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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 9, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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or online at >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at known. good morning. thank you for joining us on the finest day of the week. >> it is a friday and it's the finest hour to 09:00am, although i think maybe today's going to be the beginning of troubling times for some. it's going to be hot super hot as we head into the weekend. that's our big weather story. so let's start there in the weather center. >> good morning, erica. good morning, james. happy friday. gas today. temperatures are going to be warmer than yesterday. a triple digits in more places and we signed
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yesterday, tomorrow even hotter. but along the coast, you'll really see too much of a change. so if you want to cool down. maybe head to the beach. we are seeing some clouds out there. half moon bay looking nice and cool as for the difference these last 24 hours notice livermore. it's 21 degrees. warmer right now than it was at 9 o'clock yesterday morning fairfield also much hotter by 21 novato for even 14 degrees higher right now. i believe are 72 degrees up there in the north bay 76 in concord right now. san mateo, 70. we're starting to warm up for the day. fairfield currently 80 degrees. we have this high pressure in the desert southwest. that's expanding bringing us these hot temperatures and those dry conditions. it's also kept that marine layer from shifting. so far inland like we normally see now all the pink honor map here. the east bay lot of the east bay there and south bay and parts of the
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north bay gerrymandering, excessive heat warning in just a few starts at noon and last through sunday. so be careful when you're outdoors, you stay hydrated, wear sunscreen. keep an eye on your pets. i'll have a look at the 7 day extended forecast in just a bit as well as those temperatures later on today. in the meantime, want to get a look outside now at the roads because i am picking up this traffic collision out in mountain view. this is for one. oh, one northbound. i believe that one of the lanes is currently blocked there are 3 vehicles involved in this one. so you might want to take 2.80 instead. if you're heading north on the peninsula this morning. but it's looking great on the bay bridge right now. both directions just 13 minutes out to fremont street to look at other drive times around the bay, not bad. interstate 5.80, livermore to dublin. just 12 minutes and on each 80 from san leandro to milpitas is just 28 minutes.
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james, back to you. alright, erica, thank you very much. 9 '02 is the time. and again, our big story this morning, the excessive. >> heat warning for most of the bay area with the east bay expected to get the hottest temperatures today. people are being asked to conserve energy, trying to reduce the stress on the power grid, but on it, but it will lose power. crawford's camila barco standing by live in contra, costa county, where people are certainly get ready. good morning. camila. >> good morning, james. it's not too cold, not too hot here in concord. some people are taking advantage of the current weather. you can see behind me some people are sitting down other people's have been taking a stroll around this park. but these temperatures are not going to stick for long. we know it's going to get really hot and that's going urge some people to use their a c. but as we talked about earlier, we want to conserve energy starting later today. these extreme temperatures have the possibility of affecting the state's electric grid the california independent system operator is asking people to
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conserve energy later tonight. they are issuing a power alert from for this afternoon to 9 at night and these are some ways you can save power unplug equipment when you're not using it use fans instead of a c turn the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher avoid using major appliances like washing machines and turn off any unnecessary lights if you look at this map, the excessive heat warning is for several bay area cities, much of the east bay like james said, is under the excessive heat warning, including here in concord and they were more these places are the ones likely to see temperatures soar in the triple digits. now that heat wave begins today and last through the weekenr, those hot temperatures can cause heat related illnesses. so the national weather service is advising people to stay in places where it's cool. your outdoor activities now or in the late evening and walking dogs before the pavement gets too hot. now, some people i spoke to here in concord tell me that they are
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ready these hot temperatures others not so much. >> definitely enjoy the hot like barbecue go on hikes. you know, i did. kuz. i'm especially wouldn't be as high and fires. carter wrote i actually embrace the e. >> i love this and it makes me want to get out of the house. i'm all about barbecues and having a good time. >> now that excessive heat warning will last until sunday night and that power alert from so starts again, as i said early starts at 4 in the afternoon and will last until 9 at night. james, back to all right. thank you very much, camila and we will continue to track the heat. >> on our kron 4 app. don't forget if you haven't downloaded get, go ahead and scan that qr code and that will give you access to it. it's free and there you've got
