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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 11, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at right now. we're still bill is an avid outdoorsman. >> he is a long distance runner in great shape. >> now at 9 without a trace police volunteers coming and east bay park for any signs of a man who disappeared while during a morning run, this is kron 4 news at 9 this sunday night. welcome and i'm jonathan mccall justine has the night off. officials say the full cry chicks car wallet and cell phone all sound in the parking lot where he went
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running yesterday morning kron four's amid heart has more on the investigation. >> police tell me cry came out here for what was supposed to be a 6 to 8 mile run. 45 minutes to an hour after no one had heard from him for several hours. they contacted police and police found his car in this parking lot behind me inside that car was his home on his phone with an app with the route. he was planning to run. police have searched that route multiple times at this point with no signs of pride. check. >> this is absolutely positive surge environment. we're still working right now. pleasanton police are leading this search that has been going on since about 2 saturday afternoon. >> right track lives in berkeley and drove out to pleasanton for a run. his wife reached out to police after she couldn't find her husband several hours after he should have come home. lieutenant chris near house says they're
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doing everything to find him. we're using fixed wing aircraft drones clear. >> quite a few of up to about 50 volunteers to come out and doing the searching and teams with dogs. he says, well, they've searched his route. that rain makes it difficult to easily spot. anything or anyone. >> this area behind me a very steep rugged canyon type of environment and there's lots of little deer trails that go off left and right. this is the trail where dogs lost track of pride checks we are concerned obviously due to the heat in the lab. we don't think he has a large water source near how says right now they don't suspect foul play. >> or that crytek wanted to disappear their equipment can't see through all the vegetation. so people have to physically go into it and out running in the morning in this on police patrol sharma is one of the volunteers helping with the search. he doesn't know cried check but wanted to help anyway. >> that's why we.
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>> we each other. and he says it's a reminder to take every run seriously because you never know what may happen. >> will it be. take it easily anything in the investigators tell me they believe this search will remain viable at least into monday. so they're still very hopeful that they can find crytek alive in pleasanton amanda hari kron 4 news. the family of a missing cal berkeley student who was last seen in san francisco. >> is now offering more money for information into her disappearance. the family of sydney west is now offering $25,000 route for information on where she could be the increased reward money also comes on the same day of her 20th birthday. sydney has been missing since the morning of september 30th when she was last seen on the golden gate bridge. the other big story we're following tonight is the heat tonight in kauai has
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issued another flex alert starting tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. the agency says it is needed because of ongoing wildfires in oregon. now impacting transmission lines. meanwhile in death valley this weekend, the visitor center there reporting temperatures close to 130 degrees just 4 degrees shy of the record for that area crews in contra, costa county have their hands full today battling the diablo fire. cal fire says this fire now fully contained tonight but not before scorching nearly 130 acres crews staying on the scene for a few hours to monitor hot spots that could flare up. san jose fire crews were busy this afternoon with this fire this afternoon. once again, it happened. near rock springs and needles drive according to officials there, they say it happened around 2.45 this afternoon and it did impact some homeless encampments. no evacuations were. issued in that area, but it started in a drainage ditch
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area near the intersection of rock springs and needles drive then spread to some heavy brush in the area and then to some trees once again, some folks in the area did have to be evacuated, but no injuries reported as a result, we're staying in contact with san jose fire crews to get more details as well. meanwhile, the beckworth complex fire north of lake tahoe now burning some 84,000 acres and is set to be only 8% contained. officials say this place shows no signs of slowing down and actually doubled in size between friday and saturday. tonight there are reports this fire has burned a number of structures in the town of doyle. this fire, the largest in california so far this year right now on kron 4 dot com. we have tips and information for the fire season. help you out to scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed there. now to our 4 zone forecast tonight, a live look at downtown san francisco. erica caturay in tonight, 4 meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez with a look at what's on the way from the start of your new work week. >> well, tomorrow is going to be a little cooler. and several of our inland. valleys or location. should i but right now along the coast, seeing some cloudy conditions. then you see people out there walking your dog. if you're going to be outdoors within these next few minutes along the coast, you might want to bring extra sweater. we do have that sea breeze that kicked in. and so it is a little breezy out there in however, in lynn areas, not so bad right now. we're at 76 in pittsburgh, 64 in fairfield 65 in concord, 54 in petaluma right now in 58 currently in san mateo and of course today wasn't as hot as what we yesterday. air quality did improve for the east bay. as you can see there, we didn't have a spare the air alert that was issued on like what we saw yesterday when the ozone levels are a little different because of the warm temperatures. our current gusts right now show that it's
