. later today. so here's some ways you can conserve. powers set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher avoid using
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major appliances like. you're watching machines and turn off any unnecessary lights. also use fans instead of air conditioning and and like any new equipment, you're not using now that excessive heat warning will last until sunday night and the power alert from so to start today at 4 in the afternoon and will go on until 9 at. so right now here in concrete, a little bit cool. but if you're headed out the door early this morning. be sure to wear some like clothing at. >> make sure to do that exercise or take out your dog for a walk. right now instead of later in the day started games. back to you have layers wear layers. he laid off like a take it off the layered system allows 6065 will cool, >> that's the full on conch storm >> we have a lot. you're >> thank in cold, too, but not
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i mean, you know, not what it's like a heat wave of it. check out our app. if you don't have it already. it's got great weather on and everything. if you just point your phone at this qr code, open it up, don't take a picture, though, because i have a lot of baby qr code pictures adorable on my phone. don't take a picture. it take you right to that spot on our website that you need today. >> 6 a 4th time. now let's get to some breaking news from overnight. more on those earthquakes at the big one. that was yesterday. 6 up in the sierra right near the california-nevada border. but then we've since that had dozens of aftershocks, even one of the aftershocks these quakes that hit map. and the last 24 hours, the red dots are the most recent and then the bigger, the dot. >> the bigger the magnitude. >> like i said, dozens of aftershocks. 4 point, oh, and change. as we've been across the hours that followed. we've got melanie townsend check. she spoke to some experts about earthquakes like this and what they might mean. >> from sacramento to the bay area. the shakes fo by this impressive. 6 point. oh
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earthquake thursday afternoon happened in a remote area. austin elliott with the u.s. geological survey says has been on their radar for a long time. this is a classic place. the geologist go to the active faults that we know formed pretty dramatic topography. when you go east of the sierra nevada mountain range. elliott who lives in san francisco, 250 miles away from the epicenter says he could feel the rumblings of the quake. >> but in terms of its size, it's based on the measurements that we this is not out of the ordinary earthquake in terms of the shaking in 10 cities either instrument recorded or reported to are. did you feel it system? there's liquid sloshing on the stoats. however, according to elliott in doctor kit, miyamoto there is potential for even more intense aftershocks. >> or a bigger quake. well, it was a pretty i do like 5.9. so you're going to definitely see the up. this ought keep going for the next 24 hours within the realm of possibility that a large earthquake will follow
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this one as is the case with any earthquake and is is ultimately the case with even when earthquakes don't occur. the governor's office of emergency services also recognizes this and is now working around the clock to monitor a situation that has a lot of people shaken up to earthquakes that we feel in sacramento, that certainly. >> as with fires, as with covid were experiencing more and more of this. and so it is important to take those safety steps to protect yourself, your family make a family emergency plan. it's really a wake-up call, a reminder melanie townsend. fox 40 news. >> well, that earthquake swarm comes as the california geological survey also issued a new tsunami hazard map for san francisco. santa clara and contra costa counties. and as the areas in yellow that are of greatest concern. represent the hazard areas. green is fine. that's more inland or higher terrain. the most significant increases that we saw in this new map. well, they involve the low elevation areas in san francisco's north
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beach. the downtown market street area and also the residential and commercial areas around the port of richmond. this new map will hopefully help state and local agencies better prepare for potential tsunami is down the road. >> time now 6. '07, and governor newsom is urging us all cut back on our water usage the reservoirs. i'm sure you've their alarmingly low and the governor is saying that cutting that by 15% can make the difference it's not mandatory right now, but he's urging you to take a shorter shower. do less laundry. water your lawn less and the like. not here. >> as nanny state and not try to hear the oppressive again, these are voluntary, the sober reality as such that. here we are again and we will need to with the lessons learned from the last drought. >> 50% of california's 58 counties are starting up 50%, 50 of them. so the way the majority. are under either. some kind of drought. extreme