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the 7 day forecast current conditions, cooling centers in your area if they decide to open any up. might be something really helpful for his word, getting through this series of hot days and that isn't the only thing we're following this morning. we've got the latest on the breaking news from overnight, which was the earthquake yesterday up in the sierra that 6 point o magnitude quake that struck during the afternoon and all the subsequent aftershocks that have happened. in fact, take a look at your screen here. we'll put up a map and that shows all the quakes that have happened since yesterday afternoon last 24 hours, the red dots are the most current ones, the bigger the dot, the bigger the magnitude. there's been dozens dozens of aftershocks in the wake of that 6 point. oh shaker at 4 o'clock yesterday. a lot been like 4 point. oh, or stronger to proffers taylor act. he spoke with the usgs about the earthquakes and has some video of what people saw. >> an earthquake now upgraded to magnitude 6.0 rattled. the bay area in northern california on thursday at
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about local time this afternoon a 5.9 earthquake occurred in antelope valley in eastern california, near the california-nevada border. >> the maximum felt shaking that's been reported so far to the usgs was moderate to strong. that's enough to knock things over really give you a rattle here near the epicenter of the earthquake in along. i 3.95 sauder cheek from the mountainous which eventually led to boaters scattered across the interstate. >> austin elliott with usgs says more aftershocks are common been about. >> 4040, or more aftershocks. so far smaller ones than the main event. the largest one so far was a magnitude 4.5 here in the bay area. >> many of you took to twitter letting us know where you felt the shakes everywhere from san jose to brentwood san francisco vacaville and many places in between meanwhile, those who may be vacationing in lake tahoe, probably felt a
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more powerful shake from here for the poor shop here in tahoe city right by staybridge right on the lake. >> when it came through was kind of areas. we have southwest winds about 15 to 20 miles an hour right now. blowing there was in the area kind of calm and then it was more of a meandering shake, not violent. the entire building here shook from side to side for one to 2 seconds. there was a pause and then it shook again while this is the largest earthquake to hit the region since 1994. >> usgs says it's not uncommon the earthquake is the result of normal pretty well. understood unexpected mechanism for an earthquake at the eastern boundary of the sierra nevada mountains until of a second reporting kron 4 news. >> well, that swarm of earthquakes comes as the california geological survey just issued. as a matter of fact, a new tsunami hazard map for san francisco, santa clara and contra costa counties. the areas you see highlighted in yellow. those are the hazard areas of concern. the areas in green are outside of the
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hazard area. so they should be fine. but the most significant increase in the tsunami hazard area were low elevation areas in san francisco's north beach and downtown market street also residential and commercial areas around the port of richmond. the hope is that with this than state local governments would be better prepared by making sure resources are available to cope with any potential tsunami that might strike these high-risk areas. governor newsome, by the way, is urging californians to cut water use again as the state continues to feel the effects of this worsening drought kron four's ashley zavala has more. >> the governor is now asking californians to reduce their water use voluntarily, not mandatory this as most of california is considered to be in extreme drought conditions. this site. >> governor gavin newsome signing off on an order urging people and businesses to cut their water use by 15%. we're encouraging to do common sense. the order is not
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mandatory but voluntary. the administration is asking everyone to be mindful with water use like watering. the lawn doing laundry and taking a shower or not eliminating that time. not here. >> as nanny state we're not trying to hear oppressive again, these are voluntary newsom's action in san luis obispo county thursday comes as 50 of california's 58 counties. now following the governor's drought related emergency proclamation. >> with 42% of the state's population falling under that emergency as a result of the last drought newsome noted californians have been more mindful of water use in the state has been more efficient on water recycling the sober reality as such that. here we are again and we will need to with the lessons learned from the last drought. this is an existential. >> crisis that we're facing. senator andreas borgia says the chairman of the state senate committee on agriculture. he says the governor's action does not go far enough. we need to be asking governor newsom to use his authority appropriately and that is instructing the
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relevant divisions of the state into water resource. >> that they must as a matter of policy human welfare and food production because if they don't, we will literally be down the road. we may not be able to recover from. >> in the state legislature. there are several proposals in the works to improve the state's water systems newsome and lawmakers are working to spend 5.1 billion dollars on those efforts and on immediate throughout response at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> in the east bay contra costa water. district officials are also asking customers to cut their water use by up to 10%. as we know, contra costa counties classified under exceptional drought conditions and the county's primary source of water is from the delta which is fed by rivers that you know, benefit from the snow melt in the runoff from the sierra. but this year most of the water from that snow melt has already been absorbed by the dry ground. and so that has prompted the district's
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board of directors to declare what they call a stage. one water shortage. we'll take a quick break. 9.11 is the time. coming up. >> reforming police departments across the state. the family of oscar grant is weighing in on what's been accomplished so far and what they feel still needs to be done. and here's another reminder of the hot temperatures today as we are on the doorstep of a hot a handful of days ahead with triple digit heat the ready for it. we'll be right back.