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gust in over 30 miles per hour in some places in the east bay. that's the red areas that you see there. so it's breezy conditions will persist through the rest of tonight. tomorrow morning. it should be pretty light in terms of our winds, but it will pick up later in the afternoon. as for our overnight lows. notice for inland areas. it's a little lower versus what we saw this morning. the rest of the bay area, though, and 50's low to mid 50's. and when you wake up tomorrow morning, you'll see that temperatures the inland areas that 11 o'clock still going to be in those 60's when earlier today we're already up to the 70's and even 80's by that time. so definitely going to see that cooling trend satellite and radar looking dry right now for us. we don't expect to see any rain, if anything, just a little bit of coastal drizzle with a patchy fog that we're going to see overnight. and our surrounding
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states. they're seeing some rain in southern nevada and arizona. we've got a bunch of moisture over those regions. of course it is monsoon season in those places. that's why you're seeing some showers out there. so tomorrow across the state while we don't see triple digits in the bay area still fresno and bakersfield is going to be above normal for this time of year. i believe they're normals usually around 98 degrees. so that's what you can expect in terms of the state temperatures will have more on the bay area forecast and 7 day extended forecast coming up in just a bit. erica, thank you. concord police know crediting a new community mobile app with helping them to find 100 illegal fireworks in the last month. >> police say this, the first week this app launched they received more than 450 tips. the app lets folks file real-time reports to let police know about specific locations where fireworks are being used. fireworks are illegal in contra costa county fireworks are also being blamed for sparking a house
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fire in antioch that now has a woman looking for a new place to live. the fire is among 4 in the same neighborhood that can fire crews battled overnight. kron four's camila barco has more. >> investigators say they battled for fire saturday night, 3 of them were smaller vegetation and property fires the 4th one was a home that is now covered in soot and ash. >> lisa, my house is on right now. anderson's home near the antioch unified school district is inhabitable right now after it almost burned to the ground there house of really everything i own is out on my front lawn in contra, costa county fire crews initially rushed to her neighborhood around 08:00pm saturday for a vegetation fire. they found a fence and dry grass in flames and nearby. another fence, 2 cars and a boat and a tree were on fire. though they were able to knock those fires down less than 5 minutes later, they
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responded to the same area to put out flames on anderson's home. the house behind me. we had fire that started on the backside of the house but in the attic, officials believe hot embers from one of the nearby trees blew on to andersen's home. they say they found remnants of fireworks on the street doesn't make sense. we have a drought the bloated public. it's 13 game. i don't even know recently were just one street over for fireworks. but on some grasses vehicles on fire. >> this is a good likelihood that this from the same anderson. and one of her cats escaped without any injuries. but at last check she was missing her 2 other cats. anderson is receiving help from the red cross. now fireworks are illegal here in contra, costa county, investigators tell me that no arrests or citations have been made in contra, costa county camila barco kron 4 news. >> still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 months
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after the deadly railyard shooting, vta says is preparing to once again have light rail service. we'll let you know when the cars will be running once again. billions of american families will start to receive more money in their pockets thanks to tax credits. we'll let you know when you can expect to see.
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for your money tonight.
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starting this week millions of american families will start to see more money in their wallets. all thanks to the federal child tax credit. >> kron 4 washington correspondent reshad hudson explains how it will help millions of working families. this is going to help. >> democrats like senate majority leader chuck schumer say this year's expanded child tax credit is the country's largest investment and working families. it does great things for our economy. pumping money into it for the rest of the year. many parents of children under the age of 6 are eligible for $300 monthly payments or $250 for children. 6 to 18 people who didn't make enough to file taxes will still be eligible for the payments. this is the largest attacks child tax credit history and indiana. congressman andre carson says there are no restrictions on how to spend the money. it will be providing historic relief to families at a time when they need it the most. democrats say the child tax
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credit payments will cut child poverty in half. but republicans worry it will lead to more government spending. robert rector with the conservative think tank. the heritage foundation believes the program will incentivize people not to work. when you pay people not to work. >> they were rector says work requirements should be added for anyone receiving payments. we can even be more generous. then the existing system. but we expect you to take steps to help yourself. the payments expire at the end of the year. but democrats say they would like to see them renewed and 20 22 reporting in washington. reshad hudson. >> a live look from the mount tam cam at the city on this sunday night as we get ready for a new work week. you can see the fog starting to roll in there tonight, which is good news for some of the folks living inland who have been roasting under triple digit temperatures the last few days. erica caturay here tonight with a look at what's on the way from monday.