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drought. the shows you the difference in the classifications, it's either extreme or exceptional drought conditions. the darker, the color, the worst of conditions are. >> the whole bay area impacted by that east bay, especially the contra costa water district is asking its customers to cut water use by 10%. crawfordsville on has more. >> when you're a load of laundry. make sure that you're you're filling it up as as much as you can and same with with your dishwasher at the same time, besides full loads and jennifer allen with the contra costa water district says customers to check outdoor irrigation systems to help conserve water, making sure that it sent to the appropriate. >> time and length of time of 4 for the season that we're in right now and also for how the public temperature is outside the district's board of directors called a stage one water shortage after meeting wednesday contra. costa county is classified under exceptional drought, the primary source of water is a sacramento san joaquin delta originating from rivers within the sierra water officials say
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much of the anticipated inflow from snow melt was absorbed by the dry ground. the water district plans to use water stored in los vaqueros reservoir, which is at about 77% capacity. >> in addition to voluntary conservation to meet customers needs in the meantime, the district has these tips at mulch into or our gardens or into or any landscape, though, have outside of mult is a great way to retain moisture within the soil. and so you don't have to water as often. >> and then indoors. people can take a look at that and have your fixtures tech and make sure that you don't have a leak in a toilet or in a fossett little little things like that. save a lot of water and like other counties. contra costa water is offering rebates and incentives to get people to say water. that includes lot replacements and free fixtures like shower, heads and timers. >> reporting in danville. gayle ong kron 4 news because of the droughts we're headed into what they think going to
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be a bad fire season. berkeley's mayor and the fire chief announced the city's investing more than 12 million dollars into prevention. the money is going to go to clearing dry vegetation putting in new evacuation warning sign sirens and conducting neighborhood. evacuation drills officials keep saying they need to plan ahead and be ready. >> and not only planning season the season but planning what's going to happen. the 5 year, 10 year and 20 year program. this is huge for us. >> the prevention measures are funded by measure asked f which was approved by voters in berkeley last november. >> bart is using goats to reduce the fire danger on their property. their shows or i love this. when you see goats are us is my favorite provide. there's really a company called the agency shared this video of all of the goat hit the hillside here in the near the fremont station. doing what fire prevention. they do as well.
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it's great because they monday them on the steep hillsides and stuff. yeah, get equipment onto or, you know where the risk of using long hours. it is still is just weird to me. still there. do start. >> i love it. >> i love it. yeah. i'm all the time on the hillsides along 24 as you're heading towards the call, the right bring amount to do this which things like see him on it they put it in this little median like in the highway and you're going, oh, well, that's weird, huh. >> they'll be surprised if you see more goats out there right we'll take a break. it is 6.12. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> concern on the rise when it comes to covid cases in the east bay. health officials. say more work needs to be done to get more people vaccinated. we'll tell you why. and business is down 4 hotels across san francisco. what hotel managers say needs to be done. more on the hot weather. here's a look at temperatures today brace yourself for upper 90's to low
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>> 6.15 is the time right now and we are checking out the weather on a friday morning. we are. for now. you're fine. so maybe get those things done outside need to get done. walked august of kuz, right. we want to do it later now. i barely wanted to do yesterday. i would like a block and a half and it was pretty hot. erica. yeah. definitely. we're going to be seeing more of the triple digits this afternoon. versus yesterday when only a couple areas had that.
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>> we're also going to temperatures in the south bay and north bay higher. but along the coast, you're not really going to see too much of a difference. i'm sure if you want to cool off and you live inland. probably will be heading to the beach this weekend. taking a look outside the san francisco international airport right now looking nice. and clear. we're seeing light winds as well. beautiful day out there asked for our normal temperatures this time of pulled up those usually san francisco or in the mid-sixties notice san jose's normal is 81. >> livermore, 88 and santa rosa's about usually in the mid 80's. that's a normal temperatures. but. >> if you see our daytime highs, it's above that 70's for san francisco for today along the coast looking at 73 and san bruno 89 in redwood city today out in the south bay. see where i'm going to be