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>> and we're back at 9.15. we've got erica stand by the weather center with more on what's been our big weather story getting into this weekend, which is the heat wave ahead erica, good morning, ali. and good morning. it's day 2 of that warming trend tomorrow is going to be more hot. >> as for san francisco right now looking cool actually we're not close to our daytime high yet which will be in the low 70's across the city, mostly sunny skies and a little above normal for this time of year. the normal 66 degrees. as for the coast, you won't really see too much of a change compared to yesterday. we're going to be in the 60's 65 in half moon bay. here's where you're going to see warmer temperatures out on the peninsula mowbray 81 degrees today 89 in san carlos in redwood city, out in the south bay seeing above normal temperatures as well. hotter than yesterday. mid 90's for campbell los gatos and morgan
9:16 am
hill fremont up to hayward looking at mid to upper 80's triple digits, though, for pleasanton and livermore. normals usually in the 80's. quite a difference there. dublin 96 for daytime high today. 100 in concord. we're also going to see triple digits out in danville here, close to a 100 and walnut creek. a little cooler here, closer to the water we're seeing 70's from richmond down to oakland 86 in san leandro today. more triple digits out in pittsburgh and another hot spot in vacaville at one. '05. so just stay hydrated. 95 in sonoma try to get indoors where there's air conditioning as well. 91 for daytime high in santa rosa in 90 and petaluma little cooler, though, by the water there as you see and it is friday if some of you guys are traveling headed up to tahoe. it is actually going to be warm up their 92 degrees. of course,
9:17 am
the water, though, will be much cooler and cold. if you want to cool off fresno also going to be hot today one. '09 sacramento triple digits as well. we have this high pressure over the desert southwest much of the california that excessive heat. so again, we have that excessive heat warning starting today at noon through sunday. and taking a look at that traffic collision. it looks like they opened all the lanes. it has been cleared and traffic is going to get better. there and mountain view on and heading in north. so that's some good news for those of you on that side of the bay area here we have the richmond sandra fell bridge looking smooth as you're approaching the tolls. we don't have any weights. their 7 minutes out to one o golden gate bridge looking nice out there. >> i don't see any issues in either directions. no lanes blocked, no major traffic collision should be a fast right up to the north bay. as for the san mateo bridge here.
9:18 am
looking good to high rise. i don't see any issues and haven't to all morning. 13 minutes out to one o one. and i'm here in the east bay. if you're traveling on the 24 looking good in both directions. walnut creek to 5.18. just an 11 minute drive south bay here. 2.80 looking smooth in both directions were in the green as we have been these last couple of hours just 11 minutes from san jose out to cupertino. so here's a look at our other drive times. if you're taking 17 from santa cruz to los gatos. it's just 22 minutes. james. all right, thank you very much, erica. 9.18 on the clock. and if you are looking to avoid the heat this weekend. >> there are some big new movies hitting theaters may want to do that. use their air conditioning. i will going to check out marvel's new movie. he first one in what, 2 years. black widow comes out today. we've got dean richards with a look at that and others. >> was an inventor. i mean, the stakes. comic book fans
9:19 am
were no strangers to the black widow. >> when scarlet johansen brought her to life in 2000 ten's iron man, 2, she's since been done. 7 marvel extravaganzas and now continues the quality and excitement that we've come to expect in her own movie. black widow. it all follows the events of captain america civil war. so it'll help but is not as central to have some mcu knowledge going into the movie. she's alone and on the run both from the notoriety of becoming an avenger, but also from her own past the young girl being raised by an army of female super assassin run by a powerful. so be a bad guy. there's plenty of back story. that's explaining the though. it's not quite a prequel as well as incredible nonstop globe. trotting action and adventure. that's completely exciting and setting up obvious future installments. and as is the marvel tradition along with a
9:20 am