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>> yeah, well, tomorrow morning. we can wake up and expect to see cloudy conditions and patchy fog along the coast. don't be surprised if you see a little bit of drizzle as well along with that moisture. >> i asked for or temperatures. it will be a little lower in our inland areas tomorrow. >> but comparing our numbers right now versus 24 hours ago. you can really see the difference. and dip in temperatures. it's about 20 degrees lower in concord right now than it was last night. what a difference we have that high pressure that is weakening and shifting more south. i asked for current temperatures right now are 58 in oakland 64 in fairfield and 57 degrees in santa rosa. so taking a look at our temperatures tomorrow across san francisco. we can expect low to mid 60's along the coast. notice temperatures lower in the upper 50's for pacific on elk are not a 61 in
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half moon bay 68 in millbrae burlingame looking at lower 70's seeing carlos 77 degrees 82 for woodside south bay looking at temperatures from the low 80's to mid 80's upper 80's out in morgan hill tomorrow as for hayward down to fremont, looking at low to mid 70's, 81 degrees force in all 88 for livermore, the afternoon should be mostly sunny for inland area tomorrow 60's from richmond down to san leandro conquered 85 degrees 95 in vacaville, 84 napa and 84 santa. rosa, if you live closer to the water, you're going to see more clouds tomorrow. and here's a look at our 7 day extended forecast. you can see here for inland areas difference in our temperature for tomorrow. vs thursday. temperatures go down to below normal as for our coastal areas. we don't really see too much of the changes
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next few days. that's what we can expect. so our inland areas definitely know going to see lower temperatures. so. >> they'll have to crank up so breaking up the ac. alright, erica, thank you. >> now to a story on a bittersweet story on the gift of life after the tragic death of a 20 year old riverside woman. her organs were donated to people all across the world. one of them, a 13 year-old boy and las vegas. christina pascucci has the moving story where the family actually got a chance to listen to her heart beat. >> in the last month of her life being a came to this very street fremont street minutes away from where donor recipient live and also where the 2 families will come together for the first time. >> 12 year-old gabby and 13 year-old jason just met. but they're now family. van did not just because they both have muscular dystrophy. but through what some might call divine intervention bonded by their common hero. gabby's
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older sister athena just 20 year old riverside resident and he does it pay to died last november. she taking what she thought was a muscle relaxers, but it was laced with fentanyl. a drug 100 times more powerful, slipped out of consciousness in days later died ktla was therefore athena's memorial because she the most beautiful person that i've ever known as seen at the type of girl who always wanted to help was an organ donor. and it just so happened. las vegas resident jason clarke had had a stroke and he cardiomyopathy heart failure and he knew >> god knows when we come in and when we go out. it was time for her to go and get her heart to him at that time. it is uncanny when you think of the similarities between anna and jason. athena a cage fighter. and then me. >> jace is obsessed with
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europe's the final all he watches all day. the fact >> he shares the same condition as a thing as little sister. my daughter myopathy also. just like him. she's in a wheelchair feet from this hotel in a celebrated her 20th birthday the month before her downtown scene and just living her best life and make this. >> i just feel like she. organize all this said >> he got to be some a child that's going to help him live a healthy life. and now for the first time i've seen his family will hear her heart beating. >> in jason's athena will live on through just like jason. >> it's awesome heart. case of her right. cornea went to a man and she let her islands
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went to somebody in texas. a woman in her kidneys went to somebody in san francisco and her. her skin is going to see hundreds of burn victims while it's tough for jason to speak. he finds the strength to say 3 simple words in what is now his >> taking you now. >> to become a donor visit. one legacy dot org. i'm christina pascucci for ktla 5 news. >> still to come tonight as the summer heat continues. more and more folks are out enjoying time on the water. we'll let you know what tips law enforcement wants you to know before you head out. the fbi is in denver ahead of major league baseball all-star weekend. we'll let you know impact that it could happen.
