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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 12, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at known. >> and thanks for joining us and 9 o'clock every single hour. i'm darya as the preferred. up. you're in good standing you are. and the weather starts getting better around this time. i mean, it's a little less gray out. we'll see how hot it's going to be today with yeah. and definitely less hot this afternoon, which is just going to be the nicest thing about this monday really the weekend was so hot for inland areas. as we rise to the triple digits and 90's today i'm going to see many of those, especially not triple digits. >> this morning. indeed, on the gray side of things. that's pretty normal considering what time of year we're in now looking outside at the embarcadero in the bay bridge visibility is just fine. it's the gray that's hanging out right above us. that's actually contributing
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to the cool feel that we are going to see today temperatures even as we work to 09:00am really haven't moved that much just yet. you are starting to see a few more 60's in the inland east bay, though, with fairfield at 62 concord in livermore down up at 60 degrees, i should say. i'm talking a comfortable afternoon. some sunshine that is about to work its way back out all. still ahead, john, thank you for that. we are staying on top of your commute for you this morning. checking on a ridges and drive times. >> so earlier we had a stalled vehicle here along the bay bridge us up to about 19 minutes or so still have not really recovered. the traffic is pretty typical like this on a monday for us as you're heading from the east bay into the city. once you finally do hit the may's to the fremont street exit will take you a little under 60 minutes. 5, 8080 are also still pretty slow as you're traveling along the 70 oh bridge heading across towards the peninsula. we had no major issues there all throughout the morning. a little under 15 minutes. a richmond sandra fell. can you. we have a hot spot in the last hour that since been cleared about 13 minutes for your
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drive time and the golden gate bridge. you have to worry about the fog just a little bit as you're driving. take your time. but it will take you 20 minutes to make it into the city will have more throughout the morning. but daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot of tonight. no one and a big story we're following in the east bay and they're searching for a long distance runner who hasn't been seen since saturday morning. no. yeah. his name is philip cry. check. he disappeared. >> at the pleasanton regional or president pleasant ridge regional park. and that's where kron 4 sarah stinson is this morning. joining us with the latest on those search efforts. we see all the activity behind you there. sara. >> that pleasanton pd. they set up a command center here at foothill high school to about a mile from mueller ranch trail where that 37 year-old runner was last seen running on saturday. can see it's very active here at the high school where they have set up the command center. there's agencies here from all over. i've seen search and rescue from as far as sonoma county. and then we have
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alameda county and contra costa here as well as volunteers. i mean, this is these are people coming from all over the bay area to try and help find 37 year-old philip creation. now take a look at his photos. you can see who we're talking about and who they're searching for this morning. he went to mueller trail saturday morning around 11 for a 6 to 8 mile run, which should have only taken about 45 minutes to an hour. you can some video shot from the trail. it's a regular trail and it's very urban in the beginning of it. but then i'm told it's very steep. it gets rugged towards the middle to end. maybe this runner went on a route that's a little more challenging because we're told he's an experienced runner. >> and he's a long-distance runner. but unfortunately he never returned home that day creation lives in berkeley and drove out to pleasanton for the run. his wife called police when he never returned police found his car in the parking lot of the trailhead with his phone and wallet
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inside on his phone discovered an app that showed his running route an extensive search began on saturday along that route and in the surrounding areas but unfortunately they had no luck. so the search continues this morning. they're looking all over the area. so they left the mueller ranch trail in the key will rehear the foot hills high school to just get a better vantage point to start from an area that would put them 3 to 4 miles in deeper so that they can have a better luck looking for police say right now they do not suspect any foul play. they do not believe that kirschke wanted to disappear by any means. and at last check yesterday they had some hope and you can see by how many resources they're putting into this. they have hope in finding and they're putting everything they have into it. they're going to be here all day long. we're hoping to talk to pleasanton pd, to get their game plan. >> waiting there in a meeting right now. they should be done any second. in the meantime, these crews, they've got their planned meeting. the briefing happened and they're headed up