solid story. there's plenty of smart humor to go with the action as always, great moral to take home this one about the importance of family. there's also the tradition of staying for the extra scene after the credits. this one will tell you a lot for what will follow this dean's list a in theaters and also on disney. plus premier access know if you watch the original gossip girl, you might want to check out the rebooted version that's now on hbo. max, that follows a new set of upper east side students with similar scenarios as the original only more diverse still seen through the eyes of an anonymous blogger. the new gossip girl feels much like the old one only with a fresh coat of paint. the 1st half of the 12 episode season is streaming. now second happens coming in the fall is the last to wear asked are going to find a couple 100 more funny monsters also in the everything old is new again. department is monsters at work. >> a new series that picks up where the original monsters
9:21 am
inc movie left off. billy crystal and john goodman of return to their previous voice roles as mike and sully. they're joined by mindy kaling, henry winkler and superstores ben feldman. see it on disney. plus, oh, and one more sequel. this one of the slasher variety in fear street. part 2 1978. it's the second installment in the summer horror trilogy based on the rl stine novels. this one set during an annual competition between rival summer camps. the blood iif and is flowing on netflix only women to get the love of my life back and believe it or not, it was 20 years ago this week that the world was introduced to the l a sorority girl elle woods who decides to get back at her boyfriend who dumped her 4 nothing smart enough. >> by enrolling in harvard law school. relive legally blonde on multiple platforms including netflix and amazon prime video. hope you have a great weekend in chicago and dean richards. all right.
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still ahead, business is down 4 hotels across san francisco will tell you what hotel managers say. >> is to blame for that decline. and another look at the temperatures that we'll expect this afternoon be safe. if you're going to be outside today or into this weekend. we've got heat wave.
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try new persil active scent boost! the time to san francisco hotel market has been in a depression of sorts. i mean, it's. >> lost more than kind of the rest of the country in terms san francisco's hotel industry crawford's marie kelly explains what's driving that dramatic decline. >> this one of our premier queen queen loves john hand. lori's family has been in the hotel business for generations. he seen a steep drop in the number of guests checking in due to the pandemic and the amount of money he can charge per night back in 2019, the average room rate here. the handler union square hotel was $255 a night now it's a $135 a night. the occupancy rate has also dropped a dramatic 60% and i don't think i'm the only one who's in that same situation.
9:26 am
a new report out from the american hotel and lodging association says the san francisco hotel market ie in a state of depression with its revenue per available room down 70% from may of 2019 to may of this year. whereas the u.s. hotel market overall is considered in a recession being down 22%. as to what's driving the city's deeper decline. we're very convention and meeting city. >> and so because all the conventions and meetings have been canceled for all of 21. that takes a huge. leg of the stool. if you want to call that the other major market is the international visitor tourists and they're not to the states, let alone california. so now you've lost 2 lakes on a three-legged stool. the domestic traveler looking to get away is the last leg. they are relying on. but hand. lurie says even that business is being hurt by viral videos like this one depicting crime out of control.
9:27 am
>> in san francisco. i've been here for 40 years working for our company. and that's the worst i've ever seen it. the tourism industry is the number one. >> business generator for the city. nothing seems to be getting done. >> he's expecting more people checking in as conventions come back and international travelers return. but he doesn't expect to see business bouncing back until somewhere around 2023 maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> 27 is the time and here's another look at our temperatures this afternoon. what we're expecting and you can see it's going to be hot inland in all directions for be back with more in a moment.