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happening tomorrow. the historic bixby bridge along highway one in big sur will be closed for maintenance overnight. >> the bridge will be closed during the week from 10 at night until 06:30am in the morning over the next 3 weeks. make your plans now it will be open, though, on the weekends. there will be traffic controllers out helping drivers navigate through that area. a ceremony to lending second place in the scripps spelling bee this year. charred trump tamala will receive a $30,000 prize for her second place win. even though her family just moved
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to texas. she represented the east bay and the the spelling bee this year. she says that her prize money will go straight into her college fund. >> it wasn't as scary because i i want to thepnational spelling for you. in 2019 representing the east bay. so it was scary as it was back then surprised by far i've got in this p. >> do you know what you want to do when you grow up. i want to be a reconstructive surgeon. you know, helping people who've been in car accidents or people with birth defects. >> child trust says that she would either like to attend ucsf n y u or colombia more drama tonight surrounding britney spears, father. jamie, according to court records, he allegedly spent 2 million dollars to remain as britney's conservator. this apparently happened when he stepped down in 2019 because of health
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issues. britney's temporary conservator has now filed a lawsuit against her dad. she claims jamie used millions of her own dollars to keep control of britney's estate infants. montgomery also says that he knew britney wanted freedom. but jamie still kept control of her money. >> temperatures today were much lower compared to what we saw yesterday. but what can we expect for the upcoming workweek of the answer in the 7 day extended forecast coming up.
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>> as we approach 9.30 this sunday that we're following breaking news out of the east bay tonight telling me the county sheriff's reporting a drowning at lake delvalle officials say that east bay regional parks district responded to the scene of someone who went under the water near the dam this evening right now dive teams are headed to search the lake for that body. we'll have updates for you throughout the night here on kron 4 and online at kron 4 dot com. and the south bay tonight, the valley transportation authority says it plans to have light rail service back up and running by the end of the month service. you may remember has been suspended since may one of the t a worker shot and killed 9 of his colleagues before turning the gun on himself. kron four's taylor was second learned more about the agency's five-point plan to resume service. >> it's still very tough process it's something that no one ever could have imagined
9:30 pm
to us. and there are 2100 employees here is working with our partners to try and do whatever we can to provide the services and support services, their employees know it's been almost 2 months since the mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose. >> we're shooter sam cassidy opened fire on his co-workers and killed 9 people before turning the gun on himself since that day may 26 light rail service has not been running. but now the vta is working on a five-point plan to restore the service by the end of the month. the first phase is to make sure that our employees feel safe and confident and secure it come back to work. and with that communicating with them. >> about what the plans are going to be. that has already started. the second thing is what we are about to is identify. whether we're going to be going back to what will. we
9:31 pm
will probably use some temporary. locations to to do a light rail operation. however, obviously the trains are stored over the gardens. so they will continue the story there and run from that as vta spokesperson. stacey hendler ross explains. >> faces 3 through 5 involve soft launches of the light rail service where they will continue to bring employees back to work and the raa says vta will also do training and drills with employees before bringing passengers back on board the light rail a service that 20,000 people use daily prepandemic since then, ridership drop to about 7,000 passengers per day. it was just beginning to expand again before them a tragedy. understand that they are extremely even have the service, but that we're very eager get the service back up because we understand that we have a responsibility the we hope that there will be as patient as possible know, they've been patient for the past. >> month and a or so. and it's a in there with us. we're
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trying to do our best to get that service that in the ross says vta will hold a memorial service for its employees and families of their phone co-workers within the next week or so in san jose taylor kron 4 news san jose. police are looking for clues in the morning. stabbing that ended with a man dead. >> investigators say they found the victim on the almaden expressway around 7 this morning. so far detectives have not released details on a suspect or a motive. the death knell san jose has 23rd homicide of 2021 a violent saturday night on the streets of oakland just hours after chief leronne armstrong called for peace on the streets. a man was shot and killed in the city's 72nd homicide of 2021. it happened around 1030, at a home on east 12th street near 52nd avenue so far investigators have not released the name of the victim now to our 4 zone forecast this sunday night. a live look at the golden gate bridge as we are starting to see more fog roll in cooling the temperatures down for the folks living in inland kron 4
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meteorologist erica caturay is in tonight. former bree so with a look at what's on the way for the start of your new work week. >> good evening. while along with that fog, we're seeing a little bit of patchy drizzle and we also have a nice see breeze mountaintop. see, we see gusts over 30 miles per hour right now here's a view over berkeley. you can see fog and the low clouds. so those clouds are going to stick with us through tomorrow. morning so we can expect cloudy conditions. but winds will lighten up tomorrow morning. as for temperatures right now versus what we saw just 24 hours ago. look at the difference in the temperature change. there. fairfield inn conquer were about 20 degrees lower versus where we're at 9.30 yesterday night, a san jose a depth of 10 degrees temperatures tomorrow for inland areas will be a little lower as well and will be below normal by middle of the