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there. can see that terrain up behind me. it is tense and hopefully they find him. that would be the best case scenario. the best ending to this story. we'll keep you updated all day long on our app kron on for now. >> live in pleasanton sarah stinson, back to you. they all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> at 9. '04. also in the east bay, we have the alameda county sheriff's office investigating a drowning at lake del vow the east bay regional parks district responded to the scene after the reports of somebody going under the water near the dam. crews are still searching for the body will let you know if they find it. in the meantime, the family of a missing cal berkeley student is now offering more money for information about her disappearance. the family of sydney west is now offering $25,000 for information about where she could be the increased reward money comes on her 20th birthday. she's been missing since september 30th of last year when she was last seen on the golden gate bridge. >> it's 9. '05, in the east bay a fire erupted overnight
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at a restaurant close to 6 flags waterworld and conquer and firefighters at this point are still looking into what started this fire with crawford's yulia 7 is on scene for us this morning. nearly. >> yeah, well, james is hard to believe this was only a one alarm fire, but it was a fierce one. so much that it destroyed this 2 story building to see the roof here just really there is no roof left. you can see the flames just burned right through it. the show you video of the fire when it was at its peak. call came in around 2.30 this morning. and when firefighters arrived, the roof was completely engulfed by flames they immediately went into a defensive mode and getting their ladders to shoot down into the building on all 4 sides of the building. >> now there was a little bit of a windy condition and they only had minimal equipment that they were able to handle this fire and get it and put out. >> within an hour. and just in the last couple hours. they
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basically finished putting out all the hot spots. >> this building has been abandoned for 4 years. and within that time firefighters have returned to this area for other fires outside and around the building. that's why they think that they suspect that maybe was started by someone by a homeless person who got into the building because it's been boarded up for, you know, for these last 4 years, there's no electricity of going to the building. so they just think that somebody must have gone in and started the fire either to keep warm or by accident or for whatever reason, that part is still under investigation. they don't know what was the exact accelerant that started this fire. >> but do know that that that is still under investigation and they have been able to really look inside and get to make sure that no one was hurt by this fire. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, julie. >> 9. '07, is the time. and
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today pfizer is going to meet with white house officials to talk about the possibility of a 3rd covid shot. the president's chief medical adviser is saying that a booster could be needed in the coming months. but day the fda and cdc differ. yeah. they say that. >> that's not necessarily the case. doctor anthony fauci, though, says it is still too soon for the government to recommend another shot currently only about 48% of us population fully vaccinated. >> some parts of the country have lower immunization rates and in those places, the delta variant has been surging. >> meantime, when school starts this fall. the cdc says that vaccinated teachers and students don't have to wear a mask in buildings. but some districts and california is disagree. know they were quick to say that masks will be worn when classrooms open this fall. so we have felicia bolton now with more on this after more than a year of online classes. the cdc say on friday that vaccinated students and teachers should return to the classroom this
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fall. >> no masks required the change comes amid a national vaccination campaign with anyone 12 and up eligible to get the shot as well as a general decline in covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths around the country. but doctor anthony fauci, the nation's top infectious expert we as a nation are not out of the woods. the one thing that's important about what's going on. >> with these new guidelines and recommendations for school. the bottom line is we need to get the children back in school in person classes in the fall. and that's the reason why you're hearing if you're vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask. but if you're unvaccinated, you still should wear a mask, a like other required vaccinations. the cdc is not advising schools to require shots for teachers and vaccine eligible kids. cdc officials are also not offering guidance on how teachers can know which students are vaccinated or how