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94 for saratoga few degrees warmer than yesterday. 95 in morgan hill. if you think today's going to be hot tomorrow is going to be even hotter pleasanton 100 for a daytime high today livermore well above our 88 degree normal for this time of year at one. oh, one hayward expected to hit to the mid 80's today as well as san leandro 87 for close to a 100 and walnut creek. but we're going see triple digits in pittsburgh in vacaville today. 92 for a benicia and out in santa rosa expected to hit 91 degrees today. so just remember to stay hydrated, have your sunscreen in hand. as for the roads right now, it's actually a check out. some of cameras here. so if you are approaching the richmond. sandra fell bridge looking good. as you can see, it's just 7 minutes out to a one. oh, one this morning. and at the san mateo bridge
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looking nice and clear their traffic. going smoothly. i don't see any issues anywhere, including the high rise. it's looking pretty good. just 13 minutes out to the peninsula. and in san jose. no major, hot spots or traffic collisions right now. that could be impacting your commute. it's looking pretty good from san jose to menlo park on the one o one just 28 minutes. and here on 8.80, heading southbound from oakland to highway 2.38 no problems there. it's a quick 10 minute drive time and on westbound 24 from walnut creek to 5.80. haven't seen any issues yet. they're here all in the green up and down here. you can see drive times are looking excellent at this time on 5.80, from livermore to dublin. just 10 minutes and 2.37 peta's to sonny bill a fast 6 minute drive time. back to you. james and darya. >> thanks a lot of 6.18 and
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the san francisco hotel market is in a state of depression city hotel rates are dropping more sharply than in the rest of the country. the u.s. hotel market overall is considered in a recession, not a dtpression overall hotels down 22%. but the american hotel lodging association says revenue per available as cisco is down 70% may of 2019 to may this year hotel managers say the loss of conventions is a big driver of the decline in san francisco. >> we're very convention and meeting city and so because all the conventions and meetings have been canceled for all of 21. that takes a huge. leg off the store. if you want to call that the other major market is the international visitors tourists and they're not coming to the states, let alone california. so now you've lost 2 lakes on a three-legged stool. >> hotel managers. expect more
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business says conventions come back in tourism picks up that they don't expect to fully bounce back until 2023. >> national headlines this morning. president biden has announced the u.s. military mission in afghanistan. we'll come to an end on august 31st some 20 years after the conflict began. the pentagon says the troop withdrawal process is now 90% complete. our dc correspondent anna wiernicki is live with the details. anna. >> good morning. well, president biden says that he made the decision to withdraw the troops from afghanistan earlier than he initially said because he says that it's safe and he says that it's time. >> a military mission in afghanistan will conclude. >> on august 31st. president biden moved up the deadline to move american troops out of afghanistan i believe that this is the right decision. and quite frankly, overdue. the president said the 20 year were clean. more than 2500 american mites wounded more than 20,000 and cost about
6:21 am
1 trillion dollars. he is not going to ask another generation of kids to go and serve in afghanistan in a war that he does not feel can be won militarily. the whole thing needs to be reevaluated. but pennsylvania republican congressman dan mueser says leaving comes with risks as taliban advances in the country. must secure their safety. >> before entire pull out takes place but administration needs to rethink this. president biden says now it's up to afghanistan to protect itself. i trust the taliban know. >> but i trust the capacity of the afghan military who is better trained better equipped. >> and president biden says that the end goal was never to unify afghanistan. he says that the u.s. did what it set out to do, which was to hunt down osama bin mine in and to prevent future attacks after 9.11 for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki back to you. all right. thanks a lot, dana. >> we'll take a break at 6.21 coming up, reforming police departments across california.
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the family of oscar grant weighing in on what has been accomplished so far and what still needs to be done in their mind. we'll take a closer look. and here's another look at the temperatures this afternoon. that's the big weather story. it is going to be extremely hot for inland temperature in the valleys. that's going to stay tha still fresh... unstopables in-wash scent booster.