9:34 pm
week. right now we're at 58 degrees and a planned 65 in concord. 74 in pittsburgh, 58 in the lane. how and 57 degrees currently in santa rosa. so our air quality has actually improved down the east bay because temperatures are in this hot is what we saw yesterday. we don't have a spare the air in effect on like what we saw yesterday when the hot temperatures caused our ozone levels to change. here's a look at our current gusts as i was mentioning. it is a little breezy in some places. picks up again tomorrow afternoon in terms of our winds. overnight lows will be a little lower for inland valleys versus what we saw this morning but that's expected as we have the high pressure that will be shifting away from our state. our temperatures tomorrow morning as you the difference 60's, all the way through 11 o'clock for our inland areas which today around that same exact
9:35 pm
time we're up in the 70's and even 80's right now looking dry out there in terms of rain. asked for our surrounding states are seeing a plume of moisture out there in nevada. that's why they're getting a bunch of storms out there. it is monsoon season. arizona also saw that yesterday in some parts of that state. high temperatures across california tomorrow right here while here in the bay area, we won't expect to see those triple digits anymore. looks like fresno bakersfield will still be in the triple digits and above normal for this time of year. stay with us. because i have the 7 day extended forecast coming up in just a bed. erica, thank you. sacramento is one of the hot spots across california. roasting in triple digit temperatures. >> we're going to shot ix, talk to folks along the sacramento river trying to beat the heat and the warning from law enforcement. >> well, despite this triple digit weather. it didn't discourage many people from taking to the water.
9:36 pm
>> we're going to go to being our first this family came from the delay of nation area to break the hot temps and enjoy a day on the river. how you guys they say whether they're in the bay area for here in sacramento the safety precautions on the same by jack. it's designated of water and sunscreen we had planned this couple weekends out. >> we did not realize it was going to be a today. yeah, that was not part even nicer because theirivers pretty cold. so it makes you want to jump in and actually enjoy the water instead of looking there name virginia be dying because of the be all over i do not want to be here anymore getting >> this sacramento couple of 41 years say they have the best seat in the house, in the shade and next to the boat
9:37 pm
launch watching the fun from a distance having over it to score any of they with brain. they for read a bible at the bush and then they come to that. we were >> i think he may he could deliver an got. and then you say >> the parsons family of citrus heights found a cool respite in the midst of the beach long as it's safe and they've got their life jackets on and everybody's protect is safe. it's all good. that's the difference between life and death. often is wearing the appropriately sized life jacket. in sacramento. rowena shaddox fox 40 news. you can get the latest conditions forecast and even a list of cooling centers across the bay area right your fingertips. >> to the kron 4 mobile app.
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just scan the qr code on your screen to downloaded the app is free in the apple and google play stores. the tokyo olympics are almost here and this year, 6 new sports have been added to the summer games and less than 2 weeks, top athletes will compete in karate, surfing softball baseball climbing and skateboarding. you need to get all of that baseball and softball were limping sports in the 90's into thousands. but the international olympic committee voted to drop them after the 2008 games, the skateboarding competition will have to unique environments street skating and park freestyle the karate and surfing showdowns will take place at legendary locations in japan. more than 11,000 athletes are expected to compete in the tokyo games from july. 23rd until august 8th. back here at home, though, just days before major league baseball's all-star game in denver. 4 people are
9:39 pm
in custody after an arsenal of guns were found in some of their hotel room. the guests at the hotel were ordered to stay inside their rooms friday night with the doors. locked as a swat team moved in the hotel is just a block away from coors field. the site of this year's all-star game. authorities say they were tipped off by a hotel maid who spotted the rifles inside of one of the roads, the suspects include 3 men and one woman, the fbi tonight saying they don't believe the incident was linked to terrorism or directly a threat toward the all-star game. from current day of stars to a past all-star and a hall of famer mickey mantle's baseball card is set to be one of the most desired and all of the world. and that's why i got a police escort on its way to be displayed for the public. ashley michaels has the story. >> when you see this many police officer with no lights and sirens. you might think the but what they're escorting
9:40 pm
is considered the best of the best inside that little box a prized piece of baseball history. >> 2 delicate touch with human hands. this is the 1952 topps, mickey mantle card. this is the most sought-after card in the world, not only the most sought after but the highest quality in existence, psa certified gem mint condition was only one like that. that's the only one. the best of the best and he owns it. i pay $921,000 for 1996 today. it's worth an estimated 10 million dollars or more. no one knows for sure. since it's so incredibly rare. >> but denver attorney and philanthropist marshall fogle says for him its real value isn't just money means a great deal would be responsible and the to own the most. >> the card sports and i feel
9:41 pm
like i'm a caretaker and part of my obligation this play the card so the community can really enjoy something as magnificent as the perfect card. >> he has loaned it to history, colorado for 3 days. so baseball fans can see it during all-star week. the card itself is this. >> beautiful work of art. it's got this real pop art quality to it and experience in person the holy grail of baseball memorabilia will be reminded of the great days of the past and how great the game is today. ashley michael's fox 31. to come in sports. >> slugger matt olson showing that more than ready for the all-star home run derby. they really has highlights plus the giants as well. stay with us.