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parents will know which teachers are as well. the biggest question will be at middle schools. >> where some students aren't old enough for covid shots and others are elizabeth bird lives in little rock. i was super scared about like how long it's going to last a tracking which students are vaccinated and which aren't proves too difficult. some schools may choose to just keep a masking policy in place for everyone. >> i know a lot of high school teachers. and what they're saying is it's hard to be the mask police. that's that's all they have to say about it. it's hard to. >> google as please come to work if they're vaccinated. they don't have to wear a mask and they get to go back to google heaven, workplace i love google should probably going to take the shuttles, which they can do, which makes the dicen ali ball for courts. they have dry cleaning. they have day care. we do have to go on free food you that's my favorite. so it's part of enticing workers like they're saying if you
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want to work from home, you can or you can come back. can do hybrid. but i go back to the office a final was on you'll tell >> all right. here's another thing you need to be aware for today, specifically cal iso is issuing another power alert not because of the explain why in a second. but from 04:00pm tonight until 09:00pm. don't set your thermostat any cooler than 78 degrees don't use any major appliances again, 09:00pm is when it expires. but this power alert is needed because of wildfires that are burning up in oregon apparently they're impacting the transmission lines. so cal iso's haven't reroute some of the power they don't want to tax the system anymore, then it might already be. so everybody do your part. >> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news a series of fires breaks out in one east bay city. >> and they have something in common. we'll tell you what after the break. and you might start noticing a little extra check in the mail. we're going to tell you why some families with kids are getting money from the government. and skies
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will eventually clear out for most of the bay area staying a little cloudy at the coast, though, as we saw through the weekend, 50's 60's out that direction whereas will see 70's 80's. and just a couple low 90's hanging on inland. >> a much cooler day than what we had yesterday. i've got your forecast. >> and i'm tracking a new tropical is an out. and martinez also looking ridges, which is still pretty busy at
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>> my 14 right now. and the heat is behind us, which is nice. i wonder if there's more hundreds around the corner. how far can john see. well, let's at least we're going to see a big difference in lunge you know, there will but not in our 7 day forecast. at least we're hardly even the seeing any 90's in this forecast ahead of us. so very nice break from the heat that we were seeing plenty of those triple digits over this past weekend. now morning hours are going to be on the gray side pretty much this point forward through the rest of the forecast and you can see that today is no different. we are looking at low gray hanging out right over san francisco. little bit of a breeze. you can see the flag moving there in the distance and pretty easy to see here in radar right now where exactly cloud cover is still hanging out for us. that includes portions of marin and sonoma counties. much of the peninsula in the bay itself. lots of sunshine already for inland areas and you've seen a resurgence of sun in the south bay too high pressure brought us the heat over the weekend. actually still doing so for areas like the central valley and
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especially the very northern part of the state all the way up through oregon. we're still under excessive heat warnings that includes lake county as well as the central valley bay area, though we backed off the heat advisories as temperatures have cooled enough for us and cool very noticeably this afternoon compared to where we were over the weekend. you can thank the marine layer at least for part of that helping that cool ocean air to make its return. and that keeps the bay area cooler that are in the neighbors out in the central valley 60's 70's 80's and just to 90's in the bay today. those 90's will be antioch in vacaville. in the meantime, conquered. very nice. 84 nap that 77 san jose right at 80 degrees while hayward oakland and san francisco hanging in the 60's today. rain either. that's an accident along highway 4 up here martinez. >> westbound at make a one road. we also have some road work being done by caltrans to 42 northbound between 6.80 northbound and concord avenue. that's going to closed at least until about 10:00am a lot of people are taking an
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alternate route around at 6.80, they're hopping on highway 4 as you travel into the city was still pretty busy this morning. bumper to bumper traffic a little under 15 minutes. once you hit the may's to that fremont street exit for you. the san mateo bridge. no issues or complaints that stalled vehicles been there for the past hour. so not causing any delays. a little under 40 minutes for your drive time. and over to samara fell commute. pretty light for us. a little under 11. we'll have more throughout the morning. james, back to you. >> time now to talk winners and losers on wall street. financial expert rob black joining us as always to shares insights. and rob, looking at the markets this morning. it looks like it's pretty positive. this is a guess. a big week for earnings. some. >> yes, 2nd quarter earnings start this week with a lot of big banks like jp morgan and goldman sachs going to give insight into where we were about a year ago because we'll things jump 64% year over year, which stunning the second best ever. best ever