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>> 6.24 in this morning's dine and dish or visiting top of the mark in san francisco where they got music and a good man. you, vicki liviakis
6:25 am
takes a look. >> we get an invite check out the new changes at the iconic top of the market. people have been coming to the top of the mark since 1939 to soak up the views and get a taste of san francisco. there are about to experience something just a little bit different. the 19th floor of the mark hopkins has seen a lot of its long live music bygone fancy food with. >> silver and gold service. but covid-19 shutdown. the historic hotel for a spell and really come up with a fresh approach be more appealing to also younger audience and the hotel and what looking at violent sure the foggy 360 degree views are still there. but the food entertainment is another matter. >> gone. are the in discovery bay and replaced by mister the jays. now we just want and han stat and the new element of surprise and excitement. the hotel's general managers invited the press to get an idea of what to expect
6:26 am
like-new appetizer menu signature cocktails and a table side. tasting experience that includes caviar colorful kolr chocolate and there's hansen of sonoma organic he takes up to the new partner them with these amazing talk that chris kohler and it's a really fun experience. get labor and vodka and a little flavor of sweetness and talk put together. >> the hope here is that for locals and tourists. the refreshed top of the mark really hits the mark. >> and you really get to experience a true part of the legacy of beautiful city is all about in san francisco. the key will kiss kron 4 news. >> we're always looking at great places to send days. open up your phone and get this qr code will take it to dine and dish. you can see all kinds of restaurants and ideas. if you're looking to eat and then you can also
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suggest anything you'd like to vicki vicki, we need to go to top of the mark find. do it for the company. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news juan drugmakers asking the fda to approve a booster shot for its covid vaccine. but some bay area. doctors and even if the fda it's not really necessary. we'll take a closer look at why and as we head to break, another reminder just how hot will be this afternoon. don't be caught off guard. don't do anything outdoors today. if when our daughter and her kids moved in with us... our bargain detergent couldn't keep up. turns out it's mostly water. so, we switched back to tide. one wash, stains are gone. daughter: slurping don't pay for water. pay for clean. it's got to be tide.
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>> 6.29 right now. ways the city on fire the morning at how a beautiful for now. if it's a sunny side up egg. it's this is golden cross and just go right now. i love that sunrise picture. but as i said, it's pretty to look at later on that sun probably won't be your friend. so this is the time to get out walk the dog into all that stuff you need to do. and then i guess we're down in your cave erica. yeah, you're right about that right before the break, we see our daytime highs around the bay area and yeah, it's definitely warmer compared to yesterday tomorrow's going to be even hotter anyways. as you know, it's friday. some of you guys might be traveling if you happen to be headed out to say right now looking pretty nice. we have a live look. >> outside donner summit camera there. you can see the blue skies. i believe the
6:31 am
daytime high temperature today out and see it south lake tahoe's about 92 degrees. there fresno the highs. one. '09. and if you're heading out to sacramento today. one. oh sevens is lynn. they have extreme heat out there. not so not just of the bay area's dealing with that. but other parts of the state as well. so here's a look at some of our national temperatures for those of you are traveling past california that high pressure is actually building over the entire southwest area. that's why we're seeing these dry conditions and hot temperatures coming up, i'll have the 7 day extended a bay area forecast. in the meantime, we want to get a look at the roads right now. let's check out our traffic cameras here. heading into san francisco about take the bay bridge. it's looking at pretty smooth and fast. you don't as much carl's cars piling up compared to the same time
6:32 am
yesterday. so looking like it's a quick drive over to the city. out on one. oh, one lookin great out in the peninsula and the south bay as well to fast drive time of 20 minutes there you saw southbound 8.80, from oakland to highway 2.38 still looking good haven't picked up any major collisions. westbound. 24 also looking good from walnut creek to 5 80's just 11 minutes. and we have other drive times here. we're in the green. it is looking great in terms of our roads and traffic conditions right now. james and darya. back to you. thanks a lot. 6.32 and a big story now after months of daily covid cases in the bay area. >> going down. now we're looking at them on the rise. unfortunately. yeah. health officials really pointing towards the delta variant as the reason why we're seeing this jump once again in numbers. it's the most dominant strain that we have here in california and it's
6:33 am
largely affecting those who at this point are still not yet vaccinate. if you are fully vaccinated. the data shows that you are mostly immune to the delta variant. but if you're not. >> they need to be wary. and this us pfizer right now is looking at authorization to get a booster shot out. but a lot of doctors say that's not necessary. know. kron four's, dan thorn explains. >> in an effort to boost immunity against coronavirus variants. pfizer is seeking the potential of another vaccine dose. early studies of the company's booster suggest antibody levels jumped dramatically with a 3rd shot. there's no reason. >> to roll up your sleeve for a 3rd bush term at this point. you see berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine should be enough to keep the current delta variant from infecting people and putting them in the hospital. he views the development of a 3rd dose as pfizer's way of being prepared for the number of antibodies that may diminish over time. the message to the public
6:34 am