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>> one release release release clean release ignition. good rockin >> so the next generation of dreamers. it's great. just what can >> main gear, touchdown. >> this is probably probably the coolest thing. the sea today, richard branson and his flight team scoring the first in the new space race reaching the edge of space safely and
9:45 pm
returning aboard his virgin galactic craft, jeff bezos will try a similar feat. 9 days from now. hopefully the weather will be perfect for that launch. a live look tonight as we take another look. from our mount tam cam. erica caturay here tonight with a look at what's on the way for the start of your monday. >> good evening, john inman. well, tomorrow morning. you're waking up you can expect to see some cloudy conditions along the coast patchy fog a little bit of patchy drizzle and some places which are actually did see just a few minutes ago on the south bay where they have some fog. they're closer to the looking outside here. san francisco seeing those cloudy conditions. and i'm talking about we have a sea breeze going on as well currently at 57 degrees right now in alameda, 64 in fairfield, 57 right now in santa rosa. here's a look at our daytime highs across san francisco tomorrow expected to be in the low to mid 60's in san
9:46 pm
francisco along the coast here looking at upper 50's. but 61 in half moon bay 68 degrees in millbrae notice numbers. a little lower, especially compared to what we saw yesterday. redwood city 7877 in mountain view in the south bay expected to be in the low to mid 80's 88 for morgan help, though lower 70's in hayward and union city. in livermore and send all should be mostly sunny in the afternoon tomorrow. but the closer you are to the water. the more. clouds you're you can expect to richmond down to oakland expected to be in the mid to upper 60's. there vacaville 95. we don't see any place on the map or we're going to get triple digit heat. unlike what we saw yesterday. here's our 7 day extended forecast. cooling trend continues for inland areas through thursday and then will be a little below
9:47 pm
normal. as for the coast, really don't see too much of a change in terms of our temperature. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> as we head into baseball's all-star break. no one is in a better pion than the san francisco giants. here we are at the end of the 1st half an orange and black still have the best record in baseball. san francisco has won 4 straight games heading into the break. let's check in on today's match up with the nationals. the giants trying to go 3 know sweep them wearing those new city connect uniforms looking pretty good. good. bottom of the second curt casali has been doing a great job filling in for buster posey and keeps it going here on 3 run homerun sally is hitting 5.22 with 4 home runs against the nets lifetime that they don't like going up against him. it's 3 nothing san francisco. meanwhile, kevin gausman putting in an all-star performance. he only gave up a run over 6 innings striking out 9 that earned him a
9:48 pm
standing ovation from the oracle park crowd when the accident and 7 next up for him in tuesday's spring classic in denver. the giants win 3 to one. they head into the all-star break with that best record 5730 speak. >> how about the a's that the rangers today matt getting a little home run derby practice in yesterday and today he got some more. but it was the real thing. 4th inning. the long blast to center and gone for a solo homer. >> it's 3 nothing a's olson's 22nd dinger of the season, but he wasn't done in the 6 holes, one to right. o run his 23rd of the season. now 4 to one a's looks like olson is more than ready for that derby tomorrow at coors field and not be the final score. 41 is the a's take 2 of 3 games from the rangers and head into the break 3 and a half games behind the astros that surmountable houston, though, also one today in the some nba finals action game 3 sons out bucks. and this one was all
9:49 pm
giannis antetokounmpo. >> check this out as he fights for the loose ball underneath and throws it down. the bucks led by 15 at the half after a big 2nd quarter. >> late in the game. the greek freak beat his defender off the dribble. >> and throws it down again. we have 41 points and 13 rebounds. the first back to back 40 point games of his career bucks win one, 20 to 100 the sun still lead the series, though 2 to one game 4 back in milwaukee on wednesday. grand slam tennis novak djokovich made history today at the all england tennis club beating the tale. they're teeny in 4 sets to win his 3rd straight and 6 overall singles title at wimbledon even more impressively with this win. joe ties roger federer and rafael natal for the most grand slam titles ever. they all have 20 and the joker enjoy the milestone with his team. he still hasn't decided, though it will participate in the upcoming tokyo olympics. well, this was
9:50 pm