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happened during the 2008 2009 financial seems like crisis brings out the best rebounds. not so much what they say. it's what they say not about the past, about the next 60 days. next 90 days. next 6 months. so jake morgan big supply company. delta airline company united health obviously time towards covid questions. so there's a lot to learn this week. plus, we'll learn a little bit about inflation retail sales on friday. tesla started to trial. they were you on must cast to explain. how did he buy solar city for so cheap when his cousins are running that company. i don't know what happens and not a lawyer. right. but it's interesting to and a nintendo 64 cartridge change just case you have any card just laying just sold for 1.5 million the stuff that your mom throws away don't let her say mom always told me that games would amount to nothing. but this video games
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certainly did. >> and i got to say i don't know if you had a chance to. but i watched virgin galactic's. space flight yesterday with sir richard branson on florida. see their stock is up this morning in the wake of a successful ride. down this morning. it started higher. but now it's pulled lower. >> but it was a successful, right. and that's what we're into it on the radio because ice and between cities not very going to stay side. it's a visual thing. but mustard on $10,000 as a deposit because he thought is some prospect that. the ticker for virgin spce space. it's down 12% day. basically us buy on the rumor sell on the news. we've got 600 reservations for $250,000. do 3 million dollars in sales this year on space tourism. it looks like 550 million by 2025. they won't make money till 2030. it's expected. but here's the thing. all this
9:20 am
technology should go into making a hypersonic plane. that's essentially it says it's the hypersonic plane with the jets dropped to it. that could get us from la to london. in 3 hours and that would be 8 a 100 billion dollar industry. the real money is and getting hypersonic travel going right back. like the concorde used to have. but you put that one on hold and we're focusing on the space a little bit of partly. >> okay. all right. and then i got a chance to see black widow of the weekend. looks like a whole lot of other people did as well as box office results for that. and disney general looking pretty good. >> yes, 259 that's a big headline print. that's not quite what went down on its own without a pandemic. but it's a pretty good headline print. it's the best of the year. but it's good news and bad news for movie theaters. hbo max and disney kind of sending a we don't really need completely the movie here. hbo
9:21 am
max gives away the movie releases for free as part of hbo. max service disney. plus, as you know, if you want to watch black widow at home. it's 30 bucks that adds up because 20 million people dead at 30 bucks that is 60 million that's big money story tonight 9 to maybe put 30 bucks 60 million dollars 60 million away from theaters disease in a notice because they no longer have a middleman on that money. they get it all. that's a lot more money when you cut out the distributors. but 80 million in theaters in the u.s. 78 million internationally, 60 million in streaming watched at home. it tells you the new models here. stick james. and think that goes away. so reviews of the movie are pretty darned good. but leave that one it was i give it 2 thumbs >> but talk after you see it will compare notes. rod, thank you as always. and again, let rob know what you want to talk about getting the question given topic look sport here on the broadcast kron 4, our
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website kron 4 dot com. you can find my facebook, twitter e-mail directly. there's address right there. rob. rob black dot com, thank you, rob. we'll
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is angel soft an ideal balance of softness and strength and more sheets? this mom thinks so. all done? yup. no more? -yup. good job! gotta go again. angel soft. an ideal balance of softness and strength. and more sheets. is angel soft with a lavender scented tube an ideal balance of softness, strength and scent? this mom thinks so. uh, are you good? so good. angel soft lavender with scented tubes. an ideal balance of softness, strength, and scent. >> 9.24 and for your money starting this week you may notice a little extra check in the mail. if you have a kid. and that is thanks to the federal child tax credit kron four's, dc correspondent reshad hudson takes a look. this is going to help. >> democrats like senate
9:25 am
majority leader chuck schumer say this year's expanded child tax credit is the country's largest investment and working families. it does great things for our economy. pumping money into it for the rest of the year. many parents of children under the age of 6 are eligible for $300 monthly payments or $250 for children. 6 to 18 people who didn't make enough to file taxes will still be eligible for the payments. this is the largest attacks child tax credit history and indiana. congressman andre carson says there are no restrictions on how to spend the money. it will be providing historic relief to families at a time when they need it the most. democrats say the child tax credit payments will cut child poverty in half. but republicans worry it will lead to more government spending. robert rector with the conservative think tank. the heritage foundation believes the program will incentivize people not to work. when you pay people not to work.