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>> 9.30 at the time. and thanks for tuning in on a friday morning. getting things rolling with a little bit of heat. >> and then a lot of he later today. erica has the details. good morning. good morning. i we're going to see more triple digits for inland areas. >> in the meantime, we're still cool out there, especially along the coast where you won't really see too much of a change versus what we saw yesterday. it's more of our inland areas. south bay parts of the north bay as well. so taking a look outside over berkeley seeing a
9:31 am
beautiful blue skies and some high cirrus clouds out there. winds looking like right now compared to 9.30 yesterday morning or actually 21 degrees warmer out in fairfield right now in livermore, san jose. 10 degrees warmer along the coast. as i mentioned, not too much of a change we're currently at 55 in half moon bay. but 70's in palo alto are also up to the 70's and napa and petaluma right now. and 75 current me and nevado. so here we have this high pressure that we've been talking about that bringing us these warm temperatures and dry conditions. and that's what we can expect, not just here in the bay area but also down in southern california and the central valley. most of california. in fact. so again, we do have this excessive heat warning. that is for the pink region that you see there on our map. so this goes into effect starting at noon and that will last until sunday
9:32 am
coming up in just a bit. i'll give you a look at your temperatures for today and the upcoming week as well as your travel forecast. in the meantime, we want to take a look at thas. a traffic collision that i just picked up a few minutes ago happened in oakland, northbound 8.80, by 5th avenue. one of the lanes is blocked out so just a heads up, you might want to take an alternate route if you're heading in that direction any time these next few minutes. if you're taking the bay bridge, it's looking great in both directions and moving fast there. as you can see, we don't have any holdups or anything or any thing blocking the lanes that could cause a delay to 80 looking smooth as well. just 11 minutes from san jose to cupertino all in the green as well as a 6.80 here from dublin to fremont just 14 minutes back to you. thanks a lot of 9.32 in california. lawmakers are taking up a number of bills that could
9:33 am
bring a significant shift. >> in policies across the state. this in the wake of a number of high-profile police killings across the country and here in california, kron four's jonathan mccall takes a look. >> their names are known to billions across the globe, not for how they lived. but instead how they died killed at the hands of police in this age of technology. their final moments were all caught on camera. each and every time a new names added to the list. >> my mind goes to how our society, the people in our society. still have mentality that. black and brown lives do not matter. a painful reverend one to johnson's past comes back to life. >> her son oscar was killed by bart officer johannes mehserle. new year's day 2000, 9 at the fruitvale bart station. presently says that he was reaching for a taser when he killed oscar was
9:34 am
convicted by a jury in 2010, despite hundreds of police shootings since oscars here in the bay area. many of them caught on camera. remains the last to be area. officer convicted. i mean, there's already a problem with policing. >> you know, i had nothing to do with training. you have do what the coach or a policing grant's uncle cephus johnson, also known as uncle bobby axe. >> says that cell phone and body cam video may give folks a first hand look behind the badge. but it hasn't always provided the justice that many families continue to seek, including his one. we have a lot of work still to do. the killing. >> it has continued because of a to hold police officers accountable. >> that's why he says the conviction of former minneapolis officer derek chauvin matters for the murder of george floyd. but he says the change that is needed doesn't stop with just police. >> if the police union. it's
9:35 am
the district attorney. even the judge is that we have a system. >> that fails at all levels. >> the johnsons have been on the front lines of trying to change police reform here in california. slowly changes are being made to hold california's law enforcement accountable right now. lawmakers are considering 2 bills that could change the landscape. sb 16 would require the release of police records sb 2.99 would require compensation for victims involved in use of force incidents this week. california attorney general rob bonta announced that his office will now investigate police shootings of unarmed suspects heard firsthand hurt. >> and the pain that so many families and communities feel in the moments after these incidents. >> adding to that in the last year, 2 bay area officers have been charged for their actions in deadly shootings. there fully aware of how the world
9:36 am
has changed and made internally know, hey, we need to beat those. those standards and children. do with the california police officers association says its members support reforms only when they're needed and don't jeopardize their safety or the publix. >> he says california law enforcement right now is suffering from reform. fatigue and it's beginning to take its toll just saying, you know what. >> i go out there every day and try to do my best. but if there's this need for change and sometimes change that we don't necessarily agree with because we think it will jeopardize the safety been sometimes are saying, you know what, maybe this wasn't what i thought it was going to be. and the johnsons say that the wheels of justice often take time. >> we knew then that all jurors to pro police. each year to pass one or one parts of a juror. begin to be a little skeptical. police action because of the videos. but believe that they're finally starting to move in the right direction.