shouldn't be that pfizer is doing this because we need it. the message should be that pfizer's doing this. so it's available in case we do need to do in the future. >> studies are underway for if and when a booster may be needed. the bigger concern is getting more americans fully vaccinated. french researchers found a single dose of pfizer's two-shot regimen is not enough protection against the delta variant doctor swartzberg says data shows about 10% of people who received the first dose of the vaccine are not returning for the second those people are putting themselves substantial risk, getting really sick from the delta variant. perhaps one of the up in the hospital and perhaps something even more serious reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> in the east bay alameda county is experiencing an increase in covid cases that could exceed this spring wave that we had earlier this year. the alameda county health department says the latest increases are likely due to well, the delta very we're
6:35 am
talking about, but also everybody returning to their activity and a lot of people not wearing masks health officer nicholas moss believes that it's all having an impact and that while mild cases have been reported among vaccinated. people. it's really the unvaccinated that have to worry. >> the vast majority of these cases are in. vaccinated. people and the communities where we see the lowest vaccination rates. so we have seen some increases our hospitalizations. we got down to levels that we really haven't seen at any point in the pandemic in early but but we're up again from there. >> health officials are urging you to get vaccinated if you don't have the vaccine, then they're urging you to wear a mask because that's your only protection. and they say you should wear that mask indoors and outdoors. happening today east palo alto is holding an event to encourage young people to get their shots. they do that by offering other stuff like prices. the vaccination event is at the e
6:36 am
p a center at 1950 bay road from 04:00pm to 07:00pm. they're going to give the vaccines to anybody who's 12 years old are older than that. and then after you get the vaccine, they've got music fun activities. food and you can win prizes. it's the first public event at the epa center's new outdoor amphitheater, which by the way, was just recently renovated. you go california lawmakers are taking up a number of bills that could bring significant shifts in policing policies across the state. now this comes in the wake of a number of high-profile. >> police killings across the country and here in california, crawford. jonathan mccall takes a look. >> their names are known to billions across the globe, not for how they lived. but instead how they died killed at the hands of police in this age of technology. their final moments were all caught on camera. each and every time a new names added to the list. >> my mind goes to how
6:37 am
society, the people our society. have mentality that. black and brown lives do not matter. a painful reverend. one to johnson's past comes back to life. >> her son oscar was killed by bart officer johannes mehserle. early new year's day 2009 at the fruitvale bart station. presently says that he was reaching for a taser when he killed oscar was convicted by a jury in 2010, despite hundreds of police shooting since oscars here in the bay area. many of them caught on camera. remains the last to be area. officer convicted. i mean, there's already a problem with policing. >> you know, i had nothing to do with training you have all do what the coach or a policing grant's uncle cephus johnson, also known as uncle bobby axe. >> says that cell phone and body cam video may give folks a first hand look behind the badge. but it hasn't always provided the justice that many
6:38 am
families continue to seek, including his one. we have a lot of work still to do. the killing. >> it has continued because of a to hold police officers accountable. >> it's why he says the conviction of former minneapolis officer derek chauvin matters for the murder of george floyd. but he says the change that is needed doesn't stop with just police. >> if the police union. it's the district attorney. even the judge is that we have a system. >> that fails at all levels. >> the johnsons have been on the front lines of trying to change police reform here in california. slowly changes are being made to hold california's law enforcement accountable right now. lawmakers are considering 2 bills that could change the landscape. sb 16 would require the release of police records sb 2.99 would require
6:39 am
compensation for victims involved in use of force incidents this week. california attorney general rob bonta announced that his office will now investigate police shootings of unarmed suspects heard firsthand hurt. >> and the pain that so many families and communities feel in the moments after these incidents. >> adding to that in the last year, 2 bay area officers have been charged for their actions in deadly shootings. there fully aware of how the world has changed and made internally know, hey, we need to beat those. those standards and children. do with the california police officers association says its members support reforms only when they're needed and don't jeopardize their safety or the publix. >> he says california law enforcement right now is suffering from reform. fatigue and it's beginning to take its toll just saying, you know what. >> i go out there every day and try to do my best. but if there's this need for change and sometimes change that we don't necessarily agree with because we think it will
6:40 am
jeopardize the safety been some fans are saying, you know what, maybe this wasn't what i thought it was going to be. and the johnsons say that the wheels of justice often take time. >> we knew then that all jurors to pro police. each year that one or one or parts of a juror. begin to be a little skeptical. police action because of the videos. but believe that they're finally starting to move in the right direction. >> with a new generation of grants now carrying the torch jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> in the south bay. the pta has developed a plan to resume light rail service by the end of the month. there will be some training involved and a soft opening before the actual work assignments resume. the light rail system spans more than 40 miles across the south bay traveling from san jose to mountain view and word that service will resume at the end of the month comes more than a month after 9 people were killed in a shooting at the vta railyard.