9:26 am
>> they were rector says work requirements should be added for anyone receiving payments. we can even be more generous. then the existing system. but we expect you to take steps to help yourself. the payments expire at the end of the year. but democrats say they would like to see them renewed and 20 22 reporting in washington. reshad hudson. >> we'll take a break at 9.26. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news vta is getting ready to resume light rail service for the first time since the deadly railyard shooting. we'll tell you how their plan. we'll bring the service back slowly.
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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>> 9.29 right now on a monday we still that fog in san francisco, a little bit gone up a couple feet. we've got really nice conditions of this afternoon, especially for those inland communities that were sweltering over the weekend. today is your day a little 4 in the people. this is for you. this forecast, this week because you had the heat this weekend. >> and now you've got the really for coastal areas. well, you're going to be keeping the gray around. that's kind of the downside of this time of year at the coast, at least is the fog that often times hangs out with us san francisco, seeing plenty of it in your view of sf this morning is bringing more of that low cloud cover
9:30 am
towards the bay skies will clear towards the coast. not so much today. we've already seen the clearing occurring for the inland east bay. so you're sitting under the sunshine and temperatures are really starting to rise because of that, san jose livermore dublin, pittsburgh in the 60's with pittsburgh, a- notably at 66 currently and even nevado in cloverdale tapping into some 60's in san anselmo. 63 right now. i'm talking really comfortable weather for this afternoon and the rest of your forecast. first, though, on over to traffic will go and rain back from vacation. exactly. back with not the best news. okay. so we have some road work going on. >> caltrans to 42 northbound between 6.80 northbound and concord avenue all lanes closed there. as you can see, this is supposed to go on until at least 10:00am this morning. again, a lot of people taking 6.80, around to get on to highway 4 traveling into the city this morning. the meteor lights are still on. and so as a result of that traffic is still there at the bay bridge just a little under 12 minutes. still free to make that drive up to about 19
9:31 am
minutes earlier today the san mateo bridge you head across towards the peninsula under 14 richmond sandra fell coming out of richmond under 9. we'll have more throughout the morning. the darya and james, back to you. >> thanks for is 9.30. in the east bay. a man was killed over the weekend in what's now oakland's 72nd homicide of the year. that number is on pace to nearly double by the end of the year. now, the shooting happened at 51st street and east 12th street. the victim was apparently killed just hours after oakland's police chief issued a plea to the community for help in ending violence in oakland. kron four's phillipe djegal has the story. >> you police chief armstrong. he says the escalation of deadly violence in his city is spinning out of control and that it will take a collective effort to bring an end to the troubling trend. oakland is asked to be a safe city no matter where >> a really good but people of the doesn't mind. at a stand
9:32 am
up for a clinton rally long addressed the marched times of the chief and of the were in past incidents police brutality. but the event continued. >> the city's chief of the department of violence prevention given most us. but says despite using different methods. he says he works in partnership with we need to get to them before they start committing crime. one suit. get to address out already committing a crime that we would need to do both. chief armstrong says the city has suffered an acceptable losses. john. i'm of this year's victims of deadly violence were read out rally if the homicide continues on current pace. 135 killings are projected by the end of the year. there were 85 homicides last year. we don't know how
9:33 am
many guns us trees. but there are so many that every day or officers are recovering 2 to 3 a day at the end of the march, a prayer was shared where 8 people were shot and 2 killed on juneteenth in oakland, phillipe djegal all kron 4 9.32 is the time in the east bay fireworks are blamed for several fires in antioch over the weekend, including the one you see here. a house caught fire. >> a woman has lost everything. now firefighters believe that it was hot embers. >> from about a block away that set the smaller fires. >> and going off all night around here. a couple hours ago we responded to a fire. and pittsburgh and recently we were just one street over for fireworks. but on some grasses vehicles on fire. this is a good likelihood that this from the same. a lot of fireworks right here live right down the street both ways to white house. really everything i own is out on my front lawn. >> for what she did. i why
9:34 am