9:37 am
>> with a new generation of grants now carrying the torch jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> in the east bay and alameda county. they're experiencing increasing covid that could even exceed the spring waves that they had earlier this year. the health department says the latest increase is likely due to reopening everybody's starting to move around again and most people not wearing masks anymore. health officer nicholas moss police. also the delta variant is having an impact while some mild cases have been reported among vaccinated residents for the most of the vast majority of cases. it's all unvaccinated people. catching covid. >> the vast majority of these cases are in it. vaccinated. people and the communities where we see the lowest vaccination rates. so we have seen some increases our hospitalizations. we got down to levels that we really haven't seen at any point in the pandemic in early but but we're up again from there. >> health officials are urging
9:38 am
people to get vaccinated because if you're not, then you're completely unprotected, which is why they say if you're not vaccinated, you should definitely be wearing a mask outdoors indoors everywhere you go. because covid is out there. happening today. east palo alto's trying to get more kids to get their vaccine. so they're enticing the younger people with, you know, food party. it's a vaccination event happening at the epa center at 1950 bay road from 4 to 7. anybody, 12 and older can get their shots there. and after you get a shot, you can listen to music. they got fun activities, food and even win prizes and also, by the way, is the first public event at that center's new outdoor amphitheater, which they just recently renovated. 38 and still it's going to get toasty today. i hope you are ready. >> look at these temperatures. if you live in the inland valleys. we're looking at a 100 plus. but it will still be
9:39 am
bearable if not, you know, quite nice if you head to the sure. we'll be right back.
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>> in the north new shuttle is making it easier for one of his the russian river. they'll give you are right. sonoma county regional parks. they have a river shuttle now to take you from santa rosa to the russian river starting this weekend. it departs from tom shop linfield and it takes passengers to still have beat
9:42 am
rachel park and to sunset beach river park in forest hill and it only costs 5 bucks round trip buses run every 30 minutes between 10:00am and 06:00pm. and what a good time to go to the russian river is going to so hot. >> well, you know, is going to boil and wells to be a little better for steph curry and all the rest of that. celebs who are taking part in the big tournament. lake tahoe. we'll hear from them ahead. a look at those just telling you about. you can pick out your neighborhoods. see how hot it's going to be. we'll be right back.
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america's #1 pet pharmacy anytime, anywhere. it's so simple you can order on a walk, at the beach, even over breakfast. and with fast, free delivery there's more time for the good stuff. shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. visit today. >> 9.45 in this morning's dine and dish were visiting the top of the mark in san francisco where vicki liviakis found plenty of good food and music. >> we get an invite check out the new changes at the iconic top of the market. people have been coming to the top of the mark since 1939 to soak up the views and get a taste of san francisco. there are about to experience something just a little bit different. the 19th floor of the mark hopkins has seen a lot of its long live music bygone fancy food with. >> silver and gold service. but covid-19 shutdown. the historic hotel for a spell and
9:46 am
really come up to the fresh approach to be more appealing to also younger audience and the hotel and what looking at violent sure the foggy 360 degree views are still there. but the food entertainment is another matter. >> gone. are the in discovery bay and replaced by mister the jays. now we just want and han stat and the new element of surprise and excitement. the hotel's general managers invited the press to get an idea of what to expect like-new appetizer menu signature cocktails and a table side. tasting experience that includes caviar colorful kolr chocolate and there's hansen of sonoma organic he takes it will succeed the new partner them with these amazing top. that's from chris kohler. and it's a really fun experience get labor and vodka and a little flavor of sweetness put together. >> the hope here is that for locals and tourists. the refreshed top of the mark really hits the mark.
9:47 am
>> and you really get to experience a true part of the legacy of beautiful city is all about in san francisco. the key will kiss kron 4 news. >> and we're always looking for great places to eat. and that's why vicki has her dine and dish spot on our website for you to submit your favorite restaurant. open your phone and take a peek with your camera. this qr code and it will take you right to the dine and dish spot. time now is 9.47 and i would say this weekend you might want to eat indoors said outdoors, you might wilt. i know i i will to in the heat. erica, that's what happens to me. >> i get the to just take my energy out and makes me really hungry. yeah. if you're going to be inland, it's going to be says lane even hotter tomorrow afternoon compared to what we're seeing today, which we're already going to be seeing triple digits in some of our inland areas later on along the coast right now looking nice and cool. we have a shot out over half moon bay
9:48 am