6:41 am
>> it's 6.40 in national news. the death toll now in the condo collapse in surfside, florida has risen to 64 and authorities. as you know, turn the search and rescue effort. a couple days ago into a recovery effort. they are still looking for the remains of 76 people believe missing in that collapse. we all still praying for a miracle. >> we haven't given up all hope. thank you for continuing to pray for all families. >> the teams. they're giving a prayer as they paused work to honor the victims. the mayor says discussions have started about what to do with the site. eventually once they remove all the debris, many say there should be an official memorial because this is one of the deadliest mass casualty building collapses in u.s. history. 6.41 in the north bay. a new shuttle is going make it easier for you to visit the russian river sonoma county regional parks river shuttle. we'll take you from santa rosa to the russian
6:42 am
river starting this weekend. it departs from tom shaw flynn fields. and it takes you to still have regional park and sunset beach river park and forest bill. and it's a round-trip deal. the tickets are 5 bucks. the buses run every 30 minutes between 10:00am and 06:00pm. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, even if you go to lake taupo every summer. you might not know about this hidden gem. we're going to take you to the west shore. we'll be right back.
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oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby.
6:45 am
>> 6.44 right now and we're checking out the weather and i like say this is good as it gets because if you need to be outside. now is the time to do. and yes, because later today erica, we're talking scorching heat. yes, it's going to be hot. a way above our normal temperatures for this time. >> of the year. but waking up and nice and cool right now on the peninsula and clear winds are very light. i've been here at the newark how honda weather center tracking our conditions for this weekend and tomorrow is going to be even hotter. >> than what we're going to see for today's daytime highs. we could possibly see some record breaking heat for inland areas. but check this out. this is our normal highs throughout the bay area for this time of year. usually a san jose's lower 80's conquered upper 80's. but as you're going to see with those
6:46 am
high temperatures today above that san francisco expected to be in the 70's today along the coast are really not going to see too much of a change compared to what we saw yesterday. it's the rest of the bay area that's going to see those warmer temperatures 81 in millbrae mid 80's in foster city and san mateo 89 for daytime high in redwood city. and then we're actually going to see more of the mid-nineties in the south bay in places like saratoga. campbell morgan hill and los gatos, as you remember yesterday were more in the lower 90's out in union city expected to be in the mid 80's as well as in hayward one. oh, one in livermore, though. normally it's 88 this time of year. pleasanton also going to see triple digit temperatures today. so just stay hydrated. have your sun screen on if you're outdoors today. >> 75 in berkeley, little cooler. but out unconquered 100 degrees for our daytime high one. '02, out there in
6:47 am
pittsburgh and one. '05, out in vacaville. one of the hottest spots of the bay area 90's and fairfield, napa and santa rosa, much cooler out here. point reyes 76 degrees. so heres our 7 day extended forecast warming trend continuing till tomorrow after that, we will start to see our temperatures going back down to normal by middle of next week is when we should be at normal temperatures for this time of the year. checking in on our roads. now, if you're taking the richmond, sandra fell bridge right before the toll plaza. you see it's gotten a little slower there as we have more cars out on the road. it's 9 minutes now out to the one o one. so our time. are going our times are going up throughout the bay. area's more cars on the road here. also at a little more packed heading into the peninsula here on the san mateo bridge. however, there's no issues a high rise is
6:48 am
looking good right now. i don't see any lanes blocked anywhere. no major traffic collisions on the to ad either out and the south bay looking smooth from san jose to cupertino 11 minutes. if you're taking the directions also running pretty smooth. no lanes. blocked or a major traffic collisions there from walnut creek to 5.80. it's 11 minutes. and then if you're taking. 5.18, looking great as well. if you're heading westbound from castro valley and amaze. it's about a 13 minute commute. here's a look at some of our other bay area drive times looking pretty normal for this time of the morning. there on 8.80, they're taking to 37 know peta's to sunnyvale a seven-minute drive time james and back to you. tom, who's looking good about now jumping in. >> that's what we're going to come not only the summer but
6:49 am