they're doing it. makes sense. we have a drought the bloated public. it's 13 game. i don't even know. >> and her house is lost. as you can see here, the red cross is helping her at least she made it out, ok and police are investigating. no arrests have been made at this point. >> concord has an app that helping them catch people with illegal fireworks. take a look at what they found. a 100 illegal fireworks last month. they say the first week they launched this new reporting app. they got 450 tips. it lets people file real-time reports to let police know about specific locations where they have seen people using illegal fireworks and then the cops can show up and get the fireworks. fireworks are illegal in contra, costa county. >> another big story we're following out of the south bay's of the valley transportation authority says it does plan to have light rail service back up and running by the end of the month. this as service was suspended, as you know, in may because of it. the tragedy at
9:35 am
vta were a worker shot and killed 9 colleagues and then killed himself kron 4 taylor has more. >> it's still very tough process. it's something that no one ever could have imagined our people to us. and there are 2100 employees here and the team all is working with our partners to try and do whatever we can to provide the services and support services, their employees know it's been almost 2 months since the mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose. >> we're shooter sam cassidy opened fire on his co-workers and killed 9 people before turning the gun on himself since that day may 26 light rail service has not been running. but now the vta is working on a five-point plan to restore the service by the end of the month. the first phase is to make sure that our employees feel safe and confident and secure it come back to work. and with that we're communicating with them. >> about what the plans are going to be. that has already
9:36 am
started. the second thing is what we are about to is identify. >> where we operate from whether we're going to be going back to what will. we will probably use some temporary. locations to to do a light rail operation however, obviously the trains are stored over the gardens. so they will continue the story there and run from there as vta spokesperson. stacey hendler ross explains. >> faces 3 through 5 involve soft launches of the light rail service where they will continue to bring employees back to work and the raa says vta will also do training and drills with employees before bringing passengers back on board the light rail a service that 20,000 people use daily prepandemic since then, ridership drop to about 7,000 passengers per day. it was just beginning to expand again before them a tragedy. understand that they are extremely even have the service that that we're very eager to get the service back up because we understand that
9:37 am
we have a responsibility the we hope that there will be as patient as possible know, they've been patient for the past. >> month and a or so. and it's a in there with us. we're trying to do our best to get that service that in the ross says vta will hold a memorial service for its employees and families of their phone co-workers within the next week or so in san jose taylor kron 4 news. >> san jose. police are investigating a deadly stabbing police say they found the victim yesterday morning right near the cherry avenue in all but then expressway area. we'll zoom in on the maps. you can see that. so far detectives haven't released any details publicly yet about the attacker. this is san jose's 23rd homicide of the year. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a brazen burglary at a south bay to restore caught on camera. we'll have more on this video. >> we're going to hear from the frustrated owner. and we are going to be seeing some cool breezy conditions right along the coastline. also going to stay a bit gray out that direction. sunshine prevails elsewhere and daytime
9:38 am
highs. much more comfortable than over the weekend only in the 70's 80's for most of us. >> i've got your forecast ahead. >> and you had a busy monday morning commute with multiple hot spots. traffic building, but we're starting to see some improvement out there as you're driving. live look at your drive times once we get back. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> it's 9.40 in the south bay, a bold smash and grab robbery. hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry stolen. and it's not the first time this brazen break in happened at geoffrey's diamonds and goldsmiths and campbell, you can see 3 guys break in. they go through side window and smashed the display cases. then they took as much as they could about 5 minutes before leaving and they got away with about 250 grand with the jewelry. this is the 4th time this store has been hit in 5 years. >> they're not afraid anymore. they just basically coming here. they know they have good enough time. >> the get your money into lake think. i think we should have a little more police presence on down in downtown, especially between the hours of 02:00am and 05:00am because every single artery that we've had happened at the same time. 03:00am. >> the store owner does not believe that there's any chance of recovering the stolen jewels another jewelry
9:42 am
store nearby has also been broken into time now is 9.41. we'll be right back.