crazy. euro 2020 soccer final england versus italy goes into a penalty shootout. the time keeper gianluigi donnarumma made 2 straight big saves to win it for italy. >> england had hoped i have their hopes dashed as the royal family looks on at wembley stadium. not very happy with that result. >> other oils. these posting the trophy as the 1.20 euro 2020 champions. it's their second european championships. and that was just an absolutely crazy game. jonathan, even if you're just a casual soccer fan was kind of an. >> edge of your seat situation. it was it was hard to watch. some of the guys crying i just as they would even show that. yeah. well, hopefully they can make it out england without the queen offering them off their for women. i would hope so. she's queen she can do that. you can do to thanks. we'll be right back. a new brand of
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headphones designed to read your mind in to help you focus are set to hit the market soon. the high-tech into headset is made with artificial intelligence. let's get your brain for electrical activity sends the data to a bluetooth connected app. the headphones can keep you focused with a noise reducing function that the techs, if you're distraction is rising, if you're interested caution, about 400 bucks. a pristine meant conditions sealed copy of the vintage video games. super mario 64 jus hit the
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record books for one and a half million dollars for a numbers. collected. what makes this particular copy of super mario 64 so valuable. it's rated in the top 5 worldwide for its near-perfect condition. auction was carried out over 2 days and even before it began, this copy of mario 64 was making headlines with its $100,000 starting price. >> he'd take backup a. thomas o k. >> there's a decision that so many of us are having to make right now as more and more folks head back into the office from the pandemic. many of our four-legged family members are feeling a little left behind. some people finding it impossible to leave their pets alone. new study found that nearly 13 million american households have pets during the pandemic.
9:55 pm
researchers found that some folks are actually choosing to continue working from home of thing can do so as an option just so they don't have to leave their dog or the cat alone home all day. some say they would take a pay cut if they were allowed to bring their dog or cat into the office every week. check of our forecast this hour. a live look along the san francisco embarcadero and want something things are starting to cool off as we see that marine layer in inland and across the bay area after a weekend of scorching temperatures. there's a look at the 7 day forecast us. we've been telling you all night long. things have been cooling down. they're going to get back to normal temperatures as we move further into the workweek. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock, though. don't go anywhere. more news on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock coming your way in just moments.
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>> the bay area's local news station. now with breaking
9:59 pm
news that breaking news coming to us tonight out of the east bay alameda county sheriff's investigators now reporting a drowning at lake del val this afternoon. >> thank so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock this sunday night. i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off. officials with the alameda county sheriff's office say that east bay regional parks district responding to the scene of someone who went under the water near the dam this afternoon. dive teams are now on the scene at the lake searching for that body. we will have updates for you here on kron on and throughout the night on kron 4 dot com and first thing tomorrow morning on the kron 00:00am morning news starting at 04:00am. >> right now we're still phil is an avid outdoorsman. he is a long distance runner in great shape. >> now at 10 o'clock gone without a trace police and volunteers combing an east bay park for any signs of a man who disappeared while out on an early morning run.
10:00 pm
officials say that philip projects car, his wallet and his cell phone found in the same parking lot where he went running yesterday morning kron four's matt harding has more on the investigation. >> police tell me cry came out here for what was supposed to be a 6 to 8 mile run. 45 minutes to an hour after no one had heard from him for several hours. they contacted police and police found his car in this parking lot behind me inside that car was his home on his phone with an app with the route. he was planning to run. police have searched that route multiple times at this point with no signs of pride. check. >> right now. we're still phil is an avid outdoorsman. he is a long distance runner in great shape. pleasanton police are leading this search that has been going on since about 2 saturday afternoon. >> right track lives in berkeley and drove out to pleasanton for a run.


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