this weekend. but exploring the lake and hiking the surrounding mountains. everybody does that there's something for everybody. but this morning in our destination, california. we've got something new. melanie townsend takes a look. >> welcome to my humble some a boat here on lake tahoe just kidding. i wish, though this was my house. this 100 year-old home actually belongs to the california state park system and it continues to be one of the states here. this side of lake tahoe. imagine you built a mansion so brand in noteworthy that it became a historical landmark and eventually a state park. >> this is what happened to the original an estate built in 19 '02 by a s w helmet
6:50 am
in-house, one of the wealthiest families in early california history. >> the house is 11,700 square feet a california craftsman style. so using your original materials from the lake tahoe basin. so what we see behind us all. the granite came from lake tahoe. >> the estate stretches across more than 1000 acres of the sugar pine point state park. the mansion known as the was the family summer home from 19. '03, to 1965 until was saved by the state. the attention was to tear down the house and turn this into a campground. a lakeside campground thanks to some very passionate advocates. the pine lodge is now what heidi doyle says. it's a home for all californians. it's a family home. it's very livable. even though it's 11,000 square feet much larger than my personal house. i can see being in here and on that note.
6:51 am
>> welcome to my home. come on and don't mind if we do. friendly mi casa es su casa vibe going on here. guests can now tour this 8 bedroom, 6 bathroom home in the summer time of the 1930's and learn about the unique craftsmanship unique hand-woven. we have not seen this anywhere else early swimsuit fashions. so that would be your undergarments 100. he said. >> i would just looks like put like a modern day some >> revolutionary technologies. and let's not forget doyle's favorite spot in the kitchen. i was a match and doing dishes and the good times continue
6:52 am
outside as visitors cut back on the front porch high. one sugar pine point, you trails or fun in the sun. >> and talked. we really encourage people to absorb nature because it's the combination of history and nature that makes this heart suspects. >> aside from its architectural charm and course history you can't this lakeside view. >> so it makes the helen urban mansion. just another great destination here california. >> that was melanie townsend reporting. and if you scan this qr code, you can go to there's so many places to go in california. fbi just lake tahoe jellystone park in lodi catalina island. and we've got all that stuff or you just scan the qr code take you right to our destination. california section of kron 4, you done any of those lodi catalina and swimming with the sharks in the as i know. but
6:53 am
i'm kind of interested in the stream swim with sharks as long as i'm in the cage. yeah, don't want to do it unless i i did the cage thing member in a while and it was also like was really fun. as we head to the break, let's take a look at the high temperatures are going want to swim somewhere this weekend. take a look at the heat wave starts today. pick out your neighborhood see how hot it's going to be.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> 6.55. is the time right now and the scripps national spelling be crowned its first african american winner in the whole competition's history 96 years. here is a look at the winning moment. >> you a >> that >> now at 14 years old. the jumping for joy. look at the they get confetti coming down. a lot of an guard is from harvey, louisiana and she spell the winning word. >> maybe you don't know what it is. i didn't know it or it's a type of tropical tree. and she did say that one word that gave her trouble before this was net peto, which is another kind of a she was excited to get that one right. so she takes home the trophy and the honor and wow, i'm and you know what, with the work
6:57 am
that these kids do to get to this point. at this level and king with a goal of a lot alone. time memorizing a member at how they could be out with friends. but good job to her. certainly paid off. >> 6.56 is the time. we'll take a break. coming up in the next hour. >> the bay area bracing for dangerously high temperatures. here's a look at what we're expecting this afternoon. a power alert has been issued as a result. we have details coming up in a live report and those earthquakes in they just keep happening. we'll talk about the aftershocks that we're still fe
6:58 am
6:59 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. so and i'm james fletcher 07:00am is the time as we're waking up this morning to pleasant conditions for now. but the sun is up. and so the warming is beginning. we'll start to bake kind of like we're done oven. and what's the peak of the heat wave which day will it be, erica, it's going to be tomorrow. so today, though, we will see more triple >> even warmer temperatures out in the south bay. but if you live along the coast for really not going to see too much of a change in terms of those temperatures. but comparing our numbers from 24 hours ago. you can see here


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