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expertly tailored eye care. state-of-the-art eye exams. high quality lenses and frames. because everything we do at lenscrafters is for every sight that makes your life special. book your annual eye exam now. lenscrafters. because sight. >> 9.44 and billionaire. richard branson made it into space aboard his own rocket
9:45 am
ship in. >> soon. he'll be offering you a chance. the first billionaire to do it. we've got rachel knapp has more on this historic trip. >> after weather caused a 90 minute delay virgin galactic took the future of commercial space travel to new heights. following the first full crew of civilians, including virgin galactic's founder sir richard branson into space. the mother ship known as the vms eve carried the spacecraft with its crew inside until they reached roughly 46,000 feet above us once they got to that altitude, it was time for the mother ship to let the spacecraft go. so the crew could climb even higher 3, 2. >> one release release release clean release ignition. >> good rocket. motor burn the rockets motor burned for nearly a minute, which boosted the ship and des up orbital space where as you can see, the crew got to experience weightlessness after a few minutes of fun in space. the
9:46 am
crew quickly glided back down to earth at the spaceport where they were greeted with cheers applause and the concert from takeoff to touchdown. it all happened in under an hour. and 15 reporting from spaceport america. rachel knapp krqe news 13. so you want to the price, right. so you can blast off one more test flight and then they're going to start offering. >> $250,000 trips and they already have like 600 people that have booked yet have a deposit. so you better start if you want to head up there. i know john's already started. yeah. sorry, kids. you can go to college. i'm going another reason to play the yes, to go to you know what i that there are going to be a couple other things that will be doing before them. >> most of us one of those things stepping outside with the jacket on. i hope because it is cool out there. you're north the weather center forecast is showing some of the low gray that persists across much of the bay area. as of this point. you are
9:47 am
seeing that right above the embarcadero right now. also that cool coastal winds that has returned to the bay area last night, especially is going to keep temperatures a little bit cooler. in addition to this marine layer looking outside on radar currently that blanket of low clouds, very evident right along the shoreline. if you're out the sure your cnn there are some cloudy spots in sonoma county, a little further inland through the golden gate on over into the east bay hills and down into portions of the south bay too. most of our inland east bay, neighbors as well as the south bay has started to clear out now and temperatures because of that have warmed back into the 60's in the spot. so we're gradually getting more mild now hardly even need the jacket. if you're further inland, high pressure is still built up to our knees. this is what brought us such hot temperatures over the weekend. and although it's still going to bring very hot weather to the central valley and then especially the northern tier of the state. the bay area. we've got a window open for cooler air to slip back in now. that means or excessive heat warnings have expired. there's still one up in lake county all across the northern
9:48 am
tier, the state and then into the central valley. but as you can see, very little of the bay is lit up in any of that pink indicating that cool down that we're in the midst of and those cool winds from the coast is something you will notice as you get out there. that's going to keep it, especially cool at the coast and keep it a lot more mild elsewhere. today's daytime highs in the 50's and 60's for san francisco golden gate park at 59 need a jacket there overnight at 58 degrees. well, don't need the jacket later on today from burlingame southward on the peninsula. it will be mid 70's and sunshine saying carlos, really nice that 75 today, south bay temps, also nice and warm but not too warm. upper 70's to low 80's mostly that's pretty similar to what we've got in the inland east bay dublin at 79 walnut creek 81. in the meantime, san leandro oakland, berkeley and richmond in the 60's antioch in vacaville are to only spots in the 90's and barely even in the low 90's after this weekend's triple digits. that also is a nice change of pace. tomorrow, wednesday, thursday and friday actually get a little bit cooler highs by thursday and
9:49 am
friday barely in the low 80's at our warmest. so enjoy this cooldown anticipate some cloudy mornings but also some afternoon sun don, thank you for that. so here on the bay bridge and seen reports. >> of another traffic collision that just popped up 80 westbound here on the bay bridge again, still at about under 12 minutes for you to make it to that free must exit that could change when drive times if traffic continues to build because of that accident as you head across towards the peninsula. no issues all throughout the morning for you. 40 minutes to make it across there. a richmond sandra fell comey, nice and light free under 8 minutes and it looks like they just went ahead and clear this roadway work. they had caltrans to 42 northbound between 6 80 northbound in concord avenue. that was closed. and again, ie looks like they just opened a little bit ahead of 09:00am also checking down here along one, oh, one to 8085 82, let's all great for you as you're traveling through the south bay. that's a look at your traffic area. back to you.