can see some clouds out there and some blue skies as well. nice and cool. he live inland. you can go out there this weekend. as for our normal temperatures around the bay area. you can the numbers are much lower than what we're going to be hitting today. san francisco we're looking at 70's across the city along the coast looking at 60's. excuse me, 80's actually from millbrae and burlingame and then on redwood city, 89 degrees today. south bay looking at mid 90's. you can see the warm up compared to yesterday and above normal temperatures. there you see those triple digits out in livermore and pleasanton dublin's 96 for daytime highs. but cooler out here hey, we're down to fremont, expected to be in the 80's and even cooler up here richmond berkeley oakland. looking at 70's but heading out here in danville 100. one is we're expected to be today in triple digits for
9:49 am
conquered as well as pittsburgh. and another hot spot out here in vacaville today at one. '05, we could see some record breaking heat tomorrow. as well. and santa rosa looking at 90's of course, as you get closer to the ocean much cooler. now. in case you happen to be traveling. todd is going to be warm 92 degrees today. fresno, triple digits sacramento, also a hot spot there. one. '07, just opened up all the lanes there on a northbound 8.80, in oakland by 5th avenue. so it's looking good. now compared to
9:50 am
last time we checked in on that incident there. a golden gate bridge looking excellent as well. just 20's minutes, heading out to the toll plaza. i haven't been picking up any hot spots on the san mateo bridge at all this morning. it's been pretty good. quick drive out to one o one, just 13 minutes. there and out here in the east bay. you're looking at 12 minutes on westbound. 24 from walnut creek to 5.80 south ap south bay looking great on the 2.80 as well as the 6.80 there and one o one all and the green if you're taking to san jose to cupertino it's just 11 minutes. here's a look at some of our other bay area drive times on 17 from santa cruz to los gatos just a 23 minute drive time. back to you. darya. >> thanks a lot of 9.50 and steph curry might be doing a little sweat on the golf course. as you know, he's not
9:51 am
on the court, but he will be on the course in lake tahoe today suiting up for team usa with the olympics is well, that's dream on. but staff is suiting up to play the links for the next 3 days. in this tournament that he always does. and it's always a lot of fun. he didn't want to do the olympics this year because he wanted to focus on his health and everything. and i think that golf is gentle enough on the body for him and he is going to be rooting for team usa but also playing a lot of golf this weekend. >> i'm working working out back on the court. but try to go and play in. you know, there's a lot that can happen. i respect every single guy goes and plays an that's out there in vegas and wishon. obviously all the success and a gold medal that to show for done. and when i just wasn't wasn't right for me. >> yeah. just think about the difference playing golf and playing basketball. it's grueling and draymond green is
9:52 am
getting ready. as we said, he is going to be representan. he's on the olympic team. he's been in vegas this week. they're training with team usa kevin duran is on the team too. it's being coached by spurs head coach gregg popovich and as we know, warriors coach steve kerr is papas assistant. and dream on. he could have his usual setting the tone because we all know that he's good at talking smack. >> to go in the fed. you know, our country and the way that we incredible. and so it's always an honor to be here. i don't know how to play, but i'll talk. that's just that's just who i grew up that way in saginaw. as you so that's just that's just the way >> the first olympic matchup is against france usa versus france tune in on july 25th. 9.52 right now. and coming up, we're going to continue to have our team coverage of the
9:53 am
heat wave. we're going to hand it off to kron on. that is still going to be covering this because. >> these extreme temperatures are going to get even worse by tomorrow. we'll
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> almost done with the kron 4 morning news on a friday, but they never stop on kron on sanaz. tahernia is in the newsroom with a preview. hi, son high daria, we've got all the heat wave coverage for you all day today. but first, the governor is in napa county this morning. so a 10 he'll be
9:56 am
talking about public school funding and what that will look like this year. we'll have it live for you on kronon. so watch that announcement and to get real-time updates on all your local and national headlines. grab your phone scan. this qr code. it will take you straight to your phone's app to can download kron-on for free. back to you. >> thank you, so let's keep up the weather coverage. oh, my goodness. yes. going to be a hot one today, more triple digits for inland areas there livermore as well as conquered and other parts of the bay area seeing higher temperatures in the mid 90's and morgan here hill compared to what we saw yesterday. and we this is nothing compared to tomorrow right. coach morris was to be even hotter. i some of our inland areas are. we're getting close to records for our daytime highs. you know, we could possibly make new record for some areas will see that. yeah. hot one. there you see it's going to be the highest day of the week. lose one '05, to me. inland areas.
9:57 am
oh, goodness. i saw numbers going close to one 10 and some places that i was looking i was just like yeah, it's it's insane. but i mean, hey, after we start to slide down. i mean, we'll be back to normal i'd say probably wednesday, middle of next to on out of your whole on wednesday. but for now, stay in your cool cave your home. and one of those fans with a spray. that's what we need. >> see light out of the weekend.
9:58 am
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