9:50 am
>> giants are headed into the all-star break with the best record in baseball. they swept the nationals finished polish them off yesterday. bottom of the second this filling in for buster posey who has a so by the way, he can't be the first all-star game. he has this three-run home run that gave the giants the lead and they held on for the win. final score was 3 to one. here is manager. gabe kepler sport and their fancy sherbert outfits. throw think it's worth noting that on this we we won games and we did without. >> you know, our number one catcher or all-star catcher. we had 4 different catchers start games on this homestand. and i think that just kind is a good example of how we've stepped up for each other. as a team how these players take a great deal of pride in picking up for one another. it kind of being great teammates be prepared for these moments.
9:51 am
>> does anybody know sugar creamsicle or is sort of like a but it's like when i see kids look yeah, you still so anyway, the judge is doing buster campy the all-star game. but you know who is going to be at the all-star game that what do you call for the home run derby tonight. yeah, metals. and so that's going to be a lot of fun to watch with the a's. they were in texas taking on the rangers. let's go to the 4th and yes, matt olson proving why he's in the home run derby because this is what he did last night. 22nd home run of the season. over the left field wall and he wasn't done because bring it back out to the mound or the plate here in the 6 and he does it again. this one going the opposite way on yeah. 4 to one was the final a's with the wind. here's what matt wilson had to say. >> you know, in the past got a home run hitting you know, good to get back to see some of the yard after tough first game here and in texas is good
9:52 am
to come out with a before the you know, like i said, everybody reset button. get fresh. breath fresh air and come back. 2nd half for the role, but it's not a break for him because he's in being used up. all is good hit. i know because i think about that golf like you want to you want to use because they only got like a whole. but he's got so many the when that derby got enough in the tank for friday, which is when the a's return to action. 3 game series against cleveland and of course, we'll let you know how we did tomorrow morning. >> at the home run derby tonight. yeah. we're live in denver for that tomorrow. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>> 9.55 almost done here on the kron 4 morning news, but they never stop on kron on an oil bello is in the newsroom with a p kind of well, heidari a good morning to you. we're going to continue to follow updates of the missing man over in pleasanton to be sure to a stick with us for that all day long. plus, san jose mayor sam liccardo is meeting with president biden today. they're strategizing on how to address gun violence. i'm going to be speaking with the mayor live at 2 o'clock this afternoon said a catch that interview live in to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. just be sure to grab your phone
9:56 am
scanned, the qr code that you see on your screen there, it's going to take you straight to your app stores. you can download kron on for free. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. is 95. and check this out. now, remember the spelling bee winner. she just graduated middle school. but now she's on the college. james 14 year-old zaila avant-garde won the scripps spelling bee and then she got a full scholarship offer from louisiana state university because she is just that smart so tickled by her when you know what else, though. she's a world record holder in like 3, 4, records for basketball and she did because of her dribbling skills. i remember she was in a steph curry. that's right. in 2018, steph curry, by the way, who is not playing in the files right now. as you know, in the words, but he was in the a big tournament that there was due for golf in tahoe. yes, you did his dad. came in 9th and dell came in 16th, which means i assume at least dell and maybe both of them jumped into the lake that's it for this
9:57 am
morning. we want to take a peek at the seven-day holiday forecast out about one guys this weekend was hot. very hot inland. but look at these 80's that we've got the rest of the week and even next weekend, inland. >> and by thursday and friday. it's only low 80's at our warmest still dry. no big surprise there. no rain is forecast but no triple digits either. yeah. okay. we'll take it like the
9:58 am
9:59 am
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